CSI: NY s03e21 Episode Script

Past Imperfect

I hope you got insurance, man.
Dump job.
Vic looks female.
Kid over there found her about 20 minutes ago.
Is that packing tape? Yeah.
Let's take a look at her.
bruising on her inner thighs, lacerations on her legs.
She's just going into rigor.
That'd put the time of death between Judging by her dress, she could have been out partying.
There's this padlock around her neck.
Broken hyoid bone.
Looks like she was strangled.
There's restraint bruising on her wrist.
This girl went through hell.
Flack, check with missing persons.
I'm going to go talk to the kid who found her.
I need to report a murder.
Do you know something about the victim? I am the victim.
Somebody's trying to kill me.
Hawkes, I need your help! Hey, I need a paramedic here! Four by four wrapped in curlex.
The doctor's on his way.
Is he prepped for gastric lavage? Yes, doctor.
I need all his clothes removed and bagged.
What's his status? His white blood cell count is off the charts, he's got internal bleeding in his G.
Tract, and his organs are showing signs of failure.
Other than that, he's fine.
I'm taking his stomach contents back to the lab, too.
His symptoms indicate possible poisoning.
I'm with you on that, doc.
We're running a preliminary tox screen now.
Give him another 50 grams of charcoal when I'm done here.
I'm not waiting! Scott! - Someone get him out of here.
- That's my brother.
I need to see him! - I need to see him.
- Hey, hey, let him go.
Let me talk to him.
Colson, I'm dr.
Hawkes with the new york crime lab.
Your brother collapsed underneath the I in coney island.
Is he going to be okay? They're working on him now.
know more in a few hours.
Oh, my god, what happened? He said someone was trying to kill him.
Do you have any idea what he was talking about? No.
I I mean, he got into some trouble a few years ago.
He hung out with the wrong crowd.
He got into drugs.
But he went into rehab, he straightened himself out.
Is he going to be all right? Come come on.
I thought lock and key parties went out in the '70s.
Apparently,they've had a resurgence.
Who knew? Don't be shy.
Everyone's a bit nervous their first time out.
Actually, we're not here to participate.
That's our loss.
We're nypd.
I am so sorry.
That's right, you called earlier.
I was expecting big burly men with guns.
Well, if you'd focus your attention in my direction, you might see one.
Actually, we were hoping you could tell us who this lock belongs to.
Number 77.
Just a moment.
Our female members are given a lock when they first join.
At the beginning of each party, we put all the keys in a bowl, and the men pick them out.
Quite the icebreaker.
here we go.
Emma pierce.
Joined last month.
Could you get us a copy of her membership application? We need her contact info.
When was your last event? Last night.
Did emma attend? Her fingerprint scanned in.
Our fingerprint recognition system.
helps keep out the lookie-loos.
And who had the key to emma's lock? Don't know.
The keys are picked out randomly at the beginning of each party.
We're going to need to, uh, confiscate your box.
Turns out our parking lot vic was into more than just drugs.
Scott colson had a rap sheet.
Busted for, uh, auto theft, narcotics trafficking, and both arrests were linked to the russian mob out of brighton beach.
Yeah? What do you got? These are the vic's clothes that hawkes collected at the hospital.
All I found were a corner of a It's too coarse to be head hair.
Too long to be pubes.
It's most likely beard hair.
They look like they were pulled out by the root.
Well, scott colson was clean shaven.
Killer could have transferred those during a struggle.
I'll run them for dna I also analyzed his stomach contents.
Found partially digested cabbage, beets and dairy.
Sounds like borscht.
You find any poison? I'm still waiting for the lab results.
I'm going to head out to brighton beach, 'cause one of the guys that got busted with scott colson owns a russian food joint called sokov'S.
Well, the guy took his chances running with the russian mob.
Maybe his past finally caught up with him.
scott colson? Never heard of him.
You never heard of him? Your name is yuri sokov, right? Yup.
I think you might want to reconsider then.
whoa, one call to the ins, I'll have you on the next flight back to russia, big guy.
And I hear it's cold there this time of year.
I'm american citizen.
Yeah? With a rap sheet as long as the constitution.
You and scott colson did time in 2001 for boosting cars.
And then you did some more time in '02 for drug smuggling.
Okay, so I know him.
yeah, you know him.
So, when's the last time you saw him? Lunch.
He owes me 20 grand from old days.
So, what happened - he didn't deliver the goods, so you decide to, uh, spike his borscht with some poison? Come on, that's crazy talk.
Scott gave me a thousand bucks.
Said he would give me the rest next month.
And you just left it at that? Come on, I know you russians are a passionate people.
Well, I got a little mad.
So where's my money? You want your money? All right, here, here - here's $1,000.
There you go.
Okay, you got pissed off? Then what happened next?Tell me.
We kiss and, uh, make up.
Storybook ending.
Do you have any idea where he might have went after he left here? Do I look like, kgb, huh? You got quite the attitude, yuri, you know that? You're a funny guy.
And-and I think your new cellmates are going to appreciate that.
Thanks a lot.
what's up? I'm running the print I found on emma's lock against the club random database.
So, I just spoke with the phone company.
The good news is, emma pierce's Well, at least it gives us a timeline.
Most likely, our killer dumped her phone first thing.
I'll tell the phone company to keep checking for a signal.
Thanks, flack.
Okay, come on, come on, come on.
Justin parker.
I found the key to her lock, but it ended there.
What? No chemistry? Some women take a while to get used to the scene.
Emma was really uptight.
Said she needed a few drinks to loosen up.
We hit the dance floor.
We found a bed, started going at it.
Next thing I know, she gets sick, says she has to hurl.
I can't believe it.
I take it things went south from there? We both left.
What time? Must have been around You let a lady stumble home drunk? What a gentleman you are.
She said she lived nearby, wanted to catch some air.
I got a cab, headed uptown to my apartment.
Got a receipt? It was a yellow cab.
Is that it? I think the cab driver had an indian accent.
I got your message.
I got the tape off the victim.
No visible prints, but I did find a bloody pattern on one of the pieces.
Cross-hatch pattern.
Could be part of some kind of a tool.
There's something else, mac.
Uh, when I removed the tape, I made a rather gruesome discovery.
He cut her eyelids off.
The incisions are precise and clean.
The instrument was sharp.
No serrations.
Could be a scalpel.
The worst part: It was done pre-mortem.
Guy was a real sicko.
I've seen this before.
We locked up a guy five years ago.
Clay dobson.
He used the same signature.
It's a highly unusual one.
Do you think we could be looking at a copycat here? No.
Dobson was released from prison.
You said you did the right thing when you put detective truby away.
Truby was dirty.
And because you locked him up, clay dobson's conviction was overturned.
That's on truby's head, not mine.
There was no forensic evidence, no witness in the lauren henning case, mac.
Dobson's conviction rested solely on the confession he gave detective truby.
I know the case, don.
What's your point? Dobson's killed again.
That doesn't bother you a little bit? The way I feel has never affected the way I do my job.
My weakness, I guess.
Every hood truby ever collared is going to be angling for a "get out of jail free" pass.
Clay dobson was just the first in line.
You having a good time saying "I told you so"? No.
I gave you my case book, and without it, you wouldn't have been able to lock truby up.
It's my responsibility.
You did the right thing.
Let it go.
Let me take the hit.
So what are we going to do about clay dobson? We're going to put him away for good this time.
Nice place, dobson.
Looks like your father's doing quite well for himself.
Detective taylor.
I was just about to send you a fruit basket.
You're the reason I'm out of jail.
Indirectly, of course.
I - if you're looking for an architect, uh, I think we might be a little out of your price range.
Don't waste my time, dobson.
We both know why you were released.
Which brings us back to the fruit basket now, doesn't it? You used a modeling knife to cut off your victim's eyelids.
Ooh, that's just plain ghoulish.
So they're forced to look at you.
They can't close their eyes.
It's a control thing? You must have been threatened by emma pierce.
Maybe she fought back, defied you, so you covered her face in tape to de-personalize her.
Or to degrade her.
To humiliate her.
To win back control.
I read the same books, detective, but that's all they are: Books.
Right? Books written by two-bit fbi agents hoping to get lucky on the lecture circuit.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a church to renovate.
I'm watching you, dobson.
Next time we talk, it won't be about books.
Hawkes, it's lindsay.
Tox results came back on scott colson's stomach contents.
No trace of poison.
However, they did find poison in his blood.
I'll search for a latent opening in the skin.
The poison was placed inside tiny holes in the pellet.
Minute amounts of ricin - 500 times more lethal than cyanide with no known antidote.
So you're saying scott colson is basically the walking dead? Well, ricin attacks the liver, spleen and kidneys, and within two days, they all shut down completely.
How do you think the pellet got in his leg? I'm thinking that he was shot by something like this.
Looks like it's something out of a spy novel.
Yeah, well, eastern bloc countries are big on poison.
In the '70s, in london, a bulgarian dissident was shot in the leg with a pellet just like this from an air gun hidden inside an umbrella.
All it took was a second and a pinprick.
We got a russian on the suspect list.
How easy is it to get ahold of this stuff? All you need is an internet connection and some castor beans.
That's what makes ricin so dangerous.
Watch this.
Here's those dna results, sir.
Get a load of this.
Dna from the beard hair you found on scott colson.
It's female.
A woman with a six-inch beard? Is that even possible? You up for a day trip? Have you seen scott colson lately, ma'am? Yeah, he came by yesterday.
We had a sit-down.
About what? He's selling us out to the real estate honchos.
Selling you out how? Scott owns orion park.
Scott owns the park? Papa colson left it to him last year when he passed on.
Is that why you asked scott down here? To convince him not to sell the park? We wanted to buy him out.
We had a lawyer.
We had an offer.
What'd he say? Well, he told me to get a shave and move on with my life.
I might have overreacted.
No, this is our lives! Where are we supposed to work? You are not doing this to us now! scott's father brought me in when I was just a girl.
He wouldn't have wanted to see his life's work destroyed for condos.
His brother didn't have any say in the matter? - Jesse? - Scott! Poor jesse got hosed.
He and the old man ran this place for years.
Then scott comes back all clean and sober and Abracadabra.
Scott gets orion park, and jess Jesse still runs the arcades, but now his little brother is his boss.
I tell you, life just ain't fair.
you know, the green guy.
What was he? That amphibian man? I don't know.
It's just strange.
Know what's strange? Jesse puts all that hard work into the family business and pops hands it over to the low-life brother? Yeah, must have caused a lot of tension between them, you know, a lot of resentment.
You put all that into a pot, add a - I don't know, what, a gazillion dollars of real estate, and you got motive.
Problem is proving it, though.
We turned the evidence upside down; we still got nowhere.
Is jesse still at the hospital? Yeah, he's been holding vigil ever since this happened.
You know the torn twenty dollar bill that we found in, uh, the vic's pocket? I think I may know where it came from.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, mac, I got something.
The dna on the blood smudges that sid found on emma's arm came back.
It's not hers, but we already found a match to someone in the missing persons database.
A young girl.
Her name's katie lawrence.
She went missing after a night of drinking at a soho bar.
We have a second victim out there? How long has she been missing? About a month.
If her blood was on emma pierce's body, the only time it could have been transferred was last night.
That's right.
And since blood only transfers when it's wet, this lawrence girl could still be alive.
Looks a lot like emma.
Same age, brunette, petite.
Both disappeared in the same area.
Take a look.
They're very similar.
Most serial killers have a type.
Now, who's this one? Lauren henning - girl clay dobson went away for five years ago.
Held her captive for three weeks, cut off her eyelids before he killed her.
All right, so you definitely think dobson's our guy? He's been out of prison three months, we already have two victims - one missing, one dead.
Between that and the eyelids, this can't be a coincidence.
I've never seen her before.
Is this the girl they found at coney island yesterday? Yes.
What's going on here? Do you think there's some connection between my daughter and this pierce girl? They were abducted in the same area, and they both fit the same physical description.
You're not saying there's some serial killer out there, are you? We can't rule anything out at this time.
Because my daughter's alive! - I understand that hope is very important to you right now.
- No!Katie's alive.
I could feel it in here.
She's out there somewhere.
You've got to find her.
We will.
Why did you talk to dobson? You know he's got a ten-million-dollar lawsuit against us for wrongful conviction.
Doesn't make him innocent.
I just got a call from his lawyer.
After your little visit today, they're adding charges of police harassment.
Look, I'm not gonna back away from this case because of dobson's legal antics.
You didn't have to go barging into his workplace.
I wanted to rattle his cage.
There may be another girl out there.
Ever think you just signed her death warrant by tipping him off? Look, dobson's smart.
He's knows we're onto him.
He won't go near her.
Besides, I put a tail on him just in case.
Take it off.
You're telling me to drop surveillance? We don't need the legal complications.
When did you put down your badge and start running for office? How can you be so damn sure it's dobson? You've got no evidence.
Emma pierce had her eyelids cut off.
That's a highly distinctive signature, one that dobson used on a victim five years ago.
So you created this mess on the basis of an M.
? A signature.
One that expresses the killer's personality, something he has to do.
Enough with this quantico mumbo jumbo.
You're letting your own guilt over dobson's release rule this case.
That's bull and you know it! We've already questioned one possible suspect.
Anyone else looks good, we'll question them, too.
You sure? Results on the semen you found on the mover's blanket.
Dna matched a man in the national database - martin boggs.
Why aren't you going after him? We're looking at him.
You know, when the press gets wind of this, they'll make it look like we're gunning for dobson just to make his lawsuit go away.
Don't mess this up, mac.
I'll Just hold that there.
Put your arm up.
Soon as I get the results, um, you'll be the first to know.
The, um hiv pcr test is 99 percent reliable.
Whatever the result is, uh I'll live with it.
Thank you, adam.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Um, this is gonna take a minute, so right, right.
Um, okay.
What's this single-celled creature you got here? Ah, the glowing substance sid found on emma pierce's foot.
It turns out it's bioluminescent dinoflagellates - a luminescent algae.
Found in marine water.
There was also trace of crustacean shell.
Well, that's unusual.
There was no evidence that she was submerged in water or maybe she was, like, on a boat or around an aquarium or something.
Adam, I can't afford to be caught off guard with information as critical as this.
What? Dna report on the mover's blanket - why did I get this from gerrard and not you? G - gerrard was here when the results came in, and he asked me to show them to him.
Mac, adam was busy doing something for me.
There's a lot of data coming into this lab; I have to be on top of it.
Whatas I supposed to do? You should've picked up the phone, called me right away.
Anyone in this lab would've done the same thing.
Gerrard's the deputy inspector.
I don't give a damn what his title is.
When I'm working a case, information like this comes to me as soon as you get it.
I'm sorry.
I'm telling you, they're right down there.
Just got to wait for it.
Wait for it.
What are you waiting for? It's called snatch the bill.
We used to play it when we were kids.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Look what you did.
He's got the $20! you want your jackson back? Why don't you come up here and help us, all right? All right, boys.
You know that man? That's mr.
He comes by here sometimes.
He's cool 'cause he always pretends to fall for it.
What about yesterday? You see him here yesterday? What about our money? Hey, you hold your horses, all right? Did you see him here yesterday? He got bonked by a red-headed lady on roller skates.
She was in a cowgirl costume from one of the arcades.
Colson was trying to grab our money.
She bumped into him, knocked him down.
Then what happened? Nothing.
She said she was sorry, skated away.
Now can we have our 20 bucks? Thanks.
I don't know.
This boardwalk's a little bumpy for skating.
Yeah, it's pretty wide, too.
Seems strange she couldn't avoid hitting him.
Unless she hit him on purpose.
You said it'd only take a second, right? Yeah, a pinprick.
Let's go find this cowgirl, all right? What do you know about the young lady in this picture, mr.
Boggs? This is sick stuff.
We found her with her head wrapped in packing tape.
Her body was rolled up in a mover's blanket.
I ain't got nothing to do with this crap.
Martin, your semen was all over the blanket.
Well, I don't know how it got there.
Well, you've worked for maybrook movers for six months.
You have access to packing tape and blankets, don't you? Yeah, but wait.
I got an idea what could've happened here.
I'm listening.
I move a lot of single females.
Sometimes, at end of the day, I get lucky.
Where were you last night at 1:00 A.
? I was at home in bed.
Anybody who can vouch for that? Yeah, my wife.
I want a list of every building you've been in since you started the job.
Orion park.
Jesse colson runs these arcades.
It's a shame that they'd knock this place down, huh? Yeah.
Redhead, roller skates.
you hear that? Co2 cartridges.
That would do the trick.
Looks like we got a gun missing right here.
You all right? Sorry.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Hey, man, you got a dollar? hey, what are you doing? We need to talk.
Our hazmat team just found remnants of castor bean oil in the safe in jesse's office.
A poison called ricin.
So? So we have witnesses that put you at the scene, crashing into scott colson on your roller skates.
And I'm thinking, that's when you shot him with the poison.
That was an accident.
Roller skates are slippery.
The arcade gun that you used, we also found that in the safe.
And there were traces of ricin on the barrel.
And guess whose fingerprints on the grip - yours.
Well, I work at the arcade.
So, of course, my fingerprints are gonna be there.
We know you didn't do this by yourself.
We know jesse put you up to this.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Carolyn, listen, here's the deal, okay? When you have co-conspirators up on a murder charge, the first one to sing gets a prize.
You want to know what the loser gets? What? You'll qualify for medicare by the time you get out.
So what do you want to do? He said the place was worth 30 million bucks.
What would you do? mr.
Come here.
Your girlfriend just confessed that you planned to kill your brother.
That's a lie.
Add her confession to the gun and the ricin we found in your safe, consider yourself signed, sealed and delivered.
Very smart move you pulled there, using the ricin.
That cloak and dagger stuff.
Good way to divert the attention over to the russians.
My little brother's lying there.
I've taken care of him my whole life.
Why would I try to kill him? I don't know.
Greed? Jealousy? You bust your hump at orion park for ten years, your old man leaves it to your no-good brother.
My dad built that park with his own hands.
I just wanted to keep that alive, maybe get something for myself for a change, something that i could pass on to my son.
Yeah, let's go.
It's over now.
No, wait, please.
Just my brother lying there.
He's not gonna be around for long.
Please, let me let me stay.
Take ten minutes, go ahead.
Adam? Well? Uh, yeah, almost read You okay? Yeah.
You know mac was right.
I - I should've called him about the dna report.
Yeah, this dobson case has really gotten under his skin, so don't take it too personally.
There we go.
Before you there's something I want to say.
Actually, I'm too nervous.
Just-just go ahead.
Just tell me, straight out.
you're hiv negative.
What? Yeah.
You're negative, stella.
I've rehearsed so many times, you know, being positive - what I would do, how I would feel.
How do you feel now that you know? Relieved.
It's like I can dream again.
That's it - the exact location flack found emma pierce's cell phone.
Okay, cross-reference that location with every apartment building martin boggs has been in during the past six months.
Five-block radius.
I move a lot of single females.
Sometimes, at the end of the day, I get lucky.
Mac, there are hundreds of apartments in each one of those buildings.
Well, somehow, dobson had access to one of them.
Let's go back to the evidence.
Okay, we've got mold, marine algae and crustacean shells.
Maybe there's a restaurant on the first floor of one of these buildings.
I have an idea.
What? my uncle he used to work here in the weddington.
He told me once that they had live seals in the lobby in a pool.
Marine algae, crustacean shell could be the ingredients to seal feed.
The weddington.
There are over 400 apartments in this building.
Emma pierce had mold under her fingernails.
Let's start with the basement.
You stay here, see if anyone noticed anything.
Let's take the freight elevator.
It's back this way.
Got a blanket missing.
Could be the one he rolled her up in.
talk about the bowels of the earth.
Hey, guys.
Over here.
I think I found where he may have kept her.
I don't know.
These magazines are five years old.
Lauren henning.
Came from that way.
over here! She's over here! All right.
Get away! No! Please, no more! Katie lawrence? Who are you?! We're the police.
You're safe now.
You're gonna be all right.
Let's get these shackles off her.
you're gonna be all right.
He said he was coming back! Who's coming back? Clay.
Clay something.
he's coming back to kill me.
It's all over.
leave me alone! you'll be all right.
It's okay.
I need backup at 434 union.
That's 434 union.
Dobson! We found her! Step away from the girl! Let me see your hands! Right now! where the hell's my backup?! All units, all units, 10-13.
Officer in pursuit.
Hey, who's there?! What's up? Police! He just went out the front door! Dobson! Put your hands in the air, drop to your knees.
Now! You were right.
What you said about the eyes.
I wanted them to look.
Know that my face was the last thing they were ever gonna see.
Shut up.
Drop to your knees, put your hands behind your head.
Do it! What are you gonna do, shoot me? I don't even have a weapon.
two of you go around the front, mark off the street he's cuffed!