CSI: NY s03e22 Episode Script

Cold Reveal

what they're doing it's dangerous.
I'm begging you, please you've got to stop them.
What are you doing? Quiet.
Where are you going? Come on, follow me.
We're not supposed to go up there.
We're supposed to be practicing for communion.
Who cares about communion? I know where father brooks keeps the wine.
Hey, where you going? Our vic crashed through a stained glass window.
Who called it in? Father brooks.
Little shaken up.
Fallen angel thing.
Still no id on the vic.
Could be a michael or gabriel.
They say it's tough to make it in manhattan.
Heaven must be brutal.
We're still checking missing persons and nostradamus.
No other witnesses? Nope.
Unis canvassed the surrounding area and got nothing.
The two-seven did receive a bunch of calls last night.
Reports of a possible b&E.
Also, they thought they heard glass breaking, but no particular location.
What about the external security cameras from other buildings? Couple of them show the roof of the church with no one on it, and a guy with big wings falls out of the sky.
I checked, there were no scheduled events in the area, no publicity stunts.
Called air traffic control, no reports of flyovers.
This one's just weird.
If he didn't fall from some type of parachute or aircraft there's always heaven.
father brooks would like to say a prayer before we move the body.
I'm almost done here.
Kid must've been attached to something.
Hook, harness, wings.
What are we looking at, some kind of angel in training? Maybe he overshot a landing and fell.
Whatever he was doing I don't think he fell by accident.
This cord's been cut.
Clean cut's almost all the way through.
The cords were weakened by the cut, and the weight of his body did the rest.
All he had left were wings and a prayer.
Hey, sid.
Mac sent me up here.
Said you recovered some, uh whoa, evidence? Yeah.
It seems young icarus flew too close to tech heaven.
Is that a micro video camera? Yep.
I found it embedded in his chest.
I believe it may have been attached to the front of his harness.
See? Excuse me.
Here you go.
Oh, thanks, rashida.
You're welcome.
Young icarus now has an alias.
Toby finch, 18.
Blood-alcohol level was quite high.
Sounds like some crazy kid stunt gone wrong.
Oh, yeah.
Must've been horrible, falling, not being able to stop, seeing the ground get closer and closer.
His fall from grace didn't kill him.
What was cod? Occipito atlantal separation.
His spine was severed in two places.
He was dead before he hit the ground.
chief sinclair, why isn't the D.
Filing charges against detective taylor? The district attorney's investigation of his involvement with clay dobson was thorough.
There was not enough evidence to move forward with a criminal case.
A handcuffed prisoner fell from a rooftop.
Isn't it true taylor had a vendetta against dobson? "Vendetta" is a strong word.
"Passion for justice" is a bit more accurate.
Let's not forget that dobson murdered at least two women.
And mac taylor is a highly decorated detective.
This is the third death in the last six months at the hands of the nypd.
How can you and the department continue to ignore it? chief sinclair, do you think taylor let dobson fall off that rooftop? Only detective taylor and clay dobson know exactly what happened.
But I want to assure the people of this city, the answers are forthcoming.
And I will exhaust all the resources of my office to find the truth.
Chief, when can we expect those answers? Inspector gerrard, do you have anything more to say about this? We've said enough, I think.
Detective taylor? Scotty valens.
Philadelphia homicide.
I got your message.
Something about a codis hit to our lab.
Yeah, the fbi flagged the hit and kicked it down to philly pd.
They found a connect to one of our jobs.
A ten-year-old murder never solved.
The codis hit to your lab was from a female.
I don't understand.
How did my dna end up in codis? It happened when adam conducted the pcr test to determine your hiv status.
But before I ran the pcr test, I remember setting the secondary sample down on the counter.
I don't know, maybe, like, a lab tech accidentally picked it up.
Which explains why philly homicide got a hit in codis.
Homicide? Stella, your dna was found on evidence connected with a murder.
That's impossible.
Does this coat look familiar? No.
Picture it less dirty, faded.
I've never seen the coat before, detective.
There's a blouse we found at the scene.
Are we really gonna do this one picture at a time while you analyze every shifty eye move? Yeah.
That's really how we're gonna do it.
Just let me take a look at the case file.
You may be a detective, but you're also a suspect.
I'm a cop who can help you.
Your department has been at a dead end until you got to me.
I wasn't in philly when you found your evidence, I was here in new york attending the police academy.
So what do you say we use the resources of our forensic lab? Bring on some fresh eyes, see if there's a connection- a new york connection- to this evidence.
We think a young woman is dead.
March '97.
Workers found the bloody clothes and knife buried in the dirt.
The clothes were on the south side of the philadelphia turnpike headed towards philly.
No witnesses, no missing persons report filed, just this evidence.
No prints on the knife, but the blouse had three cuts in it.
Most of the blood on the clothes was female.
But there was some male dna.
Of course, we found traces of your blood as well.
Now it says here that the blouse had photo developing chemicals on the cuffs.
Yeah, we think the victim may have been a photographer.
Traces of neoprene and vaseline, iridescent white paint were found on the coat.
It has a lot of different uses.
Let me see this chemical report.
So iridescent paint, vaseline and neoprene.
It's rubber, right? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
What are you thinking? Well, ten years ago, all three of these materials were featured prominently in one place in manhattan.
A piece of art at the museo del barrio.
You were there? No, no, I just remember reading about it in the paper.
You said that your vic was a photographer.
Maybe she brushed up or leaned against it and picked up the trace while she was taking photos.
All right, I'm gonna put a call into the newspapers, see if they have anything in their archives.
Thanks, danny.
You know, we should check new york's missing persons, see if there's anyone associated with the museum who may have gone missing.
We? I ain't looking for a partner here.
Well, consider me your only lead.
Hey, mac, I took a look at the remnants of the bungee cords that were on the harness.
The cuts were made by a combo edge blade.
Standard in most pocket knives.
That may be our source of sabotage.
Any luck with prints on the cord? Still working on that and waiting on trace I collected from the soles of his sandals.
Hey, I recovered partial images from a transmitter I found in the vic's wings.
There's something you should see.
Stop your friends.
We're dying, and no one's going to stop us because no one cares.
This isn't toby.
Yeah, but this is the beginning of the whole story.
Is this the same girl? I want to be the next $100,000 internet daredevil! - Yeah, this is jessica.
- Here we go, light it up! Here's how she became disfigured.
Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! When she downed the shot, she spilled some of the alcohol on her coat, and it caught fire.
where'd you find this? On a website called internetdaredevil.
They're running a contest to see who can get the craziest stunt recorded on video.
Now, what you're about to see is from the memory card I recovered on the transmitter in toby's wings.
I want to be the next $100,000 internet daredevil! He was drunk, trying to pull off some crazy stunt.
It appears toby was launched from somewhere and ended up at the church.
Analyze the video.
Landmarks, run velocity, air temp - see if you can find his starting poinT.
What about this website? It's encouraging kids to hurt themselves.
That can't be legal.
Well, contests aren't a crime.
Neither is stupidity or bad judgment.
In toby's case, we have evidence someone cut the bungee cord.
Maybe that someone didn't want him to win the grand prize.
Danny, what do you got? Found a photo expos?on the "sorrowful wall" from the museo del barrio march 30, 1997.
The day after the bloody clothes were found.
Photo byline was an erin yates.
And get this - after she handed in the film on the exhibit, paper never heard from her again.
Could she be your vic? Could be.
The editor sent over her box of belongings that she left behind.
There's water damage.
Something about a pipe busting in the basement.
Press pass.
Don't know her.
Found a bunch of rolls of film and the last one dated is march 27, 1997, which is two days before you found the bloody clothes.
I wonder why she never developed the film.
Maybe erin took photographs of something she shouldn't have.
These all the same guy? Looks like it.
Can't get a clear image of the face, though.
The negatives were severely damaged from the water.
But whoever this guy is, looks like erin yates was watching him.
You mean whoever's posing as erin yates.
Ran the social - turns out the real erin died in her sleep 15 years ago.
So our photographer stole her identity? She's hiding from something.
You okay, stell? Uh, no.
No, I'm not.
That's you, stella.
She was at your academy graduation.
I mean, erin yates, or whoever she is, took that picture of you.
And you're the only graduate on that roll of film.
I don't know erin, and I have no idea why she took these pictures.
Every dot I connect here leads back to you.
I don't have the answers you're looking for, detective valens.
Believe me, I wish I did.
What are you hiding, stella? Nothing.
I'm not hiding anything.
Look, valens, if she says she doesn't know, she don't know.
I agreed to let you work this case 'cause you're a cop.
I've been trying to go along with the way you guys work.
Clearly, my mistake.
I'll be back in a couple hours.
If you still ain't talking, maybe we do it my way in philly.
What's going on? Stella, look at me.
What's haunting you? I don't know, danny, that's the problem.
I don't know.
Oh, yuck, trigonometry.
Yeah, the rule of sines.
We are trying to figure out the exact place where toby finch took flight.
Video footage from where he was launched.
This building on the right looks to be the wexler building, okay? On the left, hannaford arms.
Calculate the distance between the two - come up with a search zone.
He was launched somewhere in this area.
So that's gotta be, what? plus or minus 50? We can eliminate every building shorter than 12 stories, but we can also eliminate every building higher than 15 stories.
Uh-huh, yeah.
That leaves us with roughly Hey Don't look at us - we did the hard part.
you three don't look very optimistic.
The victim's launch site is a big unknown.
But gcms results from the soles of his shoes indicate traces of oil and marble, consistent with common roofing materials.
However, it could help us narrow our search criteria, because not all rooftops have the same asphalt mixture.
Sounds like a lot of phone calls and footwork.
Hey, wait a minute, sheldon.
If you found oil, it means the roof was recently paved and could still be generating heat.
Because the oil was still liquid.
It hadn't cooled.
We might be able to pinpoint an exact location by measuring the temperature differential of roof surfaces in our search zone.
That's great, yeah.
How do you do that? nothing so far.
Let's head further north.
Okay, we'll do that.
We'll go further north.
Here you go.
Coming about at 270 this is skymaster kilo, echo, bravo, What's below us? That's the chase-whittly building, detective.
hawkes, tell flack to get access to the chase-whittly buildinG.
We're good.
Roger that.
Do you have a minute, mac? The police department is going forward with an internal investigation.
So you're telling me the D.
Has no evidence that suggests I tossed dobson off that building, but nypd isn't sure? It's not as simple as that, mac.
No, I don't imagine it is.
This is about the police department.
What you mean is that you and sinclair felt a little media pressure, and for the sake of the department, you're not going to come to my defense.
I suppose I shouldn't take that personally.
The department has an obligation to the people of this city.
You used to walk the beat, stan.
You patrolled 42nd street when it was nothing but hookers and drug dealers and little by little you and a dozen other hardworking cops cleaned it up, made it what it is today.
What's your point, taylor? Well, I was just wondering.
When you were making all those arrests, locking up bad guys, were you imagining a day when you'd be so busy kissing the chief of detectives' ass you wouldn't remember what it was like to be a cop? You son of a bitch.
I don't deserve that.
You know, I'm here because you don't have to explain it, inspector.
I get it; you're just the puppet.
I'll take my case to the badge that pulls the strings.
These all the same guy? Looks like it.
Valens, what's up? Yeah, where are you at? All right, well, you know what? Stay right there, 'cause I'm gonna come grab you.
I got an address.
That's my ex-husband.
Really? Well, can you tell us where we can find him? Got some questions for him.
Saw him last ten years ago; just didn't come home one day.
You file a missing persons' report? I thought about it, but then garth had gone missing for weeks at a time before.
I just figured he'd bring his trifling butt back home at some point.
You wouldn't happen to have anything of garth's, like an old razor, maybe a lock of hair or, um, clothes? No, I got rid of every trace of him.
Look, fellas, I run a foster home.
The government gives me a certain amount of money.
That's it.
I mean, with him gone, more for the rest of us.
Do you know this woman? No, she doesn't look familiar.
Well, who's this? Ah, that's mindy, mindy sanchez.
Yeah, she used to, she used to live here.
You know where she is now? No clue.
She ran away.
Woke up one morning and she was gone.
You know, one last thing.
Do you know a stella bonasera? Yeah.
She was one of my foster kids.
No one could ever forget stella.
So we think mindy is erin.
that's the locket.
The locket explains how my dna got on those clothes.
Mindy and I made a pact.
Friends forever and ever.
You're telling me you didn't recognize this girl? Your blood sister? No, I didn'T.
And the locket in the press pass photo didn't look familiar? Oh, please, how could I possibly recognize this? You make this pact and you don't remember the one item that bonds you together? Mindy took the locket with her.
There's nothing memorable or distinctive about this locket, except for what's inside of it.
Kids share secrets, stella.
Maybe mindy told you something, something you promised to keep quiet.
What are you getting at, valens? If garth bennett is our unknown male dna and mindy sanchez is the unknown female, there's got to be a reason why your foster dad wanted to kill your best friend.
Chief sinclair.
You've got ten minutes, mac.
I'd like you to drop your internal affairs investigation.
A suspect falls from a 20-story building and the only other person on that roof is you.
It would be irresponsible of this department to not ask a few questions.
The questions have been asked.
The D.
Is satisfied with the answers.
You and I both know what this is.
You're caving to media pressure, and I'm being made an example for your own political gain.
So you're implying that I have a personal agenda here? That's the polite way of putting it, yeah.
Well, let's stop being polite and let me make something perfectly clear.
The integrity and image of the police department are my responsibility.
When an officer is involved in the death of a suspect, I have to answer for that.
Spoken like a true candidate for commissioner.
You know, maybe because you sit in the comfort of a lab every day, you're out of touch with the public's perception of the police department.
See, they believe that we are above the law and any wrongdoing is just swept under the carpet.
And you're leading the charge to change that perception at the expense of my career? I'm taking the same stand you took, mac, when you arrested detective dean truby.
Yeah, I guess it's a little bit different when you're on the other side of the badge.
If you didn't do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.
I'm the last one.
Everyone else hired under mayor giuliani you've either forced into retirement or promoted to powerless administrative jobs.
Good thing you saved me for last.
You're about to face a fight you won't forget.
hello? Hey, adam, can you send the freeze-frame to my phone? Yeah.
I, uh, I got it right here.
It's on its way.
Same two buildings.
Toby finch was a human slingshot.
The bungees were attached there and there, and he was released from right about here.
That explains his horizontal flight and neck injury.
The force immediately snapped his neck.
It would take a lot of strength to extend those bungee cords.
If he were attached to those pillars up there, his feet wouldn't be on the ground.
So how'd he get back here? With a little help from a boat winch and a friend.
I also found some battery packaging consistent with a digital camera, but not compatible with the one we found on our vic.
Somebody else got this on film? Now, found another set of footprints here.
Looked to be a female's high heels.
All right, hawkes, run with it.
You know, mac, if the, uh, department decides to go through with their internal investigation, I'm gonna have to answer questions.
All I know is what you told me when I got up to the top.
Like I told the D.
, I did not toss clay dobson off that roof.
This investigation is nothing but a big political show.
Regardless, the media's soaking the story up, and by the time they're done with it, your word may not be good enough, mac.
Dobson! Put your hands in the air and drop to your knees.
Now! You were right - what you said about the eyes.
I wanted them to look.
I wanted those girls I killed to know - to know that my face was the last thing they were ever gonna see.
Shut uP.
Drop to your knees, put your hands behind your head.
Do it! What are you gonna do, shoot me? I don't even have a weapon.
if I'm going, I'm taking you with me.
He's cuffed! That was the last time you saw your friend toby alive, wasn't it? Can you just turn it off? I don't know anything about what happened toby.
Yes, you do, T.
- You were on the roof when toby was playing human slingshot.
You videotaped it, and you downloaded it to a web site.
We got you, kid.
You submitted it anonymously from one of the campus library computers, but what you didn't think about was the information stored on that little black strip on the back of your library card.
Lindmark, address, student I.
Number, recent activity.
I don't know what you're thinking, but I'll tell you what I'm thinking.
We got size-11-tread prints on a rooftop that are not toby's, fingerprints on a cut bungee cord, and evidence that that cord was cut by a pocketknife.
I didn't cut the bungee cord.
I didn't even know it was cut until just now.
I thought what happened to toby was an accident.
Okay, so maybe the girl who videotaped the whole thing, maybe she did it.
No, toby-toby's girl would never do that.
Toby's girl have a name? Amy newmer.
She loved toby.
I swear to you, nobody cut that cord.
We went on the roof to have fun, to take a ride on the slingshot contraption, and toby showed up in that goofy angel outfit.
You're too drunk, man.
I don't know.
And it was obvious he was he was drinking.
When that bungee cord snapped, me and amy freaked.
I wouldn't kill my best friend.
You downloaded that video to a web site.
$100,000 prize for the most daring video.
Young kid's death caught on tape.
Sounds like a winner to me.
I put that video on the web site for toby! That's all he ever talked about, was being an internet celebrity.
An e-lebrity.
You know how many kids have gone from being nobodies to stardom overnight? I did it for him, in tribute to toby, because that's what he would have wanted.
I don't think T.
Severed that rope.
Then who did? We need to recover the rest of the images from that transmitter.
Somebody cut that bungee.
Had to be after toby got into that harness.
peace offering.
I had the evidence sent up from philly.
We have forensic scientists in philadelphia, too.
Look, I'm not trying to insult anyone, and I'm sure that everyone in your department is quite capable.
It's just that I might be able to explain something that they can'T.
Evidence without context for them might mean something to me.
Okay, stella, you're driving.
The way you like it.
Lead on.
Okay, fine.
What do your people list as probable causes for this burn here? There's a lot of possibilities.
How about this pattern here? Yeah, we looked at that.
"Consistent with tips "of a wide-toothed comb, sprocket pattern of film, jewelry " there's ten other possible possibles.
Something stand out? Yeah, sprocket pattern.
Garth bennett was a projectionist at a revival theater.
Come on.
Let's go.
What's the ballerina's name again? Victoria page.
Stella, be quiet.
You're going to get us in trouble.
you find something? Yeah.
Feel the heat.
arterial spray.
A murder happened in this room.
And someone painted over it.
Easier than wiping it down.
looks like this is your primary crime scene.
Jurisdiction just shifted from philly to the nypd.
The jacket puts our vic in this room.
Valens? Short pinky.
Marilyn bennett.
You cleaned up the crime scene.
Your handprint was right up there on the wall.
In blood.
It's a perfect match to you, marilyn.
What happened? You find mindy and garth and decide to kill them? 'Cause we haven't been able to find him.
I didn't kill anybody.
Yeah, but what was it you said? I got rid of every trace of him.
You weren't kidding, huh? I didn't kill anybody.
You really say that like you believe it.
I mean, it's been a while, so over time I guess it becomes the truth in your mind.
It is the truth.
I'm not a murderer.
We swabbed you for dna, and we're going to test that against the murder weapon.
And the clothes that you dumped on the side of the road in philadelphia.
Okay, so, why don't you just tell me your story, right now? I didn't kill anybody.
You heading out? Your case now.
What, you find something? Dna came back on the arterial blood spatter, from the projection booth wall male.
Same dna that was on the turnpike evidence.
And since garth bennett's been missing for almost ten years could be his.
Of course, we don't have his body.
And what about marilyn? Clothes weren't her size.
No evidence of her dna on the coat, blouse or knife.
So, why'd she clean up the crime scene, if she didn't kill her husband? Maybe she was protecting someone.
There is that third dna donor that we haven't identified yet.
Erin yates, aka mindy sanchez.
She runs away from foster care and uses a dead woman's identity.
She's gonna be tough to find.
Keep me posted.
Will do.
You know, one thing I never get used to about working these cold jobs.
What's that? They stir up the past.
You take care of yourself, detective.
You do the same.
I recovered the rest of the images from toby finch's camera.
His friends thought he was gonna be the next human slingsho but he had other plans.
Take a look.
I got the same wingspan as a hang glider.
I just need enough height and momentum so I can work the updraft and thermal lifts created by manhattan's skyline.
And once I reach them release.
He did it himself.
He cut the bungee cords.
He was counting on the velocity of his first forward swing to overcome the strength of the cords.
He thought they would break as soon as he was launched, but the strength of the cords held and the force of the recoil snapped his neck, killing him.
He was dead weight before he even landed.
the only crime here was toby finch's misdirected ambition.
Right here, prepare for takeoff! Here we go! - Ready- three, two, one - internet daredevil.
yes? Victoria page? I'M stella bonasera.
I haven't seen you since my graduation from the academy.
But you were erin yates back then.
Come in.
How did you find me? Victoria page.
The red shoes.
I've been, uh working this case that ended up at an old revival movie house.
The same one that garth took us to every saturday.
Someday I want to dance like her.
Then he would take you away.
To t projection booth.
He did things to you, didn't he? Stella, this is a mistake.
Years later, I put it all together remembering us sitting there.
How he would tap you on the shoulder.
That movie was our escape.
And you ran away from that nightmare to save yourself.
And to save me.
You knew that if you left, that they would send me away.
And I would never have to deal with garth.
I know what he did.
It must have haunted you.
And that's why you killed him.
stella, I didn't, and I couldn't kill anyone.
Marilyn cleaned up the crime scene for you, mindy.
Remember how she used to bring garth dinner some nights? Maybe she saw you leave.
Maybe she knew why.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We found your bloody clothes on the side of the philly turnpike, where you buried them.
No, I wasn't there.
Maybe not as mindy or erin, but as victoria page.
You had a job lined up in washington, D.
After you took your revenge, you headed south.
Is that why you're here? To arrest me? A few months ago, I would have said yes.
But life is strange.
I found that it has these gray areas.
Sometimes you don't choose your own hell, it's chosen for you.
And you do what you need to survive.
Today I'm here because you're the only sister I've ever known.
My blood sister, forever and ever.
Tomorrow, I have to come back with my badge.
It's good to see you, stella.
You take care of yourself.
Detective taylor! I'll never find her.
Because of you, I will never find her.
Please, sir.
Just put down the gun.
You don't want to do this.
He knew where she was.
But you killed him.
And now I'll never find my daughter.
There are innocent people on the street.
Just just hand me the gun, and we can talk about whatever you want don't move! lily she looked just like those other girls that clay dobson killed.
You believe he took her, too.
Now that he's dead, I'll never get her back.
Because only he knows.
Only he knows where he buried her.
and you you took that from me.
I'll never find my lily.
I'll never be able to say good-bye.
My baby's dead.