CSI: NY s03e23 Episode Script

...Comes Around

last chance! They're not gonna recognize you when they peel you off the pavement.
You won't do it.
You don't have the guts to do it.
Okay! Okay! Wait a minute! Wait a minute.
I admit it.
I killed them,okay? Tell me about their eyes.
I cut off their eyelids, so they had to look at me while they died,okay? Now you're gonna look at me when you die.
No! Two things were certain that day on the roof.
Detective taylor was going to get a confession and clay dobson was going to die.
In order to accomplish that goal, detective taylor had to make sure that he was alone, which is the reason for this disciplinary hearing.
Detective taylor decided to break protocol, go after clay dobson without any communication whatsoever.
Not to his team,and not to dispatch.
You'll hear from his own colleagues that he just disappeared.
Which brings us to the second reason we are here today.
In order to exorcise the demons, detective taylor dispensed with traditional justice and opted for revenge.
- Need I speculate why clay dobson was handcuffed - Detective taylor! - 20 stories to his death? - Get back here and sit down,sir! Detective taylor! Mac.
Whoa,slow down.
What happened in there? I'm not in the mood,don.
What? Did you just walk out? Apparently,I'm the kind of guy who does whatever he wants.
Why disappoint them? Look.
What happened on that rooftop was simple - I tried to arrest clay dobson.
Dobson! Put your hands in the air and drop to your knees - now! If I'm going,I'm taking you with me.
End of story.
All right,then tell them that.
Hey,listen to mE.
By walking out,you're just giving them more ammunition,mac.
This department can't afford to lose you.
This isn't about the department.
It's about me.
They're calling me a murderer in there.
I'm not hanging around to listen to that.
you hear about mac? - Walking out of the hearing? - Yeah.
Pretty ballsy.
Something I would do.
Got a whole new respect for the boss man.
I don't know what he was thinking.
And there's this one.
Media relations is trying to keep a lid on it.
John mcenroe killing somebody? Forget about it.
Dead man standing.
Think that had to hurt,huh? Our vic is tony russo,26 years old from staten island.
Tomorrow was his wedding day.
Got gravitational blood drops here.
No blood trail.
I'm thinking this didn't belong to tony.
No,his fianc? Angie cusado,batchelorette party.
Tiara was part of her get-up.
She I.
'D him.
What a way to say good-bye to the person you thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life with.
Impaled on a condom machine.
Well,that's a first.
So much for safe sex.
Thought you might want to examine the body before he's moved.
Looks quite violent.
There's no way john mcenroe did this.
The coin slot is jagged but dull.
It wouldn't have been easy to do.
It would have taken a lot of force.
So we're looking for an enraged killer with a lot of upper body strength.
Like someone capable of a Why don't you tell me what happened? It was my batchelorette party.
I wanted mr.
Mcenroe to bite a life saver off my necklace.
He was really nice.
I asked him if he could get me a condom, and that was the last I saw of him.
A condom? She was supposed to get a condom from different guys at every club we went to.
It's a brides maids' game.
"Call me after your divorce.
" Nice.
I'm telling you,it was all just fun and games.
Then tony shows up.
He knew you were here? Tony called me to check up on angie.
She can get kind of crazy when she drinks a lot.
I told him that we were just around the corner from her apartment and I'd make sure that she got home.
I never thought he'd actually come down here.
And by the time he did his wife-to-be was hanging all over john mcenroe.
Now,tell me,did he confront angie? No.
She didn't even know he was here.
The place was packed.
The next thing I know, tony's following mcenroe into the bathroom.
It it all happened so fast.
I really didn't think much of it.
I mean,how dangerous can a tennis player be? He's a killer.
Best to ever step foot on a tennis court - anywhere.
And you're sure it was john mcenroe you saw walking into that bathroom? Absolutely.
We were all so excited that he was even here.
Sarah got an autograph.
Then she shot a text over to nystalker.
Hand me your sidekick.
The website,right? It's dedicated to celebrity sightings in new york.
You see that green dot,there? Gwenyth paltrow in the east village.
And that one there.
Heath ledger.
Okay,so you were the one that found the body.
I needed to restock the T.
Now there's a detective with a good head on his shoulders.
A guy who knows where his loyalties lie.
- Inspector,how are you? - Good.
So what is this I hear about taylor- walking out in the middle of opening statements? I think that's his right,sir.
I don't think he's obligated to be there.
Hey,look,I know mac a long time.
The department questioning his integrity that's been hard on him.
Well,not as hard as this whole mess has been on the department.
A man died in police custody.
Don's smart.
Knows how to do the right thing.
That's important because the outcome of a hearing like this can have a profound effect on the careers of many people.
For years to come.
From a powerful chief,to a lowly,third-grade detective.
Detective taylor had requested my memo book, which contained information linking detective truby to the seizure and illegal sale of a number of kilos of black cocaine.
The subsequent arrest and prosecution of detective truby resulted in several of his cases being overturned.
Isn't that right? Yes.
We had discussed and one of those cases was the clay dobson case? That's correct.
Clay dobson confessed to raping and killing several women.
Three months after his release, he raped and killed another girl? If it weren't for detective taylor so,as a result,of detective taylor's actions, a serial killer was released and he killed again.
I'll tell you what.
We'll get back to that.
When you eventually reached the roof that day, how would you describe detective taylor's demeanor? I would say he was shocked more than anything else.
Shocked? Because he had just dropped a man from the roof.
Shocked because he had just seen a man jump off the roof.
A handcuffed and beaten man.
You weren't there,detective.
Do you know as a fact that clay dobson jumped? thought I might find you here.
Back to the beginning,huh? Reminds me of why I became a cop.
Looks on their faces,feeling they can make a difference.
Yeah,I remember.
You think they will? I'd like to think so.
They got a clean slate.
No one's filed a complaint against them or accused them of betraying the badge.
Happens to the best of us,mac.
Remember your first collar? Oh,yeah.
A shoplifter on 43rd and eighth avenue.
This guy took one of those "I love new york" t-shirts from the souvenir shop.
It was the proudest moment in my life.
Two days later,I arrested him again in the same store.
How about you? What was your first? It was a dwi.
Guy jumped a curb and hit a hydrant.
Water shooting all over the place.
He was way over the legal limit.
Fell down twice trying to walk a straight line, and then he started doing a backstroke on the sidewalk.
What happened to him? I ran his license and I found out that he was the son of a captain in the 7-4.
I went ahead and arrested and processed and the next day, I was directing traffic at the midtown tunnel.
I think you're better at playing the politics.
You just don't play.
I don't like the game.
You don't have to like it.
Mac,if you can find an angle to beat sinclair and gerrard, it might be worth playing.
Complete transection of the spinal cord.
That's the cod.
So tony russo died the moment the coin slot sliced his skin.
How long did it take you to remove him from the condom machine? Don't worry.
Your record remains unbroken,sheldon.
Two hours,12 minutes.
Removing a corpse from an animated billboard in times square,all organs intact.
I pulled this from the victim's head.
I'm not sure what it is yet.
But I can tell you the current price of contraception - 75 cents.
Someone was a quarter short.
Now,flack said that the bride-to-be was collecting condoms for a scavenger hunt.
And asked mcenroe to contribute.
Hey,princess,want to tell me what you plan on doing with that condom? So maybe the groom-to-be walked in, got the wrong idea,and discussion's over.
What I don't get is why john mcenroe, who's run into a few unfriendly fans more than once in his career, didn't just walk out of the bathroom.
Here you go.
Here you go.
We got everyone? Here you go,here you go,guyS.
Take care.
All the best.
Good luck,okay? Yeah.
Excuse me,mr.
You got a t-shirt or tennis ball or something? No,no,no,we got this right here.
I never knew you were a fan.
We're actually not here for an autograph.
In that case,can you walk with me? Sure.
We need to know where you were around 11:00 P.
Last night.
An alibi? What's this about? A guy was murdered last night.
It was extremely violent,anger-fueled.
Oh,I get it.
So that means it was me.
Well,we don't know,but we got a bar full of eyewitnesses that say it was you.
Do I look like I was in a violent struggle? There's not a mark on me.
Listen,I wasn't in any bar last night.
I mean,I know I have a reputation,but that's on the court.
I'm a family man,okay? I'm a good guy.
And I'm telling you I may have threatened a couple line judges,but I never killed anybody.
All right,well, take it easy and this shouldn't be a problem.
We're just gonna need a print reference and dna sample.
Go for it.
This is me being cooperative.
It's nice,ain't it,though? To be cooperative? Not bad.
On the left is an autograph from one of the bartenders.
She ever plan on taking a shower again? And on the right is a certified original john mcenroe autograph.
Well,they look similar,but skin is an elastic surface.
There are a lot of variables.
It's hard to get an exact match.
And he's got an alibi.
I just got off the phone with john mcenroe's manager.
Swears that he was home with his family all night.
Uh,how did you do with the evidence and the autopsy? I ran the substance peyton pulled from the victim's head.
It's porcelain.
Right,mass spec also picked up traces of resin cement.
It's tooth veneer.
mcenroe didn't have a chipped tooth when danny and I spoke with him.
Yeah,but he does have a lot of money.
Probably has a really good dentist.
Who's available 24 hours? Did you get dna? Peyton pulled the tooth from tony's head wound.
So the small amount of saliva dna from the tooth would have been covered with the dna from the vic's blood.
Making it undetectable.
And the candy necklace you pulled off of angie had too many donors to separate a clean profile.
And I ran the quarters for prints.
No hits on afis and not a match to john mcenroe.
Okay,so we have a tooth¢w could be his,but he's not missing any, eyewitnesses that swear he was there, but he's got an alibi, a handprint analysis that was inconclusive and prints on a quarter that don't match his.
I'm going with the science.
He wasn't in the bar,he didn't do it.
Hawkes? The gravitational blood drops that danny found in the bathroom match reference samples you collected from mcenroe.
It's his blood.
He was in the bar and at home? So the question is: How was john mcenroe in two places at one time? How long have you worked with detective taylor? About five years now.
So you would be able to testify as to his character.
Working side-by-side long enough with someone, you get to know them,yeah.
Would you say he was intolerant of people who violated procedure? Mac's a no-nonsense guy when it comes to the rules, but I wouldn't go as far to say he's intolerant.
So at times he condones breaking the rules? I didn't say that.
Now,you've been the subject of some controversy while working for detective taylor.
Is that right? Yeah.
It's ironic that detective taylor has chewed you out on more than one occasion for violating procedure and now he finds himself in this position,no? Was that an actual question? You knew detective taylor felt responsible for mr.
Dobson's release,didn't you? Mr.
Dobson? Is that we're calling serial killers who cut the eyelids off of young girls so they can watch their killer as they die - mr.
Dobson? Did you know how he felt,detective? I know mac found evidence implicating a dirty cop, and he did exactly what he was supposed to do.
Dobson's release and the attacks on these poor young girls were on truby's conscience, not mac'S.
Detective messer,this is clay dobson's autopsy report.
Can you read the highlighted portion there on page 23? Sure.
Out loud,detective.
Out loud.
"Fractured nose "laceration over the left eye multiple bruises to the ribs.
" Clay dobson landed on his back.
How does detective taylor's conscience strike you now? There's no one in the depament that I trust more than mac taylor,both personally and professionally.
So you would do or say pretty much anything to help him out if he was in a bind? I wouldn't lie,if that's what you're implying.
You work very closely with detective taylor.
Is it fair to say that clay dobson's release affected him emotionally? Adam,I can't afford to be caught off guard with information as critical as this.
What? When i'm working a case, information like this comes to me.
He was passionate about solving the case.
Were you with detective taylor in the hours before the incident on the roof? Yes,we were in the basement at the weddington where we found one of dobson's victims.
While in the basement, did detective taylor leave unexpectedly? Unexpectedly? No.
The victim identified dobson as her attacker.
Mac acted on the information.
But did he notify you or any other member of the team? You're gonna be all right.
He said he's coming back! Who's coming back? Clay! Clay something! detective,did he? No,we turned around and he was gone.
So he violated department procedure.
Under the circumstances,there was nothing else did he violate department procedure? Yes.
Detective taylor's fate lies in the hands of the recommendation made by the administrative judge.
Now no one derives any pleasure from going through a hearing like this, but it is necessary to assure the public that no one is above the law.
Testimony has been heard from members of detective taylor's team.
We await his decision as to whether he will testify on his own behalf.
Inspector gerrard and i are satisfied frankie,pint of the good stuff.
- How's it going? - How's it going? All right.
"Can you please read the highlighted text? Yes.
" Classic.
Word travels,huh? It's not quite walking out of the hearing, but I gotta give it to you.
Takes some serious meatballs to stand up to the department advocate the way you did.
I got to say I admire you for that.
Yeah,it doesn't help mac at all - me being a wiseass.
To be honest with you,danny- I don't think there's anything you can do to help mac.
So what happened when you were in the hearing? Same old song and dance.
I tried to put in my two cents for mac and she cuts me off.
My guess they know.
They know mac didn't throw dobson off that roof.
Sinclair is gunning for commissioner so he's gotta put on a nice little show for the media and get mac on violating procedure.
Of course,of course.
But why didn't mac just call us or notify for backup? He's got a tough road on that one.
And on top of that,it's a no-win.
Because you know what? If he wouldn't have caught dobson, they would have been all over his ass for that,too.
Why do we do what we do,huh? What do you mean? Why do we wake up in the morning,3:00, stand at a crime scene in the freezing cold, living paycheck to paycheck for what? To protect and serve.
Serve who,the public? Sometimes it seems like they hate us.
And then here we got the brass ready to throw us to the lions.
We do it 'cause we're good at it.
Maybe we'd be lousy at anything else.
I don't know.
Maybe we do it for the one or two times somebody actually thanks us for finding their son's murderer.
No apparent cause of death, and the tox report didn't indicate anything helpful, but I knew something was wrong,so so I decided just to cut the poor bustard's liver up and make a lovely pate and everybody in the lab just adored it.
Peyton,I'm sorry.
It's just no matter how many times I tell myself I did the right thing, emma pierce is dead because because clay dobson killed her.
And because dean truby decided not to be half the cop that you are.
He sold drugs on the street.
You put him away and you are not responsible for anything that has happened because of it.
He left me a message yesterday.
Truby? He wants me to come and visit him.
What? I think you should go.
Why? So he can gloat about all that's happened? I think that you need to tell him that you don't regret arresting him.
And that you'll take the next cop down and the one after that,no matter how difficult, no matter what the consequences, because it's the right thing to do.
Dean truby doesn't need to hear that from me.
But you need to tell him.
What's the most definitive piece of evidence that puts mcenroe at that bar? His blood.
- So I took a closer look at it.
- And? And when I ran it through the gcms, it came back positive for cpd.
Citrate phosphate dextrose.
It's a preservative for storing blood.
You know my manager's gotten about a dozen phone calls from the press wanting a statement from me about why I killed a man? And I can assure you,if you answer these questions, you will help us resolve the case and all those phone calls will go away.
Did you ever donate blood? all right,all right.
There was a blood drive at cbs sports maybe two months ago.
Do you remember the tech who drew the blood? Was it a male,female? It was a guy.
Meet sam friar.
Registered phlebotomist.
He's the one who drew mcenroe's blood.
He works out of the bloodmobile that covers downtown.
So you think this guy brought mcenroe's blood to the bar last night? Negative.
I think he can tell us who did.
I ran his name through ncic.
Turns out sam's got more than one alias.
I ran all of them all and I found this.
"Celeb blood"? He's selling blood? Spike lee,mayor bloomberg, john mcenroe.
Yeah,talk about gold running through your veins.
You can buy it in a vial.
You can have it attached like a keychain.
I figured the vial broke in the fight and that's how the blood got on the bathroom floor.
"For the ultimate fan.
" Sounds like we're looking for the ultimate fanatic.
You sam friar? I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Yeah? You guys here to donate? What,so you can hawk it on the internet? I'm not sure what you mean.
We found john mcenroe's blood at a crime scene.
Sounds like you should be talking to him.
It had cpd in it,which is used for storage.
Must have came through you first.
So what,you like to take your work home with you? Come on look out! Easy.
Should have just told us how you wanted a snack.
We would have got you a pretzel.
Bet you thought it was a good idea in the beginning,huh? Get $3,000 for britney's hair, what,$50 for clinton's nail clippings? Thought maybe there'd be a market for blood,too,huh? I'm just an entrepreneur,okay? Forward thinking.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Selling people's dna out from under them? I'd say you broke four federal laws and one or two ethical codes.
Hey,I just sell it,okay? What people do with it is up to them.
Now,look,if you don't want to talk to an attorney all night, why don't you cough up mcenroe's biggest fan.
What's his name? How 'bout a P.
Box? That's all I got.
That'll do.
Do you care about the consequences? I'm talking about the hundreds of arrests this cop was involved in, the thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility is in question, and the ones who are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty and he did everything by the book.
It was easy for me to blame you for letting dobson out to kill that girl.
The truth is it's entirely my fault.
You did what was right.
You held me accountable.
It's tough to be right when a young girl ends up dead.
All right,dean.
Why did you want to talk to me in person? This place isn't big on privacy.
Phone calls and letters are monitored.
Time to fight fire with fire.
Sinclair is just using you as the department scapegoat.
I'm holding a trump card a card that's of no use to me, but can make your problem disappear.
Nothing criminal,but if the department finds out, heads will roll.
It involves the first arrest of clay dobson.
Here you go.
I'm here for these personal effects.
This property voucher says this dobson guy got locked up five years ago.
Prisoner's unclaimed personal property gets destroyed after two years.
It's here.
Look it up.
Voucher numbers match.
Cop named truby vouchered it as investigative evidence.
They do that when they don't want it to be destroyed.
A trump card never played.
What? NothinG.
I need this property.
Fill that out.
We'll get back to you in a couple days.
hey,what are you doing? I need to put a rush on it.
You look happy.
We lifted prints from the P.
Box the blood guy gave us.
And they're a match to the prints we pulled off the condom machine quarters.
And not a match to john mcenroe.
Puts a mystery suspect in the bathroom buying condoms.
Yeah,but it still doesn't explain why all the eyewitnesses at the bar said it was john mcenroe in the bathroom.
Unless what if there's more than one mcenroe? And if there is,how're we gonna find him? I think I got an idea.
Stella,I got it.
Take a look.
Nystalker sighting,and look who's in midtown.
Says john mcenroe just picked up his dry cleaning and is eating a bagel at livvie'S.
So? He's allowed.
Yeah,yeah,yeah,except I just got off the phone with mcenroe,the real one.
He's at home in long island.
So that explains the eyewitnesses.
So who is this other john mcenroe? Okay,last sighting was posted 15 minutes ago.
What is the address,333 or 343? No,we're about a block away.
- You look just like that tennis player.
- Aren't you that guy? I'm not who you think I am.
Yes,you are.
No,no,I'm not.
I don't want to disappoint you, but I've never played tennis before.
I've never been married to a rock star.
I'm not john mcenroe.
We know.
You do? It's your tooth,jimmy.
You chipped it in the fight in the bathroom.
Open finals 1979 was the greatest day of my life.
And I don't even watch tennis.
Two guys wanted to buy me a beer to toast the champ,john mcenroe.
I didn't even know who the guy was.
First grand slam title at age 20, and this guy doesn't know who I am? Are you kidding me? Bet you the girls started to fall in line,too,right? Girls that never wanted to even talk to me before started asking me for my autograph.
Guy got beer and women off of me.
So,you practiced his signature a bunch of times? Yeah.
When I got used to the attention,I started to need it.
Sometimes it didn't work.
It's not like we're identical twins or something.
So you helped mother nature out.
A little nip here,tuck there making it impossible to tell the difference.
Are you blind?! Is she blind?! Look at the nose.
We traced a package of mcenroe's blood back to a P.
Box, prints all over it.
My guess is they're gonna match your prints,right? I wanted his blood.
The chemistry that made him great in a keychain.
Helped me get into character.
See,now that,that's just wrong.
So you went into the bathroom to get a party favor for angie.
Only tony shows up,you got two quarters in the slot, he thinks you're planning on getting lucky with his fiancee.
Want to tell me what you're planning on doing with that condom? Hey,you got the wrong idea,pal.
Your wife-to-be asked me to wait a second.
Wait a second.
She asked you? - Yeah,she - she asked you? It was an accident.
Well,if it was an accident,jimmy, why didn't you stick around for the cops and explain your story? I had to leave.
For both of us.
Me and mcenroe.
So you were protecting him? With famous people, they don't wait around to get the story straighT.
God,I never knew it was so hard.
Being famous.
I don't know how john does it.
I really don'T.
Sounds tough.
I got to tell you something, I wouldn't change a thing.
I love that.
Now can we get the homicide numbers down below a hundred? Yeah,we can probably push a few off to suffolk.
You know,make a case for the you can't go in there,detective.
What do you think you're doing? It's okay,valerie.
I was expecting detective taylor.
Good news,I've made a decision.
I'm going to testify.
Thank you for coming by but hang on,I'm not done.
I'm going to testify in the departmental hearing against him.
What the hell are you talking about? All those chemicals in the lab get in your brain,taylor? Tell him about dobson.
About the original arrest.
What's going on,stan? What's he talking about? Nothing.
He's desperate.
You want to tell him or should I? Tell me what,stan? Let me tell him.
I like this story.
When dobson was originally arrested, he was brought to the 3-5 for processing.
The 3-5? You guys are familiar with the 3-5,right? You were a lieutenant there,right,stan? And correct me if I'm wrong,you were C.
? It's the little things that always come back to bite you.
"Safeguard your prisoner.
" One of the first things you learn at the academy.
All right,enough.
So what are you getting at,taylor? When truby put dobson in the holding cell, he forgot to remove dobson's belt.
When no one was looking, dobson tied his belt to the bars and tried to hang himself.
He would rather have died than go to prison.
But someone saw him, released the belt before he completed the act.
Failure to safeguard your prisoner can result in serious disciplinary action.
So truby proved yet again that he's a disgrace to the badge.
Gerard covered it up.
He's lying.
Who told you that,huh? Truby? You gonna believe that lying bastard?! I have your prints on the belt,stan.
That doesn't mean anything.
So,my print is shut up,stan.
You let the press intimidate you into bringing charges against me - false charges.
Suddenly,you look like a man who's taking action, but the truth is you're using me to fast-track your career.
So what now? Well,a cover-up's not a criminal offense, so I'm not obligated to notify the D.
But I think the press might like to know.
You'd take a significant hit.
All those political plans, they fold like a house of cards.
Of course maybe there's something we could work out.
You know,I think I'm getting the hang of this politics stuff.
Clean Slate: Detective Cleared of all Charges Better watch yourself.
All this publicity may backfire.
Sinclair might just have to make you his deputy commissioner.
I'm very happy where I am,thank you.
Mm,that's good.
Must have been satisfying, seeing the look on sinclair's face when he realized you had him.
I don't take pleasure in someone else's discomfort,stella.
Yes it was incredibly satisfying.
But he'll be back.
Next time,I'll be under an even larger microscope.
Sinclair will be waiting to pounce.
You're probably right.
But until then,what do you say we go make a difference?