CSI: NY s03e24 Episode Script

Snow Day

Let's do this.
Police! Get down! Get down on the ground! Cops! Everybody out! N.
! Everyone on the ground! Get down on the ground! Drop your weapon! - Drop it! - Come on! Drop your weapon now! Come on! any I.
? Nope.
And the rest of the clan ain't talking.
Do better with a swab of blood from the hole I put in his chest.
Might get you a hit in codis.
Hey, he was going to kill you.
You did what you had to.
It's just not how I wanted to start my day.
It's quite a score.
Two months ago, a C.
tipped us off.
He said it would be big.
I had no idea it would be this big.
Any of our guys get hurt? Sanchez took one in the shoulder.
But he's on his way to Queen of Mercy.
What about you? I'm not used to looking down the barrel of an AK-47, but I'll be all right.
says Gavin Wilder was running this operation.
The man had union ties to every branch of service in this city, so moving a load this big in this town wasn't going to be a problem for him.
You make an arrest? It's the beautiful thing about this.
We didn't have to.
You ready for this? The infamous Irish drug lord, Gavin Wilder.
Someone got to him first.
At 6:00 this morning, our narcotics tactical team seized 900 kilos of cocaine.
That's an estimated street value of over $100 million.
We also apprehended several suspects we believe to be connected to the Wilder crime family.
Detective, isn't this the biggest drug bust in New York City history? That's what they tell me.
What I can tell you is that today's seizure will financially cripple one of New York City's most dangerous organized crime families.
We understand there was a shootout.
Were there any casualties? one suspect was killed, one detective sustained minor injuries.
Can you confirm rumors that Gavin Wilder was killed during the bust? Gavin Wilder's body was found at the scene.
Without going into too much detail, I'm confident that dr.
Peyton Driscoll's autopsy report will confirm that he was dead prior to the raid on the warehouse.
It's a through-and-through.
Looks to be a large caliber.
But there just happens to be a nasty-looking 50 caliber weapon right there.
There's no powder burns.
It's more than likely that the shot was fired from a distance of over 10 to 15 feet.
The size and shape of the wound indicate he was shot in the back.
One of his own guys was sending a message of disrespect.
Gavin Wilder lost his drugs, his crew and his life all in the same day.
What time is it? It's early.
I have to be at work at 9:00.
You're lucky you got a later shift.
Yeah, well, don't worry.
Just go back to sleep.
I'll wake you up.
I dreamt that I woke up and you were gone.
You left a note.
Where would I go? This is my place.
I was hoping for a better answer.
I'm just kidding.
I'm glad this happened.
Me, too.
Hawkes, cocaine's on it's way over here.
Mac's handling chain of custody.
wants us to test Random sampling, weight and core samples.
Mac's assigning Lindsay over to the warehouse to finish up processing the scene with Adam.
They find anything that needs our attention, they'll send it over.
Just about finished processing our suspected murder weapon.
Found one round missing from the magazine.
Organic volatile analysis confirmed.
This bad boy's recently been fired.
Any prints? Lifted two, no hits in A.
What about our John Doe over in autopsy? No match.
Same deal with the suspects N.
is questioning from today's bust.
But most of them have records with close ties to the Wilder crime family.
Right, and you can bet none of them are shedding a tear over their dead boss.
You really think one of Gavin Wilder's own guys whacked him? I think somebody in the organization got greedy, convinced the rest of them they'd do better under new management.
So we find who's the new boss, we find our killer.
Hey, Mac, I heard you were looking for Lindsay.
That's right.
She's on the clock.
Any idea where she is? Yeah, yesterday she mentioned something about needing to deal with some personal stuff, so I told her I'd swap shifts, all right? Well, next time give me a little heads up, all right? Absolutely.
It's my fault for not mentioning it earlier, okay? What do you need me to do? This morning's crime scene in Brooklyn.
I got Adam over there processing by himself for the last six hours.
He could use some help.
You got it.
Oh, I forgot to do something.
We had plans? No.
I have a proposition for you.
Well, proposition isn't exactly the right word.
It's more, more like a an invitation.
But it would require that you take a little time off work and spend some time with me.
A little vacation.
Ten days.
I know.
I have done my research and apparently you've only missed five and a half days of work since you joined the N.
But Mac, I was thinking with everything that you've been going through and because you adore me, and you do adore me, it would be just great if you could take some of this seven weeks of vacation you've collected and come with me to London.
You bought the ticket? I really want you to say yes.
Peyton well, you see, I'm I'm going to speak at a pathologist's conference and I just thought it would be fun for us to both go, you know? I can show you around London.
Wait, wait a minute you smell something? Oh, yeah, I do.
is that sulfur? A gas leak.
We need to get out now.
I'll go check on my team.
I'll meet you outside.
All right, let's go.
Let's evacuate.
Mac? Mac? We'll take the next one.
The flame isn't reacting to the gas.
Maybe this isn't a gas leak.
I'm gonna take an air sample, put it through G.
S, see what we're dealing with here.
one peak.
You're right.
If what we're smelling was natural gas, there'd be more than one peak.
That's the same smell as the chemical compound added to odorless natural gas to identify a leak.
It's also used in biochemical research; protein analysis.
Nothing we do here.
Then how'd it get in our building? Adam? Adam? Danny! Danny, look out! Okay.
hey! no more dumb moves.
Are we clear? What the hell do you want? The drugs are gone.
The gas company's here.
We can get in.
Hey, guys, we need to get back in.
no signal.
Same here.
land line's dead.
Internet's not working.
All our lines of communication are down.
somebody just shut off the alarm.
Mac, I don't have a good feeling about this.
What do you think? Someone's faking a gas leak to force an evacuation.
On the same day we happen to have This is no coincidence, Mac.
Let's split up.
Find out how the smell is getting in.
If we can locate the source, we might be able to get some answers.
Danny, you were supposed to wake me up.
"Montana, don't freak out.
" "Although I'm sure you already have.
" "We're trading shifts.
I got you covered.
Enjoy your snow day.
" There's no way you're going to make this shot through my path.
A Benjamin says I do.
You owe me $100.
You know what? You're going to have to wait till payday.
You either pay me now or you come up with something better.
oh, God! What did they do to you, Adam? just tell me, and I'll stop the pain.
Tell me what they wanted.
What did they say they wanted? I'm so sorry.
I I had no choice.
They were going to kill me, Danny.
But what did they want? They wanted they wanted my I.
and the pass codes to the parking garage, and the crime lab and and? They wanted to know where their guns and drugs are.
I've been following these guys.
They're not from the gas company.
They belong to the gang we took down this morning.
I saw them come off the elevator.
One had a nine-mill under his jacket.
Got trace off their shoes.
Found identical trace at the warehouse in Brooklyn.
You were right.
They're here for their coke.
I told Hawkes to take the test samples back to the vault, and then seal it.
I mean, there's no way they can get in there unless they torch it, and that would take hours.
excuse me, sir.
I'm going to need you to leave the building immediately.
We've got a gas leak.
Every floor's been evacuated.
I was just on my way out.
You guys figure out what the problem is yet? Still working on it.
Good luck.
Hope they finish soon.
It's supposed to rain on and off all afternoon.
Have you seen Mac? No.
Have you checked the other side of the building? Yeah, I have.
Well, I imagine he's looking for you.
You're looking for him, and you're both circling the building - stay put and he'll find you.
That's odd.
No service.
Same here.
I'm going to go for a coffee.
Can I get you something? Yeah.
A cup of tea.
Sid, can you try calling Mac from the land line? Excuse me.
I think there might still be somebody in the building.
We're checking every floor.
Well, he's more than likely in the crime lab.
He might be unconscious from the gas leak.
Ma'am, I assure you, if any of your coworkers are still inside this building, our men will find them.
All right, guys, gather up as many rods as you can carry.
We'll use this.
That's how they're going to get their drugs back.
That gun was built to penetrate armor.
It can slice through the vault door like a knife through butter.
What are we going to do? Stop 'em.
Adam, what have you got in your kit, buddy? What are you talking about? My my kit's all the way over there.
Just tell me what you have in there.
Presumptive blood tests, enough kit stuff to cast with, a narco test kit Test kit.
That's good.
That means that means you got marquis reagent in there, which contains sulfuric acid.
I'm going to need you to get it.
What? No.
Danny, look at me.
If I if I move, they're going to kill me.
They're not going to kill us, 'cause, if they were, they would've done it already, okay? They need us as hostages.
I know you're afraid, but so am I but you are going to get it.
You understand me? How am I supposed to? Scumbags! Hey! Get back here! Oi! Stop! Where do you think you're going? You like pain, don't you? I'm going to I'm just going to get some fresh air, man.
somebody get this guinea-t-wearing son of a bitch a mic, 'cause he's got funny in him.
What did I say to you about making dumb moves, eh? You two humps from Clinton just hijacked a crime scene cleanup.
Makes me believe that, when they went to gentrify Hell's Kitchen, they got rid of all the smart tough guys.
Jackie boy.
Aye? It's show time.
Wake up, boy.
You're going to make a phone call.
Detective Flack.
Don yeah, it's Messer.
We got a problem, man.
We got a problem.
All units, be advised.
We have a level three mobilization in effect at 8721 West Street, Brooklyn.
We have a hostage situation involving police officers Danny and Adam are still there.
We got to get out of here, Mac.
These guys aren't cowboys.
To be able to pull something like this together in a matter of hours means they're well-connected and methodical.
I'm sure they've got eyes on the exits.
Where's your piece? In my desk.
Yours? In my locker.
We've got no guns.
What's the plan? I don't know.
One thing I do know is we got home-field advantage.
I'm not letting anyone walk out of my lab with evidence.
Looks like Hawkes is still in the building.
IS ANYONE STILL IN THE BUILDING? The internet's down, but our internal messaging system is still working.
we got company.
Think they know anything? Well, they know enough to run.
Alex, you take the.
50 and the ammo downstairs.
Tell Sean to start setting up.
Three of us are going to go hunt us a rabbit.
they're messing with us.
Let's go this way.
Go and get the girl! Friend, don't make me look for you.
If you come out now, you'll live.
oh, no no, no, no.
no Joey I'm sorry.
Billy Yeah? We're running out of time here.
I'm going down to the vault.
I want you to find these two and put as many bullets as you have in them.
what's that all about? There's a hostage situation at the warehouse in Brooklyn where the drug bust took place.
Hawkes said Adam and Lindsay were going to be processing that scene.
Are they okay? I don't know.
Did you get through to Mac.
The hard lines are down in this area as well.
Cell tower and phone transformer were vandalized earlier today.
The phone company's working on it.
Hey, you guys, this is crazy.
What's going on? Hey, what are you doing here? our guests have arrived.
Jackie boy, make sure they stay for the entire party.
okay, put your hands where I can see 'em.
Do it! What's your name? How many in your crew? Who's running this operation? I don't think he wants to answer us, Mac.
That's all right.
We'll let your dead friend give us the answer.
Take this.
"FIND THE BULLET" Thermal imaging's up.
Hey, we just initiated contact, but there's still no word on the condition of the hostages.
But you spoke to Danny, right? He's the one that called you? He didn't sound good, Linds.
Thought Mac would be here by now.
There's a gas leak at the crime lab.
The phones are down.
Everybody's been evacuated.
It's a mess.
Nice toy.
Why don't you come outside? I'll show you how to use it.
Oh, you're funny.
I like funny people.
Unfortunately, the lads in here, they're just not cutting it.
Why don't we swap, me for the hostages? I'm the one who put you out of business, after all.
Ooh, I'll think about it.
While you're doing that, why don't you tell me what you want? Give me something to think about.
Well, then let's start with my guys, the men you arrested this morning.
I want them released.
He looks confused, Mac.
Very simple, really.
Should you manage to get out of that tape and try to leave this room or somebody tries to save you, these lasers will trigger the pipe bomb I connected to that canister of hydrogen gas.
There's enough in there to kill you and make the cleaning crew very unhappy.
I used to be an expert with this thing.
Don't make me show you, all right? Let go of your weapon.
Let go of the weapon.
What'd you do with him, hmm? How many people are with you? Who's in charge? Fine.
You want to play dead, turn around.
Turn around! Let's go.
Hey, let me out of here! Hey! you okay? Yeah, what about you two? Wish I would have called in sick today.
Adam's I.
Took it off one of the guys.
Yeah, and it didn't come from the guy who had it.
Any luck finding that bullet? The print from the elevator button is a match of the print we got off the.
50 caliber.
So the guy who was running' the operation downstairs is the same guy who killed Gavin Wilder.
Got a case-to-case hit from our database.
This slug is from the same gun that killed Candace Broadbent.
The F.
She was tracking an ex-I.
terrorist living in New York City before she was gunned down six months ago.
Until now, the case was unsolved.
All right, let's do this, lads.
We know about Candace Broadbent.
agent, mother of two boys you shot her point-blank, execution style to the head.
The night you pulled the trigger, she called me.
Agent Broadbent said she had some information connected to a case I was working on.
Who the hell is this guy? A case with ties to an ex-member of the I.
living in Hell's Kitchen.
But she wasn't talking about you, was she? No.
I got a good look at you.
You're too young to have been fighting for Irish independence in the 1970s, so I'm thinking Broadbent was silenced to protect a relative, your father, maybe.
You may be smart enough to get away with your drugs today, but I promise you I will find you, and after putting you behind bars, I will make it my personal mission to hunt down whoever you were protecting.
Time to go.
Put your gear on.
When the fire department arrives, if anyone asks, we're first responders.
If everything goes according to plan, we should be on our way home before they realize there's no fire.
Ready, lads? they're on their way out of here.
We can't let the cocaine get out of the building.
There's no way these guys are walking out the frondoor with 900 keys.
Must have vehicles in the basement.
Get down there.
Seal the exits.
There's only two ways down there - the elevators or the stairs.
Be careful.
Come on, lads, let's move it.
One more.
Hey! Damn it! She's got the elevator.
What do we do now? Just take what you can carry.
We'll meet down in the garage.
Pack it up, pack it up, let's go.
Take the stairs.
Pack it up, lad.
Time to say good-bye.
Bring me the cops.
It's only been what - 24 hours since you murdered your boss? Congratulations on the shortest reign in criminal history.
I'm not going to jail.
You don't have a choice.
Put your hands in the air.
Hands in the air now.
Move slowly out from behind the pallet.
Do it.
Put these on.
Come on, let's go.
Hands out, palms up.
You too, palms up.
cop, you there? Yeah, I'm right here.
You release my boys? I spoke to my supervisors.
They're going see what they can do.
That's not good enough, Serpico.
I'll tell you what might speed things up.
Proof of life.
You put one of my boys on the line, let me hear their voice.
Know the others are alive, that'll definitely grease the wheels.
You want to hear something? How about the sound of a guinea cop taking his last breath? Would that grease the wheels?! Wait! Get up.
I said get up! it's going down! Let's move! Move in! Go! Drop your weapons! Put the guns down now! Put the guns down! No, don't shoot! Don't shoot! They're cops! The other guys are back there! They're cops, okay? Let's go, let's go.
Oh, my God oh, my God, Danny.
Danny I'm good.
You don't look good.
Let's get E.
over here.
I'll take him.
I'm sorry.
What? What are you sorry about? You weren't supposed to be here.
You took my shift.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, Flack, check this out.
What's up? Take a look at this.
Gas company uniforms.
Detective Monroe said there was a gas leak at the crime lab.
This was a diversion to keep us busy - we got to get back to the crime lab.
We got to get back to the crime lab.
Let's move.
Hey, Flack.
We've got a How many? At least three, armed and mobile.
Already blocked the parking garage exit.
Mac and Stella are still inside.
Freeze! Drop it! Drop the bags and put your hands up! Drop the bags and put your hands up.
Bags down now.
Where's Mac? I don't know.
I've got service.
No! What the hell was that? Across the street! Now! Get across the street! Get clear of the windows! Flack, we got to go back in there.
Hey, Mac.
Where you going? London.