CSI: NY s04e01 Episode Script

Can You Hear Me Now?

Final boarding call for flight All passengers should be onboard at this time.
new york.
Looks like someone's going to miss you.
Enjoy your flight.
Thank you.
Folks, we'll be circling over manhattan for a few minutes detective taylor, there's an urgent call for you.
If you'll just follow me thank you.
Detective taylor.
Hey, mac, we got a crime scene at the statue of liberty.
There'll be a helicopter on the tarmac waiting for you.
Welcome back to the land of the free and the home of the depraved.
You didn't actually think we'd let you get settled, did you? Any clue what this is about? Got a lot of guesses, but nothing's confirmed.
Lady liberty isn't our only victim.
What do we got, sheldon? Georgia morrison.
Liberty island security.
Current theory is that our security guard interrupts the act of vandalism, a fight breaks out.
Vandal wins the fight.
Slashes her throat.
deep laceration transecting the carotid artery.
Go ahead, john.
Knife cut from left to right.
Cause of death is exsanguination.
- You find her gun? - Not yet.
I just got word that there's a male security guard unaccounted for.
Guy by the name of charles price.
He was on duty last night.
Any evidence he was up here? Stella might have the answer to that question.
So what are we looking at, detective? Evidence of sexual activity.
Nothing's sacred anymore.
Who would do something like this? Someone desperate to get his message across.
What's the verdict? Oh! Welcome to the party, mac.
What do we have, danny? Uh, there are 12 different samples, all of them blood.
But there's way too much out here to be from the vic.
Hers is all on the floor inside.
Send it back to the lab, let's see if it's human.
Yeah, right away.
Directionality of the spatter is consistent with arterial spray.
Except for these two isolated blood drops here.
Well, maybe our killer was injured.
Yeah, it's possible.
Except there's no blood trail that leads out of here.
Looks like these two drops took a right turn.
how many do you have? A dozen overlapping fingerprints in the plexiglas.
I'm goa nnhave them sent over to the lab along with the blood samples I collected from the face of the statue and trace evidence from our vic.
Did you say blood? The news is reporting that it's paint.
We're dealing with a serious psychopath.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I just hope it's not human blood.
Tell adam to drop everything.
This is top priority.
He's not here.
I'll find him.
I'll see you back at the lab.
adam ross.
Hi, I'm calling from the office of unemployment.
Oh, lindsay, hey.
Word is that denny's is looking to hire some socially awkward scientists.
I - I'm halfway there already.
Okay? It's a big case, adam.
It's the statue of liberty, it's all over the news.
We've got a lot of work to do.
This is top priority, and mac's back in town.
Get your little ass to work.
Discovered this morning at ground level Uh, kendall.
Hey, uh, wake up.
Uh, we're late for work.
- We got to get up, we're late for - did we? We didn'T? Oh, no, no, no.
I mean, I I mean, I wish it was yes, yes, yes, but, sadly, no.
Ten more minutes.
No, no, no.
No more minutes.
Okay, come on, get up.
Get up, come on, let's go.
Up, up, yes, let's go.
Must fight crime.
mac? You okay? Yeah.
Just a little jet-lagged.
I'll be fine.
London was good? Peyton's happy? Perfect.
It was nice meeting her family.
She's staying in london a few more weeks.
What, you're not buying the jet lag story? Look, mac, I tried to get ahold of you at the hotel and they said that you checked out early.
I got a few strange phone calls on my hotel room phone.
Hello? Hello? couple of seconds of dead silence, then they'd hang up.
Wrong number? Each call came at exactly 3:33 A.
hello? Who is this? wasn't sure what to make of it, so I switched hotels.
I got three more calls at the new hotel, all at 3:33.
who is this? Say something, damn it.
scotland yard tried to trace the calls.
Got nowhere.
There's no witnesses.
And no surveillance.
Doesn't make sense, right? 'Cause after 9/11 we all know that a $36 million security system was installed on this island.
Here's the kicker: Once every three months, they shut down for system upgrades and reboots.
Takes 45 minutes.
Small window of opportunity.
No one's that lucky.
You know, I'm liking the missing security guard for this one.
I'm right there with you.
Just the same, I got uniforms compiling a list of all personnel as well as any maintenance and electrical crews that have access to the island.
But here's the good news: Bomb squad did a search of the perimeter and the statue, it's all clean.
So we're not looking at a terrorist threat.
There's blood on the coin slot.
Yeah, I always like to do a little sightseeing after I commit murder.
This wire is holding the viewfinder in place.
Maybe we're the ones who are supposed to do the sightseeing.
There's a man on a rooftop.
It's him.
What? he's watching us.
All right, listen up.
We got an unknown male, possibly our suspect, on a roof across the river.
Now I need aviation to the tip of battery park immediately.
And I want all available units heading towards whitehall street.
Standby for exact location.
This guy hasn't moved an inch.
Flack, cancel the squad cars.
Send for the coroner.
This guy's dead.
This guy isn't our missing security guard.
So charles price is still in the wind.
Then who is he? And what connection does he have to georgia morrison? I don't know, but our killer wanted us to find him.
Am I crazy, or is he orange? He was definitely injected with some kind of orange substance, but that is not a needle mark.
Got another one over here.
I'm not looking at a gunshot wound.
These holes are inconsistent with a through and through.
"2 more will die.
" I printed your vic.
His name is damion brock, on parole for money laundering.
I'll start with the orange substance.
The two holes in hk necis are indicative of the embalming process.
Two catheters are inserted into the neck and the embalming fluid is pumped into the system as the blood is drained out.
He was embalmed? In a sense, only instead of embalming fluid, your killer used a household cleaning fluid.
Orange spruce-scented, to be precise.
There is something else.
I recovered this from the victim's throat.
Before you ask, I have no idea what it is.
There are tiny, braille-like bumps on the surface.
Now, if you'll look closely, there is a hairline fracture to the skull here.
But not enough damage to kill him.
So you're still looking for C.
As well as time of death.
I did take a buccal swab and compared it to danny's samples from the scene.
It's a match to the blood found on the statue of liberty.
Which means he's most likely our first victim.
Blood was drained and poured over the statue.
Our second victim, georgia morrison.
"Two more will die.
" That means there's a third victim.
Missing security guard? Not if he's our killer.
Do I get a hint? Can we play 20 questions? It's neither animal nor vegetable.
Actually, it was shoved down our vic's throat, so it has to have some significance.
The bumps aren't braille.
Sequencing doesn't match.
Oh, good.
I have a little information on the wire from the viewfinder.
It's from a piano.
Piano wire, that's strange.
Using an ocular micrometer, I was able to determine the diameter of the wire is 18 gauge.
Ä¿¾µ²â΢¼Æ That's typically used in higher notes.
Using the contact points, plating separation and an average applied tension of 67 pounds, I was able to figure out what note it is.
You know what note it is? Yeah.
It's an "A.
" Oh.
An "A.
" Were you able to determine what kind of piano? Well, um, this particular wire is plated with a tin - phosphorus sulfate.
That's common in high-end european-brand pianos.
Sulphate preserves the timbre of the wire.
So, it's either from a christofori or a richtendorf.
Excellent work.
Thank you, kendall.
She gets a piano wire, I get A bronze metal thing with bumps on it.
"oh, good, stella.
Um, I have "some information on the wire I found in the viewfinder.
" I did.
I analyzed the trace you recovered from georgia morrison's neck wound.
It's plexiglas, same as the window that was cut out of the statue of liberty's crown.
So the instrument used to cut the glass was also used to cut georgia morrison's throat.
What about the trace I collected from her arm? Latex.
More specifically condom spray.
Excuse me, what? I - i didn't catch that.
Liquid rubber.
German engineering at its finest.
I'm not sure I understand.
Well, allow me to demonstrate.
Contrary to what you might have heard, science definitely does matter.
Simply apply, like so allow a few moments for a maximum drying time and boom, instant condom.
Are you serious? A spray-on condom? But where does it, uh the? Or how? Never mind.
Stella did find evidence of sexual activity up by the torch.
So, maybe after the fireworks, whoever georgia morrison was spraying killed her? Our missing security guard.
I don't know, guys.
It doesn't make sense.
Sex and murder I get, but vandalism? Incompatible.
charles price was standing in front of her.
The drood blops deflected off his badge.
He didn't kill georgia morrison.
Someone else was there.
Oh, good, stella.
I got some information on the metal plate sid recovered.
It's part of a music box, or the, the guts of a music box, actually.
I was able to replicate it.
When you turn the crank, the thin metal tines brush against the bumps on the plate, creating a musical tone.
hmm? So, our killer shoved a piece of a music box down our male victim's throat.
Do you know what song it is? It's one of mozart's early compositions, a minuet and trio that he wrote in 1761 at the age of five, and I kinda figured it was like a, a weird choice for a music box, so I took the liberty of tracking down the owner by contacting local specialists.
It was custom-made for a nova kent.
You got a name.
That's huge.
Adam really good work.
That's how I roll.
What up?! mozart wrote that in It's a beautiful song.
Can I ask you where you found it? We'll get to that.
Do you know him? Hmm, no.
No, I've never seen him before.
His name is damion brock.
Should I know who that is? A piece of your music box was shoved down his throat after he was murdered.
This just came for you.
Thank you.
Miss kent miss kent, it was a metal plate from a music box that you bought.
I lost that music box about a year ago.
Are you kidding me? You can't come up with a better lie than that? I move a lot.
Four different places in the past year.
I get rid of junk, throw things away.
You specifically requested that the music box play mozart's first minuet.
It seems strange that something with that kind of sentimental value would be thrown away.
Yeah, well, I cried for three days when I realized it was gone.
You're killing me right now.
Okay, look.
I got people I got people waiting for me.
Are we done here? We're done.
For now.
I found your, uh, missing security guard, charles price.
Fingerprints match the ones on file with liberty island security.
Boat propeller sever the arm? In one quick swoosh.
Two kids fishing off battery park got a little turf with their surf.
Any idea where I can find the rest of him? Given the flow of currents this time of year - connecticut.
Our victim was dead and floating before the arm was severed.
There was absence of bleeding in the capillaries and, see these here? Abrasions.
Body floats in the water face-down, arms drag below the torso, the knuckles scrape on the bottom, of the shallow shore.
Trace evidence I found here on the back of the hand lindsay confirmed as latex.
Some kind of spray-on condom? It must have been blowback from the aerosol canister.
Same trace was found on our female security guard.
My guess is charles price and georgia morrison had sex on the torch, then on their way down the statue, interrupted our vandal, and that's when georgia was murdered.
- Let her go! Let her go! - Drop the weapon or she's dead! Do it now! Drop it! Georgia.
Move! Why keep charles price alive? He was the killer's ticket off the island.
Uniformed security escort, no questions asked.
Then, when he wasn't needed any longer, charles was the next victim.
The killer followed through on his threat - "two more will die.
" No, I don't think so, sid.
Charles and georgia surprised him.
That means they were unexpected casualties of the original plan.
Explains why there's no apparent connection to our rooftop victim, damion brock.
There are two other people out there the killer wants dead.
We gotta get to them before he does.
Flack, just got your message.
Well, they tracked down damion brock's parole officer.
This is the address he gave - super's getting the keys.
Brock's P.
Said he spoke to him the day before yesterday, and he was happy, and things were going well.
Thinking of moving back to texas when his parole was done.
He didn't detect anything out of the ordinary.
Sounds like he kept his nose clean, straightened himself out.
Flack, I've been here before.
It was a crime scene - a young woman was murdered.
Marie casimira.
Still unsolved.
It's been about ten months.
Actually, it was exactly a year ago, detective bonasera.
Morton brite.
I was your primary suspect for a while there.
Of course, morton.
I anyway sorry it took me so long to find the keys.
Hey, morton.
Yeah? When was the last time you saw damion brock? I don't know, a week ago, maybe.
Quiet guy.
Very low-maintenance tenant.
Does that smell like ammonia? And death.
Something definitely happened in this apartment.
Did any of your tenants complain of hearing arguments or loud voices? No.
Don't tell me this is happening again.
Nobody is gonna want to live in this building if this is happening again.
Look, morton, thank you, but we can take it from here, okay? Do you have any suspects? Do you have any idea who killed marie? I stay in touch with her family, and they ask all the time.
I know how much you cared about marie.
I'm sorry, we don't have anything new right now.
Well, let me know if you need anything.
Stella! Well, this is definitely where he embalmed damion brock's body.
What point is this guy trying to make? I have no idea.
Please oh, god! Please! All right! I could see from the stairs that it was a van.
A white van.
T- U a th-three a one P or B.
- I saw that Southern accent- that's brock.
- I swear to you I don't know! That's the outgoing message.
There was no tone to transition to the incoming call.
Means brock and the killer were both here when he recorded it.
Sounded like he was being tortured.
Flack? I think he embalmed brock while he was still alive.
he knows we're here.
He saw the light go on - he made the phone call to trigger the answering machine.
He knows where we are.
It's time to find out where he is.
I need a trace on a call made to a damion brock.
His home number: 212-555 so, fill me in.
- You know who this guy is? - No.
And there's no apparent connection to damion brock.
At this point, they both have the killer in common.
This photo has a little bit of background in it.
A- e-H.
Does that mean anything to anybody? A- e-H.
Take your pick.
No, the answers have to be in that photo.
He wouldn't include a picture with a background in it by accident.
He led us to the first victim; now he's leading us to the second.
So maybe this connects to some other evidence we have in the case.
Well, we got piano wire, we got a music box, we got plexiglas, mozart music.
It's music.
That's not an "e, " it's an "F.
" Alistair friedman hall.
It's a music hall - this guy has a thing about music.
The letters are on the corner of a music stand.
Alistair friedman hall's a big place.
Those music stands could be from anywhere - julliard, lincoln center all in one direction - uptown.
Danny, you're driving.
Stella, see if you can narrow down our target area.
I just talked to flack.
a call as we speak.
He said it's coming from the same phone that triggered damion brock's answering machine.
Can we patch it in here and triangulate? Exactly what I was hoping.
This is the 911 operator.
Your call is now connected.
Come on, come on.
guys, alistair friedman hall is in the Mac? Our victim and our killer are together.
We have a location.
All right, this is clear.
Nobody's here.
This place is empty.
- That's danny's voice.
- Yeah.
up in the background.
Stella, we need direction.
There's nobody here - are we in the right place? You're definitely in the right place.
We can hear you guys on the 911 call.
They can hear us on the cell phone.
It's here someplace.
It's looking like a decoy, mac.
hold on, danny.
Don't move.
Yeah, I hear that.
call an ambulance.
mac! Did you get an I.
On the killer? Nakashima died in the emergency room.
The killer cut his tongue out, stella.
hey, are you all right? Nakashima's blood contained an excessive amount of sodium pentothal.
Truth serum? Could be the cause of death.
So what did our killer want lee nakashima to tell the truth about? Dark hair green eyes he had some facial hair.
Oh! So this footage was recovered from the cell phone we found with the vic.
Killer tossed it in before he sealed it, hoping we'd find them both.
No prints on the phone other than nakashima'S.
Paper trail on the purchase of the cell leads to phony names and addresses.
How does damion brock connect with lee nakashima? Or who did they both piss off? Let's focus on the victims, not the killer.
Both these guys had a story to tell about something that hpeapned: Brock on the answering machine; nakashima on the cell phone.
Something they saw - and the killer wanted the truth.
But after he got the truth, he killed them.
Right, because he got what he wanted, he didn't need them any longer.
Brock remembered a license plate; nakashima gave a description of a man.
But why remember a license plate? Or describe hair color or eye color or a scar.
Because they were witnesses.
Witnesses to a crime.
mac, iI f told you to go home and get some rest, you would say? What's in the box? Of course you would.
I think I may have found what we're looking for.
Lee nakashima lived in the same building as damion brock.
Now, lee moved out seven months ago, but they both lived in the building a year ago when marie casimira was murdered.
Mac, that's the crime they witnessed.
One of them saw the killer's car and the other his face.
Well, if we had that information then, why is the case unsolved? Well, they didn't come forward in the canvass.
Nakashima said he was sleeping; brock said he wasn't home.
They didn't want to get involved for whatever reason.
And brock's an ex-con.
Nakashima's here on a visa.
Keep silent, don't complicate things.
Somebody had to know the truth.
Someone knew they witnessed a crime.
Maybe marie casimira's killer.
Maybe he saw them before he ran away from the crime scene.
There's no statute of limitations on murder.
And when you know there's two people out there who can identify you, you might get a little nervous wondering when that day will come.
Solving marie casimira's case may answer everything.
Okay, but what about the other witnesses our killer wants to silence? "Two more will die.
" Hey, guys.
Sid found this down lee nakashima's throat.
Concert ticket.
The killer wanted us to find this, like the music box in brock's throat.
"Nova kent.
" She's the next target.
Where is she? She went onstage ten minutes ago.
The world carries on without you but nothing remains the same I'll be lost without you until the last of days until the last of days.
He wanted her to keep quiet.
She was scared.
What? That's him.
Thank you.
Miss kent, I'm detective taylor.
- We need you to come with us, please - it's okay.
- Got him? - Got him.
don't move I'm sorry I lied about losing the music box.
Marie was a close friend.
I gave it to her the day she died.
She was an amazing classical pianist.
So how did this flower guy end up with it? I don't know.
Why didn't you just go to the police? I was too scared.
He saw me.
I saw him.
I traded silence for my life.
Marie? Please don't kill me.
Please I'll never tell.
He let me go.
For whatever reason, he let me live.
I thought it was over, but two months later I realized it would never be over.
He started sending me black calla lilies.
So you kept moving to get away.
But he always found me.
I wanted to tell somebody so bad.
I thought about it every single day.
I was I was just too scared.
I didn't want to die.
I am telling you for the 1, 500th time I don't know who these guys are! I didn't kill them, and I've never been to the statue of liberty ever.
Anthony, come on.
You went to the concert tonight to finish the job.
Nakashima, brock, and nova could all identify you as the man who killed marie casimira.
And you juld coustn't live knowing that could happen at any given moment on any day.
I just want to let you know that we have a suspect in custody in marie's case.
That's good.
I'm glad.
It's been a long year.
Well, I'm sorry about what happened, morton.
It's just that we had to be sure.
I couldn't have killed her, I loved her.
T- u- That's a partial license plate.
Only you swap the b for a p, the 1 for an L.
That's the flower delivery van you were driving the night you killed marie casimira.
Brock saw it, nakashima gave a description.
Nova saw you, you saw them all.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the jury's probably not gonna buy the twin tulip van defense.
I didn't kill them! You're being charged with four murders.
If you're lucky enough to escape the death penalty, that's four life sentences.
Coming clean could be the difference between living and dying.
Have a think on that.
I only saw her.
Nova - I wanted to make sure she was keeping her mouth shut.
I went there to scare her, not to kill her.
Why tonight? I got a phone call saying she was talking to the police.
I want a lawyer.
Marie's parents will be really glad to know that justice has been served.
I gotta figure out how to say that in italian.
La justizia servita.
La justizia servita.
What do you think? We have any physical evidence that puts him in the statue of liberty or damion brock's apartment? No, we're still collecting trace, but you believe him? I believe a year ago he killed marie casimira, but the rest doesn't add up.
Mac, we just ran colton's cell records.
There's an incoming call from the same phone that we found on lee nakashima.
So unless this guy colton is playing games, and calling himself all right, I think our friend in there is gonna stick with his lies, so I'm gonna go rattle the public defender on call.
This guy didn't kill nakashima or brock.
Are you telling me that we got the wrong guy? Flack, why would colton coerce his victims into confessing deta silof a crime that identifies him as the killer then leave that information at the scene for the police to find? It doesn't make sense.
Wait a minute.
A dead guy can't lock his door.
And the only way to lock a deadbolt's from the outside.
With a key.
You play piano? I'm taking lessons.
Marie inspired me, actually.
It's her piano.
It's beautiful.
It's from a piano.
It's an A.
Don't move.
No, no! Stop! Morton, step into the light and put your hands up! I tried to tell everyone there were witnesses, but nobody was listening.
People saw what happened to marie and they said nothing.
They were cowards.
Morton, I don't want to see either one of us get hurt, all right? There's other ways to go about this.
Routine - that's how I knew.
I mean, nakashima, he watches everything, staring out his window.
complaining about every move his neighbors make.
And brock, brock sits out on his little ledge smoking every night, and the smell of his tobacco drifts down into my apartment.
I knew he was there.
It is amazing what people will remember when confronted with death.
I made those cowards talk.
It was the only way to get at the truth and to lead you to her killer.
That's when you knew nova kent had seen the whole thing.
Brock said that a girl ran away.
That was nova, right? She was her friend.
How could she not say something? How do you see something like that and not say anything? How do you let an innocent man be accused of a crime he didn't commit? I did not kill marie.
What about the statue of liberty, morton? For marie.
She deserved something big.
It was easy.
I snuck on the island with an electrical crew when they were doing the security reboot and I made my move.
Did you see all of the media coverage? You would still be sitting in your office thumbing through your case file if I hadn't gotten your attention.
Can you hear me now? loud and clear, morton.
mac, what are you still doing here? I'm still on london time.
It's breakfast.
You just finish with morton brite? He's at central booking.
The statue of liberty was a way to get our attention.
The strangest thing? Even after he knew who killed marie, never crossed his mind to go after anthony colton.
For some, the greatest sin is to turn away and do nothing.
Go home.