CSI: NY s04e02 Episode Script

The Deep

Sanitation crew go on strike again or what? There was an underwater tremor early this morning and released a bubble of methane and mercaptan gas.
Our vic's this way.
Floater - bobbed up in the middle of a sailboat race between new york and new jersey.
Oh, I read about that.
It was a reenactment of a race that happened back in the 1600s.
Yeah, legend has it the winner got possession of staten island.
Too late to give it back? Yeah, very funny, flack.
Wow, what do you got here, hawkes? Well, based on water temperatures and the degree of decomp, I'd say he's been in the water specifically below the surface for a few weeks.
Currents from the east river run north to south, dump right into this harbor.
You got to be nuts to dive in the east river.
Wacky currents, no light.
Maybe he got disoriented, panicked.
Marine predators didn't get to his eyes.
Usually, that's the first thing to go.
He was wearing a dive mask.
When I removed it, found evidence of petechial hemorrhaging.
His tank gauge is reading at 90%.
So how does a guy with a full tank of oxygen and backup regulator drown? few people realize that starfish are carnivorous.
First they attacked any tissue that wasn't covered by the wetsuit and then they traveled down the esophagus and started feasting on internal organs.
Hmm, an all-you-can-eat buffet.
I'm gonna take these down to the lab, see if lindsey can do anything with them.
Now, uh, the second and third fingers of the right hand are severely fractured.
There's no indication of healing, so it probably happened around the time of death.
Which would be? Uh, two, three weeks ago.
Sid, is that an ear? Apparently, our starfish found silicone to be unappetizing.
So it's a prosthetic.
Our via had c congenital ear deformity called microtia or cabbage ear.
And the metal bar that attaches it to the skull has a serial number on it.
Could help us get an I.
What about cause of death? It wasn't from drowning.
What was left of his, uh, lung tissue revealed traces of cyanide.
Cyanide? How was that administered? The body's too far gone to say.
Cyanide induces fatality in a matter of seconds.
He must have been poisoned underwater.
Unless someone poisoned him on land then dumped him in the river afterward.
In full scuba gear? Hey.
There's no sign of any evidence externally.
But there's some kind of inorganic matter in the stomachs.
Did you know that they have two stomachs? Don't imagine you autopsy too many starfish in montana.
These will be my first.
- Detective? - Oh, thanks.
What is it? Our vic taught at a diving school in far rockaway.
He was an advanced certified diving instructor.
That's doug holden on the right.
Clients loved him.
Everybody did.
Who's the guy on the left? Matt campbell, doug's partner.
Our instructors team teach.
Buddy system, you know.
Could I have the photograph, please? Yeah, sure.
Any idea what mr.
Holden was doing in the east river? We do all of our open water dives out in long island sound.
The east river's just too gnarly.
When was the last time you saw doug? Uh, maybe two, three weeks ago.
He came in to instruct a navigational clinic.
Maybe his partner could fill us in.
Know were we can find him? Uh, yeah.
Here's matt's card, but I haven't seen him around either.
For how long? Same as doug.
Maybe three weeks.
Is that unusual? No, you know, matt, he's a freelancer so sometimes he takes off on private diving excursions with clients.
- We're gonna need a list of mr.
Holden's clients.
- Sure.
Why don't you start with the pwhple eoo did see him within the last three weeks? Okay.
All right, it's printing up now.
Thank you.
Flack: We should split the list.
Let me guess: You get all the single women? We got air bubbles.
The hose was punctured with something.
tiny hole.
Clean circular edges.
Hypodermic needle.
Killer injects the cyanide in a gaseous form, holden inhales it.
To get that close, it had to be somebody holden was diving with, somebody he knew.
Doug was so awesome.
When I first started diving, I was terrified of the water.
But now I'm, like, certified.
When was the last time you saw mr.
Holden? My wife and i took him on a dive last month to st.
It was, uh, like, a private instruction.
It was crazy wild.
Doug was really laid back.
Super patient.
Matt was a little more uptight.
And how'd they seem to get along? Great.
Sometimes matt got a little competitive, showing off, you know.
But doug just went with the flow.
We only had three or four lessons with him.
Then we stopped.
Why was that? I had air compression problems.
I come up too fast.
The bends.
He thought a jellyfish was following him.
Besim, it was this big, eh? small.
Bonasera: Hey, mac.
None of holden's scuba clients jumped out, but his dive partner, matt campbell, hasn't shown up for work in three weeks.
Timing seems suspicious.
Think he could be involved somehow? Well, flack did a little digging.
Turns out that campbell's sister filed a missing persons report when he didn't show up for his mother's birthday.
So we could be looking at the killer or another victim.
Hey, I think our starfish may have lead us to our primary crime scene.
I found some interesting trace in its stomachs.
In the 1960's, the new york subway contained asbestos insulation.
In the walls and floor tiles.
You're giving us a history lesson? Be patient, mac, it's always worth it.
The fibers of that insulation were encased in an alkylated epoxy resin.
- Which does not degrade.
- Exactly.
A subject which caused quite a stir among environmentalists when those subways were dumped in the east river.
The artificial reef program.
Our vic was killed on a subway.
A subway underwater.
A graveyard for subways? What happen, they run out of landfill or what? Cheaper to sink 'em than scrap 'em.
And the subway reefs provide a marine life sanctuary.
Yeah, well, screw the fish.
I hope it provides us with a crime scene.
Holden surfaced right here in the harbor.
We're here.
Subway reef is right under us.
We're going to focus on the old redbird transit cars.
They're t ohenes that contain asbestos.
It's dark down there.
You got tidal currents, rocks and reefs to deal with.
Let's look on the bright side.
We don't gotta worry about sharks.
Just stay within your assigned grids.
Hey, danny, look - there's a redbird subway car up ahead.
Should be another one over to the right.
I'll take that one.
Okay, I got this one.
Find anything? Nah, nothing but a bunch of starfish.
Yeah, me, too.
Wait wait, danny.
I just found another dead scuba diver.
Lung tissue results on the second vic reveal cyanide poisoning, just like the first victim.
Any I.
? Dental records confirm it's matt campbell.
Doug holden's diving partner.
They died at the same time two or three weeks ago.
I sent campbell's scuba tank to layout.
Methane gas bubble could've dislodged holden, causing him to rise to the surface.
Right, while campbell remained pinned.
Which still doesn't tell us what they were doing down there in the first place.
Beats me, I don't even swim.
Check this out.
And they're heavy.
Real solid.
These feel like real gold.
What were these doing in a subway car? Well, we don't know that campbell found them there.
He could've been someplace else.
Well, he took a real risk diving theriast ever.
He had to be looking for something important.
Like buried treasure? It's a fake? Yeah, see that joint line? That indicates it was made with a two-part mold.
- So, it was poured, not stamped.
- That's right.
Pretty sure this is a replica of an 18th century spanish escudo.
I got something in my files.
- Give me a second? - Sure.
Your coin is a gold doubloon.
It's pirate treasure.
Real thing sells for over $10, 000.
And you just know this? Oh, it'S page 56, old coins of spain.
I had to find some excuse to talk to you.
I'm drew bedford.
You have a very nice energy.
I noticed it the second I saw you.
I'll be right with you, sir.
Yeah, take your time.
Thank you for the information, mr.
Okay, so, a few years ago, coins identical were floating around the mediterranean auction houses.
The claim was that they were salvaged from a shipwreck.
That was before they were identified as fakes.
We found this one on a murder victim in manhattan.
If I had a picture of that, I could send it around to my dealers.
Maybe someone's trying to unload those in the states.
Okay, I will have my lab send over a photograph right away.
That's my card.
Keep me posted.
Sure thing.
How can I help you? Hey, just the man I wanted to see.
According to the fraud consultant I just spoke with, all three of these coins are high quality fakes.
Lead electroplated with gold veneer.
Cyanide's used in the electroplating process.
We could be looking at a jeweler, metal worker wait a minute.
Earlier today, I spoke with colin barnett.
A high-end custom jeweler.
His wife took diving lessons from doug holden.
He also had a nice little bruise on his forehead that looked recent.
I'll have flack pick him up.
Barnett: I make jewelry, not coins.
I've never seen this before.
They were electroplated.
As a jeweler, you familiar with that process? Of course I am, as is every other jeweler in this town.
The problem is, you're not like every other jeweler in this town.
- ******** - Sure.
Because you have motive.
- I have no idea you're talking about.
- What happened? You find your beautiful young wife was engaged in a little between the sheets exploration with her dive instructor? St.
Kitts romantic.
Must've been tough to be the third wheel.
Eh, you know, wasn't so bad.
At least I had the fish to keep me company.
That knot on your head? Did you get that from one of your finned companions? No, no, I, uh I banged into a door.
Look, this really isn't what it seems.
Erika and I, we have an understanding.
Now, she wanted to spend a little bit more time with doug after the diving lessons and I was fine with that.
what erika does in her spare time is her business, and what I do in mine, is my business.
What were you doing in your free time the past couple weeks? Paris - erika and I had a custom jewelry show to go to.
I'm gonna need your itinerary.
Places you stayed.
People you saw.
Barnett's alibi checked out.
He's not our guy.
So you got anything else? I'm thinking that our divers might have been involved in some kind of treasure hunting scam.
There are hundreds of shipwrecks at the bottom of the east river, some dating back to the 1700s.
Same time period as our fake coins.
Our killer could've lured them into it with the promise of buried treasure.
Double-crossed them once they were down there.
I I tried to call you about five minutes ago and there was no answer.
Changed my extension.
Those anonymous calls I got in london who is this? You're getting them here now, at the office? Hey, guys.
The worm I found in the vic's diving mask, it turned out to be sea cucumber larva.
Now, I looked it up - they inhabit the benthic region, which is at least a hundred feet deeper than the subway reef.
If we are looking at a shipwreck, it could be where the murders took place.
Me and my brother used to take my grandpa's old rowboat out into the harbor and dive for bottles.
Sounds like big fun.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ahye, except this one time, we drifted out into the shipping lane.
Coast guard had to come scoop us up.
My mother was so pissed off, she didn't talk to me for a week.
It was kind of a peaceful week.
We just got a hit.
I'm reading 150 feet down.
Bring her to a stop.
Something definitely down there.
- Want to get a better visual? - Yeah.
Okay, one, two, three.
There's the ribs of the hull.
Looks like some sort of figurehead.
Look at that - this looks like an old sailing vessel.
Lock those coordinates.
We just found our crime scene.
Currents are pulling every which way down here.
A merchant ship? It could be.
Looks too small to be a navy vessel.
Well, whatever it is, the wood borers made a meal of it.
Figureheads were very specific to their ships.
Hey, steve, get a shot of this.
Kind of a good luck charm put there to placate the gods.
This one didn't work too well.
Lindsay, grab an image of it.
Let's run it through the maritime database.
If you get a name of the ship, have flack see if anyone's filed a salvage permit on it.
Guys, let's hurry it up.
I don't want you down there any longer than you have to be.
Copy that, mac.
Hey, follow me over here with the camera.
You lead the way, I'm right behind you.
I got a syringe.
Could be our murder weapon.
Get a shot of this needle, steve.
Don't get too excited, danny, there's a hospital just upriver.
Hey, danny, I found an old chest over here.
It's empty.
Hey, steve, come over here.
I think I got something.
get a shot of this.
Gold coins.
Hey, mac, look familiar? Danny, pull this up.
I'm going to go look around a little more.
Oh, my god.
- What's happening? - Methane gas.
Displacing the water volume around them.
hawkes is in trouble! Hawkes! Need some help over here.
I can't move.
I'm stuck.
Hey! All right, I'm on my way, buddy.
Mac, call up the service.
Hawkes' tank is pinned under this thing.
Danny, I'm not getting enough air.
Doc, you've got an uncontrolled free flow.
Steve, get over here.
I need help here.
Where are they? I can't see anything.
Danny? Danny? We have an emergency.
I need a diver with a portable hydraulic pump.
We have an emergency.
We have a diver down.
We're on it.
Must have knocked out his radio contact.
They're almost 150 feet down.
It's going to take too long for a rescue diver to get to them.
If we can free hawkes' tank.
Danny's got enough oxygen to get him to the surface.
They're on their own now.
C, do I'm going to cut off your bc.
You got to lose that tank.
all right, I got him.
so, is it true what they say? What's that? That your life passes right before your eyes? I could only think of one thing the whole time I was down there.
What? Was it your first kiss? Don't make me laugh.
- What? - Sid hammerback.
I was in his lab, lying on the autopsy table.
Sid was standing over me, firing up the bone spreader.
that's morbid.
I have full range of motion almost.
I think it's probably just a hairline fracture, right? Flack: What happened down there? I got a call from dispatch.
Told me there was some kind of problem.
I got here as soon as I could.
Methane gas bubble caused an explosion.
Hawkes got trapped underneath the ship's mast.
Some guys'll do anything for an early pension.
Yeah, I'm fine, all right? - I'll be fine.
- Good.
So, after all that, did you guys get anything down there? Yeah.
A syringe, a couple gold coins.
What is a syringe doing on a shipwreck? With any luck, that's our murder weapon.
The worst part was sitting there watching, not being able to do anything.
Wasn't much better being there in person.
Trust me.
How's hawkes doing? Is he okay? Banged up his arm pretty bad, cracked a rib.
He's tough, though.
He said he'll be back to work tomorrow.
You know, he's lucky he had you down there with him, danny.
Stop goofing off.
We got work to do.
The coins hawkes found on the ship are an exact match to the coins we found on matt campbell.
All fakes.
Check this out! I found it in the syringe.
Cyanide? So, it's the murder weapon.
Actually, we know the killer converted the poison to a gaseous state in order to load it into the syringe.
Probably started with sodium cyanide.
This-this was premeditated.
Someone lured them down there to kill them.
Question is, why? What is this peak? It's a low concentration of something.
Cortisone? That's anti-inflammatory medication? Right, for arthritis, stuff like that.
What's it doing in the murder weapon? Someone reused this syringe.
Non-fat latte, please.
Do you, uh, remember me? - Mr.
- Yeah.
What are you doing here? Actually, I was, um i was just about to call you and invite you down for some coffee.
I figured if i was really close, you'd be tempted or at least curious, but now you're here.
It's incredible.
Uh, where'd you get my card? oh, I, um I - I got it off the counter at the antique shop.
I - I know it's forward, but you really struck me, and I just you know, I just want to get to know you.
Thank you, mr.
Bedford, but I'M I'm really busy right now.
You don't take risks, do you? You're practical, rational.
Probably an only child.
And you had a lot of responsibility as a kid.
You're the youngest in a family of girls.
They pampered you, praised you.
I bet they hung on your every word.
I got to go.
Well, if you feel like that cup of coffee, I'll be at the roundtree diner at 8:00 P.
I got your mermaid printout.
The good news - someone did file a salvage permit for the ship.
The bad news is that whoever pulled it doesn't exist.
Phony name, phony address.
Why would somebody file a permit under a fake name? If they salvage something of value, they wouldn't be able to claim it legally.
Yeah, I thought that was a little fishy myself.
So, we hav cfakee oins, fake salvage permits.
Somebody was trying to make it to look like there's a treasure on that boat.
question is, why? I got to go.
So, after I found cortisone inside the syringe, I got to wondering what else might be in the there.
- I found this dna.
- Male.
Yeah, but not just any male.
Look at this peak right here.
At the 12.
2 and d7 locus.
This is a point mutation highly specific to balkan ancestry.
You run this through codis? Yeah, but no hits.
All right, balkan countries for 5, 000.
Greece, bulgaria turkey, serbia wait a second - we interviewed two foreign students who took dive classes with our victims.
Here we go.
Okay, they entered the country two months ago on student visas issued in tirana, albania.
A balkan country.
They quit when one of them got the bends.
Left untreated, the bends causes painful inflammation around the joints.
Which could be treated by cortisone.
All the evidence we needed was in that one syringe.
- Zamir duka? - Yes? Nypd.
We want to talk to you.
Sure, no problem.
cover the hall.
We need backup in here now! All right, we're going in.
You secure the back.
Nypd! - got him? - Yeah.
all right.
Come on let's go.
Wait!Hold it.
Where's the target? Where's the damn target? Hey, stella? No.
The other suspect's gone.
There were timers and wires everywhere.
They built a bomb, mac.
This wasn't about finding treasure, it was about planting a bomb.
I want citywide task force, bomb squad, and scuba deployed at every major bridge on the east side and the midtown tunnel.
We have a possible 10-33 explosive device at these locations.
Salvaging the shipwreck was a ruse.
They needed a reason to be in the water for an extended period of time without anyone asking questiS.
On doug holden's body was found here in the harbor.
Matt campbell was found here.
The shipwreck was located here.
Killers must have chosen this particular shipwreck because of its proximity to the targets.
They used the scuba instructors to help them navigate the currents, find their way around.
And they lured them to the wreck with stories of buried treasure.
Which they put there.
They must have killed doug holden and matt campbell so they wouldn't be identified later.
Means they're hoping to pull this off without blowing themselves up in the process.
There's got to be something here.
Something we can move on.
Take a look at this.
I'm picking up semtex.
high concentrations.
We searched the entire loft.
Whatever was in this case, is no longer here.
We got to find it.
Where's the bomb? Mac! Easy! you feel that? That's my arm closing off your trachea.
You've got about one minute to tell me where you planted that bomb.
we got something.
Speaker schedule for the un.
Stella downloaded it from a laptop in the suspect's loft.
They're hitting the un.
I already notified un internal security.
They're on high alert.
Iraq's commissioner of public integrity is speaking in half an hour.
Why would he be a target? He's investigating millions of dollars in us aid stolen by iraqi insurgents.
So what's the albanian connection? Albanian liberation army's supporting the insurgents.
What time was it called in? And no one's got a ten-seven on him? Okay, keep me posted.
Change of plans.
The commissioner was scheduled to arrive by motorcade from kennedy.
They just stopped the motorcade and he wasn't on it.
Where the hell is he? I don't know, information's kind of sketchy right now, but apparently there was a credible death threat called in t onhe motorcade.
According to un protocol, if motorcade security is breached - helicopter is used as backup.
They're flying him in.
right on the east river.
Central, I need a level one mobilization at the 23rd street heliport.
Evacuate all nonessentials from the area.
Albanians must've called in the death threat on the motorcade.
They wanted the commissioner flying in by helicopter all along.
Sir, we'll be landing in a matter of minutes.
Besim lumani.
You're under arrest.
Let me see your right hand.
let me see your hands! Mac, the bomb squad found the bomb and jammed the signal.
They found the bomb.
Frequency jammed.
Bomb disarmed.
Repeat: Bomb disarmed.
It's over.
Bring him up.
What are you doing here, man? Wanted to make sure everybody was cool.
Everything worked out.
You should be home in bed by the looks of you.
I just wanted to, uh - you know, I - hey, hey.
Forget about it, all right? It's all in a days work, right? You'd do the same for me, you know? Well