CSI: NY s04e09 Episode Script

One Wedding and a Funeral

Please, no! Stop it! Brett, everyone is fighting out there.
You have to do something before they ruin our wedding.
Brett, what the hell is wrong with you? Get up! So, the Hatfields and the McCoys couldn't keep it together long enough to merge the family fortunes.
Who's the vic? The groom.
Brett Dohn, Guy made it big in the stock market.
The bride's Emma Blackstone.
She's a mess.
She give you anything? From what she said between the hysterics, I don't think she knows anything.
I'm going to try to talk to her again, though.
The eight tranquilizers mommy gave her should have kicked in by now.
Right here.
Gives new meaning to cold feet.
No apparent gunshot wound or stab wounds, no signs of petechial hemorrhaging.
So he wasn't strangled.
Could be internal injuries from the fight.
Won't know for sure till we get him on the table.
Wasn't in the fight.
No one I interviewed has seen the groom since the rehearsal dinner last night.
So, how did the only guy not throwing punches end up dead? C.
could be an overdose or alcohol poisoning.
Smells like 100 proof to me.
Looks like blood in his mouth.
That's consistent with trauma to his airway.
Don't see any damage to his throat.
Aspiration could be from a chest wound.
What was that? Is that bubble wrap? There's blood under there.
I'm going to get this guy to Autopsy, let Sid tell us the rest of the story.
There was no sigof a struggle.
There's no blood.
Whatever happened to him didn't happen in this tent.
So, George, you said you went out with Brett after the rehearsal dinner? Yeah, it was his last night of being a free agent, so, we got wasted, you know, bar hopping.
You were with him the whole time? Yeah, it's kind of fuzzy.
At, like, midnight, I looked up, everyone was gone, so I hit the next bar.
I just can't beeve he's never coming back.
So, I'm putting together a list of wedding guests and employees.
See if we can tack down a motive.
There's a smudge on the curb consistent with the yellow stain on the bottom of Brett Dohn's shoe.
He stepped on the curb while it was still wet.
I'll find out when the curb was painted.
Our groom was alive there, but dead in there.
Killed somewhere in between.
No blood, no drag marks, no murder weapon.
How do you kill a guy in a 20-foot space and leave no evidence at all? My very first dead ringer.
I guess, uh, you didn't pull that out of his pocket, Sid, did you? Found it in his abdominal cavity.
It's our victim's phone.
It was cushioned with these.
Packing peanuts? Mm-hmm.
So, he was stuffed and then wrapped like a gift? Maybe the killer changed his mind during the murder and tried to save the victim, you know, stop the bleeding.
Know what killed him? Defensive wounds here, but this nasty gash was the fatal blow.
Wound indicates sharp force trauma.
Any idea what the weapon was? Based on the serration patterns, it's almost as if the groom were stabbed with three different weapons.
But whatever the killer used punctured the lung, causing the aspirated blood you saw at the scene, as well as exsanguination.
He bled out, but we didn't find a drop of blood anywhere.
I mean, there was no blood near the tent, nothing in the surrounding areas in the park.
Had to be killed somewhere else.
You got a time of death? Best estimate, between 2:00 and 3:00 a.
Hold up- for the paint to get on the groom's shoe, he had to step on the wet curb in the park.
According to Flack, the curb was painted at 6:00 a.
Yeah, so, how's a guy die at 2:00 a.
, then step on a curb four hours later? I have no comment.
No comment.
Come on, guys, I said I have no comment; thank you.
Six-Charlie to Central, I have a 10-33.
Requesting Bomb Squad response.
Criminal Court.
Did you see anyone? Get any threats? No.
No, nothing.
All right, go.
You think this is related to the Russo trial? Maybe.
I mean, but this was just the preliminary hearing.
The real trial is not for months.
Detectives? Let's see what we got here.
There are no wires.
No power source.
I'm not picking up anything electronic.
It's not a bomb.
It's a puzzle.
What the hell were you thinking, Drew? I mean, this was not cute or funny or the least bit charming.
I told you, I didn't want you to send me any more gifts and I thought I made it perfectly clear that I was not interested.
And then you put this box on my truck?! I called the bomb squad, Drew.
It's not from me, Stella.
Look, every gift I sent to your office was with a card.
You know, there was a theme going on, in case you didn't notice.
A puzzle doesn't exactly say, "Take a risk.
" You really didn't send this to me.
No, but I do like a good challenge.
You want to put it together? Stop touching it.
That looks like blood.
Definitely blood.
This puzzle is huge.
I tried to contact the manufacturer, Danco, to see if they could, you know, send us a picture of the box or something to help us put it together.
They went out of business six years ago.
Found traces of some kind of powder.
No prints so far.
Wait a minute.
The diameter of each drop of blood looks like it's less than one millimeter.
High velocity spatter.
It's consistent with a gun shot.
Maybe there is a connection to the Russo trial.
Maybe they were sending some kind of warning.
I don't think so, Lindsay.
Puzzles just aren't their style.
This needs to be put together right away.
There could be a body out there to go with this blood.
Adam, this is top priority for you.
There was a linear wear pattern on both the leather insoles of the groom's shoes.
Possibly orthotics.
They're usually worn to alleviate joint pain, resulting from a faulty gait or posture.
It seems odd, though, that he would take them out before his wedding- all that dancing and standing around.
Something else struck me as odd.
The groom's shoes were obviously worn.
If a man's ever going to buy new shoes, it's probably going to be for his wedding.
Maybe the groom was wearing someone else's shoes.
Which would explain why it appeared that our already-dead groom stepped on a freshly painted curb.
That could only be possible if someone else stepped in the paint, then switched shoes with our groom Brett Dohn.
And those shoes could belong to our killer.
We sill need to find the primary crime scene.
Brett was last seen around midnight.
Sid puts time of death between 2:00 and 3:00.
The groom was stuffed and dressed before being brought to the park.
The killer needed access to pink packing peanuts and bubble wrap Which are consistent with wedding gifts, most likely delivered directly to the new couple's home.
So the neighbors were very helpful.
They saw nothing, heard nothing and know nothing.
Welcome to my life.
Looks like this is where the groom was killed.
Bride stayed in a hotel last night.
Night before the wedding superstition- the whole bad luck thing.
Yeah, well, if she would've spent the night with her fiancé, she could've been killed as well.
I searched the closets, no orthotics in any of the groom's shoes, proves our theory he was wearing someone else's.
Pink peanuts! Looks like we're missing a wedding gift as well.
Got an indentation here.
And where are the clothes the groom was wearing when he was stabbed? Looks like someone tried to clean up.
I saw a garbage truck a couple blocks away.
You better get to that Dumpster before they do.
Okay, I got this one.
So the little rock I found in the puzzle box, it isn't really a rock.
It's too stratified, so I ran it under the electron microscope.
Silicon and oxygen is consistent with quartz.
Copper and iron give it its color.
Based on the morphology and the elemental composition, our rock is actually petrified redwood.
Unfinished, indigenous to Northern California.
So what was it doing in the box? I have no idea.
And there was no other evidence on the box, nothing on the string.
And the plastic that the puzzle came in was made from polyvinyl chloride; it's probably what the company used to package the puzzle in the first place.
Most likely it was opened and then heated to reseal.
Right, and the trace that I found on the puzzle piece: garden variety chalk.
Did you find anything from the blood on the puzzle pieces? Not really.
The intensity of the DNA profile tells me the blood was fresh, but there's no match to anybody involved in the Russo trial.
No match in CODIS at all.
So I don't get it.
What does petrified redwood have to do with a bloody puzzle? And why were either of those things left for me? Wow, it's 3-D.
Yeah, that's why the computer couldn't find any matches among the pieces I scanned.
It didn't recognize the algorithm.
It thought it was two-dimensional.
Looks like you only have half of a puzzle here.
Are you done? Yeah, that's all he sent.
But you were right about the blood.
The predominant size of each of the stains is less than a millimeter.
Definitely high-velocity spatter.
Where's that piece? I don't know.
I looked everywhere, it wasn't in the box.
Look again.
You think it has significance? Until we know who that blood belongs to I'll look again.
I'll retrace my steps.
I hate puzzles.
So how's your Central Park wedding? It's getting stranger by the minute.
Hey, I'll take your strange and raise you.
What's going on with the puzzle? We're missing a piece and we only have half of the entire puzzle.
Could this be a case from your past? Someone holding a grudge? No, you know, I've been racking my brain.
I can't think of anything; there's nothing.
Someone's blood is on the puzzle.
This guy isn't playing a game.
Let me assign a detail.
No, I'll let you know if I think I need one.
Right now, I'm fine.
Okay, but keep me in the loop.
Drew listen, I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.
I thought maybe when you pulled some of those piece out, it might've fallen on the floor.
What? You could've just called.
But you're here, so I'm thinking this is your way of apologizing for that wrath I endured earlier today.
And, yes, I accept.
Do you mind if I? Feel free to look around.
Thank you.
Uh could you Move, yeah.
You know, I can- I can help you down there if you, uh No, I'm fine.
Got it.
Thank you.
I am sorry about earlier.
Silver leaf? Yeah, it was on the groom's phone Sid pulled out of his gut.
They used to use silver leaf to gild statues on rooftops, but not so much anymore, although sometimes silver leaf is used in food and drink.
When we processed the scene, the cake was decorated with silver leaf.
That's what made it shine.
The wedding cake was at the park, but the phone was still inside Brett before he was redressed and taken there.
So prior to stuffing the groom with the phone, the killer had to come in contact with the cake.
There's really only one person who could've done that before the cake got to the wedding.
My catering business is just getting off the ground.
The Dohn-Blackstone wedding would've made me a household name.
Why's that? It's the wedding of the season.
Two of New York's most elite families; ilthe guest list alone would've ensured my employment for the next ten years.
"Wedding of the season.
" So you and Brett were college buddies, huh? How do you think I got the job? He did me a huge favor.
Do you wear orthotics, Tim? What're you, the foot police? Uh, no, no, you can check my shoes.
What's this about, anyway? We checked his phone records.
A year and a half ago, you were calling Brett all the time, then up until about three months ago, no contact; now, all of a sudden, he's calling you every 30 seconds.
Yeah, I ran into him downtown and he offered me the opportunity to cater his wedding, so, of course he's going to call me.
We got reason to believe that you were with Brett last night.
No, my kid's birthday party was yesterday.
After that, I was cooking.
Well, we found silver leaf from the wedding cake on Brett's cell phone.
You did make the cake, right? Yeah, but I use silver leaf for a lot of things.
It's sort of my signature.
Brett and I met a few days back to go over the final checklist.
for the wedding, my phone died and I needed to call one of the vendors, so I used his phone.
Silver leaf, it sticks to everything.
When was the last time you were at Brett's house? I don't know- a few weeks back.
Look, you guys are barking up the wrong tree here.
But why would I want to kill the guy who was going to make me a success? Hey.
I think I found our missing puzzle piece.
Great! I think I might've found something, too.
Turns out there's only one repository for legally harvested, unfinished redwood in all of New York City: Yalof Furniture.
Chances are only people who work there would have access to the wood in its unfinished state.
So I had the manager fax over a list of employees.
None of these names ring a bell.
This piece I found obviously doesn't fit.
That's because it's not supposed to.
When a puzzle comes from a manufacturer, it's connected as flat boards through the use of a frame.
The pieces with painted "X" on them, are part of the frame that need to be removed in order to put the puzzle together.
Yeah, learned that the hard way.
But what I also learned is that the puzzle piece we've been looking for isn't actually missing.
It was never in the box to begin with.
When I was looking for it, I hit the surrounding areas with the LCV, and I saw latent blood near the spatter.
So the puzzle was put together with blood spattered on it.
And when the spatter dried, the missing piece was deliberately removed.
Had to be.
And the person who removed the piece had blood on their finger, causing the swipe with directionality.
The location the missing piece represents could be very important.
Maybe the answer's in that building.
That's what I thought, so I located the actual building on 54th Street.
Now, based on the number of windows on the adjacent pieces, I think our missing piece is floors 32 through 36.
I contacted building security.
And there was no sign of criminal activity or anything unusual on those floors.
However, 36 has been vacant for the last month and they haven't started showing it yet.
Stella? There's another box.
And a satchel and a small chalk outline.
The hair I found on the groom's bloody shirt couldn't get enough genomic DNA to run through CODIS, but it did have a tell-tale knot.
Hairs can't grow normally, so you end up with knots or bulges within individual hairs.
I checked with Sid.
Brett Dohn didn't have it, so the hair could've come from our killer.
Or anyone who hugged the groom at the rehearsal dinner, or the nightclubs he visited before he was killed, and so on and so on, and that's a lot of suspects.
This might help.
I found an ash-like smudge on the groom's shirt.
Traces of potassium, nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, nickel and iron.
Iron says they're gold.
And nickel indicates some type of metal, maybe a handle.
I'm thinking gold sparklers.
This time of year? Can't imagine there's too many places we'd find them.
The nightclubs.
I'm thinking I know where he went.
You ever see him before? No.
He's hot.
Who is he? Let's just say he left his bride at the altar in Central Park and he's never coming back.
Might be nothing Didn't catch a name, but a guy was all over me last night.
I almost burned him with my sparkler.
He said he had to be at his buddy's wedding this morning in the park at like 8:00, so my refusals were wasting valuable time.
Remember what he looked like? He wasn't bad.
Had a shot 'til he opened his mouth.
Thank you.
The wedding was scheduled to start at 11:00.
If our guy had to be there at 8:00, must've been in the wedding party.
So we're possibly looking for a killer groomsman with Trichonodosis.
Chalk used to make the body outline had the exact composition as the chalk I found on the puzzle pieces.
Makes sense- I'm trying to find a match to the imprint I found on the satchel.
Hagia Sophia? What is that? It's a famous building in Turkey.
First it was a church, then a mosque.
And now it's a museum.
So how did the pattern get on the satchel? He could've pressed up against the actual museum.
I have no idea what that satchel was doing with the chalk outline, but I discovered that it's at least 30 years old and it's been discontinued for over two decades.
You know, if the Hagia Sophia and petrified redwood have no significance to you, maybe this is just coincidence.
Even if it means nothing to me personally- someone left forensic evidence, a bloody puzzle, and a trail of clues.
And we're supposed to follow that trail? The only way to know is to find the guy and ask him.
Oh, I asked Detective Angell to do a background check on the furniture store employees.
John Andrews, day manager.
Apparently he moonlights as a pedophile.
Puzzles are basically toys.
And toys are the best way to gain a kid's trust.
That's why the chaloutline seemed so small.
We have to check Missing Persons.
Our victim out there could be a kid.
Let's go.
Where's the kid, John? I'm sorry, Detective, but I have no idea what you're talking about.
See, along with the puzzle you sent, we found a piece of unfinished petrified redwood, which you clearly have access to.
Is that how you do it? You lure them with toys and puzzles? You want them to like you.
To trust you.
I did my time.
I'm rehabilitated now.
I go to work.
I go home.
That's it.
I'm sorry, John.
You know, just saying you've recovered doesn't make it so.
I think you wants to stop you.
That's why you sent me the puzzle, right? You're not a monster.
You want us to find that kid before it's too late.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there is no kid.
Until you can provide us with an adequate alibi, that remains to be seen.
I have an alibi.
I think you know how these work.
Track my movements, where I've been, send a signal.
I'd call that an alibi, wouldn't you? Sorry, Stella, John Andrews isn't your guy.
He was nowhere near the courthouse or the office building.
The ankle bracelet puts him onlyat work and at home.
But I have something else.
I finished the second half of the puzzle.
There's a second missing piece, The address Adam gave me should be right around this corner.
I hate to state the obvious, but there's no building.
Is this on purpose, or is our next clue somewhere in all that rubble? George, George, George you played the grieving friend so well.
I can't believe it, man.
What are you talking about? We're giving you a chance to come clean.
Consider it a gift.
Take a look at that.
You know what this is? That's a hair.
We found it on your dead friend's bloody shirt.
I'm betting if I take a sample of your hair, I'm gonna find a knot, just like this one.
You mind handing me your shoe? Your shoe.
You swapped shoes with Brett, after you stepped in that yellow paint on the curb.
I had like, 15 shots of tequila.
Unfortunately, inebriation isn't a justifiable defense for murder.
Murder? No, no, no, no, no way.
After hitting a few bars I went back to Brett's apartment and that's when I found him.
I started to call the cops, right, but it's not like there was anything I could do- he was already dead.
I had to get him to the park.
You're gonna have to help us out here, pal.
Why did you have to get Brett to the park? It was a bet.
He was engaged twice before, couldn't go through with it.
I bet our buddy Toby that Brett would definitely show up this time.
There was no way I was gonna lose.
Whoa, whoa.
You stuffed, dressed and moved your dead friend for a bet? It was 100 grand, man.
I- I don't have it.
And if I didn't pay up Toby would've gone to my dad.
It never occurred to you- what with your friend being dead and all- that just maybe the bet was off? I told you.
I heard you.
Yeah, well, it made sense yesterday morning.
I feel bad.
If you knew Brett, Brett, yeah I mean, he, he woulda laughed.
He woulda done the same thing, I'm telling you.
That is seriously the stupidest guy I've ever met.
Well, maybe, there's no evidence he actually stabbed Brett Dohn.
You believe his story? Well, if he's telling the truth, when George undressed the already dead groom, sparkler residue from his shirt transferred onto Brett's bloody clothes, along with George's knotted hair.
So all we can prove is that George was in the apartment and came into contact with our vic.
Means our killer coulbe him, but it could also be someone else.
Hopefully when Danny finds that murder weapon, he can tell us exactly who killed Brett Dohn.
What are you so happy about? I figured out what killed my groom.
It wasn't the mother-in-law? No.
It was a missing wedding gift.
Dental stone mold got me an insignia- S&S- and a little house.
Shecktel and Sage.
Oh, they sell such amazing stuff.
Oh! I'm a-a gift giver.
I still don't actually have the murder weapon, but at least I know what I'm looking for.
And I know that it's one weapon, not three.
Since you're having all the luck today, maybe you can help me put together a puzzle, or at least tell me what the green goo is that Doc pulled off your groom's pants.
I opened up my big mouth, and then said I could figure it out, and now I'm stuck.
All right, well, what's it worth to you? It's made with polyvinyl acetate.
All right? Which is used in window sealant, textiles and footwear construction.
Weird thing is, though, when you look at the scope, it's multicolored.
Right? Stretchy bubblplastic.
That stuff's just like silver leaf.
It sticks to everything.
I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Puts you at Brett's house the night of the murder.
Got to hand it to you, though, Tim.
Last time we spoke, you had all the right answers.
The thing is, most grooms don't call their caterers repeatedly in the middle of the night.
I mean, especially when you're buddies.
I wouldn't take that kind of crap from a friend.
Let's see, there's a call at 1:00 a.
, 2:00 a.
Three at 5:00 in the morning.
When he offered me the chance to cater his wedding, I Right, right, right, you became his punk.
Just like you were back in college.
Doesn't seem worth it, now, does it? Yeah, yeah, he treated me like crap in college.
And I took it, all right? I wrote his papers, I- I watched him steal my girlfriends, but this? This was going to change my life.
It was the break I'd waited for, it's what I worked so hard for.
But this time, you weren't going to take it anymore, am I right? All I had to do was make it through the wedding.
That's all I had to do.
And when he called during your son's birthday party, final straw, right? He wanted a new wedding menu the next day.
He didn't even taste it.
He just said, "Let's go back to the original menu.
" You're not even going to taste it? You gotta be kidding me.
Yeah, don't be a whiny bitch.
The kid'll have other birthdays.
Go ahead, call me now.
Now who's the whiny bitch? I sold my soul to the devil.
I missed my kid's birthday for nothing.
If you'd seen the look in my kid's eyes when I had to leave his birthday party What do you think his eyes are going to look like when he finds out Daddy is going away for 25 to life? Thought I should see this puzzle for myself.
It's cool, right? It was an absolute nightmare to put together.
Well, it's not easy to assemble a puzzle without the picture on the box.
And the guy sent it with two missing pieces.
That's the Riverton building.
That was my first crime scene.
No way.
This was my first New York apartment.
This to scale? Uh, y-yeah.
As-As far as I can tell.
This high-rise should be much taller in relation to the Chrysler Building.
How-How could you know that? I got engaged on that roof.
This puzzle's about my life.
Adam, I need the DNA results from the blood on the first puzzle.
The guy deliberately removed a piece from two different sections of the puzzle.
He obviously wanted us to go to both places.
Maybe he didn't know the second place was gone.
But why would he send us to a building that no longer exists? Because it's not about the buildings.
The missing pieces have significance to my past.
The puzzle's about you? Why would they put it on my truck? He's using my team to get to me.
What's going on, Mac? I don't know.
But I have no doubt, this has something to do with the 333 caller.
The 333 caller? It started in London.
I was getting these calls at 3:33 a.
I'd pick up, no one spoke.
I switched hotels, the calls continued.
So you're saying, someone's stalking you? It goes deeper.
On the return trip, my luggage was stolen.
When I finally received it, I found this inside.
A boy's bloody T-shirt? To go with the chalk outline of a kid's body.
Mac, why didn't you tell me? I didn't know what it was about.
I still don't, but clearly, he's escalating, and now he's involved you.
You tested the blood on the T-shirt? No match in CODIS.
I sent it out.
It does, however, bear a striking resemblance to the blood on the first puzzle.
Common alleles at 12 of 16 loci.
So the kid who owned the T-shirt and the guy who bled on the puzzle are brothers.
So where do we go now? The rooftop where I got engaged.
Another box, another clue.
Just got the LIES results on our last rock.
The elemental breakdown is consistent with limestone.
And the stable isote analysis indicates that it came from the Southwestern U.
Does that mean anything to you, Mac? The Alamo.
That's where the limestone is from.
This building is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.
It all makes sense now.
Over the years, to the Tribune Tower's ground level from world landmarks, including the Redwood Forest, Hagia Sophia and the Alamo.
How does it feel to be home, Detective Taylor?