CSI: NY s04e10 Episode Script

The Thing About Heroes...

I got a few strange phone calls on my hotel room phone.
Each call came at exactly 3:33 a.
Who is this? Say something, damn it.
My luggage was stolen.
When I finally received it I found this inside.
This building is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.
It all makes sense now.
Over the years, 136 stones have been added to the Tribune Tower's ground level from world landmarks, inCBuding the Redwood Forest, Hagia Sofia, and the Alamo.
He sent me pieces of each of them.
That's where he wants me to go.
MAN How does it feel to be home, Detective Taylor? Mac say when he'd be back from Chicago? No, but you know Mac, he's not getting on a plane till he gets some answers.
And he thinks those answers are in Chicago? Well, that's where the evidence led him.
So this 333 guy is he someone Mac put away? Don't know who he is exactly.
Could be a woman.
Danny, no woman wakes up at 3:33 to make an anonymous phone call.
Sure about that? DOA is Kevin Carmichael, train operator.
Reports of an empty train blowing through stations caught the MTA's attention.
How many stations did he pass through? All of 'em.
Looks like the train was hijacked up in the rail yard and for whatever reason, stopped here.
People waiting on the platform were treated to this- Ouch.
Looks like this is where it started and endedNE Perp ambushes the operator, hits him in the head multiple times with a? Then, for good measure, hurls him through the window.
That's not easy.
That takes a lot of force.
We ruled out robbery,? And the attack's too brutal to be random.
So we're looking into a more peonal motive.
All right, Danny, you and Lindsay are on blood and prints.
Hawkes, you and I are gonna be on the body.
A cursory examination of the body suggests that impact Oh! Flack, what the hell is going on? What happened? k Hey Brooks, you wanna tell me who shut the door? If this is a joke, so help me God- I have a feeling we're going for a ride.
Whoa! I thought this train was empty.
Damn it, Brooks, stop the train! Danny! Call the Trainmaster's Office- control room - see if they can't shut this thing down! On your radio, right now! Find out what the hell is going on! a transit emergency down here.
A train just cut loose Stella, nothing.
Hey, Flack, try the other emergency brake.
Stripped! This is no practicalra You gotta shut down the three train.
It's not responding.
You gotta do it frew up thewe.
There's a control box about 100 s down the tunnel.
You better hurry u and shut it before it plows into the train in front of it, okay? Now, the power source is on the right, inside the box.
All right, Hawkes, help me with the body.
Weot to get to the controls in front.
It's locked! Guys.
Hey, that train's not moving.
Get to the back of the t N! Whoa You guys okay? all right? Yeah.
Can somebody tell me what just happened? We just got really lucky.
Stel CS Three-three-three.
I gotta call Mac.
Hey!re you listening to me? ew I told you no one else occupies this floor.
t for more than a year now.
CS anyone's been up here, I would know.
One of my guys called Chicago PD, don't you think we should wait for them? This is Detective Brennan.
I'm arriving at the Tribune building now.
What the hell is this all about? I wanna see your badge number again, pal.
One of my cousins is on a job, maybe I'll have him check you out.
Are you even listening to me? Oh, are you kidding me? Pulling a gu- All right, that's it.
This is Weston, guys.
Where's that Chicago PD? I need backup here, right now.
@A He's in that room down there.
NE Detective Taylor You want to tee what this is all about? k Just give me some time I'll fill in the blanks.
Hey Mac, you're gonna have speak up a little bit.
I'm still in the subway.
Stella? M- Mac? You there? Stella! No, it's definitely connected to your 333 stalker.
He led to me to Chicago, so there's something he wants me to figure out here.
I'll know more if I can I.
this body.
Okay, I'll go back to the lab, gather up all thev├ęKence, and see what we can do on tend, okay? Let me know if you come up with anything new.
I'll touch base later.
Stella? Hey, you all right? Thanks to you.
So this is what was used to hijack the train.
They attached an MP3 player to the control panel, the sick bastard.
Yeah, well, that sick bastard is Mac's stalker.
Detective Taylor, weneed elimination prints and DNA.
Of course.
As you can imagine, I have a lot of questions.
t first, I have to explain to the pol te pief why a New York Crime Scene Investigator found a body in the Tribune Building.
Detective Brennan.
Can I have your right hand, Detective? TAYLOR: Missing letters NSTAYLOR: A- C-D-O-R-W.
Yew The word is coward.
How quickly can you get a subpoena for surveillance footage from the cameras in this area? Maybe you've forgotten that your badge doesn't work in this city, Detective Taylor I'm not trying to step on any toes here.
Well, then you should let me ask the questions.
How did you know that there was a bo in this building? I didn't.
You came here looking for something.
I didn't know what I'd find.
What made you think you'd find anything at all? You specifically asked to visit an unoccupied floor; you flashed your badge, said it was police business.
Now, doesn't sound to me like you were looking for office space.
CSI was sent here.
I don't know why or by whom.
And I don't know who the victim hanging from that ceiling is, or how it connects to me.
" What's that mean to you? Nothing.
So this is how it's gonna be? Someone's stalking me.
Started with phone calls late at night.
Then luggage that I thought was lost after a trip to London suddenly reappeared with a young boy's bloody t - shirt inside.
Last week, a puzzle of New York City was sent to one of my investigators.
The pieces were spattered with blood that has common alleles to the blood on the t-shirt.
Two brothers.
When all the evidence d clues were analyzed, it led me here to Chicago- I grew up here.
We found petrified redwood, traces of limestone consistent with limestone from the Alamo, and an imprint on leather of a tile from Hagia Sofia.
Pieces of all three of those items can be found right here.
So, you believe your stalker vandalized the Tribune Building to send you those clues Maybe one of these cameras captured him doing it.
We look at footage from six months ago? Go back a year? I mean you gotta give me a window here.
All began three months ago.
We start there, we work our way back.
All right, I'll get my guys on it.
In the meantime, we'll process the victim, or try to get an I.
- and, Detective, you are a civilian in this city.
This is not a joint investigation.
Keep your badge in your pocket.
Doc? Hey, what's up? Can you take a look at this? This is trace from our conductor's clothing.
Rod-shaped, gram positive? thrax? It looks like it, right? Same structural characteristics.
Is this bigger than we think? Blunt force injury to the head was a contributory cause of death, dllowed by immediate trauma of the spinal cord.
Kevin Carmichael's collision with the window snapped his neck.
Sid, we found anthrax on his clothing.
Histology report was clean.
Nothing like that in his system.
So maybe the anthrax was transfer from the attacker? If it is, what's our killer's plan? Stella Canvass of the rail yard got us nothing.
No witnesses, no activity out of the ordinary.
Our killer must have gotten onto the subway right before our conductor pulled it off the yard.
Perfect opportunity to murder Kevin Carmichael and take control of that train.
Now, Flack, you said that it didn't stop before 42nd Street.
Went right through.
But our killer had to get off somewhere.
eillance is minimal- limited to just a couple spots on the platform- but we are checking it.
You talk to Mac yet? Briefly.
Found a body at the Tribune Building.
T1 Now, the 333 guy led him tedre.
Hopefully, whatever Mac learns in Chicago will help us catch him here.
Well, if this all connects to the same guy, he's using up his frequent flyer miles.
This can't be good.
I received some very interesting phone calls this morning.
One in particular got my attention.
The police commissioner wanted to know why a member of our crime lab was investigating a murder in Chicago.
Of course, I told him that's impossible because I didn't knowNE a damn thing about it.
Mac is in Chicago on personal bus How personal is it? That's what he's trying to figure out.
Is he in trouble? ew No.
Then you tell Taylor he's got 12 hoS and then I want his ass back in New York.
There's a fine line between foolishns and loyalty, Detective.
Be careful you don't cross it.
Walk with me.
S This is amazing.
? This little MP3 gadget It's-It's amazing.
Yeah, yeah.
You realizu e was a crime committed here, though, right? Yeah.
, that's what's so great about this little gadget here.
You know, millions of people are wandering around with compact hard drives able to download almost anything.
This was hooked up to the subway's digital control system.
Operating as an external hard drive, CB rebooted the system and then ran its own application.
That explains the runaway train.
But why didn't the trainmaster's office cut off the power and just stop it? Because this little creature here not only ran its own program, but its FireWire allowed for an extremely fast upload of a very large virus that infected the entire system, and once it got control of the trainmaster's office- I mean, it was just game over.
So we're looking for a killer that is some sort of gadget genius here? He had a little bit of help.
Check this out, all right? There was a URL in the code.
He got his help from a flower delivery compa? You are so impatient.
NirvanHmfor the everyday hacker.
That's for real? Mm.
A Web site that tells you how to highjack a subway train? These are instructions on how to use everyday, ordinary electronics to hack into databases, security codes, even arena scoreboards.
Basically, you purchase the override codes, and you can take over the world.
And this is just on the Internet? Pay a small fee, print out the information, and you're changing the traffic lights on Fifth Av from your brownstone in Brooklyn.
Oh, fantastic- no match to the print I pulled off the MP3 player.
Bad reception down here.
Well, there's bad reception everywhere.
Okay, I deserve that.
Preliminary autopsy report.
Our hangman is a white male, died in his mid-20s.
When was that? Pathologist estimates Traces of soil in his teeth suggest the body was buried, then dug up.
Which explains the partial mummification.
The vic must have been moved to a dark, dry place which slowed decomposition.
You got a cause of death? Gunshot wound to the stomach, through the liver and out.
There are two other visible fractures.
Blunt force to the skull, postmortem, more than likely occurred when the body was dug up.
Scar tissue tells us? An index finger was sawed off.
You got an I.
? tips were too decomposed for prints.
And, as you know, 30 years ago, CODIS didn't exist, so if he committed a felony, there's no possibility for a DNA match.
What about running a sample through the missing persons database? I did that.
Nobody missed this guy.
Right hand.
Index finger is the trigger finger.
Sounds like the Mob sending a message.
Is that something you're guessing at or something you're sure of? Because I didn't say anything about it being his right hand, Mac.
If you know something, you need to tell me.
Just making an assumption.
? Jimmie.
Mac Taylor.
Heard your voice on the phone, I couldn't believe it.
Now you're standing here.
Yor Look like your old man.
Been a long time, Mac.
Since we were kids.
Last leard, you were in New York, married, S working for the mayor's office or sometSor I'm a crime scene investigator That must be something, huh? What's the statue of limitations for us sneaking into Wrigley? What brings you back, Mac? Bobby Toole is dead.
That supposed to be funny? Z@ He's been dead for 30 years.
Yeah, but they found his body today in the Tribune Building.
We swore we were never going to talk about this.
I haven't told a soul.
Somebody put his body in the Tribune Building for me to find; the word "coward" on the wall.
Did you do it, Jimmie? What? What, are you out of your mind, Mac, huh? Is this some kind of sick joke to you? Over a month ago, I got a T- shirt stained with blood.
I didn't know until today.
It's your brother's shirt.
Will's blood.
The same shirt he was wearing when Bobby Toole beat him to death.
You feeling guilty, Mac? I don't regret the choice I made that day.
No, I don't imagine that you do.
Because you didn't lose a brother.
Your family didn't fall apart.
You didn't watch your father cry for the first time in your life, watch him crumble to his knees.
@A CS You didn't spend ten years trying to make it up to your mother and your little brother.
Lying to little Andy about how Will died, not you.
Did you send me that shith, Jimmie? You been making phone calls? You brought me here to Chicago.
What do you want to say? You come back here after all this time.
You come back here, you accuse me of something I didn't do? Will worked as a paper boy for the Tribune.
A newspaper satchel was left as a clue.
That's not a coincidence.
I have forensic evidence, Jimmie.
And it points to Will's brother- that's you.
You and I were the only ones there.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Hm You hear me, Mac? I had nothing to do with what you're talking about.
You You stay away from me.
or You hear me? You don't know a damn thing.
Little out of your jurisdiction, aren't you? When you called me, I thought you were in New York.
Sneaky like that.
Plus, it made it easier to find you.
Sinclair? Yeah.
He doesn't like to be embarrassed, Mac.
So, I got the rundown from Detective Brennan.
But you want to tell me what this is really about? Want to take a ride? As long as it's not on a subway.
There was no trace of anthrax in the victim's system, only on his shirt-minimal ounts.
No risk to whoever would handle it.
What about at the scene? Didn't find any trace of it there.
Nonetheless, we've asked area hospitals to notify us of any symptoms of anthrax poisoning.
And we're sweeping the subway car, as well as the 42nd and Now, I did find darker discolorations on the fabric of the victim's shirt.
Turned out to be burns.
Chemical burns inconsistent with anthrax.
I analyzed a swatch-detected traces of muriatic acid.
Turns out our vic, Kevin Carmichael, is a custom-made leather goods entrepreneur, which may explain why the anthrax and the muriatic acid were already on his shirt when he was murdered.
Any other prints beside the one I pulled from the MP3 player? They're all over the place- on the victim and the train.
The DNA from the prints are all a match to the blood on the New York City puzzle, an unknown male.
This is all one suspect.
With no previou criminal history, so no hits in AFIS or CODIS.
This guy's cocky, you know? He didn't wear gloves, he leaves his prints.
We can't use them, but it's kind of like he's trying to get caught.
Maybe that's part of his endgame.
Jimmie and I were 14.
His brother Will was 16.
Will delivered packages after school for a guy named Sal Marchetti to earn a little money.
He'd split it with me and Jimmie when we tagged along.
None of us realized what we were doing.
Didn't question it.
Sal said he wanted a package delivered to a guy named Bobby Toole.
We came here that night.
It's not all here.
It's all they gave us.
Where is? It's always guy.
I could see it was going bad fast.
We had to get out of there.
Let's go, you guys.
I didn't see Bobby Toole grab Will, but I heard the first punch.
Leave him alone! Get off of him You're killing him! "Get off of him, Get off of him, " that's what Jimmie kept saying.
Stop it! I was screaming like crazy for someone to help us, but nobody did.
Blood was streaming down Will's face.
I was watching him die.
Brennan said Toole was shot.
The gun was in the nightstand drawer.
I remember Jimmie grabbing it, but Toole threw him down, and the gun slid across the floor.
Pick it up, Mac! Pick it up! Do it! Do it, Mac! Shoot him! Come on! Shoot him now! Come on.
Hurry up! Shoot him! Hurry up! Gimme it! I helped Jimmie carry his brother out.
Will died in the emergencyoo You never went to the cops? They came to us.
We lied, we said Will got in a fight and we did guys' faces.
When we told Sal Marchetti the truth he said it would be taken care of.
never spoke of it after that.
Jimmie shot Toole in defense of his brother's life.
It was self-defense, Mac.
We were kids.
We didn't know.
I never saw Jimmie much after that.
I suppose some might think I was a coward.
I know he did.
But I just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger.
I see you found him.
It took a little detective work.
We ran the cigarette you sent back to our lab, and a Detective Bonasera sent DNA results from New York.
DNA on the cigarette is not a match to the DNA from the puzzle pieces.
But still a filial match to the T-shirt.
So we're dling with a brother, but it's not Jimmie.
That leaves ll's youngest brother Andy.
That doesn't make sense; Andy wasn't there.
You okay? No.
How can there be nothing? No evidence or trace that leads to anyone or anything? Well, let's go over it again.
Where do you want me to start? I don't know, Lindsay.
I mean, look at all this stuff, all these puzzle pieces and clues that were sent to Mac.
There's got to be something in here.
You know, this guy wants us to find him.
He's got a plan.
Wait a minute.
These are green.
What do you mean? The negative pieces in the New York puzzle are covered with green X's? in the Tribune puzzle are covered with blue X's.
Right, the pieces that you removed before you set up the puzzle.
Remember athe beginning, we thought we were missing a piece? So I went back to Drew Bedford's office, and I found a piece of the puzzle there.
It had blue X's on it.
Well, you said he dumped the puzzle on his desk, so one of the pieces probably fell on the floor.
Lindsay, he dumped the New York puzzle on his desk.
So the piece that I found should have had green X's on it, not blue.
We hadn't even gotten the Tribune puzzle yet.
So wait a minute, Stella and Are you saying that this Drew Bedford guy is involved? Aren't you two seeing each other? Yeah.
Yeah, that's what he wanted.
Oh, my God.
I was part of his plan.
I'm Drew Bedford.
He found a way to bump into me at the antique store, and then again at the coffee stand.
And he kept sending me all those gifts, and I kept resisting.
I mean, I knew something in my gut told me it wasn't right.
Lindsay, he was using me to get to Mac.
We need to look at every gift Drew sent me.
Lindsay, are you seeing this? Prints from the gifts Drew sent are a match to the MP3 player.
Stella, what's up? Mac, Drew Bedford is our 3-3-3 guy.
Drew Bedford? Him pursuing me was no coincidence.
It was all part of his plan.
He was the one who put the puzzle box on my truck.
I've got proof.
It's Drew Bedford.
Drew Andrew, Andy.
Jimmie's younger brother.
Hm Andy is Drew Bedford.
I'm on my way back to New York.
Listen up.
We know how methodical this guy is.
For the last six months, he's planned every move, stayed one step ahead.
He knows we know his identity and that we'd eventually come after him.
Mac He's proven he's willing to kill and if it weren't for Danny, that train ride might've been your last.
So we can only guess what's waiting for us behind those doors.
Be alert, be careful.
Mac, you want me to? Don't worry about it, Don.
I got this one.
Chief Sinclair I spend enough time justifying your actions to my superiors here.
And now I've got Chicago PD riding my ass.
You give me one good reason why I shouldn't pull your badge right now.
'Cause this isn't about my badge.
This is about me.
I have to finish what he started.
Look, this isn't about politics.
I have no ulterior motive.
This guy has a plan for me.
What it is, I don't know, but I have to play his game to find out.
Mike! Give me one of those vests.
If he's expecting us, you can bet your ass he set traps.
All clear in here, also.
Mac? Hey, Mac?! Mac? He's gone.
This look like his firearm? I don't know, this looks like the only way out, right here.
It's an underground tunnel.
Let's move! We've got a possible abduction of an officer.
I need a ending location for a tunnel beginning at 345 Brookline.
Mac Taylor.
The Mac Taylor.
Whew! You know, it's funny.
But you don't look like a hero.
Andy, I don't know what you Shh! Shh! Shh! Whatever you do, don't move.
You see that gun? The slightest movement puts a bullet right between your eyes.
Of course, freezing is something that comes naturally to you, isn't it, Mac? Something the public doesn't know about its hero cop.
But my dead brother knows all too well.
For God's sakes, Andy, I was just a kid.
Yeah, well, you were old enough.
All you had to do was pull the trigger.
You know, playing with your crack CSI team, it's been, it's been fun.
I gotta tell you, man, that Stella, she's just she's smart.
She never quite trusted me.
I can see how she'd be an asset to you.
It'd be a shame to see her die.
You see, whoever comes through that door is gonna take a bullet.
And I'm sure Stella and company are working on finding out where you are as we speak.
The underground tunnels split into five different directions.
By the time we had each exit covered, they were gone.
Hm Wherever Drew has Mac, he wants us to find him,? He could be holding him anywhere.
What does thisoe want, anyway? He holds Mac responsible for losing someone in his family.
So what, now he wants Mac to lose someone in his family? Yeah, one of us.
Look, I want you two to go over everything we recovered from the bistro.
Paper work, telephone records.
What do you mean he's here? Everything.
Drew left us the answer.
Downstairs? All right.
We just got to find it.
I'll be right there.
Keep me posted.
I'll be back in a few.
Okay, boys, tell me what you got.
Nothing good.
If this guy left a clue, as to where Mac is, it's not in the codes that he embedded to override the train system.
Or a clever hacker buried a virus to destroy the hidden codes.
Drew wouldn't do that; he wants us to figure out where he is.
Maybe it's possible that I destroyed something when I smashed the MP3 player, huh? Yeah, I'm sure anything's possible, but we were able to reconstruct the data and the files on the hard drive.
What are the files? Just regular MP3 stuff: playlists, artists, calendar.
But all the files are empty.
Wait a minute, do you hear that? What is that song? It's coming from the MP3.
That's impossible, all the playlist files are empty.
No, no, I hear it, I hear it.
Try and deconstruct the playlist, see if you can pull something off of it.
Here you go, something's coming up.
"Train to Nowhere.
" That's a sick sense of humor for a runaway train.
" My initials or, uh, maybe the artist? Look up "Train to Nowhere.
" "Train to Nowhere, " Savoy Brown, SB.
Let me pull up the album.
Number six, "Train to Nowhere.
" The six train? Mm-hmm.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Tick tock All right, these are the blueprints to the City Hall Subway Station, last stop on the six train, or at least what people think is the last stop.
The actual line goes further down the tunnel to the original City Hall Station that was abandoned in 1945 when they expanded the IRT line.
I've passed prough there, trains still loop around and head back up to the Bronx.
So that's where Drew has Mac? We think so.
Track six, "Train to Nowhere.
" Nobody really knows about the abandoned station and it's gonna be fairly isolated.
Yeah, but Drew will be expecting us, so it's our turn to be one step ahead of him.
Okay, well, if trains still pass through there, then he'd stay off the platform.
Maybe he has Mac in one of the walkways off to the side.
I remember skylight panels, blue, leaded glass on the ceiling.
If we can get up there, it'd give us some advantage.
The hard part is going to be negotiating with this frickin' guy.
I mean, he's prepared, he's smart.
He obviously wants one of us dead.
I don't know anyone who's gonna be able to talk some sense into this nut job.
He can.
Truth is a matter of perception.
Like most things, perception can be influenced.
People are what we want them to be.
It says here you stopped a million dollar cocaine heist.
Took down an Irish gang in the process.
You fire your gun, Mac? And so the world creates heroes.
Don't blame me for the press blowing up that story.
I didn't ask to be anything other than who I am.
You know, the thing about heroes, is that eventually somebody surfaces that knew the hero before they were granted that status.
Perception changes once again.
A new truth is reborn.
This is crazy, Andy.
The only thing you're going to aomplish here is getting yourself killed.
I can live with that.
You know what Jimmie used to say to me? After that day, he used to look me in the eyes and tell me I looked "dead inside.
" I didn't have a choice, Andy.
No, no! Don't tell me that.
You don't say that.
Don't tell me you didn't have a choice.
Will was being beaten to death, and all you had to do was pull the trigger! Look, I don't know what Jimmie told you.
Jimmie didn't tell me anything, I was there.
Jimmie wouldn't let me come, so I followed you guys there.
Pick it up, Mac! Pick it up! Do it! Shoot him! Shoot him! Gimme it! Room 333.
That number's engraved into my head forever.
You never told Jimmie you were there.
What for? Must have been hard to see.
You two could have talked about it.
You think I didn't replay it in my head a thousand times? Dreamt about it for years since that day.
Only in the dreams, I pull the trigger or I'm the one who was beaten to death.
I can't change that, Andy.
No matter how much you want it to be true.
We were kids.
I was scared.
Now, killing me or whoever comes through that door, that's not gonna bring will back.
Well, what do you know.
It's your partner in crime.
Hey, baby.
If you're calling for another date, uh I'm gonna take a rain check, I'm busy.
It's me, baby brother.
Jimmie? How ya doing, kiddo? What, what are you doing? Where are you? Don't do this, Andy.
All right, not for me.
Not for Will.
I love you, Jimmie.
But I'm doing this for me.
I got a bad feeling about this, brother.
This doesn't have a happy ending.
Look, man, I lost Will, I'm not gonna lose you, too.
Where are you? Why can I hear you? I'm coming in, Andy.
I'm coming in.
No, no, Jimmie.
No, Jimmie! Don't move! Don't you move! We need an ambulance at the City Hall Station.
You okay, Mac? Yeah.
Jimmie! Don't move.
You're okay, Jimmie, you're okay.
Come on, get up.
You're no hero! You hear me? You let Will die! You're no hero! You hear me?! No! You hear me?! See, see? You're okay.
You shot him in the forearm.
In a situation like that, we're trained to shoot to kill.
Not this time.
They've already lost enough, too much.