CSI: NY s04e12 Episode Script

Happily Never After

Taxi! Come on.
It's beautiful out.
It's freezing.
I want to walk.
Oh, it's beautiful! Whoo! Look! It's snowing! It's snowing.
Halie, it's freezing outside.
We gotta go! Halie.
Halie? Gotcha! Now you're going to get it.
Run! Fiona Chisolm.
Owner of the Dorothea Hotel.
The Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side.
Her reputation precedes her.
That's quite a snow scene for the driest winter on record.
It's Fiona's tax-deductible gift to the city.
She does it every year.
Who found her? Couple over there was doing the mistletoe dance.
Said the platform just gave way.
Swear they didn't know she was there.
Signs of early-onset rigor.
? Maybe six hours, give or take.
Lovebirds called in the platform collapse about two hours ago.
So she was dead before the castle crushed her.
Looks like a puncture wound here.
Penetration looks deep; could be a stab wound.
If she was stabbed, it seems odd there isn't more blood.
I can't believe it.
They applauding? They're applauding.
I guess the question isn't who would want to kill Fiona Chisolm but who wouldn't? The killer caught a break with these snow machines.
The hotel keeps them on 24-7.
They ruin any chance of finding a discernable footprint.
Chain on this looks like it was cut.
Maybe from a purse? Could be.
Is that a print? Looks like it.
Maybe from our killer? L - shaped drip pattern to the chest wound.
Blood drip starts one direction, then changes course.
This is a dump job.
So not only do we need to find who murdered her, we need to find out where.
Bus driver said he got distracted when a couple of kids were fighting.
Knock it off, you two! Cab stopped short in front of him.
Driver says she came out of nowhere.
It's the middle of winter.
What's she doing outside in her nightgown, with no shoes on? Running from someone, something? The body's nearly frozen.
Any witnesses? No one saw her before the accident.
It's as if she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Where did she come from? Mac! You got something? The answer to your question.
She slid off the bus.
Where did she fall from? Wendy? Could be her name.
I'll run it and a description through Missing Persons.
Last name would have been nice.
Crushed flowers? During the black plague, perfumed flowers were stuffed into the pockets of those who perished to mask the smell of death.
So that would make this "a pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes " "We all fall down.
" I checked with the bus company.
As far as they know, this bus was parked in the lot all weekend.
There are no buildings adjacent to the property, so she didn't fall there.
There's a space between the roof and the inside ceiling.
That's why there's no dent on the inside.
These things are like tin cans.
There's no soundproofing or insulation.
Yeah, well, then, why didn't the bus driver hear her land? Danny, I I heard about the Sandoval shooting.
Kid lived in your building.
His name was Ruben.
Kid was only ten years old.
I'm sorry.
That look familiar to you? Yeah, it's the same one our vic was wearing.
She was on top of the bus and inside? Who might just be the proud owner of this baseball cap.
I'm thinking that's blood.
It's too big, though, to belong to a kid or our vic.
Well, then, whose hat is it? Your scene assessment was correct.
The crush injuries didn't exhibit bleeding.
She was dead before the house- castle- fell on her.
Any defense wounds? Bruise here on the wrist.
Most likely caused by someone tugging on the purse strap we found.
Could be looking at a robbery.
That thief went to a lot of trouble to steal a purse.
Fiona wasn't only crushed, but stabbed and burned as well.
Contact burn.
Any idea what stabbed her? Wound morphology was compromised by the crush injuries.
So the official cause of death was stabbing or burning? Neither.
Her skin shows little evidence of freezing, which is in stark contrast to the condition of her iernal organs, namely h heart.
I'm assuming the stab injury must be related, and I'm not sure how it happened, but C.
is acute cardiac failure due to freeze trauma.
Fiona Chisolm died from a frozen heart.
The partial print we found on Fiona's collarbone- It wasn't a fingerprint.
It was a nose print.
A dog nose print.
The DNA came back canine.
Specifically, a Norwich Terrier.
So I called the Dorothea Hotel, and Fiona owned a terrier named Otto.
Nobody reported seeing the dog at the scene.
Maybe it got spooked, and ran off.
Or was snatched.
Despite the lizard skin and platinum chain, I don't think this is a handle from a purse.
Found traces of the pesticide Imidacloprid, commonly used as a flea repellent for pets.
I'm thinking this handle is from a leash.
Dognapping? Could be.
Chain looks cut.
Odd thing is, there are no tool marks.
Trying to figure out what could have snapped a platinum chain clean in half.
That dog could have traces of our killer on him.
I'll call all the animal shelters, see if anybody picked him up.
In the meantime, if Fiona was walking her dog when she was killed, we need to find out where that walk started.
Chestnuts! Hot chestnuts! We got hot chestnuts.
Get 'em while they're hot.
One bag, please.
There ya go.
Yes, well, somehow, as concierge, walking Otto became a duty of mine.
But not last night? I went to go and get the dog from Fiona, but she was behind closed doors screaming at some guy.
She ended up dead, and you didn't think a heated argument was worth reporting? Heated arguments were as much a part of Fiona's day as breathing.
I knocked, she screamed at me to go away, so I left.
Well, where were you for the rest of the night? I left work at 6:00, then I went to the Double Crow Pub on 37th.
I'm there every night.
Guess tonight I'll be knocking back a few for poor old Fiona.
You don't seem very broken up over her death.
The rumors about how mean she is - they're all true.
Anyone could have killed her except for me.
Where's Fiona's office? Wicked.
Bristles are positive for blood.
Broken broom, knocked over pictures, smashed lamp, it all points to a struggle.
So who is the guy Fiona was screaming at behind closed doors? Not keeping you busy enough, Sid? Uh, actually, your Wendy inspired a little research.
Any of it lead to C.
? Yes, well, this one's a real cliffhanger.
Okay, when my tech tested your vic's body temperature at the scene, it was 70 degrees.
Adjusting for the extreme weather conditions, I'm estimating she was killed eight to nine hours before you found her.
Which makes time of death just after midnight.
And while her broken bones are consistent with the damage caused by the impact of the bus and taxi, her was caused by exsanguination, due to the transecting of the right inferior mesenteric artery.
Bled out through the abdomen.
But it was the manner by which the wounds were inflicted that baited my interest.
Both wound tracks revealed curvature.
She was killed with a hook? Or a hook-like instrument.
From the semen I found, she had sex shortly before she died.
Nothing to indicate it was anything but consensual.
What's that? A fairy.
It's from a small red impression I found behind her right shoulder.
Any idea what caused it? No idea, but which brings me to my research.
A fairy, Wendy in a nightgown, killed by a sharp curved instrument.
Makes one wonder Any luck identying the vic? Angell checked with Missing Persons.
Nothing that matches our Jane Doe, including the name "Wendy" or anything else.
Based on the vic's weight and depth of impact, it appears she fell 35 feet.
It's about a three-story drop, so our primary crime scene would be a building that's 35 feet or higher.
Leaves about every structure in Manhattan.
Adam's processing the rest of the evidence.
Maybe he found something that can help us narrow down the search.
The name written on the vic's chest, "Wendy, " was written in a water-based acrylic.
Finger paint? And the clay that Sid found under her fingernails had a mixture of wheat flour, deodorized kerosene, salt, borax and alum - otherwise known as "kiddie clay.
" Mm, starting to see a theme here.
And the star that was stuck to her forehead had a partial.
It was a match to a print that Sid found in the finger paint.
It didn't match the vic and there was no hits in AFIS.
So we got finger paints, kiddie clay and a gold star, items that might be found in a kindergarten class or a toy store.
Our vic was murdered and dumped from 35 feet.
There's not a lot of kindergartens or toy stores with three stories in a 20-mile radius of where our vic was found.
Toy stores and schools are the last places I want to be looking for a killer right now.
Based on the arts-and-crafts trace you found on the vic, I did some checking.
Been a rash of kindergarten break-ins.
This one just last night.
We're on the third floor.
With a parking lot below.
Big enough to park a bus.
So our perp lifts a school bus from where they park the buses and then returns it with a dead body on the roof? Looks like we got our evidence right here.
School security didn't think it was a big deal.
A few tables and chairs were knocked over, nothing was stolen.
Who breaks into a kindergarten classroom? Same M.
at the other schools.
Perp left the place a mess.
Nothing was missing.
Mac? He's been doing that a lot lately.
I didn't know Mars had sunspots.
If I remember correctly, sunspots don't have directionality - Danny.
Is it blood? Yeah.
Could be cast-off.
Killer did a good job cleaning up, if that's all he missed.
Let's find out.
Based on the amount of blood, I'd say we were in the right place.
Got gravitational blood drops over here.
Got a hidden book over here.
It's got some handwritten numbers in the back and it's not from this classroom.
It's from the public library.
Think we found our murder weapon.
This make sense to anybody? The way I remember it, Peter Pan was about a fantasy, not about a murder.
Hey, Stella Yeah? What do Pakistan and Nigeria and Afghanistan have in common? Oh, do I really want to know? Polio and meningitis, for which you get vaccinated when you travel to those countries.
Now, I got the results back from the blood on the broom.
Male, human, no hits in CODIS, but there were antibodies in the blood, and the high level suggests the donor was inoculated with a vaccine sometime in the past two weeks.
Male blood.
Now, I had Flack cross-reference a list of people who've been immunized in the past two weeks with Fiona's known associates.
We found a connection.
Harrison Green, MD.
He's the founder of Heartsage International.
It's a children's charity, and up till now, Fiona's been their biggest donor, but guess what.
This year, she didn't make a donation.
Maybe Dr.
Green tried to change her mind.
I had a meeting with Fiona, but I didn't attack her.
We were friends, good friends.
My friends don't play broomball with my face.
I play rugby.
It's a tough sport.
Green, we can match every bristle to every scratch, not to mention the blood.
The woman was insane.
If she wasn't one of my biggest donors, I'd have nothing to do with her.
Well, she wasn't one of your biggest donors this year.
That why you went to her office? I wanted the money she promised me; us, the children of Nigeria.
Fiona, don't cut us off! Let go of me! Don't cut us off! Let go of me Do you always resort to physical altercations when soliciting donations? When it's something I'm passionate about, sure.
I have a heart.
Isn't that what charity's all about? Not when your charity's flagged by the IRS.
Seems that a percentage of the funds that you're collecting to immunize children is actually going towards the construction of your Lake Como home.
Yeah, I'm guessing that all your trips to Nigeria were strictly for photo ops, prove you're legit.
Fiona suspected that you were a fraud and stopped writing you checks.
I have other investors.
None as powerful as Fiona Chisholm.
All she had to do was pick up the phone, call the papers and you'd be finished.
Unless you have the evidence, to arrest me, I think you're finished.
Any luck finding the dog? Not yet.
But his broken leash is another story.
Since I couldn't figure out what could've cut the leash without leaving tool marks, I decided to take a closer look.
I found a repetitive pattern with a break along a single plane, which means the metal was extremely brittle.
Like it was frozen.
It's definitely a match.
Liquid nitrogen snapped the leash.
And I'm thinking it's also what caused Fiona's heart to freeze.
You know, the shape and diameter of the stab wound could be consistent with the nozzle of a liquid nitrogen tank.
Allowing direct access to her heart.
Now, a tank nozzle is very blunt, so the killer must've used tremendous force to push it all the way through Fiona's cardiac wall.
There are liquid nitrogen tanks on street corners all over the city.
The utility companies use them to maintain power lines and reduce corrosion.
You know what else liquid nitrogen is used for? Snow machines.
LN2, pressurized air and water- instant winter fun.
Landscape supply company responsible for the snow said this is where they store all the tanks they use during the week.
Hey, this nozzle's bent.
Positive for blood.
Looks like we found our murder weapon.
There's something stuck to this valve.
Looks like skin from a finger.
Who touches a liquid nitrogen tank without gloves? Maybe the force of Fiona's body hitting the tank caused it to fall.
The jarring would have allowed a few blasts, more than enough to kill her.
And if the nozzle was on the ground, the LN2 could've easily reached the leash.
So the killer got Fiona.
And her little dog, too.
Hey, boss.
I got some information on the baseball cap you guys found on the school bus.
Hmm, blood on the bill matched our Jane Doe.
The DNA from the band had shared male alleles at 12 out of 16 loci with the vic's reference sample.
So it's our Jane Doe's brother and he's not in our system.
What about the hat's logo? It belongs to Stanwell and Linford.
It's a brokerage firm on Wall Street.
Gentlemen, get this straight.
Right now I have 20 interns and only one of you is getting a job.
So if you want to get my attention, you're gonna have to give more than 110 percent.
First order of business is getting your asses down to the tenth floor for drug testing.
Nurse Ratchet is waiting.
Now move.
Wright, NYPD Crime Lab.
We'd like to talk to you.
It's about your sister.
Your receptionist recognized her.
Her name's Leslie.
You know where Leslie was last night? We had dinner.
Left the restaurant around 10:00.
Leslie said she was going to a party.
I hailed her a taxi.
That was the last time I saw her.
Whose party was it? I should've asked.
I have no idea.
Did your sister have a boyfriend? If she did, I would've been the last to know.
I guess that's what you get for being an overprotective big brother.
Wright we found a baseball cap we believe belongs to you, bears your company's logo and was found inside the same school bus where your sister's body was found.
Was Leslie wearing it last night? Not when we were together.
You have to find out who did this.
Please tell me you'll get the person who did this.
That was a nice move.
What is this, Dancing with the Scientists? No, it's more like a Wu-Tang with a little heel-toe action.
Oh, yeah.
Moving right along.
I used the structural data from the RI along with the molecular weight I pulled from the GCMS to I.
the pill you found in the classroom.
It's methoxy diisopropyltryptamine, also known as "Foxy.
" An intense high with an abrupt comedown.
The latest in high-end designer drugs.
Makes ecstasy look like aspirin.
And users claim it induces this childlike wonder.
LSD with a twist.
And the tox results confirm that our vic had Foxy in her system.
So your Wendy was flying high at T.
Question is, who was her copilot? Hey, Mac, I pulled a bunch of prints off the Peter Pan book, but nothing hit in AFIS, and there's nothing that puts the brother at the scene.
But here's that page of numbers I found in the back of the book.
Now, they're all five digits.
The first two are sequential.
Yeah, they're text numbers, so, when you send a text, a few seconds later, this is what comes back to you.
"Alice will see you at 11:30 tonight at Dunhill.
" Dunhill is one of those pricey private kindergarten schools on the Upper East Side.
But who the hell is Alice? So who touches a liquid nitrogen tank without gloves? Hey, I got prints from the skin that was on the liquid nitrogen tank.
No hits in AFIS, so I cast a wider net.
Found something in Homeland Security.
Hey, our good friend Tina O'Donovan, the concierge.
She entered this country from Ireland on a work visa three years ag Sponsored by? The Dorothea Hotel.
But here's the best part.
She was fired two days ago.
Wait, so if Tina was fired before Fiona was killed, what made her show up for work this morning? When I found out Fiona was gone and no one else knew that she'd fired me You figured you'd keep working.
It made sense to me.
Look, I told you I was at the Double Crow pub all night.
So you want to explain why your DNA is on the murder weapon? We found a piece of your finger on the nitrogen tank.
Because she told me to fix it.
Tina the snowman is melting.
It's melting.
What am I supposed to do? It's my pleasure, Ms.
Look, I've got a brain.
I'm not stupid.
I knew surviving Fiona meant I could write my own ticket in this town.
Why would I tear that in half? Looks like we're in the right place.
This party is invitation only.
Left mine at home.
Where'd you get that bruise? Oh, this.
Few nights ago.
Mad party.
Apparently, the party's going on 24/7 in your head.
I I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir, because I'm not myself.
You see? Yeah, well Whoever you are you have the right to remain silent.
Let's go.
Sorry to kill your trip, but why a kindergarten? It's wildgarten, man.
That's just another name for getting high with your friends.
Look, it's all kept under the radar.
Invites are small.
We each get a book with text numbers, tell us when and where we're supposed to be.
The party begins.
The Foxy, man makes the game real.
Turns Manhattan into Neverland.
Except nobody dies in Neverland.
This is the weapon that was used to kill Leslie Wright.
And the bruise on your hand is consistent with the shape of this weapon and the amount of force that would've been needed to kill her.
Wait a minute, I didn't kill her.
See, I got evidence that says otherwise.
I barely knew this girl.
Bryce, I got you for breaking and entering.
And according to all your friends here, you were the one that stole that bus.
I had a summer job cleaning school buses.
I kept some of the keys.
I only borrowed them for a few hours.
Still doesn't explain that bruise.
Look, we were just messing around.
I was pretending with my buddy Elliot.
I don't know what happened to the hook after I dropped it.
Somebody stuck it into Leslie Wright's stomach a couple times.
It wasn't me.
Let me explain this to you in a way you might understand.
Forget Neverland- you got to grow up and that's going to be behind bars serving a life sentence for murder.
This is Otto? Yes.
Hi, Otto.
How you doing? Fiona couldn't be too bad; her dog is friendly.
Where'd you find him? Salesman at a bike shop found him in a basket.
He was going to take him home to Red Hook, till he saw the news, called the precinct.
He didn't give him a bath, did he? Nope.
For the past 24 hours, this pampered pooch has been slumming it.
All right, Otto Hey, guys.
What do we got? DNA from the blood on Otto's mouth came back human.
No I.
, but it's male.
Now, the dog was gone for almost 24 hours.
It means the blood could belong to anyone.
What about the collar? Trace came back as searic, palmitic and linoleic acid.
It's commonly found in chestnuts.
Roasted to be exact.
There were also traces of charcoal.
And the burn pattern on Fiona's neck could be consistent with the grill on a chestnut cart.
So that's how Fiona was transferred from the primary crime scene to the front of the hotel.
I had Flack pull all vendor licenses.
There's only one in the area with a permit to sell near the Dorothea.
Name's Felix Hall.
Two weeks ago, he filed an appeal.
Seems someone was trying to pull his license and kick him to another corner.
Let me guess: Fiona.
Yeah, but those are rotten, man.
Just pull the top away.
That'll be fine.
Yeah, it's still good.
This is just wrong.
Seriously, no New Yorker should ever see this.
Look, you can always put in for psych leave.
Hey, Felix Hall? NYPD.
We got a couple questions to ask you, nut man.
Starting with: which cart is yours? Why? What's going on? Hey, hey, wait, what do you think you're doing? I just cleaned this thing.
Positive for blood and this looks like skin.
Looks like you've been roasting more than chestnuts in this thing, Felix.
Put your hands behind your back.
Felix Hall, you're under arrest for the murder of Fiona Chisolm.
You okay? No, I'm not.
I don't think I'm ever going to be the same.
You have your corner - five feet by five feet, a kingdom, right? but it m might as well be Prime spot But then Fiona decides to take it all away.
What was it? She didn't like the way your awning looked, or maybe she just didn't like the smell of chestnuts in the morning.
We got your DNA off thdog, Felix.
Did he bite you before or after you killed Fiona? The only thing I'm guilty of is having the courage to stand up to her.
Chisolm, please I need this corner.
There are hundreds of corners in this city.
Feel free to set up on any one of them but mine Ms.
Chisolm, wait She pushed you too far.
So you decided to push back.
Hey! You did it, Felix.
And you used your cart to move the body.
And you figured between her employees and all the people in the street, there's be too many suspects to count, right? The blood we found inside your cart and the skin from the burner, it was positive for Fiona's DNA.
All that woman cared about was herself.
She didn't know what it was like for real people.
So you decided she needed somebody to put her in her place.
Teaching someone a lesson only works if they're still alive to learn it.
The DNA I got off the hook wasn't a match to Bryce Aldicott.
But when I compared it to other case samples, it was a match to another donor on the hat.
Which puts that hat on someone besides the brother.
Maybe it was seone else at the brokerage firm.
Except we can't just go around asking for DNA samples.
We don't have to.
The first order of business is getting your asses down to the tenth floor for drug testing.
Stanwell and Linford drug tested their employees yesterday.
All we have to do is subpoena the test samples for DNA.
You deserve it.
Good luck.
Have a seat, Tyler.
Pretty dog-eat-dog world around here, huh? What, like out of 20 interns only one of you guys get the job, right? We got some bad news.
Uh, what is this, about the drug test? You could say that.
You tested positive.
For what? Murder.
DNA puts you with Leslie Wright the night she was killed.
She was high, but then, you knew that, didn't you? Psychedelic hallucinogen found in her system lowers inhibitions, makes the user more susceptible to sexual advances.
So when you got her alone, Leslie Wright was yours for the taking.
We were both high.
No, no, not so much.
You see, the rio of metabolites to parent compounds from the drug test you took tells us you were sober.
You want to know what that means? You took advantage of a young woman under the influence of a narcotic.
All right, so I wasn't high.
So what? The bottom line is she didn't say no.
Call it whatever you want We call it rape.
I'm guessing so did Leslie.
The drug's effects have a short life span.
Look, she wanted me.
Then it was like she just snapped.
How could you do this to me?! Stop! No, stop! No, stop! You're sick! Get off of me! So what happened? Did she threaten to go to the cops? Or go straight to big brother? Stop! Stop! Get off of me! I'm telling my brother! Get up.
Do you believe this? Fiona's real name was Lorraine Gail, from Topeka, Kansas.
She left home at 19.
Found work at the Dorothea as a maid to make ends meet while she got her MBA.
Its employees were the only family she had.