CSI: NY s04e13 Episode Script

All in the Family

shotgun blast.
Emily miller.
Last year at college.
Organ donor.
Not much left in that department.
This isn't part of a flower.
Looks like a tooth.
Maybe a molar or bicuspid.
Whatever it is, it's not hers.
No sign of a bite mark near the wound.
How did somebody else's tooth get inside our victim's body? According to the florist and two witnesses, the vic was standing here picking out flowers when she went down.
Blast came out of nowhere.
The pattern of the shot spread indicates it wasn't close range.
Ten feet would have made a wound with perhaps a four-inch diameter.
Spread pattern here is broader, suggesting it came from at least 20 feet away.
Make that 20 feet above.
If our eyewitness accounts of her location are correct, the trajectory of the wound track indicates she was shot from a downward angle, most likely that direction.
Rooftop's too far.
You think a window or fire escape? Got a location? I think we're looking at a stone cold killer.
Window was nailed shut.
Gun couldn't have been shot from here.
the gun definitely hit this gargoyle.
The question is: Where'd it come from? I closed up right after the shooting.
Girl gets blown away right next door, kind of puts things in perspective.
Hawkes: You were right.
Gun must have bounced off the gargoyle and landed here.
After dislodging one of its rounds straight into an innocent victim.
Double barrel, one spent round.
Serial number's been filed off.
positive for blood.
Get this back to the lab and run the blood for dna.
Emily miller was shot from two stories up.
That blood couldn't be hers.
Whose is it? Killer could have tried to toss the gun off this roof into the garbage bins below.
And hit the gargoyle instead.
Guy'd be the last pick on my team.
Bin's a straight shot down.
Gravel here's been disturbed.
looks like our shooter went this way.
Or came from that way.
Flack: We got a homicide.
That's two buildings over.
Let's go.
what do we have? William riverton,42, found murdered in his apartment by his daughter Who are the boys? Daughter's boyfriend and his brother.
Don't let 'em leave before I talk to 'em.
How'd you get here so fast? The call just went out.
Busy neighborhood.
skull cap is fragmented, collapsed.
Could have been shot at close range, although I don't see any stippling around the wounds.
There isn't a gun around, so it wasn't suicide.
Could also be blunt force trauma.
Hard to say with all this blood.
His 12th bicuspid is chipped.
We found a tooth fragment in emily miller's body.
I wonder if the two are related.
Neighbors hear anything? Tv was blaring when we came in.
Only one other tenant on this floor- out of town.
Now, there's no sign of forced entry, no tool marks.
Lock and hinges are intact.
What about that window over there? No access.
Fire escape's outside the bedroom, but that window's locked from the inside.
So he either let his killer in or they had a key.
Blood on this napkin.
The victim was most likely sitting here on the couch watching tv when he was hit.
He could have heard something behind him.
This cast-off on the ceiling indicates the killer was standing here when he attacked.
Hawkes: There's no blood leading away from the crime scene.
The couch was between the killer and the victim.
If the killer had spatter on him, it would only be from the waist up.
Doesn't look like a robbery.
Found a $20,000 patek philippe watch and wallet on the entry table along with the vic's keys.
The severity of the attack indicates rage- someone who knew him.
And hated him.
Vic's a family court judge.
Now we just have to find his jury.
And his executioner.
You've been going out with madison for how long? Three months.
Did you ever meet judge riverton? Once or twice.
I don't think he approved of me.
I'm not the wall street type.
I- I've never seen anything like that, not even in the movies.
When was the last time you saw your father? Around 1:00.
He wanted to stay home and watch the game.
I went out.
What'd you do? Took a walk.
It was such a beautiful day.
Afterwards, I went to the movie theater to meet up with jake and charlie.
We wanted to grab something to eat, but we didn't have any money.
So you came home to get some from your father? that's when I found him.
dad, I'm home.
He must be watching tv.
I'll never get that picture out of my head.
Riverton, I'm sorry for your loss.
Are you sure the door was locked when you came home? My dad would never leave the door unlocked.
He didn't like to take chances.
You know,'cause of his work? Has he gotten any threatening letters or phone calls? Over the years, yeah.
Nothing recent.
Does anyone else have a key? Just the super, the maid, and, of course, me.
Is there anyone you can stay with? I called my mom.
She's on her way here from colorado.
Was blunt force trauma.
He was hit at least six times.
Trauma presents in two distinct shapes.
Ragged lacerations on the side of his head are parallel and horizontal, but the one on his mouth is more circular.
Dark bruising, clean edges suggest the one to the mouth was more of a jab, which also probably chipped his bicuspid here.
It's a perfect match to the tooth fragment you found in ms.
Miller there.
How that happened I can't tell you.
We found a shotgun down the street from the judge's building; I'm thinking the same weapon was used in both murders.
Bonasera: The butt of the shotgun could've caused the fracture wounds to riverton's skull.
The smaller, circular wound on his mouth is consistent with a gun barrel.
If it is the same weapon, when the judge was hit in the face, the tooth broke, slide into the barrel.
Could've been ejected with the buckshot when the gun hit the gargoyle.
And discharged itself into this poor woman, who was probably only trying to brighten up her dinner table with a tasteful floral arrangement.
So the killer bludgeons judge riverton, escapes to the roof.
Tosses the gun over the side.
But why beat someone to death with a shotgun when you could just shoot them? Hey, don.
Can I talk to you for a minute? I just wrapped up the paperwork on emily miller.
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
What's up? I'm worried about danny.
He was off yesterday, but he was supposed to come in today.
You try calling him? He's not answering his phone.
I'm gonna cover for him and tell mac he called in sick.
All right, I'm off the clock.
I'll swing by and check up on him on the way home.
I id'd our hull.
It's part of a black sunflower seed.
Get anything on the blood? Nothing definitive, but the gentian violet revealed some ridge detail on the napkin.
Could be a print.
It's hard to say.
The weave of the fabric's obscuring it.
Which means it's still obscuring our killer.
The blood you swabbed off the gun was a match to judge riverton.
I was also able to match the shape of his head wounds with the butt and barrel of the gun.
Which still doesn't explain why he was bludgeoned with it rather than shot.
When I test-fired it with new rounds, it fired perfectly from the right barrel.
But the left side malfunctioned.
The firing pin is shorter than the manufacturer's specs.
In addition to that, the primer cup used on this brand of cartridge, is made from a harder material than more modern primers.
Meaning it would take a lot more force than normal to detonate it.
The kind of force that could've occurred when the gun smashed into the gargoyle.
I also found a trace on the mouth of the barrel.
First, I thought it was blood.
Turned out to be an oil-based exterior paint.
That doesn't get us very far.
Danny's shift started two hours ago.
You heard from him? He got hit with the flu.
He took some cold medicine, knocked him out.
He just woke up.
Seems kind of sudden.
He said he felt it coming on a few days ago.
Tell him to get better.
Make sure you don't catch what he's got.
Danny! All right, open it up.
Don't I need a warrant or something? Yeah, but you also need a fire extinguisher on every floor.
Now that you put it that way.
Messer? Barnes, Ollie Released from Commitment You were in that bodega.
You slammed your gun into justin scott's face.
You crushed his cheekbones with your cast.
Stole the money from the register and fled into the subway.
We have two eye-witnesses.
Ruben, go straight home! Right now, ruben! Go home! MEMORIAL SERVICE ST.
I think I got something.
man: Manhattan bail bonds, what can I do for you? Flack, what is going on? I found the nyspin page up on his laptop.
Apparently ollie barnes was released on bail yesterday.
The bodega robber? So you think danny called the bondsman looking for ollie? Look, lindsay, I don't know.
I don't know what to think.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Give me an hour.
I'll find him.
I inputted an algorithm that represents the napkin weave.
So now if I just subtract it it'll be left with just the fingerprint.
At least that's the theory.
Not a fingerprint.
Could be a partial palm print.
That void there looks like a small scar.
Hmm, you got enough detail to run the print through afis.
Dna on the sunflower seed.
Get a hit? To an african gray parrot.
Dna's avian.
Sunflower seeds are used in birdfeed.
The judge didn't have any birds.
The killer could've tracked it in from somewhere else.
Let's start with riverton's building.
I'll talk to the super.
See if anyone has birds.
the judge was president of the building's co-op board.
He ran it like this was his courtroom and we all were in contempt.
I understand mr.
Riverton filed a petition to have you evicted.
Twice, actually.
He hated animals.
Birds especially.
"Rats with wings," he called them.
All these birds are legal imports, of course.
Yeah, of course.
Bonasera: According to the super, mr.
Riverton wanted you evicted because he thought your birds were unsanitary.
Brought germs and disease into the building.
That man was paranoid.
I mean, no one in the building liked him.
But you were the only tenant he was trying to evict.
Maybe you went down to his apartment, tried to set him straight? Absolutely not.
Bonasera: Mr.
Stark, we found a sunflower seed at the crime scene.
A black sunflower seed.
Just like the ones over here.
I sure as hell don't know how it got there.
I've never been in riverton's apartment.
And neither have my birds.
Well, as much as we trust you, we're still gonna need your prints.
What do you do with all the empty seed shells? I figure they're biodegradable, right? Print from the birdman doesn't match the print from the napkin, so it doesn't get us any closer to our killer.
You make any headway with the victim's clothes? The glittery powder on his shirt came back as gypsum drywall dust.
Well, we put that together with the paint lindsay found on the gun we might have something.
According to the new rules regarding voc emissions, oil based exterior paint can only be sold to contractors.
He would certainly have access to drywall.
Let's find out if the judge's recent divorce rulings involved anyone in the construction trade.
why don't you have a seat.
You asking or telling? 'Cause I don't like to be told what to do right now.
Especially by some woman.
She said sit down.
Remodeling the place? You could call it a work in progress.
Your divorce was finalized a week ago.
The judge who presided over it was just found dead.
What would you call that? A happy coincidence.
Is that supposed to be funny? Depends, you got a sense of humor? Depends, you funny? riverton, gave everything I owned to my wife.
My ex-wife.
Who I now have to repay for doing me the great favor of leaving me.
Spent six years renovating this place.
Six years.
Now he says I've got to give it to her.
So, no problem.
I'm going to let her have it.
Uh, mr.
Rose, when was the last time you saw judge riverton? Yesterday.
I knocked down a few walls, thought it'd make me feel better, but it didn'T.
So I got his address off the internet.
Figured I'd knock him down, too, maybe that'd work.
Judge! You do know I can have you arrested.
Arrested? I haven't done anything.
But you're thinking abouitt or you wouldn't be here.
In the future, mr.
Rose, I recommend you do your thinking at home.
What home? You gave it to my wife, remember? You put your hand on me again, I'll issue a restraining order.
So you just left him there? In the lobby of his building? Yup.
I bought a six pack and went over to my ex wife's place in jersey.
The one that I am paying for her to live in.
And she'll verify that? probably not.
But the cop she called on me sure as hell will.
Now, jersey pd confirms they picked up mr.
Rose on a domestic disturbance call at noon.
He wasn't let out of the precinct until 4:00 in the afternoon.
Which means he couldn't have committed murder.
Must be something we're not seeing.
The only thing we haven't accounted for is the paint lindsay found on the shotgun.
And the question of access.
Whoever did this knew their way around the apartment building and knew about the roof door.
And also got into riverton's apartment without showing any sign of breaking and entering.
The super and the maid both had keys, but their alibis are rock solid.
There are only two other keys that we know of- one was with the judge when he died and the other was with madison riverton.
I did a little digging into madison riverton's background.
According to the transcript from her parents' divorce hearing, she wanted to live with her mother.
But riverton used his influence as a judge to gain primary custody.
Probably didn't make madison too happy.
This was a savage attack.
The judge took six blows to the head.
One hard enough to crack his skull.
Is madison riverton physically capable of that kind of force? Maybe she had some help.
Jake and charlie fairwick.
Yeah, they said they were at the movies.
Let's see if they really were.
Nice place to play hooky.
Personally I would have gone with the batting cages.
It's closed for maintenance.
Ollie barnes is not worth screwing up your career, danny.
I give a crap about that cockroach.
, Ohyeah? Then why am I here? Rikki sandoval.
Ruben's mom? She came by my apartment this morning.
I heard ollie barnes got out on bail.
It's not right.
I told her that I agree with her, I don't think it's right.
I offer her a cup of coffee, I go in to the kitchen robbery offense, you know, it'S it's easy to make bail.
Thanks, but I should go.
She left.
I start to get ready for work and that's when I see it.
You got to report it, danny.
She stole your gun.
I can't do that! Her son is dead.
So what? You feel guilty? You owe her something? Think about it.
It's your gun, what if she uses it? Flack, I know, I know, I know, flack, but would you just think about what she's going through? I just need some time to find her.
You never saw me, okay.
What'd the bondsman give you on barnes? Old employers, a couple addresses, I got some hangouts.
I don't know how to find rikki but if I find ollie barnes chances are sooner or later she's going to show up.
We split the list.
Four hours, we come up empty after then we'll call it in, we'll call it in.
Thank you.
Movie theater security cameras picked up jake and charlie fairwick buying popcorn at the concession stand just before the 1:00 matinee.
The girl behind the counter remembers a whole conversation about the large combo.
Freeze it there.
The were in the exact same clothes all day.
And judging by the lack of blood on those clothes, there's no way they could have bludgeoned judge riverton to death.
Certainly doesn't look like there's a shotgun concealed anywhere on them.
Camera's picked them up at 3:00 pm on their way out of the movie.
Madison came to meet them.
Madison called 91115 minutes later at 3:15.
Monroe: Maybe jack and charlie weren't involved.
They were at the movies during our estimated time of death.
Question is, where was madison? Madison: I told you.
I was just wondering around, don't you ever do that? Well, the problem is, madison, no one saw you.
I sat on a park bench and read.
I did some window-shopping.
I didn't exactly think I'd need an alibi.
I can't believe you think I had something to do with this.
I know your father was tough.
He must have been difficult to live with.
Sure, he was tough, but it's just because he had high expectations of me.
What possible reason would I have for I can't even say it.
For killing him? Well, somebody had a reason.
Whoever it was had a key to your apartment.
I swear, it wasn't me.
He left you everything.
You can move to colorado now, to live with your mother.
How did you know about that? Transcript from your parents' divorce.
You wanted to live with your mother, your father wouldn't let that happen.
That would have made me pretty angry.
You're right.
I hated him.
I didn't want to be here.
I wouldn't even speak to him for a whole year.
And now he's dead and I can't tell him I'm sorry.
I can't tell him that I loved him and that I changed my mind.
Madison, I'm going to have to ask for your palm prints.
Hawkes: Ridge detail on madison's palm print doesn't match the napkin.
And there's no void.
What is the sunflower shell in relationship to the napkin? Across the room about 15 feet away.
If the shell blew down from the neighbor's apartment into riverton's open window, how'd it end up all the way across the room? The window's no where near the hallway.
Riverton could have tracked it in before he was killed.
Or maybe the killer tracked it.
The ball of the foot and the heel of the palm are tough to distinguish.
You're saying all this time we've been looking at a footprint? What if the void on the napkin is from the shell? It's a perfect fit.
The killer could have tracked the shell across the floor with their bare feet.
But why commit murder without shoes on? Doesn't make sense.
It does if they weren't wearing any clothes.
That certainly would explain why madison didn't have any blood on her.
She killed her father and then took a shower.
No blood, no hairs.
I'll give her this, she's smart.
Bludgeoning your own father to death, that's smart? Smart in a cold-blooded kind of way.
She washed away all the evidence.
Maybe not all of it.
Leave a message at the tone.
Danny, where the hell are you? Dispatch, I need a hit on a cell phone location.
Number's The mystery compound I found on the shower curtain, it turned out to be soybean oil, butter flavoring, beta-carotene and citric acid.
All of them, basic ingredients in popcorn topping.
Jake and charlie fairwick were at the movies.
I did some checking, the theater they were at uses the exact same ingredients in its popcorn topping.
Riverton's apartment is only three blocks away.
You think they snuck out, killed riverton, showered, then snuck back in? Movie and a murder.
Hell of a double feature.
They could have come out this way without being noticed.
Dark theater, nobody would have missed them.
Yeah, must have wedged something in the door so they could get back inside.
Hawkes cross-sectional analysis of the movie theater paint is an exact match to the sample I got in the shotgun barrel.
The boys must've hidden the gun on the I geed above the rear exit, and then nicked the door when they took it down.
Which still doesn't tell us if they acted alone or if madison put them up to it.
We just compared madison's footprint to the one we found on the napkin; no match.
If they boys did it, how did they get into the apartment? Madison and jake had been dating for two months, somewhere in that time, it's possible that he got access to her key, made a copy.
But why would the boys want to kill judge riverton? They hardly knew him.
He was ten.
Who? Rikki? Rikki? Go away, danny.
Rikki, put down the gun, please? He took everything from me.
I don't even know you, lady.
You shut up! Rikki, listen to me.
Sweetheart, you don't want to do this.
If he hadn't robbed that store, ruben would still be alive.
I know you think that, but if I would've stayed with ruben and made sure he got home, he'd be alive.
That's all I had to do was stay with him.
So if you want to shoot someone I want him back.
- I know, I know.
Just let me have the gun.
Let me have the gun.
crazy bitch ought to be locked up.
What you Get the hell out of here! If you ask me, that kid caught a lucky break.
Might've ended up a nut job, like his old lady.
Hey, danny! Danny! Get out of here.
Get the hell out of here! Danny? Are you taking her in or am I? She's not going in! You know this has got to be put on paper.
That mug's probably already on the phone with his lawyer, telling him all about this.
Flack, I'm gonna take her home.
I'll be at my desk.
I'll give you one hour.
After that, I'll do what I got to do.
turns out the fairwick boys were originally the highford boys.
Mother died when they were young.
Father worked three jobs, raised them until the acs entered the picture.
Court ruled he was unfit.
It says here, they were with four different foster families.
Must've been tough.
Let me guess- judge riverton is the one who took them away from their father.
He called it a case of parental neglect.
I think we just found our motive.
Bonasera: It was brilliant, charlie.
Whose idea was it to take your clothes off? I don't know what you're talking about.
We didn't do anything.
That's hard to look at, isn't it? Bonasera: We found oil from popcorn topping on the judge's shower curtain.
That's what got you, charlie.
It's always that one, little mistake.
And that show you put on at the movie theater? Ordering the jumbo combos so the girl behind the counter would remember you? It actually came back to bite you, too.
Did you know, when you threw that gun off the roof, you killed another person, an innocent girl? bonasera: Her name's emily miller.
She was shopping for flowers.
Look at her! She's only 22 years old! You want to tell us why you did this, charlie? My father loved us.
He had to work three jobs just to support us.
So he left me and my brother home a lot.
You were seven and jake was nine.
You were too young to be left alone.
Riverton called it neglect.
There was no neglect.
All my father ever did was love us.
He did everything that he could for me and my brother.
Jake's 18 now.
Legally, he could've gone to live with your father, but he didn'T.
My father died three months ago, in the south bronx.
we found him hiding in the basement of his building.
Take a seat, jake.
Jake, don't say anything.
It's too late, charlie.
I'm not letting you go down for something I did.
Jake - shut up.
My brother had nothing to do with this.
I was the one who planned it.
I hooked up with madison, made a copy of her key, then I found out when the judge would be home alone.
I went there to kill the son of a bitch.
Charlie just stood there.
It was me all me.
charlie, go take a shower.
Charlie? One crime, five victims: Emily miller and judge riverton, who lost their lives; madison lost a father; and you two lost your future.
I thought you were off today? Yeah, something came up with danny.
It it's A long story.
How about I tell you later, over an irish coffee? I think I know just the place.
Jess, would you take her inside? Sure.
Messer, hang on a sec.
What, don? What do you want me to say? I called ahead to arraignment.
She'll be walked through the system, released on her recognizance.
She won't spend a night in jail.
You know what? You should mind your own business.
You're my friend, danny.
Makes it my business.
You've got to stop blaming yourself from ruben's death.
Ruben, go straight home, ruben! Go straight home! Woman: Help! Somebody stop him! how? How can I do that?