CSI: NY s04e18 Episode Script


Car keys, people! You're not out of here yet, unfortunately.
You're still our responsibility.
Hey, Mr.
Is this open bar? Top shelf only? Very funny, Mr.
Don't give me a reason to withdraw my recommendation to Yale.
Save me a dance? Have fun, Lacey.
Car keys.
Thank you.
Give it up for our king and queen: Jason Francis and Laura Davis! Only two more months, people! As your class president, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that each and every one of you doesn't slack off.
However, to avoid being impeached my advice is to skip more classes! Blow off a calculus final! Let's make these last few weeks count! on behalf of all of you when I say that I genuinely love this place.
I want to thank the faculty integrity and morals that will guide us into a future rife with promise.
Our vic is Robert Greggs.
He was a guidance counselor.
Divorced, no kids.
He also chaperoned the dance and played key master.
Who discovered the body? Who discovered the body? You two have been working together way too long.
A student came in looking for her keys and boom.
Boom? You and Danny have been working together way too long.
This guy took a hell of a beating.
Witnesses? No one's come forward yet.
But we got a gym full of potential suspects right next door.
Say cheese! Behold the future.
Yeah, future suspects, Mac.
·­Ò룺¸öÈËID ʱ¼äÖ᣺Á÷Ü & Jimmy У Ô£º¸öÈËID ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é£ºÅ¦Ô¼ µÚËļ¾µÚ18¼¯ Phosphoric acid sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid.
He couldn't have kept the keys in the English room? Which one of those you think melted this guy's face off? Hydrofluoric acid, highly lethal.
Trace amounts of this on the skin can dissolve and eat it away without you even knowing it.
Half a bottle of this spills on your face? Why would you keep something that dangerous in a high school lab? Probably to demonstrate its ability to dissolve glass.
It's commonly used in glass etching.
Silicon dioxide plus four molecules of hydrofluoric acid produces? Oh, me, me,me, pick me! Oh.
That's cold, man.
One minute Mr.
Gregg was there and the next, he was gone.
Do you remember the last time you saw him? He introduced me before my speech, but I don't know where he went after that.
Do you know of any students who might have had something against him? No.
Everyone loved Mr.
The guy was useless.
Paul Chambers, Chris Braxton, Walter Upton Any one of those guys fits the profile.
Did you see where Mr.
Greggs went after he introduced the president of your class? No, uh-uh.
But I took a picture on my phone when he was up there.
Will this help? Mind if I borrow that for a while? Sure.
I have another one at home.
Of course you do.
Greggs was an inspiring mentor, the kind of man I'd like to be in 20 years- only making 50 times more money.
It's sad when such a young life is taken from us before Stop.
Just stop.
What do you know? Well, I think we're looking at a fairly short window of opportunity.
Most of the kids remember the vic introducing the class president.
And at one point during her speech, she referenced Mr.
Greggs, but he wasn't in the gym.
One student snapped this photo at exactly 10:18.
So he was alive at 10:18 What time was the body found? Approximately 10:30.
A 12-minute window.
It's possible he left the gym with someone during that period.
I'm gonna collect as many of these as I can, get them back to Adam.
If the students didn't see anything, maybe their cell phones did.
No, everyone else's priorities need to be checked, not mine.
Yeah, yeah, all right, I get it.
Sinclair? Every five minutes, it's someone else.
Half the brass wants me working the cab driver serial.
But you caught a murder at an elite prep school whose alumni contributes half the mayor's campaign funds.
Not to mention Deputy Inspector Gerrard's daughter is a student here.
But until we catch this cab driver, my phone's not going to stop ringing.
Matter of time.
I got uniforms conducting taxi checkpoints throughout the five boroughs, flyers distributed to dispatchers, and foot posts on bridges and overpasses in case he decides to dump another victim.
Maybe we need to use the media.
They already know we're looking for a yellow cab, rigged to allowcarbon monoxide to flow into the passenger compartment.
Tell 'em about the disabled rear door locks and the torn passenger bill of rights sticker.
But don't mention the marks he leaves on the back of the victims' necks.
You got it.
Hey, uh, what about the tarps he wraps the vics in? Any leads on that yet? You're gonna start riding my ass now, too? Taylor.
Yeah, he's claimed at least three victims that we know of.
All died of carbon monoxide poisoning after getting in his cab.
Let's hope we don't have to wait for another body to surface.
Do you have any idea how often I've wondered what would happen if you swallowed this stuff? And there it is, sitting on the shelf, perhaps the most corrosive acid known to man, and you just get that urge to take a swig.
You know what I'm talking about? Absolutely.
It's like whenever I pick up a scalpel, I wonder if I could perform a live autopsy on myself.
You do that, too? 'Cause I thought I was Don't play with me like that.
The COD is pulmonary edema.
As you can see, your victim ingested more than the recommended dose of zero cc's of hydrofluoric acid, 'causing the walls of the trachea to inflame, the lungs to fill with fluid, and, ultimately, respiratory failure.
Nothing to suggest the acid was forced down his throat.
Bloodshot eye, no petechial hemorrhaging.
Fumes from the acid? Most likely, the capillaries were also dilated.
I took a swab of the cornea and sent it to Trace to confirm.
Now, the periodic table got the best of him, but, uh, your vic also took a pretty severe beating.
A fractured jaw.
Is part of his cheekbone missing there? More of the marvels of hydrofluoric acid.
As it dissolves into the skin, the fluoride anion combines with the calcium in the bones? Causing the bones to liquefy.
The beating suggests this was personal.
No? Possibly.
I want some Skittles, give me a pack of menthols, and, uh, them Ho Hos over there.
Ooh, I love me some Ho Hos.
And I want all your money Adam.
Oh, yes, hi.
Uh Yeah.
You familiar with Photosynth? Photosynth? Yes.
Taking a large collection of photos, analyzing the similarities and displaying them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.
Build me a high school gym.
What up? Are you serious? This is peyote.
Marijuana seeds, 'shrooms.
Looks like someone was growing their own magic garden.
Right under the faculty's nose, man.
Sometimes too much education can be a dangerous thing.
Lindsay found a flask in the vic's pocket, so we got drugs, alcohol Yeah, and also one other little gem.
Places our royal couple at the crime scene.
Looks like we got our kingpin.
But it wasn't me.
You got the wrong guy, man, I'm telling you.
It was Jason's idea.
I don't even know what peyote is.
He said peyote was used by Native Americans to pray and induces a dreamlike, drifting sensation.
You think I'd be that stupid to do that in one of the classrooms? "Come on, they'll never know.
It'll be hysterical.
" Laura's way too sweet to get caught up in something like that.
What a jackass.
So what happened? You two go into the lab, check on your little experiment, Mr.
Greggs catches you, notices the drugs.
Greggs never came in, not while we were in there.
We also found a flask that was confiscated by Mr.
Sounds like you two were looking to do some partying, huh? I don't know anything about a flask.
We didn't drink anything last night.
We'll let your DNA tell us that.
I swear, Jason just wanted to see if the marijuana seeds were starting to grow.
Then we left.
It was just a goof.
We weren't going to use the drugs.
Mac? Everything okay? Same old same old with the bosses.
Why haven't I dragged someone in on the taxicab serial? Meanwhile, the mayor wants you focused on the prep school homicide.
The faster we can solve it, the faster I can put more resources into the cab killer.
Anyway, where are we on the prep school homicide? Pulled DNA off the flask we found in Robert Greggs' jacket.
Turns out it was his.
No other prints or profiles? Nope.
He was knocking a few back at the dance.
It seems like our guidance counselor Nice office for a guidance counselor.
What exactly are we looking for? A reason for Mr.
Greggs to start drinking.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth.
This place is a machine for churning out Ivy League students.
Lindsay, you have the crime scene photos? Yeah.
He's missing his watch.
We recovered his wallet.
Didn't read like a robbery.
Maybe he just forgot to wear it.
Definitely escaping from something.
Well, he wasn't much for dressing the part.
Probably couldn't afford it, making only a tad more than their tuition.
Supplemental income? But what's with these tokens? You see something? No.
Let's go.
What the hell are we doing here? The vic made extra cash fluffing and folding? Tokens don't work.
They only take quarters.
Went a little overboard on the "out of order" sign.
We're going to need some backup.
Hey, you, get off the phone.
Now, what? It's like I told you.
All right, you want to help me out here, turn around Watch the shoes! I think we got our guy.
Hundred bucks says you're the good cop, he's the bad cop.
Where'd you get the watch? It was a gift.
What do you care? It belongs to a dead man.
You got that right.
Some DA's might consider that a confession.
How much he owe you? Who? Robert Greggs, the owner of the watch.
So, 18 in the hole gets you a face full of acid, huh? What? Tell you what, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
The acid was an accident, still, the beatdown gets you manslaughter.
You want to tell me what he's talking about? I think you know.
He's not dead, is he? Tell me he's not dead.
Where were you last night? Right here.
Waiting for that degenerate to give me at least a piece of what he owed.
The watch knocked off three, and he said he could scrape up another five.
But he never showed.
Greggs had till the end of the week to make good.
Otherwise? Otherwise I'd get some use out of that new shovel I bought.
Now I'm gonna talk to all these people over here.
If they don't confirm that you were here last night, all night, the only dice you're gonna roll is with a jury, you hear me? Hey, Mac? Your gambler's alibi checked out, didn't it? Someone beat him to the punch.
How'd you know? Because I think we might be looking for a girl.
Tan trace we found on the vic's shirt cuff.
Makeup? Some sort of concealer.
Nothing unique about it, so we couldn't track down a specific manufacturer.
Victim was tossed around pretty good.
Maybe we're dealing with more than one killer.
It's hard to believe a high school girl could have beat him up like that.
Unless she incapacitated him in some way.
The swab Sid collected from around the vic's eyes came back as pepper spray.
Victim's capillaries were dilated.
We thought it was the fumes from the acid, but the pepper spray must have blinded him.
Anyone could have had their way with him after that.
These were among the keys lying next to the vic.
Positive for pepper spray.
Who do they belong to? You're not gonna like the answer to that.
What do you mean, don't get worked up? My daughter's in the box.
You're telling me you have evidence that might link her to a murder.
I think I got a right to be worked up.
There's nothing's conclusive right now, Inspector.
We just need to ask her some questions, and then we know where we stand.
I want to be in there.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I don't give a damn what you think.
Listen to me.
Calm down for a second.
I'm telling you straight, Stan, I don't make her for Robert Greggs' murder, but maybe she can tell us something that'll put us onto the right person.
She's scared, Stan.
You being in there isn't going to help.
We have a better chance of learning what happened that night if Detective Monroe and I go in there alone.
If you don't like the path we're going down, you just knock on the window, and it's over.
You have my word.
All right.
Do you know why you're here, Natalie? Look, I'm sure you've heard enough stories from your father to know how this usually goes.
I have a great deal of respect for your father, so, no tricks, no hidden agenda.
I'm just trying to get a better understanding of what happened at the dance.
I don't know what happened.
I wish I could believe that was true.
Well, it is.
What was your relationship with Mr.
Greggs like? What do you mean? Over the last three months, you and he have had a lot of meetings.
So? Why did you withdraw your acceptance to Northwestern? Everybody in your class is going to college, Natalie.
Everybody except you.
Why did you change your mind? College isn't for everyone.
In the last three months, you went from being an A student to a C student.
You, "Became withdrawn from your classmates.
" And then the decision not to go to college.
What happened? Nothing happened.
I just don't want to go, okay? Had a lot of meetings with Mr.
Greggs because he was interested in my future.
Or maybe he was interested in you.
Is there any chance that Mr.
Greggs misinterpreted the time that you were spending together? Maybe make a pass at you? Mr.
Greggs would never do that.
But you told him you didn't think of him like that.
We know he'd been drinking.
Did he ask you to meet him in the science lab the night of the dance? He came onto you, so you used your pepper spray on him.
He took a hell of a beating.
You must have brought someone with you.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Who are you trying to protect, Natalie? Okay.
We're going to need to take a sample of your makeup.
Detective Monroe Don't say another word, Natalie.
Pretty cool, huh? The clarity is unbelievable.
And in 3-D.
Well done.
So, we know that Robert Greggs introduced the president at 10:18.
The question is, where did he go after that, and with whom? Can you zoom in to the crowd on the other side of the platform? Yup.
Here you go.
Over there.
Rotate it Hold on.
Hold on.
Go to the left.
A little more.
A little more.
Go wide.
Little bit more.
Go in.
Right there.
Zoom in on that door.
A little bit more.
That's our vic heading out the side door.
Zoom in a little closer.
There someone in front of him.
Wait a minute.
I know him.
I mean I mean, I- I don't know his name, but Hold on one second.
Skull and crossbones.
Yeah, I knew I'd seen that before.
That's our guy.
I asked him for my girlfriend's keys.
And your girlfriend is? Lacey Pearlman.
She drove that night, so I went next door to the science lab with Mr.
G to get her keys for her.
It was at 10:15.
The dance wasn't over till midnight.
She wasn't feeling well.
Am I a suspect? She couldn't wait till after the speech? I'm not sure I like where this is going.
Greggs was killed between 10:18 and 10:30.
It's a short window.
And here you are heading into the science lab with him at 10:20.
How do you know that's me? It's Microsoft's world, kid.
I'm just living in it.
I told you, we just went to get Lacey's keys.
He gave them to me, and we left.
I didn't hear about Mr.
G being killed until the next morning.
And Lacey Pearlman can confirm that? Absolutely.
Flack, we need you outside.
Where's my son! I want to see my son! Where the hell is he? Sir, calm down.
No, I will not calm down.
I want to talk to my son.
It's okay, Jimmy.
Can I help you, sir? I'm Jesse's father.
Is he in there? What are you doing to him? We're not doing anything to him, Mr Wallace Carver.
I want all questions to stop right now.
I've called a lawyer, and he's on his way.
Carver, your son is not a suspect.
We're just asking him some questions.
Yeah, I'm sure it's been very cordial.
Is he under arrest? I just told you Then I'm taking my son home.
I just got off the phone with Flack.
Jesse Carver's girlfriend confirmed his story.
She said she was feeling a little nauseous and asked Carver to get her keys, and they met out front.
Uh, that's not much of an alibi, and he was still alone with the victim during a 12-minute window.
Yeah, that's what I said, but this Lacey Pearlman claims that there was nothing strange about Carver's behavior when they met outside.
In fact, they sat down for a few minutes so she could get some air.
You still think Gerrard's daughter had something to do with this? Well, she's involved somehow.
Just not sure what she knows.
Talk to some of the students, see what you can find out about her.
I will get you.
Oh, yes, you will be mine.
Adam, come here.
Pull up the Photosynth picture of the high school gym.
Time of the class president's speech.
Rotate to the right.
Yeah, that's Mr.
Okay, keep going.
Rotate 180 degrees.
What are you looking for? Not what, who.
Who are we looking for? Someone who might not be there.
This some sort of Abbott and Costello routine? 'Cause if it is, I got dibs on Costello.
Zoom in on the girl in the pink dress.
Inspector Gerrard's daughter.
At the time of the speech.
She was leaving.
You saw Mr.
Greggs go into the science lab with Jesse Carver.
Where were you going, Natalie? Home.
I was tired.
Without your keys? We talked to some of your friends at school.
They said that you and Jesse dated for a little while about three months ago.
Why didn't you ever mention him? You went out three or four times.
That's when your grades started to slip, and you became withdrawn.
What happened, Natalie? Why are you protecting him? Sweetheart, please.
If you know something that can help them, anything now's the time.
I'm not going to let anything happen to you.
I promise, Natalie, I would never let anyone hurt you.
I didn't want him to do it to her, too.
What-What do you mean, Natalie? Mr.
Greggs? What did he do to you, baby? Can I talk to her? Alone? Yes, of course you can.
Stan? Why don't you and I just go outside for a bit? Do you need a few minutes? I'm okay.
Listen, Natalie, this kind of thing, it happens more than you would think.
If Mr.
Greggs came on to you or touched you in any way Not him.
Greggs was always nice to me.
Jesse? What did he do to you? He was so charming and funny.
He really knew how to make me feel good.
So I went out with him a few times.
And this one time we went to a party, and Jesse kept bringing me drinks.
And I remember telling myself to slow down But I liked him.
I wanted him to see that I could keep up.
That I could be the life of the party, too.
Afterwards, we went back to his house.
My head was spinning.
I could barely make it up the steps.
It's okay.
What happened upstairs? I don't know.
I remember Jesse on top of me.
And and there was someone else.
I felt someone else touching me.
Did you tell anybody? I was too embarrassed.
I should know better than to put myself in that situation.
You can't blame yourself, Natalie.
This is not your fault.
Yeah, my father's deputy inspector.
Try telling him that.
What did you mean when you said you didn't want him to do it to her, too? Lacey.
I saw Jesse pour alcohol into a glass.
I knew what he was doing.
I couldn't let him get away with it again.
So you told Mr.
Greggs what Jesse had done to you.
When I saw Mr.
Greggs pull Jesse aside, I grabbed my coat and left.
I didn't care about my keys, I just wanted to get out of there.
I should've never said anything.
Yes, Natalie, you should have.
You saw that he was going to do it to somebody else.
You had to say something.
Now, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but is there somebody I can talk to? Or is there something that can corroborate what happened with Jesse? I still have the dress I wore the night he raped me.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
Taxi! I think I'm going to be sick.
Is that Natalie's dress? Yep.
She kept it in a plastic bag in the back of her closet.
We collected semen samples.
There were two donors, just like she said.
Call the DA.
Get a warrant for Jesse Carver's DNA.
We don't need to.
He's already in the system.
One of the donors is a guy named Frank Moore, AKA Wallace Carver.
He's not Jesse's father.
He's a convicted sex offender.
He was released four years ago, never registered.
He fell off the map.
And the other donor is Jesse Carver.
Except he's not Jesse Carver.
Hank Bedford.
Check out the date of birth.
March 18, 1976.
He's 32 years old, Mac.
He was posing as a 17-year-old student to prey on high school girls.
Clear! Put your hands behind your back.
Now! Freeze! Don't move.
There's a special place in hell for guys like you, Frank.
I've always wanted to travel someplace warm.
You and Hank met while doing a short stint up at Hudson Correctional? That is one smart boy.
Let me tell you.
How smart? Smart enough to maintain a 3.
45 GPA in the city's best prep school.
Hell, if I had given a crap when I was actually in high school, I could've gone on to be the successful lawyer type.
Instead you went on to become the successful scumbag rapist type.
" Still, you have to admire the ingenuity.
Frank had a couple of priors for forgery.
So we hatched a scheme to manufacture documents and enroll me in high school.
All so you could lure girls back to your house.
Had to take advantage of Hank's boyish looks.
And with his charm, those girls were sitting ducks.
And when he "graduated," what then? Well, sky is the limit.
Skip town, find a nice apartment near another Ivy League prep school.
But it all ended when Natalie Gerrard got the courage to tell Mr.
Greggs what you had done to her.
I just heard some disturbing information, Jesse.
And before I call the police, I thought maybe I would give you a chance to respond.
Once you hit him with the pepper spray he was an easy target.
But you had no intention of leaving that room with Robert Greggs alive.
How many other girls were there before Natalie? I'm not gonna give it to you on a platter.
I choose to exercise my right to remain silent.
We have your DNA on Natalie's dress.
Her testimony, the makeup you wear to make yourself look younger, we have that on Robert Greggs' shirt; we have photos of you two leaving the gym together.
You can exercise all the rights you want, but you're never going to see the light of day again.
Well, we'll just have to see then, huh? I'll take that lawyer now.
I've been on the job a long time, but I've never seen anything like this.
He talking? A couple of admissions about his relationship with mope number two in there and enrolling in the school, but now he's crying lawyer.
I'll tell you, his lack of remorse is chilling.
He doesn't seem even remotely sorry.
Yeah, your brain's got to be all kinds of screwed up to concoct something like that.
Thank God it ended when it did.
God only knows how many other girls are too embarrassed to come forward.
Your guy asking for a lawyer, too? I can't get over how elaborate it was.
Forged transcripts, standardized tests, fake letters from schools he never attended.
That kind of preparation takes