CSI: NY s04e19 Episode Script

Personal Foul

There's the halftime buzzer, but CBS Sports coverage continues.
Hell of a game,Mess.
Glad you could make it.
You should piss Lindsay off more often.
Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery with you here, and what an exciting evening of playoff action we've already seen,Bill.
The action is just beginning! One lucky fan's seat number is about to be drawn at random, giving him one chance to sink a shot from half-court.
And walk away with $1 million,Verne! I'm talking Benjamins! Never going to happen.
Why? You think you could do it? You kidding me? Boom.
Nothing but net,baby.
Section 214.
Row E.
Seat 5! Seat 5?! That's me! Million dollars! Show me some sugar! Whoo! What's your name? Dugan Scott.
Ready to take your shot at a million bucks,Dugan? Oh,yeah! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! All right,New York fans, let's get ready to cheer on Dugan Scott for the $1 million shot! Oh,I think he can do it.
No,he can't.
Want to make a little wager? I hate to take a colleague's money, but,for you,I will be happy to make the exception.
Come on! He did it! He did it! Oh,my goodness! I just saw it, and I still can't believe it! And we have a winner - Dugan Scott,$1 million! Let him hear it! Whoo! I owe you ten.
Oh,my God! Call the paramedics.
Ladies and gentlemen, for security purposes, please remain in your seats Everybody,please stand back.
I've got a faint pulse.
until further instructions,thank you.
No response.
Danny? Hold it right here,fellas.
All right.
You can go.
He just fell down.
He's gone.
Heart attack? Doesn't look like it.
Hyperhidrosis,severe rashing, dilated pupils.
Looks like some sort of poisoning.
It would have to be pretty fast-acting.
I mean,we just saw him run down here and sink that shot with our own eyes.
Either way,looks like this game just went into overtime.
* Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah.
* Okay,so it turns out our vic,Dugan Scott, was a ten-year season ticket holder in seat E5.
He also picked up a couple drunk-and-disorderly tickets along the way.
Anybody on the floor see anything? Spoke to a couple cheerleaders, refs,security staff.
All of them had their eyes glued to the basket until he hit the hardwood.
Surprised he didn't kick the bucket from altitude sickness with these seats.
That or the nachos.
You know,maybe we should take a look at this scene from another angle.
This was a televised game, right? There were cameras all over the place? If you could get us some footage, maybe we can get a better-detailed picture of what happened.
I'll make some calls.
I think I might be able to make a call right now.
This is somebody's blood.
It sure doesn't belong here.
And New York's Tough Talk continues.
I gotta tell you,between last night's playoff game getting cut short and the whole damn city getting shut down by this killer cabbie,we could all use a serious break.
Shut it off! Who called it in? Anonymous tip to 911 at 5:27 this morning.
No ID on the vic.
Petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes.
Cherry-red lividity, indicating CO poisoning.
The neck carvings are here,too.
Looks like another Cabbie Killer victim.
Same tarp as well except for these.
No ID on this either.
Some kind of magnet? Sure looks like it.
You see something? No,that's the problem.
What happened to the rest of the coins in this fountain? Abraham Katz? NYPD.
To what do I owe the honor? According to the Parks Department, you empty the fountain at Brill Park every morning.
Yeah,and Bethesda and Lincoln Center, City Hall; that's my job.
You didn't notice a dead body there the last time you swept up? Listen,sweetheart, I've been cleaning fountains for this city for 18 years.
I lost track of how many dead bodies I've seen in that time.
All I know is,there was 50 pounds of change in that thing.
I had to empty it, before my homeless friends showed up to do it for me.
Well,you tampered with a crime scene.
At least I called 911.
So once you've collected the change, what do you do with it? Clean it,sort it,turn it over to the city's general fund.
Did you clean the Brill Park take yet? No,it's still over there.
Anything else I can do for you? Yeah.
You can carry these down to the car.
You know,it's just this sort of thing that's always made me shy away from organized sports.
Though,I do enjoy fencing.
You got a COD? Indeed.
But it's not quite as simple as a stab wound or gunshot.
It never is.
Your victim succumbed rather quickly and painfully to atropine poisoning.
That comes from a plant,doesn't it? Atropa belladonna, also known as nightshade.
Tox screen picked it up.
It's an herb used in a variety of medical products.
The berries and leaves are the most lethal components, and in this case, the poison was at a concentrated dosage that would've caused ventricular fibrillation inside of five minutes.
He died at halftime, so it must've happened inside the arena.
I didn't find any injection points, and his lung tissue's clear, so it wasn't inhalation.
Well,that leaves contact or ingestion.
Something corroded the area around his mouth.
Any stomach contents? Like you wouldn't believe.
At least two hot dogs, popcorn,nachos,peanuts, an ice cream sandwich, and almost a full liter of beer.
I'm surprised he could get out of his seat.
What's even more surprising were the traces of phentermine I also found in his bloodstream.
Scott was taking an appetite suppressant? Clearly a failure in this case, but someone still found him lovable.
Lip prints.
I lifted them from both cheeks, the neck,and the forehead in various shades from Candy Kitten to Sangria Sunset.
cheerleading squad.
I also pulled a faint print from his mouth and then took a reference print from his own lips after washing.
Anything else? That's it for now.
All right,looks like the ball's in our court.
Hey,wait up a sec.
Where's the fire? Got work to do.
I was thinking that maybe we could,uh, we could talk.
Now? This isn't exactly the best time.
You tell me when.
Honestly,I don't know.
Mac Taylor.
Hey,it's Reed.
I'm about to put up a new blog post about the Cabbie Killer and I was hoping that maybe you could help me with some I gave you this number for personal, not professional reasons.
Yes,I know,but I'm just trying to put together a real profile on this guy, you know? I mean, don't you think that people have the right to know about who they're afraid of? Look,I'm impressed by your determination,Reed, maybe even a little bit proud, but you're a journalist and I'm a detective on this case.
You're crossing the line here.
Yes,but isn't that what lines are for? Not in my business.
Come on.
Throw me a bone,Mac.
Well,you won't give 'em a story,then I will.
Hey,I got nothing from those cups and wrappers we collected from Dugan Scott's section, but I got a hit in CODIS on the blood splatter I found on the seat.
Came back to a Hudson Sports Arena concession salesman named Lamont Henford who just happened to get off parole last month.
And here's the real punch line.
Apparently, he mixed it up with Dugan Scott in the stands two games ago.
Scott filed a formal complaint with security.
So you're thinking what? Henford hit back? Peanuts,popcorn,poison.
E5? Yeah,I served him.
Way too many times for my taste.
How's your taste been affected by that fat lip? Listen,man, that guy was an ass.
Drank like a rock star, tipped like a roadie, t I was used to that.
And then he just pushed me too damn far.
Called me over for another beer.
From the way he looked, I should have kept walking, but I stopped and then he started.
Check your zipper! Check your zipper! Check your zipper! Check your zipper! I mean,embarrassed the hell out of me,you know? But after he decked me, I just got back up, said,"To hell with it.
" Seems awfully nice.
What happened next? Then I went home early.
Had a few beers of my own.
As much as I wanted to kill that bastard, I wasn't about to go back to jail for him.
That remains to be seen,pal.
Detective Taylor,is the body you found at Brill Park another Cabbie Killer victim? We're currently investigating that possibility.
There's been a lot of speculation lately about just who this serial killer really is.
Can you speak to that at all? Can I speak to speculation? No.
Just because you read it online or in the papers doesn't make it so.
The fact is there are a lot of dedicated investigators working extremely hard to stop this individual, whoever he is, from killing again.
As one of those forced to speculate in the absence of any real information being released by the NYPD, I wonder if you can just tell me this,Detective Taylor: Would you take a New York City taxicab right now? No,I wouldn't.
Not until this killer is found and brought to justice.
No further questions.
Detective Taylor, Detective Taylor.
Are you crazy? I've got a good mind to have the mayor hail himself a cab right now.
Maybe you're crazy.
Look,you can't allow one man to bring this entire city to a standstill.
Jordan,one man put a bomb in his shoe, and now we all get to tiptoe barefoot through the airport.
Yeah,but that didn't cripple the airline industry.
Look,I appreciate the inconvenience, but in my opinion, one more person dying at the hand of a murderer is one too many.
on taxis here every day.
They can walk or take the subway.
What about the 42,000 cabbies out of work? I'd rather be unemployed than dead.
Well,that can be arranged.
Jordan,you do your job.
I'll do mine.
Not if yours involves panicking the public.
Let me ask you something.
Are you gonna take responsibility for the next person killed in a cab? I didn't think so.
??'re back.
Let's take another call.
Yeah,listen,I walked I'm ready to kill this Cabbie Killer.
I'm rerunning every possible database search on the ritualistic neck carvings: addresses,transportation schedules,you name it.
Whatever his code is,we just haven't cracked it yet.
All right, then let's step it out again.
Our killer has claimed five victims.
Two of them were real estate agents.
Both found on the beach.
The first one almost survived.
There's the attorney from Jersey.
Then we found the grad student.
He,like the others,was trapped in the back of the cab, fought to get out, but all ultimately died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
All the victims had the signature carvings on the back of the neck.
Any additional information on the vic from the fountain? Nothing that ties her into the others.
I did find this.
It was in two pieces.
I'm guessing it came apart in the water.
Lead composition, so it's probably old.
Nothing pops up in any souvenir search thus far, but I'm thinking it could be tied to our killer.
Well,maybe he tracked it in with him when he dumped the body at Brill Park.
I'll keep following it, see where it leads us.
Excuse me.
Want to go on a field trip? Where to? Kings County College.
Analysis on the white trace I pulled off our latest tarp came back as avian waste.
We got a million pigeons in this town.
Yeah, but how many wild South American Quaker parrots do you think there are,hmm? Back in the late '60s, there was some crook working the tarmac at JFK unloading cargo planes.
He liked to keep some of the cargo for himself.
ly he got more than what he bargained for when he opened one from Argentina.
Turns out it was packed full of parrots.
Once they flew the coop, they took up roost here.
They've been multiplying in numbers and noise ever since.
I hear that.
So maybe our Cabbie Killer got his tarps from someplace in this vicinity.
Those are the same tarps we found our bodies wrapped in, and they've been cut.
These tire treads are standard size.
They don't match any of the other construction rigs on the site.
They don't even look like they belong here.
Looks like the fence was cut.
Is this where our Cabbie Killer stops for supplies? Need help picking the right shade? Ha,ha,ha, that's just it.
Unless the makeup counter at Bloomie's is selling mood lipstick, this partial print we got from our vic's mouth seems to have changed color.
It started out pink.
Now it's amber.
Means the efflorescent crystalline residue we're looking at is atropine trace.
That explains the color shift.
So which cheerleader wore it? And if she had poison on her lips why isn't she dead,too? * Everywhere kiss me, everywhere kids speak * * No catch no beat * * Everywhere kiss me, everywhere kiss me * * Everywhere kiss me * Sexy but dangerous.
* No catch no beat * * Everywhere kiss, everywhere kiss,kiss me * * We're three,we're three * * We're three,we're three, in the dark tonight * * And baby my snake is a shark tonight * Lindsay,focus on Paula Tolomeo,okay? I just got a match on her lipstick print.
Okay,but lipstick's not enough.
We'll have to find more.
We got a tread pattern match on the tire tracks we lifted from the fumigation site.
Definitely not from the equipment we saw at King's College.
Goodfire steel-belted radials circa 2006.
Distributor's list narrowed us down to eight New York cab companies that have bought them since then.
And what I just found out about our fountain magnet will narrow the search even further.
It's a dispatch button.
Cab companies used to use it to track the locations of their taxis.
Most cabs today are traced by GPS.
There can't be too many cab companies around still using magnets.
As a matter of fact, there's only one.
Okay,we got a caller on the line who's a cabbie?! Used to be - now there's no work for any of us.
Yeah,we use it.
It's just some old school relic the owner's too cheap to take down.
You guys don't find this whack job any time soon,we're all going to be a bunch of relics.
h of relics.
Like I said,found a magnet from this board at a crime scene.
Any idea how it got there? Look around.
All I know is, we're not going anywhere.
Especially some piece of junk from the shop.
Think about it.
Is there any other place these magnets are kept? That's the only place I've ever seen them.
The ones we manage to pick up and stick back on anyway.
What,they just fall off? Some hack knocked them off a few months back when he was pissed off over not making his month's lease.
Punched a hole in the wall while he was at it.
Real piece of work - that guy.
You got a name? An employment record? Are you kidding me? You have any idea how many cabbies come and go through here on a daily basis? Half the time I can't even pronounce their names, much less write them down.
But if you want to go through my files We will.
How about you show us that hole in the wall first? Rodrigo to the office.
Rodrigo to the office.
Is this what you're looking for? That's exactly what we're looking for.
What is it,Hawkes? I just got a case-to-case hit.
What? So the DNA you got off the wall is a match to a blood sample from an unsolved murder case in Rochester.
You know what this means? We got to get our hands on that evidence.
??? Detective Taylor,is the body you found at Brill Park another Cabbie Killer victim? We're currently investigating that possibility.
Detective Taylor,are these murders connected? Need me? Yeah.
Your Rochester evidence is being choppered in as we speak.
That DNA blood sample could be exactly the break we've been looking for.
Hope you're right about that.
Catching it from all sides,huh? Let's just say that between the media and the mayor's office I should probably be wearing a flak jacket right about now.
We're closing in,Mac.
We're going to nail this guy.
You know that.
Whether we can do it on everyone else's schedule, that's another story.
People want this killer's head on a platter, and if they don't get it soon, they'll happily take mine instead.
What was it you once said? Uh,"When the heat is on, you got to wear more sunblock.
" I said that? Mm-hmm.
Think I was just back from vacation.
Probably in a much better mood.
Today I got a call from the widow of Ben Melvoy.
The attorney from Jersey.
They have a toddler and a newborn.
They were two weeks away from celebrating their tenth anniversary.
And then he gets into the wrong cab.
My God.
But you know what hit me the hardest? She couldn't have been sweeter.
Held it together, didn't even cry.
All she asked me to do is to stop this killer from hurting someone else.
But in spite of all the heartache, the bloodshed he's causing, the only thing I could really offer her was an apology.
Are we going to get this guy? We have to.
We have to.
There's the halftime buzzer Row E.
Yeah! Whoo! Row E.
Seat 5.
She announced a different seat number than the one she picked.
So much for our random drawing.
Okay,the vic in the case-to-case search is a named Paige Lopez.
Priors for prostitution.
Witnesses saw her coming out of a bar with an ND male.
The Monroe County Sheriff's Department found her body two days later floating in the Genesee.
Multiple defense wounds, so she definitely put up a fight.
COD was strangulation.
No carbon monoxide asphyxiation, but she did have the L2729 carvings on her neck.
So it's got to be our Cabbie Killer.
Well,if it is, there's something seriously wrong with him.
This blood sample he left behind in the struggle is riddled with agranulocytosis.
Agranulated white blood cells Yeah.
That's usually induced with exposure to drugs or radiation therapies.
A junkie maybe? Or a cancer patient? I'll get this to tox.
See if it will tell us how sick this sicko really is.
This is her apartment, Detective.
Paula Tolomeo.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
Hello? Nobody's home.
I don't know.
A lot of big books with big words for a cheerleader.
Maybe she doesn't live alone.
This look a little big for her,no? You hear anything about a roommate,perhaps? Super said she's the only tenant, but pro cheerleaders aren't exactly on the high end of the pay scale.
Maybe she's subletting.
A lot of diet pills.
Could explain the phentermine trace that Sid found on the vic.
Not a lot of food.
I wonder if that's her roommate.
I found her secret garden, I can tell you that much.
What's the other stuff? Looks like Calabar beans.
Wait a minute.
That's it.
She also made an antidote.
There is one? Physostigmine.
It comes from the Calabar bean.
Ophthalmologists use it to contract their patients' pupils.
But she used it to stay alive.
Paula could've ground up the berries and the beans.
Made two differe concentrated elixirs, then she refills the diet pills, one with poison, the other with antidote.
She would've had to swallow the antidote first to counteract the effects of the poison.
But then all she had to do was pop the other pill.
All right,New York fans, let's get ready to cheer on Dugan Scott for the $1 million shot! Let him hear it! And the shot clock starts to tick.
Talk about a personal foul.
All right,I'm with you on the "how," but what about the "why"? Well,maybe our mystery girl can answer that.
You made up a story implying I was the source.
Look,what do you want me to say? I am getting People like to read my blog.
Which is exactly why you should be more careful what you say.
We don't have time for careful,Mac.
We have a serial killer to catch.
I have a serial killer to catch.
You just want a headline.
But I get it, so out of love and respect for your mother, I'll give you an exclusive.
You ready? Watch who you mess with.
Is that a threat from you or from the killer? Both.
Eat a salad.
Eat a salad.
That's the chant he started.
It was two yrs ago but I can still feel the humiliation like it was yesterday.
Section 214,row K,seat three.
Eat a salad! ALL Eat a salad! Eat a salad! Please stop.
My boyfriend was at that game.
He dumped me the very next day.
And because my fat face was on the big screen- complete strangers would come up to me telling me to "eat a salad.
" So you chose to get back at Dugan Scott by killing him? A crime of passion? A crime of patience.
I worked my ass off.
I swore I would do whatever it took gastric bypass, liposuction, plastic surgery, tryout after tryout after tryout until I finally made the squad just so I could watch him eat his poison words in front of everyone.
I hope it was worth it.
Because you just kissed your life good-bye.
Where are you? Taking a rain walk.
It's a Montana thing.
You wouldn't understand.
Yeah,maybe I would.
Maybe there's a lot of things that I that I understand now.
How about that? Yeah,like what? How sorry I am for pushing you away.
Danny,I've tried to give you your space.
But I don't know how much longer I can feel alone.
It's messing with my work.
It's breaking my heart.
I know.
No,I know.
I do.
I swear to God it won't happen again.
'Cause the truth is truth is I miss you.
I miss you more than I can say, even if,uh,I don't know w to say it.
Do you have any idea how hard you are to love? Why don't you come over here and tell me in person.
I got to go.
So you got Tox results back on our Cabbie Killer's blood sample? The agranulocytosis was caused by extremely high dosage of two different drugs: cloperidol and halzapine.
Usually used to treat psychosis,right? Yes,but only in clinical settings, and together only for acutely aggressive patients.
I've already done some checking.
There are three hospitals in the state currently using that cocktail for tough cases, but there was a fourth hospital that was shut down last year for all sorts of violations, including overmedicating their patients.
Mannix Asylum.
We got a briefing when they closed and had to release some of their patients early.
Who are you calling? The District Attorney.
I want to get a subpoena for the records of every patient let out of Mannix that was treated with both those drugs.
Might take a while.
I'll wait.
Normally neighbors ask for sugar, but I thought I'd be daring and offer some first.
Mind if I come in? Rikki,listen,I been,uh, I been thinking,you know, this thing, this thing between us you were right.
We made each other feel good.
But I'm starting to think it's bad.
It's a bad thing for us to do.
Danny,I'm moving.
You're moving? I need a fresh start.
Too many memories.
Look I'm,uh No.
Don't say you're sorry.
Just say good-bye.
What about the sugar? You're a sweet man.
You keep it.
The DA got a judge to wake up and sign the subpoena.
We've got the medical records of four patients who were released early from Mannix Asylum.
Each of whom received the drugs we found in our killer's blood sample.
Severe child abuse, multiple knife scars, maternal suicide, religious fanaticism.
This one looks pretty good for it.
What's his name? John Doe.
So even with all this information at our fingertips, we still don't have our killer's name.
All right,enough is enough.
I want both of you- Danny,Lindsay,Adam,Sid- every last person in this lab on this if we have to work double overtime and around the damn clock.
As far as I'm concerned, every other case goes to the bottom of the pile until we track this Cabbie Killer down and permanently put him out of business.
Oh,no! You've got to be kidding me.
Man,am I glad to see you.
Ninth and Mercer.
I was supposed to meet some guy on that corner but I guess he's a,uh, a no-show,huh? You could float away on a night like this.
You know what I mean? Hello?