CSI: NY s04e21 Episode Script


Get your hands up right now.
Right now! Turn around.
I said turn around.
Come on.
Do it! Okay, all right, turn around.
Come on.
The case.
Slide it over.
Razor knife? What, you think I'm stupid, huh? This stays with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go! He's, uh He's in there.
You know the deal.
Come on, keep coming to me, keep coming to me! We gotcha, we gotcha.
One end around your ankle, the other end around that bag.
Do it! You expect me to believe you didn't kill him? I didn't.
This man was dead before I got here.
Now prove it.
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* NYPD, coming through! How many has he got inside? Maybe a dozen.
I can't get an accurate count.
Here's what I know.
Employees were just showing up for work when our perp enters the bank cowboy-style.
Get on the ground! On the ground! Everybody on the ground! Gets everyone on the ground, then heads toward the open vault, at which point a teller trips a silent alarm.
The response is immediate, trapping the perp inside, which is when he decides to go Dog Day Afternoon.
Got an ID? All we know is he's male, white, approximately armed and definitely dangerous.
He already killed someone inside.
He shot a hostage? Details are sketchy, but the witnesses who got out say they heard a gunshot, then saw a body down on the floor in the vault.
Where's Mac? With the body.
Oh, you gotta be kidding.
This ain't your everyday bank robbery, Stella.
This guy made three demands: unmarked police car, no press, and somebody from Crime Scene.
He wanted one of us? He swears he didn't kill the guy inside, and he wants someone in there to prove he's not a murderer.
So Mac agreed to meet one of his demands In exchange for a hostage.
Oh, this guy is smart.
Now he's got a cop for insurance.
* Hey, you! * * Someone said you were lost out there * * In the grip * * Trying to strangle us all down here * * In the meantime * * Are you ever gonna set us free? * * Hey, you! * * Will we ever get out of here? * * Are you ever gonna surrender? * * Do you even care? * * Caught in the suit that you wear * * When you're looking for something * * Caught in the suit that you wear * What is it? I need to use a computer, send these crime scene photos back to my lab to be analyzed.
How are pictures of a dead guy gonna prove I'm innocent? They're a permanent record of the crime scene in its original condition, and I can't start processing the body or have my team analyze evidence without this type of documentation.
Hey, Ruben.
Listen What the hell is that idiot doing? Get him back here! Dennison, Chavez, get that guy out of there! Use this computer right here.
No tricks.
I'm watching you.
You got a name? Joe.
What's your real name? All you need to know is that it's Joe.
What? No, how did you? No, that's not that's not that's No, but that's not true.
No, that's that's not what happened It's not what you think.
Just let me Hold on.
Hold on.
Just calm down, all right? I can hear you.
You have to understand, I don't care what it is that you think that you saw, but it it's not what you think, all right? You a cop? Yeah.
Get us the hell out of here.
Please I'm three months pregnant.
I don't want to die.
I don't care what you saw.
That's not what happened.
Have I told you how much I love the media? Mac just sent over these photos from the crime scene.
Our vic is male, approximately 45 years old.
Looks like a single gunshot wound.
Let's put him in front of some witnesses.
Maybe we can get an ID.
Oh, my God.
That's Walter Sutherford, the bank manager.
Tell me, did you see Mr.
Sutherford engage the gunman? No, I heard someone say they saw a body in the vault, but I didn't see Mr.
Sutherford get shot.
Thank you.
Of all the witnesses who got out, no one saw our bad guy pull the trigger.
That's Mac's job.
I'll send someone to Sutherford's house to make the notification.
Where are we at with the surveillance tapes? One of my guys just talked to the main branch just a few minutes ago.
The surveillance feed is piped right into the manager's office.
Okay, so Mac has access to them.
If the gunman lets him.
Got NY Power ready to shut down the juice.
Oh, you can't do that.
Mac is still processing the scene.
Hey, detective.
All due respect, that's an active crime scene.
If we're not gonna make entry, we've got to do something.
Making it uncomfortable for this guy is our only leverage.
I understand that, but see, if you turn off the air, that body will start decomposing so fast we'll lose all our evidence.
And maybe our only chance of resolving this peacefully.
Then tell Detective Taylor to work a little faster.
He's got two hours to process.
Then we're gonna start getting proactive, all right? What are you looking for? Foreign DNA.
Evidence left behind by an attacker.
This man has defensive wounds.
Indicates there was a struggle.
How long you been married? I was married once.
It's nice to have someone who cares about you.
You think you're gonna get into my head, detective? Is that it? Bring up my wife.
Tell me how much she loves me and how I shouldn't be doing this.
All I'm getting at is if you didn't kill this man, then maybe this can still work out in your favor.
No, it'll work out.
You do your job correctly, it'll work out.
It's him.
Yeah? Where's my police car? We're working on it.
I got a mechanic disabling the GPS per your request.
I can still see the media.
I thought I told you to get 'em out of here.
Look, we're trying.
But you and I both know this is the best game in town and people want to watch.
Ah, well, then let's hope the kids are out of the room when I start tossing bodies in your direction.
Come on, pal.
You don't want to do that.
You said yourself you haven't killed anybody.
But if you provoke me, so help me God Tell you what.
You send a hostage out, I'll bend some arms out here and get you what you want.
I'll think about it.
What? What? What now? I'm going to need to test you for gunshot residue.
How's that work? I collect with one of these.
Positive result tells me you fired your gun recently.
Don't waste your time.
I- I-I did.
Everybody on the ground! Was that the only time you fired your weapon? That's right.
One shot.
From over there.
This could have been an accident.
No, it wasn't an accident.
I'm not going to let you pin his murder on me.
Calm down, Joe.
No one's doing that.
You don't think I know what's going on out there? Your friends are out there trying to figure out a way to get in here without killing a lot of innocent people.
They don't give a damn about me.
'Cause they think I'm a murderer.
You know what that means? That means they'll put a bullet in me the first chance they get.
That's why I'm not leaving here until you prove that I didn't pull the trigger.
And if I'm not leaving, nobody's leaving.
Well, then get me a CT scanner.
What's that? It's a kind of a lie detector for scientists.
It'll allow me to look inside the body and see if you're telling me the truth.
I got you your scanner.
Liquid refreshments for the guests.
Come on, get to work.
It's going to be a little hard with this bag slowing me down.
Too bad.
You know, the faster I get this done, the sooner you get what you want.
It's up to you.
I'm going to need some help getting this out of here.
Give him a hand.
Go give him a hand.
Could you put that over there? Where do you guys keep the surveillance tapes? They're recorded on a hard drive in our manager's office.
is in chaos today, with the NYPD blocking off many of the streets Hey, Sid.
We hear from Mac? Yeah, Stella just did.
He couldn't say much.
But he sent over some CT scan data to perform a virtual autopsy.
Finally get to break in that new toy of yours.
Step into my lair.
Let's do it.
Looks like we've got two distinct wound cavities.
Both rounds entered the thoracic cavity between the fourth and fifth ribs.
Dense tissue resulted in a great deal of fragmentation that penetrated into both the mediastinum and the pleural cavity.
With one large projectile lodging in the inferior lobe of the right lung and a second lodging into the left ventricle of the heart.
The latter of which resulted in near-instantaneous death.
This entrance wound is consistent with a medium-size caliber, .
45 or.
That's weird.
I only see one entry wound.
There's got to be another one.
That is strange.
There doesn't appear to be a second.
Split wound path from a single round? My first thought as well.
But the permanent wound cavities are too large, and take a look at this.
Guy's got more metal in him than a jewelry store.
And based on cumulative mass estimates, I'd say we're looking at two rounds.
How does someone get shot twice in exactly the same place? That's not scientifically possible, Mac.
Unless there was one round stuck in the barrel when the trigger was pulled.
Well, in that case, the two bullets would be deformed in different ways, changing their aerodynamics, causing them to take on different flight paths.
Maybe both rounds were shot from close range.
Except I got no sign of stippling or powder burns on the body.
Intermediate range then.
There's no way.
The weapon's recoil would jar the shooter's hand enough to easily throw off the second shot.
Even a highly skilled marksman would be off by a couple of millimeters.
Maybe it's not about skill or luck.
Maybe it's about the gun.
Was Sid able to determine caliber? Yeah, Sid thinks that the murder weapon was a medium caliber.
Is that what your suspect is holding? Yeah.
But my guy swears he only fired one round into the ceiling and insists there's no way it's his bullet inside the vic.
If that's the truth, then there would have been three rounds fired in that bank.
Then why didn't any witnesses hear more than one shot? Mac? What happened? He hung up.
Listen, what do you want me to do about Jackson? He's breathing down my neck about going in.
Stall him.
Where are you going? To find out how our gunman pulled off the impossible.
I fired one shot at that ceiling.
I don't want to have to tell you again.
That's not what the evidence is telling us.
I swear to you.
I swear to you, man! I did not kill this guy! Then who did? I don't know! What the hell is going on here, Joe? You're not telling me everything.
You got partners, don't you? Maybe you're the fall guy.
Who was that you were talking to on the phone earlier? You know what? I'm, I am sick and tired of answering all your questions.
Now you go in there and you prove, you find something that proves that I did not kill this guy! I've only got one problem with that.
Under normal circumstances, I would perform an autopsy on the body to confirm cause of death, run ballistics.
A bullet from your gun against the bullets inside the body I don't see the problem.
You got one of my bullets lying around here someplace.
Yeah, if we can find it.
That still doesn't give me the bullets inside the body.
For that I got to send the body back to autopsy.
Okay, so where you could conveniently find "evidence" that connects me to his murder.
Forget it.
The body is not going anywhere.
Well, then you're out of luck because I need the bullets inside the body.
Huh? Okay.
Start digging.
police vehicles and officers have surrounded the area within a two-block radius We're looking for a small mushroom-shaped piece of metal.
If you find it, it's very important you do not touch it or move it.
Just call me and I'll come and collect it.
You still there, Sid? I'm here.
You sure you're okay, Mac? I'm fine.
Any time you're ready.
First thing I'm going to need you to do is make a single long incision across the upper abdominal region.
This will allow you to go underneath the ribcage.
Once you've made the incision, you're going to probe with your hand into the center of the chest cavity.
Use your fingers to feel for the heart.
You should feel a hole in that bottom left quadrant.
I feel it.
Now, squeeze the tissue.
The round should slip out, into your fingers.
I got it.
Go back in through the same incision, but this time feel for the right lung.
Use the ribcage as your guide.
Mac's crime scene photos give us anything? Yeah, I got a small void in the blood pool.
Approximately Means something was removed from the scene after the vic was shot.
Maybe stack of cash? Negative.
Whatever it is, if the hostage taker has it, it could tie him to the murder.
Danny, take a look at these.
Mac sent over six bogeys.
There's nothing but bank and bad lighting.
Blow this one up.
As much as you can without ghosting it.
You see that reflection? He's got something in his hand.
Looks like a gun.
That's our hostage taker.
Mac's trying to help us ID the son of a bitch.
Adam, enhance the bogeys and stitch them together.
If we can ID our gunman, maybe we can get someone from his family down to the bank and talk some sense into him.
Mac, it should be within reach.
I can feel the second bullet.
Got it.
I found the bullet! Nobody touch it! Well, do you think it'll work? Maybe.
Yeah? Yeah, I'm trying.
It's not that easy.
Yeah, no.
Listen, I understand.
The negotiator said they'll give me what I want.
I don't know what's taking so long.
Listen, I'm trying, but it's not easy I said I'm trying.
Please, just trust me, all right? I'll be Just don't, please.
Please I've been watching it on the news.
They said one person's already been killed.
Male DB.
Gunshot wound to the chest.
There's two bullets inside the body and only one entry wound.
How do you know that? Crime scene hasn't been released yet.
I don't believe it.
You've got a man on the inside.
Mac Taylor.
It was one of the gunman's demands.
Mac went in through the back door so the press wouldn't see.
In exchange, he was able to negotiate the release of one of the hostages.
And you're worried about him.
I'm worried sick.
Look, Brett, I need your help.
No one knows weapons like you do.
So you got a victim with one entry wound, but two bullets inside of him.
Basically, I'm looking for the impossible.
A murder weapon that can fire two rounds near instantaneously without any recoil.
Don't tease me.
Follow me.
It's called the Kriss Super V.
45 caliber.
Every time you fire, the recoil energy produced is vectored downward into a spring-loaded receiver instead of backward into the shooter's body.
Takes the kick right out of kickback.
End result: a highly accurate shot each time this bad boy's fired.
How did our gunman get his hands on this kind of cutting-edge technology? Joe, this isn't going to work.
The bullets are too damaged.
There's no way to include or exclude your weapon.
What, so you've just been, just You've just been stringing me along?! You've just been wasting my time?! Just wait.
Just get! Get on the floor, man! Get on the floor with the others! Wait! Wait a minute! This isn't over.
What? What, have you got any other science tricks up your sleeve?! Just one.
Just one.
Witnesses said you walked in the bank this morning right when it opened.
That's right.
What time was that? Wh? Where are you going? Wait.
Hey! I'm talking to you.
What is that? Blood.
We got to talk.
About what? The money you took.
Where is it? Your partner take it? Is that who's been calling you, Joe? I don't have a partner, man.
Then where's the money? The money was here.
It was taken right after this guy was shot.
Where is it? Listen, man, I never had a chance to grab anything.
Your friends were here before I even had a chance to fill a bag.
Where are you going? Did anyone see Joe take any money out of this vault? Hey, stay get away from them.
Let them answer the question.
Did anyone see Joe remove money from the vault? Messer.
Danny, it's Mac.
Hey, how you doing, boss? You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
I took a look at the security footage from inside the bank.
The cameras were disconnected at a few minutes before 8:00 this morning.
That's a full hour before witnesses say your gunman rolled in and started making noise.
Yeah, that's not all.
I got a spatter void and money missing from the vault, which could only mean one thing.
The bank was already robbed once today.
And the vic could be a casualty from that heist.
Makes your suspect one of the unluckiest mooks on the planet.
Or maybe it's not a coincidence.
What if this isn't about money, but something else? For those of you just joining us this morning, our top story Hey, heard Stella might have found our murder weapon.
Yeah, it sounds like it.
She wants everybody on a telepresence call.
Okay, we have a full house; network's secure.
You're good to go, Stella.
Great, thanks.
I just met with Agent Dunbar from Homeland Security.
We managed to identify what I believe is the type of weapon used to kill our victim earlier today.
It's called a Kriss Super V.
Now, I'm sending over our reconstruction videos and specs as we speak.
They're coming to your screens now.
The weapon is a limited production gun.
It's manufactured by Ridgeline Defense Services.
Lindsay, I want you to reach out to the manufacturer.
Ask about inventory.
See if there's one missing or stolen.
I want to know how our killer got his hands on the gun.
Sid, send over the CT scan data that Mac took to Hawkes.
Let's get a close-up image of one of the fragments.
If we can extrapolate the number of lands and grooves, we can match class characteristics to this make of weapon.
You got it.
All right, that's all I got.
I'm going back to the bank.
Flack? What is it? This just turned into a doubleheader.
One of my guys went over to our vic's house to talk to his wife and make the notification, and found another body.
Blood's still wet.
TOD can't be more than a couple of hours ago.
Well, that rules out our bank robber.
Not unless ??? The manager's wife? She was shot right through the forehead, execution-style.
When? Not more than a couple hours ago.
Either Joe's been a very busy man this morning or he's working with someone on the outside.
Something's not making sense.
You guys got witnesses out there who say they saw the gunman enter the bank alone, and they only heard one shot.
But there's money missing, two bullets inside the vic from a Kriss Super V, and I'm staring at our guy's standard.
Someone else was in that bank.
Hey! You heard the woman.
Someone else was in here.
And like you said, things aren't adding up.
You call whoever it is that you need to call, and you tell them that I didn't murder anyone.
Call! I can't do that.
All I got is a theory and your word.
You know, I'm beginning to regret asking for the CSI.
Let me tell you.
Wait a minute.
If I can get these bullets back to my lab, and they match the bullet that killed the manager's wife then I'll know what you're telling me is the truth.
What else? I want this evidence taken out of here by one of the hostages.
Forget it.
Then I'm done.
Either you give me something I want, or you can take these bullets across the street yourself.
Get up, come here.
I want her.
Time's up, detective.
We need more.
But this guy's been playing us for three hours now.
Sooner or later he's going to figure out we're not giving in to the rest of his demands.
And it's going to get pretty bloody in there, unless we can make things difficult for him.
This guy's not a shooter.
There's something else going on.
We need more time.
Time's not what you give to a hostage taker, detective.
it's your show.
All right, 30, starting now.
After that, I'm taking the first steps towards ending this thing.
Flack, front door.
Heads up.
We got movement.
Everybody stand down.
Stand down! Stand down! Adderly, go get her.
This way.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You're going to be okay.
It's all over.
What's your name? Uh, Lori Mandel.
I'm one of the tellers.
Lori, how are the rest of the people inside the bank? Uh they're fine.
The man with the gun said they'll stay that way as long as Detective Taylor does his job.
I thought Mac was sending over ballistic evidence.
He did, but this hair was in there with it.
You think he put that there intentionally? You ever known Mac to do anything unintentionally? Mac's giving us this evidence to try and identify the gunman.
Cross section is ovoid.
Length is short with heavy granulation of the medulla.
So it's a Caucasian male with black hair.
Yeah, matches the description of our gunman.
I'll see if I can get a DNA profile and I'll run it through CODIS.
Yeah, I'm running out of time here.
They want to shut down the power in the bank.
Won't be long before this comes to a head.
What do you got? I just left Adam in DNA.
The hair Mac sent over from the gunman didn't do anything.
No hit in CODIS or the national database.
Yeah, that's no surprise.
Nothing about this guy says he's a pro.
What about ballistics from the two crime scenes? I compared the bullets Mac pulled from the bank manager to the bullet recovered from the wife; they match.
So ballistics and time of death make it impossible for Joe to be our shooter.
I was able to pull a print off the duct tape used to bind the manager's wife.
It came back to a Derrick James.
He's an ex-employee of Ridgeline Defense Services.
That's how he got his hands on a Kriss Super V.
What else do we know about this guy? Black male, 35 years old.
He spent three years in Iraq doing private security.
No criminal record.
All right, run through it with me.
This James guy kidnaps the bank manager and then ties up his wife.
Then he brings the manager to the bank an hour before it opens.
Gets the manager to open up the vault, takes whatever he can get.
But something obviously went wrong and this Derrick James shoots the manager.
Leaves the bank, decides to kill the wife to cover his tracks.
All right, all the evidence points that way.
One question: How is Joe involved in all this? What? Hey? What What the hell is going on? What? Whoa.
What's going on? Hostage Rescue is getting restless.
They're not gonna sit out there doing nothing all day, Joe.
Yeah? Yeah? I want you to turn the power back on.
It's out of my hands, Joe.
I'll tell you what, though.
You release one more hostage and I'll see that the situation returns to my hands.
Listen to me very carefully.
If you don't turn on the power in one minute I'll give you a hostage, but you better call the morgue to come pick her up.
No, no, no, no, no.
No more threats.
The power stays off until we get another hostage.
Call your friend.
Tell him to turn the power back on.
Come on.
Enough is enough, Joe.
Tell me what's going on.
You say you didn't kill the manager.
The evidence seems to support that, but if you want my help, you've got to tell me how you got in this position.
We're not at the point of no return, Joe.
This doesn't have to end badly.
I know right now you feel trapped, but I can still help you.
Don't move! Don't you move! Hands behind your head.
Get up.
Get up.
Keep moving! Please.
They'll kill my family! You can't walk me out there.
They're watching.
They'll kill my family.
I'm the hostage here.
You gotta believe me.
My real name is Douglas Anderson.
I work for an insurance company.
Now, if they see you walk me out of this bank, they'll kill my family.
Who's they? I- I don't know their names.
The bank manager, Walter, I live across the street from the guy.
It's terrible.
Just another ordinary day.
I kissed my wife and daughter, leave the house to hit the gym before going to work.
Have a good day at school.
Bye, sweetheart.
See you tonight, okay? Bye, Daddy! Get in the house! Hey, hey, hey! Don't hurt them! They tied my wife and daughter up and said that if I don't do what they told me, they'd kill them.
They wanted you to rob this bank? The evidence says they already robbed it.
And apparently they got away.
Why would they want you to rob the same bank an hour later? They left their phone behind.
They said that, uh, Walter tried to play hero.
Yeah, I'm in.
Everything is cool.
Just sit tight, and I'll be out of here in 30 seconds.
Must've shot his wife after that.
And forced you to go back in to retrieve the phone.
Everybody on the ground.
Except by then the bank had already opened Everybody on the ground! I had no choice.
And you've been in contact with the original bank robbers the whole time.
They're waiting for me to get out of here with with their phone.
It's the only thing that links them to this robbery.
They said that if I just give their phone back to them, I get my family back.
I need to get out of here.
I need for them to see me get out of here.
Would you help me? Please.
They're coming out.
Bring in the car.
You sure about this? Mac knows what he's doing.
All right, what now? All right, cameras are gonna follow them, so we need to hang back a bit, but we got to get to this guy's family before they do.
There's a chopper standing by for us in the next intersection.
Good, because I don't think the real bank robbers have any intention of leaving witnesses behind, and that includes Mac.
Let's go.
What are they doing? What? Are they following us? We can't pull up to the house with the cameras on us.
'Cause if-if they see this on the news, my wife and daughter are-are they're dead.
This is Detective Taylor.
Get those news choppers out of here now.
It's going to be fine, Doug.
My team's on it.
They're the best at what they do.
NYPD! Go, go, go! Perimeter is secure.
Clearly there is no one here.
This place is empty.
Take the next left.
No, no, it's quicker if we go You kept a bullet.
Let's get you out of here.
Take the bridge.
It was all a lie, wasn't it?