CSI: NY s05e01 Episode Script


Previously on CSI New York Here's what I know Employees were just showing up for work when our perp enters the bank cowboy style.
You expect me to believe you didn't kill him? I didn't; this man was dead before I got here.
The bank was already robbed once today.
And the vic could be a casualty from that heist.
Makes your suspect one of the unluckiest mooks on the planet.
You, you can't walk me out there.
They'll kill my family.
They tied my wife and daughter up and said that if I don't do what they told me, they'd kill them.
Who's they? It came back to a Derrick James.
Black male, 35 years old.
He spent three years in Iraq doing private security.
Help me, please.
They're coming out.
Hold your fire! The story about your family-- it was all a lie, wasn't it? Aviation Three to Central.
Show me on a continued 60 search-and-rescue for Detective Mac Taylor.
Central to Aviation Three.
Let's make another pass over Williamsburg.
How long ago was that? Did they see Mac in the car? Okay, okay, we're going to head in that direction.
Thanks, Flack.
Surveillance cameras on the GW Bridge spotted our car going west into Fort Lee.
Let's go.
Okay, here we go.
±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²éŦԼƪ µÚ5¼¾µÚ1¼¯ ·­Ò룺kidkitten Peterfat С÷Ë ´óÍà У Ô£ºÐ¡÷Ë Ê±¼äÖ᣺ËÉÊó Stop, stop! My na-- my name is Mac Taylor.
I'm a crime scene investigator with the NYPD.
I'm injured.
I need a phone.
Do you have a phone? Please.
I need your help.
Okay, okay, but you have to stay out there.
Let's check the FDR again.
They've got to be here somewhere.
Okay, here we go.
I can't hear you.
Hello? Mac?! Where are you? Jersey City.
Uh, the backside of the Statue of Liberty.
Freedom Way.
Okay, I'm heading there.
He's in Jersey.
Notify the state PD to get to Freedom Way.
See if you can get a Jersey City official to talk to us.
It all began very early this morning as a bank robbery.
Hostages were taken, and among them a New York City crime scene investigator.
Julie, we believe an NYPD investigator was forced to escort the bank robbery suspect out of the city.
Hold on, Steve.
They just pulled a body out of the water.
You feeling any pain? Headache.
Vision's a little blurry; it comes and goes.
Symptoms of a minor concussion.
What are my chances of getting you on that helicopter and taken to the nearest hospital? I tried that already.
The vic we pulled out of the car is Derrick James.
That's our prime suspect in the murders of the bank manager and his wife.
And he's not the guy you left the bank with, Mac.
Do you have any idea what happened to the guy who took you hostage? Hold your fire! Stand by perimeter! He calls himself Joe.
We were in the car.
Just pull off the road up here.
Do it! Last thing I remember is pulling myself out of the water.
You think Joe's a floater? I'm thinking Joe's a fugitive.
Divers haven't found anything that suggests there's another body out there.
Well, once we process the car and we get our vic back to autopsy, maybe it'll fill in some blanks.
Bad news on that front.
This scene's out of our jurisdiction.
Jersey Brass will only allow us to take crime scene photos.
Mac was in that car.
It's an NYPD vehicle.
And it's in New Jersey.
They get the body, the car, and before you ask, they want no part of a joint investigation.
Look, I don't like it either, but it's proper protocol.
They'll keep us informed, and they'll give us all the information they can.
So what are we supposed to do-- go back into the city and thumb through photos and wait? No.
This guy robbed a bank, held people hostage, and killed a man.
He's out there somewhere and we're going to find him.
Are you kidding me, Mac? Mac, what are you doing here? You suffered a concussion.
That's not something to take lightly.
A man tried to kill me.
I'm not going to sit home and sip soup.
This lab's priority is finding Joe.
If your headache gets worse or you start to feel even a little nauseous you got to let me know.
All right? Hawkes.
Who processed the robbery scene at the bank? We got two teams there right now.
I want any evidence found in that bank back to this lab ASAP for analysis.
Of course.
That was Jersey PD.
There was minimal trace evidence found in the unmarked car, and most of it was compromised by the water.
That may have been our best and last chance of IDing this Joe character.
Maybe not.
I pressed my knee against the band radio.
I keyed the mic.
NYPD Communications should have a recording of everything 139 I'm gonna hit the showers.
Hawkes, you pull the tape.
Maybe Joe said something that I don't remember, anything that might lead us somewhere.
I'm on it.
Danny, stay on top of the bank.
All right.
I downloaded all the data I received from the New Jersey Coroner's Office on Derrick James.
Now, as you can see, the fatal gunshot injury is here-- close contact.
Apparently, the bullet lodged behind the eye.
I examined your crime scene photos.
Notice the angle of the shot.
Abraded skin around the entry wound, and the gun's upside down, as if he shot himself.
And that's just one of my many odd discoveries.
There's tearing of the tissue lining the esophagus.
It happened within hours of his death.
Any idea what he ate? Stomach contents only reveal our vic to be a vegetarian.
He also suffered a deflated lung, broken ribs, and there's an incision there above the navel.
An incision? That sounds deliberate.
The tissue around the area lacks the characteristics of a simple stab wound, and there was also evidence of sawing.
The New Jersey coroner says that these particular injuries were inflicted postmortem.
Yes, after his death, and the fracture of the ribs as well as the punctured lung are consistent with the Heimlich maneuver.
Who tries to save a dead man from choking? You were shot, Mac.
There are no injuries on my body consistent with a gunshot wound.
There is a rifling mark on this bullet.
It was definitely discharged from a gun.
And this hole in your shirt, there are abrasion marks around it.
It's proof.
Somebody shot you.
What I don't understand is why the bullet only got so far as to pierce the fabric, and then it stopped.
I can only think of the basic tenets of physics.
Eventually, everything runs out of energy.
Divine intervention, maybe? God's a scientist, Lindsay.
Okay, so we need a point of friction.
The passenger side window.
The bullet must have traveled through this window, tumbled and struck me here.
The impact could have slowed its momentum.
Maybe something was wrong with the load.
It could have been old.
A round of ammunition has a shelf life just like a can of soup.
There's also the fabric of your shirt.
The elasticity of the material would have created a trampoline effect.
Slowed the bullet because it stretched.
If I were you, I'd buy a few more of those shirts.
You know something, Lindsay.
Joe wasn't trying to drown me.
He pushed the car into the water to hide the bodies-- mine and Derrick James.
Joe thinks I'm dead.
All units, check for an open mic.
Check for an open mic.
This was all a lie.
Your family's not in danger.
There is no family.
I had to get out of there, man.
What now? What do you care? Just shut up and drive.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
What do you care? Just shut up and drive.
That's a phone number.
Hey, Mac.
I think this might be the thing that gets us a little closer to Joe.
A little girl's hair clip? Stella photographed it on the backseat of the unmarked car.
Now, we don't escort children in those kinds of vehicles.
No detective assigned to that car had children.
They clean these cars every single night.
I don't think it came from you.
And Derrick James was never in the backseat.
So that leaves Joe.
Called Jersey, water damaged most of the biologicals in the car.
But they found a hair in the teeth of the barrette.
I got a partial profile hit in CODIS.
And it's a match to the biologicals lifted from the phone Joe used in the bank.
Yo, and I can still see the media.
Getting out of here.
"Shared Alleles at all Loci.
" And the DNA is female.
It's his daughter.
If we find Joe's family, we'll find him.
I think he's back in New York City.
You know something we don't? I analyzed the tire impressions from the scene and determined the wheel base at approximately 101 inches.
Now, based on the paint on the fender that Stella photographed at the scene, we're looking for a Pontiac G8, Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang.
Those three makes and models are our best start.
I'm missing the part where that puts Joe in Manhattan.
I used the tire's 3-D profile to calculate the weight of these cars in relation to the depth of the tire impressions from the scene.
I'm guessing that Derrick James met Joe at Freedom Way to split the money from the bank robbery.
Where's the money? The money.
Only, I'm thinking the money was never in the car.
Check this out.
The depth of the tire impressions of the car that Derrick drove to the field would have been much deeper if there was two million dollars in that vehicle.
So maybe that's why Joe killed Derrick.
He didn't bring the cash.
Why did Derrick show up at all? Why didn't he just take the money and run? Joe was the only one who could put Derrick at the bank robbery, because those surveillance cameras were disabled.
So Derrick must have met up with Joe to kill him.
Take Joe out of the picture, and he's scot-free.
All right, so if we go with your theory, Adam, the money from the robbery is still in Manhattan.
So we find the money, we find Joe.
Hey, Mac.
My analysis of the recording from the unmarked band led me to Derrick James's phone number.
Joe was calling him from the car, letting him know he was on his way to the rendezvous location.
And I tracked down paper on Derrick's phone, got a phone number on Joe.
A phone number, great.
Where are you? Not in the morgue.
That's right, Joe.
It's Mac Taylor; I'm still alive.
So why don't you put an end to all this and tell me where you are? I can't, can't go to jail.
This can only end two ways, and jail is your best option.
That is up to me, not, uh, not you.
There's no place you can hide, Joe.
I'm coming to get you.
Not enough time to triangulate.
We got nothing.
No, we did get something.
When Joe answered the phone, he was expecting someone else.
There's ??? Yeah, we just sent out a photo of Joe.
Check your e-mail, check your fax machines.
Listen to me.
If anybody looks like he could be this guy's cousin, I want him questioned.
Yeah, Dempsey, sorry about that.
Listen, chances are he's gonna dump that car.
So do me a favor, tow any make or model that even remotely resembles what we're looking for.
Hey, Flack, you got a second? Yeah, Adam.
What's up? Uh, I just need your help with something.
Um, you got a place I can plug in? Yeah.
I ran with the theory that Joe came back into the city, which means he could have returned using the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels or by bridge.
All of which have surveillance cameras.
Specifically, in payment zones intended to capture the plate numbers of those who don't pay.
I focused on all traffic heading east the first hour after the bank robbery.
And I isolated all cars that were a match for our wheel base, and found this.
This is Joe at the tollbooth.
He dropped a coin.
Using digital facial points, I confirmed the profileto be a match to the photo that you have of Joe from the bank.
That's him.
We got a plate? Bogus plates.
But we did get a VIN number when he opened the door to pick up the coin.
What'd NYSPIN give us? Well, the car doesn't belong to Joe.
Who's it belong to? You sure about this? Yeah, I ran it three times.
Do Mac and Stella know? No.
I-I came to you first.
I got this one.
Okay, well, I-I got to tell them.
Give me two hours.
Mac? How you doing? You okay? Long day.
You got anything? I got a case-to-case hit on a bank robbery from six years ago.
Fingerprints are a match to Joe.
No surveillances, there were no witnesses, no guns, nobody was hurt, no activity since then.
No location on Derrick James's address.
Just got a P.
box so far that leads us to a bunch of fake numbers.
But I'm thinking he's the one who shot you.
Bullet fragment you found in your shirt is a match to what Jersey pulled from inside Derrick's head.
That confirms the fact that Joe's the shooter.
But it doesn't match the bullet that ricocheted off the ceiling at the bank robbery, which was from Joe's gun.
Well, he could have easily taken Derrick's gun.
I thought about that.
Sid and Stella said that the muzzle imprint on Derrick's face was upside down.
So if Joe fired the gun, he would've been holding it like this.
More than likely, the bullet would not have traveled upward toward the eye.
I'd say Derrick fired at you first.
The bullet shatters the glass, Joe's his next target, they struggle for the gun.
You be Joe.
I come at you, grab my wrist.
Points the muzzle of the gun back towards Derrick's face and boom.
That explains the upside down muzzle print, right? So he's our shooter.
Doesn't make Joe any less dangerous, Danny.
The only reason he didn't shoot me is because he thought I was already dead.
I wish I could think of something he said or did in that bank that would help us, something that would tell us who he really is.
My kit.
At the bank.
There was dirt on the sole of his shoe.
Danny, where's my kit? Pardon me.
You still a lager guy? I'm on the clock.
Thanks, Sam.
Where's your car? What? Where's your car? Uh, I loaned it to a friend of mine.
Excuse me.
Lauren got a last name? Salinas.
What's the problem? I need to talk to her.
Well, I don't have her number on me.
And, uh, I left my phone at home.
Which I'm starting to get the impression probably has about six messages from you.
Where does she live, Sam? She lives in the Twenties.
Somewhere between Third and Lex I think.
You're telling me you loaned your car to some girl you don't even know where she lives? Yeah.
That's what I'm telling you.
Look, I know her place by sight.
Pizza joint, lighting store.
Look, she's a friend.
She needed a car.
So I loaned her mine.
Don, what's going on? Listen to me.
You'd better not be involved in this, okay? 'Cause I'm not bailing you out this time and neither is Dad.
Involved in what? I found something very interesting on your kit, Mac.
Organic plant material on the hinge.
I sense a demonstration coming.
If you could just touch the plant.
It sensitive to touch.
This is what I found on your kit.
It's soil and root from a pantropical weed called mimosa pudica.
Joe transferred it when he kicked my kit.
Active bacteria in the ground soil sample indicate that it's fresh.
So it couldn't have been on Joe's shoe very long before the transfer.
Must've been someplace he went before he hit the bank.
That's the problem.
Someplace, out there in New York City.
I'll find it.
I did something.
Um, look you-you made it very clear in the past that no information is ever to be released to anyone without your knowledge.
And, well, I-I needed-- I-I told, um-- Okay.
The car that we're looking for is a red Charger.
And it's registered to Flack's sister, Samantha.
And I told him before I told you, but I'm telling you now.
You should've told me then.
Yeah, but it's his sister.
You know, I mean, I would have told you if it was your sister.
Do you have a sister? Adam.
What I'm saying is I made a choice that I would make again.
But I did not mean to disrespect you in any way.
I'll be right there.
That went well.
Found it a half an hour ago.
Fits the description Adam gave of the possible vehicle.
And the VIN number matches what he pulled from the tollbooth photos.
And it's your sister's car.
She loaned it to a Lauren Salinas.
I got no answer at Lauren's apartment.
And her super wasn't in either.
Open it.
Pop the trunk.
Hey, Mac.
This could be Lauren.
I'm a crime scene investigator with the NYPD.
I need a phone.
Okay, okay, but you have to stay out there.
I used her phone.
What? When I got out of the water, at Freedom Way.
She gave me her cell phone.
This woman came to my rescue.
Yeah, that's her.
That's Lauren.
I can't believe she's dead.
All right, Samantha, I need you to tell me everything.
Everything that you know about her.
She was a regular at the bar.
She loved to party.
We had a lot of laughs together.
Aside from that, I really don't know that much about her.
If you didn't know that much about her, why would you lend her your car? I'm a generous person.
Okay, she said it was only gonna be for a few days.
Her car was in the shop, and, anyways, I can walk to work.
I tried to help somebody out, okay? Did she mention anything about coming into money? Moving? Buying any expensive items like that? No.
She mention anything about having a husband, or a boyfriend? Yeah, she had a steady guy but I never met him.
You ever see her with this guy right there? No.
How about How about him? No.
Do you think these guys killed Lauren? That's what we're trying to find out.
You're not gonna tell Dad about this, right? I-I don't want him to worry.
You know how he gets.
He will not stay off my ass if he hears about this.
Let me give you a ride home.
Come on, Don.
Just promise me you're not gonna tell him.
Hey baby, how you been? You all jammed up? Okay, pal, that's enough.
I was just being friendly, man, that's all.
Go be friendly over there.
You know, I can handle my own life.
What? What? Take a look at that guy.
That guy's in your life? That's the kind of scum you hang out with? What's wrong with you? What are you thinking? I'm thinking that I don't need you passing judgment on me.
I'm sorry that I embarrass you.
That's not true.
I just You just wish I was a little more like you? I'll find my own damn ride.
It clear our victim's COD is exsanguination.
Looks like Miss Salinas was stabbed.
But there was also respiratory straining with fluid in the lungs, which would indicate drowning.
Or torture.
There's bruising on the wrists.
Suggests she was bound.
The victim could have been forced under flowing water.
Which would explain the evidence of near drowning.
Where are you? This has got to be who Joe was expecting when I called.
She's the other person involved.
There's no place you can hide, Joe.
I'm coming to get you.
Where is it? The money? She's part of the bank robbery.
She was looking for them.
She wasn't on that road by accident.
And when Joe got to her, he was after information.
Tell me what the key opens, Lauren? Where's my money? You tell me and I'll make this stop.
So chances are Lauren told Joe exactly what he wanted to know.
Only if she knew.
These old deserted rail tracks hold a lot of secrets.
We're only looking for one.
Trace amounts of decayed wood in the soil that Lindsay collected from your kit, are consistent with track cross ties of the 1930s and this location.
So this plant has got to be here somewhere.
There we go.
Mimosa pudica.
Someone's been digging in this soil.
Licenses and passports.
All with different names and his picture.
Looks like Joe had a trip planned.
Or he's ready to skip into another life and become someone else.
He knows sooner or later, we'll find out where he lives.
He can't go home.
Maybe he hasn't found the money yet.
I mean, if he had, he would have grabbed this stuff and left town.
I'm gonna get a plain clothes team to sit on this location.
He's got to come back and get this stuff at some point.
Detective Taylor.
Hey, Mac, you guys are good.
But I knew you were good when you got me out of that bank.
But now you raised things up a notch.
So, you still don't have the money, huh? Well, I'll get it, and I'll get it before you get me.
Hawkes, see if you can get a trace on Mac's cell.
Is it all worth it, Joe? What's that little girl of yours gonna think about her daddy? We found her barrette in the car.
Daddy, hold on to my barrette.
Don't lose it, okay? I got it, sweetheart.
She's gonna spend her weekends visiting you in prison.
I'm doing this thing for her so she can be away from all this.
So your family doesn't have to find out who you really are? Do they call you Joe? Or is it Eric Johnson, Doug Anderson, Michael Peterson? Who are you to them? You son of a bitch, man.
You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
What happened? Derrick pull you back in? After the bank job, Derrick's plan was to double-cross you? Then you killed him, and then you killed his girlfriend.
I didn't kill his girlfriend, man.
That was an accident.
Yeah, that was an accident.
Come on, show yourself.
Let's do this face-to-face.
Oh, come on.
I'm smarter than that.
Well, you're still here, Joe.
You can't be that smart.
Did you get it? What've we go? All right.
Too short.
Son of a bitch is watching us.
This is our last passport.
Let's see what we get with this one.
Here we go.
I got a UV-sensitive watermark in the shape of an eagle.
This one's the real deal.
All right, well, that makes all these others counterfeit.
Ethan Scott.
That's our guy.
That's Joe's real name.
I'll run it through every criminal database.
Hey, Danny.
Just got a hit to Lauren Salinas's fingerprints.
She was a teller at the bank.
She called in sick the day of the robbery.
Well, this confirms that she was the inside woman, and she was involved in the bank heist from the beginning.
Okay, wait.
Jersey crime lab trace report on Derrick James.
Steel and nickel filings were recovered from Derrick's throat lacerations.
Begs the question, what's made of steel and nickel that was so important that Joe had to dig it out of Derrick's gut? How about a key? I just logged the bank manager's key ring from the crime scene.
Derrick and Joe's prints were on them.
The keys were numbered in order, and there was one missing-- number nine.
Where's the money? Derrick swallowed the key.
That explains the nickel in the scratch marks we found in his throat.
When Joe finds out he's getting double-crossed, he decides to go digging for the key.
Which could mean that the money never left the bank.
Derrick hid it there.
It makes sense, but why kill Lauren Salinas? Lauren was his only link to the money, and I'm assuming if he got that information from her He's going back to the bank to make a withdrawal.
Detective, here's the key you requested.
Thank you.
He was here.
Hey, what are you doing up here? NYPD! Freeze! Call for backup! Detective's in danger.
We need backup.
What did you do? Freeze! Stop, damn it! Joe's real name is Ethan Scott.
Using his authentic passport, we pulled his Social Security number.
Tax records link him to a wife and daughter, Allison and Emma Scott.
He's lived with them in Manhattan for the past eight years.
You ??? Yeah, a loft near the High Line.
Flack and the unis canvassed it.
Looks like they cleared out, and Emma wasn't in school today.
They're on the run.
Notified the Port Authority.
All airports.
We've got the bridges and tunnels covered, too.
And Ethan's photo will run in the late editions of the papers.
What about the money? I put an alert out on the serial numbers.
I got some calls.
The cash was used to purchase tickets at Grand Central Station, Washington Bus Terminal, and the Staten Island Ferry.
All afternoon departures.
Cash was also used to rent a couple cars from three different agencies.
He's trying to confuse us by using the stolen cash to establish decoys.
Well, if that's the case, maybe he's not leaving town at all.
Just wants us to think that he is.
Or he already jumped a cab out of town.
I got a hit on a credit card purchase by his wife, Allison Scott- three train tickets to Toronto, Canada.
Purchase and departure point-- Poughkeepsie, New York.
The train leaves in two hours.
Three tickets.
He's meeting them there.
I'm gonna get this photo to local P.
, get some officers on the trains.
No wait.
If Joe thinks this is a game, fine.
We'll keep it going.
But this time, we're gonna play by my rules.
Amtrack Empire Service to Pennyslvania now arriving on Track 4.
Next stop He'll be here soon, sweetheart.
Scott? Yes.
Can I help you? I'm Detective Bonasera.
I need to speak with you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
What is this about? Your husband's been involved in a bank robbery.
He took a police officer hostage, and he's committed murder.
I'm sorry, but you've got the wrong guy.
Ethan wouldn't do that.
No, we have the right guy, we have evidence, and we are going to arrest him.
No, no, you have made some kind of big mistake.
Ethan is a good man.
We need your help.
Your cooperation will assure his safety.
We don't want to see your husband hurt.
Hey! Hey, baby.
You still running around in circles, Detective? You ready to give yourself up? You know something.
I'm going to miss hearing your voice.
Those empty threats and false bravado.
This isn't over, Ethan.
Well, where I stand, it is.
Well, I think Allison and Emma might think differently.
Good for you.
I knew you'd figured out who I was.
Just a matter of time.
But I'm gonna say-- I did expect a little bit more from you.
'Cause yesterday, when you walked into that bank and started getting down to business, I wasn't so sure I was gonna get away.
You were right.
You're under arrest for the murder of Derrick James, Lauren Salinas, the kidnapping andattempted murder of a crime scene investigator, armed robbery, grand theft auto, assault and battery but most of all for pissing me off.
» Ó­¼ÓÈë