CSI: NY s05e06 Episode Script


*'Cause in the city of dreams,you get caught up in the schemes* *And fall apart in the scenes in life* *That boy,he used to bomb from BK to the Bronx* *And it's the fortunate one who dies* *She moved from LES to Soho * *Few blocks for those who don't know* *Down the hall,punched a hole in the wall* *Bounced out on the rent control* *A certified son of a gun,learns life lesson 101* *Don't fly too high on your own supply* *Get burned by the sun* *'Cause in the city of dreams* *You get caught up in the schemes* *And fall apart in the scenes in life* *That boy,he used to bomb from BK to the Bronx* *And it's the fortunate one who dies* *He was NY's talk of the town,heard out to the LI Sound* *He stopped at 80 miles and he figured it out* *He used to be a nice guy,then he cut that out* *Bona fide sex machine,no better than a Bowery fiend* *She wanted a ride to the Upper East Side* *But he dropped her ass off in Queens* *'Cause in the city of dreams* *You get caught up in the schemes* *And fall apart in the scenes in life* *That boy would play his guitar like he was ready for war* Baby,you're worth every dollar,every nickel,every penny.
I'm begging you,shut up.
So Michael Jones.
Oxford,class of '98, Rhodes scholar,Nobel Peace Prize winner, Time magazine's man of the year.
He ran drugs from Beach Should have stayed home.
Should have stayed home? I should have stayed home.
A lot of glass.
A lot of work.
This is precisely why your mother tells you to wear clean underwear.
Why does anybody need their mother to tell them that? Is everybody running around wearing dirty underwear? Help me turn him over.
It's board game money.
Don't ask me why,but Smokes McGee here was counting out stacks of tens,100s and 500s while catching up on reruns of Heckle and Jeckle.
More of a Tom and Jerry fan myself.
Mighty Mouse,enough said.
That there is your murder weapon.
It was still warm when I got here.
Pretty cold-blooded.
A knock on the door.
Vic goes to answer.
Must have been expecting someone.
But when he opens it Game over.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 06 Looks like he had money to burn.
The marijuana joint's rolled with one of the board game bills.
Only there's no board game.
This paper's too thin.
This was intentionally designed as rolling paper.
Doesn't appear he was killed for the drugs.
Clearly he pissed someone off.
Perp did his business,didn't care about leaving the gun.
You know,four out of five doctors surveyed actually recommend smoking a doobie while having an asthma attack.
You got a name? The apartment belongs to a Michael Jones.
This,however,is not Michael Jones.
The neighbors know him only as Scooby.
Scooby? Dooby-Doo.
So,where is Michael Jones? Probably up at the haunted house pulling the mask off of Old Man Withers.
I'll track him down.
I know it was gonna be a late night,but I suggest coffee.
Yeah,found them in the vic's pocket.
Best guess is Ecstasy.
Probably dealing,based on the amount.
Sounds about right.
The girls sitting with the vic said that he was the go-to guy, although they all swear they say no to drugs.
Right,and they all swear they didn't see the shooter's face? Too dark and too fast.
The two sitting on this end said they saw a guy at a blue hoodie at a table over there.
They were about to do a round of drinks when He dropped the gun? That's what they said.
Some pill popping whack job split with the murder weapon.
How do you know the person who has it pops pills? How do you know he doesn't? Because he's a she,and I am clean as a whistle.
Who's got it on me? Nobody.
One of the girls saw it get kicked under one of the tables.
So,the night's not a total bust.
But I still have to deal with this.
Perp's DNA and fingerprints could be right in front of us.
It's moments like this that I love that I'm not a lab rat.
He's got semen trace on the boxers.
I've had some bad sex,but nothing that would warrant killing the guy.
Very little blood.
No spatter.
He was dumped,probably from the car that was parked right here.
So,where is our primary crime scene? I think the car was our primary crime scene.
There's,uh,blood on the glass.
So,killed in the car and tossed on the curb.
Shooter was outside the car.
Look at this.
Hackle marks.
Now,the perpendicular end is always opposite the side of impact.
And based on the curvature of the glass,our shooter approached from the outside.
So,who took off in the car? Was it,um,the paper airplanes or-or the dancing? It was the dancing,wasn't it? I mean,I don't have to dance,and look,I know I say,"What up?" a lot, and I'll definitely limit the number of times that I say it, but you just need to tell me,boss, what I need to do and what I don't need to do, and I'll do it or I won't do it,you know,'cause this Adam,Adam,take a breath.
What are you talking about? You-You don't know? Know what? Um you're letting me go.
In a month.
I I got one month left.
So,you don't you don't happen to know anyone that's looking for a dedicated yet quirky yet,uh,devastatingly handsome lab geek,do you? 'Cause I This isn't about your job performance,Adam.
I knew there would be cuts.
You're just the low man on the totem pole carved by people trying to justify their jobs.
For what it's worth,sir,it,um it means a lot knowing that the decision didn't come from you.
You're not going anywhere.
I'll take care of this.
Go back to work.
Three bodies,all killed on the same night at virtually the same time.
And COD on all three is a complete mystery.
You serious? Well,they all seem to have this strange hole in their face that, prior to their being dead,didn't exist.
The bullets did them in,but they weren't concerned about living too long anyhow.
Drug abuse? You name it,it was in their systems.
This one had THC,PCP and albuterol,strangely.
We found an inhaler at the scene.
But he's not asthmatic.
His lungs are far from healthy,but no indication of asthma.
Anything to chase? Well,these four marks are only a few days old.
Stun gun burns.
Maybe the killer graduated from stun guns to real guns.
That's a good guess.
Hmm,prints came back on all three.
This one had ID-- Michael Jones.
Michael Jones? Yeah.
That was the name of the listed owner of the loft where that guy was killed.
Luther Stanton,andthis guy here-- wow,he's got a great name.
Duckens Labranche.
You know him? I know all three.
Opening statements were supposed to begin promptly at 9:00,people.
I see 12 jurors,I see one DA,and I see three defense attorneys, but I think we're missing some people.
Care to enlighten me,Counsel? Your Honor,our clients I might be able to help with that,Your Honor.
Detective Taylor,you know the whereabouts of the three defendants? They're at the morgue.
All three defendants were gunned down last night around the same time at separate locations.
If we weren't looking at three different shooters, I'd accuse you of trying to protect your undefeated record.
My case was rock solid.
Well,you're damn right it was.
I collected the evidence.
Even without the murder weapons,I was able to connect all three to the shooting.
It was retaliation,if you ask me.
When you kill a big player in the drug game, you've got to know people will be coming for you.
I thought these guys would plead out within a month.
Here we are a year later.
Must have thought they had a case.
Stanton,Labranche,and Jones were going down and they knew it.
Week before trial,they tried to make a deal.
Said they had good info on a pusher with a couple of bodies attached to him.
You get a name? Didn't get thafar.
Told them putting three drug dealing murderers back on the street in exchange for one defied logic.
What was their response to that? They wanted to know what "defied" meant.
It's possible the guy they wanted to rat out got wind of it, decided to take them out before his name became a topic of interest.
Their statements to their attorneys are no longer privileged.
One of them might be willing to give me a name.
Who's my best bet? Try Jake Donovan,Michael Jones' lawyer.
He's always been straight with me.
DNA and fingerprints? You're a genius.
No sweat.
Uh,how many more you got of these? Just five large boxes.
Uh just out of curiosity,what are you gonna be doing during this? Bang,bang.
I never get to play with guns.
You'll have to excuse the mess.
We just had the place fumigated.
Clearly,they did a bang-up job.
But I guess it's just as well.
We come from the same species,right? What? You don't like lawyer jokes? I don't like lawyers.
Right,and you're here because you want to give Michael Jones' eulogy or, uh,maybe you want to send flowers to the funeral.
Marijuana plant would actually be more appropriate.
The DA tells me you were looking to deal? Michael,Duckens,and Luther thought about giving up a name.
Yeah,thought about it.
Natalie Greer shot that down Could have closed a couple more homicides maybe.
You willing to part with that name? Are you serious? I know who you are,Mr.
I know you represent scumbag homicidal drug dealers and the scumbag homicidal drug dealers they rat on.
I'm giving you a chance to do the right thing here.
And,uh,doing the right thing is,uh,signing my own death warrant? What do they say about a thousand dead lawyers under the sea? A great start? What? You don't like lawyer jokes? Is this how you always try to get information out of somebody? No,usually I'm a lot less charming.
Petrix Derosier.
Operates between Beach 21st and Beach 30th in Far Rockaway.
Sometimes even scumbag lawyers have a heart.
Just don't tell anybody.
*The summer sun* *It blows my mind* *It's falling down on all that I've ever known* *Time to kiss the world good-bye* *Falling down on all that I've ever known* *Is all that I've ever known* *The summer sun* *It blows my mind* *It's falling down on all that I've ever known* *Time to kiss the world good-bye* *Falling down on all that I've ever known* *Is all that I've ever known* You live by the gun,you die by the gun.
Literally,my friend.
What's up? I ran the bullets from the murder weapons recovered at the loft and the nightclub.
They were used to commit a homicide a year ago.
You got a hit to the case the vics were on trial for-- the Manny Sky case? They were killed with the same guns that they shot Manny Sky with.
The guns were never recovered.
Find the third one,two to one it was also used to kill Manny Sky.
What's the deal with your funny money? The value of the fake dollar just went up.
Check this out.
Whoa,what do we got? An opiate? Oxycodone.
Hundreds are laced with crystal meth and the five hundy-- PCP and albuterol¡ª when rolled with marijuana,provides varying degrees of an extra high.
Weed isn't enough? What's the deal with the albuterol? It's commonly used in asthma inhalers,opens up the lungs.
Adding it to PCP maximizes the intake and the hallucination.
Where do they come up with this crap? AhFar Rockaway.
They're called high rollers.
Sold by a new crew,run by a mope named Petrix Derosier.
Mac turned me on to him after he spoke to one of the vics' lawyers.
Apparently,the vics were going to give Petrix up to the DA.
The funny money is his new cash cow.
What are we looking at-- a war here? I mean,what are the vics doing with his product? Let's go ask him.
All right.
Goon number one,goon number two.
How you doing there,big guy? Hey,Petrix.
Little far from Rockaway,huh? Moving on up? Well,now,if it ain't the murder police and the cleaning crew.
You boys are always nice enough to clean up after we do what we got to do.
It's just a matter of time before you're mopping up floors at Rikers,Petrix.
No doubt.
You guys are able to find a fingerprint on the tip of a needle nowadays.
Something tells me you haven't quite found what you're looking for, or else I'd be wearing them shackles over there.
So,what,you want to play Red light/Green light or is there something else? There is,as a matter of fact.
You got change of a hundred? Listen.
Officers,if you needed a bump,you should have come directly to me.
I'll give you the cheap suit discount.
Oh,what happened? Watch yourself.
Yeah,give us a reason.
All right,it's all right.
See,Linus and Lump over there don't have the same sense of humor I got.
Apparently not.
So what you got there? You guys doing buy-and-busts now? Nah,I found a stack of them over at Michael Jones' place.
Luther Stanton was actually counting them out right before he took a bullet to the head.
Jones,Stanton,Labranche-- they got Beach 14 to 20,you got 21 to 30.
Everything's peaceful.
They jack some of your new product,put it on the street.
Suddenly things ain't so peaceful anymore.
You and your girlfriends here go and take them out,right? Solid motive,no? You guys got it all figured out now,huh? Actually,no,I don't.
See,the three of them were killed with their own guns.
So where'd you get the guns,Petrix? Pay y'all too much money.
Nobody jacks my stuff,you hear me? Don't you read The Wall Street Journal? Three stooges who have what you got because there was speculation of a merger.
You,uh,were going to do business with them? So what does that say? If you can't shoot them,join them? The fact is: their murder cost me money.
I'm not pleased about that.
Now,if that's all,Officer,I got some new investors to meet with.
Y'all take care.
So what do you think? Nightclub,Mercedes,loft.
I'd like to be able to put him at one of the scenes.
Do you really think that we wouldn't run the plates of a homicide victim and put a bulletin out on the car? Bitch,I don't know nothing abouno Duckens or Clickins.
It's Duckens Labranche,and you call me bitch one more time, I'll make sure that your pimp knows that you're turning tricks without his knowledge.
Now,Duckens Labranche-- you're driving his car.
Gave it to me.
He gave you his $150,000 Mercedes? I'm that good,bitDetective.
Did he give it to you before or after he got shot in the head? Did he get shot in the head? After.
It was his last dying wish.
What was I gonna do,not obey his last dying wish? Not if you're the one who told him to make it.
Let me guess.
He gave you this,too.
I never seen that before.
Y'all planted that.
What about the blood on your bra? Plant that,also? We're gonna take your clothes in,and get that blood tested,Vivian, and we all know who it's gonna come back to.
You were driving his car with the murder weapon inside of it,and you got his blood on All right,all right.
Damn! All I know is,you're looking for some guy in a blue hoodie.
It was all I could see from myposition.
You couldn't tell at all what his skin color was-- black,white? No.
It happened too fast.
I freaked out.
I thought about calling 911,but that Mercedes is a nice payday.
Besides,he's lucky someone came and shot his ass before I put 100 bullets in him like Sonny Bono.
You mean Sonny Corleone.
Cluckens was gonna stiff me.
All he had in his wallet were play money.
What did you do with it? Tossed it.
What am I gonna do with that? It's useless.
Get her out of here.
Come on.
No,Chief,I haven't forgotten who I'm talking to.
I'm not interested in your bureaucratic chain of command.
I run this division,you hear me? And decisions affecting my personnel, affecting the lives of people who work their ass off for me Get back to work.
will be brought to my attention before they're made! I'm quite certain I've worked hard enough and saved your ass enough to earn that privilege.
Let me guess.
Sinclair? If he thinks he can just let people go without talking to me first,he's seriously mistaken.
He's the Chief of Detectives,Mac.
He could let you go if he wanted to.
Whose side are you on,Stella?! Okay.
Wait,wait,wait,wait a second.
Let's go back.
I don't even know what the hell this is all about.
City's making cuts.
Our people are taking a hit.
Adam? Adam and six other lab techs.
Sacrifices shouldn't be made in the manpower.
Where then? Sinclair said if I can find another $200,000 in the budget,no one has to go.
What if we hold off on those automated DNA stations we ordered until after this budget thing blows over? You're kidding me,right? I mean,we've been waiting for over a year for those.
What Adam brings to the lab is worth waiting another six months.
They do ten times the work overnight.
It would take us a week.
Come on,Mac.
You said yourself,the way they analyze DNA in masses-- I mean They can get a rapist off the street a day or two faster.
That means,a day or two that he doesn't rape another victim.
Yeah,yeah,and how many rapists can Adam help catch in the six months we wait? How many murderers has he helped put away since he first started here? Fingerprints,hairs,fibers.
Not to mention his expertise in computer-related investigations.
I'll take Adam every time.
He works his ass off.
Losing him could hurt the city even more.
You think I don't know that? I love Adam,Mac! But passing on those automated work stations¡ª that keeps our lab a year behind in the technology.
Let's say we wait.
Who's to say Sinclair will actually pay for them in six months? I don't think you have a choice here.
Mac,you have a minute? Unless you're asking for money.
The gun we recovered from the Mercedes was also used in the Manny Sky homicide, just like the others.
We're looking for new evidence now,Lindsay.
Somebody used that gun to kill Duckens Labranche.
Well,I wasn't able to get any prints off the gun,but you know what they say? When life hands you lemons Limonene.
Citrus terpene from fruit rinds.
I found significant traces of it on the grip and the barrel.
It's used in various cosmetics,cleaning solvents,even biofuel, so maybe we can link one of those uses to our perp.
We better.
Ready to be shocked? At this point,Stella,I'm not sure that's possible.
The barb wounds on Labranche's neck were caused by something like this.
It fires a wireless charge with four barbs.
Packs a 1,500 volt punch for up to 20 seconds.
Believe it or not,that's not the most shocking part.
See,whoever used this on Duckens Labranche probably wasn't walking around with something this big, so I looked it up on line,and they sell handheld stun gun versions.
After going through customer sales lists for the last year, I came up with this name you might find interesting.
Maggie Hall.
She was scheduled to testify against our victims.
That's not possible.
Why? Because I told her she wouldn't have to.
You saw something,and we need your help catching these guys.
They laughed after they shot that man.
They stood over him,and they laughed.
What can you tell me about them? If I tell you,I'll be a witness.
I can see that that doesn't happen.
If we find these guys,and I collect enough evidence,you won't have to take the stand.
Not what you were expecting,huh,Detective? When did this happen? A week ago.
After I got the subpoena.
I'm on my way.
Well,you'll just have to wait and see,but you're gonna like it,trust me.
It's my specialty.
I love you.
Listen to me very carefully.
I'm gonna make this clear as I know how.
You get on that witness stand,you die.
You hear me? Just in case you think I'm playing we gonna leave you with a little reminder.
Thankfully,I started carrying a stun gun.
Let's get out of here.
God knows what I would have looked like if they'd have kept going.
Clearly,your word doesn't mean much,Detective.
So much for promising her she wouldn't have to testify.
Kevin don't.
Do you guys even care? Do you realize what it means to ask someone to be a witness? My sister put her life on the line so you could close a case.
If we find these guys,and I collect enough evidence,you won't have to take the stand.
You promise me? I promise.
Make that promise to all your witnesses? When I asked you to tell me what you knew a year ago, I was trying to protect you,Maggie.
If you didn't talk to me,the DA would have subpoenaed you anyway, and by that time,it would have been too late.
Part of my job is allowing the evidence I collect to speak for the living,as well as the dead.
You're lucky she's not dead.
My brothers aren't quite as forgiving as I am.
Based on what I collected after speaking to you,there was no reason for you to testify.
Take that up with the DA.
You can bet on that.
I still would have testified,you know,even after this.
I wasn't scared anymore.
But they got what they deserved.
Maggie I'm sorry,truly.
Counselor,what the hell happened in the Manny Sky case? Why did you subpoena Maggie Hall? She was a witness,you know that.
I collected enough evidence to keep her off the stand and put those bastards away for a very long time.
The evidence was suppressed.
What do you mean,suppressed.
Why? Don't worry.
Nothing to do with your team.
Well,I'm sure it didn't.
Who screwed up? It's not completely clear.
Chain of custody issues.
Someone removed the evidence from the property clerk without signing it out.
You can't be serious.
You know was well as I do these things happen.
With budget cuts,fewer employees-- things just fall through the cracks.
Including peoples' faith in the system.
Why are you so worked up over this? Maggie Hall was not supposed to testify.
Mac,she was a witness.
She made a statement.
The prospect of her being called by the prosecution shouldn't be surprising to you.
I promised her.
I promised she wouldn't have to take the stand.
Why would you do that? Because if I didn't,you wouldn't have had a case.
I collected that evidence based on statements she made to me.
I promised her,damn it! Yeah,well,don't get pissed at me for making a promise you knew you couldn't keep.
Petrix Derosier had more motive for killing Stanton,Jones and Labranche than we actual have for still being here.
I agree with you,Detective, but Derosier has been public enemy number one at the DEA for the past eight months.
You haven't put a case together in eight months? We're thinking long term.
I mean,Derosier's big,but we're after all his connections as well,so we're using all the gadgets.
We've had Petrix and his crew under 24-hour wire surveillance, and cell phone tower records have helped us track their individual positions.
So you're saying they have an electronic alibi.
Petrix and his men could've easily passed their phones off to someone else.
We thought so,too.
Well,you tell our friends in Brazil if they want a piece of the action, they should quit watching turtles lay eggs on the beach and get their asses on a plane.
We've got confirmed voice recognition for Petrix and his entire crew.
So Petrix is dirty,but clean.
That still leaves us Luther Stanton,Duckens Labranche,Michael Jones¡ª three defendants murdered on the eve of their trial.
If this wasn't about a drug war,then why the hell were these guys killed? Here's a twist.
Remember the limonene trace I got on the gun that Stella found? It turns out that one of Maggie Hall's brothers stocks fruit at a supermarket.
- Which brother? - Kevin Hall.
He works at a produce warehouse on the West Side Highway.
Strong motive.
Two more at home just like him.
Three brothers,three shooters.
Three victims.
Maybe Maggie's brothers turned murder into a family affair.
Look,all I'm saying is,if that was your sister who got cut up like that, the bodies of the guys who did it,they'd be unrecognizable.
You kidding me? You wouldn't find the bodies.
And that's what the jury members are going to say about these guys.
Yeah,but come on,straight-up acquittal? I give the jury a little more credit for following the law.
It's not even going to go that far.
I mean,the right play would be to cop a plea,man one,no life on the back end, they're guaranteed to get out at some point.
We're going to need more if the DA wants to leverage a plea.
Your guy's not talking either? He's got plenty to say,just not about the homicides.
These guys look good for it,but How did they get ahold of the three guns the vics' used to commit the homicide they were on trial for? There's no trace of these guys at any of the scenes.
We got motive up the wazoo,but I mean,they were good.
They covered their tracks like they did it before.
Mac,what if it was your sister? I'd kill 'em.
Okay,Mac,nobody at the bar where Michael Jones was killed remember seeing any of Maggie's brothers.
Bartenders,bouncers-- they weren't scanning IDs.
Recanvassing of the Tribeca loft didn't get us anything.
None of the neighbors recognized the photographs.
Alibis? As you know,they're not talking so we can't confirm or deny whatever story they plan on concocting, but I was able to verify that all three were not working that night.
And there were no phone calls from their home phone lines within an hour of the shootings.
Cell phones? Multiple calls between all three brothers up to two hours before the shootings.
All right,both of you get in touch with Anti-crime.
Find out if any of their informants remembers one of the brothers trying to buy a piece.
I want to know how they got the vics' guns.
All right.
Adam,give me something.
I need to put one of Maggie's brothers at the nightclub.
I'm working as fast as I can,boss.
Half of these bottles need to be reconstructed in order to get a print off them, and as far as DNA goes,um,well,to be honest with you,those robots wouldn't really help.
These are all completed? Yeah,I'm running them through AFIS as we speak.
If you get a hit,call me immediately.
Mac! What they did to Maggie pushed you over the edge.
And you weren't going to let them get away with it.
Sometimes,even scumbag lawyers have a heart.
Nine times out of ten,I feel like jumping across this table and ringing the person's neck,you know.
I have to admit,right now I'm torn.
I almost feel like buying you a beer.
I'm just throwing this out there,but killing your clients can't be good for business.
Right? I mean,how do you expect to get referrals? You and your co-counsel met back in 2001 working at Legal Aid.
City attorneys are required to be fingerprinted.
Those prints are still on record.
They're also on a shot glass that we found on the table next to Michael Jones' body.
I'm guessing you had to steel your nerves.
The guns When the print came back to you,I kept asking myself how you got hold of the murder weapon.
Then it hit me.
They gave them to you.
Handing the gun to an attorney was the safest place.
Jake Donovan couldn't reveal that he had it,it's privileged information, so he shoved it in a drawer.
But when his office was fumigated the other day, we found trace amounts of a pesticide containing limonene on one of the guns¡ª the gun they gave to you.
These are your phone records.
Every day for the past two weeks you called your client at 8:00 a.
, presumably to remind him to get his ass out of bed and get to court.
But the day the trial started,you didn't call.
Now I wonder why that is.
Every other case was about some dope dealer killing some dope fiend or someone getting killed over whose corner was whose.
So when they said don't worry about a witness or that witness disappeared, I never gave it a second thought.
One less crackhead on the streets looking to rob some old lady for a fix.
Yeah,b-but that girl Maggie You talk the other two into it? I didn't have to talk anybody into anything.
She was still going to testify.
Did you know that? She was going to do the right thing.
I suppose a confession is too much to ask for? I may have a heart,I'm not stupid,Detective.
You know what the great thing about all this is? Right now there's a young,cocky,naive lawyer,just like I was, and I'll work the system and I'll get off.
I'll walk.
Can you honestly tell me I shouldn't? Yo,boss.
Danny,what's up? I put in for that vacation next month.
That's right-- the trip to Costa Rica.
Yeah,Costa Rica.
Well,it fell through,so you can put me back on the schedule,all right? All right,I'll do that.
Just let me know when you want to take the time.
All right.
Remember that wedding in Italy I told you about in March? Girlfriend from college? Very good.
Well,they decided to postpone.
So You want back on the schedule? Yeah.
No problem.
Hey,Mac Hold on.
Don't tell me-- trip to San Francisco in January? Yeah,turns out San Francisco is closed in January.
Strangest thing.
Get out of here.
Go home.
I should've known you'd orchestrate something like this.
It's only temporary.
Everybody giving up a week of paid vacation for Adam buys him a little time.
The department doesn't just transfer vacation days.
How did you do it? I have a friend at the union who has a friend in the city council who has a friend,who has a friend.
Yeah,well,you're a good friend,Stella Bonasera.
And don't you forget that.
So what about Buenos Aires? Would've been a good trip.
You know,I know this nice little Argentinean restaurant down the block that might due.
You buying?