CSI: NY s05e07 Episode Script

Dead Inside

We know who this is? This is kevin mcbride.
Yeah,I know,it's not much of a resemblance.
Who found him? Couple kids were going freestyle on their bmxs earlier tonight, and one of them,a kid named tony shaw,landed right on top of our vic.
He'll be the most popular kid in school tomorrow.
Based on this skull fracture here,cod is more than likely blunt-force trauma.
What did he get hit with,a blender? I'm just saying.
Core temperature is 55 degrees.
That would put his time of death at about 36 hours ago.
Exactly,somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 yesterday morning.
The blood just cuts off mid-trail at this top step.
So he was dragged down the steps from somewhere up here.
Looks like this might be the connection to your crime scene,mac.
Somebody went to a lot of trouble.
I got a cleaned-up blood trail.
Remnants of latent blood indicate directionality,but then it abruptly stops.
It continues down these stairs to the cellar where kevin mcbride's body was found.
Looks like we've got two crime scenes and one body.
Where are you,stella? I'm in the middle of the east river.
Smack dab in the middle of the east river.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 07 show-off.
I came over with the coast guard.
Oh,yeah? They offered me a speedboat.
What was I gonna say? Got a little info on our vic from mac's cellar.
Kevin mcbride-- he owns a house relocation company.
Latest job was moving this house from staten island to the upper east side for a stockbroker named franko vladeck, who's been in beijing for the last six months.
I'm still trying to contact franko.
This house used to be over the cellar where mac found the body, and from what I can see,all signs of a struggle are here in the living room.
Now,this cleaned-up blood pool over here suggests that mcbride was killed here, and then dragged into the cellar where we found him.
Right,and then this big,giant house was moved and nobody noticed a dead body.
Which puts the movers at the top of my suspect list.
Or somebody with a window of opportunity.
Maybe our killer broke in before the house was in transit.
There's no glass anywhere on the floor here.
If this window had broken during the move,there would be pieces.
So you think the killer cleaned up? Maybe he cut himself and he wanted to take the evidence with him.
All right,so let's say the house was secured.
Killer comes in through the window.
Movers return the next day,lift the house up on hydraulics,drive away.
Kevin mcbride's body is left behind until it's found.
That all makes sense to me,except for one thing.
If the house was locked up for the move,what the hell was kevin mcbride doing in here? Listen listen to them church bells ringing, listen listen you can hear them hounds calling off in the distance if you listen you can hear the engines stalling you can hear the angels falling and travel you find that men and women all have trouble if you travel you will find that for the poor are victims of the gun or gavel if you travel.
That can't be kevin.
It's possible it's not him,right? Mrs.
Mcbride,if you'd like to take some time before we no,I'm fine.
Did your husband have any tattoos or scars? Why? Locating distinct identifying marks can be a quick and easy way to make a positive id.
There's a scaron his index finger,the left one.
- Ella - mom,I'll do this,okay? My dad worked with power tools his whole life.
He nearly cuts his finger off slicing a bagel.
It's him.
You asked us about the marks because you didn't want to show us his face,right? Yes.
I'm sorry,mom.
It's him.
Found this shell casing.
The amount of soot on it indicates it was recently fired.
But kevin mcbride wasn't shot.
Should we be looking for another victim? I can't believe it.
This can't be happening.
Can you tell me the last time you saw your boss? Yesterday.
I dropped off some papers for kevin at the job site.
He was doing a final walk-through before the move.
What time was that? I had a manicure in the morning and went there right after,so 10:00,maybe.
I'm sorry.
Let's just,uh,step over here for a minute,miss.
What's her story? Kevin mcbride's secretary,rita mannetti.
She came by to see why we were suddenly taking the house for a little detour.
Well,I didn't get squat from the canvass of the neighborhood.
No one saw anything out of the ordinary other than a 20-ton house being driven away.
I'll run criminal history checks on the moving crew to see if anything pops up.
I met your sister last night.
You did? Where? Martinez and i were running down a warrant over in crown heights,some party, and a beer bottle suddenly collided with the windshield of our car.
Sam? Guess one of her friends bailed her out 'cause my phone didn't ring.
We didn't bring her in.
I mean,she mentioned you.
Why didn't you call me,jess? It was the guys she was hanging with that were causing most of the commotion.
You know,I don't know why my sister does this stuff.
My father's washed his hands of her,and I gave him a hard time about it,but I get it.
I'm starting to think he did the right thing.
I'm sorry,don.
I shouldn't have said anything.
No,it's good.
It's good you told me.
angell just called.
Background check on kevin mcbride's crew came up clean.
Just means if one of his guys did do it,they'll be a little harder to track down.
"Tell"? Sid found this piece of card stock in the victim's hand.
It's obviously torn apart.
Look at this: The eye is a match to our vic.
The last thing kevin mcbride was holding was a picture of himself? I guess so.
Wait a minute.
The fisherman's death is an unsolved case.
What? Be smart about this,detective.
Don't try to be the hero.
Here it is.
See,take a look at this.
This pattern is just like what I found on the card stock.
It's a qr code.
It stands for a "quick response.
" A quick response to what? Well,you don't know until you scan it with something,like my qr-compatible cell phone.
It takes you to a coffee company called "esspresso shock.
" That's clever.
So the software on the phone converts the code into a web address.
It lets you jump from printed content to online content.
Which means the qr code you found could get us to a specific web site.
If I can complete it.
How does this code connect to kevin mcbride's murder? Well,I'm not sure that it does,but he was holding the card stock in his hand.
It was clearly torn,and we never found the other half.
If our murderer was looking for something,maybe it's connected to the code.
What's going on with you? remember the rat fisherman? I got you now,you big son of A wolford bessie.
Unsolved case.
I just got a phone call.
Told me to keep it that way.
It was definitely a threat,danny.
You know,when I first started this investigation,I went to the greek embassy.
They introduced me to sebastian diakos he had a scar on his face.
He spoke fluent greek and had a heavy accent.
That's the exact description you gave of the guy who attacked you two weeks ago.
It's got to be the guy who killed wolford bessie.
I'm going to call flack and see if we can get some inside connection.
Every diplomat or contracted employee of the embassy is protected by immunity.
You want to break some rules? Hairs you found in the nasal cavity are consistent with a didelphis virginiana a virginia possum.
The face of kevin mcbride was part of a little midnight snack.
I should've known.
Those little beasts have complicated many an autopsy.
You were right about cod: Transection of the frontal lobe due to blunt-force trauma.
Looks like the skull was impacted around 80 pounds per square inch.
That's too much for a punch.
Any idea what hit him? It's difficult to determine.
We lost our chance at a patterned impression on any soft tissue,thanks to our marsupial friend.
But I did find I did find indentations on the underlying bone fragments.
Mind you,now that you've discovered the dining preferences of our oversized rat, he might be the cause of those as well.
I also discovered lacerations on the vic's wrists.
The color and inflammation suggests they were made right before he died.
And recovered a bit of trace.
I'm not sure what it is.
All in all,this is sounding like a rather unsuccessful autopsy.
Not so fast.
The scratches and indentations on these bone fragments are inconsistent with our possum's teeth.
Some type of a waffle or a grid pattern.
Localized right at the point of impact.
Sid,I think we just found evidence of our murder weapon.
adam,what the hell are you doing? The,uh,carrot from the crime scene is more than a carrot at a crime scene.
It's a veggie pipe,and quite possibly the greatest invention ever.
All right,you take the dowel and you hollow out the fruit,or vegetable a la a carrot,take some tobacco, and then,uh,you're ready for a good time.
If that's your thing.
I mean,I'm,I'm totally high on science.
Uh,I thought you were working on the shell casing? Oh,I am.
I mean,I was.
I meanit's all part of the same thing.
I took a closer look at the casing and when went to remove the gsr,it was sticky.
So I ran it through gcms,and get this: It wasn't gsr.
It's thc.
They used the casing as the bowel of a pipe.
Okay,when we found the carrot at the crime scene,it was pretty fresh.
It couldn't have been there more than a day or so,right around the time of death.
And sid's tox report on kevin mcbride didn't indicate any controlled substance, so whoever handled the carrot could be our killer.
And that's what's so cool about this.
Whoever used the carrot had it in their mouth,and I got dna.
Ah,come on.
I work in a bar.
Just,uh, call it a perk.
Someone's mad.
All right,let me have it.
I'm ready.
Just,uh what did I do,by the way? You almost got hooked up on a drunk-and-disorderly last night.
aw,come on,donnie,a drunk-and-disorderly? That's what me and you used to do, every other friday night after dad would fall asleep and we'd sneak out of the house.
We were kids then,sam.
Come on.
This kind of thing is serious.
Okay? You hearing me? Yeah,I hear you.
Hey,you remember when dad used to drive us out to the shores over labor day weekend? You're changing the subject.
There was no air-conditioning,and a busted radio and just that one walkman between the two of us.
And we would each take a headphone and listen to that song,you know the one song over and over again.
What was that? Come on.
I know you remember.
I don't remember.
And dad would be yelling,"would you two shut that thing off?!" "Family time.
" "We're making memories here.
" But,samantha,listen to me.
No more free passes.
Okay? No more using my name to get out of jail.
Donnie,I only asked her if she knew you,okay? I wasn't asking for any kind of favors.
Yeah,ay,I promise.
I will only ever use your name if I need to borrow money.
I'm kidding.
Okay? You need to learn to laugh a little more, 'cause you're never gonna get the girls with this grumpy mad-dog thing going.
Tanor sommerset? Dude all this stuff is just totally for for legal use,yeah.
I'm not here about that.
How about you tell me where you were monday morning.
I I don't remember.
Little house on staten island ring a bell? No.
I'll give you another clue.
A carrot with your dna all over it was found at a murder scene.
I'm supposed to believe you have my dna? Two years ago,you punched an fbi agent at a peace rally.
He totally started that.
Look,the dna from your little altercation is in the data base.
And it looks to me like you got a temper.
Yeah,but I didn't kill anybody.
Tanor,you just told me you didn't remember where you were monday morning.
All right,look,I was just walking by and the house just called out to me.
So I sparked it up,got a little wrecked.
I went upstairs and passed out.
Didn't wake up till late in the morning and that's when it totally got out of hand.
All right? The house,it wasit was moving,man,like it was in transit.
I got the hell out of there.
Anybody who can corroborate your story? Of course,lots of people.
Hey! Hey,wait! You idiot! Are you crazy?! boom.
Hey,danny finally nailed down our murder weapon.
Big rig framing hammer.
It matches the hatch marks I found on the bloody nail heads at the house and the indentations that you and sid found on the vic's skull.
Only thing is,it's quite a common tool.
The killer could have bought it anywhere.
What? You got something better,don't you? Garra rufa carp-- the trace sid pulled from the wound in kevin mcbride's arm.
It's fish.
Specifically carp scale,native to only turkey,syria and iran.
So all I have to do is figure out how do the scales from a fish from halfway around the world end up in our vic's arm.
Why are you doing this? You're taking it all-- my dad's papers,his computers,everything.
It's necessary for the investigation,ella.
Do you know something? Do you have a suspect? Or are you just taking all of his things and hoping for the best? Look,my mother is very upset.
I want to be able to tell her something more than it's just part of the investigation.
I'm sorry.
I know how difficult this is.
You have to say that a lot,don't you,detective? I do.
But I mean it every time.
My parents were partners in the business, and there are contracts and other information regarding homes and finances.
It's just a lot of stuff that she would like to have back.
We'll return everything as soon as we can.
Do you really think that you'll find my father's killer? Yes.
You always so confident and sure of everything? Are you going to be okay? Hurry up and find the person who did this because I don't know how much longer I can be strong for her.
Danno,danno! A few of my boys found this in a dumpster two blocks from the crime scene.
This is great.
Also,I spoke to couple cops over on staten island.
They did,in fact,receive numerous phone calls about a guy jumping out of a moving house.
All right,so tanor sommerset was telling stella the truth? At least about his little trip.
Oh,come on! You've got to be kidding me! whose stupid idea was this? Yours.
Hey,I've seen something like that before.
Yeah,they're qr codes.
They're popping up everywhere.
They're the newest thing.
No,no,no,no,no-- that card and the border.
I saw a whole stack of 'em.
You're driving.
What do you mean she got fired? She was a little too fond of kicking one back during her shift,you know? She hasn't worked here for weeks.
I got them.
You ready? Yep.
Hey! Twice in one week? Come here.
How lucky am I? Hey,I'm sam.
Are you two a thing? We work together.
So what's up,kid?What are you doing here? I work here,remember? Take a walk with me.
You just look me dead in the eyes and you lie to me like that? It's that easy? I know you don't work here anymore,sam.
Your boy just told me you got fired two weeks ago for drinking on the job.
Okay,so now you know.
Good for you.
Look,it's not a big deal.
Oh,it is a big deal.
What's going on with you,huh? When did you become somebody who spends all day drinking in bars,and all night hanging out with dirtbags in crown heights? When did you start to care? They're for manicures.
The fish eat the dead,flaking skin and leave the healthy tissue intact.
Okay,this is the newest craze? Yeah.
You know,angell mentioned that,uh,kevin mcbride's secretary, rita mannetti,got a manicure just before she went to the work site.
I had a manicure in the morning.
And laceration on the vic's arm suggest struggle, and sid found carp trace in the wounds.
Rita did more than drop off some papers.
And your carrot boy,tanor sommerset-- he's back in the picture.
It turns out that he had a connection to this house.
His mom sold it out from under him six months ago.
So both rita and tanor have some explaining to do.
It was my house,man! It's not right to keep me out,you know? The only thing I know is that you lied to me,"man.
" I didn't lie.
I just forgot to mention it.
So mention it now.
What happened? Look,I just went back to reminisce.
You always reminisce with a hammer? I know it looks bad.
But I'm innocent.
I wouldn't kill him.
Then why'd you scratch him? He saved me.
I wore a pair of cheap heels.
Ready for your john hancock.
rita,careful! Careful! That's all that happened.
You bought a hammer the day before your joy ride in the house.
The same type of hammer that was used to killed kevin mcbride.
Yeah,okay,look,so I bought a hammer.
My mom should've given that house to me,man.
All right? I was pissed! I wanted to tear the place up a little before they took it.
Funny thing is,tanor,the only thing in that house that was torn up was kevin mcbride's face.
Think you can take this place from me,huh? Maybe in pieces.
What the hell are you doing? Saying good-bye.
I'm calling the police.
Dude,that's not what happened.
I swear,okay? I never even saw the guy.
I was out.
One minute I'm napping,next thing I know,the house is moving.
It's called secretsu.
It's a web site where people send their secrets.
They pick up these preprinted,blank "confession cards" from cafes,restaurants,bars all over the city.
Then you write in them or collage them and send them in.
So how do people know where to mail the cards? You scan the qr code on the card,and it brings you to this web site.
There's a po box and instructions.
The post office box is a dead end.
Whoever runs this thing pays cash so he can keep himself a secret,too.
So let me get this straight.
People take the time to put down their darkest secrets, and then they send them to someone they don't even know? Two questions: Why and why? They say confession is good for the soul.
Blood on the hammer flack brought in is a match to our vic'S.
So we have our murder weapon.
Found epithelials on the handle.
Female,so tanor's out.
But rita's still in the mix.
Dna's degraded.
Can't make a definitive match.
Run it for mito.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
I'm on it.
Lindsay,light brown trace on the card stock took me a while to figure out,but voila! It came back as walnut oil,alum,tobacco,linseed oil,and soy esters.
Most common application: Organic floor stain.
That floor stain was concentrated around the torn edge of the card stock.
Closer look revealed that the stain had feathering and directionality.
Suggests the fragment was dragged across the floor.
And I noticed that the feathering was on both sides of the fragment.
The other part of the card was still in the house.
We processed the scene,mac.
We didn't find it.
Maybe it wasn't visible.
The floorboards.
That's what tore it from kevin's hand.
These old victorian homes always used douglas fir as flooring.
The softer the wood,the more moisture it absorbs.
so when the house was on the barge in the river,the wood expanded.
Trapped the card.
"I'll tell her if you don'T.
" Kevin mcbride could have been the one who had the secret.
I found a jackpot of deleted files in kevin mcbride's computer, including correspondence related to previous affairs.
Although as far as I can tell,he's been,uh,"monogamous" with lola57 for the past two months.
We know who lola57 is? No,not yet.
I subpoenaed the user name information,but,uh,for now,she's still a mystery.
But I did recover this.
He e-mailed that photo to lola57 a week before he died.
It's the same picture as the one on the postcard.
Right,and what's interesting is lola57 cut off all communication right after he sent that photo.
Maybe she didn't like what she saw.
Well,whatever it was,kevin didn't go quietly.
He kept trying to contact her.
She never responded.
She found out he was married.
Maybe his wife found out about the affair? And I know how: Lola sent the secretsu card "I'll tell her if you don'T.
" Sounds like motive for a murder.
Yeah? Hey,it's me.
I want to talk to you.
I'm done talking.
Come on.
Let me up.
I got something for you.
Sam? I'm your brother,and I'm sorry.
Don't make me do this out here.
Just remember: You're the one that made this happen.
red rain is coming down red rain red rain is pouring down pouring down all over me.
Just started going over the walk-through video annie mcbride shot the morning of kevin's death.
So far,nothing out of the ordinary.
Mac? I just got back the user information for lola57.
Who is it? secrets turned into artwork.
Looks like you're missing a card,lola.
And I found it.
You went looking for him,didn't you? You suspected your father of cheating.
He'd done it before.
You were tired of what he was doing to your mother,and so you set a trap.
And he fell for it.
You became the other woman.
When he e-mailed you a photo,you had the evidence you needed.
But he didn't get the message.
Or he didn't care.
He kept e-mailing lola.
And so you had no choice but to confront him.
Don't do this to mom again.
Just divorce her.
Just stop! Or what? Or I'll tell.
You're not telling anybody anything.
This has nothing to do with you.
Your father died not knowing lola57 was his own daughter.
That's why you were so concerned about getting your father's computer back.
You knew the chats would lead us right to you.
There was no trap or threat.
I wasn't playing a game.
Two months ago,I met someone online.
Someone who understood me.
Someone wonderful.
You never knew it was your dad.
Not until he sent that photo.
"I'll tell her if you don'T.
" And I sent that card because I just wanted him to stop.
But I didn't confront him.
I couldn't even face him.
I was never at that house.
I didn't kill my father.
Mito on the murder weapon came back a match to ella.
Considering all maternal relatives share the same mitochondrial profile, it could come back to the mother as well.
Annie told us she was in montauk at the time of death.
I was in montauk.
I was recording a walk-through.
Do you still have the tape? Yes.
I'll need that.
Yeah,hawkes is still processing the video she claims as her alibi.
Ella claimed she was gluing up cards in her loft for a secretsu installation at the time of death.
But mito's not enough to put the hammer in the hands of either of them.
We need to find something to make this murder stick.
Walk-through regarding the thompson house.
Uh,craftsman circa 1916.
Luminous hardwood floors,original molding throughout.
Living room has double-hung sash windows in listing condition.
Has double-hung sash windows in listing condition.
You killed your husband,annie.
I was in montauk.
I told you that.
I gave you that video.
Did you even look at it? Oh,we did.
Closer than you thought we would.
The timecode on your video alibi puts you in montauk at 10:30 A.
But after analysis,we realized you shot the video at 2:00.
And that gave you enough time to kill your husband.
You changed the timecodes,annie.
This time of year,facing north,this shadow is in the wrong place for you to have been at 10:30.
It was actually 2:00 in the afternoon,wasn't it? we have your dna on the murder weapon.
I found a postcard in his desk drawer in the office,and I just knew.
I can still see the words: "I'll tell her if you don'T.
" I needed to hear it from him.
You promised never again.
You found this? And some e-mails? That's cheating now? I didn't care that he never met the woman, just knowing that he felt that way about someoneabout anyone,not me.
You could have just left.
I couldn'T.
I never stopped loving him.
Does she know? About lola57? That it's me? She can'T.
She can't ever know.
It's not my secret to tell.
Ella,none of this is your fault.
You have to understand that.
I miss him.
That man online.
He really understood me.
I mean,he was nothing like my dad.
He made me feel important.
I just want that feeling back.
That's sick,right? No.
Not at all.
I I can't tell anyone.
I meanmy family,it's like they're perfect.
You know,and,uh,and then there's me.
The screwup.
I mean,I guess there's one of those every family,right? And I guess that's why,um,my last drink was,uh,20 minutes ago.
Yeah,I'm afraid.
I'm afraid I won't make it 20 more.
I'm an alcoholic.
I know that.
You know what?I thought I needed a ride,but you changed your mind,huh? Yeah.
I'm gonna walk this one off.
You and sam gonna be okay? We're stubborn.
You gonna be okay? Yeah.
All right,I'll see you.
Jess yeah? Thanks.
yeah,all right,well,just put a rush on it.
Package is for you.
you remember yesterday when you asked me if wanted to break some rules? I do now.