CSI: NY s05e08 Episode Script

My Name is Mac Taylor

We're seconds away.
I can see the scene from here.
You sure about the vic's identity? Yep, triple-Checked it.
Mac taylor.
Two vics within a week and a half with that Same name can't be a coincidence.
Any idea where our mac is? Mac taylor.
We've got another victim.
Second one this week.
Identified as mac taylor.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Yeah, i'm fine.
What is it? I'm his next target still.
How do you know that, mac? Because he was just here.
I didn't see a face, Just black shoes.
Something about it struck me as odd.
He definitely went through my wallet, But nothing was missing.
Why would he take the risk? Well, that's just it, stella: i'm here every morning Alone for at least an hour.
When those two came in, he took off.
Did they see anything? No, just someone walking away.
If this guy's plan was to kill you, We can assume he'll try again.
So far, the only thing you have In common with our two prior vics is your name.
Well, if that's how the killer's choosing his targets, We need to get to any other mac taylors before he does.
* what's with all this * * doom and gloom? * * you used to be such * * such a laugh * * you get sadder * * the smarter you get * * and it's a bore * * and there was a time before we were born * * when we stood in the garden * * if this world won't last, i'll turn you on * * well, i'm enough for the both of us * * the both of us * * the both of us.
* Mac taylor? According to his driver's license "Macabee james taylor," but his business cards Building directory and organ donor signature All read "mac taylor, cpa.
" Clenched hand.
Cadaveric spasm? Yeah, he definitely tried to hold on to something.
And there's bruising on his face, which suggests some kind of struggle.
This doesn't make any sense.
What? The keys could not have bounced this far.
I don't understand how there can be Two points of impact.
See these pieces of plastic? They're from the vic's keychain.
Obviously, it broke When he fell to the floor.
But i found some here.
And then some here near the body.
What kind of distance are we looking at? Right, well, that's my point.
They don't look like they were Kicked or scattered.
I didn't find any in between The two points of impact; it's like the keys fell twice.
The obvious question Is how does a keychain land here And end up over there? Obvious answer.
The killer picked them up and moved them.
Yeah, but why? Wait a minute.
That's got to be What the vic was holding on to.
His attacker grabbed the keychain, Took what he was after, And left the rest behind.
Macarthur taylor.
Mac taylor victim #1.
Investment banker, activist, Chairman of the art center restoration foundation.
He's been here over a week.
No one's come to claim the body.
We can't seem to find any family members.
Unsolved murder, Cod exsaguination from a gunshot wound.
Good memory.
And gsr i collected From around the injury is a match To traces of gsr hawkes found On the face of this morning's victim, Mac taylor #2.
But, sid, our victim from this morning wasn't shot.
And no gun was recovered from the scene.
But there's evidence His attacker had a weapon.
Crime scene photos Hawkes took of the victim's face Show subdermal bruising in the shape Of the frame of a small automatic.
So he carried A gun and never shot it? And if he had, he wouldn't have missed.
Notice the "v" in the break.
It indicates the origination point of the fracture.
This injury was premortem, Just prior to death.
And mobility would have been significantly impaired.
The victim could barely walk.
The killer could have taken aim and End of story.
So he shoots our first victim, macarthur taylor, Point-Blank right in the chest.
The second, he pistol-Whips, and instead of shooting him, Tosses him over the railing? Leaves me to conclude that the gun jammed.
Or what if he never intend on killing him at all? Detective taylor? Deputy inspector gillian whitford.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Welcome to the division.
It'd be great if we could grab a coffee.
I'll check my schedule and give you a call.
There's no need to do that.
I'm free now.
Thank you.
Inspector, we're both very busy, So simply put, if you tracked me down to ask That i remove myself from the mac taylor murder investigation, I'm afraid you're going to endure This mediocre cup of coffee for nothing.
I see you're not the type to concern himself With first impressions.
I'm sorry for being too direct.
I just don't want to waste your time.
Detective, if there's one thing i've learned Throughout my career as a law enforcement officer, It's that you should always do your homework.
That said, your reputation precedes you.
I believe the words "stubborn" And "strong-Willed" were mentioned more than once.
You know the risks.
I just want you to use your best judgment.
I took the liberty of reviewing Some of your high-Profile cases.
You've put away quite a few dangerous offenders.
I can't imagine any of them were happy about it.
Suggesting revenge for something i've done As our killer's motive? I want you to consider it as a possibility.
I don't believe you're the target.
It's just that this case Fits the classic profile of retaliation.
Which means if this guy wants my attention, He's not done yet.
You're thinking our second vic was an accident? Our killer came to the crime scene with a gun.
He's used it before.
Why didn't he use it here? Now, sid suggested that the gun might've jammed, But we don't have any proof of that.
I processed the stairwell and i found our vic's prints On the handle of every door From floor 99 to 95, so clearly, They were locked and he was trying to get in.
Then on the 91st floor, the door was unlocked, And i found drag and scuff marks.
He wasn't walking.
More than likely he tripped, fell down the stairs.
That's when he broke his ankle.
At which point the killer Had ample opportunity to aim and fire.
Guys, not for nothing, we have two men with the same name, Both dead.
I mean, regardless Of the method of murder, This doesn't sound like an accident.
Yeah, well, wait a minute.
The second vic's right hand was in early stages of rigor.
Okay, what if they were fighting over the keys, And, in the struggle, fell over the railing? That's what The killer was after at the pool.
That's why nothing was taken from my wallet.
It was my keys.
Who's got a set of keys to the avalanche? I always close it.
It was open and on the floor.
This about car keys? It can't be.
Macarthur taylor's obituary described him As an avid walker.
He never even Owned a car.
I've searched every credible database available, And have located 23 mac taylors Within a 100-Mile radius of manhattan.
Mac taylor.
Actually, Macdonald taylor, but everybody calls me mac.
It's on my driver's license, credit cards, checks My full name is mackito taylor.
Mac taylor simple, easy.
Most people remember it Mac taylor, or machiavelli.
You know, so i always went by that.
In the last two or three weeks? I want everybody to call me that you know, one name.
No, i haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
Should i be worried? I live on the upper west side.
What's this about? I mean I'm not sure what else to tell you.
Why am i even here? The two other mac taylors in the morgue They look like me? No.
Take a seat.
I'll have someone come talk to you, give you all the details.
Yeah, but they were both white males, right? They were different ages.
One was an investment banker, the other a cpa.
You're a reporter.
There's nothing adding up here, okay? Now, if you sit down and be quiet, We might get something done.
Let me sneak a peek at the autopsy reports.
Taylor, are you nuts? Come on, flack.
I've worked the crime beat for four years.
I know you guys have to have a lead on this thing by now.
I should know if some lunatic Is gonna blow me away the second I step out onto the street.
Trust me, taylor, if i knew anything, I'd let you know, but between you and me, If someone's taking a shot at you, It's not necessarily connected to this case.
We got 12 mac taylors and counting.
Are you in charge here? Yes.
How far along are you on this thing? They're telling me that i got to stick around here Until you figure it all out.
I'm guessing we're not talking about A few hours here.
We're trying to save lives.
We're making arrangements to provide protection.
From who? You don't even know who you're after.
We're working on it.
In the meantime, it's best That you remain in our custody.
Look, i completely understand the frustration You're feeling.
You're kidding me, right? I mean, i get a call an hour ago from somebody telling me That i need to report to this precinct because Someone's trying to kill me.
And you understand my frustration? I'm sorry.
I didn't get your name.
I'm sure we'd all like to know the name Of the officer who understands our frustration.
It's detective.
Detective mac taylor.
Right now.
It was stella.
We got another victim.
This one's alive.
Okay, mackendra.
I'm going to swab your wounds To see if there's any trace evidence left behind.
If at any point, it's too rough, or you just Feel uncomfortable, you let me know, okay? Can you call me mac? Mackendra's what my parents Used to call me when i was in trouble.
All right, mac.
Did he scrape you here? Yeah.
I think it was something on his clothing.
Why don't you tell me Exactly what happened.
Uh i was walking to my car.
It was late.
Do you always walk to your car alone? No.
Uh, i usually get a spot right in front.
Um i work at the front desk At the chase regent hotel.
I wish i would have just given him my keys.
Is that what he wanted? Hey, what kind of car do you drive? Why? What do you want? I don't want to hurt you, mac.
I just want to see your car keys.
Where the hell are your keys? I kept thinking, if i just keep my keys And i just get to the car, i'll be okay, you know? Did i mess up? What do you mean? I washed my hands when i got home.
No, it's okay.
There could still be trace under your nails.
I don't know why i didn't just run away As soon as i heard someone behind me, And why i even talked to him.
I'm sorry.
I'm really embarrassed.
I don't really know if i can answer your questions.
It's okay.
You don't have to, mac.
As soon n as he saw mackendra's car, he took off.
So we're back to the theory that this is about a car? Our killer's not after every mac taylor In this city.
He's targeting only one.
And he's checking keys because He doesn't have a description Of the mac taylor he's looking for.
Only a description of the type of car that he or she drives.
Macarthur taylor didn't own a car.
Killer didn't know that until he read the obituary.
Macarthur taylor's death Was a mistake.
And checking the keys of his next target Prevents the killer from making another one.
Hawkes was right.
The early rigor in our vic's right hand Was because he was holding on to those keys.
So when the killer went after them, Somewhere in the struggle, the vic fell.
It was an accident.
But the guy brought a gun to the scene, stella.
The gun is for the mac taylor He wants dead.
When he finds the right one, he'll use it.
The man and woman Who entered the pool didn't interrupt An attempt on my life.
The killer had already checked my keys And determined i wasn't the target.
Which means he's still hunting for the right mac taylor.
Really weird.
What? The shard that Lindsay found at the crime scene Of the stairwell vic I found traces of unknown female blood.
Means it doesn't belong to our killer or our vic.
Stranger than that.
The shard itself, it's bone, but it's not human.
It's deer antler.
The bullet sid pulled out Of our first vic, macarthur taylor, Just got a hit.
Matches a slug From a burglary in a parking garage.
That was three weeks ago.
We've had this slug for quite a while.
We're just now Connecting it to the bullet In macarthur taylor's chest? Property crime, low priority.
The data was just entered into ibis.
Bullet was found in the baseboard.
Looked like the gun went off by accident.
Nothing was taken, so i guess they didn't think It was that important.
No positive id, But we got a good description of the shooter.
So how do we find this guy? That's what's up.
You get on that.
Check your back field.
That's starksy and hutch just showed up.
I'm gonna get out of here.
All right.
This ain't my type of crowd.
Be safe.
Do i know you? I don't think so, buddy.
What's up, crockett? We need to find a guy.
Rattled a parking garage on the upper east side.
scar over his left eye.
Oh, so he looks like you, only taller.
That's good.
You're killing me.
Tattoo on his neck.
We need a lead on this one, terrence.
That's a pretty generic description, man.
Did i not mention scar above his eye, Tattoo on his neck? How many guys you know like that? Six? Seven? Eight? Come on, just give us the names.
We'll do the work.
Look, don't you got some type of test tube, Dna, fingerprint dust That can point you in the right direction? Listen to me.
Somebody in your little entourage knows this guy, okay? We made a deal.
You're a confidential informant, and this little powwow That we're having is payup time.
I'm aware of the deal we made, man, but y'all can't keep Coming up here with this small change.
I'm beginning to smell like pork.
You certainly surround yourself With some beautiful young ladies.
I see a couple fresh faces in the room.
What do you think, dan-O? She look 21 to you? I'll tell you what.
I'll reach out.
The guy you looking for he'll be here tonight.
Hey, though, why don't you just give us his name, Address, and we'll skip your little party, all right? I don't roll like that, man.
Where are you from, staten island? Oh, that's funny? That guy, before I think that was marshall faulk.
Yeah? I was thinking tiki barber.
The bone i found it's a deer antler button.
This is the crime scene photo of the antler shard That lindsay found, all right? It's pretty clear that it's circular in nature, But i couldn't quite figure out what the little notch was.
Now that you know it's a button, It's the eye for the thread.
But there was one problem.
We couldn't be sure that this piece of trace Had anything to do with the murder of our vic, Or if it had been there before.
I lifted a partial print from the surface of the shard, And it was a match to our killer.
We have our killer's prints? Handprint.
From the plexiglas.
Mackendra's attacker put his hand over her mouth.
Traces of her makeup transferred Onto his palm and his fingertips.
Her makeup contained titanium, So, using the mass spectrometer, i was able To isolate the prints that contained titanium.
And this was the last print Left on the plexiglas surface.
There was nothing on top of it.
So we ran it against the partial From the deer antler button, and it was a match.
Only bad news.
No hits in afis.
Right, but the partial print we got Off the button confirms that it came From our killer's clothing.
Now, where does one find a button made of deer antler? Dorsey's notions on third.
They gave me an entire list Of anyone who had purchased such a button In the last year.
A list of one.
We used the buttons for shirts and jackets.
Some for overcoats.
We made an effort to make our designs As unique as possible.
Do you have a list of customers You sold some of those items to? Uh, no.
The line wasn't very successful, And unfortunately, We gave away more than we sold.
Who is "we"? Melinda kitano.
My partner she was the brilliant designer.
I was the inept accountant.
Was? Yeah, we're formerly kitano-Oka designs, But we're moving on And out.
Do you have A forwarding address for melinda? No.
Yeah, no, she was also my girlfriend.
So, the business wasn't the only thing i lost.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hello? Hi, what's up? I backed into the fender, Broke a light on my car, Dented the bumper of the other.
I waited, but i had to pick up my kids, So i left a note with my number.
No one ever called.
Did you mention in your note what kind of car you drove? No.
When i got here This morning, there was 15 of us.
Now there's only seven.
Why'd everybody else get to go home? Three of them were children.
The rest don't own cars.
This is crazy, man what makes you think This is something one of us did? Well, one of us has a record.
What was that? Somebody with previous criminal activity Just might are you accusing me of something? Get your hands off me.
Hey, hey.
What are you gonna do about it? Get out of my face.
Hey, cut it out.
Sit down.
Sit your ass down.
The killer's tracking down each of us.
He could have been in your homes already, Stood outside your job, been right in your face.
He's looking for one of you.
Doesn't appear he's giving up.
What kind of car do you drive? A thunderbird.
It's parked in a long-Term lot Over on lexington.
I haven't been in it For over a month.
Where'd you go a month ago? Buffalo.
Anything out of the ordinary happen? Uh, it didn't snow.
This is it? This is your line of questioning In connection with a murder Investigation, detective? I've been here For over eight hours.
I have endured All the questioning i care to.
There's a man out there who wants a mac taylor dead.
I have the good fortune of knowing it's not me.
You really want to walk out of this building And risk the chance that you're his target? I appreciate your concern for my safety, But i'll take the risk.
I'm the one.
I'm the one he's after.
What makes you think that, mac? I didn't Leave a note.
What? The car i hit.
I said i left a note.
I didn't.
Maybe he's after me.
What the hell? I don't think terrence likes people Walking on his furniture.
What are you thinking? Man.
Wake up there, perry; i'm gonna Give you one more chance to do some talking.
Come on.
What do you got? The only thing i'm telling you is i'm not telling you nothing.
Ooh, perry, you're facing Two counts of first-Degree murder, Assault on two police officers, Burglary, parole violation Possession of a concealed weapon.
Uh, destruction of private property, Spying on your sister.
She looked good naked.
I told you i sold the gun.
That's what you get from me.
Listen to me.
We're willing to make a deal here.
Okay, all you got to do Is tell us who you sold the gun to.
A deal? What am i dealing for? I'll get 30 days, i'll be out in six? My biggest crime is that i broke Into an empty parking garage office on lexington.
Who's pressing charges on that? I need the crime report From the first officer on the scene of the burglary.
Macquinn taylor mentioned He parked his car at a garage On lexington; find him.
We need to take a look at that vehicle.
You got me in brooklyn.
Now what? I believe our killer was here After he attacked mackendra taylor And right before he moved on to mac at the pool.
The leaf we collected From the athletic club pool Was saturated with saltwater.
Well, that makes sense 'Cause the club's pool is a saltwater pool.
Same thought i had, so i tested the leaf, And i found a high concentration Of sodium chloride, But also magnesium, calcium, Sulfur, and potassium, All inconsistent with the components Of the saltwater in the pool.
It was sea salt, Which led me to one place.
The art installation waterfall.
So the spray from the waterfall Coated all the vegetation around it with salt.
Yes, causing discoloration of the foliage.
Our leaf came from here.
Okay, but that doesn't mean That the guy we're looking for is here.
I mean, a lot of people have access To the brooklyn bride and the waterfront, So anyone could have moved the trace Onto a subway or a cab, And it somehow ended up on our killer's shoe.
I thought of that.
Now, we collected A latent footprint by the pool At the athletic club.
That footprint matches a partial print That i found here at the base of a tree That has the same leaf that we found poolside.
Okay, so that Puts our killer in this location, But the amount of possible suspects Is impossible.
Oh, but you thought of that, too, didn't you? This where is where i found the partial.
I also found Dead cut flowers and what appears to be candle wax.
As you can tell from the partial footprint, It's the toe of the shoe, Which might occur if someone was kneeling.
So, cut flowers, candle wax, kneeling.
You have a vigil.
Possibly in memory Of someone's death.
Possibly motive.
Doc, you just narrowed down our suspect pool.
Some might consider this harassment, detective.
You gave us permission to look at your vehicle.
You can change your mind.
Oh, yeah, right.
Like that won't make me look guilty Of whatever it is you've decided I'm involved in.
I'm not here To accuse you, macquinn.
I'm just trying to find answers.
There's a man out there killing people, And this parking lot puts him closer to you.
Look, i don't know this perry samuels guy Who broke into this place.
And what my car Has to do with any of it is a mystery to me.
Well, then, why don't you just step aside And let me do my job.
Just maybe i can solve that mystery.
All right, so this is the skinny From the parking attendant.
Showed up for work the morning after the robbery.
Lock on the door was busted.
Bullet impact marks on the bottom of the door.
And this notebook was opened up to this page.
It's the parking stall assignments.
E3, mac taylor.
That's how he knew the name.
Yep, but to protect their clients, They don't keep any other personal information On the premises.
Our first vic, macarthur taylor, Was found dead outside a building two blocks away.
The killer naturally assumed He was the same mac taylor Who parked his car here until he read The obituary and discovered That that mac taylor didn't own a car.
Then, he went to his next closest And possible target.
Macabee james taylor.
Our second vic's building is two blocks south, But he knew he had to check the keys.
Let's see what the killer's connection is To this car and mac taylor.
He looking a little fidgety to you? We got damage here.
You repair your car after an accident? Fender bender with a cab.
Idiot didn't even turn around.
Looks like blood.
I hit a dog.
Before or after you hit the cab? Hello? That's not canine.
That's human.
We've got adam searching for all deaths Around the brooklyn bridge area in the last year.
Hey, get this.
No hits in codis On the blood that you found on the car, But it did match The unknown female sample that adam Found on the shard of the deer antler button.
The button was from the killer's shirt, right? Right.
Mackendra said that something On the killer's clothing scratched her.
Can't be her blood.
Doesn't fit the time line.
Mackendra's attack was after our stairwell victim.
So whose blood is it? You know, it's an odd-Shaped button.
It would have to been sewn on by hand.
You hold it against the fabric.
You have to put the needle through the eyelets From the back, often you prick your thumb.
The blood is from the person Who sewed the button on the shirt.
Lindsay, i want you to run the name Melinda kitano into Our aided database and see If you can get a hit.
Melinda kitano died two months ago.
A victim of an unsolved hit-And-Run Near the brooklyn bridge.
Melinda kitano died in a hit-And-Run, And the man that drove the car was macquinn taylor.
Inspector whitford suggested This was a case of revenge and retaliation.
It was macquinn our killer was after all along.
Well, if revenge is the motive, Then melinda's boyfriend david oka Is suddenly our #1 suspect.
Now, he said it wasn't just his business That he lost.
And that would explain the evidence of a vigil Under the brooklyn bridge.
And how the leaf got to the pool When he came after you.
According to the car accident report, He was at the scene.
Why didn't he know that macquinn was behind the wheel? The car's windows are tinted.
No one saw the driver.
All right, by now, david's gotta know we're on to him now.
Which means he's either on the run Or that much closer to killing the right target.
We need to find mac taylor and david oka.
David oka.
Open the door.
Open it up.
Chain's on the door.
Fire escape.
Right down to the street.
He's long gone.
Canvass the area.
Yes, sir.
This kid Was obsessed, huh? Yeah.
He saw his girlfriend die.
And then he found the car.
Stel, Packed suitcase, passport, train ticket.
All still here.
Looks like He changed his mind about skipping town.
We gotta find this guy.
It's not over.
I need an apb on a david oka.
No priors.
Current address: 625 myrtle.
David Someone call ems.
He's drenched himself in gasoline.
David, i know you have a gun.
I need you to take it out slowly and just place it down On the ground, okay.
Right in front of you.
That's it.
Just slowly put it down.
Put it down, david.
David, we have the man who killed melinda.
You were in your brand-New car, Tinted windows, no license plate.
Had a few too many Beers, maybe? Your car slammed right into her.
What makes someone just drive away? I was told that i wasn't going to have to be here long.
I would just have to answer a few questions And then be released to go home.
David, you don't have to do this.
Just take the gun, put it down On the ground right in front of you.
No, no, david, david.
David, Drop the gun.
I saw the car.
You didn't stay Around long enough to find out If melinda kitano was dead or alive.
That's her name.
The driver had the car repaired.
Did you know that? You couldn't even tell That he hit her.
Someone saw your brake lights.
You actually slowed down.
You thought about stopping.
What happened at that moment? Saving someone else's life was A little harder than saving your own? I'd like to make a call to my attorney.
David oka Pounded on the trunk of your car.
He just wanted you to help him save her.
She's pinned under the wheel.
You have to help me! Wait! Oh, my god! Melinda? I don't remember that night.
David does.
It was As if it never happened! But it did! It did! It happened right there! All you had to do was stop.
That's quite a story, huh? It It was an accident! I wanted to kill him! I wanted to take his life! But i am not responsible For those people that he killed.
For those other Mac taylors that died.
I had no way Of knowing that it would turn Into this.
It was just an accident.
David! David, no! Hey, it was an accident! It was just an accident.
Mac taylor.
Hey, it's me.
How's david oka? He's at county.
In surgery.
He's in critical condition, mac.
Uh, i don't know if he's going to make it.
You know, this doesn't justify what he did, But he really loved her.
Yeah, it makes you think.
You should make the most of the moments you share With the people you care about.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What are you still doing here? Oh, uh, some friends of mine stood me up for pizza.
So, uh, Just staying on top of things, you know.
Mind if i join you? Oh, no.
Yeah, please.
Okay, so what do we got? That doesn't look like work.
It really isn't.
I was just curious.
You know there are three sheldon hawkes In new york state.
And there are ten danny messers.
Don't tell danny that.
There's also another Six other adam rosses, and there's I was just sitting here wondering about, you know, What do they look like, or what kind of Lives do they live.
You know? All right, what about me? All right, Stella Bonasera.
There's only one.
Trust me.
That's enough.
Let's try sid.
It's a woman.
Yeah, i think he was named after his mother.
All right, don flack.
Don flack.
Ooh, six.
Wow, six don flacks.
I like that name don flack.
Don flack.
Detective don flack.
You're working late.
New to the team.
Lots of people To impress and intimidate.
You know, I was, uh, I was hoping i could have a redo on that first impression And buy you a cup of coffee.
That would be great.
Let me check my schedule and No need for that.
I'm free now.
Sure, let me, uh, dump this stuff, And i'll be right back.
She turned back.