CSI: NY s05e09 Episode Script

The Box

Growing up,all I wanted to do was play ball.
That's all I could think about when I was a kid¡ª one day,starting in the majors.
Crazy thing,I was actually making it happen.
I was playing really well in the minors,and one game,everything changed.
The whole day,this pitcher's trying to shut me down, throwing me inside,throwing me inside,and bottom of the eighth he finally catches me,right in the head.
So I figure,I'm gonna I'm gonna put one in his head now.
And before I could even get to the mound,the benches clear,I'm caught in a pileup.
Shattered my wrist.
Baseball was over and I was having one of those,you know,What now? moments.
But,uh,I guess,back then,things were a little easier.
All I had to do was change my career.
But now,ten years later,I'm getting hit again.
It'sit's life-changing,and I'm,uh I don't know,I'm scared,I'm scared,you know? I don't know what to do.
A couple days ago,I thought I had all the answers.
Let's move! - You like that? - No,you didn't.
You like that?! I did.
I did.
Toss me another 40,man.
Come on,man.
What kind of toss is that? That's terrible.
Hey,you guys! Come on! Come on! Okay,okay.
We don't want to mess up your makeup with those tears.
You think you're funny?! The thing's locked Car! Somebody's coming! Mikey,Mikey! We got to go,okay? Don't make a noise! We'll be back for you! Where you goDon't leave me here! Hey! Hold itStop! Stop! Stop! Shut it right down! What the hell is that? It's blood,mixed with decomp juice.
What do you think,boss? We got ourselves a homicide? Let's take a look.
According to the wrecking yard manager,this car just showed up.
There's no record of it being brought in.
The crane operator thought it was just another junker.
This place is gated.
How'd it get in here? Mr.
Delgado came in this morning and said the gate was open and the lock was chopped off.
He didn't call that in? Nope.
boss says he gets vandalized a couple times a month, mostly fast and furious-types,digging through the boneyard for anything usable¡ª airbags,gauges,catalytic converters.
Well,maybe this time,they broke in to dump a car.
And a few spare body parts.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 09 details,that's what this job is all about.
We don't leave a crime scene until we photograph it, till we sketch it,till we collect every single last piece of evidence, and I figured this was like any other.
Man,was I wrong about that.
All right.
Wrap it up.
I found some elliptical tool marks on the lock on the front gate, consistent with bolt cutters.
I called you last night.
I went to bed really early.
Is this the woman that you're talking about? Yeah.
Lindsay Monroe.
She's,uhShe's from Montana.
Her dad bought her a fly-fishing rod for her eighth birthday.
And then,aa Buck knife for her ninth birthday.
Swear to God.
I had never met a girl like that before.
So I take it,that's a good thing? Yeah,absolutely.
So she makes this discovery with the lock.
I mean,that's not earth-shattering,but it was something.
Metal against metal.
We should be able to get some elemental transfer.
You hear something? Yeah,I do.
What is it? It's coming from over there.
There's somebody in here.
Hey! Hey,get me out of here! It's locked.
Hey,can you hear me?! All right,hang on.
We'll get you out.
Okay,okay! All right,come on! Let me out! Who the hell are you? His name is Mike Hess.
He works as a nurse at a veterinary clinic in Queens, and once a month,he and his buddies get together and LARP.
LARP? Live Action Role-Playing.
They dress up like video game characters and go all gladiator on each other.
What does that have to do with breaking into the junkyard? Hey,man,that junkyard is like our,like our scorched earth.
It's like a post-apocalyptic battleground,you know.
I'm telling you,Stell,this wing nut had an answer for everything.
Okay,Spartacus,enough with your fantasies.
Tell me about the post-fight festivities.
I don't know,man,uh We had a couple 40s,and-and then that's when the guys decided to punk me into the trunk.
Now,my boy spoke to his merry band of numbnuts and they all had the same answer: They saw headlights.
They thought it was either someone from the junkyard or the cops,so they ran.
Figured they'd come back for Mike, but by the time they got back,the place was a crime scene.
I want to know more about this car they saw.
According to the 109,there were no patrol cars in the area, and the junkyard manager said he was home all night.
Which means it could've been our killer driving that car that spooked them.
And cut the lock on the front gate.
Because according to Mike,he and his crew jumped the fence.
Assuming we believe his story,did anyone get a look at who was behind the wheel? Nope.
All they saw were headlights.
And all Mikey heard was his own voice,crying for help.
So if Mikey and all his friends are accounted for,then who was in the box? Your jack-in-the-box just became a Jane.
See here? The sciatic notch of the pelvis,wider in females than in males.
And when humans reach a certain age, their epiphyses, or end caps of the long bones,fuse with the shaft.
The first to fuse is the elbow,and second,is this-- the clavicle.
This one looks partially fused.
And I was,also,able to determine that our victim's eye orbital is triangular in shape.
So based on what we have so far, our vic is most likely a white female,between the ages of 17 and 25.
And from the amount of decomp,I'd put TOD about three weeks ago.
Did you get anything from the car? So far all we have is this VIN plate.
The numbers look scratched off.
We're documenting the final resting position of every hair,tooth,muscle and bone fragment we can fin And using that data,we should be able to determine the body's original position in the car.
Which will,hopefully,show us anything that's out of place,and put us on the trail to our killer.
But as of now,it's one g puzzle.
Miss? Pretty lady? Hold up I'm not shopping today,kid.
You like watches,though? Hey,a fine lady like you,should be wearing Chanel,or some Rolex or something.
Check it out.
Just like they got on Fifth Ave.
That says "Rollez," with two "L"s and a "Z.
" I hear you.
But I'm saying,why you gonna spend more money for less letters? You like that,huh? - Here,let me get $30.
- Not interested.
All right,20.
All right ten.
- Okay,let me see how much I got,okay? - Okay.
All right.
Sorry to bother you,Miss.
Oh,excuse me,sir,you like watches? Hey,kid,get lost.
You got it.
I see the two of you have met.
Yeah,genius is selling fake watches right outside the NYPD crime lab.
You going somewhere? Yeah,you're coming with me.
I just finished processing the VIN plate.
Registration comes back to an Elizabeth Barker,Caucasian female,25 years old.
Matches the description of our vic.
Let's go.
Oh,my God.
And you thought the person inside the car was me? You matched a partial description we were able to put together.
Barker,when did you realize the car was missing? This morning.
When my husband went out to get the paper.
We called the police right away.
Where is your husband now? He took our son for a walk.
There's a park at the end of the block.
Guess he's pretty hands-on,huh? Steve's a great father.
How is he as a husband? Excuse me? You know if he was maybe having an affair? Okay,I'm sorry,but that question is out of line.
Barker,we found a homicide victim in your car.
Naturally,we're gonna have a lot of questions.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
Where were you last night? Home.
We went to bed a little after we've barely been able to stay up any later.
You can ask Steve yourself.
Took a little while,but he finally settled down.
Um,Steve,this is Detective Bonasera and Detective Messer.
Yeah,it's about me,guys.
I called you about five hours ago.
Honey,they're here about a murder.
So,this isn't about our car? It's connected.
Found a piece of jewelry in pretty good shape.
Based on age,I'd say they'rerobably the victim's parents.
Job never gets easier,does it? I can tell you I've been working here 29 years.
That's 4,846 cases and names I will never forget.
What gets me through are people like them, folks who are gonna be looking to me for answers.
Some kind of paperwork here.
Pulled it from the vic's pocket.
It's covered in decomp juice,but maybe this will help.
It's too thick.
It needs a sterilized wash.
I'll send it up.
Sid,do that again.
With the ALS.
Run it over that piece of the vic's skull.
You ever see anything like that? Not in 4,846 cases.
My guys canvassed Steve and Elizabeth Barker's neighborhood.
They hit every house for two blocks.
No one saw or heard the car being stolen from their driveway last night.
And we got nothing from the locket that Hawkes found.
No prints,no foreign DNA.
What about those pictures of the parents we found inside? They're in circulation-- media's got them.
Hopefully,somebody will recognize Mom and Dad and help us identify our vic.
Hey,do you guys recognize this mutt? Never seen him before.
AFIS does.
His name is Reggie Dunham.
Lindsay lifted a partial print off the vandalized lock we brought back from the wrecking yard.
Apparently,this mope likes prison food.
He's been locked up three times.
Yeah,he also likes to hurt women.
Served two of those three sentences for aggravated assault.
Maybe this time,he didn't stop at beating them.
All right,who here can tell me what my man,Antonio,was doing wrong? He forgot to pump the emergency brake to override the ignition computer.
Don't even think about it.
Hey,stupid,building's surrounded.
Let's see some hands,Reggie.
Yo,man,hold up,hold up,hold up,hold up.
Y'all can't be coming in here like this without warrant.
Here you go.
Go ahead.
Say it.
Class dismissed.
Get up,let's go.
Come on.
So,we slapped on the bracelets.
We took Reggie back to the precinct,but of course,nothing is ever as easy as it seems.
All right,look,here's the deal,yo.
Reggie Dunham don't jack whips no more.
No,now you just teach the next generation of punks how to.
You know what they say,right? A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
So is my time.
We found these in your classroom.
They match tool marks left on a padlock we collected from a junkyard in Queens this morning.
Your prints were the only ones on them.
You want to tell us about last night? Okay,maybe this will refresh your memory.
You kikilled a girl,stole a car,dumped them both in the junkyard.
Starting to come back now? Man,why y'all sweating me? Now,I done told you,I'm clean,and I ain't killed nobody,bro My ass ain't jacked a whip since back in the day.
True that.
What were you doing in the junkyard last night? Who was she,Reggie? Where did you meet her? Professorlet me explain something to you.
Unless you got a rock solid alibi that puts you somewhere else, you're gonna spend the rest of your teaching days behd bars.
Look,here's the thing,all right? And you better listen up,Irish,'causI'm only going to say this once.
You feel me? My ass was mad busy last night trespassing.
Word to mother.
You know,I do a little late-night shopping, you know what I mean,for them,uh,catalystic converters.
They got them precious metals and whatnot.
There's good money in it,yo.
Yeah,now,y'all go tell the DA that I'll let them know y'all beat my ass for a confession.
And my bad,I can't help you with the bodies y'all chalked last night, but,u if you'll excuse me,I got some business to take care of.
You didn't pay much attention in high school physics,did you,Reggie? What? I'm guessing school wasn't your thing.
Now it's my turn to play the teacher.
Today's lesson: conservation of energy and the first law of thermodynamics.
Now,pay attention here.
It states that energy can be transferred,but it can't be created or destroyed.
What does this have to do with anything,bro? Well,it means you just bought yourself some pain for no reason, because if I or Detective Flack grabbed your head and slammed it into the table like you just said, there would be a transfer of energy to the back of your head and a bruise would form in the shape of a hand.
True that.
So,Reggie,you just gave yourself a beat down for nothing.
We'll talk again.
Can Ican I g an aspirin,man? Talk to me.
Found several foreign prints on the steering wheel and the door handle.
Any of them come back to Reggie Dunham? Not a one.
Maybe he was wearing gloves.
Well,if he did,why didn't he wear them when he cut the lock? I may have mething here,gentlemen.
I just recovered the interior driver side door handle,and take a look right here.
Blood smear.
We know our vic was in the trunk.
How did a bloodstain get clear over to the driver side door handle? It could be secondary transfer.
The killer smeared some of the victim's blood on the handle when he got in the car Or maybe he was injured during an attack,which means this stain could contain the killer's DNA.
Get it up to the lab.
We'll run it.
You two keep digging.
Sid,our victim may have been beaten.
Concentric circles of this fracture indicate a blow to the head.
The temporal lobedelicate region of the skull.
Looks like you just found our COD.
Blunt force trauma.
I'll call Mac.
Take a look at this.
Knife marks on the anterior surface of the L-1 vertebra.
Possibly from metal hitting bone when the car was crushed? I don't think so.
The marks have a distinct V-shape, and there's scalloping along the edges,consistent with a serrated blade.
We found nothing in the car that would make that mark.
Now,a stab wound to that region of the body would cause massive hemorrhaging.
Our victim could have bled to death.
Sharp force trauma to the abdomen.
Blunt force trauma to the skull.
So,now we have two CODs? Maybe not-- take a look at the marks.
They're clean,no sign of any blood in the osteonal canal.
Which means they were inflicted postmortem.
But why stab a woman that was already dead? How is the facial reconstruction coming? I'm running it against the missing persons database right now.
Looks like we just got our answer.
No match.
You know,I don't get it.
She's been dead for three weeks, and the pictures in the locket say that she's probably got family out there looking for her.
So,why haven't they reported her missing? I found this in the back pocket of our vic's pants.
It's a spoon.
XRF indicated sterling silver.
A silver spoon.
The kind you're born with.
Could mean our vic had coinage 'cause it's too small to be cutlery.
What about the piece of paper Sid found? I used sterile water to rinse off the blood and decomp juice.
Take a look.
It's a business card.
Life Systems.
Lori Winton.
Can't make out an address.
Oh,I already did the grunt work.
Life Systems is a medical center in midtown.
Thank you so much,Adam,you are the best.
Thank you.
Sorry,I've never seen her before.
You sure about that? We have reason to believe sheas here.
It's possible she could have seen another doctor.
She had your card.
She may have grabbed the wrong one on the way out.
Have you noticed if any of your patients been missing or not shown up for appointments¡ª anything like that? Missed appointments-- are you kidding? I get,like,seven of those a day.
So,listen,if there's nothing else,I really-- I have patients to see.
Actually,one more thing.
If you don't mind,why don't you take this copy and post it on your wall? Might ring a bell with some of your patients passing through,you know? Here's my card; you can reach me at the crime lab.
S-- excuse me one sec.
Well,thank you very much.
That'll help us a lot.
Of course,yes.
Hey,you okay? Yeah,yeah,yeah,I'm fine,I'm fine.
I just thought I saw somebody I knew.
Why didn't you tell her the truth? Because I had no idea what was going on.
I mean,Lindsay told me shwas taking off work for a couple hours to go look at a sublet in Brooklyn.
She's never lied to me before.
You get the DNA results from the bloodstain? - Danny.
- Yeah? I was told you were working up that stray bloodstain Sid found.
Got it,um,I've just been staring at this monitor too long.
Looks like the blood's from a male donor.
A common allele at each locus.
Mm-hmm,indicating a familial relationship.
So either the vic's father or her son was in that car.
Which means we have a potential witness or we just identified our killer.
Or maybe another victim.
Only we can't answer that till we identify the vic.
Hey,got the tox results from the tissue sample that Sid isolated.
Our Jane Doe was taking tetracycline,huh? Which not only glows under UV radiation,but the drug molecule also contains a dimethylamino group.
Acts as a chelation site for divalent calcium ions.
Which means it binds to bone.
Explaining the glowing streaks that Dr.
Hawkes and Sid found on the victim's skull.
What about the spoon that you found in the victim's clothing? You lift any prints? The only usable ones all belong to the victim.
DNA? Pending.
We're not catching any breaks on this one,are we? - It's Hawkes.
- I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Please tell me you've got something.
Take a look.
The victim's pelvis.
After removing all the soft tissue,I noticed this.
There's pitting along the dorsal surface.
Calcium resorption.
Certain biochemicals released by the body actually have the ability to dissolve its own bone tissue.
Most commonly associated with hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy.
So we know our victim had a child.
It explains the male DNA with common alleles we found inside the car.
It wasn't the victim's father.
It was her son.
We ran additional protein-based assays on the stray bloodstain found in the car.
It was placental in origin, and when you combine that with the postmortem knife marks on the vertebrae Our victim was pregnant at time of death.
Her unborn child was cut from her body.
I can't talk right now.
What's going on? What do you mean? Come on,Lindsay.
I saw you today at the health center.
Are you sick? Danny,you should go back to work.
You should talk to me.
What's the matter? You okay? Lindsay.
What the hell is going on? See,the truth is I can't really blame her for not saying anything.
See,a while ago I messed up.
All right? I was with another woman.
I didn't say anything.
But she knew,I think she knew.
You know.
Couple months later,we get back together,but things haven't really been the same.
And now th.
You okay? Are you all right? I'm pregnant.
You sure? How long have you known? A few weeks.
I should get back to work.
Why didn't you tell me? Look,you can't just drop this on me and walk away.
Danny,I know you.
You What is that supposed to mean? I just mean that I'm not expecting anything.
Who is that? That's our vic.
I think I know her.
Her name is,uh,Nicole Harris.
I met her at the center when I had my first appointment.
How far along are you? Uh,almost eight months.
You here by yourself? Do your parents live nearby? Albany.
I just moved here.
We should trade numbers.
I know what it's like to be be alone in a new city.
I got to get Flack to contact her parents.
When was the last time you spoke with your daughter? Uh about seven months ago.
And you never filed a missing person's report? No,sir.
It never occurred to you that something might have happened to her? No,sir.
Your teenage daughter comes to New York alone,pregnant.
Seven months go by and neither one of you are worried? I don't understand.
I mean,w why didn't you go to the police? Mr.
Nicole was a straight-A student.
She she loved animals.
She,she was like this little angel who did everything right,and then one day she comes home crying.
When she told us that she thought she was pregnant,we we thought she was joking.
I didn't know who she was anymore.
ifferent person.
Maybe we should have paid more attention.
Don't do this again.
We did everything right.
We taught her better.
Do you know who the father is? No,Nicole was afraid to tell us.
How did she end up in New York? I figured if Nicole was in such a rush to be an adult,she should act like an adult.
You kicked her out of the house.
It was better for everybody.
Including Nicole? We live in a small town,Detective.
If she had stayed,it would have been hardest on Nicole.
And you.
We didn't want to be judged.
We'll contact you at the hotel if we have any more information.
Yes? About Nicole's baby,do you know what it is? A boy.
Is he alive? We don't know.
Heard Lindsay identified the FastSCAN photo.
What did you tell him? I lied.
I told him that Lindsay was at the health center to get a flu shot.
How's that for a coincidence,huh? You ready for another one? Copy of a prescription for tetracycline from Nicole Harris' medical records.
Flack got a subpoena.
Take a look at who wrote it.
Lori Winton.
Who said she didn't recognize Nicole,right? That's what she said when we interviewed her.
Sorry,I've never seen her before.
So if the good doctor was lying then,what else does she have to hide? Hey,Doc,let's try this again.
Have you ever seen this woman? Detectives,I'm very busy.
I have a waiting room full of patients.
You know what?That's what it's for-- waiting.
So just answer the question.
I don't know.
She looks familiar.
That's not what you told us earlier.
Care to explain? Look,do you have any idea how many patients are in and out of this center everyday? Why don't you explain to me why it is you're so convinced I remember this one girl? Because you wrote her a prescription.
Now,I'm not a doctor,but I think you would need to examine a patient before you break out the prescription pad.
Am I right or wrong? I'd like to talk to a lawyer.
Mac,DNA results on the silver spoon came back.
Major donor was our vic.
There's a minor donor? There was a match to the elimination sample we got from Steve Barker.
Now,I know he's the registered owner of the vehicle that our vic was found in, so he can explain why his DNA was in the car.
But not on a spoon pulled from Nicole's pocket.
Hey,Mac,take a look at this.
Flack pulled Dr.
Lori Winton's phone records.
She's got some friends we know.
Steve and Elizabeth Barker.
The vic's body was in that car.
And the last time she dialed their number was 20 minutes ago.
Right after weeft her office.
She called to warn them we're closing in.
What,what's this about? Put your hands against the wall now! Right now! Where's the baby,Steve? We know about Nicole-- we have your DNA onvidence we took off the body.
We know that Dr.
Lori Winton called to warn you that we were coming.
So tell us where the baby is.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I just got home from work.
If Lori called,she talked to my wife.
Where's your wife? I don't know.
They were gone when I got home.
They're running.
This is Detective Flack,84389.
I need an alarm on a Caucasian female,30 years old,name Elizabeth Barker.
She's wanted for possible child abduction.
Ever since we got married,all Elizabeth ever talked about was wanting to be a mother.
And we tried.
We did for years.
We just never got lucky.
So we went to see a doctor and that's when Elizabeth got the worst news of her life.
That she would never be able to conceiva child.
After that,for her,it was like life wasn't even worth living anymore,you know? I just wanted to make her happy again.
Hey,we found Elizabeth.
Gas station in Brooklyn.
She's holed up with the baby.
You could have adopted.
No,we tried that.
But there were these concerns over my wife's psychogicawell-being.
So with every day that passed,she just became more and more obsessed about having a child.
She got really depressed.
I got scared.
And you figured the only way to make her better was to find her a baby.
We're outside the door.
Listen,we don't want anyone to get hurt.
Go away! Elizabeth,this is Detective Bonasera,I'd like to come in and talk to you.
That's when Dr.
Lori Winton came into the picture.
She and Elizabeth grew up together.
So I convinced Elizabeth to go talk to Lori about her obsession,and Lori tried to help.
So then one day Nicole came into Lori's center looking to have an abortion.
And that's when Lori got the idea.
She figured she could solve everybody's problems.
Elizabeth,I'm coming in.
- Just to talk to you,okay? - No! So Dr.
Lori Winton introduced you and Elizabeth to Nicole.
We were going to pay for all of her medical expenses plus $50,000.
And Nicole agreed at first.
But as the due date got closer she changed her mind.
Think about your baby,Nicole.
Think about his future.
We can give him everything he needs.
No,what he needs is me.
His mother.
You can have this back.
I don't need your gifts.
Steve,do something.
We'll get you more money,okay? We'll pay you $60,000.
No,I told you,it's not about the money.
Now,please just let me go.
No! It all happened fast.
She's dead.
What about the baby? Get me a knife.
I didn't have a choice.
That baby was going to die in a matter of minutes and that ambulance was never gonna be there in time.
You didn't know that.
No But the one thing you did know¡ª was that once help arrived,you and Elizabeth would never get to keep that baby.
So after you removed the child,you hid Nicole's body in your car.
But after a couple weeks decomposition started to settle in.
You were afraid that people would notice.
So you drove the car to a demolition yard.
Reported it olen-- and hoped that no one would find the body.
I know what that baby means to you,Elizabeth.
I know you'd never want to hurt him.
I'm coming in.
- Elizabeth - No!No,no,no.
Drop the scissors,Elizabeth.
You don't want to hurt that baby.
An innocent baby.
Put the scissors down.
Elizabeth,drop the scissors.
You don't want to hurt that baby.
Drop the scissors.
All Elizabeth ever wanted was to be a mother.
To have a baby of her own.
I just wanted her to be happy.
I want to hold the hand inside you I want to take a breath that's true I look to you and I see nothing I look to you to see the truth Fade into you Strange you never knew Fade into you You speak to the handling DA? Yeah.
Lori will be facing unlawful child brokering and obstruction of justice charges.
Should be good for a nickel.
Not to mention she'll lose her medical license.
and Mrs.
Hais,I'm Detective Messer.
I'm one of the crime scene investigators working your daughter's case.
Thank you.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Um,we were told to wait here for Child Services.
They're bringing our grandson.
Yeah,he shouldn't be too long.
So,why don't you have a seat.
You okay,son? And here we are,back at the beginning.
You asked me a simple question: Detective,you have any kids? And I just unloaded on the two of you.
If you don't mind my asking,what happens now? I don't know.
Well,whatever you do,son don't allow yourself any regrets.
Child Services is here.
This is Detective Monroe.
Nice to meet you.
It's very nice to meet you.
Wellgood luck.
To the both of you.
It's okay.