CSI: NY s05e11 Episode Script

Forbidden Fruit

All of a sudden, he gets three stripes on his shoulders, he becomes a ball-breaker.
I remember when I was a rookie, he was the one that turned me on to all the best cooping spots in the precinct.
Now the fat son of a bitch has got me working midnights 'cause he wants to keep an eye on my ass? Stop.
Back up.
I think we got something here.
Go! Stop where you are! Police! Freeze! Get off the fence! Do it now! Detective Taylor? Ella McBride.
Of course.
Do you really think that you'll find my father's killer? Yes.
You doing a little late-night shopping? I figured if I couldn't sleep Might as well be productive.
Cornflakes? I thought cops were supposed to be adventurous.
We are.
See? I got a half gallon of milk here that expires in two days.
So how are you? I'm good.
I went to see my mother yesterday.
It was hard for both of us.
I'm sure it can't be easy having your daughter visit you in prison.
- Go ahead.
- Oh, no.
- You only have a few things.
- All right.
I did have a little bit of good news recently.
Yeah? You know those cards that I collect with people's confessions? It's going to be a book.
I'm going to be published.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
You, uh You want to have breakfast? My treat.
I'm sorry.
I I have to go.
- Of course.
- It was nice to see you again.
Hey, Mac.
What have you got? Karma.
His name's Tony Clark.
He's 27 years old.
According to his business card, he's a buyer for a department store chain.
There was a lot of useful information in his wallet.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for his victim.
Got to love how crowded the city's gotten.
Can't even dump a body in private anymore.
No external signs of trauma.
Extremities are clean.
You think it could be a rape-murder? No defensive wounds.
Nothing to indicate a sexual motive.
Internal bleeding.
Let's get her over to Sid.
Check this out.
Tony just got a text.
"Is it done yet?" Looks like it's just beginning.
sync:ßÇÈâÈâ CSI:NY Season05 Episode11 Forbidden Fruit Magick Ryan Adams and The Cardinals * You're like a rain cloud if it rained mushroom clouds * * Everybody hits the ground, arms folded, head down * * You're like a missile strike * * Government goes underground * * Warhead on legs * * What's goes around comes around * * What goes around comes around * * What goes around, comes around * * What goes around, comes around * * What goes around comes around * * What goes around comes around * * What goes around comes around * * So turn the radio on * * So turn the radio up * * So turn the radio up * * Loud and get down.
* Flack ran the plate.
Got an ID on our female vic.
Let me guess.
Isabelle Vaughn.
According to the prelim background, this kid was a rising star in the design world.
Handbags, accessories.
Had everything going for her.
Except luck.
What about ours? All we got is a red stain on the carpet.
It looks fresh.
Some sort of vegetation? Probably transfer from a shoe.
But the thing is, there's no trace of it on our vic or our killer.
Where did it come from? Maybe it was another driver.
Maybe it's this person who sent the text message.
I have Flack reaching out to the phone company for a name, but cops who caught Tony dumping the body said he was alone when they caught him in the act.
There's no blood.
No sign of a struggle.
Yup, it's all clean, except for this.
So, where's our primary crime scene? Uh, Hawkes, it's Sid.
Uh, no, I'm not done, but you may want to come down a little early.
Is all that liquid coming from her stomach? That is her stomach and her liver and her pancreas.
Her organs were liquefied, and continued melting well after her death.
Saponification? That's my official COD.
That's a strange way to kill someone.
Oh, you want strange? Let's talk stomach contents.
Both vics indulged in a rather curious buffet this evening.
Both? So they had dinner together before Isabelle was killed? Oh, it would seem so.
We have citrus peels, dandelions, raw onions, vinegar, Tabasco, duck blood soup.
But Isabelle had one other item that Tony didn't: large amounts of sodium hydroxide.
Drain cleaner is the most common source.
And in order to do this kind of damage, she had to drink at least 18 ounces.
So this was no accidental ingestion? Right.
That's the only manner of death I can't rule out, but there's no evidence she was forced to drink it, either.
You're telling me that she drank a caustic, foul-tasting liquid voluntarily? Doesn't make any sense, I know.
But, Sid, if this was suicide, then why was Tony dumping the body? Thought you'd want to see this first.
Name's Declan Rooney.
29 years old.
Oh, yeah.
Snapped neck.
Fingers are broken.
Similar MO used by the man who murdered the Rat Fisherman three months ago.
And tried to kill you.
Sebastian Diakos.
Only he's in the wind.
Well, if Sid confirms that this is his handiwork, he just blew back.
Did you get anything off of those security cameras? They're fake.
Canal Street-- poor man's Madison Avenue.
But as far as I can tell, doesn't look like anything else is missing.
Except for what might have been on here.
Uh, elephant dung? Are you sure? Yeah, they found it under Isabelle's fingernails.
Came straight from Sid.
You know, you've been getting a lot of crappy case work lately.
That's cute.
I mean, you know, something like that, you know, you don't come in contact with every day.
You find the connection, I'm buying you a beer.
Beer's on me.
You got some big expenses coming up.
Oh, yeah? What? Diapers? Nah.
How much diapers cost? Come on.
Forget diapers.
I'm talking big picture here.
The cost of raising a kid from birth to 18 is, like, 150 grand.
And that's not including college.
How do you know that? Um, my father used to remind me every day about it, you know.
So I would just, you know, keep all the cash if I were you.
Uh, but combining your income might be less painful.
- Thank you, Suze Orman.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Lindsay.
- Hey, Adam.
I'll get back to you on the dung.
I thought you were searching Isabelle's apartment.
All clean.
Uh, got to go to Tony's house now.
Hopefully, find the primary crime scene there.
- And how are we feeling? - Good.
- I think I felt a kick this morning.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Come here.
They stopped.
Next time it happens, you find me.
Tell me this isn't one of your weird cravings.
Only for science.
You were looking for me? I was hoping to offer you a little snack.
Well, let me guess.
This is another one of your famous reconstructions.
Just put one of these berries in your mouth and swirl it around for a couple seconds.
Lindsay, I'm your boss.
Not a guinea pig.
Mac, I'm pregnant.
Just humor me.
It's called synsepalum dulcificum.
It's the vegetative trace that Danny found in Isabelle's car.
Now, when I tested it, I was able to isolate an active glycoprotein molecule called miraculin.
It's the main component of this berry.
It's found in West Africa.
It's also called the miracle fruit.
And what might that miracle be? It alters your taste buds.
It makes bitter foods taste sweet.
Uh, how long are my taste buds going to be altered? For the rest of your life.
No, I'm kidding.
Just for a few hours.
So, you might as well enjoy it.
Go ahead.
Try this onion.
That's good.
That's really good.
This explains the strange stomach contents in our victims' bodies.
Well, it also explains how Isabelle could have ingested a caustic substance without really tasting it.
So it confirms that she was murdered.
We still have no idea why.
And who's the accomplice who sent the text message? Head cheese, mouse brains, pigs' feet.
Our boy Tony throws one hell of a party.
I think I just found our appetizer.
Ah, miracle fruit.
This is wrong.
This is so wrong! Cod liver oil? What the heck kind of sick party was this? All this strange food is consistent with what Sid found in Tony and Isabelle's stomachs.
And all made edible by this miracle fruit.
Yeah? Pick her up.
I'm on my way.
Phone company gave us the name of the woman who sent Tony that text message.
Name's Quinci Feeney.
My guys are picking her up now.
- I'll be in touch.
- All right.
Last night you sent a text message to your boyfriend Tony Clark asking if it was done.
You were referring to the body dump, weren't you? Ms.
Feeney, right now I got you on conspiracy to dispose of a dead body.
But if you don't start answering our questions, I will find a way to connect you to Isabelle Vaughn's murder.
I idolized Isabelle, but I barely knew her.
She was Tony's friend.
Then why'd he kill her? He didn't.
When he found her, she was already dead.
Sorry, everybody, party's over.
Seriously, guys, I'm not messing around.
I need you all to leave.
- What's going on? - Come with me.
We had no idea what happened.
We thought maybe it was some sort of allergic reaction.
- Allergic reaction? - An accident.
- Then why didn't you call the cops? - Tony was scared.
Isabelle Vaughn was dead in his apartment.
And in Tony's business, image is everything.
He said the scandal would ruin him.
These the same clothes you were wearing at the party last night? - Yes.
- I want to see your boots.
- My boots? - Yeah.
Put 'em on the table.
You helped move the body, didn't you? See this? We found similar trace in Isabelle's car.
Tony asked me to help him carry Isabelle to her car.
What are you doing? Baby, you're too drunk to drive.
No, I'm good.
Tony insisted on doing it himself.
Well, how chivalrous of him.
The plan was for Tony to get rid of the body and then meet me in Long Island city so we could dump her car.
Then I'd drive us back to the city in my car.
Tony never showed up.
I guess that's what happens when you decide to treat a human being like a piece of trash.
Fate catches up.
Doc, I got a blood trail.
All right, this is where it all went down.
No signs of struggle.
Boom! Drain cleaner.
It's half empty.
Contains bleach.
The other main ingredient is sodium hydroxide.
Could be our murder weapon.
All right, so everyone's at the party, riding high on this berry buzz, eating and drinking different concoctions.
Tony uses the opportunity to spike Isabelle's drink.
No wonder she never saw it coming.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Thank you for seeing me.
You said it was urgent.
What can I do for you? Okay.
This may sound really out there, and I talked myself out of coming at least five times.
But I figured if it could help solve a murder, it was better for me to risk making a fool of myself than staying quiet.
what can help? What murder? Isabelle Vaughn.
It's all over the Internet.
Her bags are on every must-have list.
And you think you have some information connected to her murder? This was sent to me a few months ago.
See? These letters The "V" and the "I," and this flower-- that's her signature logo.
And the bright colors-- she uses them on every purse.
It's like the Isabelle Vaughn "thing.
" So I figured whoever made this card had to be talking about her.
I want her dead.
Hey, everybody, Isabelle Vaughn here.
So Isabelle was your business partner? That's right.
Well, according to her lawyer, she was suing you for $30 million, plus the dissolving of your partnership, which would have cost you nearly ten times that in future revenue.
She was never going to win that frivolous lawsuit.
Isabelle Vaughn worked for me.
Check her contract.
I own the label.
Her lawyer said she was a victim of an unfair deal with you.
They always say that when it comes time to renegotiate.
Yeah, but Isabelle wasn't looking to renegotiate.
She was looking to set up shop without you.
So says that bald, opportunistic midget lawyer of hers.
That man would have said anything to get me to cave.
Detectives, I came here eight years ago from Thailand with nothing.
Today, I'm one of the biggest women's accessory manufacturers in the country.
If you think someone like Isabelle Vaughn posed a threat to me, you're wrong.
Look, detectives, if you knew anything about this business, you'd know that I made Isabelle.
I mean, she was sewing bags out of her dorm room when I found her.
But what happened between us was just business.
I moved on.
Yeah, you moved on, but the lawsuit didn't.
And it wasn't going away.
What's your point? My point is I imagined you hated Isabelle.
Probably wished she were dead.
Generally, wishing and acting are two separate things.
Not always.
Look familiar? This looks like one of Isabelle's designs.
This card was made with materials exclusive to your company.
Where did you get this? It was sent through the mail anonymously.
How are you with arts and crafts? I'm sorry.
I have no idea who made it or sent it.
What's up, Doc? I tested everything at the party that could have been used to deliver the poison to Isabelle's glass.
They all came back with a pH between three and five.
Just too acidic to be sodium hydroxide.
Yeah, nothing was close until I tested this.
pH: 14.
So the sodium hydroxide was put in the blender.
Yeah, and poured from there directly into Isabelle's glass.
Thank you.
You get prints? Nothing usable.
But there's still plenty of trace.
I'm trying to separate all the compounds.
If I can isolate every ingredient that's inside this blender, maybe it'll give us something to help identify the killer.
That is, unless you've got something better.
Nah, sodium hydroxide in Isabelle's system came back pure.
So, the drain cleaner we found in Tony's apartment isn't our murder weapon.
No, if it was, Isabelle would have bleach in her system, but she didn't.
Pure sodium hydroxide is a laboratory chemical.
It's not exactly a typical household product.
That's true, so we need to figure out which one of Tony's guests would have that kind of access.
You don't see this method of murder very often.
- It required a certain skill set.
- Right.
Same skill set it took to kill Wolford Bessie, the rat fisherman.
Both Bessie's and Rooney's necks were snapped from left to right, and both have similar spiral fractures on the anterior arch of the C-1 vertebra.
The signature is special ops.
Close contact, silent kill.
Green Berets, Russian Spetsnaz, Mossad.
There's at least a half dozen forces that could have trained our killer.
Sebastian Diakos did this, Mac.
I mean, there are too many similarities for it to be a coincidence.
The only thing that connects the two is COD.
What about motive? The Greek Embassy introduced Diakos to me as an antiquities expert who specializes in ancient Greek artifacts.
Now, our first vic, Wolford Bessie, was killed over an antique coin that turned out to be priceless.
Rooney here owned a pawn shop.
My guess is he got his hands on something Diakos wanted.
I'm afraid I don't have much to steer you in a direction.
This was kept pretty clean.
Tweezed this splinter from the vic's arm.
Looks metallic.
It's all I got.
Hopefully, it's all we'll need.
I'm fine, Mac.
I just want to get this guy.
We all do.
What's up? Take a look at this.
Looks like the coin we took off the rat fisherman.
Yeah, it does; found this display felt at a crime scene this morning.
Performed a surface mapping for trace metals, and this image popped up.
Oh, they're identical.
King Philip II.
352 BC.
Sid tweezed a metallic splinter from my vic's arm.
Turns out it had the same composition as the metal used to cover the first coin that we found.
Okay, so we got a second coin, somehow smuggled from Greece to the streets of New York.
Diakos gets wind of it, steals it and hands us another body.
Yeah, I'm thinking we haven't seen the last of these coins.
- You think there's more? - Yeah and Sebastian Diakos isn't gonna stop until he gets them all.
A lot of landlords still use these tokens in their laundry rooms.
Not quite as creative as your past work.
I want creative, I'll do a paint-by-numbers.
I want to avoid eating maggot-infested prison slop, I'll do this.
Stan, I had Detective Angell set up this introduction.
I was hoping you would help me with a police investigation.
What's this? It's an ancient Greek coin.
It dates back to King Philip II.
I need 20 copies.
You got to be kidding me.
You're asking me to do the exact thing that you people locked me up for in the first place? What is this, some kind of entrapment? Stan Stan, wait.
Look, this is not a setup.
We are here because innocent people are getting killed.
You'll be helping us solve a murder case.
Nobody's gonna arrest you for that.
And what'sn it for me? You've got a brother up at Five Points Prison.
Quite a ride on the thruway.
What do you say I move him downstate? You can do that? I can move Christmas.
- I like this girl.
- So, we have a deal? After my brother's moved, you'll get your coins and not before.
- And I want something in writing.
- Done.
hey, boss.
That's a $200,000 piece of equipment.
Any particular reason you're taking it apart? Well, it needed to be recalibrated.
I was running elimination DNA from the party guests, and then no results, nothing.
You sure it's the machine and not the quality of the reference sample? We have several swabs from this specific subject, and none of them are producing any results.
- Whose is it? - Marina Melton.
She's Isabelle Vaughn's ex-business partner.
I took those reference samples myself.
They should be fine.
Well, if that's the case, then either the genetic analyzer is the problem or we just discovered the first human being without any DNA.
Fix the machine.
What's up? That bag of dirt that Hawkes found at Tony's apartment turned out to be elephant feces, consistent to what Sid found under Isabelle's nails.
So, that's how she came in contact with it.
Somebody brought it to Tony's party.
Maybe our killer.
Fortunately, I was able to identify the vegetation in it.
That's because 50% of what elephants eat isn't digested.
You like that? It's Animal Planet.
So, after identifying multiple berries, leaves and flowers - Here, take a look.
- I'm good, buddy.
I reached out to all the zoos in the tristate area and was able to match the vegetation to the Manhattan Zoo.
What, one of the zookeepers were at Tony's party? No, but they do sell elephant dung to a guy named Colby Fisher, and according to the zoo, he makes recycled paper out of it.
And our man was on Tony Clark's guest list last night.
High five.
You left me hanging.
I meant it as a joke.
I thought it would be funny.
Tricking Isabelle into eating elephant crap-- it's hilarious.
Why did you pick her? I don't know.
She was the first person I saw at the party.
It was a dumb move.
I get it.
I just wanted to see if those ridiculous berries worked.
- What is it? - Just try it.
Oh, Colby, you're such a jerk.
Did you play any other pranks on her? Come on, Colby, after the Dumbo pie, what did you offer her to drink? Nothing.
You got to understand, I would never have hurt Isabelle.
Make us understand.
Isabelle and I were really tight.
We we even hooked up a couple times.
How did that end? It was no big deal.
It was casual sex.
Neither of us wanted anything long-term.
You two run in the same circles? I used to make the hang tags for Isabelle's bags.
She wanted them made out of recycled paper.
- You don't make them anymore? - No.
A couple months ago, she she decided she decided to go with another company.
That must have pissed you off.
Nobody likes losing business.
Where is he going? What are you doing with sodium hydroxide? We use it to bleach our product.
Is that a problem? If it turns out to be the same sodium hydroxide used to kill Isabelle Vaughn, it is.
I've been over it three times.
Whoever made this card was very careful not to leave any trace of themselves on it.
So, you're telling me we got nothing.
When I removed the materials used to make the card, I found a detailed sketch underneath, but that's it.
So, we can't tie it to any of Tony's party guests? Not unless Ella was a guest, because her prints are the only ones on it.
And the glue that she used to hang it in her apartment is the same glue used to make the card.
- So, the only trace you have tracks back to Ella? - Yeah.
Why, what are you thinking? What is that? It's Ella's statement from a couple of months ago.
She wrote it out when she was a suspect in her father's murder case.
Take a look.
The circle on this sketch has the same loop at the top as her O.
You're doing a handwriting analysis on a sketch.
That's very outside the box.
She lifts her pen off the page to make her Vs, which explains the crisscross on the bottom.
The card's a fake.
I'm coming.
Detective Taylor.
This is a nice surprise.
Why did you make that card? What are you talking about? Enough with the games, Ella.
You bought one of Isabelle Vaughn's handbags, and you made that card yourself.
I know everything.
What is this, some twisted revenge to embarrass me for locking up your mother? - Is that what this is about? - No.
I would never do that.
A woman is dead.
Instead of getting closer to her killer, I wasted valuable time chasing down a lie.
What were you thinking? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's not good enough.
I just needed someone to talk to.
We barely know each other, Ella.
Why me? I thought you cared about me.
The way you treated me when my father was murdered that didn't mean anything? The other night that wasn't a coincidence running into you, was it? You think I was following you? Answer the question.
I-I just wanted to see you again.
I didn't actually think that you would take that stupid card so seriously.
I take every lead seriously.
That's my job.
Okay, I get it.
What I did was misguided and stupid.
Can you forgive me? You're lucky I don't arrest you.
Everything okay? You seem a little stressed.
You damn right I am.
I don't understand why I'm here.
No? Why don't you think about the first time we all met.
And the answers you gave us.
My man, let me tell you a little something about my job.
You see, unlike my friend here who's all about science, I'm all about facts.
So let me lay a few on you.
Fact: according to the phone company, for two months, you and your casual sex partner, Isabelle, talked nonstop.
Fact: after two months, Isabelle stopped calling you, but you continued to reach out to her.
Fact: your calls became so relentless that Isabelle was forced to block your number from her phone.
Now, that would really piss off a guy who couldn't take no for an answer.
What was I supposed to tell you? That I was a total jerk and I cheated on her? Why not? That after she dumped me, I became obsessed with getting Isabelle back in my life? You would've arrested me on the spot.
Did you really think we wouldn't find out about this relationship? I thought it wouldn't matter once you caught the person who killed her.
- What? - Okay.
So tell us about the breakup.
Isabelle found out that I was sleeping with her business partner.
- Marina Melton.
- Yes.
She came by to place an order one day, and things just got out of hand.
It stayed that way for a couple months.
Then one day she says it's over.
And tells Isabelle what happened.
So Marina used you to hurt Isabelle.
That woman is diabolical.
Only Isabelle wasn't the only one who got stung.
You got hurt also, didn't you? - I loved Isabelle.
- Yeah, but after you cheated on her, Isabelle didn't feel the same way, and there was nothing you could do to change that.
So maybe you decided to hurt her.
No, you got it wrong.
You know what, save it, Colby, 'cause we tested the sodium hydroxide pellets from your paper plant, and they're and exact match to the pellets that killed Isabelle.
That's not possible.
Science, facts Thanks.
I'll get back to you.
What's up? Just got off the phone with the Chief's office.
They're asking why someone in the Crime Lab is moving a career criminal named Marty Trovato from Five Points to Downstate prison.
I didn't have an answer.
I wanted to keep you out of this, Mac.
That's not the answer I was looking for.
His brother, Stan, is helping me.
You mean Stan Trovato? Convicted felon, parolee, forger of all things currency.
Not exactly the cornerstone of a solid case.
Look, I was going to tell you all about this.
- I just needed - Stop, stop right there.
I don't want to know.
Whatever you're doing stops today, right now.
Sebastian Diakos has killed two people and I don't think he's finished.
The guy's taunting me, Mac.
He sent me a dead rat as a message.
Put yourself in my shoes.
Try stepping into mine.
I'm in charge of this lab, responsible for everyone and everything that happens here.
I admire your passion, Stella, but what you did is reckless.
And more importantly, it could compromise any future criminal prosecution.
What I'm doing is perfectly legal.
And contrary to the policies of this lab and this department.
Major Case is working the Diakos investigation.
If they need us, they'll call.
In the meantime, you need to stand down.
You can't ask me to do that, Mac.
Come on, I can get this guy.
I just need Give me a couple of days.
As your friend, I would love to, but this is me being your boss.
I'm not asking.
It's a direct order.
So Colby Fisher just lawyered up.
- You think he did it? - I don't know.
I mean, we matched the trace impurities from his sample with the sodium hydroxide that was used to kill Isabelle.
It's pretty damning, but I don't know if it's enough to take to the DA.
Just figured out why we couldn't get any DNA off Marina Melton's buccal swabs.
You mean the genetic analyzer wasn't broken? When I processed the blender with the sodium hydroxide in it, I found small flakes from a leaf called betel quid.
Now, betel quid is a mild stimulant.
People chew on it to get a boost.
But when they do, it isolates the DNA from their saliva, making it appear as if the donor has no DNA.
Look at this.
Betel quid is primarily used by people from southeast Asia.
Detectives, I came here from Thailand eight years ago with nothing.
Marina's from Thailand.
Yeah, so perhaps the flakes fell in when she was spiking Isabelle's drink.
So we got trace that puts Marina on the blender that was used to make the drink that killed Isabelle.
And we got motive.
The two of them were at war.
And when she was was hooking up with Colby, she also had access to the sodium hydroxide from the paper plant.
Bring her in.
Isabelle was on her way to becoming a household name.
I had everything to gain.
Why would I want her dead? - Are you done? - Excuse me? When you were picked up, my officers found this snuff box in your purse.
My lab took a look at it and they found traces of betel quid inside.
I keep betel leafs in that box.
That's not illegal.
I wasn't finished.
They also found trace elements of pure sodium hydroxide, which you had access to all those weeks that you were playing your little seduction game with Colby Fisher.
Is that what he told you? And you believe him? I believe the evidence, and here's what it's telling me: you stole sodium hydroxide pellets from Colby's paper plant and you brought it to the party inside this snuff box.
You killed Isabelle Vaughn.
So maybe this wasn't about the money.
You said it yourself.
Isabelle worked for you.
You already own the label and all her designs.
I think you didn't like Isabelle standing up to you.
You took advantage of her, preyed on her talents, her dreams, and then when she decided to stand up for herself, you put her down.
Isabelle Vaughn was an ungrateful, little bitch.
After all I did for her, she thought she could just walk away.
But we had a contract.
And it was legally binding.
So is a murder conviction.
- Can I help you? - George Kolovos? That's right.
You work for the Greek government.
Do I know you? No, but you're going to want to.
Where did you get this? All you need to know is there's more where that came from.
I already know that, because they belong to my country.
- Not at the moment.
- Who are you? It doesn't matter.
You're playing a very dangerous game.
You know that, right? If you're not interested, I'll take my business elsewhere.
What do you want? I'll be in touch.
- How'd it go? - He took the bait.
Let's hope he leads us to Diakos.
Who's this? I'm, I'm sorry.
Ella? Sometimes it hurts so much and I just just want to make it go away.
Ella, what have you done? I just want you to know how sorry I am.
Ella! Ella! Ella I'm so tired of being alone.
I have to get you up.
Come on.
Get up.
Come on.
Here, here.
It's not deep.
You didn't cut the arteries.
Sit down.
I messed up.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I ruined everything.
I'm going to take you to the hospital, okay? All right.
I'm so sorry.
I'm going to take care of you.
Everything's going to be all right.
Come on.
It's going to be all right.