CSI: NY s05e12 Episode Script


going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married gee,I really love you,and we're Ladies,are you ready for the biggest sale of the season? In five seconds,for running! Three two,one! Go! Go,ladies! calm down,ladies! Hey,step off! This is my dress! It's mine! help! Someone call 911! I know running of the bulls is dangerous,but running for the gowns? Well,it's the biggest sale of the year-- designer wedding gowns at slashed prices.
She's got an mp3 player,fresh sweat on her clothes¡ª looks like she went out for a jog,not bargain hunting.
Maybe she dressed up for the sale.
Yeah,I just learned it's a tradition for shoppers to wear odd things¡ª they do it so that they can identify each other in their pursuit of happiness.
See anyone dressed like her? No,not yet.
Witnesses? They say they saw the vic struggling with that woman over a dress¡ª her nameis marie lowe.
Could be this dress right here.
Some women dream their whole lives about that killer dress.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 12 I grabbed the dress from the rack,and she came after it.
I pulled away and then there was blood everywhere.
I had the gown in my arms.
I grabbed it first.
Have you ever seen the victim before? No,never.
Did she say anything to you? Just that she wanted the dress.
That's mi help! She just went crazy; I did not mean to hurt her.
Are you all right? I'm sorry,sir.
Who are you? Her fianc? What happened,sweethet? I was trying on this dress and this girl attacked me.
Pardon me.
Odd-shaped cuts in the palm of her rig hand.
Yeah,I think this is the cut that killed her.
Looks like one of these stones was on the bodice of the dress.
Severed her brachial artery.
She bled out in less than two minutes.
I'll be right back.
So our vic is laurel downs.
She's 28 years old.
Found her id,a couple power bars,no cash,no credit cards.
Yeah? Who would come to a sale without any money? What are we thinking? Is marie our bride of frankenstein or is this just some bizarre accident? I'm voting for an accident under suspicious circumstances.
How's that? She's got the jogging clothes,no money,and no engagement ring.
Who comes to a wedding dress sale if they're not engaged? Maybe the guy she's marrying is cheap or she's an optimist.
Okay,she was not here for the running of the gowns.
She was in the middle of a race.
I guess this was a sale she just couldn't pass by.
eleanor ravelle,23,struggling musician.
Who found her? Super was doing repairs in the apartment below, saw a leak coming from up here,said the doors wen e op when he came in.
He turned off the water,called 911.
Strange place to live.
Rectory converted to lofts about a year ago.
Witnesses? Unis are canvassing the building and the neighborhood.
Let me know what you find.
Tod? Water's too cold to make a determination, but it does look like there's trauma to the foramen magnum.
Also,it looks like she was scrubbed raw-- inner thigh,chest,abdomen.
Areas consistent with sexual assault.
A hallmark for a victim to cleanse themselves after an attack.
Yeah,I don't think so.
Looks like these abrasions are postmortem.
I think that after he raped and killed her,put her in the tub.
Didn't want to leave any evidence behind.
Bruises existed when you found her.
Yeah,but their appearance was latent because of the cold water.
Significant signs of struggle.
I also found lubricant and vaginal tearing,but no semen or foreign dna.
So the perp wore a condom.
He was careful.
Completely cleaned the body.
However,I did find reinforced calluses on the tips of her fingers.
There were flakes of steel and nylon between the layers of skin.
It happens with guitar players.
As their fingers build up calluses,dirt,and dust,trace from the strings gets trapped.
There were also traces of airborne iron,manganese,and chromium in her thro and nasal cavity.
Steel dust from the subway.
Yeah,once I discovered all this,I realized I knew her.
She played in the subway.
She had a beautiful voice but I never really stopped to enjoy her music.
I,uh,removed this glass shard from the head wound.
Lindsay found similar shards in the vic's apartment.
Yeah,the blow to the head weakened her respiratory system, and that contributed to the official cod,which was suffocation.
There are no ligature marks or petechial hemorrhaging.
What cut off the air supply? Well,whatever caused this bruise pattern.
Very odd.
It was made by the killer's hand.
How can you be so sure? Sheldon? Hey,kara.
Oh,are you all right? What happened,baby? Are you okay? He came up behind me,sheldon.
He pushed me down.
I couldn't scream 'cause he had his hd on my mouth.
Shh,come on.
It's gonna be okay,all right? It's gonna be okay.
I thought I was never going to see you again.
Don't leave me.
I'm not going anywhere.
These bruises were fnd in eleanor's mouth.
Knuckle and finger marks.
It's the signature of the gramercy rapist.
He put his hand in his victims' mouths to keep them quiet.
I remember when those cases came through the lab.
Most of the rapes happened near or around the gramercy neighborhood.
The perp didn't leave any prints or dna,made all the victims wash themselves.
The cases went cold.
Thonly common thread was that all the women commuted on the subway.
Our murder victim,eleanor ravelle,performed in the subway.
Seems like the killer took an eight-year hiatus.
You're sure it's the same guy and not a copycat? These marks,that brutality.
You can't copy that.
This guy's back.
Only this time he didn't just keep the victim quiet.
He killed her.
Sid called.
There were no defense wounds on laurel downs' body, and the wound on her arm matches the wedding gown.
So he is officially ruling this an accident.
We might want to have him hold off until I show you this.
First of all,found a gps in the vic's sneaker¡ª which transmits data to the mp3 player that was on laurel's arm.
So I got a list of her workout and her mileage for the last three mths.
Looks like the route of the 5k she en.
Ered i yeah.
She stted the race,then she stops,and then she goes into the bridal store.
Yeah,and she stopped around the corner of the bamfield entrance.
So what did she see that made her quit in the middle of the race and go inside? Here's an answer.
The line of wannabe brides went around the side of the building.
And marie lowe was one of them.
And witnesses say that laurel only attacked marie l she had intent.
Did these two know each other? Laurel downs is from jersey.
She's single,owns an antiques store.
Marie lowe lives in manhattan,runs a nightclub.
As far as I can tell,their paths have never crossed.
But here's the big news.
Laurel downs was raped eight years ago by the same man who raped and killed eleanor ravelle.
Same mo? Yep.
Identical bruising.
Case file says that she was attacked in her apartment.
The guy made her bathe.
No dna left at the scene.
It's a really strange coincidence that we've recovered two victims within 24 hours that were both raped by the same man.
Yeah,I mean,even stranger than that,is that they were raped eight years apart.
Hey,but coincidences happen.
John adams and thomas jefferson, they both died on the same day exactly 50 years after signing the declaration of independence.
I hear you,mac.
These are two crimes that happened in different parts of the city to two sarate victims who died in very different ways.
Unless we uncover concrete evidence that connects those crimes focus on the individual cases as they stand now.
his moped in bermuda.
He was struck and killed by a taxi.
One year later,his brother was killed the exact same way.
Same taxi,same driver,even the same passenger.
It's a true story.
You got oythingn eleanor ravelle's guitar no,not yet.
Yeah,it's rare.
It's a 1957 gibson gold top.
Worth maybe 60,70,000.
I got guys looking into every fencing operation this side of the mississippi.
But listen,I went over the files on the gramercy rapist and came across this.
Phone tip log.
It was set up in 1999 as a way to generate leads.
There anything that might nnect to eleanor ravelle? Not yet,but take a look at the call-in list.
Most of the tips were anonymous,but a couple of the callers gave their names.
And one of them was flagged as being a little persistent.
I'll take care of it.
Check this out.
Top of a soda bottle? It's a guitar slide.
Found traces of kerosene on it,which means it was most likely handmade.
Sid pulled a piece of it from eleanor raveille's head.
Eleanor played guitar.
Maybe it was hers.
Could have been cracked in the struggle in her apartment.
We got prints.
Hey,adam,while you're at that,could you run this through codis for me? Sweat collected from eleanor's blouse.
Give me a minute,will you,adam? Uh,yeah.
What's that? It's a log from the phone tip line that was set up during the rape spree eight years ago.
Ten calls about potential rape victims came from you.
A bodega owner followed one of your friends home,offered to take her groceries upstairs.
A bartender served another friend too much to drink? A subway maintenance worker seemed "too friendly" toward a young girl in a station? Yeah,I lived in the neighborhood where the rapes were happening.
I was just trying to help.
Anything could have been a lead.
You weren't with the department then.
We never released the bruise photos.
How did you recognize the signature,sheldon? An ex-girlfriend of mine was attacked.
you've already processed evidence in this case.
A court could call it into question.
You're pulling me? You should have done it yourself the minute you realized the connection with your ex-girlfriend.
Danny? Hey,sid.
I got a message from stella to hold off on the accident report on laurel downs,the vic from the bridal store.
So I did a little more investigating on the body.
Find something? Well,the cuts on her hand-- they were fres so,I thought perhaps she w fellhen she was running, but I didn't find any trace of gravel,grass,or dirt.
Also ruled out bite marks and nails,anything that would indicate,uh,you know,a chick fight.
What about the pictures I sent over fromresshe d? Right,tried to match the cuts to the ornament ion.
Again,no match.
So,being a little preoccupied th the inexplicable, I did some lunchtime ot,and I got a dna report back.
Eleanor ravelle's blood was in the cuts on laurel downs' hand? Any way laurel could have killed eleanor,dumped her in the bathtub, then jogged over to the wedding dress sale? No,I mean,the crime scenes are on opposite ends of town.
The tods are much too close together.
Okay how is this possible? Stranger things have been known to happen.
Mark twain was born on the day halley's comet first appeared.
He died on its next appearance,75 years later.
Wow,you've been hanging out with lindsay,sid? What? Coincidence.
First of all we find out that laurel downs was raped eight years ago by the same guy who killed and raped eleanor ravelle and now*** I don't know why,sid,but,I mean,these vics have gotta be connected.
That's what the worms are.
Actually,there are two of them: A male and a female.
Infection causes,uh,liver and kidney disease.
It's a major cause of disability and death in third world countries.
Eleanor ravelle show any signs of infection? Tox results were negative.
What about human-to-human contact? Could they have come from the perp? That's not how they migrate.
A worm this size shouldn't even exist where found it.
Schistosome eggs enter the water system through runoff,waste,sewage.
And then they hatch into larvae.
Then the larvae burrows into the skin and it becomes a full-grown worm once it's in the bloodstream.
Now,judging from the size of these worms,I would say they were about a month old.
So,how does a worm from brazil wind up in a bathtub in brooklyn? Worms are like humans.
You want to find out exactly where they came from,you can sequence their dna.
We're talking wormtopsy.
Mac,I got a hit on that print from the guitar slide.
Trey fager.
October of 1999 he was kicked out of the chelsea music academy because he wasccused of sexual assault and battery.
Did he serve time? Not for that,but he was in and out of prison from 2002 to 2007 for drugiosess N.
So,if fager is our rapist,that could explain his eight-year hiatus.
He just finished a stint at riker's that ended a month ago and he's a subway performer.
Trey fager hendrix with a little bob johnson on the side.
Way off.
Muddy waters? Good guess.
I'm not here for a music lesson.
You know this girl? Uh,eleanor rigby.
that's pretty good.
I like it.
Trey,have you been using again? No worries.
eleanor come on.
You gotta stop that stuff.
You nickname all the girls you beat up? Her real name's eleanor ravelle.
She was murdered last night.
A piece of a guitar slide with your print was found in her head.
Hey,look,I gave that slide to eleanor a couple days ago.
You ever been to her place? No.
Where were you yesterday morning? Grand central.
Got,let's see,a thousand alibis.
We'll check on that.
Don't take any out-of-town gigs.
All right,the cuts on laurel downs' hand come from something with this design.
Scroll and flourish are usually used in,uh,victorian architecture,art.
The woman that laurel went after in that store-- marie lowe-- she was wearing an ornate necklace.
It matches that patter all right,so the line for the sale went around the building, laurel downs is in the middle of the race, sees marie in line,follows her into the store.
That's why she had the cuts on her hand.
She was reaching for that necklace.
But why? Boom.
What? Uh,laurel's rape report.
It says here that the rapist stole jewelry from her.
So did the necklace around marie lowe's neck belong to laurel downs? That's ne! I gave the necklace to marie.
It was one of the first gifts he gave me.
I love it.
It's beautiful.
Scroll and flourish? Make sure this order gets e-mailed out before we close tonight,okay? So you manage club kubrick here? Marie and I own it.
We added a little spice to the family business.
Colin's mother used to be a maid; my dad was a butler.
When did you buy her the necklace? About five years ago,I think.
Where? Some guy on the street sold it to me.
You remember what part of town? Around union square,I think.
I'd like to see it,please.
Colin,could you help? If I showed you a picture,you think you would recognize the guy who sold it to you? It was a long time ago.
Take a shot.
Recognize him? Maybe.
Hair was a bit longer,I think.
Can't be sure.
We'd like to take this with us.
However we can help.
Thank you.
Mac,I have a confession to make.
I was wrong about the worm and how it's transferred.
Turns out,they can be fully formed in water,but it would have to be from direct blood contact.
So the worm could have come from the perp if he was injured.
It would have to be a pretty big cut,or maybe,like,a bloody nose.
Something that would cause him to bleed a lot.
So I'm thinking that maybe the perp put the vic in the bathtub, and he was washing her,but he was stillg,leedin and that's how the worm got into the water.
The trouble is,if our perp was the host,and he left no usable dna at the scene we would need to match dna from a worm inside him to the dna from the worms you found in the bathtub.
Is there such a thing as a warrant for worms? Keep working on it.
Mac,we found eleanor ravelle's guitar.
Flack picked it up at a pawn shop.
I processed it.
And the honey and antiseptic found on the gui r is used in medicinal bandages.
So,same trace lindsay found on the lock that wasdicke at eleanor ravelle's apartment? I also found some epithelials,and the hits keep coming.
Look who pawned the guitar.
We're back to trey fager.
We already know he's an addict, so,I'm thinking,he was cooking up his own stuff,burned his fingers, and he had the bandages on his hand when he picked the lock and stole the guitar.
And possibly killed eleanor ravelle.
detective hendrix,come to keep me company? Trey fager,you're under arrest.
Okay,trey get out of the way! Move! Move! get up! You stupid idiot.
Is that redundant? Not with this guy,no.
You got the wrong guy.
You gonna make me cry? Yeah,it's a sad,sad story.
I didn't kill eleanor.
The other night,I needed some cash to get something to calm my nerves,so I I broke into her house and stole her guitar.
I swear to you,that's all I did.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her! I was a victim of the gramercy rapist,and it's been in the news lately.
So,you remembered something? I never thought it had anything to do with what happened, but now I think it might,but I don't know.
I called sheldon.
He said I should come in and talk to you,but it's probably nothing.
Kara,no matter how small or insignificant, this could help us get the guy who hurt you and killed eleanor ravelle.
So,it's okay.
Just take it slow.
it's something the guy did that nig after he made me wash myself.
Um,he just kept watching me and stroking my hair,and,you know,watching me,making sure that I got rid of all of him.
When he was satisfied,he walked into the other room and started going through my stuff.
You could see him? Yeah,through the door.
Just started picking through my things.
What do you mean? There was a box in a drawer I had jewelry in.
A couple weeks later,I went looking for a ring.
you know,I,um it wasn't valuable, so I I didn't tell anyone.
I just thought that I lost it,or-or misplaced it.
you think it goes away.
you can train yourself to forget.
It still happened.
You all ght? Yeah.
A few years after we broke up,kara told me about a ring.
She had borrowed it from her grandmother a couple of days before the attack.
Said she kept it hidden in a drawer so I wouldn't find it.
She was waiting for you to propose.
I was so immersed in work,I wasn't catching the hint.
So,kara decided to make a dinner reservation for the two of us and then give me the ring.
And you could take it from there.
We never made that dinner.
I knew you were the one.
You knew I was,too.
You just didn't realize it yet.
But I was ready,sheldon.
Wanted to marry you.
Had it all worked out.
I was going to propose,to her,stella,but after I finished my residency.
She ver told you the ring was missing? I hate that this happened to her.
It happened to both of you,hawkes.
Maybe,but I wasn't the one that moved out.
So,I went through case files of rapes that occurred over the last eight years.
I couldn't find any reports of jewelry theft.
But see,I thinking that these past victims were like kara, and might not have realized that anything had been stolen.
The only way to know is to talk to the victims themselves.
See who you can track down,what they have to say.
Also have flack check pawn shops.
See if trey fager pawned anything between 1999 and 2001.
So,you think trey is our killer? Well,fager's our only connection between the victims then and now.
They all took the subway,and the glass and guitar puts him in eleanor's apartment.
Results back from codis found on the dna sample in the sweattain of eleanor ravelle's blouse.
No hits,but there was a match,the dna on the clasp of marie lowe's necklace.
Whose? Colin clark.
That's marie lowe's fianc? This could explain how eleanor ravelle's blood got into the cuts on laurel downs' hand.
If colin is the perp,then he transferred eleanor's blood onto the necklace.
When laurel grabbed for it that's mine! She got eleanor's dna in her hand.
These sweat stain results came from a low-level dna sample.
It doesn't meet fbi protocol.
Who told you to run this,adam? Sheldon,you knew the samp didn't meet fbi protocol or this lab's standards.
It could give you a false lead.
We could end up bringing in someone completely innocent.
These results are circumstantial at best.
And then you go and have adam run the dna anyway? I removed you from this case because you're personally connected to it.
What were you thinking? Mac,colin clark was in possession of a rape victim's necklace.
His dna on eleanor's blouse proves he was near or on her body.
He could be our killer and the rapist from eight years ago.
I realize that the evidence is circumstantial,but couldn't we still bring colin in? If we bring colin in based on the results and don't have anything else to throw at him to get a confession, he could lawyer up,leave town.
So,what do you want me to do? Just ignore the fact that colin's sweat is on a murder victim's clothes? The reason we follow fbi dna protocol is to ensure an unquestionable conviction.
So we sit in here,waiting for that perfect scientific connection, while colin could be out there raping and killing another innocent victim.
I don't know about you,mac,but I can't live with that.
Mac look,don't try to defend him.
I'm not.
Hawkes should have followed proper protocol,but he stepped over the line because somebody he loved got hurt by this guy.
Oh,come on,you know I know that.
I know.
Just,just I want you to hold on .
Second you've got to realize that people can't just turn off their emotions when something horrible happens.
That's exactly why I pulled him off this case.
What are you doing here? I'm off this case.
He's not worth it.
Come on.
Take a walk.
Come on.
We have him.
We have his dna.
And what if we ran with that went in there and arrested colin right now? What's going to happen when this case goes to court? All the defense attorney would have to do is ask if your testing methods were in line with fbi protocol,"yes or no?" Yes or no,sheldon? No.
I'd be compelled to answer no, but that doesn't change the fact that he killed eleanor ravelle and raped kara.
What he did to her it broke me,okay? And I could fix the cuts and the bruises,but I couldn't change what happened.
And I tried,mac.
I tried.
I retraced her steps.
I looked up every guy that came near her.
I-I wouldn't even let h take a cab or a subway unless I was with her.
You thought you were doing the right thing.
Wh-what? Retribution? Justice,obsession? What was I doing? What was I proving? You were trying to handle the impossible.
I was trying to avoid it.
Kara needed me.
She tried to reach out and when she did I wasn't there.
I wasn't there for her.
Sheldon,we're gonna get this guy.
We're gonna find something else.
So,I had flack and angell canvass all the reported rape cases with the gramercy mo, and seven other victims noticed a piece of jewelry missing after they were raped.
And this wasn't in the case file? No,no,they didn't realize it was missing until months later and never made the connection.
So they filed robbery reports.
Two separate cases.
Nothing was cross-referenced.
What do you have on colin? Did a little background-- colin was living in the gramercy neighborhood from '99 to '01.
He was,uh,working as a manager at a bunch of clubs around town.
A couple of the employers said that he took the subway to and from work.
And after 2001? His mom passed away that year.
He inherited some cash.
Him and marie moved to europe.
They moved back a year ago.
That explains the eight-year break between attacks.
I got something we can use in court.
I was able to sequence the worm dna.
The exact genus and species is from brazil.
Now,this might be just a coincidence, but colin clark was in brazil a month ago scouting locations for a new club.
The worms will put him at the scene of the crime of our victim in the tub.
But without his blood,we can't link him to the worms.
But we can link colin to marie.
Find her.
Colin loves me.
Marie,colin terrorizes his victims.
After he rapes them,he watches them bathe,and then he'd stay in their apartment.
We're about to get married,detective.
He would take a piece of their jewelry.
The vintage necklace,a pearl broach a leather bracelet.
Who did this belong to? A young musician.
Her name was eleanor ravelle.
The girl I saw on the news.
Colin gave it to me yesterday.
I'm sorry.
He kept telling me to wait one more year.
When things got going with the club.
He'd marry me.
He gave me these for my birthday.
He gave all of this to me.
Marie? What are you doing? Colin clark,you're under arrest for the rape and murder of eleanor ravelle.
What? You gave me jewelry from women you raped? Put your hands behind your back.
Hey,look,I don't know what she's been telling you,marie,but I said put your hands behind your back.
This is crazy,but all right.
All right.
All right.
You have a right to remain silent,you have get off of me! Drop it! don't move.
freeze! you okay? This is bonasera.
I need backup.
Penthouse suite.
And send a bus.
You'll never be able to pin those rapes on me.
You're dead wrong about that.
Laurel downs's death was an accident.
Marie was just defending herself in that store.
She had no idea that laurel wanted the necklace or that her fianc? had just killed eleanor.
Two separate cases.
An accident and a murder.
Still,if laurel hadn't seen that necklace on marie's neck and followed her into the store, we may have never found our killer.
Sounds like fate to me.
Calling it a day? That depends.
You two have any plans? milk and sugar.
Thank you.
Rough road,the life of a musi an.
Yeah,it's not bad when people take time to listen.
Well,you're a musician,mac.
You ever play your bass down here? Uh,no.
No,I never had the chance.
great sid.