CSI: NY s05e15 Episode Script

The Party's Over

Somebody get him! Ow.
What the hell you doing? Recycling.
You're under arrest.
??? No, so I need him to verify that with me.
A rough night, Deputy Inspector? How do you mean? Well, I heard that over 40% of the NYPD called in sick.
Robert Dunbrook.
I know who you are.
You're not going to get a quote out of me.
I don't report the news.
I just publish it.
I've seen your paper.
I'd say that was debatable.
You could always cancel your subscription.
But then, that would hurt my feelings.
Excuse me.
Yeah? I can think of 20 other places I'd rather be with you right now.
So the dress works, huh? Hold on a sec.
Your tie is crooked.
What? What's so funny? I could have sworn it was a clip-on.
Oh, come on.
Give me some credit here.
Ladies and gentlemen Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, please Can I have your attention? On behalf of my company, I would like to donate this check to the Manhattan Museum and its restoration, and I would also like to thank Deputy Mayor Stuart Kaplan for his hard work.
Mac, you're late.
It started, Stella.
The blue flu has just hit the department.
PBA has been threatening a job action for weeks.
Looks like they kept their word.
The precinct's empty.
Any reaction from the brass? It's got their attention.
Come on down, Deputy Mayor.
And something's just gotten mine.
There's been an accident.
I need a bus.
Park and 45th.
He's gone, Stella.
The deputy mayor.
He's dead.
±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é µÚÎå¼¾µÚ15¼¯ ·­Ò룺¸öÈËID У Ô£º¸öÈËID ʱ¼äÖ᣺˜ŽËÉÊó~ I've assigned our best detectives to the case.
Whoever killed the duty mayor will be brought to justice.
What detectives? They all called in sick with the blue flu.
We're more than equipped to conduct this investigation.
But who is going to protect the city? We still have a very strong police presence.
It's only a fraction of the officers who are taking a stand by calling in sick.
Seriously, huh? Who else is going to do it? Messer.
He was dead before the dive.
Bleeding on his forehead is from this superficial laceration.
Had to be pre-mortem.
There's no ligature furrow or marks that I can see.
But check this out.
Could be a clue to what killed him.
Suggests strangulation.
All right, let's get him to Sid.
See if he can elaborate.
Hey, Stell, you know what? I'm not feeling so hot.
Don't tell me.
You got the flu, too.
I'm sick, Doc.
You want to examine me? Danny, just leave your kit.
Got a patterned bloodstain over here.
It's a perfect circle.
Suggests no directionality.
Clearly not spatter.
Where'd it come from? Hey, guys, hold up a second.
There was something between the deputy mayor's body and the floor when he hit.
You think it fell with him? If it did and we can find it, it might give us some answers.
I don't see anything that shape or size where he fell.
Where did it go? I think it went to a fire.
A fire? Trust me.
Hi, Adam.
Where's the fire? As a result of the city's budget crisis, we have instituted a temporary pay lag.
The officers will be compensated at a later date.
Will they still be alive when they get the money? I don't like your question.
and I believe we're done here.
Sir, I need to get in here Hey, hey, hey.
What's your name, sir? Neal Weston.
Look, I'm the deputy mayor's brother-in-law.
I just heard what happened on the news.
I got here as soon as I could, but I-I need to get in there.
Weston, slow down.
What's wrong? My nephew- he's missing.
He's Jake Kaplan.
He's the deputy mayor's son.
He lost his mom last year.
I'm the only person he has left.
I can't find him anywhere, so I think he must still be inside.
All right.
You hold on.
Just stay there.
I'll be back in a minute.
Hawkes, Adam.
Stop what you're doing.
We got a missing boy.
Jake Kaplan, We got to find him.
Let's go.
Jake? Hey, Jake? Um I don't want to scare you, but I know you're in there.
My name is Adam.
Any chance of coming out? You thirsty? Hi.
Oh, oops.
How could you see me? It's called thermal imaging.
And it detects heat sources.
See? Pretty cool, huh? That an iPod? Oh, yeah.
You like music? Oh, my God.
I was so worried.
I thought something happened to you.
Are you okay? Oh, God.
I've looked everywhere for you.
I am so relieved.
You're going to be all right, Jake.
You're going to be all right.
Topic tonight: the blue flu.
Caller, you're on.
Cops need to get their asses back to work.
Next caller.
Taxpayers are getting screwed.
It's not right.
So, what brings you here? I need your clothes.
The ones you were wearing earlier.
My jacket's got blood all over it.
I was gonna get it dry-cleaned.
Good thing I got here when I did.
Guys, come on.
Uh, you might have chosen a different bag to go with that dress.
You think? Dr.
Hawkes's assessment at the scene was correct: the deputy mayor was strangled.
Any idea with what? No, but I'll show you what we got.
Based on the shape and positioning on the neck, the trace could have transferred from the ligature.
Hopefully, its chemical composition will shed some light.
I already sent a sample up to Lindsay for processing along with the vic's clothes.
What's in your bag? More clothing.
A member of the FDNY got close to the vic.
I thought I might find something.
Uh, Brendon Walsh? You took him to the charity event tonight? News travels fast.
So what can you tell me about this odd mark? I thought maybe it could be from the vic's finger if he stuck it between the ligature in his neck to try to defend himself.
But the edges of this pattern - they look too defined to be a digit.
Hmm, so if the vic didn't cause it, maybe the murder weapon did.
* All together, we're gonna bring in the light * * This is for y'all, we gonna bring in the light * * We gonna bring in the light * * Ain't no time for no debatin' once we start the meditation * * All together, we gonna bring in the light * * This is for y'all, we gonna bring in the light * * We gonna bring in the light * * Ain't no time for no debatin' once we start the meditation * * Once we start the meditation * * Once we start the meditation * * Once we start the meditation * * All together, we're gonna bring in the light * * This is for y'all, we gonna bring in the light * * We gonna bring in the light * * Ain't no time for no debatin' once we start the meditation * * All together we gonna bring in the light * * Ain't no time for no debatin' once we start the meditation.
* So I went to the party.
So did 200 other people.
Yes, but they were actually on the guest list.
What'd you do, Detective? Flash your ID to get in? You gonna bust my balls for crashing another one of Kaplan's ego trips? Not for that.
What is that? Part of your NYPD identification card.
How'd you get it? That's what you're gonna tell me.
Let me see your ID.
This microchip goes in the back right here.
We found it at the primary crime scene.
I think you know what that means.
So what was it, Miller? The pay lag or did Kaplan piss you off in some other way? You don't care.
We're getting screwed here and you don't care.
Mayor takes a ten percent raise and we're supposed to work for free.
So you're damn right Kaplan pissed me off, but I didn't kill him, all right? I just thought that maybe if he heard our side Wait, please! Look, if you go through with this, I'm gonna lose my house! Get your hands off of me! You son of a When I left, he was alive.
That remains to be seen.
Perfluorobutane sulfonate.
This is the trace we found on the victim's neck.
PFBS is used in food packaging, nonstick cookware, furniture protectorate.
It could have been on the ligature.
The stuff dries.
It's not supposed to transfer.
Maybe the perspiration on the vic's neck allowed trace amounts to transfer onto his skin, hmm? Uh It's the DA.
Yes, okay.
Yes, I'll see what I can do.
Danny was supposed to provide testimony in the Wells murder case.
Since Danny is "sick," they need me to testify in his place.
Well, take his notes and go to court.
I'm fine with all the evidence here.
Well, you shouldn't have to.
Honestly, I think what Danny's doing is selfish.
Really? Well, I see it as committed.
Seems to me he has a lot of other things to commit to right now.
Not to mention, it's irresponsible to risk suspension when you're expecting a baby.
Hawkes you transferred over from the ME's office, which means you're not sworn NYPD, so there was no decision for you to make.
You can't say for sure what you would do.
Yes, I c.
If I had earned the distinction of being a detective, I'd be here whether or not the city could afford to pay me.
What is that? I'm not sure.
It looks like wood.
It's stained with the deputy mayor's blood.
Brendan Walsh inadvertently picked it up at the crime scene.
Hey, Linds, do me a favor.
Grabhe deputy mayor's tuxedo shirt.
Will you face it back towards me, please? Hmm, same shape and size as the stain on his collar.
So he knew what made the blood print.
You think that belonged to our killer? Mm, all we know for sure is that this was present at the crime scene at the time of death.
Actually, we do know one more thing.
Hawkes found hair stuck to the victim's collar.
Did you get a match in the system? Not in our system.
Belonged to equus caballus.
A horse? Not just any horse, a thoroughbred.
So what was it doing on our vic? just You see this? In fact, I've got one right here.
Take a look.
When I got back to my car after the party, it was sitting on my windshield.
I have no idea who left it.
"Follow the money.
" If the deputy mayor was up to something inappropriate, why not just expose him while he's still alive? Maybe he didn't get the chance.
But if this tip is legit and he was involved in unsavory financial activities, we have motive.
Or maybe someone's just trying to derail our homicide investigation.
Either way, my curiosity's piqued.
I'll have my lab process this, see if we can find out who left it.
I'm gonna get my hands on Kaplan's financials.
You know he was Commissioner of the Department of Construction and Renovation before he was appointed Deputy Mayor? Kaplan controlled some of the city's purse strings, contracts, licenses, grants.
It all went through him.
Maybe someone didn't like the way he did business.
Hey, I got the DNA results from the eyelashes they found on the balloon.
They belong to a male relative of the vic.
Oh, well, that rules out Neal Weston.
He was the deputy mayor's brother-in-law.
That leaves Jake, the deputy mayor's son.
And get this: I found all ten lashes were in the anagen phase of growth, all right? And the roots were still attached.
Meaning they were pulled out.
It's consistent with a disorder called trichotillomania- the compulsion for one to rip out their eyelashes, eyebrows, hair.
Usually goes hand-in-hand with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but what I don't understand is how Jake's eyelashes ended up on the balloons.
It's not unusual to find trace of a kid on his father.
The eyelashes probably transferred onto the balloon from the deputy mayor's clothing via static electricity.
The deputy mayor was the center of attention last night, shaking hands, hugging people, working the crowd.
It's highly unlikely that those lashes stayed on his clothing.
Implying that the initial transfer of lashes occurred from Jake to his father approximately around the time of death.
Come on, Stella.
Okay, he is a small There is no way that he's strong enough to strangle an adult.
Closing off the two carotid arteries stops blood flow to the brain.
That takes a matter of seconds and very little pressure, Adam.
It's about the position of the ligature.
Not the force behind it.
And since science puts Jake with our vic at time of death Jake could have murdered his father.
Tell me about the last time you saw your father.
Jake, please.
Just answer the questions.
He was mad.
Do you know why? He just gets mad at me sometimes.
Stuart is he's having a hard time adjusting to being a single parent.
What else happened? Did something else happen? I know you guys already have a good suspect, but I think I have another one.
Since the horse hair we found on the victim's collar belonged to a thoroughbred, I checked with the National Equestrian Association, 'cause not only does it tell you the ancestry It also tells you the owner.
King of the Five Boroughs, owned by Robert Dunbrook? There's possible motive there.
He and the deputy mayor have been public rivals a long time.
What I don't get is, Dunbrook has been crucifying the deputy mayor in his paper.
What was he even doing at the party last night? You know what they say.
Keep your friends close, enemies closer.
??? ???? It's not news that I didn't ink Kaplan was good for the city.
And for you.
He blocked your press access to the mayor, had friends at the FCC who made operating your media companies very difficult.
Well, he put up some roadblocks because I wouldn't play his game.
You went to his charity event and made a million-dollar donation.
What do you call that? You have to grease some wheels to get things done in this city, but there is a line.
I like to stay on the legal side of it.
Are you saying the deputy mayor was dirty? I am saying that Mr.
Kaplan was a politician who enjoyed the good life.
You can do the math.
I did.
The answer brought me straight to you.
You think I killed Kaplan? I think you got tired of the roadblocks, confronted him at the party, and things got out of hand.
No, our paths never crossed at the event.
That's not what the evidence is saying.
We found a hair from one of your horses on his collar.
You want to tell me about that? I was at the races prior to the charity event.
When I arrived, I went to the restroom to wash my hands.
Oh, come on.
It's a party.
Let's put aside our dierences.
After what you wrote in the paper today? Your editorial called for my resignation.
Dunbrook, I have no interest in mending fences.
Yeah, well, I think you're gonna feel differently after you see my donation.
Why would I write a million- dollar check to his charity if I was going to kill him? Because it bought you a lot of goodwill and maybe an alibi.
Detective, if you ever stop working at the crime lab, I have a fiction department I would love to have you come work for me.
Yeah, run it.
You think this is a joke? Every single police officer in this city devotes their life to the protection of the people who live here.
Really? Does that include the ones that are sitting on their asses right now? I respect anyone who stands behind their convictions.
What I can't stand are men who are motivated purely by greed and the destruction of others.
Can I quote you on that? No.
But you can quote this: If you're guilty of murdering Kaplan, or any other crime, even spitting the sidewalk, you're going to have to answer to me.
Hey, Stella, that little wooden circle you found on your fireman friend, the one that left the patterned bloodstain, came back as ochroma lagopus.
Balsa wood? That explains why it was so light.
Now, it's known for its strength-to-weight ratio.
Right, it's usually used in model airplanes and surfboards.
Now, the only prints or DNA I got off it were from the vic.
So, I guess it could've been his.
Okay, so we know that the deputy mayor had it in his hand at the time of death.
The question is, why? Bonasera.
The judge threw it out.
What?! What happened? The defense attorneys put on a dog-and-pony show, asking me questions I just couldn't answer.
What about the control samples? Where were they collected from? I'm sure Detective Messer's method of collection is in accordance with the protocols of our lab.
I tried, Stella.
I wasn't at the scene.
I'm sorry.
All right, thanks for letting me know.
You okay? No, no, I'm not okay.
Hey, New Yorkers.
Blue blues making the commute an even bigger nightmare than usual.
Midtown's in gridlock; FDR's bumper-to-bumper with a four-car pile-up in the left lane.
No traffic cops anywhere, no cops anywhere.
Jewish penicillin.
I'm not sick, Stella.
You like chicken soup, don't you? I could never say no to a little chicken noodle.
Then invite me in.
You know I came over here to yell at you.
Stella, we deserve to get paid.
Come on, cops work hard in this city.
You know, I mean, uh, the brass- they're not working for free.
So why the hell should I? You know I'm right.
Come on.
Pull up a spoon.
I'm old school, Danny.
You know, I took an oath and I take it literally.
My responsibility's first and foremost to the people of this city and the job that I do.
That's exactly why I'm holding out for a little respect.
I mean, I come from a family of cops, Stell.
I'm not taking this thing lightly.
Yeah, I know.
I know, I know.
Look, I guess I guess it just took me driving over here to understand it all.
People were crazy.
They were getting out of their cars; it was chaos.
There were no there were no traffic cops.
So, you were coming over here to lay into me, huh? Yeah I was on my way to lay into you! I was so pissed off, Danny.
Hawkes stood in for you at that hearing and they threw the case out.
And there was so much work at the lab.
Thank God for Lindsay.
You know, she's a real trooper.
Yeah, yeah, she is.
She's been calling me every other hour.
Except I gotta cough every time I answer the phone in case it's not her.
You did the unpopular thing.
Who? Me? That's my MO, right? Uh, look, I gotta go back to work.
But I'm not leaving here without some of that soup.
So, why don't you fix me up one to go, please? Sure.
You know Jerry Maguire? I know a Jack Maguire.
Teaches firearms at the academy.
No, the movie.
Jerry Maguire.
You remember what Cuba said to Cruise? "Show me the money.
" At first glance, the deputy mayor's personal finances look squeaky-clean.
From conservative tax write-offs to the seven different charities he set up, but his fiscal management for the city tells a different story.
As Commissioner for Construction and Renovation, Kaplan gave out 320 million in no-bid contracts to several construction companies.
Want to see the progress it made in theast two years? That's the library on the Upper West Side.
The new SoHo Senior Center.
So, Kaplan spent a chunk of the city's money on construction jobs that were never gonna see the light of day.
He had to be getting paid.
Unfortunately we're complicit.
That event last night The charities are fraudulent.
Money went straight into Kaplan's pocket.
It's hard to catch unless you know what you're looking for.
The man was brilliant; I'll give him that.
You know, the deputy mayor actually contributed to the city's budget crisis? And when there was no money left, he enforced the pay lag to get some back.
Screwed over the NYPD.
So, whoever left you that note had to have the inside line.
You able to identify who left it? No, but according to Dunbrook's circulation department, the paper doesn't come out until 4:00 a.
You found it on your windshield just after you left the party.
Which was around 2:00 a.
So, someone from the paper left the note.
I'm thinking Robert Dunbrook.
It just doesn't add up.
I mean, if he knew the deputy mayor was dirty, why not just print it? That newspaper he runs is practically a tabloid.
He needed you, someone with weight, to expose the deputy mayor's illegal activities.
He's definitely up to something.
I want to know what it is.
No, wait.
Hang u No, Mac, the guy's withholding evidence in a criminal investigation.
If Dunbrook knew that the deputy mayor was dirty, you have to ask yourself: what else does he know? And where does he get his information? I called three times already.
I've been waiting20 minutes for the cops.
Where the hell are they?! Give me a minute.
Hey, Flack, this crap has gotta end.
I'm up to my ass in complaints.
Got three unis covering the entire shift.
Who's that? Kid? I don't know.
He said he wants to wait for Adam.
Adam who? Not sure.
We got three Adams on the 4:00-to-12:00 alone.
He said he wants to wait.
Anything else on thealsa wood? Hit a wall.
Gotta have my tunes.
Seriously, I got something stuck in this and I can't figure out what it is.
Well, maybe it's your lunch.
What did you have? Two hot dogs, but that isn't it.
Well, Adam, you have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery at your disposal to aid in the identification of mystery trace.
Ooh Great idea.
You still can't figure out what caused the mark on his neck? I'm going through Sid's database of bruises and patterned injuries that have been matched to known exemplars.
Nothing yet.
What else do we have? There's the balsa wooden circle.
We don't know what it's from, but it's definitely left the bloody print on the ballroom floor and the tux shirt and jacket.
Any trace? Only the perfluorobutane sulfonate, which we found on the victim's neck.
And the source of that is still a total mystery.
This can't be right.
Guys Perfluorobutane sulfonate.
You have the same trace on your iPod.
How is that possible? Our killer touched it.
Dunbrook is no longer a prime suspect.
Are you sure? Yes, I think the deputy mayor was strangled with a tie.
Dunbrook was wearing a tie.
Right, but Dunbrook never touched my iPod.
The PFBS was from stain repellent.
Used to protect fabric.
One thing I can't figure out is what the mark on his neck was.
I could've sworn it was a clip-on.
Hold on a second.
It was a clip-on tie.
??? Which one? It's right here.
What the hell's going on? Jake.
Jake? Where is he? Uh, he said he was in his room.
When was the last time you saw him? A few hours ago.
He said he wanted to be alone.
You got a picture? Yeah.
Central, this is Detective Flack, 84389.
I'm looking for a murder suspect in the vicinity of Columbus and 56.
Male, white, DISPATCHER Copy that.
It's the balsa chip.
Oh, Stell, I think I know where this kid is.
Please, Jake, just tell us what happened.
This is the chance to tell your side.
Come on, Jake.
Talk to them.
We can't force him to talk.
Just doesn't make sense.
Flack said he's been waiting here at the precinct for hours.
Obviously, he feels guilty.
He wants to talk to someone.
Not just someone.
You get the thoughts, right? The bad ones that race in your head and you can't make them stop.
You try and block them out and think about something else, but doesn't work.
So you, uh, you come up with these rituals, just, you know, little things that make yourself feel better- counting, washing, unplugging things, pulling out your eyelashes.
I, I thought I was Thought you re a freak.
It's not your fault, Jake.
Okay? It's your brain.
And it's just playing tricks on you.
It's called OCD.
And a lot of people have it.
How do you know so much? Some of it's science.
Let me guess: your, uh, your dad, he just didn't understand what you were doing, right? Why you always had to, to check things.
The hell is taking so long? Let's go! Let's get a move on! Hurry up in there! I- I had to.
'Cause if-if I didn't, then Then you thought something bad was going to happen.
I know.
I had to keep him safe.
I don't get it I don't get it.
If he's so obsessed with keeping his father safe, why would he kill him? It's called reaction formation.
When his mother died, it's likely that he wished it'd been his father instead.
Does-does this murder have anything to do with this-this "thing" he has? No, no, OCD comes from a place of fear.
Attacking his father came from a place of rage.
But he's just a he's just a kid.
He's not a murderer.
His actions indicate otherwise.
So, this all started after your mom died, right? The thoughts, the checking.
You see, um, OCD is usually triggered when something bad happens.
I went up there 'cause I just I didn't want to go to the party and talk to all those people, but he found me.
What are you doing up here? I told you to stay close to me! Dad, I'm sorry, I No.
Forget it.
I'm tired of hearing yosay "I'm sorry.
" Your mother could handle you, but I can't.
There's a school in California and I'm enrolling you starting next week.
Are you listening to me? Give me that.
Give it to me! Get it.
Give it to me.
Come on.
Give it.
Give me He made me so angry.
The blank tile- that was from the last game you played with your mom, right? She she told me She she said the blank was me because it could be anything.
I- I could be anything.
She believed in you.
And then she went away.
Sometimes he was really mean, but I loved my dad.
I know you did.
I'm sorry.
What's going to happen to me? You're going to go away for a while, Jake.
Come on.
Take it.
There's some really good music in there.
Hey, Adam.
You going to be all right? Yeah.
Uh, you know, nothing that a slice and some Guitar Hero can't fix.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
I need to meet.
No, a phone call won't suffice.
And I imagine sooner would be better for you.
Trust me, and I know that's hard, but I'll make it worth your while.
That's fine.
See you then.
Coffee black.
One Sugar in the Raw.
I'm a newspaper man, Detective.
I make it my business to know things.
Well, I assume there's a reason you wanted to meet me in person.
Besides bringing me a cup of coffee.
I also brought you a newspaper.
they Seems a bit premature.
The blue flu is still in effect with no resolution in sight.
That's tomorrow's headline, Detective.
What is it you think you know? What's this? Well, it's all there in black and white.
?????? It's becoming very clear that you're going to be a problem for me.
Isn't that funny? I was just thinking the same thing about you.
Enjoy your coffee.
$20 million? Read the note.
"I finally realized why they call them New York's finest.
" You must have made quite an impression.
May be just a Band-Aid, but it certainly helps.
Dunbrook does nothing without some ulterior motive.
It's not worth it.
Look, I don't like the idea of Robert Dunbrook bailing out the NYPD any more than you do.
But if the money's clean and there's no strings attached, what does it matter where it came from? MAN Good morning, Manhattan! Blue flu ends and New York's finest are back on the beat.
Unconfirmed reports have suggested that media mogul Robert Dunbrook had a hand in it Hey, buddy.
This a bad time? Distance determination.
New case came in this morning.
Give you some help? Sure.