CSI: NY s05e16 Episode Script

No Good Deed

I'm so tired of being alone.
Shh,shh,I have to get you up,ella.
Get up,come on.
I need help! Hurry,please.
She's bleeding.
What happened here? She tried to kill herself.
Cut her wrists.
All right,let's go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Step aside! As I watched them roll her away all I could think of was how did ella get to a place where suicide was her only option? But ella's okay,right? Yeah,she's fine.
Mac,this happened,what,a month ago? Why didn't you call me or say anything? It was a crazy night.
Ella recovered quickly.
It all seemed to be fine.
But now there's a problem? yuck! **** oh,my god.
What is it? It's an eye.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 16 Did you get a description of the bird? Yes,flack.
It was black,had a beak.
Oh,and it flew with a limp.
I'm just trying to do my job.
I mean,what are the odds? I was just standing there,and out of nowhereplop! I am going to get a cup of coffee.
You want one? No,thank you.
Police business,folks.
Keep moving.
Nothing to see here,folks,keep moving.
Did stella give you anything more than a har?Time That's appetizing.
I prefer cream,myself.
that's definitely human.
A few isolated punctures visible in the sclera.
Looks like early stages of decomp.
Question iswho does it belong to? John pollock.
How'd you find him? Implantable contact lens.
It's a new alternative to radial kerototomy or lasik.
Sid found one implanted in our mystery eye.
Each lens registered to its owner.
And the best thing is,the name comes with an address.
Is there any chance that this guy's still alive,just missing an eye? 'Cause I'm not ready for that.
Well,you better get ready,'cause we're here.
what the hell kind of bird is that? The kind that ruined a good cup of coffee and ate our vic for lunch.
and here I thought the only vultures in the city worked on wall street.
According to flack,john pollock was an internet entrepreneur.
His tech start-up is scheduled to go public tomorrow.
He had a spouse.
Yes,flack is trying to locate her now.
No forced entry.
Five floors up.
Hubby is buried in the garden,and the wife's in the wind.
Maybe she's related to one of these.
Most birds of prey prefer fresh carrion.
His body couldn't have been here long.
Explains how his eye wound up getting dropped from above.
Looks like he's missing some hair,too.
I'm seeing recent plugs.
Add that to the corrective eye surgery, and looks like john pollock's company wasn't the only thing getting an upgrade.
denite signs of a struggle.
I got a broken picture frame here with positive blood trace and a partial print.
Perp might havhandled it.
get a load of this,mac.
Sildenafil prilocaine topical ointment.
It's medicinal hydraulics.
Looks like our vic was trying to boost more than his stock price.
You know,I'll tell you what.
I'm two months away from fatherhood-- I don't got any use for it.
Why don't you take it? Bag it.
suit yourself.
But by the looks of that wedding photo, I don't know why pollock would have needed any help.
Yeah,from the looks of him now help is all he needed.
I was a bit confused on just how the vulture discovered our vic.
Evidence suggests the body was completely buried.
Yeah,the objective of the killer was to hide it.
Of course.
So,how did the bird see it? That's a good question.
And I found a very fascinating answer.
A vulture can smell the gases produced by the beginning of the process of decay.
I mean,he knew something dead was under that dirt.
Any clues as to cause of death? Well,I examined the laceration on the vic's forehead.
Shallow penetration might cause a headache,but little else.
What's left of him doesn't give us a clear indication of cod.
And most of the evidence is compromised.
Time of death is roughly two days ago.
There are traces of sildenafil and prilocaine on both hands and his genitals.
Consistent with the ointment that danny found next to the vic's nightstand.
So he had sex before h Died it would appear that way, but he must have been anxious about it, because there was also a massive amount of bismuth subsalicylate in his blood work.
Antacids? For a guy who seemed to be doing well he wasn't doing well.
Give me a hand.
"Stop where you are!" That's flash saying that.
And right beside him is the green lantern.
He's looking all rough and tough and green.
"surrender or we'll be forced to take action!" Oh,looks like you just got a match,superhero.
All right kiddo,I'll be back.
So the prints I lifted from the broken picture frame in pollock's apartment so far got me nothing in afis.
The dna,however,is a different tory.
oh,same female dna on the prints,and the tube of ointment.
And the ointment itself is the same as the samples we took from the broken picture frame and the vic'S I'm thinking the missus is looking better and better for this.
flack found her.
Let's see how good she looks.
Look,I don't understand.
Why you fingerprint my sister like she's a common criminal? It's procedure.
Okay,if you spent a lot of time in their apartment,we'd like to take your prints as well.
I'm not the guy you're looking for.
I'm never there.
Flora,you didn't do anything.
How do I explain this to you? We take elimination I don't care-- just tell me what happened to my husband.
We were hoping to speak with you about that,Mrs.
Palmero,why don't you stay here? This won't take long.
I understand you were in atlantic city.
I was with some girlfriends.
Short trip,just for a couple of days.
John wanted me to go.
He said I was lucky.
I came as soon as I heard.
I still can't believe he's gone.
Pollock,according to public records, you two were married a year ago soon after you came here from venezuela? Yes.
Why? Well,if I may speak plainly,you're a very attractive woman.
Your husband was just an average guy.
Would it be fair to say that you were more interested in a green card than a marriage certificate? It would be offensive to say that.
My brother and i did come to this country with a dream of staying.
And when I met john,he was willing to turn that dream into reality.
And now his company's about to go public.
I know what you're insinuating.
Yes,marrying him made me legal.
And now that he's dead,all his wealth and his company could be mine.
What is it you call it? Motive? John was a brilliant,kind,compassionate man,and I fell in love with him.
Find who did this to my husband,detective.
He didn't deserve this.
You can go.
What do you think? She seems believable.
Still doesn't wash away pollock's blood from their wedding picture or the female prints she might have left behind.
Trouble is,they're not flora pollock's prints.
And look what the atlantic city pd just sent over from the empress grand casino.
They scanned their security tapes like we asked them to,and they found flora.
Her alibi is solid.
And since the prints aren't hers,is it possible our vic had another woman onhe side? The turkey buzzard's head,like its namesake,is bald and red.
Its baldness serves an important what's up? Behold the turkey buzzard.
uh,cathartes aura.
They're,um,protected by fish and game.
All right,well,that would explain the red tag flack saw on one of their talons.
But they're not just id bands they're gps trackers used to monitor the birds' migration back and forth to their nests in manhattan.
I was thinking maybe we could find what's missing of Mr.
And that just might lead us to his killer.
According to avian research,this species of vulture is known for gorging itself.
They just eat till they can't eat anymore.
And check this-- when they want to feed their kids,they regurgitate it.
They're like all right,you done with your reenactment? Yeah.
Because it looks like we got a problem here.
To find any evidence,we got to get inside the nest.
How are we going to distract these guys? Guess we're going to have to wing it.
are you having as much fun as I am there,buddy? Welcome to my world,messer.
The low man on the totem pole gets all the exciting stuff.
Yeah,well,what does that make me? Low man on totem pole's friend.
I think we're starting to look likeunch.
I think I just found the appetizer.
Piece of our vic? Well,not any piece-- an organ.
His stomach.
Dna confirms it came from our vic.
Anything smaller,that bird might have eaten it right there on the rooftop, and we'd have N.
Hing tissue looks ralaceted.
It's not from the bird.
Pollock had an ulcer which ruptured,more than likely fatally.
The ulcer explains the high levels of antacid in his blood.
But why bury someone in a rooftop garden if he died of natural causes? It doesn't make any sense.
It does if the natural causes weren't caused so naturally.
To the batcave,robin.
I couldn't do it myself,but with the magic of virtual autopsy, I was able to put much of Mr.
Pollock back together again, based on the size of several of the bits and pieces danny and adam pulled from the nests.
Clearly,before our vultures feasted.
Yes,and this is after,with organs intact.
I found a very informative piece of abdominal tissue.
See? There was bruising.
Had to happen prior to death.
Nowlook at the bruise.
It's a fist.
Our vic must have been on therong side of a punch to the gut.
Dand itidn't take significant force to rupre the tissue, because the stomach wall was already weakened by the ulcer.
The victim bled out internally within minutes.
our killer must have panicked.
Didn't know what to do with the body,so he buried it in the garden.
Hey,no surprise.
The blood on the wedding photo belongs to our vic.
Problem is,I'm not having any luck with the prints from the mirror or the cream.
Nada! Let me try something.
Yeah,knock yourself out,please.
come on.
Charlotte rydell.
Well,what the hell did you just do? The sildenafil lidocaine ointment may have been dispensed by a doctor.
The size of the tube is consistent with samples physicians hand out to their patients.
Not what you'd get from a pharmacy.
Right,and this is the dea physicians database: Prints from every licensed doctor.
I do love you,doc,but I often want to smack you.
Let's go talk to the good doctor.
All right.
hey,hawkes,by the looks of this bedroom decor, I'm guessing this doctor treats a little more than a fever and a cough.
How can I help you,detectives? Uh,it sounds like you want to get right to the point,doctor, so why don't you tell us what your schedule was like two days ago? I was probably here working in the office all day.
What kind of medicine do you practice,exactly? I mean,I don't want to assume anything.
This all could just be in bad taste.
The sexual arts play a major role in our happiness,but who teaches us? I supply hands-on instructions.
I'm a happiness surrogate and licensed psychiatrist.
And john pollock wasetting a little surrogate sex? I'm sorry,I don't discuss my clients.
What about former clients? He's dead.
Wh-what are you talking about? When? Did you know mr.
Pollock was married? Most of my clients are.
And their wives are my biggest beneficiaries.
And from what john pollock told me,his wife flora was responding to his increased level of skill.
So,you ever make any cause lls? This is a legitimate practice,detective.
I work out of this office.
Well,that's odd,because we found your fingerprints in Mr.
Pollock's bedroom.
Any idea how that happened? All right,yes.
Um,now that I think about it,one of my clients canceled, and I took the opportunity to go to his apartment.
To talk.
About what? His last three checks bounced.
He wasn't returning my calls.
I went over there to tell him I was going to proceed with legal action if he didn't pay me.
I tried to take back a tube of sample cream I gave him.
He said he'd pay me as soon as some big deal came through.
Rydell,your fingerprints were on a framed photograph of Mr.
Pollock and his wife that was thrown across his b om and actually nicked him in the head.
All right,I might have thrown something in frustration.
Something? It was their wedding photo.
You sure there was nothing personal going on between you and Mr.
Pollock? Like I said,detective,it was strictly business.
Doctor,I really would like to believe you,but it sounds more like funny business to me.
The first impression sid found on our vic's abdomen is a partial, so it doesn't give us much for a match.
And it didn't take a lot of force to cause the tissue to rupture,so a woman,or a manbasically,anybody could have done this.
'Its more than likely someone who had access to the apartment or at least someone pollock knew or didn't feel threatened by.
He let them in.
Despite her alibi,dont e wato rethink the wife? No,I believe her.
II dontht ink she killed him.
I think she really did just fall in love with this guy.
He came to her rescue,and sometimes that's enough to see the beauty behind the beast.
You never finished your story.
My story? Ella.
Before the evil eye dropped into my latte, I had this feeling that you were fishing for some advice.
You've known me too long.
Hmm,don't you forget it.
Ella's living in a halfway house.
She's been there since she got out of the hospital.
I'm glad she's getting some help.
She called,and she wants to see me.
And,uh,I'm not sure whether paying her a visit will help or hurt.
I've always said,"case closed," but I just can't shake this one.
With her father murdered and her mother in jail, I just feel like I should do something.
Well,it sounds like this is about more than just a visit.
Ever since I met this young woman,she has been crying out for help,but no one's listened.
Even when she was living with both her parents,she was looking for companionship on the internet.
She slit her wrists to get my attention.
And damn if she didn't get it.
I feel responsible,stella.
She fabricated evidence,mac this was sent to me.
Jeopardized our case,and very cleverly insinuated her way into your life.
Detective taylor? Uh,you,you want to have breakfast? Doesn't mean i shouldn't help her.
She's not your responsibility.
You sound like me.
This conversation is always reversed.
I'm the one who's driven by my emotions, and you're the guy who goes by the book.
I'm a little confused here,mac.
You really care about her.
We focus day in and day out on finding the criminal, and then we tell ourselves that it'll bring closure to the victims and their families.
And it does.
You know that.
I also know that the emotional trauma of a young woman should not be the occasional assignment of a couple of social workers fresh out of college.
I just want her to getetter.
I see a bright intelligent young woman in ella.
I understand that.
But we've done our job.
Move on.
If you open that door,what next? You can't save them all.
I know,I know.
I've said that and more too many times to count.
I guess I just needed to hear it from you.
you want to tell me what that was all about? The vic's clock radio made a little noise every time you wal, d by and it sounded like a,a digital mechanism.
It's a camera lens.
Nanny cam.
Must be operated by a hidden motion sensor.
Here's the camera.
And a power source.
Battery pack.
And it might have recorded the murder.
That's danny at the crime scene.
Go back a little further,adam.
John plock had been dead at least a day and a half by the time we arrived.
Danny found the clock on its side.
Zoom in.
Let's see who it is,adam.
That's definitely not our vic.
I'm not sure it's even human.
I see a digital clock there.
The clock puts this guy in the vic's apartment very close to the time of death, but the murder was out of view of the camera.
Adam,get me some more details on the face.
We could be looking at john pollock's killer.
This is what we pulled off the nanny cam in pollock's apartment.
I cleaned up the image.
The face is still a little fuzzy,but I'm shooting it through the mug shot database, see if I can get anything.
You ever seen anything like that? It appears to be straight out of some disturbing fairy tale.
Extreme body piercing-- uh,it's a,it's a new trend.
Should I even ask? Pain,art,individuality.
Some people get their belly buttons done,nose rings.
I had this girlfriend once-- she used to pierce her tongue a lot.
ah,no match.
What about break - ins in the buildin or witnesses who might have seen a guy that fits this description? I'll call flack to see if he has any reports of a horny perp in the area.
I'm sorry,boss,I I want an answer,and soon.
hey,guys,i processed this letter I found in the victim's clothes.
"Dear mr.
Pollock,please be advised "that an unlawful detainer action has been fil "against you for the delinquent payments "relating to the above-referenced premises.
"Pursuant to the provision fees are due.
" And on and on and on.
Could be a disgruntled business associate or an investor we're looking for.
Could be,except the letter is a fake.
The firm of cundieff,cochran,& byars¡ª that doesn't even exist,except for a pool-cleaning service out in L.
So whoever sent the letter was trying to extort the vic using a bunch of B.
Ords maybe pollock caught on and was going to go to the authorities.
Before he could,he was killed.
The question is: By who? Well,I think I might have an answer to that question.
There's a government anti-counterfeiting program.
And this has something to do with our case? Stella.
Be patient.
Thank you.
Every color laser printer in the past 20 years is required to have what I would call a hidden fingerprint.
So I scanned this letter.
I eliminated the colors one by one and I was able to enhance A printer fingerprint,so to speak.
The unique identification of a single printer is beneath the ink.
Could help us locate the creator of the fake law firm.
Now,the printer company had the owner on file and warranty information.
Turns out it's the landlord of pollock's apartment building.
Guy named quentin oswego.
are you ready for some t and a tko? on my right,weighing in at 109 and 1/2 pounds,from jamaica,queens,miss sally burnside! and on my left,weighing in at 111 the one and only boxing booty-- señorita paula rodriguez! okay,ladies keep your claws in your paws.
No biting.
Fight! quentin oswego.
Here to ask you a few questions.
What's this about? Why don't we start with public ugly,then we'll move on to murder? No way you can prove this is me.
Can't even tell what color this guy's eyes are.
Unfortunately for you,there aren't many landlords in this city that have horns on the top of their heads.
Obviously you're not familiar with the manhattan real estate market.
Well,what we do know,Mr.
Trump,is that you were in Mr.
Pollock's apartment.
How does a low-grade scumbag like you come to own a place like that anyway? Inherited from my low-grade scumbag parents.
They also teach you how to extort your tenants? See,this is the phony letter that you sent pollock,telling him that he owed you money.
You spelled "delinquent" wrong.
So? So extortion is a class "b" felony in the state of new york.
Now,we can leave it at at.
At least we got you on something.
All right,yeah,I was in the apartment,but just to mess with the wiring.
I blew a fuse.
Just like last week,I plugged up the toilet.
Destroying your own property? That makes sense from a guy who screws horns into the top of his head.
Rent stabilization's a bitch.
That pollock guy is paying me $2,500 a month for a place that's worth 15 grand.
That sound right to you guys? So you didn't like the ft that he was paying you below market value for your place.
And when he wouldn't leave,you decided to get a little more forceful with him.
I have a legal right to be here.
You want to see some harassment? I never touched the guy.
I never even saw him.
So either read me my rights or get the hell out of my face.
Before we go,why don't you take your right fist and put it in this box for me,all right,big guy? Whoa,I answered your questions,told the truth.
Well,yeah,that remains to be seen.
Come on.
-You got any weapons on you,other than what's in your head? Turn around.
Oh,you got to be kidding me.
Now,you didn't think we were going to let you get off on that extortion charge,did you? You guys are messed up.
You got horns in your head,buddy,and we're messed up? You good?P.
let's see if danny gets a match with that fist print.
You want my opinion? I say back to those buzzard vultures.
You seen those things? I'm telling you,mac.
Well,find me one who can throw a punch and bury a body.
Case closed.
My sistersomebody tried to kill my sister.
Ayúdame,por favor.
Ayúdame,por favor.
flack? Who found her? Her brothe said he went over to her apartment to check on her and found her like this.
Called 911,and here we are.
Was she raped? Not sure.
The doctor said there's evidence of sexual activity,but we don't know if it was rape.
Tell them to send the samples directly to the lab.
Is sheshe's hanging in there.
ella era tan bella.
She was so beautiful,and now she I know this is difficult.
But I need you to tell me what happened.
I don't know what happened.
I just found her.
She was bleeding,she could barely breathe.
The door was opened.
Someone attacked her husband and you people couldn't think to give her a little protection? Mr.
Palmero,our highest priority is to find the person who did this to your sister and her husband.
Now,we've got a crime team overo her apartment and they'll be talking to the neighbors to see if anyone saw anything.
I also need your help.
What is that? I'd like to take a swab of the inside of your mouth.
This will help us distinguish your dna from that of your sister's attacker.
Whatever it takes to find him.
Danny,you find anything here? Nah,nothing we could use.
All the blood is loc ized where the paramedics found flora's body.
Phone is off the hook,but that's consistent with enrico's 911 call.
Same as the last time,there's no signs of forced entry.
Flora pollock is still unconscious,and her brother didn't see anything.
So,we don't have a description of her attacker.
Stella did fd trace on flora's body and she photographed some bruising that she hopes to match to the subdermal bruise that sid found on john pollock's abdomen, but she's not optimistic.
Now,the semen that she collected indicates recent sexual activity and she's waiting on dna.
So,flora's attacker is a man.
Her beating has to be connected to her husband's death and if the same person committed both crimes, we're looking for someone with access to the apartment.
I'm thinking that's quentin.
He was already out on bail,and he has a key.
You know who else would have a key? Enrico.
Flora's brother.
I recovered this at the beginning of the nanny-cam footage.
It could've happened a month ago or more.
It's enrico and flora.
That's not how i treat my sister.
Whatever's going on,she's definitely not into it.
Sorry,I gotta pull rank,adam.
I recovered enrico's 911.
M-my sister! She's covered in blood! I think she was beaten! I need help! Sir,where are you calling from? I need help! Pal,I want you out! Did you hear that in the background? Sir,where are you calling from? Mac,listen to this.
It's enrico's 911.
Not on the lease,pal!I want you out! The voice is talking about the lease.
That's gotta be quentin,the landlord.
Quentin was knocking on the door while enrico was making the 911 call.
So,quentin couldn't have beaten up flora.
He never even made it into the apartment.
So,enrico beat up flora? And called 911 as a cover-up.
Hey,dna from the semen that was collected in flora's rape kit came back as a match to enrico.
Wait a minute,her brother was her lover? No,I compared enrico's dna to flora'S.
There's no match.
So,barring adoption those two are not brother and sister.
They've been lying to us the whole time.
And possibly also lying to john pollock.
This was a scam.
They were working as a couple.
Taking him for a ride,for a green card or maybe later for money.
So,then enrico attacks flora? I mean,I don't get it.
Why would he beat her up? Maybe flora fell in love with john pollock.
Had a change of heart.
Enrico palmero,nypd! Open up! Hey,stop! Hey! Hey! go! sorry,folks.
Just had some cleaning up to do.
it was all a scam,enrico.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah,you do.
Pollock had you on tape trying to kiss flora.
You-you're crazy.
Flora is my sister.
Come on,she's no more your sister than I am.
He captured you and flora in the act.
The computer monitor in the apartment was still on.
It was on dvd mode.
The poor guy,he just wanted to catch the landlord on tape,and he got that and much more.
Once you found out he was onto you,you decided to take matters into your own hands.
The company goes public,pollock's widow gets lots of money.
She doesn't even have to divorce him.
She simply inherits everything he has and marries you.
You get the money and the girl,and you live happily ever after.
A very impressive plan.
There wasn't a plan.
Oh,sure there was.
But what you didn't count on was her falling in love with john and leaving you high and D.
She wasn't in love with him.
She was playing along.
Being beaten within an inch of her life,was that just playing along? Pollock wasn't half the man I am.
He was nothing.
He was gonna be rich,and that's why she fell for him.
If that was true,you never would've killed him.
I didn't think you'd come.
I had the time.
Somehow I don't believe that.
So,thank you.
I get out in a few days.
You know where you're gonna go? I've been trying to get in touch with a few friends, see if I can crash with them for a while,get a job,an apartment.
Start over.
You don't think I'm ready.
No,no,no,it'S I was just thinking of a friend of mine,mitchell davis.
When we were kids his brother died in a skating accident.
And the last thing that mitchell said to him was,"you're gonna be okay.
" And then he left him wobbling on the blades of his skates.
He knew he could do it.
He wanted him to stand on his own two feet.
And then the ice broke,and randy went down and drowned.
Mitchell stayed away from school for a long time after that and when he finallaccame bk nobody really knew what to say to him.
"I'm sorry" just didn't seem to be enough, and I don't know why I said this or where these words came from, but I looked at him and I said "you're gonna be okay,mitchell.
" Then he smiled.
And he started crying,and then we both were crying,and I found out a few weeks later that those were the first tears he shed.
You're gonna be okay,ella.
And if you ever need anything,if you ever have any doubts if I should ever get a little bit wobbly? Yeah.
You ca mE.
Okay? Okay.
where are we going? I know a place that makes a great espresso.
Hey,have you heard the latest urban legend? A woman goes to take a sip of her coffee,and an eyeball falls right in the cup.
That's impossible.