CSI: NY s05e17 Episode Script

Green Piece

Oh, you liked that, didn't you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you thought your boyfriend was gonna score, didn't you? But he's not going on this Uh, car! Ball! Ball! Ball! Hey, can you get that? That's okay, I'll just Thanks.
It's underneath the car, man.
I got it! ±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é ŦԼƪ µÚÎå¼¾µÚ17¼¯ ·­Ò룺¸öÈËID У Ô£º¸öÈËID ʱ¼äÖ᣺˜ŽËÉÊó~ Adam, Adam! Hey! Hey, are you okay, buddy? Dude, look at me.
Dude, just stop walking for a second, all right? Hey, can you hear me? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine, man.
That van almost creamed you! MAN Help! Help! You hear that? Help me, help me! Somebody's in there.
Help me! Hello?! I'm over here! Can you hear me?! Yeah! I'm over here, help! Somebody get some help! Where are you? Keep talking! I'm over here! Where?! I'm back here! My leg, my leg, I can't Where are you?! Over here, please! I'm I'm trapped here! Okay What's your name? Felix.
Felix, Felix, you're gonna be okay.
Just lean on me.
It's gonna be all right.
Okay Keep walking.
Keep walking.
Hey, you guys all right? Here, take him.
You get him.
This your house? Uh, yeah.
There anyone else in there? No, no, I was the only one home.
All right, take him, go.
Hawkes, go with him.
I'm on it.
Adam, sit down, sit down.
Let me see you.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Tell me what happened.
Uh, I was playing hockey and all of a sudden, I- I don't know.
I mean, the van just, it just exploded.
Did you see anyone leave the van? Uh, no, I I had my back turned to it the whole time.
Did you hear anyone shout anything before it exploded? Anything at all? I mean, there was, there were people that were were screaming during the game, but All of a sudden, the the van, it was, it just, it flew right All right.
All right, take it easy, take a breath.
Can we get a medic over here?! Let's hook him up to a monitor and give him some oxygen.
Sir, my name is Dr.
Sheldon Hawkes.
I'm a crime scene investigator.
Just wanna ask you a few questions, if that's okay.
Uh, yeah, all right.
What's your name, sir? It's Felix Redman.
Now, is this your house, sir? Was my house, yeah.
What about the white van that was parked out front? Uh, it's not mine.
You know who it belongs to? No, I don't remember ever seeing it on the block, but listen, can you tell me what the hell happened? 'Cause one second I was up in my bedroom.
The next thing I know the floor gives, the whole house comes down on me.
Redman, I promise you, I'm gonna figure that out.
What about your wife, sir, where is she? Yeah, she's, uh, visiting her parents in Lake Okoboji, thank God.
Bet you never thought you'd be thankful for in-laws, huh? All right, well, I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.
You got it.
Detective Flack.
Agent Frank Richardson.
I want you to know our resources are at your disposal.
Is that right? I appreciate your skepticism, Detective, but with a car bomb like this, we have to act quickly.
I agree.
I got officers taking statements from witnesses and canvassing the houses to see if anyone's got a connection to the van.
I'll keep you informed on any intelligence we gather.
Works for me.
Hey, buddy, do me a favor and go back inside, okay? We got enough crime shows, I think.
Neighbor found this on her front lawn about a block and a half away.
We're not dealing with a Molotov cocktail in the gas tank.
This is high-grade stuff.
Ammonium nitrate.
Used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer.
In the wrong hands, it's an oxidizing agent in explosives.
McVeigh used it in the Oklahoma City bombing.
This guy wasn't fooling around.
No license plates recovered yet, and the public VIN number's been removed.
Covering his tracks.
Now, if the witnesses didn't see anyone leave or approach the car, then it could've been detonated remotely or with a timer.
We might be able to find the trigger device somewhere in all this debris.
Looks like part of a metal drum.
Could've been used to house the ammonium nitrate.
This fragment is big enough to estimate a radius of 12 inches.
You two are gonna talk Chinese now, right? Circumference equals two pi r.
Two times 3.
14 times 12.
Approximately 72 inches.
Consistent with a 30-gallon drum.
Yeah, well, we've got fragments for at least two drums.
One blue, one red.
Five 50-pound bags of ammonium nitrate per drum.
We're looking at a Hey.
You going out to the scene? Yeah, between the van and the house we're gonna be out there all day.
You think they need another hand? You kidding me? No, you're not going out there.
It's my last case before I go home.
I just want to be useful.
Ah, well, between the fumes from the blast and the dust from the house it's too risky.
Besides, you're gonna have plenty to do when we bring half the crime scene back here.
I know.
So You excited about going to Montana? Yeah, yeah, I'm excited to see my mom.
I want her to see me pregnant.
You know, I mean, it's gotta be really cool to see your daughter pregnant.
If this is a girl, I'm already looking forward to that.
If this is a girl, no guy's getting close enough to her to get her pregnant.
How's Adam? Well, he's a bit shaken up, but he'll be okay.
What about the owner of the house? Felix Redman.
Says he doesn't know anything about the van.
Guy shouldn't even be alive.
The house collapses on him, and he walks away with minor scrapes and bruises.
In 1970 the Weathermen were using a townhouse in the Village as a bomb factory.
Bomb went off accidentally, took the whole place down.
Two of their members who were inside walked away.
Weren't found for ten years.
Yeah, well, this Felix Redman's no Weatherman.
He owns an electronics recycling company, and he hasn't received even as much as a parking ticket- squeaky clean.
No, this bomb was designed to cause multiple fatalities.
Is there a parade or a fair scheduled on this block in the next few days? The bomb may have gone off prematurely.
I'll look into it.
I'm gonna take the van.
Hawkes? Grid the street, document the debris.
Every scrap of metal's significant.
Danny's on his way.
He and I'll head into the rubble.
Force of the blast may have blown some fragments back into the house.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Mac! I thought no one else was home.
is high-velocity impact resulting in a severed spinal cord.
So, how's it feel? It's your last case, right? Then off to Montana.
It feels pretty good.
Oh, I bet it does.
No bodies at 3:00 a.
, no double shifts with no sleep, a slice of pizza on the run.
Constipation, swelling of the feet, help getting up from a chair, constant urination.
Want to switch? I already have all that.
I just want the time off.
Is there any chance that she could have been walking by the van and been blown into the house? Mm-mm.
I pulled traces of brick from her head wound.
She was definitely inside the house.
Owner said he was alone.
You got anything else? I realize this is usually the part where I tell you that I found some strange, unusual, bizarre, aberrant, peculiar, idiosyncratic That's it, I don't have any more synonyms for "strange.
" Wait- weird- weird piece of evidence.
But, alas, there's no Gila monster in her stomach.
She simply succumbed to the bomb.
The strange part is, who is she, and what was she doing in the house? Oh, God, no.
Redman? God, no.
She, she wasn't home.
She Who wasn't home? Alison! My little girl! He never mentioned his daughter because she goes to school upstate.
He says he doesn't know why she was in the city and swears he didn't know she was home.
Based on his reaction, I believe him.
Where are we on the evidence from the scene? Well, Lindsay and Hawkes have their hands full.
They're looking at the pipe bomb fragments and debris from the van.
You heard from Flack? Yeah.
There were no street fairs, or markets scheduled on the street for at least a month.
Maybe someone in the neighborhood rigged the van with explosives and the plan was to drive it to the intended target.
And the plan derailed when the bomb went off accidentally.
Makes sense.
You don't need a 500-pound bomb if you're just waiting for someone to pass by at that location.
You think we're dealing with a terrorist cell? If we are, we're looking at multiple actors.
Someone rents the van, someone steals the nitromethane, someone buys the pipes.
Sometimes the leader doesn't even tell 'em the intended target.
So we may be chasing more than one person.
But why detonate the bomb there? Hawkes.
Come take a look at this.
I'm telling you, Linds, this kind of tedious work makes me appreciate Adam just that much more.
What's up? You see those marks on the center of the pipe bomb? Yeah.
They look patterned, inconsistent with the damage from the blast.
I found the exact same marks on this piece of pipe.
They look identical.
Manufacturer defect? Maybe.
Well, if you can track it to a manufacturer, might be able to get a lot number and a specific store.
It's worth a shot.
You making any progress? Well, some things are starting to take shape.
I just don't know what shape that is.
Thankfully, our bombers are cheap.
They're never willing to blow up their own vehicles.
They use rentals.
Ramzi Yousef rented a Ryder truck in the '93 Trade Center bombing, McVeigh did the same for Oklahoma City.
And our guy used Classico Rentals.
He was smart enough to remove all the VIN numbers, but he forgot about this little bad boy.
GPS locator the company keeps in all their cars.
Were you able to trace the route of the van? This is too damaged, but I managed to get a specific rental location and the guy who rented it.
His name is Michael Elgers.
His date of birth is 4/18/83.
So much for making yourself look inconspicuous.
Assault as a hate crime, assault as a hate crime, aggravated assault as a hate crime.
Just your average, neighborhood neo-Nazi.
It's guysike Michael Elgers that confirm my stance on the death penalty.
His last arrest was for reckless endangerment.
Francis Lewis Boulevard in Queens.
Could be for drag racing, right? Well, if it is, he got access to nitromethane.
It's used as racing fuel.
There's a synagogue down the street from the crime scene.
Maybe Elgers is looking to spread his hate around.
Your mother must be very proud.
Who do you think gave me half of these tattoos? "White Pride.
" Did you ever hear the phrase "Swallow your pride"? What do you want, pig? Good talk.
So who was the bomb meant for, Michael? The Japs.
I'm really not in the mood, man.
There was a girl in that house, did you know that? Yeah, your whacked- out plan went south and you blew up an innocent girl.
I didn't blow up nothing, how many times do I gotta tell you? You meant to hit the synagogue on the corner, didn't you? Do I really have to listen to this crap? Indulge me, Mr.
Elgers, then I'll let you get back to your beer and your racism.
You realize you could face the death penalty here? Okay.
Let me paint a picture for you.
Here's a little taste of what the jury's gonna hear.
You rented a van, created a bomb consisting of nitromethane, which we know you have access to as a convicted drag racer, and the bomb was down the block from a synagogue.
Which is significant, you see, because you're a neo-Nazi.
I'm not giving you a statement.
You really think I'm that stupid? You were stupid enough to rent a van in your own name.
What? Paperwork.
You filled out the forms.
Or did your mother do that for you, too? This is messed-up, man.
What are you guys trying to do? That's not my signature.
How's your pride now? I want a lawyer.
You got it.
The girl that got killed, was she white or black? She's dead.
Sandblast plug, chassis's ready to go.
Uh, yeah, try the, uh, lower shelf.
Hey, what's up with Michael Elgers? We're getting handwriting samples right now.
Based on what I heard from Flack, I'm glad I wasn't in the room.
So Elgers looks good for it, but we still don't have a target.
Digital watch? Yeah.
Blew into the engine.
Looks like our perp used it as the trigger.
Now, according to the witnesses, the bomb went off at exactly 2:00 p.
If a specific time was set, it suggests the bomb didn't go off accidentally.
Come here and take a look.
You see these burn patterns? Directionality is inconsistent with them having resulted from the blast.
Arc welding with exposed burn marks.
These steel plates weren't part of the van.
They were welded on to reinforce the sides so the bomb would take the path of least resistance.
And force the blast to exit this way.
plus directionality.
Felix Redman's house was the target.
Appreciate it.
Redman You have a minute? Detective Bonasera.
How are you holding up? Not so good.
I'm still trying to make sense of it all.
Figure out what Alison was doing at the house.
Uh I thought maybe coming to work would force me to think about something other than my daughter, but Well, you've got quite an operation here.
Oh, yeah, yeah, it's e-waste.
The fastest-growing trash in America.
Four and a half billion pounds of electronic waste every year.
We throw away 130,000 computers every day.
Over a million cell phones.
Redman, I realize you have a lot on your mind right now.
I- I've came down here because we've come to a disturbing conclusion.
It appears the bombers were targeting you.
What? The blast was intentionally directed at your house.
Are you serious? Why? I I was hoping that you might be able to help me with that.
What, do I know someone who would want to blow up my house with a car bomb? Are you kidding me? Your business just signed a contract with the city, correct? Yeah, yeah.
They awarded us the contract last month.
Uh, my company handles all, uh, electronic waste from government facilities.
That's a big contract.
Do you think one of your competitors could've done something like this? That's kind-kind of crazy, don't you think? It's Mr.
Redman, again, I'm so sorry for your loss.
If there's anything you need, you just give me a call, okay? Yeah, I will do that.
Thank you.
Hang in there.
What up? You didn't think I was gonna let you assemble this by yourself, did you? Mr.
Hero, himself.
I wouldn't go that far.
Unless Well, okay, yeah, you can you can go that far.
Did they grill you? Oh! FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, our department.
I had to recreate this story over a dozen times.
And some of the guys were acting like I had something to do with it.
Did you? I'm just messing with you, man.
I'm glad you're all right.
Oh, thanks.
So, what can I do to help catch the guy that almost killed New York's most eligible bachelor? Now that you say that, uh daughter's clothes.
Mac needs me in the conference room.
Welcome back.
Love you, brother.
It's good to be back.
This was two years ago at an animal research lab on Long Island.
A group called the Purists, an environmental terrorism group, claimed responsibility.
Upstate New York, six months ago, that same group claimed responsibility and vowed to burn anything resembling urban sprawl.
Explosions at a gas station and an SUV dealership, both committed by the Purists.
All told, over $100 million in property damage.
Casualties- zero.
Any arrests? Even though they claimed responsibility, there was never enough evidence at any of the scenes to prosecute a single member.
They're smart, they're effective, and it appears they'll stop at nothing to get their message across.
On the left, Theodore Wicks, aka Teddy Mayhem.
He won't admit to being the leader of the group.
Instead, he refers to himself as a spokesman.
On the right, Len Barlow, his right-hand man, and assault victim of Michael Elgers.
That could be why, uh, Elgers' handwriting sample didn't match the rental paperwork.
That pile of crap was being set up.
What is the link to our bombing? Because this group didn't claim responsibility for this one.
This watch was recovered from the engine of the van.
Now, it's solar-powered, which is a very nice touch.
It was used to trigger the explosion.
Same trigger device was recovered at the gas station bombing.
Yeah, and they didn't take responsibility for this one because someone died.
I don't understand.
Animal research lab, urban sprawl, SUVs those I get.
But Felix Redman was an electronics recycler.
He's one of the good guys.
Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for that.
What about the debris from the van? I'm still piecing things together.
If we get lucky, we're gonna get a print.
And the bomb fragments? The, uh, markings on the pipe bombs were not from a manufacturing defect.
I'm still working on it.
All right, we got a suspect.
What's our next move? We keep digging for concrete evidence and a motive.
In the meantime, I'm gonna pay Mr.
Mayhem a visit.
Genius is one part inspiration and 99 parts devastation.
Leave the perspiration to the cops.
Neat trick.
And you are? Well, I'm not perspiring, but Excuse me.
Eco-friendly club.
Interesting concept.
A responsible concept.
Booths are made from recyclable fabric, floor is regenerative bamboo, LED lighting, FSC wood from sustainable forests.
If only others would follow suit.
You need to see my liquor license, or are you here for the deejay? I came about Felix Redman.
I don't know any Felix Redman, and I get the feeling that if you had any evidence whatsoever that I do know this Felix Redman, we'd be having this conversation in a precinct.
Your philosophy is changing, isn't it? Beg your pardon? No casualties.
In the past, the Purists went to great lengths to ensure that no one was harmed as a result of your terrorist acts.
It may be terrorism to you, but to others, it's their duty as one of God's creatures.
That duty now includes killing human beings? If people won't stop destroying this planet when you ask them nicely, when you repeatedly demonstrate that what they are doing is wrong, then they should be stopped using whatever means necessary.
You really believe you can save the planet with bombs? I guess we'll find out, huh? Hey, how's the head? Oh.
Uh, good.
You know, I'll live.
You know, I'm curious.
What was going through your mind when that bomb went off? Well, uh, you know how they say your entire life is supposed to flash before your eyes when you think you're gonna die? Yeah, I'm familiar with that one.
The only thing I could muster up is when Joey Allen beaned me in the head during a dodge ball game in third grade.
So, what'd you get? I found this photo in the vic's sweatshirt pocket.
Most of the damage occurred when the water main broke after the explosion.
I ran it through a Photosynth Algorithm and mapped coordinates.
Thought it was going to get us somewhere.
And? It got us to Guiyu, China.
Nothing better than coming back and contributing absolutely nothing.
It's just good that you came back.
Ready for this? What's up? I reassembled the rearview mirror from the van.
I got a partial print.
Came back to his daughter.
Alison Redman blew up her own house? That Alison, uh, Redman, our vic? Apparently, she was a member of the Purists.
Her father's business clearly influenced her passion for protecting the environment.
But she chose a more destructive path.
It doesn't make sense, though.
Why would Alison Redman go after her father? Yeah, and if she did why would she be in that house when the bomb went off? Doesn't make any sense.
Lindsay'll be back before you know it, Danny.
I asked her to marry me, Mac.
Did you know that? She told me no.
Said that I was just asking her because she was pregnant.
Was she right? No.
I mean, I I don't know, Mac.
I I mean, I love her, I do.
I know that.
But I just know myself, and-and I don't want to disappoint her.
Or the kid.
Those fears are normal, Danny.
I know that because, uh, I felt the same way with Claire.
All those doubts about who you are and what you're capable of.
I wasn't in a hurry to have children with Claire.
I always felt that in the end I might disappoint her.
Or myself.
Now she's gone, and it's something I'll always regret for the rest of my life.
Danny? God brought you and Lindsay together.
I believe that.
And you have been blessed with a gift.
The greatest gift that life has to offer.
You can choose to live in a place of fear or you can believe in the best version of yourself.
Thank you.
Appreciate that.
Don't mention it.
Danny? Yeah.
You're gonna make a great father.
Hey, Adam.
Come here for a second.
Remember that photo you found in Alison Redman's pocket? Yeah.
It wasn't such a waste, after all.
You may have just found my motive.
I did? Yeah.
Guiyu, China is the e- waste capital of the world.
It's like Chernobyl over there.
Is that our vic? Alison Redman? Yeah, that's her.
Why? Hey, can you get that? When I was playing hockey, I saw this girl right before the explosion.
That was definitely her.
If she was targeting her father, why was she running toward the house? Mac, the marks on the pipe bomb- they came from a vice.
The bomber must have used one to keep the pipes steady while he was constructing the bomb.
Same principle as ballistics evidence.
The unique marks on the vice created the equivalent of lands and grooves on the pipe.
So if we can find that vice, maybe we can get a direct match to the marks.
And a direct link to the Purists.
I subpoenaed Teddy Mayhem's credit records going back two years.
He got all his supplies from a hardware store three blocks from his house.
Now, I checked their records.
Teddy Mayhem bought a vice in March of '06.
Enough for a warrant.
We got him.
We hit it here, here, and here.
At that hour there will be anywhere between 15 and 20 people in the building, so if anyone wants out, now's the time.
NYPD! Freeze! Down on the floor! All of you, down on the floor! Step away from the table! Don't do it! Stay where you are! Don't move! Put your hands behind your back.
Nothing personal.
Just doing my duty as one of God's creatures.
What's this? It's one of your shipping containers.
It's filled with computer monitors that contain cathode ray tubes.
Each tube has several pounds of lead in it.
Are you aware of that? Yeah, of course I'm aware of that.
It's my business to be aware of that.
Then it's also your business to be aware of the fact that it's illegal to export these overseas.
So how did this container end up in China? Lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, polyvinyl chloride.
All of them are present in electronic waste, and all of them, when burned out in the open and breathed in, can cause brain damage, kidney disease, cancer.
Good people responsible people line up at his facility hoping to do the right thing, and that two-faced son of a bitch smiles and then sells it on the black market.
Who does that? I don't care how noble you think your cause is.
What if a child had been walking by that van? Did you ever think about that? Even with the most careful planning, did you ever consider how many innocent people might have been killed? An example had to be set.
There are proper channels of dealing with it.
You call U.
Customs or the Government Accountability Office.
Why, because they're above board? They do everything by the book? Every day I read about a different governmental branch where someone's taking a kickback or is getting paid to turn a blind eye.
And you know why you read about that? Because we're catching them.
I don't target their office and blow them up.
Felix Redman's actions are killing more people than I ever could.
Okay, that, that container was not shipped with my company's permission.
Well, I have the shipping manifest, so save it, I don't want to hear it.
Peasant farmers in Guiyu, China are paid eight dollars a day to dismantle your circuit boards and burn your cathode ray tubes for the very valuable lead inside of them.
Eight dollars a day to breathe in certain death.
Look at them, Mr.
Women, children.
Just take a really good look.
Pregnancies there are six times more likely to end up in miscarriage, and seven out of ten children have too much lead in their blood.
I understand why you targeted Felix Redman, but why Alison? She was one of your own.
She didn't deserve to die.
You're right about that, but she deserved to know the truth about her father, so I opened up her eyes.
My father would not do that.
Alison, you need to face the truth.
Your father is part of the problem, and you need to understand there's no turning back.
What does that mean? It's done.
She ran to warn him.
I didn't think she had enough time to get there.
You've been trying to figure out what your daughter was doing in the house, right? She's a member of the Purists.
It's an environmental terrorist organization.
Ironic, huh? The other members of her organization found out what you've been doing, and they told Alison they were going to take you out.
Even though she knew the truth, your daughter still tried to save you.
She probably made it right through the front door when the bomb went off.
That's why you had no idea she was in the house.
You'll have a lot of time behind bars to think about all of this, so I'll just leave you with these images.
Alison rented the van.
That's how we found her print on the rearview mirror.
But she didn't know what it was for, did she? Why involve her in her own father's death? Every member plays a role; Alison was no exception, even if her father was the target.
You think you've won, don't you? Nobody wins in situations like this.
There are others- good people- and they'll carry out our message as long as people continue destroying this planet for their own self-interest.
How many students you have? How many cells? Enough to get the job done.
Well, I have a lot of good people that work for me.
And we're going to hunt them down one by one for as long as it takes.
Danny, what the hell are we doing here? I'm leaving in the morning.
I got to pack.
You don't have to remind me that you're leaving.
It's all I've been thinking about.
Then what are we doing here? Who are these friends I need to meet all of a sudden? I think, uh, it's just around the corner here.
Wedding ceremonies must have $25 money order City clerk Danny.
Look, I'm tired of being afraid.
All right? You and me- we make sense.
Okay? You're everything I've always wanted.
I want to be with you and I can be the guy that you want me to be.
I know I can.
I am that guy.
I know you are.
Then let's walk through this door together.
Come on, let's do it.
Let's take that leap.
You got a money order? Congratulations.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Oh! What if I had said no? Not a chance.
You got your money order? Lindsay Monroe.
Danny Messer.
How you doing? Hi.
* Turn around * * Hold me when I sleep * * So much better * * When you're lying next to me * * You turned your back * * Upon another soul * * So much to say, so much you'll never know * I, Danny Messer I, Lindsay Monroe * And I said how can you just walk away * * When time is growing * For richer, for poorer In sickness and in health Till death do us part.
* And I know you've seen those pretty eyes * * They're nothing much to see * * Your beauty's running wild on your face * I do.