CSI: NY s05e19 Episode Script

Communication Breakdown

* C-notes, C-notes, gotta have cash * * Drink the whole fifth down by the shot glass * Mira que fresca que tu eres con esos zapatos tan lindos! Minamahal Kite.
Iniibig kita.
Hey! Head er dit problem?! Vic's name is Amos Delaware.
Got it off his Native American tribal ID.
Apparently, he was chief of the Montiquan Indian Nation.
Montiquans were one of the first tribes to settle in Manhattan.
A real live native New Yorker.
Not anymore.
The guy just bumped into us and then I saw him pull the gun out.
Entonces estaba caminando That's the sexiest thing I've ever heard.
Okay, guy why don't you explain to me why you thought it was a good idea to pull out a loaded gun on a crowded train.
Yeah, yeah, hang on.
Do me a favor.
Tell it to that, would you? One minute the man was sitting there, the next he was dead.
Small caliber gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Not much bigger than a .
Yep, minimal blood loss, no exit wound.
Well, that's because the bullet was definitely fired from the outside.
Come on, now.
A shooter out there to hit a guy in here on a moving train? Lebron James couldn't hit that shot.
There's always that, uh, last second half-court shot that somehow makes it in.
Question is: Who fired it? ±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é ŦԼƪ µÚÎå¼¾µÚ19¼¯ ·­Ò룺¸öÈËID У Ô£º¸öÈËID ʱ¼äÖ᣺˜ŽËÉÊó~ * Out here in the fields * I fight for my meals * I get my back into my living * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
HAWK: Okay, so this is the Number Seven line approachg Woodside, Queens, and according to the Department of Transportation, the track stretches a little less than half a mile between that station and the previous stop, which is 52nd and Lincoln.
And when you stack what they're giving us for rush hour train speed against the witness reports from the scene, we can estimate that the train was traveling approximately at 9:26.
All right, then.
We know the vic was seated in the last car of a 10-car train.
Right, and based on the position of his seat and the bullet's impact on the safety glass at 5'11" from the floor, entered at roughly a 70 degree angle.
HAWKES: Okay, so assuming Mac's right about a .
25 caliber bullet, we can plug in a standard bullet speed of 760 feet per second.
Trajectory angle of 70 degrees, train velocity track distance 2,640 feet and time And then all we have to do is run a simulation.
There, that's where the bullet hit the train.
All right, good to go! Bang.
I'd like to speak with you, ma'am.
Can we come in, please? Step back from the door, please.
Did you hear any sort of gunfire this morning? DON'T TELL HIM ANYTING.
GIRL: Sure he heard it.
He fired it.
Stop right there.
Don't move.
YOU BE QUIET! No, I won't be quiet, Appa.
What happened? Last night, my boyfriend spent the night.
So, this morning, my father tried to kill him.
You sleep with my daughter before marriage?! Appa, Appa, stop it! I love him, Appa, stop! Was your boyfriend hit? No, thank God.
Why? Someone else was.
Turn around, sir.
You're under arrest for the death of Amos Delaware.
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? * The crows brought the message * * To the children of the sun * For the return of the buffalo * * And for a better day to come * You can kill my body * You can damn my soul * For not believing in your god * * And some world down below * But you don't stand a chance * * Against my prayers * You don't stand a chance * * Against my love * They outlawed the Ghost Dance * * They outlawed the Ghost Dance * * But we shall live again * We shl live again * We used tdo the Ghost Dance * * But we don't sing them kinda songs no more.
* Dr.
Tell Mac not to go to the D.
just yet.
What do you mean he didn't die from a gunshot wound? Well, here, see foyourself.
Ooh, that's sepsis.
SID: And my blood work confirms it.
Our victim was dying for several days before he finally expired from acute bacterial infection on that train.
Hang on, you're telling me that a bullet managed to hit the one man on a speeding train who was already dead? I know.
Worse odds than Atlantic City.
Yeah, but he looks like he was in awfully good shape to dierom natural causes-- bacterial or otherwise.
Well, as my Lithuanian grandmother used to say, "Kame rya sviesos, ten it seseliu esti.
" "Where there is light, there must also be shadows.
" Oh, she drove me nuts.
Anyway, I found several small perforations through the outer wall of his small intestine.
See these around the jejunum? Definitely would've caused the sepsis.
Any external wounds? Ase from these superficial splinters I pulled from a contusion on his thigh, not a one.
Maybe he swallowed something without knowing it? Well, if he did, his esophagus certainly shows no sign of trauma.
And nothing turned up along his G.
tract on the X ray.
Come on, Sid.
You gotta be blowing smoke here.
I wish I were.
But now that you mention it.
Check out his lung tissue.
It's rainbow colored.
Some kind of inhaled particulate, I suppose.
And they both look the same.
Yeah, but that wouldn't have caused his sepsis any more than those splinters.
But until I go digging through the depths of his septic bowels, I'm afraid all Ian tell you is that, in my own gut, his death doesn't feel self-inflicted.
Is that your way of asking for help? Well, if there is something in his body too radiolucent for an X ray to pick up and you did decide to run a high-res 3D-CT, it would help save me the extra time and trouble of poking through 30 feet of gastrointestinal tract.
I'll take that as a yes.
I'm tracing the wounds along his G.
The wounds stop here.
You seeing what I'm seeing, Sid? Uh yeah.
Just below the descending colon.
Yeah, almost.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Find anything? Yeah.
But what the hell kind of murder weapon is this? What do you think about the name Louie? I think he's going to grow up to be a bookie.
How about Clemenza? Influenza.
The kids on the playground will call him a virus.
Ooh, easy.
Alfonse? What'd you do, go through the cast list of Godfather II? No, these are names of people in my family.
All right.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
I got to go to the vic's hotel room with Stella.
Listen, you got plenty of time on this name search.
I mean, the kid's not even here yet.
My mom and dad waited six weeks after I was born to name me.
Oh, they waited six weeks to name you Sheldon? Yeah.
What's wrong with that? No, that's cool.
That's a great name.
I'll see you later, Sheldon.
MAN: Such tragic news.
This was his room? Indeed, it was.
MESS: Whoa, whoa.
What are they doing here, buddy? Their jobs.
Is that a problem? Yes, actually, it is.
Señora, para, por favor, el limpiar para ahora.
Uh, please, sir.
Don-Don't touch that.
But I have to pack this stuff up.
Connover is the hotel's information technology consultant.
The computer did not belong to Mr.
All the same, we'd like you to leave everything where it is right now for the time being, thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
Connover, that will be all.
I'm sorry.
Are you telling me this room is some kind of crime scene? We'll let you know when we do.
Okay? Thank you.
All right, so we know our little black mystery pick is what killed him.
He died on a rush hour train.
This could be where he had his last meal.
Yeah, with all the traffic coming through here since then, let's hope we're not too late.
This looks like some kind of journal Amos was keeping.
Amos Amos.
I like the name Amos.
I wonder if this writing is Montiquan.
Amos Daniel Messer.
Danny, at some point, you might want to consider the possibility that you and Lindsay could have a girl.
My mom had two boys, her mom had three boys.
I'm gonna have a boy.
Otan asprisi o kokoras.
According to this, the Montiquans shared a meal of oysters to settle disputes.
I mean, this stuff is hundreds of years old.
It should be protected, you know, and preserved.
Maybe that's what this was for.
Montiquan National Cultural Center.
There are very few tribal members still left.
From what I know, a few hundred years ago, the Montiquans were a thriving, peaceful people.
This look peaceful to you? No, sure doesn't.
It just looks like Delaware had some big plans for his little tribe.
Yeah, and if that's true, how come it all ended up in a wastebasket? And what dispute were they trying to solve with oysters? Well, I hope you can sew this button ba on.
I've had some practice with stitches.
Meanwhile, I think I figured out what this mystery pick is that Sid pulled from our vic's gut.
I ran it through GCMS and it spiked for keratin, but it isn't any kind of bone or antler from a land-dwelling mammal.
According to DNA, it's baleen.
Baleen? From a whale's mouth? Yep, and if you ask me, this is how it got from there to our vic's intestines.
The baleen would have been too long and sharp and difficult to swallow like this, but if you could somehow fold it over and tie it like this, it'd be a lot easier to swallow.
In an oyster, maybe.
Yeah, with a little Worcestershire or cocktail sauce.
(laughs) Now, once it's taken a nice bath in your gastric acids Ouch.
Instant bellyache.
Explains how it might have ended up passing through his GI tract.
It also confirms it wasn't an accident.
Somebody tied it up and fed ito him.
But the use and sale of baleen is strictly controlled by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, so I looked for a list of possible sources in the city and found one.
Agra Imports in Jackson Heights.
Hey, Mac.
I ran a Lexis/Nexis search on the address from those blueprints that we found at Delaware's place.
Turns out he was involved in a pretty heated property dispute.
apparently on land once oed by the Montiquan Tribal Nation.
Until it was reclaimed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the 1800s.
Only last year, Amos found a sympathetic judge who agreed that the BIA had brok a treaty.
He was willing to deed the land back to the Montiquans, so this prompted the previous owner to file suit against the chief and his entire tribe.
And who are they? Agra Imports in Jackson Heights.
That's the same place that imports baleen.
Don Flack.
Just the guy I need to see.
How you doing? You the owner of Agra Imports? Third generation.
Leila Vara.
How can I help you? Maybe you can tell us about your property dispute with Amos Delaware and the Montiquan Indian Nation.
That matter has been resolved.
I guess death has a way of doing that.
I'm sorry? We believe Chief Delaware was murdered and you might be able to tell us something about it.
Hai Bhagwaan.
I knew nothing about it.
You named him in a lawsuit over the land seized from you by the state.
I did, indeed.
It may not seem like much to you and that judge in Albany, but that property was given to me by my grandfather.
He used to run this very business there.
But am not an immigrant like he was.
I am an American citizen born in this city and I know what my rights are.
Do they include gutting Amos Delaware with a piece of baleen? You import that, to don't you? In certain pieces of ceremonial art, yes.
I can assure you I no longer had That's not what the suit says.
No, you don't understand.
He gave the land back.
He came in here two days ago and he said that he needed to talk.
You've got a lot of nerve coming in here.
You going to try and take this property, too? Wait, wait, wait.
I made a mistake.
LEILA: He said that by gaining the land, that his tribe had lost its integrity, that he'd have an attorney draw up the papers and he'd give it back.
He even apologized.
Check out his lung tissue.
HAWKES: It's rainbow colored.
And when he walked out the door, I'm telling you, he seemed almost relieved.
All the same, we're going to have to confiscate every piece of baleen that you're selling in the store.
Look, you can take everything that you want, but you're gonna have to take my word along with it.
I was angry at a lot of people over what happened to my family's property, but I believe deeply in karma, and somehow, I think that man did, too.
Think she's lying? Well, he did die before he gave her the deed back, but it's up to our friends back at the lab to keep her motive alive.
What do you say? Want to head back? Sure, but mind if we go a less colorful route this time? Noroblem.
Oh, heads up.
Come here.
You've got some shmutz on you.
Hey! (laughs) Yeah.
You, too.
NYPD blue.
c, you got a second? What's up? What do you think about the name Kurt? That's, uh That's German origin.
Means courageous, I think.
Really? Yeah.
I like that name.
any of these names Have you with Lindsay? Yeah.
I mean, no.
I mean, not yet.
I'm kind of just doing my homework.
Me, too.
I'm sorry.
What are we looking at, 4024 Radford? Yeah.
These are two separate satellite images.
One from a year ago.
And a second, six months old.
Tell me what the difference is between the two.
Hmm, fencing has been added.
It's an air conditioning unit atop the building.
Service vehicle out front.
Clearly, some activity has been going on.
But otherwise, it's just another building in a three square-mile area.
Wait, wait a second.
I've seen this land before.
This is a painting from Delaware's place.
A few hundred years ago, this was the Montiquan ancestral home.
Good catch.
So, what's it being used for now? I don't know, but I think we should take a closer look.
TAYLOR: This is as close as we're gonna get without a federal warrant.
It's hard to believe the Montiquans used to own half the waterfront, and this is all they got left.
Looks like brand new fiber optic connection.
Put in a call to the telecom company.
See if you can find out what they're feeding.
This ground may be sacred, BUT ??? Brushing up on your ABCs? Uh, actually, I'm trying to learn Chief Delaware's.
Outside of a few common American Indian characters, this strange writing in his journal is completely unique.
And if it's Montiquan, I-I I'm thinking that he was the last person le to actually speak it.
Some Nive American populations have gotten so fractured that their languages are actually endangered.
Yeah? Well, I think this one died with him.
There are a few other words here that are similar to other tribal equivalents.
" He was obviously upset about something.
And one word appears over and over, and I can't for the life of me figure out what it means.
" You're on your own there.
Thanks, Danny.
Come on.
You're trying to tell me something.
It's just lost in translation.
Sliotar Adam? What are you talking about? Uh, sorry.
Uh, this is a Sliotar, and this is a Caman.
And both are used in the Gaelic game of hurling.
The playing field on the Montiquan property.
Mac asked me to follow up on it.
Then I analyzed the splinter that Sid pulled from Chief Delaware's thigh.
Turns out to be ash wood.
But not just any ash wood-- Irish ash wood from Ireland.
So once I paired it to the shape and size of his leg contusion, I started thinking, you know, it might have been caused by a caman like this.
Used by a cretin like this.
It's Finn Wexford, captain of the Queens Hurling Club and proud recipient of an A-misdemeanor for cruelty to animals.
What does this mean to us? Well, apparently, Mr.
Wexford didn't like stray dogs leaving messes on his practice field, so, like any good boy from the Old Country, he stuffed nails inside of hamburger meat and took care of the problem.
But that was last year.
This year, he got his practice field taken away when the Montiquans reclaimed their land.
LOOK POLICE SMELL What do you think, you're the only one whose grandpa taught him a little Irish? You're interrupting a game.
FLACK: Yeah.
I'm surprised to see that.
Didn't the chief of the Montiquan Nation tell you that you needed to find a new practice field? He doesn't belong.
I think he got that message loud and clear.
Meaning? He's dead.
Don't pretend like you don't kn.
Okay, look, the guy already came by here once telling us we had to find a new place to play.
Then he shows up again.
I tell him we aren't going anywhere.
It gets heated.
My ancestors were here before you.
Well, perhaps you'd like to join them then? Look, I just came to say you can stay.
Why should we believe you? I really don't care what you believe, sissy.
Well, you damn well better.
Because I believe that you wanted to make sure he wouldn't change his mind, and so you gave him the stray dog treatment.
Am I right? What'd you do Take him out for lunch, and add a little extra kick into his corned beef and cabbage? What are you accusing of? What are you denying? Okay, now that you've harassed an officer, why don't we head back to our playing field downtown? Sound good to you, Flack? MY PLEASURE.
The splinters are a match to the caman, and Wexford's prints are all over 'em.
But priors aside, we can't connect him in any way to the baleen that killed Chief Delaware.
And none of the items that Flack and Angell took from Leila Vara match (beeping) what Hawkes and Sid found in Delaware's gut.
Hold on a second.
This might help.
According to carbon dating, our murder weapon is over 300 years old.
BONASERA: Gentlemen, I give you the Wolfkiller.
Centuries ago, the Montiquans carved and folded sharp strips of baleen, tied them up tightly with catgut cord, and tucked them into chunks of raw meat.
Then they deftly scattered their murder weapons in the wilderness of Manhattan to kill wolves, wild boar and bears.
Not to mention Indian Chiefs.
TAYLOR: Somebody obviously blew the dust off this one and put a new spin on it.
Let's get a list from the Bureau of Indian Affairs of all living members of the Montiquan Nation.
You think Chief Delaware might have actlly been killed by one of his own? Well, I can tell you this much.
Whoever took this weapon from his room not only knew how to use it, but who they were using it on.
Sounds like a pretty painful betrayal.
BONASERA: Maybe the Montiquans weren't such a peaceful tribe after all.
Hey, okay, according to the BIA, there's a handful of Montiquan tribal members still living in Oklahoma.
Aside from Chief Delaware, there's only one registered member in the New York City area.
That's a Liam Connover.
Connover is the hotel's information technology consulnt.
Connover? That's the name of the I.
The one that was trying to take the computer out of Chief Delaware's room.
So, what didn't he want you to see? Welcome to the real Montiquan Nation Cultural Center.
An online gambling site? That's what's going on inside our warehouse.
Poker Native.
And the telecom company confirmed that high speed fiber optic lines were installed at the warehouse.
And the industrial cooling unit is consistent with what it would take to maintain ideal temps for server storage.
So, we did a littlepacket sniffing.
Packet sniffing? What our little beardefriend from the Tech Republic is trying to say is that we use a subpoena to, uh, analyze the data between the servers and the network users.
It's basically like bugging a phone except we digitally figured out what was going on inside the warehouse without actually goingn.
According to this log in window, this site is currently hosting this around the world.
I thought it was against the law to run online gambling operations in the U.
MAC: It is, but some Native American tribes have started taking advantage of their sovereign land statat to build sites like this instead of expensive brick and mortar casinos.
Sounds like some grey legal ground.
Yeah, not only that, but from what we've learned about him, Chief Delaware was all about preserving the integrity of his tribe.
It just doesn't seem like he would front something like this.
HAWKES: But why not? Even if running a gambling operation was hard for him to swallow at first, in this day and age, it can go a long way to promoting pride and especially prosperity for all kinds of Native Americans.
How's he able to bankroll something like this? Well, according to the telecom company, he didn't.
A firm called LCV paid for it.
LIAM CONNERVER VENTURES Oh, we gotta find out STELLwhere this guy is now.
I think he's right there.
TAYLOR: Adam, run an IP address on this player, LCV.
Then, tell me: Why in the world would he fold on a full house LCV:MAN, U GUYS ARE GONNA HERT.
unless he's cheating? OkayHe's alone.
Don, turn your light off.
TAYLOR: Danny, hold still.
TAYLOR: Don't move.
That's what it means, doesn't it? It's the best translation I can offer for the combination of "game" and easel".
Sounds about right to me.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Then, why don't you educate us? Just like Chief Delaware tried to do for you, Liam.
I didn't care about any of that old-school crap.
All I know is he asked me to set up a gambling site.
As a means to an end.
He just wanted to raise the funds to renovate that warehouse into a cultural center for the tribe.
Except you moved in and got greedy.
TAYLOR: Then, Chief Delaware caught you cheating dozens of people out of thousands of dollars.
In small increments, it probably didn't seem like much to you.
We might not have even caught it ourselves without our computers searching every winning hand of the pasthree months.
BONASERA: To Chief Delaware, that cost was immense, so he confronted you.
Wanted to settle the dispute the way your ancestors had.
It's not right! Relax, it's just a game.
To you, maybe.
After all the time I've spent with you, have you learned nothing of our history? I'll give the land back before I allow this tribe to be disgraced.
Okay, you're right.
I'm sorry.
I'll clean this mess up.
I promise.
TAYLOR: Unfortunately for you, sepsis takes a little while to kill someone.
BONASERA: So, Chief Delaware used that time to try to make things right, while your actions caused him a slow and painful death.
He was already ancient h h LISTEN TO ME u didn't betray aman.
betrayed ise u it e heritage.
e peace that yoples before onw.
you ever find Hey.
lling ight? Yeah, I jut to run ae of these over to th first.
ou got somethimind? As a matter t, I do.
DIGITIZELE VOICE: y my place latand I'how you AND I ??? ???? OKEY Oh, thank much.
just got wiep from the Muhe phone he American Inin Battery Thre going e in all ef Delaware'collection.
So the Montiation on.
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you got to kur eyes, heartand mind opell (chorus of lau in the dis BEST BOY NAMES EVER.
You t do that, mWhat's ny? ROSS:, come on.
Whats wrong Cosmo? I mea's great, yw, if yre a superhe (laughter) at you need tough TV cop THAT'S RIGHT.
HOW ABOUT ??? ??? YEAH ??? YOU ???we're stiying the nae.
It's a s.
FLACK: , we' g om, Dick ary (phone r) WHY ??? YEAH ??? ????s a great na I like yme.
MESSER: h, Mac's d.
Th Lindsae all right?Yeah, she'ne And so is by girl er belly.
Ooh! FLACK: you go.