CSI: NY s05e20 Episode Script


providence,rhode island philip,i tried,i'm so sorry,i'll love you.
Oh,God! Carrie,no! Double lattes,hot and ready.
Hey,what do you do,sugar in this? Or yellow? I have a better idea for a wakeup call.
Coffee's gonna get cold.
Shut up.
That's my phone,isn't it? Damn it! Better get that.
Don't make me cuff your other hand.
That's good work,Detective.
I got to get it,okay? Flack.
Yeah,go ahead.
Send it.
What is it? Homicide around the corner.
Some guy e-mailed a photo to the precinct tip line.
Headquarters is forwarding it to me now.
You got to go.
Yeah,huh? His name's Marshall Baxter.
He works here at the theater's vocal studio.
Picture and address were e-mailed to the precinct's anonymous tip line.
Traced the IP address to an internet cafe on the Upper West Side.
Got a uni headed over there now.
Looks like he took a bullet to the chest.
No stippling or GSR around the wound.
Medium range.
No sign of a gun.
What kind of killer photographs his crime and then e-mails it to the cops? A showoff.
Someone who thinks he's smarter than us.
We're about to prove him wrong.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 20 Puts TOD roughly eight hours ago.
Right around midnight.
Did you get anything? No prints in the door handle.
Looks like someone threw a punch right into this wall.
No bruises or lacerations on our vic's hands.
Killer took the photo from right about here.
Hey,Mac,this is James Copeland.
He's the director of the theater.
Said something happened? What the hell? That's Marshall.
Well,hang on a second there,bud.
This is my theater.
Might be your theater,but it's my crime scene.
Marshall Baxter was our voice coach, and he also used that rehearsal space for private lessons.
Who was here last night around midnight? Uh,nobody.
We did a rehearsal of Don Giovanni,7:00 to 10:00.
Theater was empty by 11:00.
Where were you? At a party with some of our actors.
Got home around 2:00.
Bruise on your hand looks recent.
Did you get that at the party? Maybe you took a shot at the wall.
Come on,James.
Don't make me ask twice.
Baxter parked in my spot every single day.
My spot.
With my name on it.
So you dropped by to give him a general reminder.
I tried to be reasonable with the guy.
It just got a little out of hand.
You're parked in my spot again.
Move your car,or I'm gonna get a tow truck to do it for you.
You touch my car,you're gonna be parking in handicapped.
Well,who could blame you? A parking spot in this city's worth killing for.
True,but I didn't kill him.
We'll need a list of Baxter's clients and everyone who works here.
Hey,nobody here did this.
Who's gonna shoot somebody in a theater? Did you ever hear of a guy named John Wilkes Booth? Hey,uh,the police located the computer and keyboard from the Internet cafe on the Upper West Side where the photo was sent from.
Find anything we can use? Prints? DNA? Too many donors to isolate a single profile.
Could be why the killer e-mailed the photo from a public place.
That's smart,right? Oh,I-II'm sorry.
I didn't mean,like-like he's smart smart.
I mean,like,he'she's dumb and smart and Look at the distortion fingerprint on the photo, see if you can figure out what kind of camera took it.
Hawkes? The dirt we found at the crime scene-- Lapilli tephra.
Volcanic ash? From somewhere in the South Pacific.
Which means it probably wasn't tracked in on the killer's shoes.
Yeah,and it wasn't his hair we found on the victim's shirt,either.
It's from a Himalayan yak.
Used to make rugs,blankets,brushes.
Volcanic ash and yak hair.
Could be looking at someone in the import/export business or works in a museum, or who knows what else.
I'll be right there.
Marshall Baxter's COD was exsanguination due to a puncture in the aortic arch, and it appears our killer removed the bullet.
Looks like he dug it out with some kind of sharp instrument.
Why remove the bullet but leave all that other trace behind? There's something else.
Based on your TOD at the scene,Sheldon,he should be out of rigor by now, but as you can see,he's not.
So,then,the body must have been exposed to cold postmortem? Crime scene was room temp when we got there,no A/C.
Is it possible your reading was off? No offense.
Sid,I double-checked.
Liver temp put him at 86 degrees.
There was no error.
There's another option.
Somehow,someone deliberately lowered the body temp of our vic.
Hey,what do the Brooklyn Bruisers,asphalt trace,and motor oil have in common? They all are found in the game of bike polo.
Same as regular polo,except they ride bikes instead of horses.
They put these cards in the spokes to identify who they are on the court.
What's with the number on the back? I'm thinking that may be a link between bike polo and murder.
Give it a ring.
Welcome to the Rejection Call Line.
The reason you're hearing this recorded greeting is because the person who gave you this phone number wants nothing to do with you.
To speak with a specialist who will guide you through this hard time of heartache and pain,press 1.
The Rejection Call Line? Hell of a way to give somebody the slip,huh? Yeah.
I guess our vic asked out the wrong girl.
I'm not so sure it was our vic who got the brush-off.
A team photo of the Brooklyn Bruisers.
There's no Marshall Baxter in sight.
Then who's #2? Uh,we'd like to borrow him for a second.
This is him.
Nope,never seen him.
How about this? This spoke card belong to you? I don't,uh no,I don't I don't think so.
You don't seem so sure about that,#2.
Yeah,we found this in a murder victim's pocket.
Look,I've never seen that guy,and I don't have a clue how he got my spoke card,okay? You just said that wasn't your spoke card.
You know,maybe we should take him in.
No,no,just-just wait.
Just give me a second.
Look,I've seen this girl around campus.
Chelsea University.
The other day,I see her on the street.
I ask her for her number.
She writes it on the back of my spoke card.
- But I never called her-- I swear.
- Whatever.
I swear I never called her Might want to buy her some flowers.
Okay,but what does all this have to do with the man in the photo? After she gave me her number, that guy in the picture comes running at me from across the street.
He rips the card from my hand and starts yelling at me to stay away from his girlfriend.
Stay the hell away from my girlfriend.
That girl-- what's her name? Odessa.
I don't know her last name.
Look,all I know is that she goes to Chelsea University and she's hot.
What do you want from me? All right,Romeo.
If you see her,you tell her we're looking for her.
No,as a matter of fact,why don't you give her my number? Based on theateral chromatic aberration,the e-mail photo was taken with a Blackberry.
Now,if I had the phone in front of me,I could tell if the photo was taken with it.
Without itnot so much.
That the breakdown on the ceramic chip we found at the crime scene? Yeah,found trace elements of rubidium,strontium,and zirconium.
Looks like you got a lot of background CO2 on that calibration curve.
Yeah,but it's not the ceramic piece itself.
It's the ambient air trapped inside the vial.
The CO2 levels at the crime scene were elevated somehow.
Dry ice.
That's what did it.
High levels of CO2,plus a decrease in body temperature,could be caused by dry ice.
Yeah,I,uh yeah.
Dry ice.
Well,that would certainly explain why rigor was prolonged.
And why Sheldon's TOD was off.
And best of all,it would explain these little red discolorations I found on Baxter's chest.
First glance,I thought dermatitis.
Now I'm thinking contact burns.
One of science's many ironies.
Ice can burn.
Using dry ice,how long would it take to lower body temp from 98 to 86 degrees? All right,with roughly 25 pounds packed around the core,I would say less than three hours.
And in that time,the ice would have sublimated into gas,leaving no sign it was ever there.
So,our killer wanted us to think the time of death was earlier than it actually was.
That's why he tipped us off with the anonymous photo and address.
He wanted to be sure we'd find the body before the effects wore off.
Removing the bullet from the body,manipulating body temperature.
Why go through all that trouble? We could be looking at someone with a background in forensics, someone who'd know enough to be able to manipulate the crime scene.
What does that say about the yak hair,the volcanic ash,and the ceramic chip? That we can't trust them.
Could have all been left behind deliberately for us to find.
All right,if that's true, how are we going to determine which evidence is real and what was planted? We can start by asking ourselve "What,if anything,do all these things have in common?" What connects them? I think I know the connection.
It's me.
I was a guest lecturer at a forensics class at Chelsea University about two months ago.
I used examples from past cases to show what it is we do.
And those examples have been duplicated in the Baxter murder.
Every single one of them.
It's all here in my syllabus.
Here you go.
This,animal hair,and this,geological matter,and this,inorganic compounds.
Now,I think the empty wallet was also staged to make it look like a robbery.
Well,that eliminates everything we collected at the crime scene.
That's exactly the point.
The evidence was designed to send us on a wild goose chase.
And that leaves us with nothing we can be sure of.
Remember the mummy we discovered in the Varick Building? Pauline Rayburn.
We believe it's Pauline Rayburn.
Clothing fits the description of the last thing she was wearing before she went missing over three weeks ago.
Killer positioned her next to the AC, which created the artificial environment that mummified her.
Now,I used that case to show how environmental elements can alter our estimation of TOD.
As you can see,fluctuations in temperature,humidity,and ventilation can all affect the body's natural rate of decomposition.
And Sara Jackson,the model we found impaled at the Soho Regency Hotel.
We found a camel hair on her thigh.
Camel hair? What are camel hairs doing on our vic's thigh? So,the camel hair we found on this victim's thigh came from a photographic lens brush, which led us to suspect a photographer.
There's more: Lauren Redgrave was murdered because her neighbor wanted her apartment.
Well,he put arsenic in her tea.
But that's not how we put him at the scene.
It was meteorite dust.
I used that example to show how even the most out-of-context trace can break a case.
But it's always a race against time.
We have to identify the context and origin of the evidence before we identify the suspect.
The longer it takes to name a suspect The harder it is to find him.
Stella,check the records at Chelsea University.
See if you can find a connection between Marshall Baxter and one of your students.
You know,the bike polo guy said that Baxter had a girlfriend at Chelsea University.
I don't know her last name.
If she was one of your students,she just moved to the top of the suspect list.
Sheldon,swing by Baxter's apartment.
Lo through his personal effects.
Maybe you can make a connection that way.
Danny,we'll stay with the evidence we have.
Yeah,'cause even if it was planted,he had to get it from somewhere.
We know he used large quantities of dry ice.
I'll start there.
Copeland,who else has access to the dry ice? Dry ice? The thing that makes that white smoky stuff.
I know this may be out of your wheelhouse, but we're doing a little opera by Mozart.
It's called Don Giovanni.
Now,there's a scene in that that requires fog.
Watch the attitude,Mr.
The cemetery scene with Commendatore.
Look,I'll admit it.
I-I didn't care for Marshall.
He was a stubborn,moody,self-centered hack.
Nobody here liked him.
Why do you keep coming back to me? Becae you punched a hole in his wall; you were here the night of the murder; and you had access to the crime scene.
Now,I know it's out of your wheelhouse,but to us,that makes you a suspect.
I already told you I was at a party.
We now have evidence that Baxter was murdered several hours later than we originally thought.
Where were you at 5:00 in the morning? Nursing a hangover from that party.
Can anyone verify that? Yeah,my cat.
That wouldn't happen to be a Blackberry,would it? Yeah,why? 'Cause someone took a photo of our vic after they put a bullet in him.
Maybe that someone was you.
That's insane.
I hope you have someone changing Fluffy's litter box, 'cause if you're lying,you'll be going away for a while.
I got you a copy of your class roster.
I don't see anyone named Odessa on it.
Doesn't mean she didn't take the class.
A lot of students audit without even bothering to register.
I keep trying to remember the faces,and I just can't.
It's all such a blur.
Well,if it's any consolation,I have been doing thisfor over 30 years.
You never remember the faces.
Wellmaybe a few.
It's just so disturbing to think that someone would attend one of my lectures just to learn how to get away with murder.
What students take away from a class is up to them,Stella.
You cannot blame yourself.
You are a gifted teacher.
That's why I convinced you to do the lecture in the first place,remember? I should really let you go.
Looks like Baxter was a real packrat.
You think this is bad,you should see Adam's place.
Maybe there's something here that can tell us why somebody wanted him dead.
Phone bill receipts,mail.
You find something? Maybe.
All these photos are the same two women.
Looks of things,I don't think they knew they were being photographed.
More like surveillance photos.
Like they were being watched.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Could be Marshall Baxter's a stalker.
And these could be his victims.
I'll run 'em through NCIC,see if anyone filed a complaint.
All right.
Well,you were right.
Baxter was arrested four years ago in Providence,Rhode Island for aggravated assault.
Sounds like stalking to me.
Ah,he got slapped with five days of community service and a restraining order.
And that didn't seem to slow him down.
He was arrested again a week later for criminal contempt in the first degree.
Okay,so he must have violated the restraining order.
And for that,the judge gave him eight days in jail.
Eight days.
Hell of a deterrent.
Problem is although stalking may be a crime,the things stalkers do are perfectly legal.
You know,there's no laws against taking pictures,sending e-mails,or using the phone.
Yeah,but it's just wrong.
People have the right to walk down the street and feel safe.
Hey,I spend every day of my life trying to fix that.
I know.
We put away the bad guys,but what about the victims? Who fixes them? My ex-girlfriend,Kiera-- perfect example.
She was raped.
And afterwards,everything changed.
She was afraid,cautious.
She lost a part of herself.
And then I lost her.
Sorry about that.
We know who filed the complaint against Baxter? No,not yet.
I gotta call in to Providence PD.
I'm just waiting to hear back on a name.
Let me know as soon as you hear something.
Her name's Carrie Langdon.
She filed a restraining order against Baxter four years ago in Rhode Island.
Could she have been one of Stella's forensics students? She's not our killer,Mac.
Carrie committed suicide about six months ago.
It's not a total wash,though.
According to Rhode Island police,her brother recently filed a lawsuit against them.
For failure to protect.
He blames them for his sister's suicide.
Carrie! No! Maybe he decided to finish what the law couldn't.
providence, rhode island ***back But maybe it'll change the system.
Protect other women.
Langdon,I'm sorry.
I know that your sister's suicide must be a terrible weight to bear.
I don't think of it as suicide.
I think of it as murder.
Carrie might have jumped off the ledge,but Marshall Baxter put her there.
According to this restraining order,r,Baxter began stalking your sister four years ago.
Carrie took a voice lesson from him.
Ansomehow in his twisted mind,that meant she was his girlfriend.
I convinced her to file that.
Thought it would scare him off.
But I was wrong.
It made it worse.
He started threatening her.
She was terrified to go outside,to answer her phone.
And how long that go on for? Two yes.
And then one day.
it suddenly stopped.
It was like a miracle.
He was gone.
Carrie could breathe again.
She could live her life without having to look over her shoulder.
That's what I thought anyway.
Till she jumped.
Carrie! No! She never recovered from the stalking.
The cops claimed they couldn't arrest Baxter until he committed an act of violence.
An act of violence? What do you call destroying someone's soul? Some would call it motive.
I wondered why you came all the way up here from New York City to discuss a suicide.
I thought about killing Baxter.
I admit it.
Didn't have the guts,I guess.
Then you won't mind telling me where you were last night? At a restaurant opening here in Providence.
Spent the night at my girlfriend's.
Did you ever take a class or attend a lecture at Chelsea University in New York? We're done here.
I haven't set foot inside a school since Carried graduated five years ago.
Now,if you're going to arrest me go ahead; otherwise you can contact my attorney.
Langdon I am truly sorry for your loss.
I have a sister,too,so.
Don't ever take that for granted.
That was Adam.
James Copeland's Blackberry did not take the photo that was e-mailed to the tip line.
He's off the hook.
Along with all the students that registered for my lecture.
I tracked down all 19 of them.
I take it you couldn't tie any of them to Baxter.
Not one,but I did find something else.
Manhattan Natural History Museum.
***elsea University.
This catalog have something to do with your forensics lecture? Indirectly,yes.
Uh turn to page 32.
Museum gift shop sells souvenirs of volcanic ash from Hawaii.
Keep going.
Gold ceramic bowls from Thailand.
Just like the ceramic chip we found.
Any chance the museum also has Life-size a Himalayan animal exhibit? ***with real hair.
Angell's on her way there now.
She's going to go to talk to some of the museum employees and check into recent credit card purchases.
We've got evidence from the four corners of the world, and all the killer had to do was go up to 77th Street to get it.
- Doc.
- Yo.
Boston PD just called.
A woman up there named Dana Melton filed a restraining order against Baxter.
Was she at Stella's class? Uh,wasn't registered,but Boston's trying to locate her now.
But in the meantime,we can log on to their Web site and download the case file, and an MP3 of her statement.
Sounds like they got everything but the chowder.
Here we go.
Dana Melton.
She filed the first restraining order two years ago.
Click on her audio file there upper right-hand corner.
When I was 17,I won a radio contest for a song I wrote in high school.
I got a demo CD,had some labels interested in me.
Then about two years ago, I took a few voice lessons from Marshall Baxter,and it all fell apart.
He started sending me letters,postcards,e-mails,calling me.
Seven to 80 times a day.
Can you imagine living like that? No.
Sounds like Carrie Langdon's story.
Carrie took a voice lesson from him.
Hetarted threatening her.
She was terrified to go outside,to answer her phone.
Hopefully this one has a different ending.
Let see what else we got.
I've seen her picture fore.
Hold on a minute.
Is this the same woman? The hair's different,but the eyes,the nose,the face.
Looks like the same woman to me.
If it is the same woman,she just became a person of interest.
We got an address? ston PD can't track her down and I can't find her in Social Security or any one of our regular databases.
Not on any mailing lists,no credit cards.
She was being stalked.
She probably didn't want to be found.
I don't blame her.
I mean,being hunted like that,someone watching your every move.
This Baxter's a sick pup.
I spoke to Carrie Langdon's brother.
He said that she met Baxter once,and he was convinced that she was his girlfriend.
Hey,that's funny,'cause the bike polo player said Baxter referred to Odessa in that same way.
As his girlfriend.
You stay the hell away from my girlfriend.
This will only take a second.
Last time you guys said that it cost me my girlfriend.
This is a homicide investigation,not a dating service.
See this girl? Do you recognize her? Yeah,that's Odessa.
You're sure about that? Positive.
All right,we need you to tell us everything you know about her.
There's not much to tell.
I barely know her.
Okay,do you know what classes she was taking at Chelsea? I have no clue.
Did she ever say where she lived,job,anything? No.
Look,I remember her saying something about a singing gig once.
Didn't say where.
Look,guys,can I go now? I got a match.
Go ahead.
He follows me everywhere.
Won't leave me alone.
I go to the bookste.
He's there.
I go out to lunch with my friends; he's,he's at the next table.
Last week I came home and he was in front of my apartment.
I even had to quit my job 'cause he kept following me there.
Gavin Skidmore confirmed that Dana Melton and Odessa are the same person.
Please tell me you can do something.
Anything,please,I What is that? It's Melton's taped statement to Boston PD.
Play it again.
Please tell me you can do something.
Anything,please,I I don't know how to stop him.
I know that voice.
When you walk into a crime scene,how c you tell what evidence to process? Good question.
You should certainly process anything that looks out of place or things that are close to the victim's body.
Now,sometimes evidence can point you towards the wrong killer or no killer at all.
It's Odessa.
You sure? Yeah,I mean,call her Dana,Odessa,whatever.
I recognize her voice.
She was in my class.
She must have audited the course.
So Dana Melton changed her name to Odessa and moved from Boston to Manhattan to start a new life.
Baxter followed her here,started stalking her again, but this time,instead of turning to law enforcement for help, she took matters into her own hands.
She killed him.
And I taught her how.
We distributed her photo to every airport,train station,and bus terminal, but I think we have enough to start with right here.
Mac,we got nothing but a Dana Melton in Boston who became an Odessa in New York and a bunch of whacked-out evidence.
We have to stop looking at Marshall Baxter as a victim and start seeing him as a perp.
Lucky for us,he was a pack rat, so let's start with the receipts and paperwork we found in his apartment.
Baxter was staing Odessa,which means he went where she went.
All right,so we use Baxter's receipts to create a geographical profile of his movements.
Which hopefully leads us to Odessa herself.
We know he lived in Chelsea.
Anything outside that area could be his stalking zone.
We already have a few known variables.
We know that Odessa took Stella's course at Chelsea University.
That's 86th and Amsterdam.
Internet caf\ at 73rd and Columbus,where she e-mailed the photo.
Here's something.
Looks like Baxter had lunch twice last week at Tresoro Caf\, which is on 95th and West End.
It's nowhere near his home.
Follow the hunter,find the prey.
Odessa Shaw-- been living here going on a year.
Keeps to herself mostly.
Said some loony was stalking her.
She ever have any trouble with him here? We got a doorman 24/7.
They get paid to head off that kind of trouble.
Dana Melton,open up.
She paid extra for these deadbolts.
Well,I can't say that I like what she's done with the place.
When did she move out? I didn't know she did.
Come to think of it,her mail's been piling up.
Let's go.
I'll go talk to the doorman.
Junk mail,local newspapers,restaurant menus.
Did you find her? Her apartment is cleaned out,no forwarding address.
Here's a bank statement and something from her dry cleaners maybe.
No,the bank's got to be closed by now.
"As a valued customer,save ten percent on your next visit.
" Dry cleaners may still be open; I'm gonna head over there.
See if Flack got anything from the doorman on your way out.
Mac,you better take a look at these.
They tell me you're afraid of me.
How can that be? I would never hurt you,Dana.
I'll never let you go.
You think you have a new life? You won't have it much longer if you keep ignoring me.
That's a promise.
Here's another one.
You're not running away from me again.
I saw you with those moving boxes today.
Moving boxes.
If we're lucky,the box company may have moved her as well.
Could give us an address.
Nearest one's around 74th and Broadway.
You are mine,bitch,and that's final.
Nobody has the right to do this to another person,nobody.
Let's swing by that box company.
What do you think our chances are she's still in the city? She was smart enough to move out of her apartment before she killed Baxter.
Probably smart enough to leave town as well.
Part of me hopes so.
Sheldon,sometimes the line isn't as clear as we'd like it to be, but it's still there,and Odessa crossed it.
She had a choice.
Suicide or murder.
Mac,come take a look at this flyer.
One of the photos in Baxter's apartment was taken right outside this building.
"Live music nightly.
" The bike polo player said Odessa had a singing gig somewhere.
*My heart feels like a circus* *Too much to take in* *It's hard to lose love* *You were my best friend* *So I walk this High wire* *Alone tonight* *That way it won't hurt So much* *When we say good-bye* *That way It won't hurt so much* *When we say good-bye* Dana Melton.
What happens now? I think you know the answer to that.
You could just let me walk out of here,please.
You don't know what I've been through.
I was so scared.
I tried to start over to change everything.
I know you don't understand,not really.
I do understand,Dana.
I understand it all,but I have to arrest you anyway.
It's the toughest part of my job.
I thought I did everything right.
You came very close.
You had a good teacher.
You left no prints,no DNA,no witnesses.
Just circumstantial evidence.
In fact,without a formal confession, it will be very hard to win a conviction.
Let's go.