CSI: NY s05e21 Episode Script

The Past, Present and Murder

A man just attacked me in my office.
No,I'm I'm fine.
You need to call my attorney and get over here quick.
He's dead.
He's gone.
So Dunbrook,you didn't see anyone take the body? Detective,I told you no.
I'm telling you,one minute he's there,the next I don't know.
What about a description? Hair color,eye color? Did you see anything before he went out the window? He was a white guy,medium build about your size.
I don't know.
It's hard to remember the details when somebody's trying to kill you.
Dunbrook you're telling us you threw a man out the window and didn't see anything? Isn't this a little below your pay grade,Taylor? Wasting all your valuable time on a simple breaking and entering? What's next? A mugging? Purse snatching? If it involves a potential homicide,sure.
You're saying this is a simple B & E,and I'm not seeing the evidence of that.
Well,I walk in my door,the guy comes out of nowhere.
He attacks me and it ended badly.
Flack said there were no reports of anyone running,walking,limping or even crawling away from the scene.
A guy falls 20 stories onto a public street and no one saw anything? It's the middle of the night,Financial District-- it's a ghost town.
So far,seems Dunbrook's our only witness.
It looks like we've got brain matter.
So given the height of the fall,force of the impact,diameter of the spatter, there's no way the vic could have survived.
So where is he? A man falls 20 stories,walks away.
Boy,that'd make a good headline,sell a lot of newspapers.
Media Mogul Pushes Him might sell more.
proudly presents Season 05 Episode 21 State of the art biometric system cost half a mil to put in.
Still,someone gets in and almost kills my dad.
How long have you been head of security? Five years.
We've never had anyone try to break in before.
Maybe this wast a break-in.
What do you mean? You said this biometric lock system works on fingerprint recognition,right? So maybe the guy who got into your father's office was already in your system.
Connor,would you tell these people this isn't necessary? Dad,please.
Press down firmly.
Do you have any idea who'd want to kill you? Well,Taylor,I own 18 publications,four television stations,a few city blocks¡ª it's hard to get in my position without pissing some people off.
Any recent threats? Yeah.
But let me ask you a question and tell me the truth.
What are you really doing here? What,are you looking for a P.
bump or a little raise in salary,rank? Did your attacker say anything to you? No.
He was the silent,violent type.
Mac,well,it looks like the only prints on the biometric lock are Mr.
It's my office.
No foreign prints? No,nothing.
No streaks or oil on the lock indicating it's been wiped down, but the weird thing is,it smelled like strawberries.
You eat anything on the way in? Toast? Fruit? Caviar on a jelly doughnut,maybe? No.
Dunbrook we need to know who was programmed into your biometric lock system.
I'm sure my son told you,that's confidential information.
So,I'm sorry,Detective,but you're out of luck.
You're claiming somebody tried to kill you.
Why not cooperate with our investigation instead of obstructing it? I've given you my prints,my DNA,my time.
But I'm a newspaper man.
My father has sources to protect.
That include whoever took the body? Come on,Taylor.
I'm the innocent man here.
An innocent man calls 911 first.
You called your son,and then your lawyer.
We only have your prints on the biometric lock.
There's no evidence that anybody else touched it.
So,that leads me to believe that the man who went out the window entered this office with you.
A discussion turned into an argument.
And ultimately,you gave him a different view of the city.
Those are hazy facts,at best.
I'd check them out before I ran with that story.
You don't have to worry about that.
We will.
Got a couple of teeth.
A bicuspid Incisor.
Our vic probably hit chin first,force knocked them right out.
Now,the blood over here is inconsistent with the spatter pattern.
There is a slight tread mark.
Possibly from the toe of shoes.
It's an odd angle,though.
It's as if somebody tapped our vic's bloody feet onto the sidewalk.
First piece of evidence that someone removed the body; but why? Maybe our vic's identity incriminated his accomplice.
I-I justI don't see any drag marks,footprints¡ª there's no evidence to indicate somebody else was here.
Yeah,but there's got to be.
Officer Liu? You okay? Yeah,yeah,hold on.
You got to wait for it.
For what? A polar bear in the middle of New York City.
Global warming's worse than I thought.
It's trash bag art.
Basically,people create all kinds of creatures--dogs,giraffes They tie them to the subway grates and passing trains fill them with life.
This print here could be evidence of our accomplice.
Car could have driven up,got into the backseat,opened the passenger door, but as he dragged the body,got caught up on the bag, leaving the bloody print,loaded the body,and then drove off.
You know what they say.
One man's trash is another person's art.
Or another woman's evidence.
So I hear our only witness is a polar bear? Yeah,a very uncooperative polar bear.
This hand print is fragmented.
Fingerprints are smudged.
It's going to take a little time.
All right,well,I took a look at the box cutter from Dunbrook's office; found fabric fibers from his suit.
So it looks like the attack weapon,no prints.
But I did find traces of sucrose on the handle.
Sugar,huh? What else you got? Well,we got a biometric lock that smells like strawberries.
I don't know,maybe Dunbrook pissed off a pastry chef? Maybe.
Because nothing in this case adds up.
We've got a guy who gets into an ultra-secure building,bypasses a biometric lock and attacks Dunbrook with nothing more than a tool you can get at a hardware store.
Well,maybe the box cutter was for something else.
The subpoena came through for the information on Dunbrook's biometric lock system.
Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but the attacker who hit the pavement and went missing, we know that was a guy,right? DNA confirmed male.
Okay,because according to the lock's electronic record, the last person to enter Dunbrook's office five minutes before he did was a woman.
That can't be right.
There were no prints on that lock other than Dunbrook's.
It wasn't wiped down prior to him touching it.
And man or woman,it's not possible to access the lock without leaving any prints behind.
It is if you're Ann Steele.
Ann had access to people a lot more powerful than me.
Her business card said she was a consultant.
You sure we have the right woman? Ann Steele,35 years old-- fix the problems for the rich and famous.
And she was murdered seven months ago.
This is Harbor Division India-Alpha-Five-Niner.
We've recovered the body in the vicinity of Pier 40.
We'll be touching down momentarily.
Hey,Harbor Division Police called it in.
I think this might be the guy that attacked Dunbrook.
Injuries are consistent with a significant fall.
No chance he's a jumper-- maybe from a bridge? I don't think so.
Glass fragments most likely came from him crashing through a window.
The facial injuries suggest he collided with something hard.
Subway grate.
Looks like he hit face-first.
This type of trauma indicates that he may have been slightly vertical when he fell.
Since most dead bodies fall horizontally, he was must likely alive when he went through the window.
Supports Dunbrook's version of the events.
Suspect fell through the window during the struggle.
Somebody did a pretty thorough job searching his clothes.
I take it we didn't get an I.
on him? Pockets were already turned out when he was pulled from the water.
Don't expect to get anything from fingerprints.
Take a look.
It looks like his fingertips were snipped off.
Whoever dumped him definitely wanted his I.
to remain a mystery.
Facial reconstruction will take some time,but I brought the vic's last meal.
It was ingested very close to T.
That could help us determine where he was before he broke into Dunbrook's office.
Yeah,I'm not sure what they're made of,but they did give off a distinct strawberry scent.
Danny mentioned smelling the same scent at Dunbrook's office.
Maybe some type of candy? I see ridge detail there.
What kind of candy has a fingerprint? You found Ann Steele's fingerprints in the vic's stomach? Our attacker's last meal was made up of gelatin,sugar and strawberry flavor.
All you'd need to do is get a good set of Ann Steele's prints,create a 3-D mold pour in the gelatin,let it harden and voila,an all-access pass.
The chemical makeup of the gelatin would allow the intruder's body heat to seep through, but prevent any oils or epithelials from being left behind.
Right,plus the sugar prints wouldn't have left any discernible ridge detail on the glass.
And once the attacker gained access, he ate the evidence.
That explains why Danny smelled strawberry on the biometric locks and found sugar on the box cutter and how a dead woman opened that door.
Seems to support Dunbrook's story that somebody broke into his office.
The question is,where'd find Ann Steele's fingerprints to make a mold in the first place? - Here you go.
- Thanks.
What is it? Flack red-flagged Dunbrook's financials.
Ann Steele used to be on his payroll.
Okay,that makes sense.
She's a fixer,and Dunbrook's the type to pay someone like Steele.
Maybe she was working with him to shut down somebody he had a problem with.
Or that person had a problem with Dunbrook and Steele never had a chance to finish her job.
The chief.
Good luck.
I would like Taylor removed from the case.
Dunbrook,I guarantee you there's no vendetta here.
Well,he's digging into my bank accounts,my personal investments.
I mean,hell I mean,he's treating me like I'm a suspect.
If that were the case,we'd all be having this conversation downstairs in interrogation.
Isn't it true,Taylor,that,uh you just don't like anybody who' got more power than you do? What I don't like is someone who thinks he can buy the department with a $20 million donation.
Mac,no one buys anything here.
Now watch what you imply about the department.
Especially when it's not true.
We're not for sale.
Well,somebody breaks into my office and they try to kill me.
Now what part of that reality suggests that I'm anything other than a victim? Why don't we start with the part you left out? Your relationship with Ann Steele.
What does she have to do with this case? Her prints were used to access his security system.
And the fact that she's dead is a little curious.
Well,Steele sometimes worked for me as a consultant.
I guess,her her identity wasn't removed from the security system,I suppose.
Look a dead body was taken from the streets.
Now I am no detective, but that probably means there's somebody still out there that wants to kill me.
So why don't you stop harassing me and spend a little more time trying to solve the case? That subpoena you dropped on Dunbrook¡ª went straight to the mayor's office and landed right in my lap.
Tread lightly on this one.
The city and the mayor aren't my problem.
Solving this case is.
What's going on,Mac? Everything I've seen on this case points to self-defense.
Dunbrook isn't cooperating with the investigation.
It's his word against a dead man's.
Look,I don't like the game any more than you do, but we're still going to play it.
You find something that sets off that man,make sure I'm in the loop.
Last night,a man whose identity has yet to be determined tried to kill me in my office.
His accomplice,who is still at large,removed the body from the scene.
I'll take your questions.
Dunbrook,what about that body? You have anything to do with its disappearance? No.
I have no idea what happened to the man who attacked me.
The police have made this case a priority,and I can sense their presence at every turn.
Is that because you bought them with $20 million? Well,that was a donation I made to the city on behalf of its residents,my neighbors.
I don't expect,nor do I warrant, any special consideration regardless of my special relationship with the mayor.
Everybody down,now! Which way?! Get down! Get down! You hit? No,I'm fine.
Secure that building across the street.
Get down.
I told you I'm okay.
I'm okay,everybody.
It's all right.
You still think I have something to hide? I think you're a lucky man.
Do your job.
Bullet's a .
It's pretty damaged.
May be able to find some usable stria.
Any word from Flack? Yeah.
He's checking surveillance and running plates.
It's very strange-- nobody saw the shooter.
Or convenient.
Mac,Dunbrook may have thrown somebody out the window, but he certainly didn't shoot at himself.
I know,but my gut tells me he's hiding something.
Whatever his involvement, there's a very real possibility that whoever took that body may still want Dunbrook dead.
We need I.
on our vic.
Mac,I finally managed to put together the bloody prints Stella found on the polar bear.
And I ran it.
You sure this is right? Yeah,the guy who took the body from the crime scene's FBI.
Hawkes,stop what you're doing and let me see what you have right now.
I've seen him before.
I've seen both these guys before.
This guy,the guy Dunbrook threw out his window he's FBI,too.
Agents Walsh and Johnson approached me at the armored car heist six months ago.
They wanted to know about Ann Steele's flash drive.
Well,you obviously know something I don't about what's going on here, so now that you've scooped me out of a crime scene, why don't you tell me what the hell that is? The drive contained some extremely sensitive information about some very important people, some at the highest levels of government.
But you knew that.
Steele was killed over the information on that drive.
When it was in our possession,I got a look at it.
I can think of a few tabloid editors who'd kill for it,too.
Sexual allegations,bribery,blackmail.
You name it,Steele was into it.
When we recovered the drive,it went into the property warehouse and was stolen.
And the theft of the flash drive was an inside job.
vin Cross,a property clerk,took it.
And then he turned up dead.
38 slug in his forehead.
Ann Steel's flash drive nowhere to be found.
Walsh and Johnson were across the street surveilling Cross' murder investigation.
The FBI has the resources to get a hold of Ann Steele's prints and to engineer them out of gelatin, but why would they illegally break into Dunbrook's office and attack him? The box cutter.
Like you said,Danny,maybe it was for something else.
I don't think Walsh went into Dunbrook's office to attack him.
He and Johnson were looking for something; the same thing they were looking for when they picked me up.
Ann Steele's flash drive.
Why did the FBI think Dunbrook had it? And why do they want it? Let's ask them.
I have evidence that Agent Walsh broke into Robert Dunbrook's office and attacked him.
After Walsh fell to his death, I believe his partner,Agent Johnson,removed his body from the crime scene, and then cut off his fingertips to prevent a positive I.
You want to tell me what the hell is going on here? Well,that all sounds like speculation to me,Detective.
Oh,except for one thing.
Agent Walsh is in our morgue.
Where's Johnson? I don't know.
And I can't speak to why those agents were in Mr.
Dunbrook's office.
You guys investigating Dunbrook? Do you have evidence that he took Ann Steele's flash drive? This is the first I've heard of a flash drive.
And I don't know anything about Ann Steele.
Whatever Walsh and Johnson were doing,it wasn't official FBI business.
They were fired six months ago.
Why? I'm not at liberty to discuss it.
One of your agents is dead.
Another one could have taken a shot at Robert Dunbrook.
Former agents.
You useless son of a bitch.
You're protecting yourself.
I'm gonna find out what those two agents have to do with my case, and if I happen to expose whatever the FBI is trying to hide that's on you.
You get anything from the bullet I found at the press confence? No,it's too damaged.
No way to run it through IBIS.
What about Johnson's location? Flack's got two unis on his house and an APB out on his car.
You still think that Walsh and Johnson went after Dunbrook to get the flash drive? Yeah,but why would Dunbrook want it? Mac,I went back and I tried to remember everything I could from Ann Steele's flash drive.
Then I cross-referenced that info against the stories that were published in Dunbrook's paper The New York Ledger.
Mac,there were seven stories that matched.
Dunbrook knew what Ann Steele kept on that drive.
Dirt on the rich and famous,politicians,government.
It's an invaluable source to a newspaperman.
The only problem is these stories don't prove that Dunbrook is in possession of the drive.
For all we know,he could have bought the information from Ann Steele when she was alive.
It's possible.
But look at the dates.
All these stories were published after Steele and Cross were killed.
So Dunbrook could have paid whoever stole the drive for the information, or he's in possession of the drive himself.
He was the only witness to what happened in his office.
And maybe he discovered that Walsh was looking for the drive.
How'd you get in my office? The flash drive.
Give it to me or I'll tell everybody you have it.
I want you to get the hell out of my office.
We could be looking at Dunbrook for manslaughter.
And if he does have possession of the drive, he may have had something to do with the murder of the property clerk,Kevin Cross.
Dunbrook could be behind this whole story.
Hey,what you got there? The future of Dunbrook Media.
I recovered this at the crime scene in Dunbrook's office.
The LCD is like an electronic billboard.
You can have three advertisements where you only normally could have one.
A real moneymaker,you know? So I pulled the evidence from the Kevin Cross file,our property clerk.
Now,he was shot with a Smith & Wesson .
38 Special.
And look at the trace we collected from his wound.
Battery acid,polyethylene,black dye,titanium dioxide.
There's about a thousand uses for this stuff.
Make it a thousand and one.
It's also used in electronic ink technology.
E-Ink for short.
Dunbrook's company's been doing the tech on this magazine cover for the last year.
The LCD contains microcapsules, okay,that are filled with charged particles of either black dye or titanium oxide.
Now,the trace that we collected from Kevin Cross' bullet wound's an exact match to the E-Ink I pulled from my test copy.
I mean,how it got out of the magazine and onto Cross,I have no idea.
What if our killer used the magazine to hide the gun? Then the bullet grazed it just before it went into Cross.
And that's how the E-Ink trace transferred.
I don't buy Dunbrook as the shooter.
I mean,he'd definitely have somebody doing his dirty work for him.
Unless it was personal.
Let's say that Cross stole the flash drive for Dunbrook.
Then he went to him for more money.
Dunbrook refused,so Cross threatened to rat him out.
The flash drive is the connection to all of this.
We need to find it.
Trace from magazines? Newspaper articles? You don't have enough evidence,and I think you know that.
We've gotten warrants with less.
I think you know that.
Not for Robert Dunbrook.
Mac I trust you,but we need more.
Talk to the DA.
Put me in front of a sympathetic judge,and I'll do the rest.
Look,the judge could be my uncle.
My forituncle.
By the time that warrant gets to his bench,someone will have already whispered in his ear.
That's called corruption.
Call it whatever you like.
It's been going on in this town for a hundred years and will continue for another hundred.
Now,we get one shot at a guy like Dunbrook.
You miss,it could mean both of our careers.
Hey,heard the Chief was a little stingy with the search warrant.
He needs more.
Sounds like subtext for "play it safe.
" I'm not gonna wait around while Sinclair decides his next political maneuver.
You looking for more connects between Dunbrook and the flash drive? No,I'm looking for trace evidence.
The kind that won't fit in a petri dish.
Okay,articles about Dunbrook's taxes,investment,business deals.
You're thinking Dunbrook may have made some small mistake and maybe some media source other than his own paper picked up on it? There's more than one way to hook a fish.
They got Al Capone on tax evasion.
Son of Sam was brought in on a parking ticket.
If we can't get Dunbrook on murder yet,we'll find something else to arrest him for.
Mac,we already pulled his financials.
We didn't find anything suspicious.
On paper,the guy looks clean.
Dunbrook's reaction when he was shot at during his little press conference has been bothering me.
I was right next to him when the shot went off.
Dunbrook didn't even seem afraid or even surprised.
It wasn't an act,Hawkes.
No,he just stood up like some kind of king or god.
Spoke to "the masses" as if no matter what happened,he wouldn't be brought down.
Get down! I told you I'm okay.
I'm okay,everybody! The guy thinks he's untouchable.
Keep working on this for me.
See what you can find.
Where are you going? Fishing.
So,what,did I get too many cops back to work? Are you so bored the only thing you got left to do is to stick me with an unsolved murder? Ann Steele's flash dive was a valuable source of information and the man who attacked you,Agent Walsh,thought you had it.
What went down in your office wasn't a case of self-defense, it was aase of self-preservation.
Don't know anything about a flash drive or was it "secret information"? Your headlines suggest otherwise.
Where is it? I don't know what you're talking about,Taylor.
But I'd invite you to look around if it would reassure you, but I see you came here empty-handed.
You got no warrant.
You killed a man to keep your secret quiet.
Keep tap dancing,Taylor.
You're going to help me sell papers.
NYPD Harasses Benefactor,"NYPD Invades Privacy" Now,you get the hell out of my office,or I'll throw you out myself.
Will I be going through the door or the window? Afternoon,Mr.
A warrant to,uh,search the premises.
Now,if you'll excuse us A Smith & Wesson .
38 Special.
Just what I was looking for.
Dunbrook claims he was out of town at the time Cross was killed.
But so far,it's just his word.
What did you get on the gun? Degraded DNA.
I ran it against Dunbrook's reference sample.
It's a match.
What about ballistics? That's where it gets a little weird.
Dunbrook's gun is the same make as our murder weapon¡ª a Smith & Wesson .
38 Special.
But the stria on the test fire bullet doesn't match the bullet that we pulled from Cross' body.
I know there's a connection here,I just have to find a way to prove it.
Got it.
They found the missing FBI agent.
Toll booth picked up Johnson's car headed across the Verrazano.
Couple of my guys gave chase,but backed off once he headed for the expressway.
He asked for you.
Can I talk to him? Agent Johnson,it's Detective Taylor.
We had to do it.
We had no choice.
I don't understand.
The flash drive.
Taylor,you remember.
The flash drive has everything.
But me and Walsh,we were set up.
Sir,we need to get him out of the vehicle right now.
Deteive Taylor.
You're a little late if you want to talk to Johnson.
He died while they were pulling him out of the car.
I heard.
What's this? It's what I couldn't give you before.
The truth.
A year ago,Walsh and Johnson were building a case against Steagle Tech for insider trading.
Looks like they had enough for a trial, but before they could finalize their investigation,they became the focus of one.
Well,it says here that a paper trail surfaced, suggesting that Walsh and Johnson had been falsifying documents.
They were fired.
And as a result,their credibility was destroyed and the case against Steagle dropped.
I'm thinking that Ann Steele was the one who manufactured the paper trail.
Those agents must have known that Dunbrook had Steele's flash drive, went after it to clear their names.
Dunbrook wouldn't give it up.
Instead,he got into a struggle and Walsh went out the window.
So he was just collateral damage.
Just like the property clerk.
Dunbrook thought he could play us from the very beginning.
He thought he could buy this town buy the support of the police department when he ended the Blue Flu and his own brand of justice along with it.
Now he's got us cornered.
It's time to fight back.
What are you thinking? I'm going to make sure Walsh and Johnson didn't die in vain.
So,someone scraped the barrel of Dunbrook's gun after shooting Kevin Cross.
It damaged the rifling.
Makes a ballistics match difficult.
Someone was thinking ahead.
Now,I was a little smarter.
See,whatever tool was used,it didn't reach the back of the barrel.
So I made an imprint to match the undamaged stria in the barrel of Dunbrook's gun created a slug from that section of the gun, then compared it to the bullet that killed Kevin Cross.
And they were a match.
The bullet that killed Kevin Cross was fired from Dunbrook's gun.
We have got him.
Not quite.
Flack just called.
Dunbrook's alibi checks out.
The night of Cross' murder,he was at Yale's New Media Symposium,speaking.
Over 100 witnesses.
How's that possible? The only DNA we've got on the gun is Dunbrook's.
So,how is Dunbrook's DNA not his DNA? You need to take a closer look at the low level DNA on the gun, using miniSTRs which will allow us to amplify smaller loci.
Making it possible to analyze more detail from the sample.
Samples share common alleles at each locus.
We were looking at the wrong Dunbrook.
It's his son's DNA.
They're taking him now.
Well,that's why I've got you on retainer,Counselor.
I want you to fix this.
Connor,you don't say a word.
Not a word.
You hear me? Step back,Mr.
What,are you giving me orders? He is.
Back off.
Anything on the flash drive? No.
We searched Connor.
Searched his apartment.
Came up empty.
We got him on the murder of Kevin Cross.
You got nothing.
I got your son committing murder so you could sell papers.
And you're lucky I'm not pulling you in for obstruction.
That shot at the press conference? You set that up.
Had Connor create a little diversion.
You wanted us to believe someone was after you.
Where's your proof? You haven't got any.
People believe what they read,Taylor.
And after I'm done with you,you know what they're gonna know about you? They're gonna know what you really are.
A lab rat with a little chip on his shoulder.
Trust me,you are not equipped to win this war.
The Mayor can't save your son.
Neither can your money.
At least you got what you wanted tomorrow's headline.