CSI: NY s05e22 Episode Script


Do I hear 540? Come on,ladies and gentlemen,have you ever seen anything like it? Not only unique but also patriotic.
And we have 540.
$580,000 from the bidder on the phone.
Can I get 600? Six to the lady.
Can I get 640? 640? Ladies and gentlemen,it's your last chance at 640.
All right,620,going once.
Wait,do I see 640 in back? Oh,my God,he's bleeding! Oh,my God.
Looks like a gunshot wound to the stomach.
Our vic's name is Xander Green.
He worked at the auction house as an appraiser for the last three years.
I want everyone who attended the auction tested for GSR.
That might be tough,Mac.
After our boy took a face plant and expired,half the guests hit the road, thinking this might be some kind of robbery.
What about witnesses? Anyone hear a gunshot? Everyone I spoke to said this room was in a feeding frenzy.
The only thing they heard was the sound of some rich guy getting ready to dump 600 large on a necklace.
On a piece of jewelry? Guess some people are recession-proof.
Either that or they don't read the financial news because this was a full house and the bids started at a hundred grand.
So the auction house stood to make a killing.
They're not the only ones.
CSI NY ** Yahrzeit ** Got a cell phone with an outgoing call in progress.
This is Detective Mac Taylor.
Anyone there? How long has it en active? Okay,'cause according to witnesses,our vic dropped about 40 minutes ago.
So the call was made right around the shooting; means there may be a witness who heard something.
Flack,reach out to the phone company.
See who this number belongs to.
What do you got? Blood trail.
Directionality indicates that our vic came from somewhere down there.
Danny,in here.
I got spatter.
Looks like blood.
I think we just found our primary crime scene.
What do you think it is? No idea.
Eight dots forming a rhombus.
I suppose it could be a prison tattoo with some sort of secret message.
We already ran him.
He had no criminal history.
Eight dots had to mean something to him.
If he's an astronomy buff,the dots could represent the eight planets, though to me,there will always be nine.
I was very fond of Pluto.
What else you got? Timothy Leary claimed there were eight circuits of consciousness.
I was referring to your autopsy findings,Sid.
You had some questions.
Uh,that I do.
Wound characteristics indicate he was shot at close range with this.
Nine mil.
Full metal jacket.
Jacketed rounds are designed to pierce armor.
This bullet should have gone clean through our vic,but it didn't even make it halfway.
I know,it doesn't make any sense.
This entry wound is also larger than it shod be.
Which brings me to question number two.
The vic was also stabbed in the same location that he was shot.
What do you make of that? Two perps-- one with a gun,one with a knife? Or maybe one perp who felt the need for a little overkill.
Either weapon could have caused COD by exsanguination.
It's this type of causality dilemma that has stumped philosophers for years.
Which came first-- the chicken or the egg? Or in this case,the knife or the gun? All right,thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You okay? My uncle Frank had heart attack.
He's dead.
I'm sorry,buddy.
I just talked to him on Sunday.
He was talking about hisummer visit.
He comes every July.
Yeah,yeah,I know,I remember.
You guys were tight.
You know,when I graduated from med school, my uncle Frank made thisign and he put it on his front lawn, and it said: "This is the home of the very proud uncle of Dr.
Sheldon Hawkes.
" Funeral's day after tomorrow.
All right,well,you know what? Don't worry about anything,all right? I got your back.
I'm sorry,buddy.
All right.
I appreciate you picking up some of the slack when Hawkes goes out of town.
Oh,yeah,well,I'm in between girlfriends at the moment,so I got a lot of time on my hands.
Oh,rry,that's too much information.
So how we doing on that nine-millimeter Sid pulled from our vic? Ran it through ballistics,and the rifling characteristics are consistent with a German Luger, but this is where it gets weird.
Okay,the bullet's core was steel.
Most bullets have a lead core.
Well,our bullet's old school,all right,manufactured in the early 1940s by a company called Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken.
That could explain why the bullet didn't penetrate further into our vic.
Gunpowder deteriorates over time especially when the ammo's not properly stored.
So if the bullet's old,maybe we should be looking for an old gun.
What do you have so far? The 48 minute call you found in progress originating from the vic's phone around TOD went to voice mail, so Flack subpoenaed the phone records and we got a recording.
What are you doing here? That's our vic-- I ran a voice comparison to his outgoing message and I got a match.
The rest gets interesting.
What the hell is that? What do you think you're doing? And the rest is just reactions,chaos,us showing up.
Got a cell phone with an outgoing call in progress.
How long has it been active? That's pretty much it.
Nothing audio-wise on our shooter.
What about the person who received the call? You ready for this? You're going to love it.
Michael Elgers? Everyone's favorite Neo-Nazi.
Turns out Xander called him twice before the call you just heard, and according to the phone records,he answered both of those calls.
So maybe he was a witness.
It doesn't add up.
I mean,a guy who works on Madison Avenue associating with a low-life skinhead? Maybe it's less an association and more an affiliation.
Danny,pull up those pictures that Sid took of the vic's tattoo.
Yo,what are you doing here? Thought you were on your way to Michigan.
Flight's delayed three hours.
Figured work would help me take my mind off things.
Where you headed? I'm headed to interview a potential witnes Mind if I tag along? Actually,I don't know if you want to do that.
Why? What's up? It's Michael Elgers.
So he's a racist.
That's his problem,not mine.
Michael Elgers? Can I help you? We'd like to talk to you about Xander Green.
I wasn't talking to you.
Oh,don't be stupid.
You see who we are.
How do I know Nation of Islam over there didn't steal his ID? What did I just say? I got work to do,pigs,so make it fast.
Talk to Xander Green recently? I don't know no Xander Green.
Then why'd he call you three times yesterday? Are you saying I'm a liar? Bet your ass I am.
First you come into my shop uninvited and then you insult me? You better watch your mouth.
You better back off.
Don't make me put an arm on you.
I'm done talking to you.
And you-- you got some dice coming in here.
Next time you do,you show a little respect.
Get over here.
You're under arrest for harassment.
Come on,man,it's not like I strung him up in a tree.
I want a lawyer.
I want to win the lotto.
That cannoli-eating punk assaulted me.
I hear different.
I hear you resisted arrest.
Ask the negro what happened.
Sorry,pal,I don't speak ignorant.
But I tell you what What a scumbag.
Yeah,we knew that going in.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You gave him exactly what he wanted,Danny,and that piece of garbage isn't worth it.
He resisted arrest.
I know that,but I'm not the one who needs convincing,and Internal Affairs is just the first stop.
If the ACLU gets wind of this,they're going to have a field day.
We got a skinhead claiming police brutality, and the only witness is yours truly,an African-American.
Geez,I know how it looks.
There's no way I was gonna let him get away with what he did.
Danny,guys like Elgers,they like to push buttons.
Doing nothing might have sent a stronger message.
So you took e high road.
Is that it? Oh,come on,man.
Look I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think all of this happened for a reason,okay? Elgers surfacing today as a witness,today of all days, and my plane getting delayed,and you and I going to question him together.
Maybe this is my Uncle Frank testing me to see if I learned something from him.
My uncle was in Memphis the day Dr.
King was assassinated.
Couldn't have been more than ten years old.
And his whole life,he was on the front lines of racism and he never let it intimidate him.
That's why I couldn't let Elgers g not today.
Not today.
I got a plane to catch.
All right.
All right.
You're a lawyer? Try again.
Another pig.
What,did you guys run out of welfare recipients to protect,so you got to hassle me? I already said I'm done talking.
Then,shut up.
My name is MaTaylor.
I'm a detective.
I run the New York Crime Lab.
Earlier today,you assaulted one of my men.
What the hell happened to this country? Back in the day,you and me,we'd never be having this conversation.
Back in the day,I would have shot your racist ass.
Oh,so you're super white man,is that it? Niggers,zipperheads,little queer faggots.
You save them all.
Except crackers like you.
Between jobs,you just sit on a stoop all day bitching about people who've actually done something with their lives.
Do you think I need some fancy job or diploma to tell me I'm somebody? Any beaner can get an education in this country.
I'm fourth generation American.
That's all the success I need.
That don't mean a man can't ask for more from time to time.
Now,get me my lawyer,'cause that chucker-loving punk with a badge assaulted me, and he's got to pay.
You'll get your lawyer.
Just know this cuts both ways.
There's still that harassment charge against you.
There's no law against spitting on an animal.
For some,that might be true.
They'd be back on the street by now.
For you,that charge carries quite a bit of weight.
What the hell are you talking about? The two years you owe New York State if I decide to push a parole violation.
Even without the diploma,I imagine you see where this is going.
What do you want from me? I want to know about your relationship with Xander Green.
There's no "bromance," if that's what you mean.
Xander's a friend.
Was-- he's dead.
Well,if Xander's dead,I had nothing to do with it.
You weren't approached as a suspect.
Then,why am I here,besides a crap harassment charge? Yesterday,Xander called you three times.
The first two times,you picked up.
The third time,it went to voice mail.
You want to tell me about that? That fool used to ass dial me all the time.
I thought he was trying to reach me,but then I realized what was going on, so the third call,I just let it go to voice mail.
You hear anything on the first two calls you picked up? I didn't hang with it very long,but I thought I heard Xander arguing with somebody.
Any idea who? Uh,he mentioned some kike named Ari or Abe Abraham-- I-I don't know.
Call me Abraham.
According to Felix Marshall,the auction house,you were a guest at their auction yesterday? Yes,I was there.
Well,a witness heard your name mentioned during an altercation with an appraiser,Xander Green.
Xander Green is a ganef,a thief.
He told me he would appraise the piece of jewelry I was selling for more than it was worth.
I am not interested in cheating anyone.
Keep your mouth shut.
I'll make you very rich.
You can ask him yourself,but I imagine he'll deny our conversation for fear of losing his job.
I'm afraid he no longer has to worry about that.
Xander Green was murdered yesterday during the auction.
Abraham,tell me about the rest of your night.
Detective,I wish I could help you,but I left after the preview.
You didn't stay around to see how much your piece sold for? The item I gave Mr.
Green to sell belonged to my late wife.
It was her most prized possession.
She loved wearing it.
I could not bear to see it go to some stranger.
Klein,why did you sell it if it meant so much to you? I see you wear a watch.
Most people today,they don't see the need.
They have clocks and everything else right on their cell phones.
What I do,there isn't much use for it anymore.
But that doesn't stop my son,David.
He wanted to be close to me,so he asked me to teach him.
And now what does he have? In five years,this place will be gone.
What happens to David and his family then? I didn't want to part with it but my wife's jewel yesterday sold for over $300,000 without cheating anyone.
That money will help when the time comes.
Oh,very good work.
David,say hello to Detective Mac Taylor.
Everything all right? It's nothing,nothing.
Uh,David,be sure and finish cleaning Mr.
Polanski's pocket watch.
My boy.
How did you get those scratches? These scratches? After our conversation,Mr.
Green tried to throw me out of his office.
Would you,uh,mind if I photograph them? Of course not.
Can you pull up your sleeve,please? Like that? I was in Auschwitz.
It was a very long timago.
Did Mr.
Green ever share any of his anti-Semitic views? I never told Mr.
Green I was Jewish.
I don't find it necessary to advertise that.
Maybe it was the camp that changed things.
When I came to this country,I had no desire to be a religious man.
But my son makes up for both of us.
He says,"Pop we must remember.
" I say sometimes,it's better to forget.
Here you go,Mac.
Go for it.
You're right.
Wound pattern's identical.
Weapon like this could be what killed Xander.
You ever seen anything like it? known to carry flintlocks with bayonets and the British had the Webley revolver.
There was also this nasty looking pistol called the Apache.
Combination gun,knife and knuckle-duster.
French gangs used to use it in the early 1900s.
Only we're looking for an old Luger with a bayonet affixed to the bottom of the barrel.
Apparently,there we some Nazis who liked to make their own.
And since our ammo dates back to the 1940s Our neo-Nazi could've been killed with an old Nazi weapon.
If it is our murder weapon,rules out the possibility of two perps.
Also answers the chicken and the egg question.
And why one of the tears in the wound was so big.
The blade came first.
That is some seriously sadistic behavior,right? I mean,why not just shoot him and be done with it? Taylor.
On my way.
Somebody just broke into the vic's apartment.
Coincidence? Could be our killer.
Whatever he was looking for just might be our motive.
So,the neighbor came home,saw that the door broken,knew that the vic was dead,called 911.
Intruder must've heard her,'cause then he ran.
Place doesn't look tossed.
Maybe our guy ran out of time.
Or maybe he knew where to find whate was looking for.
Flack Take a look at this wear mark.
Someone moved the bookcase.
We just found our closet Nazi's closet.
Take this.
esther schnitzler Please tell me those aren't what I think they are.
All this stuff's from the Holocaust,isn't it? Xander was celebrating their genocide.
Mac! I just got a hit off one of the prints I lifted off the broken door lock.
Michael Elgers.
That was fast.
He just got released.
Obviously,he misses us.
Stop! What part of "freeze" don't you understand? I told you.
I didn't touch Xander Green.
We were friends.
Yeah? Let's go! Hey,boss.
You gotta see this.
One of these could be our murder weapon.
"Men's leather shoes,size nine,taken in Treblinka.
" "Child's doll,fair condition.
Found buried with bodies in Dachau.
$6,500"? They're auctioning off items belonging to victims of the Holocaust.
That's why Elgers tried to get into Xander's secret closet.
I think we just found our motive.
So,Elgers killed Xander to steal his collection and to sell it to the highest bidder.
Case closed.
So,you say you found these items hidden in your murder victim's apartment? Along with a lamp shade that DNA confirms was made of human skin.
Comprised of various tattoos that were sewn together? The commandant of Buchenwald,hisife,would order Jews to line up naked, and when she saw a tattoo she liked, she had the skin removed and tanned to be made into lamp shades for her home.
Two years ago I heard about one that was traded on the black market for over $10,000.
That's why I' requested that the NYPD make this a priority.
They'll find the buyers and sellers,make the appropriate arrests.
Whatever items might be recovered,perhaps there's a waywe can get them back to the families.
Six million were killed,Detective.
And only 900,000 survived.
I'm afraid the odds of finding family are slim.
But we have spent the past two decades taping testimonials of Holocaust survivors.
Let's see if Esther Schnitzler is referenced in one of those.
How do you know about Buchenwald? My father mentioned it when I was a kid.
He was an army man.
He said he helped liberate the camp in 1945.
Didn't say much more than that,so,I went to the library.
Looks like there's several mentions of an Esther Schnitzler in an interview with her cousin,Hannah.
When we first got to the camp, we were marched to an area where they shaved our heads,took our clothes.
On the way there,there was a big ditch filled with bodies.
That's where I saw Esther.
She'd been shot in the head.
Nearby was her husband,children all dead.
I remember thinking,that can't be them.
Esther arranged to escape.
There was a young German boy,a neighbor.
Klaus Braun was his name.
And he told Esther that he could help her and her family get out of Germany.
Oh,for a price.
But back then,the Nazis,they they took everything.
Only thing Esther had left was a brooch.
She managed to hide it.
So beautiful.
get in and stay quiet stay quiet thank you we have to hurry it will be day soon do you have it? god watch over you for this The boy was going to drive them to the border and from there,Esther and her family would escape on foot.
Only he didn't drive them to the border.
He took them to Auschwitz.
Klaus' father was SS and Klaus was Hitler-Jugend.
Like father,like son.
Back then,one could make good money turning Jews over to the Nazis.
I'm afraid that's all there is.
And I guess this is all that's left of that woman's cousin.
Is it possible to get a copy of the testimonial? It'll help the DA when the case goes to court.
Of course.
Here you go.
Lesnick,I appreciate your time.
I'll be in touch.
Detective,what you've done here today,by pledging to hp us,we call that a mitzvah.
An act of human kindness.
Thank you.
How did it go with Internal Affairs? Two week suspension.
No pay.
Department's got no problem bending me over to do right by this murdering bigot.
We live in a litigious society,Danny.
Right or wrong,everybody's got rights.
The upside to this suspension is though, I get to spend time with my new wife before our little bambina arrives.
That's a good idea.
I'll be here when you get back.
You always are.
I don't like that look.
What is it? We're back at square one.
Adam tried to assemble the murder weapon from what we g at Elgers' place and nothing.
He tried every permutation.
Maybe Elgers got rid of it.
Flack ran Elgers' alibi for the time that Xander Green was killed.
It checked out.
Our skinhead was across town at TOD.
So,he's not the killer.
What about the witnesses you interviewed? According to them,the last person to see Xander alive was a model named Cody King.
And before you ask,her alibi checks out.
She was at the auction when Xander was shot.
Wait a minute.
Enlarge that again.
I've seen this piece of jewelry before.
It's the same piece.
Where's that inventory list the auction house gave us? I want to know who it belonged to.
Uh,it says Abraham Klein.
He consigned the brooch.
What is it? In 1942,that brooch was given to a boy named Klaus Braun.
He was a member of Hitler Youth.
Then how did a Jewish clockmaker get it? Abraham Klein is Klaus Braun.
Listen,Detective,I We found this journal in Xander Green's house.
It belonged to a Holocaust victim named Esther Schnitzler.
You remember her? I'm sorry,Detective,I don't.
Well,you may have tried to forget,but you know who I'm talking about.
I know no one by that name.
It was a long time ago.
So many died.
But how many at your hands Braun? What are you talking about? You seem to have me confused with someone else.
Who is Braun? That's him.
That's Klaus Braun.
His father Ernst was an engineer,helped build the crematoria at Auschwitz.
Very efficient.
Could turn 90 corpses to ash at a time.
Xander Green recognized this brooch from Esther's journal when you brought it to him,didn't he? Didn't he? But Xander didn't turn you in to the authorities.
Why not? Did he try to blackmail you,is that it? Trying to get you to share some of the brooch money? You couldn't risk someone like Xander knowing your secret,so you killed him.
No! You're wrong! I did no such thing.
This is you-- Klaus Braun-- in 1942,in your hometown of Strausberg,Germany.
In 1942,I was living in the Warsaw Ghetto.
You're lying.
From 1941 till 1943,you were a member of Hitler Youth, a paramilitary organization of the Hitler party assigned to round up Jews trying to escape the Final Solution.
When we enlarged this photo,we found the murder weapon you used to kill Xander Green.
Detectives are on their way to your house right now with a warrant.
I guarantee you,we will find that weapon.
Detective! I have done nothing wrong! How can I be a Nazi when I have this? This is proof! No.
This is proof.
Lou Sokolov.
I'm sure you remember him.
He and a few assistants tattooed every prisoner in Auschwitz from mid -'42 until the war ended.
This is their work.
The handwriting on your arm doesn't match.
bet if I take a sample of this ink,it won't come back as Koh-I-Noor,the brand used at the camps.
You did this tattoo yourself.
That's ridiculous.
I am a Jew! You saw my son,David.
He is a Jew! Because he thought you were! And that God had saved you! He was probably so grateful that you had survived the atrocities of the Holocaust.
What he didn't know,is that you helped perpetrate them.
You lied to your family.
Your friends.
But you had no choice,did you? After the war,you had to go into hiding.
And so you pretended to be what you despise the most so you could get into this country and elude discovery and capture! And it worked for almost 60 years.
Until you sold this brooch.
And then something intervened.
Personally,I like to think it was God.
I don't know why you think these things.
Enough! Enough.
This is over,Braun.
It's over.
My name is Abraham Klein! Your name is Klaus Braun.
Don't bother denying it! There are men from the Israeli government here to verify your identity.
You have something to say,Braun? Do you have something to say?! We should have killed them all.
David! thought you might want to see this I was sleeping on the floor.
I don't know for how many days and when he woke me,I got scared.
I thought he was one of the camp soldiers.
The SS all knew the war was ending,and they tried to eliminate as many Jews as they could.
But there was something different about this man standing over me.
I could see it in his eyes.
And his uniform.
He was an American.
So young.
I could tell the sight of me was too much.
I was bald,maybe 80 pounds, but this man,he was careful not to look as horrified as I'm sure he was.
He wanted me to come with him,but my legs wouldn't move.
I was too weak,so he carried me out of the barracks.
And he gave me his jacket,something to eat.
A Hershey bar.
I took one bite and that was all my empty stomach could handle.
But nothing has ever tasted better.
His goodness put back a little of the faith I had lost.
My grandchildren put back the rest.
And what was his name? Taylor.
Private McCanna Boyd Taylor.
Do you know what yahrzeit is,Detective? Tell me.
It's the anniversary of a death of a relative.
Esther's is not for two weeks.
And usually we light these candles in mourning,but this time,it will be in celebration.
Perhaps there's someone you want to honor? My father.
Yees'gadal ve'yees'kadash sh'may rabbah.
B'alma dee v'ra cheer'usey,velyamleech malchu'say.
B'cha'yey'chon U've'yo'mey'chon U'v'cha'yei d'chol Beis Yisroel Ba'agala ba'agala U'veez'man Amein.