CSI: NY s05e24 Episode Script

Grounds For Deception

Previously on CSI: New York: ??? ?? Ah, Professor P.
Does the name Sebastian Diakos mean anything to you? Pleasure to meet you.
What about George Kolovos? How can I be of assistance? Those men should be in jail for antiquity smuggling.
These men are ruthless.
Turn around and you die! Mac doesn't know.
He already asked me to stand down.
Communication's got a 911 from an unidentified female caller.
When units responded, they found Sebastian Diakos murdered.
Let me take it.
I'm sorry, Stella.
What I said before still stands.
I can't have you investigating this.
I'm gonna handle this one personally.
-==ÆÆÀÃÐÜÀÖÔ°ÇãÇé·îÏ×==- ±¾×ÖÄ»½ö¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; You lied to me, Stella.
It wasn't my intent.
Then why didn't you tell me you'd found Sebastian Diakos dead? I had to find out from NYPD Communications.
I gave you a direct order to leave the Diakos investigation to me.
You chose to ignore it.
I made a decision, Mac, and frankly, I would make the same decision again.
I got a tip that he was on the move, so I took action.
What you did was make it personal.
It is personal.
He tried to kill me.
You stepped way out of bounds on this one and you know it.
You're a detective and you make an anonymous call alerting the police to Diakos's apparent murder.
That's grounds for suspension! Or at least a desk assignment! You have any idea of the position you've put me in? Oh, yes, I do.
You know what, I'm gonna make this easier for you.
·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é ŦԼ µÚÎå¼¾µÚ24¼¯ ·­Ò룺¸öÈËID У Ô£º¸öÈËID ʱ¼äÖ᣺ÀïÖª Chelsea University's Hellenic Club put on plays in the park every spring.
These gods and goddesses stepped right out of one tragedy into another.
Looks like we have quite a few witnesses.
The audience saw the whole thing, only in silhouette.
First they thought it was part of the performance.
And the only descriptions I'm getting are "two dark figures in a struggle and a long sharp object.
" Any of the actors recognize the vic? No and no I.
looks like exsanguination from two apparent stab wounds.
You find the murder weapon? Searching the area now.
You're looking for something cylirical, one inch wide.
Annular wounds indicate that the blade would be thickest at the hilt.
We have an address.
Unfortunately, it's not the victim's.
I don't know why my home address was in his pocket.
You're here as a witness, Stella.
I need the truth.
You know the victim? Let me rephrase that.
How do you know this guy? His name is George Kolovos.
He was a consultant with the Greek embassy And he's Sebastian Diakos's partner.
Mac, I know how this looks.
You do? You lied to me, Stella.
This is the case you lied about.
Now, a man you claim is the partner of Diakos is found dead with your home address in his pocket.
You owe me an explanation.
And something better than what you're giving me here.
Look, Mac, I am just as confused as you are.
This is not easy texplain.
All I know is that that vic, George Kolovos, should be in a Cypriot jail right now.
Why is that? In my attempt to prove that Sebastian Diakos was the one who attacked me I learned that both he and Kolovos were running an antiquities smuggling ring.
The Cypriot government was on the hunt for Kolovos, so, I I delivered him.
You do know I have diplomatic immunity? Wait.
Wait, where are you going? Wait! Come back here! You let me out of here! Let me out! He's all yours.
Let's make a deal! I was told that he would be arrested and detained.
How and when he got back to New York, I don't know.
Why did he come back? Revenge.
And the guy who killed him just might have saved your life.
I recovered this fragment from Mr.
I thought it was a piece of the vic's bone that might have chipped off during the attack, but I found no evidence of a fracture.
In fact, this first injury didn't sever any vital organs or major arteries.
So it immobilized him, but didn't kill him.
He could have survived.
It was the second stab wound that was fatal.
You can see it here in the comparison of our two stab wounds.
It took a lot of force to go that deep.
Punctured the heart.
Although the wounds are identical in circular shape and come from the same weapon, tissue around the second wound is irregular.
Indicating that the knife penetrated all the way to the hilt of the weapon, possibly causing subdermal bruising? Precisely.
The force of the fatal stabbing left this bruising behind.
The ornate hilt of a knife.
That made a deadly first impression.
Whoa, easy there, Priapus.
You wouldn't want to hurt a mere mortal.
Pria-who? Priapus.
The male god of virility? Oh, that's what I call him.
That's right, huh? All right, well, my personal weapon aside, I managed to piece together and analyze several remnants of the white substance that Doc found at the scene.
It looks like our murder weapon was concealed in plaster.
And it had an imprint.
Adam, you score anything impressive? As a matter of fact, uh, no.
The brown residue that Hawkes collected from the vic's shirt just turned out to be coffee grounds.
How's Lucy? She's great.
Her first visit to the lab is a big hit.
What, uh, what's Blake doing right now? Oh, he's so good with babies.
She adores him.
No, she doesn't adore him.
The only man in her life is me.
Oh Hey, buddy! Don't you have some DNA to look at? Wait out, Blake, here comes daddy! beautiful litle girl.
Looks like there's some sort of engraving.
It's Greek lettering.
It's on several of these raised points.
And see how the ornate hilt of the knife is completed by the bruise pattern on the victim's back? Oh, yeah.
This looks like the other half of the impression that Sid got off Kolovos' body.
It's a perfect match.
Hey, Flack.
Have you seen Angell? S's out of town for a few days.
Listen, when she gets back, can you tell her I need to talk to her about Kolovos? Kolovos? The Central Park vic? Yeah.
Come here for a second.
Look, Jess didn't tell me any of the details, just that the two of you were working on something, but if this involves her, I'd like you to tell me what it is because I care about her.
I know you do.
This isn't about Jess.
She's fine.
She was just helping me out, Flack.
How? It started a couple of months ago, when I was trying to find out who tacked me.
I followed a trail and uncovered a smuggling ring.
Sebastian Diakos and George Kolovos were part of it.
They were smuggling Greek artifacts and selling them in the U.
Is there anything else I should know? Anything I should do? Tell Jess that Kolovos is dead and she should step back.
??? I thought you were no longer working on the smuggling case.
It's a murder case now.
These are very dangerous men you're asking about.
That's why I've come to you.
You know the antiquities world betterhan anyone.
George Kolovos is dead.
It is a shame someone had to die.
I put Kolovos on a Cypriot registered ship headed for Cyprus, and somehow he ended up back here, dead, with my home address in his pocket.
Stella mou, I warned you about how dangerous those men were.
Let it go coreetsy mou.
You know, these men you talk about- who are they? Why would they want Kolovos dead and how would they know about me? I don't know.
In order for him to get back into this country, Kolovos had to know someone powerful.
Someone connected to the Cypriot government.
You have friends in those circles.
You must have heard other names associated to the smuggling ring.
No, no, nothing.
I'm so sorry, Stella.
I I wish I knew more.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's just that I think of you as t man with all the answers.
I'll never forget the first time you came to St.
Basil's Academy.
It was your birthday.
Ever since then, you've always been my guardian angel.
yesyes I am.
And don't you forget that.
The bruising on our vic and the ornate hilt of the dagger combine to form the golden star of Vergina.
It was the symbol for the ancient kingdom of Macedon.
What? What are you doing here? Where's Lucy? She's in Ballistics analyzing striae.
Look, I have been here exactly two hours.
I'm leaving in 40 minutes.
I just wanted to fill in a few blanks on the case.
You are paying me to work part-time.
Besides, this lab would fall apart without me.
Okay, according to the translations I've read, these symbols read Aristotle, Homer, Leonidas, Achilles, Hercules, Dionysus, Mieza, and Pella.
Now, Pella was the capital of ancient Macedon and it was the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
Now, as Greek legend goes, these particular engravings were located on one specific star.
It was used to decorate an ornate dagger crafted of ivory and gold.
was apparently the most valuable thing to be buried with Alexander the Great.
I guess it was going to prepare him for battle in the afterlife.
Wait, you're not saying that our murder weapon is that dagger.
Lindsay the location of Alexander's tomb is one of the most famous archeological mysteries of all time.
No one's ever found it.
If they had, we'd know about it.
You guys are going to want to see this.
Sid pulled this out of our vic's stab wound.
Thought it might be bone.
I ran it through SEM.
It's ivory.
The shape is a match to the dagger- to the ivory in the blade.
Explains how it ended up inside the vic's wound.
And check this out.
I carbon-dated the ivory and it came back to approximately 300 B.
That is a piece of history.
Ancient history.
So after a diaper change, Lucy and I lifted a partial print and got a match.
To someone dead or alive? This guy's breathing and living in New York.
What are youoing he, Stell? It's personal; I should be asking you that question.
I mean, this can't be a coincidence.
Kosta Papakota is a suspect in Kolovos' murder.
What? That's insane.
If you know something, Stella, you should tell us.
What I know is that the professor has nothing to do with this.
Actually, his prints are on the plaster cast of our murder weapon, Stella, and we got a positive match to Chelsea University instructor database.
So faculty advisor at the Hellenic Club could put him at the park.
This has got to be some kind of a mistake.
Guys, I've known this man since I was a kid.
He got me out of foster care.
He practically saved my life.
There is no way he's involved in smuggling, let alone murder.
Okay, fine, let's go inside and talk to him.
I'm sure he can clear this all up.
Professor, it's Stella.
He's inside.
I mean, we just got finished talking.
Professor! NYPD! Open up! Oh, come on, Flack, that's not necessary.
Stella, please.
Professor? He's gone.
Don't like the looks of this.
He said he was on his way to Florida to give a lecture.
Oh, yeah? Any reason why he'd use the back door instead of the front? He took his passport.
This is an international code.
Stella, we lost him.
Looks like everybody's in a hurry today.
Congratulations, Stella.
Wh's this? Open it.
From Greece.
I am proud of you, Stella mou.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
In my attempt to prove that Sebastian Diakos was the one who attacked me, I learned that both he and Kolovos were running an an antiquities smuggling ring.
What's going on, Stella? After I deciphered the stamp of authenticity from the matte behind the painting, I ran an Internet search.
Found out the painting was stolen from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Art Museum; an exhibit put together by Professor Papakota in 1977.
We have any idea how the painting ended up in Stella's office? You know, Stella did mention once that it was a gift, but she didn't say where she got it from.
My guess is Professor Papakota.
Yeah, but if she knew it was stolen, she would have never kept it.
Which might explain why she and the painting are both missing right now.
There's got to be a connection.
All right, well, speaking of Greeks bearing gifts, looks like our murder weapon was also smuggled in from Greece.
Trace I lifted from the inside of the plaster containscalcium carbonate and Prunus persica- peach tree root- indigenous to northern Greece.
Papakota's prints on the plaster indicate he could have been involved in smuggling the dagger here from Greece.
What it doesn't do is prove he murdered Kolovos.
Well, maybe this cup you guys found at Professor P's apartment will help.
Now, the trace we found on our vic's shirt was dried Greek coffee grounds, right? Right.
What's one of the main differences between Greek and American coffee? It's not filtered.
The grounds actually sit at the bottom of the coffee cup.
You only drink the top portion of the coffee, leaving your saliva in the grounds.
Along with your DNA.
Now, I compared the DNA from the grounds this cup and the DNA on the grounds that were found on our vic's shirt.
It's a perfect match.
It is the same person's DNA.
All right, well, it's not looking too good for Professor Papakota's tenure.
these samples are a match to each other, Danny.
What we have to prove is a connection to the professor.
Hey, I checked all the major airlines, bus terminals, car rental agencies.
So far, Professor Papakota's in the wind.
But I did manage to track down Stella.
After running her credit cards, I found that her last purchase was with an online travel agency.
??? Do you speak English? Uh a little bit, yes.
My name is Stella Bonasera.
I am Tasso.
Tasso of course.
You're Professor Papakota's brother.
I've heard so much about you.
I'm I'm a friend of Kosta's.
I'm so sorry.
I, uh I I just finish the garden.
Uh, yes.
My brother, he's not here.
He lives in Ameriki.
Uh, Nea Yorki uh, New York.
Yes, yes, I know.
Uh, I believe he's now here in Thessaloniki, and I must speak with him.
Please tell me he is okay, yes? Yes, I I think he is fine.
If you've heard from him, it's important that you tell me.
Uh, no, he, uh no, no, I have heard nothing.
Uh, no.
Okay, well, if you do, please tell him that I'm staying at the Hotel Drakos.
Of course.
Na isseh Kala.
Efxaristo, Yasas.
Professor! Professor, wait! Professor? I can confirm the man second on the left is Kosta Papakota, head of the 1977 restoration project.
That woman over there looks very much like this woman in your photograph.
Mac? Hi.
hi Stella, this is, uh, Areti Moungri of the museum; Christos Temmas of the Greek Intelligence Authority.
I came here straight from theirport.
Why don't you tell them, uh, why we're here? About the artwork.
Oh, right.
Um uh I believe this belongs to your country.
Detective Taylor mentioned you were in possession of the Medusa.
And although I am very happy it has returned home, I must ask how you came to possess in the first place.
It was a gift from someone I thought was a friend.
As I mentioned, Detective Bonasera had no idea the gift was stolen property.
Now that she's here and she knows, she's going to return it.
I can vouch for her- we've worked together for over ten years.
I appreciate this, Detective Taylor, but protocol demands we ask the questions.
Of course.
If you'll excuse me, I will take this for safekeeping.
Tha tous afisis na figouneh? Min stenahoryeseh, tha tous akoloutheesoume.
Kala oti nomizis.
Now you are free to leave the museum, Miss Bonasera.
However, you cannot depart from the country until we have had a chance to fully investigate your claim.
In regards to your murder investigation, Detective I'm completely prepared to work with you and Thessaloniki law enforcement.
I am glad to hear that.
You have been authorized to carry a weapon.
Obviously, I would prefer if you do not use it.
I will phone you.
Thank you.
They didn't just let us go.
Temmas told Areti we'd be followed.
I assumed as much.
Stella, we think the dagger that was used to kill Kolovos was originally from the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.
That's impossible.
Well, there's evidence to suggest it.
The chemical makeup of the soil that we found on the plaster cast is indigenous to this part of Greece.
So Diakos, Kolovos and the professor may have discovered the lost tomb of Alexander somewhere here in Thessaloniki.
That's where the evidence points.
Mac, I know I was wrong to keep investigating the case after you told me to step down.
I'm sorry that I made it difficult for you and for the department.
This isn't about my job or the department.
It was difficult because I care about you.
Thank you.
I know this is personal for you.
I understand that now.
I found trace of the Ancient Macedon Museum's stamp of authenticity on the painting.
I did some digging into the museum and Professor P.
Who's the woman in this photo? I think it might be your mother.
Although they don't identify her.
I did some research.
She was a restoration artist from Naoussa, Gree.
She came to New York with an art exhibit in 1977.
She brought her two-year-old daughter with her on the trip.
A few days after the exhibit, there was a traffic accident.
She was killed instantly.
Professor said he didn't knew my mother.
I mean if this is her, why didn'he ever tell me? It's tough for me to tell you now.
Can't imagine telling a young girl.
Do you really think that Ever since then, you've always been my guardian angel.
He's not a murderer, Mac.
Look, I know that's w you feel, but the DNA doesn't lie, Stella.
A coffee cup was recovered from the professor's apartment.
The DNA and the coffee grounds from the cup match the trace we found on ouric's shirt.
We're trying to confirm a match to the professor.
You don't have to.
He wasn't alone.
Well, you can't be sure of that.
Come on, don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.
No, no.
No, Mac, I The coffee cup from his apartment, I I remember it.
Don't like the looks of this.
It was turned upside down.
You don't ever turn over a Greek coffee cup unless you're going to read the grounds.
It's a type of fortune-telling, and and you never read your own.
The professor must have been reading someone else's grounds.
Mac, send Danny back to the professor's apartment to find evidence to prove it.
If I'm right about this someone else was in his apartment, and the DNA you found wasn't the professor's.
So, Stella was right.
Professor P is not our killer.
Nope, Lindsay compared the reference sample she pulled from his apartment to the DNA we found on our vic.
It's not his dnA, but it is a filial matchto the professor Professor P must have a brother.
He's the one who was drinking coffee.
Yes, and the one who killed Kolovos.
Stella? Freeze! He knew you were closing in on him.
This is why he came after you.
Papakota? Astinomos.
Anixete tin borta.
Ola kathara.
All clear.
Our murder weapon was concealed in plaster.
The items here seem to be consistent with our findings in the U.
This is hard to understand.
Greed is a powerful motive.
It wasn't just greed.
It was disappointment, and ultimately, revenge.
The Papakotas lost their land.
My family once owned a beautiful peach farm.
But one day, my fher found a marble foot.
A marble foot? It was part of a beautiful ancient ruin.
My family did the honorable thing and let the government take the land in exchange for a stipend.
But that money did not last long, and when we found oursels in need there was no place for us to tu.
They blamed the government for ruining their lives.
And chose to plunder your country's riches.
We appreciate all the information that you have shared with us, Detective, but this is our investigation now.
I'm so sorry.
I, uh, I I just finish the garden.
I didn't come all the way to Greece to turn this murder investigation over to you.
It's okay, Mac.
It looks like Detective Temmas has everything under control.
When I first met Tasso, he said he'd been working in the garden.
And he was wearing one of these.
Not a lot of gardens in the city.
I didn't notice one at the house.
Tasso wasn't just digging for geraniums.
We need to share this lead with Temmas.
Look, Mac I don't have my badge.
I'm not here in Greece on official business.
I'm here to get answers.
Answers to questions that I don't believe Temmas would be willing to ask.
I would never expect you to do anything illegal or disregard protocol.
I just I want time to find the professor before Temmas.
Mac, this is my only chance to learn the truth about who I am.
See these white crystals? Mm-hmm.
Trace I lifted from the inside of the plaster contains calcium carbonate and Prunus persica- peach tree root- indigenous to northern Greece.
If that trace in the soil is calcium carbonate, we just might be closer to catching Tasso.
All the world's a lab.
The water in the fountain contains dilute hydrochloric acid.
That should be enough to get us started.
Now all we need is a heat source.
Pure platinum.
Perfect catalyst and a perfect sample holder.
Not exactly what I had in mind when I bought them.
Brick red flame.
We've got calcium carbonate.
Same compound Danny found in the soil from the murder weapon.
Calcium carbonate is the primary ingredient in a pesticide called asvestis.
It was as toxic to humans as it was to bugs.
Then the Greek government would've takent off the market.
Only it looks like someone here is still using it.
There are a lot of farms in Northern Greece.
There sure are.
And here we go.
Got an article written a year ago.
Local peach farmer was fined for using the asvestis pesticide.
They give a name? No.
No, but it was discovered when a tourist ate a piece of tainted fruit while visiting the farm.
It's adjacent to the Agia Maria National Park.
That's about 30 minutes from here.
If we find that farm, we might just find the professor and his brother.
If they know we're on to them, they'll go back to the location where they found the dagger for one last score.
This has got to be the orchard where they use the pesticide.
You all right? Yeah.
Stay here.
Professor! Stop it! All these years I looked up to you.
I believed in you.
And you were nothing.
Nothing but a thief.
We lost everything when we gave up our land.
You didn't just steal artifacts from your country.
u stole from me.
You knew my mother.
You knew her.
You knew who she was.
And you never told me.
Signomi Koritsi mou, I am so sorry.
Your mother I met her here??? She was so beautiful, so talented.
The painting I gave you was the last thing she worked on.
I wanted you to have a part of her with you always.
But, Kosta, you stole it.
Drop your weapon! Professor! Drop it! Stella, you are okay? Okay? Oh, no.
I was going to put them all back.
You do it.
Give Put them back.
Tasso has gone too far.
No one knows.
I loved your mother.
No No No Oh, Mac.
Tasso Papakota was responsible for the murder of George Kolovos.
He was there that night in Central Park.
It is magnificent.
Are you sure it's authentic? What? You think we would lie to you? How dare you question us! You are the one to ruin everything.
You exposed us all when you killed Diakos.
And I could just as easily kill you, old man.
Tasso saved his brother's life in Central Park.
Today, he took it.
Thank you again for your efforts, Detectives.
We are now in the process of relocating all the stolen artifacts from the Papakota home to the museums.
Once we close the case back in New York, you can rest assured that whatever artifacts we recover will be sent back, as well.
You are Greek? Malista.
Kai emeh Naoussea.
I was born here.
Just a a hole in the ground, with some dirt, a few stones.
I tossed the artifacts and the dagger inside.
I- I I don't think I even heard them land.
What happenswhen someone else digs up those treasures? That's up to the Greek government, not me.
I'm really good at this.
Are you ready? I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
Okay, let's see here.
Your psixi has a shadow.
My what? Your psixi.
Your soul.
See, the-the bottom of the cup tells me how you're feeli today.
And when you have a problem, it weighs heavy on your soul.
So I have a problem? Yes, and well, it involves a woman.
See, this woman seems as though you have something that belongs to her.
This item is gold and is worth far more in honor than fortune.
You know, I don't need coffee grounds to see how lucky I am to have you in my life, Mac.
Okay, okay, what do you what do you got in here? See, there you go.
See that right there? That's an "S.
" That would be Stella, the woman in your life who sometimes you adore, and sometimes she drives you crazy.