CSI: NY s05e25 Episode Script

Pay Up (1)

Get out! Get out now! * Am I a hustla? * This must be the hustla's anthem * If it start off soft,I can turn it hard * Then hit the boulevard in a drop top with a broad * I walk the green import and push fast cars * With a fetish for fake wads and Cuban cigars * Yo,peep the way I do it, I'm young,fly and flashy * I'm so L.
,so hood and so classy * Lookin' for that good stuff?Don't hesitate task me * Bet I got what you need so be sure to run it past me * Disrespect get checked, snatch you up by the neck * Young money tryin' to be the man too quick * Homey,this ain't checkers,this a game of chess * Why do I do it like this?'Cause you like it like this * Talk a lot of mess 'cause I do it the best * Some of y'all don't like me but you give me respect * When I'm lyin' in the grave I guess I'll give it a rest * Why do I do it like this? 'Cause you like it like this You can't keep coming around here like this,Flack.
You trying to get me killed? You kidding me? Why would I want to make more work for myself? Yo,I'm not playing,yo.
Well,move to the Upper East Side and we won't have this problem.
What you got for me now,huh? You want me to rat on the kid who stole the test in my eighth grade math class? Or better yet,my grandma.
She's been putting Canadia coins in the laundry machine again.
You do this one last thing and we're through.
- I heard that before.
- Open it.
Deactivation? Yo,is this real? You're a free man.
Sign at the bottom,and you and me,we're done.
I was just about to put you in my Fave Five,too.
- I can tear it up.
- Nah,I'm good.
And read the fine print.
I still reserve the right to make your life miserable.
Tonight-- you,me, a bottle of wine.
I'll wear that black negligee I know you like.
- Mom? - Never mind.
What are you doing? Breaking up with an old friend.
You? Babysitting.
Taking Connor Dunbrook over to the grand jury.
With a murder rap hanging over his head,he decided to save his own ass and testify against daddy.
It'll be enough to put Robert Dunbrook away for at least 20 years.
The good son's treating us to breakfast.
Oh,yeah?Let me guess-- Tillary Diner,two eggs over easy,turkey bacon on the crispy side,glass of O.
Am I that predictable? Yes,you're that predictable.
All right,well,tonight sounds great.
I'll pick up some stuff,I'll be over to your place about Jess! Get out now! Get out! All units,numerous reports of shots fired inside the Tillary Diner.
Possible escaped prisoner Jess! Jess! Jess! Hey,babe.
Hey,hey, will you look at me.
Hey,I'm here.
Where's the ambulance? You're going to be all right.
Okay? You're going to be all right.
Everything's going to be all right.
I got you.
I got you.
I need help! Help me open the door! Get the door! Help me get her in the car! Drive! Drive! Hang in there, Jess.
Stay with me.
I got you.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ µ°¸â¸â Season05 Episode25 Pay Up Stay with us.
Stay with us,Jess.
Call trauma surgery.
Get me four units of O-neg.
We need a central line and chest X-ray,stat.
She's tough,Mac.
She'll pull through.
Nine millimeter,standard issue.
She went down fighting.
Emptied her clip.
Got a .
50 caliber hollow point.
Found a bunch of .
45's over there.
These guys weren't fooling around.
Every witness said the same thing.
Truck comes barreling through.
Two guys dressed in all black get out.
Two others follow them inside.
The two from the truck start firing.
The other two made a beeline for Conner Dunbrook.
- Took him hostage.
- Smash and grab.
Once they grabbed him,they fled to a black Hummer that was waiting outside.
No plates.
Took off down Tillary, made a right on Flatbush.
We've got every officer in the city looking for that car.
Connor was due to testify against his father in the grand jury today.
If his son decided to testify against him, Dunbrook has all the motive and certainly the means to pull this off.
And the transfer to the courthouse was probably the only opportunity.
Without any physical evidence,all the motive in the world isn't going to do us any good.
We need to find something that connects Dunbrook to the gunmen.
Man,there's got to be an easier way.
Not if Connor was holed up in jail.
Is Flack at the hospital? Look,I know we all want to be with Angell,but we got to stay focused if we're gonna track these guys down.
Lindsay,you and I will take ballistics.
Hawkes,you take the truck.
Anything that can give us a name or location.
If Dunbrook's behind this,he's still in the city, and he's waiting for the bastards who did this.
- Taylor! - Hold on,sir.
- Taylor! - This is a crime scene.
You can't come in here.
Him,right there.
Mac Taylor! I want to talk to him! My son was in your custody.
You were responsible for his safety.
- Just take it easy.
- What,take it easy? Look at this place.
How the hell does something like this happen? - Maybe you can tell me.
- Are you serious? You think I had something to do with this? What the hell is wrong with you,Taylor? That's twice you've accused me of murder, and now you think I was involved in the shooting of a police officer.
How did you know a police officer was shot? I was across the street at the courthouse.
And now you show up at the crime scene like you don't know squat.
Your son was minutes away from testifying against you in the grand jury.
I swear to God,if you had something to do with this, you better hope that somebody other than me comes to arrest your ass.
You're a piece of work,Taylor.
My son was abducted at gunpoint and now you're threatening me.
It's nice to know the NYPD has a victim's best interest at heart.
- Answer your phone.
- Dunbrook.
What do you think? I think he'll lead us to wherever Conner is.
Let's get a warrant to track his movements.
"Jigsaw Falling into Place" * Just as you take my hand * Just as you write my number down * Just as the drinks arrive * Just as they play your favorite song * As your bad mood disappears * No longer wound up like a spring * Before you've had too much * Come back in focus again * Before you run away from me * Before you're lost between the notes * The beat goes round and round * The beat goes round and round * I never really got there * I just pretended that I had * What's the point of instruments * Words are a sawed-off shotgun * Come on and let it out * Come on and let it out * Come on and let it out * Come on and let it out * Before you run away from me * Before you're lost between the notes * Just as you take the mic * Just as you dance,dance,dance * Dance,dance,dance,dance Linds,put the word out to every hospital in the area.
We're looking for a cop shooter with a nine mill in him.
* Jigsaw falling into place * There is nothing to explain * Regard each other as you pass * She looks back,you look back * Not just once * Not just twice * Wish away the nightmare * Wish away the nightmare * You've got a light,you can feel it on your back * A light you can feel it on your back * Jigsaw falling Into place.
She's gone.
A short while ago, Jessica Angell passed awayay from injuries suffered in the line of duty.
She was a damn good cop who displayed exceptional bravery,honor and devotion while keeping the people of this city safe.
She fought hard.
What's important now is that we fight equally as hard to find the cowards who did this.
You're the eyes and ears of this department.
I want you pressing every informant,every new arrest, every crook who owes you a favor.
Rattle cages,do what you have to do.
No one pulls off a job like this without leaving some footprints.
We have proud history in the NYPD.
When one of our own is taken from us we always get our man.
Now go out and do what you do best.
Her family's counting on us.
Mac,couple of uniforms just found the Hummer those bastards took off in.
It was abandoned on Jay street near the Manhattan Bridge.
- Any witnesses? - They're not holding anyone.
Call 'em back.
No one touches the car until we get there.
No one.
Don,I'm so sorry.
I-I wish there was something I could say or do or How weak and fruitless must be any word of mine.
I appreciate that,Sid.
She was a big fan of yours.
We have any idea who did this? Not yet.
But trust me,we will.
And God help him.
Sid,I can't bear the thought of her being autopsied.
Hey,I'll be with her the whole way.
And,uh Okay.
Here he comes.
Dunbrook? I thought you said he went upstairs.
Well,now he's downstairs.
He's headed right toward the car.
I'm not done yet.
I still need to hook up the audio.
- Adam,get out of there.
- I need another second.
- You don't have another second.
- Stella,do something! Done.
Don't move.
Stay put.
Looks like somebody got a piece of these scumbags as they took off,huh? Nine millimeter.
Should have gone right through.
I need to be here.
Armored with ballistic steel panels in the doors.
Bulletproof tires.
This thing's completely tricked out,Mac.
These guys were prepared for the worst.
These are high-end military specs.
Angell tagged one 'em before he got in the car.
- Looks like he was bleeding badly.
- Atta girl.
- What is that stuff? - Artificial blood.
Contains up to 50 times more oxygen than regular blood.
Military uses it for trauma situations.
50 caliber hollow point bullets,armored Humvee, in and out of the diner in 30 seconds while killing a cop and taking Connor Dunbrook What are we dealing with here,Mac? If they're military, better get ready for war.
Lindsay,tell me you got something.
Not much.
Three of our guys were using .
The guy who shot Jess was using this type of gun,a .
50 caliber Desert Eagle.
Gun like that,she never had a chance.
No prints on any of the casings,and I ran the bullets through IBIS,no match.
Damn it! Every minute that passes, these bastards get farther away.
So what about the blood at the scene?The guy that Angell hit-- - was he in the system? - No.
- Did you get anything? - Nothing good.
The hair I recovered from the truck? It's a bat hair.
Yeah,that was the look on my face when I figured it out.
Now,there was a white,powdery fungus on the hair called Geomyces.
Apparently,bats in New York and all over the Northeast are dying from something called "white-nose syndrome.
" So they must have tracked that into the cab.
Maybe that can help us pinpoint where they're holding Connor Dunbrook.
I'm compiling a list of known locations where the fungus has been found.
I can't believe she's gone.
We're going to get them,Lindsay.
We're going to get them.
Dunbrook's on the move again.
- He left about 15 minutes ago.
- From where? His apartment.
Now,these are all the locations he's been? Yeah.
We saw him here first,at his office.
We know he was in a hurry and he left with two empty duffel bags.
Then he went to his lawyer's office.
Maybe for a quick discussion about countries with no extradition treaty? I think you're right.
He went directly from there to the bank.
Probably filled up the duffel bags with cash, then he made a quick pit stop at his apartment.
And now he's on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens.
Adam,go east on the map.
Mac? Dunbrook's fleeing.
He's headed toward the airport.
- You think he's got Connor in there? - And a jet.
Two of them are going to be airborne before backup gets here.
Hold up.
I'm getting something on the transmitter.
Right on time.
You bring the money? - Where's my son? - He's safe.
promise you.
It's a money drop.
This is Detective Flack.
I got a kidnap and ransom situation at the airport,south end,hangar 18.
I need that backup now! I want proof.
You're in no position to negotiate.
- Where's the money? - It's nearby.
You don't see a dime until I see my kid.
This guy's going to get himself shot.
Forget about backup.
We're going in.
We'll go in that side door over there.
Danny! Yeah,yeah yeah.
I'm good.
I'm good.
What did I tell you? No police.
They must've followed me.
You're lying.
On the roof.
I never called the police,I swear.
Who are they? I don't know.
Count is three.
I got them.
Get on your knees.
Do it! Mac,we should get in there now! Get ready to move,guys.
Get ready to move! Now,get the hell out of there.
You just killed my son! then,at exactly 2:00 p.
, you will go to the midtown branch of First Providence Bank on 6th Avenue and withdraw exactly $10 million in large bills.
From there,proceed to theto the pay phone on the southwest corner of 6th and 47th Street and await a call with further instructions.
Do exactly as you're instructed or your son your son will come back to you in pieces.
Then the voice on the pay phone directed me to the hangar.
Not much time passed between the kidnapping and the first phone call you took in front of the diner.
And the DVD was in the mailroom by the time I got back to the office.
Which means wherever they're hiding Connor can't be far from the diner.
Wherever they were hiding him.
Come on.
You and I both know my son is dead.
Now,I don't know what the hell you're doing standing here talking to me, when you should be out there looking for the killers.
I believe your son is alive.
Well,even if he was,they are not going to deal with me because the police are involved.
He's no good to them dead.
They'll keep him alive untiltheir mission's complete and they have what they came for.
Well,why the hell Connor? I mean,why not some billionaire hedge fund kid on his way home from school? Why a man surrounded by police directly across the street from a courthouse? Because they knew you had the money and a motive to keep him from testifying.
You think I paid the ransom for my own freedom? That I was gonna,what,rescue Connor and then make him disappear? It doesn't matter what I think.
The kidnappers knew that you'd be on the top of our suspect list.
That's why they acted so quickly.
They hoped that by the time we figured out it wasn't you, they'd be on a plane to some dark corner of the world with your $10 million.
And it almost worked.
My people traced that first call to my cell phone from a pay phone on the lower east side.
I also had them analyze the video.
There's nothing on there that's going to reveal their identity or location.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
The print I recovered from the video came back to this guy.
Simon Cade.
Former Shield Ops guard.
His squad got into a firefight backing up a State Department security team on a convoy in Baghdad a couple of years ago.
A dozen Iraqi civilians died in the cross-fire.
All struck down by Shield Ops bullets.
They were indicted by the feds on manslaughter charges.
Trial was supposed to start about a week ago.
Lawyers couldn't produce their clients.
Warrants were issued.
These guys are in the wind,Mac.
We're about to make them famous.
Get their pictures up to the press office.
I want those faces on the cover of every newspaper and television screen in the city.
It was mine,you know,and my father's before that.
Yes,I know.
I,uh,wanted you to have it back.
Four sons and none of them wanted any part of being a cop.
But Jess? It was in her blood.
I ed her to be a Girl Scout.
But she wound up a shortstop.
There was nothing I could have done to keeeep her from being a cop.
I wish I knew what to say.
You can tell me she didn't die protecting that scumbag murderer.
No,I can't.
But I can tell you that she did the job the best she could no matter what the assignment and,uh That's who she was.
She was too damn brave for her own good.
From what I hear,she took after her old man.
I got work to do.
Don,Jess always had a smile on her face.
The last few months,it was different.
It was a smile I never seen before.
I promise you,that I won't stop I know.
You take care of yourself,all right? Be good.
Yeah,I know that already.
Do we have a location on these guys? Nothing? I'm headed into a briefing right now with the boss.
I'll be there as soon as I'm done.
- Paper? - Not now.
What the hell are you doing? I told you we were done.
I'm trying to help your thick-headed ass.
If you tried answering my calls,I wouldn't have to be out here slumming like some damn fool.
I got no time for you right now,Terrence.
You got time for some dope on those cop killers? I seen what happened on the news,man.
That cop that got shot,the girl you were on the phone with that was your girl,right? What do you got for me? An Italian named Crazy Tony came into the club bragging about how he helped trick out a Hummer for those mugs who snuffed your girl.
What else? They put a couple of traps in my Escalade back in the day.
So,they're definitely equipped to trick out a Hummer like that.
All right,now I don't think Tony's running with those Rambo dudes, but he damn sure should know who they are.
Tony got a last name,an address? - Read the classifieds.
- Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Mac,it's Don.
Change of plans.
NYPD! Freeze! Get on the ground! Freeze! Get on the ground now! Let me see your hands! Down! You don't mind if we take a look around,do you? I'll take that as a yes.
Should've called ahead-- I would've put on a pot of espresso.
No games.
I want the names of the men who hired you to bulletproof that Hummer.
Are you sure you got the right guy? I run a reputableestablishment here.
When a cop's murdered in this city,resources we don't normally have suddenly become available.
We get whatever we need.
Like 30 guys from Auto Crime in here picking through every inch of this place.
How many stolen parts you think are in here? I'll lock up your damn grandmother if I don't start hearing some names.
My grams is stand-up.
She'll do the big and keep her mouth shut.
You think this is a joke? Start talking,you son of a bitch.
Couple of guys come in the shop about a week ago,want the presidential package on a Hummer.
What's that? Armor plating,bulletproof tires,bullet-resistant glass.
This one of them? Yeah.
Look,man,I had no idea they were gonna use it to kill a cop,all right? No,no,no,you thought he was getting it ready for a family vacation.
Yo,genius,these tires come off the Hummer? Why haven't they made contact? What are they waiting for? Things to cool down.
Time doesn't seem to be an issue,which tells me they feel safe wherever they're hiding.
The bat hair I recovered from the truck gave us a possible lead.
These are the locations where dead bats infected with white-nose syndrome have been found.
Now,bats prefer caves,but abandoned buildings,elevator shafts, dormant subway tunnels,anyplace dark,moist,quiet are good habitats.
We've got patrol canvassing those areas now.
In the video,Connor had an old white plaster wall behind him.
We're probably looking at an abandoned building.
I have something that might help narrow it down.
We isolated two very distinct elements mixed in the sediment from the tire treads we got from the shop.
High concentrations of aluminum oxide,and also traces of chlorinated rubber paint,which is used outdoors,mainly on bridges and ships.
Isn't aluminum oxide used in sandblasting? Yeah.
And not many companies use it-- but Doyle Sandblasting is one of them.
Now,it's also one of the companies that's under contract with the city of New York to repaint the Williamsburg Bridge.
And the color is a match to the chips we recovered from the tires.
So sediment from the sandblasting accumulated somewhere under that bridge and then got picked up in the tire treads of the Hummer.
Plus,it was layered,so I'm thinking that the Hummer drove over it repeatedly.
So there's a pretty good chance that Connor is somewhere in that neighborhood.
Now all we need is an abandoned building and some infected bats.
I just uploaded information on that.
Infected bats were found here,and the Army used this building as off-base housing for Fort Hamilton.
was abandoned a few months back.
Flack,get hold of ESU.
Stella,grab our people-- we'll Tac up at the precinct in 30 minutes.
If these guys are in there,they're about to get a little taste of the NYPD.
Sheldon,I expect casualties today.
I know you want to be in there with us,but you're a doctor-- you being out here with the paramedics could be the difference between one of us living or dying.
This is where I need you.
Okay,then that's where I'll be.
Come here,guys,over here.
- Set up the men behind the - Let's do it.
Push the line backown.
Freeze! Tell tm I got Connor Dunbrook.
Attention: We got Connor Dunbrook.
Got a .
She went down fighting.
Hey,we got Connor-- he's unhurt.
ESU says there's one more perp unaccounted for.
Hes in there.
You all right? I'm fine.
It's hard to believe today actually happened.
I wish there was a way to make it so it hadn't.
I think the next couple of days are gonna be the hardest.
Everybody's waiting at the bar.
Are you coming? You go ahead.
I'll be along in a few.
You did her proud.
We all did.
Thank you.
What can I do for you,Robert? Sneak preview.
Tomorrow's a.
Maybe I misjudged your character.
Probably not.
But don't mistake my little act of kindness as a sign of weakness.
I have got a murderer's row of very talented attorneys lined up to represent me.
There's not one count of fraud or embezzlement that's gonna stick.
But if I go down,it's gonna be swinging with both fists.
Hope you're ready for 12 rounds.
I train for 15.
It must tear at your gut to know your son agreed to testify against you.
Well,you know,no matter what I been through in my life,there's always been one constant.
I love my son.
And nothing in the world will ever change that.
I'll see you in court,Detective.
I look forward to it.
You be safe,all right? Thanks.
Her first autopsy,we had a tech play dead on a table next to our vic.
Two minutes into the post,he sits up from under the sheet and moans.
Jess nearly had a heart attack.
I thought she'd never speak to me again.
Now she never will.
Okay,come on,you guys,we promised we weren't gonna turn this into a tear fest.
Let's keep it going.
That's right.
Um,I'm gonna try my best not to make anybody cry.
Would everyone raise their glass? Jessica Angell was one of those rare people,who touched each of our lives, the kind who reaffirm your faith in humanity.