CSI: NY s06e01 Episode Script

Epilogue (2)

Previously on CSl: New York Get the door! Get the door! Help me get her in the car.
Hang in there, Jess.
Stay with me.
She's gone.
Everybody raise their glass.
Jessica Angell was one of those rare people.
The kind who reaffirm our faith in humanity.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # # Last time that I saw you it was dark # I remember cos I think you're pretty # You shine brighter, baby, in my heart # Than all the bright lights in this New York city # All the bright lights in New York # And I see it all # And I see it all # I see this postcard on your wall # And I see it all # Y eah? That's all right.
I'm at the office.
And you believe her? I'll pick you up.
You're sure this is the place? This is where she said.
I assumed you'd be alone.
But Guess I should have realised It's a little tough for me to get around right now.
You said you had something to tell me? - You plan on using that? - Not if I don't have to.
What's your name? Before I say anything you have to promise that you'll do what you can for my brother.
We're not here to negotiate.
Was it your brother who fired that gun? Your brother put me in this wheelchair? I need to know I can trust you.
You said you had information on a suspect.
Was he in the crowd that night? Why don't we start with who you are and how you're involved in all this? The three of them are planning something else.
Only Jake doesn't know what he's doing and what he's done.
Look, I don't want my brother to die or go to jail.
He's a scared kid, caught up in the middle of something bigger than This is bigger than him.
Look at me.
You wanna see this happen to someone else? Look at me! We need to know everything you know.
- I want names.
- I shouldn't be here.
- This was a bad idea.
- No, no.
Wait! I'm sorry about what happened to you.
I tried to stop them.
I did.
I swear to you, I did.
- Danny! - I'm OK, Mac.
Go! Go! Just hold on.
Hold on.
I'm gonna get you some help.
Just hold on.
Come on.
Just hang on.
- Are you smiling? - She reminds me of Angell.
A little bit.
Do we know who she is? No.
Mac and Danny didn't get a name.
No lD on the body.
COD is exsanguination.
Fatal gunshot was here to the carotid artery.
Second shot pierced her deltoid here.
What? It's amazes me how you know which shot was first.
This is her bloody handprint.
It appears she grabbed her shoulder in pain.
And to transfer the blood, she had to already be bleeding.
I'm brilliant, but sometimes I get help.
Let's hope we get a lot of help.
If the bullets we extract from these wounds are a match to the ones recovered from the bar, it'll be our first lead in a month to point us to our shooter.
Looks like you need some sleep.
Are you still volunteering at the Manhattan Parks Medical Unit? Only on the weekends.
It beats wrestling with insomnia, you know? Yeah.
- Is he OK? - Yeah.
He's fine.
What the hell were Mac and Danny doing here? So the tips hotline transferred the call to my cell.
It was our Jane Doe.
She specifically asked for me.
She had information on the shooting at the bar, gave me an address and a time to meet so I called Mac.
The shooting at the bar was a month ago.
Why wait so long? Maybe she didn't know who the shooter was till last night? Why not tell you what she knew over the phone? On the phone, she was scared.
She was confused, getting indecisive.
She nearly hung up.
I kept her on the line.
She said she wanted to meet me and it had to be last night.
And I'm thinking, "l wanna see her.
I want her to see me.
" Look.
Did our Jane Doe give you anything that we can run with? Yeah.
She said we're looking for a Jake.
But I'm working this one, Stella.
I'm officially on duty here.
Aren't you on a leave of absence? I was, but I heard Mr Messer was out here acting a superhero.
- I can't let him show me up.
- You've been through a lot.
- You shouldn't be here.
- Mac, I'm fine.
What? I'm sitting at home.
All I do is think about Jess.
I think about the shooting.
I'm It's better for me if I'm on duty.
- What have you got? - We've got a missing security guard.
Albert Pelton.
28 years old.
Worked the night shift.
Hired just two days ago.
This here is playback of the surveillance video.
Here's where you and Danny entered the building, flashed your badges, gained easy access.
Still no evidence of our Jane Doe entering the building.
- What about the shooter? - Uh Hey, can we get a playback up on this one again? Thanks.
Shooter came right in the front door.
Albert pursues, perp knocks him down and heads for the elevator.
That's the last visual we have on either of them.
So the shooter left the building through another door.
Security's collecting all CCTV footage to send to the lab, but I don't know which cameras were working.
Some areas don't have cameras at all.
It's a fairly new space.
Tell them to start with the elevator.
No camera in the elevator.
- Linds.
- Danny.
- I can't, I can't get up.
- What? - I can't feel my legs.
- It's OK.
I can't feel my legs.
My legs won't move.
- OK.
- Lindsay, they won't move.
They won't move.
Mac! They won't move.
- What are you thinking about? - Nothing.
Thinking that, you know what this wheelchair needs? A sidecar for Lucy.
Sounds like you need to pimp your ride, yo.
Some spinners, a sound system, hydraulics.
Process the scene.
Relax, chiquita.
Don't get too comfortable in that chair.
It's been a month and I haven't felt a thing.
No movement, no tingling.
Danny, you gotta be patient.
We gotta start thinking this might be the way it is, is what we gotta do.
The doctor said there's no permanent damage to your spine.
Inflammation from the gunshot wound is causing temporary paralysis.
How do you forget words like "more than likely", "best case scenario", "60% chance of recovery? " - How do you do that? - Well, for one, I'm an optimist.
Another, if you don't recover, I'm gonna kick your butt.
So you getting tough with me now? Is that it? - You threatening me? - I am.
You know what? You didn't even use profanity.
- You're too cute to do that.
- Don't make fun of me.
What's that? You call that a push? # I don't care what you said so long ago # The double insane love # It don't move with a soul save anyone # Sure can't say right # Suicide # Suicide # You never look at what you see around here # You only look at what you see in the mirror # You never look at what you see around here #.
There's still something there.
You used to file unsolved cases in a single folder on the corner of your desk.
Yeah, well None of those cases put someone I know in a wheelchair.
Or threatened the lives of people I cared about.
None of those cases was personal.
Mac, what happened last night? You and Danny.
No backup, no heads up.
Not to mention, it was dangerous.
I've been studying these walls for the past three weeks, trying to answer one question Who had a reason to want one of us or all of us dead? Despite all this evidence crime reports, possible suspects, witness accounts I'm no closer to the identity of the shooter than the night it happened.
Three people were seriously wounded.
The bartender died, Danny's in that chair - So, when he called - You had to do something.
Damn right.
What did Shakespeare say? "Tempt not a desperate man.
" Going to that building seemed like my only option.
You keep using words like "my", "me", "l".
You are not in this alone, Mac.
What? It's happened again.
Same calibre and brand as the one we collected from the office building.
We didn't recover any casings at the bar.
The gun ejected them into the back seat.
We're gonna need to find a bullet to prove it was the same gun used at all three scenes.
There were about 20 people in line.
Thankfully, no one was hurt.
Couple were grazed and a few suffered minor injuries trying to get out of the way.
And all who saw the car gave the same description grey Sedan, tinted windows, no plates.
This sounds like the same vehicle I saw that night at the bar.
That's what our Jane Doe was trying to say.
But I think the three of them are planning something else.
She knew something was gonna happen.
That's why she had to meet Danny.
Oh, this is crazy.
These sons of bitches are fearless.
Do you have anything to say? - Was anyone hurt? - Will you be making a statement? Is it linked to the Astoria shooting? No comment.
Did you see the signs at Times Square? "Do we have your attention? " "Pay us and we'll stop.
" These signs showed up in Times Square within an hour of the shooting.
They're implying a ransom should be paid.
These guys are cocky.
- They're not as bold as they seem.
- A Times Square billboard is bold.
Or the ultimate form of panic.
They know we're on to them.
They have no idea what Jane Doe told us before they killed her.
They're accelerating their plan.
They have to get theirs before we get them.
- Meaning they'll make mistakes.
- Hi.
I researched that reporter's question.
There was a shooting two weeks ago in Astoria, Queens.
The restaurant awning was damaged.
- Why didn't we know about this? - The place was closed.
The owner called about the vandalism the next day.
They did find a bullet fragment.
It's too small to get a match in lBlS.
So it won't give a match on any of the bullets we got from the bar, the office building or last night's club.
I don't get it.
Why shoot the place up if no one's in there? There was a party scheduled for that night.
They cancelled it at the last minute.
They couldn't have known.
Even if they had, I don't think they'd care.
These guys aren't looking to kill.
They want to scare.
Then why not use something other than guns? Think about it.
All that gunfire and there's been one fatality.
At both the scene last night and the restaurant, most of the damage was to the awning in the top of the building.
Their weapon of choice - Steyr SPP.
Auto machine pistol.
Small weapon.
High recoil.
Certainly not known for accuracy.
So these thugs are in the business of fear.
- They want the city at their mercy.
- That's power.
If people are too scared to go out, clubs, bars, restaurants start losing patrons, ultimately, it's a financial crisis for the city.
That's messed up.
Let's go over what we know and don't know.
Well, we clearly know that this is not about targeting cops.
Not one of the patrons at last night's club had any affiliation with law enforcement.
So the night they attacked us, they chose a bar full of cops by chance? Now, the message on the Times Square LCD was paid for with a stolen credit card and made by phone.
A disposable phone.
Jane Doe also used a disposable phone to call the tips hotline.
So no paper trail on either case.
We're waiting for extra CCTV footage from the office and the guard is still missing.
Anything from the office building elevator? Uh, no.
Fire him, Mac.
This kid's slacking off.
Oh, and Ballistics confirmed that it was the same gun used at the bar, the office building and last night's club.
And possibly the restroom.
That leaves us with what we started with - our Jane Doe.
And her brother, Jake.
We need a last name.
Do you know the woman standing in the hallway? - No.
- Well, you're about to meet her.
She claims there was unrecovered evidence in the elevator at the scene.
What? There's an undocumented print on the ceiling of the elevator.
- Specifically, a bloody print.
- How do you know? I'm a crime scene clean-up technician.
I checked the number identifiers for everything collected and photographed and this print is not among them.
- What did you say your name was? - Haylen Becall.
Well, Haylen, uh, that's impossible.
So thanks for stopping by.
- Adam.
- I did my job, Mac.
She isn't accusing you of not doing your job.
Actually, if you hadn't done your job, I never would have noticed.
Did you spray the leuco-crystal violet in the lift? - Yes.
- That was early in the morning.
I arrived much later in the afternoon.
You're suggesting a critical temperature change.
An increase of over 20 degrees.
In a closed lift, you've in essence created an LCV fuming chamber.
The chemicals vaporise in the high temperatures and ultimately, develop prints on any and all surfaces in the space.
Which is why Haylen saw the bloody print, and you didn't.
It sounds like you've got some work to do.
Um um.
- I should go with him, I guess? - Perfect.
Mac, you discharged your weapon twice in the shooter's direction, right? A bullet could've grazed him.
Then how does his blood end up on the ceiling? I pulled the fire alarm to alert security.
Maybe he tried to escape out of the top.
There was no surveillance evidence implying he went out the front door.
We might have found the DNA to identify our shooter.
I didn't mean to embarrass you.
- OK.
- No, really.
I know how this must look.
I get it.
You're just, uh, trying to show off.
Well, I like to think of it as trying to impress the boss.
- I want your job.
- Ah! I mean, not your job, but to do what you do.
It's not like I just got lucky.
I had to know that print was important.
Anyone else would've just wiped over it and moved on.
I've spent a lot of hours washing blood off of pavement and scraping flesh off of everything you can think of.
T rust me.
Cleaning up crime scenes is not at the top of my part-time job lists.
But it's one step closer to doing what I really wanna do.
I wanna work in the lab.
So I was just wondering, if there are any entry-level positions? Part-time? Weekends? Night shifts? I'll clean test tubes and sweep if I have to.
I'm the low man on the totem pole.
If you think that I have any type of pull or influence, you're wrong.
Is there any chance you could put a good word in with Detective Taylor? Wow.
Um No.
Come on.
Why not? I've only known you for the past two hours.
Not to mention, there's a hiring freeze, budget cuts, layoffs So like you were just saying, the job you're after It's mine.
OK? I'm not giving up.
# Well, hello Do you? # Do you? # Do you? Do you think you can stay? # Do you? # Do you? # Do you? # Do you think you can stay? # Do you? # Do you? # Do you? # Do you? # Well, hello # Do you? # Do you? # Do you think you can stay? Hey, Sid.
Got a minute? I think I just found us a match.
There's no question about it.
Look at the similarities.
Here's Mac.
I recovered a piece of glass from a wound in our Jane Doe.
It makes sense.
The chandelier in the high-rise exploded from the gunfire.
This glass is not from a crystal chandelier.
It was recovered from a previous wound in the victim's shoulder.
One that had healed within the last month.
I first thought it was a bullet fragment but the rounds were intact.
EDNA has determined that it's heat-treated glass.
The colour is a durable paint resistant to fading, specifically an oil-based enamel engineered for sign painters.
It's commonly used in store front windows.
I think I know where you're going with this.
There's one way to prove it.
This piece of glass came from this window.
Depth and placement in the tissue of our victim suggested it flew like shrapnel into her flesh.
The result of the bullets shattering the glass.
She was there.
Our Jane Doe was in the bar with us the exact night and time of the shooting.
Our missing security guard? Yes, ma'am.
Albert Pelton.
The high-rise is three blocks that way.
Looks like our perp got lazy.
Dumping the body so close? I don't think it was a dump.
Pardon me for treading on your territory.
But we got a blood trail leading from there to here.
The space between the drops suggests run.
Well, there's no way our killer ran all this way carrying Albert's body.
It looks like Albert tracked the shooter to this alley.
The wound suggests a knife.
If our killer had a gun, why not just shoot him? Automatic weapon jams more often than not.
A large blood flow.
Deep wound.
Looks like it severed the femoral artery.
And Albert still went after the guy? That's impossible.
Albert had to have been stabbed here.
Which means the blood trail belongs to our shooter.
The size of the blood drop suggests that the wound was much higher Possibly in the arm.
Maybe one of Mac's bullets did more than just graze.
And Albert caught up with him right here.
Know what I don't get? I don't get the sleeve.
- No blood trail leaves here.
- Yeah? The shooter used the sleeve to bandage a wound.
This is blood spatter, not a stain.
And there's no chest wound.
It's our shooter's blood.
Yeah, and I think Albert here wounded our suspect.
Our Jane Doe was already in the building.
Had to be.
Then why didn't the security guard see her? She didn't even sign in.
She works here.
Employees don't sign in.
She picked the 30th floor as she knew it would be empty.
- Right.
- But we can't get an lD till Monday.
There's another way.
We need a subpoena for the building's voicemail system, especially the voicemail greetings of all female staff.
You lost me.
We don't know who to look for.
Jane Doe called the tips hotline and got patched to you.
Every call made to that hotline is recorded.
I'm thinking we could match her office voicemail greeting to that call.
If we can't identify our shooter by description, I was thinking maybe we'd find him by his injury.
We got it.
The blood that Haylen and I found in the elevator is a match to the blood on Albert Pelton's shirt.
We know it's not his.
- Tell me you got a hit in CODlS.
- We got a hit in CODlS.
David Wilson.
A rap sheet in every area code.
Let's hope that makes it easy to find him.
You might wanna start with the hospitals.
Based on these spurting patterns, I'm thinking that the knife Albert was stabbed in the leg with, he used on Wilson.
Slammed it once into a subclavian artery, and then again.
And because we didn't find the weapon or a blood trail leaving the scene, that means David Wilson left with that knife stuck in his chest.
- Boom.
There it is.
- Nice.
We got our vic's voicemail recording.
What's the extension number? - 5506.
- Play it back to confirm.
This is Risa.
I'm not at my desk.
Leave me a message.
She doesn't say her last name.
Give me a minute.
We'll find it in the directory under the extension.
Let's compare the voices.
Play the tips hotline call.
You're the one that got injured in that bar shooting? I'm the guy.
What do you want? Sounds like the same voice.
Any chance you'll walk again? Doctor says I got a 10% chance.
You got a tip or what? Got a name.
Risa Calaveras.
I didn't see a ring on her finger so I assume it's a maiden name.
- So her brother is Jake Calaveras.
- I'm gonna run wild cards.
You told me it was 60.
Linds, I didn't wanna scare you.
What scares me, Danny, is that you think you have to lie to me.
I want you to know that no matter what happens, I'm here to stay.
Nothing is ever gonna change the way that I feel about you.
And you know what? That's a chance.
That's hope.
But it seems like you've decided that it isn't enough.
No, no, no.
I haven't decided anything.
I can hear it in your voice, Danny.
On that phone call, you're giving up.
No, I'm not.
I just don't need a cheerleader, you know, babe? You're right.
You need a kick in the arse.
If I have to believe in you all by myself, I will.
I've gone with a long shot before, Danny.
I ended up with you.
They said there was a 10% chance of rain today.
And I brought my umbrella because 10% is enough for me to believe that it's possible.
Our shooter, Dave Wilson, is dead.
He was dumped in the parking lot of T rinity General Hospital.
He came in as a John Doe, died in surgery.
We're checking the hospital CCTV footage.
The driver of that car has to be partner number three.
- We locate Jake Calaveras? - Not yet.
Flack sent two unis to his apartment.
It was obvious he left in a hurry.
Guys! Surveillance from the hospital.
The camera caught the plate of the car that dumped Dave Wilson.
- DMV get us a name? - Yes.
Tyson Menlo.
NYPD, Menlo! We got a warrant! Drop the gun! Put the gun down! Come on, Jake.
You don't wanna do this, man.
It was Dave who killed Risa.
I wouldn't do that, man.
You gotta believe me.
- Jake! Put the gun down.
- He killed my sister! And we'll handle it.
You don't have to.
She was trying to help.
Risa was just trying to help.
That's all! She wouldn't want you to get into more trouble.
She wouldn't want you to do something stupid.
It's too late.
It's too late.
It was all just talk at first.
Then Wilson came up with this idea.
What if we make the city work for us, you know? He used the word "ransom".
Thought he was joking.
But they kept talking about it, doing something again and again and having the city pay us to stop.
Why, Jake? To what end? Dave said because we could.
Just, because we could.
Because you could? Is that what I should tell the family of the bartender who died? Or all the people who were injured? Is that what I should tell my detective who's in a wheelchair? Hey.
They didn't know there were cops in that bar.
They were just looking for a place that was crowded.
You keep saying "they".
Don't you mean you, Wilson and Tyson? No.
Cos I didn't go that night.
I didn't.
Risa didn't want me to.
Your sister thought you were in the car.
I know.
I should have called her, but I was pissed off.
And, I didn't wanna give her the satisfaction of knowing it really did matter what she said.
But she was there.
She was in the bar.
She wasn't involved if that's what you're thinking.
She was there for me.
To stop me.
And it only made it more dangerous for the both of us.
Wilson and Tyson came after us.
They thought we'd go to the cops.
I didn't think they'd I didn't think they'd kill her.
I didn't think they'd kill her.
Damn it.
I, I told her not to go.
She was there for you, Jake.
Her only concern was you.
- Stella.
- Hey.
- Um, about the other night.
- Yeah, Adam.
It was wonderful.
And stupid and spontaneous and memorable.
- Yeah.
- And we should never do it again.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Uh - OK.
- OK.
Linds? - You OK? - Yeah.
It's Risa Calaveras' hotline call.
The only way I could think to stop Jake was to go to the bar to tell everyone to get out.
But then l, I saw them.
I wasn't sure at first, then someone told me that a cop had died.
And all I could think about was protecting Jake.
If I told them what was about to happen, there would be questions.
We'd both be in trouble.
So, I thought if he just sees me, he won't do it.
And Dave and Jake will drive right by.
So, I stood outside and waited for the car.
Then I remember the face of the last man to enter.
Jessica Angell was one of those rare people, the kind who reaffirm our faith in humanity.
I didn't know Jake wasn't in the car.
# I need another place # Will there be peace? # I need another world # This one's nearly gone # Still have too many dreams # Never seen the light # I need another world # This one's nearly gone # I'm gonna miss the birds # Singing all their songs # I'm gonna miss the wind # Been kissing me so long # Another world #