CSI: NY s06e02 Episode Script

Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)

You've reached - Aaron.
- Bonnie.
- Willow.
- And Tommy.
Please leave a message.
Hey, guys.
I know you're probably asleep.
I just wanted to let you know I landed safe and sound.
I'm on my way to the hotel to rest before the big board meeting tomorrow.
So if everything goes OK, it should only take a couple of hours and you can expect me home for spaghetti night.
All right, see you guys then.
Love you.
Drive 1.
6 miles, then make a left towards Henry Hudson Parkway.
In 200 feet, make a right turn.
You have reached your destination.
Oh, God.
You can't be serious.
Hello? Hello, is anyone there? Can I get some help, please? Onboard Safety.
Can I help you? Yeah, um, I think I'm lost.
I could use some directions to Midtown Manhattan, please.
Where are you? I don't know.
Um I, I saw a sign earlier that said 183rd Street.
And, um, there's a, a place here called Jack & Sam's Storage.
You're on South Clover.
That's a very bad neighbourhood.
You shouldn't be there.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm calling you.
If you would please get me the hell out of here, it would be great.
No need to get angry Mr Dexter.
How did you know my name? Thank you for calling Onboard Safety.
Hey, hey, hey, wait, wait.
Aren't, aren't you gonna help me? No.
No, no.
Hello! Come on, come on.
No, no.
Hello? Hello, please help me.
Come on.
Please! Jess! Jess! Jess! Hey! Hey, baby, hey.
Can you look at me? Hey.
I'm here.
- Where's the ambulance? - Don.
OK? You're gonna be all right.
- Don.
- Hey, Mac.
- I didn't hear you pull up.
- You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
When was the last time you slept? I'm fine.
We're over here.
Our vic's name is Aaron Dexter.
T rash collector making rounds spotted the body and called it in.
Looks like a robbery gone south.
What makes you think robbery? Just a hunch.
Least they left us the body.
OK, Mac.
A single small calibre GSW to the chest area.
Stippling around the entry makes it a close shot.
Defensive wounds on the arms.
Lividity hasn't set in.
Which would make the TOD approximately six hours ago.
Which means whoever jacked this guy worked fast.
And had a crew to handle the ghetto pit stop.
These jokers even took the dash.
We used the VlN stamp on the frame rail for an lD.
Vehicle belongs to Olympus Rents.
Their main office said Aaron Dexter picked up the car last night around JFK.
So he's not local.
No, according to his reservation, he is the CEO of GMl Health Network, a Medicare company out of Philly.
The City of Brotherly Love.
So, let's see who in New York didn't offer Mr Dexter any love.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Freeze it.
Zoom in.
Close and sharp as you can get.
- Is that it? - I tweaked the resolution.
Unfortunately, the CCTV cameras near the scene are low-quality analogue.
Pretty "craptastic".
We're lucky we got that much! We won't be able to run this through facial recognition.
Faces? You want face I got faces.
- Just not of the shooter.
- Wow.
But then who do you have? A new species of Dermestidae beetles.
Only these guys are a lot bigger and they walk around on two legs.
It's unbelievable.
You got 20 dirt bags running through this crime scene.
- And not one calls in a body? - They're like the beetles.
They're too busy gorging themselves.
And now their greed's gonna put them in jail.
Run their faces.
I wanna squash some of these bugs.
High five.
Willie, how much you get for that GPS you lifted last night? - GPS? - The little satellite deal? - Tells you how to get from A to B? - I know what a GPS is, Thin Man.
It's an "acanym" for a Global Positioning Satellite? "Acanym"? You like that, huh? I do.
Yeah, Big Willie's smart like that.
Abbreviations and whatnot.
Like Sonar.
Stands for "Sound Navigation and Ranging.
" Or PlN? Personal ldentification Number? That's very impressive.
How about this one? TYAlJ? That stands for "Throw Your Arse in Jail".
That's what I'll do if you don't say what went down last night.
Afraid I don't have an answer for you on that FAQ, my brother.
But, if I hear anything on your gunslinger, I'll give you a holler.
- Yeah, I'm sure you will.
- Now if you don't mind IMOH.
- I'm outta here.
- Wait.
Hold up.
Got a video I wanna show you before you leave.
Don't tell me.
Need help with the twitting? - You got your own YouT ube channel? - Something like that, but better.
Oh, who's that? That's you, my brother.
At my crime scene with a GPS between your sticky little fingers.
Get this straight.
That car was just sitting there.
Like low-hanging fruit.
The white boy was chalk ready when I got there.
You should've called it in, done your civic duty.
But you chose the cash and prizes, which makes you a candidate for jail time, my man.
Oh, this is such BS, man.
How do you steal from a dead guy? Sorry I'm late.
The sitter was stuck in traffic.
Whitesnake, huh? The baby threw up on everything else.
So, what is all this? Flack got one of the suspects to turn on his peeps.
NYPD rounded them up with the stolen evidence.
- This is from the vic's rental car? - Right.
Since we know the killer made contact with this door, I'm running prints.
Hey, three of your prints got hits.
But which one's our shooter? Well, we could use the car door as a scale.
Create a ratio and then determine the height of the shooter.
See if it matches one of these three jokers.
So the height of our shooter is 1.
36 times the height of the door.
So that's about 70 inches.
That puts our shooter at about 5ft 10.
That rules out these two mutts.
They're both over six feet.
They may have helped strip the car.
But this guy Junior Mosley he's 5ft 9.
Makes him look good for the murder.
NYPD! Mosley get down on the ground! Hold it right there! Ow! No! Let me take it out first! - I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
- Why? This syringe is evidence of drug use.
We'll have to document it where we found it.
Now one for the "Jackass of the Year" award.
How's the foot? I had to get a tetanus shot because of you.
When you get out of jail, you should file a complaint.
For what? What do you have to say? Hmm.
Whoever shot this should have considered using a filter.
There's no colour in my man's face.
You done? Are you? I'm just getting started.
Do you recognise this wallet? Nope.
It belonged to our murder victim, Aaron Dexter.
And we found it in your apartment.
And that ain't all.
Ballistics matched it to the bullet pulled out of Aaron's body.
Here's how it adds up.
Your prints were at the scene.
Your gun was used to kill Aaron Dexter.
Simple math, Junior.
That fool had no business being on the corner.
And then he calls attention to himself? You thought he'd draw the cops' attention and end your lucrative evening.
The wallet also tells me you saw a crime of opportunity and a way to subsidise a slow night.
When Aaron didn't roll over and play dead, you made it happen for real.
The street's a jungle.
You gotta do what you gotta do to survive.
The man you killed had a wife, two kids.
Yeah? Well, so do l.
Now both of you will never see them again.
Hey Mac! What's up? When I spoke to our vic's wife, she said her husband wasn't too familiar with Manhattan.
The voicemail he left after his plane landed, shows he was headed for his hotel in Midtown.
Maybe he took a wrong turn or someone gave him the wrong directions.
- Or something.
- Uh, right.
Take a look.
I couldn't figure out what he was doing in the Bronx.
So I had Adam process the GPS system that Willie stole from the car.
T urns out that the address that Aaron put into the GPS was for a luxury hotel in Midtown.
But, he ended up in the Bronx.
What, the GPS gave him the wrong directions? Exactly.
But it wasn't just a computer glitch.
Someone spoofed Aaron's GPS and created a false signal.
According to the manufacturer, a differential ground station was compromised just after he rented the car.
- Someone hacked it.
- Not just someone.
Some super hacker and it is the best I've ever seen.
He also hit the microprocessor under the hood of Aaron's rental.
So I ran a diagnostic on the car's computer.
The signal pirate went in through the stolen vehicle recovery system.
He was able to worm his way around, remotely shutting down the engine.
Once our vic realised where he was, he couldn't drive away.
So this hacker purposely.
Iured our victim to the worst neighbourhood in New York, crippled his car And perhaps got what he wished for.
- There you go.
- Looks great.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Bon app├ętit.
- Hmm, yes.
Something wrong? Jeff? Are you OK? Call 91 1! Jeff.
Are you OK? It's OK.
It's OK.
Just Can somebody help me? Please! Is anyone here a doctor? Hello? Can you hear me? Is anyone there? - What is your emergency? - A customer just collapsed.
We need an ambulance.
Hello? Is your customer having trouble breathing? Yes.
- Neck swelling? - Yes.
So your customer's in need of medical attention.
Yes, yes.
Please hurry.
Can you tell me, is Dr Evans turning blue? I think Wait.
How do you know his name? Ma'am, I just need you to answer my question.
Is Dr Evans turning blue? Yes, he can't breathe.
I understand.
All right.
All right.
Thanks, Doc.
Where's the vic? He's at T rinity General.
Just got off the phone with one of the doctors.
They got him on life support.
If the hospital's calling it anaphylactic shock, what's the crime? Accessory to murder? How do you figure? Well, the waitress who called 91 1 says that the person she spoke to never notified an ambulance.
- Did you check with Dispatch? - I did.
They said they never received her call.
According to the phone records, a Someone hijacked the call.
Waitress also said the person she spoke to identified the vic by name, without her ever giving that information.
- She give us a voice description? - She did.
It was male, raspy like that of a heavy smoker, Iots of breathing between words.
Also, our waitress swears that she put in the order exactly the way the vic specified - without peanut dressing.
Hold the peanut dressing.
- I'll have honey mustard instead.
- OK.
But the chef who made the salad said that that information was never relayed to his order screen.
If someone hacked the 91 1 call, maybe they hacked the order, as well.
That's Big Brother, Mac.
That even possible? What are you thinking? Someone hacked Aaron Dexter's GPS and sent him into a dangerous neighbourhood.
Now someone tampers with Dr Evans' order, which triggers a life-threatening allergy.
So our two cyber attacks are connected.
Our suspect's using technology as a murder weapon.
Hey, Stella.
I think I may have found a connection between our two victims.
Our anaphylactic shock vic, Dr Evans.
He's an oncologist at St Sebastian's Hospital, which is owned by GMl Health Network, where Aaron Dexter is the CEO.
Well, GMl Health owns about a dozen hospitals on the East Coast.
We're talking thousands of workers, any one of which could be our computer-savvy psycho.
So our two victims both work for the same healthcare company.
Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
Well, Lindsay, break it down.
Correlation science.
See if we can find a stronger connection between our two vics.
If we find one, we might just be able to find out who wanted to hurt them.
- Yeah, I'm on it.
- Hey, um I heard that Danny's making improvement? Yeah.
Uh, he's got limited movement in his toes.
It's not much but, uh, the doctors say it's a really good sign.
Well, I've got my fingers crossed.
Thanks, Stell.
- Hand me the red one.
- Excuse me.
- Miss? - Do you have authorisation? Yeah, it's signed at the bottom of the first page.
Is there a problem? What's going on? Did you order surveillance cameras for the lab? - No.
- According to this email, you did.
It's got your electronic signature.
If you didn't order them, who did? Our suspect.
Why? To see how our investigation is progressing.
OK, take it down now.
- No, no.
Are you done? - Almost.
Leave it up.
What are you thinking? If he wants to watch us, let's use it to our advantage.
- Mac Taylor.
- Yeah.
- Head of the New York Crime Lab.
- That's right.
You served in the Gulf War, then joined NYPD after a distinguished, uh, military career.
Adam, I need you to trace an incoming call to Mac's line.
I seem to be at a, uh, disadvantage.
You know a lot about me, but I don't know anything about you.
That's the point, Detective.
So what do I call you? Grave Digger.
You think that's funny? You killed one man, put another on life support today.
- Oh, how unfortunate for them.
- And for you.
Why is that? Because when I catch you, you'll spend the rest of your life in jail.
- You don't sound well.
- And you sound frustrated.
lt'll pass Always does.
He's on his cell.
The signal's being bounced all over the city.
What about the security camera? Can you trace the feed? Same thing.
He's piggybacking the signals.
Gosh, this guy's good.
Why don't you save everyone the trouble and tell me where you are? Oh, where's the sport in that, Detective? Look, clearly you think Mr Dexter and Mr Evans wronged you in some way.
- Not just Mr Evans and Mr Dexter.
- Who else? I'm not gonna play that game with you, Detective Taylor.
Then what do you want? I wanna talk about your father.
My father? Your father was McCanna Boyd Taylor.
Served in the Army during World War I l, then worked as a machinist on the South Side of Chicago.
Tell me how he died.
- How did he die, Detective? - My father had cancer.
No, no, no, be precise, Detective.
It was small cell lung cancer.
That's right.
It must have been very difficult for you.
It was hard on all of us.
But mostly for you, I imagine.
I have that profile The Times did on you a few years back.
In it, you mentioned your father was your hero, the reason you joined the military and eventually went into law enforcement.
And what about you? You're not well, are you? Is that why you're using the internet? Are you incapacitated in some way? Your hero spent the last eight months of his life in bed on a feeding tube.
Not a very dignified way to end a life, don't you think? I think I'm running out of patience.
Then I guess we're done for now.
But don't worry, you'll be hearing from me again very soon.
Until then you think about your father.
I wanna talk about your father.
Tell me how he died.
It was small cell lung Not a very dignified way to end a life, don't you think? You think about your father.
I'm home.
- How is he? - He's good.
He's been asking for you all day.
How much time do you have left? Enough.
Why don't you just turn yourself in? That's what you want, isn't it? What I want is for you to tell my story.
So that's what this is about? Is that why you chose me? No, I didn't choose you, Detective.
Fate brought us together.
When I read your story If you think I'm gonna relate to what you did, you're wrong.
No, not so fast, Detective.
Then give me something to make me understand.
Oh, in time, Detective.
In time.
Unfortunately, you don't have any.
Let me help you.
No, it's too late for that.
You of all people should know that.
Dr Evans was your oncologist, wasn't he? And the hospital you were treated at was run by Aaron Dexter.
Very good.
Surely you don't blame them for your cancer.
I blame genetics.
Something you yourself should consider when making long-term plans.
So, cancer was in your family.
Who had it? Your mother? Father? I have to go now, Detective.
I imagine in a few hours you're going to wanna talk to me again.
No, wait, wait.
Don't hang up.
Hey, I reached out to the Oncology Department at St Sebastian's.
Here's a list of patients that Dr Evans was taking care of.
What's wrong? He's going after someone else.
Mac, I think we got something.
So we know on both attacks, the Grave Digger infiltrated a system using a sophisticated worm program.
The lP address was untraceable, but we isolated his digital fingerprint.
His wireless was bouncing off a couple different servers.
We overlaid the digital fingerprint from both attacks and got one match.
In each attack, Grave Digger used different servers, never the same one twice except at this address It's a cyber security firm called Prospective Data.
Since he has mad computer skills - He could be working there.
- All right.
Here is a list of its current employees.
And here's a list of Dr Evans' cancer patients.
Let's see if there's a match.
- Boom.
- Victor Benton.
He's Grave Digger.
He worked on the Government's GPS program 10 years ago.
They launched global navigation satellites and the GPS network.
Explains where he gets his "skillage" from.
T rack him down.
What do you mean, you can't find him? According to Perspective Data, Victor Benton was on medical leave for the last year.
When his health benefits ran out, he moved and left no forwarding address.
It's safe to say that if he was in the final stages of cancer, that he's not mobile.
We got a killer that can't move from his bed that we can't find.
We may be able to find who he's targeting next.
The hospital records say there were only two people who treated him while he was a patient.
Dr Evans and a medical technician by the name of Lisa Kim.
Kim stopped administering chemotherapy two months ago when Aaron Dexter closed the Oncology Department due to budget cuts.
Until then, patients who didn't have insurance were treated for free.
So in Benton's eyes, when they cut that treatment, they signed his death warrant.
Now Benton wants to make them pay.
Night, Pam.
Hello? Uh, I need some help.
I, I'm stuck in the elevator.
Hello? Talk to me, Adam.
According to the on-duty nurse, Lisa Kim left the hospital 10 minutes ago and never checked out.
Hello? Uh, is anyone there? Can you hear me? I'm stuck in an elevator.
What floor are you on? The the 20th.
That's very high, Lisa.
Victor? Is that you? Hey, Mac.
No one's seen her leave the building.
It's not working.
We got an elevator malfunction.
You know what's going on? I'm looking at the main access control for the elevators.
There's been a cyber security violation from the outside.
That's Benton.
He's holding an elevator on the 20th floor.
He's hijacked the elevator.
He's holding Kim on the 20th floor.
- We're going up.
- Victor? What's going on? We can't bypass the system, Mac.
Keep trying.
Come on, guys.
There must be something we can do.
How do you feel, Lisa? Shut in? I remember you telling me about your fear of enclosed spaces.
How they made you feel.
Like you were suffocating.
Let me outta here.
- Please! Please! - No one can hear you.
People working Somebody! Somebody, please! Somebody! No.
Not any more.
They're all gone.
You're lying.
You're lying.
Help! This floor is being painted later tonight.
Didn't you get the memo I sent? I can't breathe.
I, I can't breathe.
I'm so sorry about that, Lisa.
You want me to help you? You want me to save your life? Why would I do that, Lisa? I'm sorry.
I didn't have a choice.
That's all I ever heard from you and Dr Evans.
You knew me.
You knew what I was going through.
You could have found a way to help me.
But you didn't.
We weren't allowed to.
- We weren't allowed to.
- Right.
The corporation isn't in the charity business, hmm? They made that quite clear to me.
Every time I spoke to someone, they said the same thing "I'm sorry, Mr Benton.
" "l wish I could help you, Mr Benton.
" "l wish we didn't have to take your bed, Mr Benton.
" "lf your insurance hadn't run out, "we could do something for you "Mr Benton.
" "We wish you the best, Mr Benton.
" "Thank you for calling.
" - Miss Kim! - Miss Kim! Miss Kim.
- Miss Kim.
- Miss Kim! Miss Kim! Miss Kim? Here.
Pull! No, we need something to leverage it open.
Miss Kim? I'm Detective Taylor from the New York Crime Lab.
I'm gonna get you outta there.
Hold on! Mac, Mac! That's it.
Miss Kim! Miss Kim.
Miss Kim.
Mac! It's moving! Come on! Come on! Get out of there! You all right? Taylor.
- We found Benton.
- How? He was too busy terrorising Lisa Kim to realise he left his flank exposed.
I pulled out the old T rojan horse, ran a back trace, and got an lP address and a street address for you in Brooklyn.
Call Flack.
Have him meet us onsite with backups.
Silent approach.
I don't want Benton to know we're coming.
Mac Taylor.
I tried your office, but they said you were out.
You're not the only case I'm working on.
It would be if you hadn't spoiled my plans.
What would putting Lisa Kim in the morgue accomplish? She needed to feel what it's like to be helpless and forgotten.
She has severe claustrophobia.
She could have died in that lift.
That's what happens when one doesn't get the help they need.
You remember when your father needed help, don't you? And he got it.
Well, I wasn't given that option.
You won't get sympathy from me.
You have an issue with the healthcare system.
You found three scapegoats.
Don't you see, Detective? That's the lesson here.
I needed to put Lisa Kim, Aaron Dexter and Dr Evans in my shoes to make them understand.
If you have a message, write your congressman.
Where did you say you were? I didn't.
- He knows we're coming.
- Yeah.
Hawkes! Flack, get an ambulance.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
You should have let me die.
Maybe I should have.
Now the city must keep you alive as you're entitled to a fair trial.
Oh, don't worry.
I won't make it that far.
Oh, come on.
You think I wanted to kill people to get the treatment I needed? I told you.
You're not gonna get any sympathy from me.
I don't want your sympathy, Detective.
Then you understand.
If your father hadn't been given chemotherapy, he would have died a lot earlier than he did.
My father wasn't a rich man.
So the help he got in his final days wasn't much.
But unlike you he didn't blame everyone for his fate.
He knew he was dying.
And he took comfort in the fact that it was his time.
My father died courageously with his family around him looking up to him.
But I'm certain, Detective, if he hadn't gotten the treatment he needed, you would have done whatever had to be done in order to see him live another day even if it meant breaking the law.
You would have done that to honour your father.
You think you know me because you read a few stories? You have no idea who I am.
But I know who you are.
You're a coward.
I put guys like you away every day.
That's how I honour my father.
When did you get in? A few hours ago.
The Silver Star.
You did good, son.
Thank you, sir.
What does Claire think about you considering to retire from the Corps? She, uh, says it's my decision, but I think she'd be happy to settle down some place and have me home for a while.
You stay close to her, son.
She's a good woman.
Yes, sir.
Your mother tells me you got offered that job in New York.
What are you gonna do? I'm not sure.
New York City Police Department is the best in the country.
You've had your war, son.
Take the job.
Claire's from New York, hmm? She has family there.
You're gonna need their help when babies start coming.
Wow, Dad.
We just got married, Dad.
And I was thinking that maybe l'd If I do retire, maybe I'd move back to Chicago for a while.
There's no need for you to be here.
I've had a good life.
You need to live yours.
- Dad.
- You've served your country, Mac.
Pick up the phone.
Make the call, take the job.
Promise me, you'll make the call.
I promise.