CSI: NY s06e07 Episode Script

Hammer Down

Previously on CSl: Miami Can someone help me? My daughter's missing.
- What we got? - The dump site's here.
The body parts were dumped.
Animal scavengers dispersed them.
You cut her up in pieces like livestock! The Zetas run like a major company now.
The great thing is you can't touch 'em.
I told you to make it quick.
- It's not gonna end in Miami, is it? - No, it's not.
# Nobody gonna take my car # I'm gonna race it to the ground # Nobody gonna beat my car # It's gonna break the speed of sound # Ooh, it's a killing machine # It's got everything # Like a driving power big fat tyres # And everything He's there, isn't he? Who's he? Who are you talking about? I swear to God, you're not coming over here.
I'm coming whether you like it or not! Oh, no, you're not! You are # Nobody gonna have my girl That's right.
I'm calling the cops.
Right now.
I wanna see my daughters! You can't see them like that! Shut up! Shut the hell up or I'm gonna come back there! So help me God! # I need her I seed her # Yeah, she turns me on All right # I'm calling the cops now.
They're gonna put your ass in jail.
Damn it! Hello? Dean? Dean? The driver of the car's name was Dean Rovin.
He was 35 years old.
According to the first on scene, he was killed on impact.
ME's just hauled the body out of here.
Looks like he had a few for the road.
This was actually Dean's third and last DUl.
It's an accident.
Why are we here? Like I'd call you all the way out here for a 10-99? I got my Mac on this morning.
Is that anything like Spidey senses? It's way more powerful.
Take a look at those skid marks.
Looks like the driver of this rig lost control and jumped the median.
And fled the scene.
Yes, if you were driving under the influence.
Or if you recently committed murder.
Were it not for that accident, we may never have found her.
Looks like this is the end of the road for her.
And the beginning for us.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Rigour's already on its way out.
So we're looking at a TOD between 36 and 48 hours.
What do you make of the skin tone? Looks blanched, indicating extreme loss of blood.
There's no blood at the bottom of the drum.
So if she bled out, she was put in here after she died.
Why go to all that trouble? Our driver could have dumped the body anywhere.
Maybe he had a spot picked out but had to get her there first.
Figured he'd hide the body in this drum until then.
There is a way station 30 miles back.
I guess he didn't want the body found during an inspection.
That makes sense.
When you're done here, let's get her to Sid in situ.
This way we can minimise any artifactual trauma to the body or loss of trace evidence.
You got it.
Hey, Joe, let's go! We're gonna take the drum intact to the ME's office.
# Memory comes when memory's old # I am never the first to know # Following this stream up north # Where do people like us float? # There is room in my lap # For bruises, asses, hand claps # I will never disappear # For forever I'll be here # Whispering # Morning keep the streets # Empty for me # Morning keep the streets # Empty for me # I learned to not eat the snow # What are you thinking? Besides the fact that we never had a honeymoon? I'm thinking that might be blood.
Let's find out.
Looks like our trucker was injured in the accident.
Or maybe his passenger? - Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
You can forget about catching a break on this one.
T ruck was a commercial lease out of Charlottesville, North Carolina.
The lD on the paperwork came back as phony.
We have no idea who we're chasing.
You'll wanna come see this.
Portable outhouse.
Our truck driver was holding someone in here.
Found a lock box under the driver's seat.
Rounds from a.
45 were in there but no gun.
We must assume he took it with him.
What else? I found hair in the sleeper and in the cab.
Judging from the length, I'd say the donor's female.
So our victim could have been in here before she was killed.
Unless we're looking at a second female donor.
Whoever it was, they were a prisoner.
We got multiple locks on the outside of the door but nothing to unlock it from the inside.
Also explains the artwork on the walls.
- You find biologicals? - No.
No, I hit it with a light.
No signs of sexual assault.
Door's damaged.
But it doesn't look like it was from the crash.
Could have been what caused the accident.
But there's no body.
No major blood staining.
No obvious signs of trauma.
Nothing to indicate she didn't survive the crash.
I'd call that lucky.
Not if she's still with the driver.
It turns out I wasn't the first person to cut into this girl.
You found evidence of sharp-force trauma? That's your COD.
Exsanguination due to surgical transection of all major blood vessels supplying the liver.
Someone removed her liver? That's right.
And a microscopic immunohistochemical test indicated her body released histamine in an immunological response to the injury.
So she was alive when it happened.
And died as a result of the harvesting.
Based on the precision of the work, I can conclude that whoever did this had a long-term plan for the organ.
And possibly to sell it on the black market.
Nothing else seems to be missing.
- Just the liver.
- What about an lD? Nothing so far.
I sent her prints to the lab.
Figured they could run a more comprehensive search.
If they're transplanting her liver into someone else, we don't have much time.
I had her blood typed for surface protein markers.
She's AB-positive.
That's an unusual blood type.
Finding a liver donor would be hard.
Let's get the word out to our Cls familiar with this type of black market and hospitals in the area.
I want a list of patients capable of receiving an AB-positive liver.
If we can lD who that liver was intended for, we'll be one step closer to catching our suspects.
That's great.
Let me know.
Got a hit in AFlS on the prints I lifted off the steering wheel.
- Nice.
- T rucker's name is Casey Steele.
He did a nickel on a robbery assault conviction.
The trouble is he's a parole absconder.
No fixed address.
It will be hard to find him.
Maybe not.
That was Flack.
He's got an eyewitness.
Radiation oncologist.
Please call the tox lab.
Yeah, that's him.
Mr Winston, sure that's the guy who carjacked you? Yeah.
I don't know what the hell I was thinking.
I should have just kept on driving.
You OK? Relax, man.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
It's too late for that.
Then what happened? He pulled this woman out of his truck.
Puts her in the back seat of my car.
- Can you describe her? - Dark hair, mid-20s.
She was as scared as I was.
Drive! About 1 0 miles down the road, he tells me to pull over and get out of the car.
He orders me to give him my cellphone and wallet.
- Come on.
- I won't tell anyone about this.
I know.
If it wasn't for that motorist who happened to drive by seconds later, I'd be dead.
He's an animal.
God help the woman who's with him.
Put an alert out on Mr Winston's car, plastic and his cellphone.
Let's hope Casey Steele tries to use them.
Mac, I think I know who Casey Steele's prisoner is.
Her name is Madeline Briggs.
When I ran the prints and the DNA I lifted off a jug from the sleeper compartment, I got a hit to a missing girl out of Miami.
Her mother filed the claim five days ago.
So we have to assume Steele picked her up in Miami, drove her up to New York, keeping her locked up as a prisoner.
Any results on the urine work-up? Her analysis showed traces of the sedative, propofol.
He used that to keep her under control.
But the accident tells us that didn't keep her from fighting back.
Because she's fighting for two.
- Madeline's pregnant? - Yeah.
Her urine analysis also revealed traces of human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG.
Boss, I ran the rest of those prints that we lifted from the sleeper cab.
Madeline Briggs, right? She was there, too.
What do you mean? I found evidence of more than one woman in that sleeper.
How many? A lot.
When I realised I had multiple donors, I ran the prints through every database I knew of.
I got this in through NamUs, National Missing and Unidentified Persons system.
This one's from Florida.
North Carolina.
These girls are from every state.
And all of them at one time or another were in Casey Steele's truck.
That's our Jane Doe.
- This one right here? - Yeah.
Debbie Menzel.
Savannah, Georgia.
Hey, Mac.
I've got a Dr Ray Langston holding on a vid call.
He's a CSl from Vegas.
He's working a case in conjunction with the Miami PD.
Says that he picked up one of our entries and has some information on Madeline Briggs.
I understand you have our missing girl in your city.
If we do, it might not be for long.
The man who abducted her, Casey Steele, stole a car after his truck was sidelined in a traffic accident.
We have alerts out and roadblocks set up but we haven't found the car.
That's good.
He might still be in New York.
What about Madeline Briggs? Lieutenant Horatio Caine and l just wrapped up two murders here in the Miami area.
During the investigation, a woman named Madeline Briggs came across our radar, first as a suspect.
Now we have reason to believe she's a victim.
We found this note in a truck-stop rest room in Orlando.
The last person seen with Madeline Briggs is a small-time hustler named Goodman, Tyler Goodman.
- Where is he now? - In a morgue in northern Florida.
Tyler was found shot to death in the bathroom of a truck stop near Jacksonville.
Kill was clean.
It was a pro job.
So Tyler hands off Madeline to Casey and then gets paid with a bullet.
You have ballistics on that? We do.
Weapon was a.
I'm sending you it right now.
See if it matches up.
We have a witness, a gunshot victim Casey pulled the trigger on.
The slug was too deformed to get calibre determination but we have reason to believe that it might be a.
It's a match.
Looks like Casey's been a busy boy.
The Zetas run a tight ship and they do not tolerate mistakes.
Bad news for a small-time player like Tyler.
It means he was expendable.
What else do we know about these perps? The targets are always young women between the ages of 19 and 25.
They're highly organised.
They're well financed.
They lure these women into prostitution, black-market surrogacy, use them as human-trafficking pawns, you name it.
And now harvesting bodies for organs.
Makes them extremely dangerous.
Detective Taylor, I have chased one victim from Vegas to Miami, only to find her dead.
When Madeline Briggs' mother reported her missing, she asked for my help.
So I'm not going home until I find her daughter.
And when can I expect you? I'm on the first thing smokin'.
Detective Taylor.
- Welcome to New York.
- Thanks.
Federal marshals are escorting an inmate in a transfer from Bedford Maximum Facility to Bayview.
We made a deal in exchange for information.
We're meeting them in half an hour.
- Any connection to Casey Steele? - Not directly.
Our informant is a cell mate of a suspect we convicted six months ago in connection with a human-trafficking ring in New York.
A little cell mate chitchat and the convict looking to make a deal.
That's hard to trust.
T rue.
But right now, we're standing here with nothing.
And I kinda got the impression you weren't here to sightsee.
Human cargo is how Carolyn described it.
Young women get moved from one state to another, truck stop to truck stop.
Different drivers, different destinations.
24/7 operation.
Mostly travelling at night.
Pretty impressive enterprise, if you ask me.
I always thought an 18 wheeler advertising fresh produce was really carrying vegetables.
How many do they transport? One, two, more? These guys make more money transporting one girl than they do hauling apples across the interstate in a year.
- Carolyn mention any names? - Like the Zetas out of Miami? You're talking about a network with dozens of truckers.
- Is Casey Steele one of 'em? - Maybe.
Look, I wasn't taking notes.
What about the girls? What happens to them? Everything.
Sex slaves.
Organ donors.
And if they survive the surgery, it starts all over.
It's the truck driver's job to keep the payload - the girls - alive and healthy.
They don't get paid if the cargo arrives dead.
The more use you get out of one girl, the more money you make.
- Madeline could still be alive.
- Unless she's trouble.
That's when they become body parts, scattered from coast to coast.
Excuse me.
A lot of World War ll heroes with their names on these walls.
Too many.
My father fought in the Korean War.
I understand you wore some stripes yourself.
I just wanted to be like my father.
Mac, I've seen what they do to these young women and it's Body parts strewn by the highway.
Left like food for wild animals.
Now you said Madeline put up a fight.
You said there was evidence of that in the truck.
Doesn't mean she's not alive, Ray.
She's pregnant.
The child she's carrying is worth a lot to these guys.
My bet? Casey's gonna make sure she makes it to her destination.
You gonna use that phone? I have to make a very difficult phone call to Madeline Briggs' mother who's probably pacing up and down and checking voice messages, wondering what I've discovered, if I've found her daughter.
A case where no news is good news is no consolation.
- You have kids? - No.
Me neither.
I suppose we both spared ourselves the stress of this nightmare.
I don't know you well, Ray, but you don't look so stress-free to me.
It never gets easier, does it? No.
I've told parents about their dead or missing kids more times than I can count.
Hell, the first time was one time too many.
One day a woman whispers, "Thank you" to me through her tears.
I realised she needed to know that there was somebody doing everything they could for her child.
And that's what you're doing, Ray.
And it's worth a phone call.
Let's go get this guy, Mac.
I ran an organ-recipient search with the National Donor list.
A patient awaiting a liver blood type AB-positive, withdrew yesterday.
- Could have died waiting.
- Thought of that.
He's still alive.
Liver disease isn't something that just goes away.
So you're thinking he's getting an organ off the black market.
Possibly the liver from our victim in the back of the truck.
A Manhattan clinic requested for prep of a liver transplant.
That blood was delivered this morning.
- You have no authorisation to go in.
- This ought to do it.
Dr Fuller is about to begin surgery! Dr Fuller, I got a couple of questions for you.
Detective, I imagine you're here about a liver.
It's there in that cooler.
But there's a man in there waiting for it.
So you can arrest me now and he'll die.
Or you can let me go in there and save his life.
I'll be waiting for you.
I make a phone call.
Every time to the same number? Yes.
Same number every time.
I tell 'em what I need.
I don't know how or who does it.
A cooler's left for me at the clinic.
Is this the man that delivers the coolers? I told you, I don't see faces.
They're just voices on a phone.
You must pay them.
In an envelope.
Different post office box every time.
So what's the going rate for a liver, Dr Fuller? Depends.
Depends on whether your patients are desperate or not? Closer to death, the more they'll pay or the more you'll charge? I don't set the price.
No, only for yourself, right? So how much do you get paid for turning a blind eye to the Hippocratic oath? No.
Look at me.
I said, look at me! The liver you transplanted today belonged to a healthy young woman who died to fill your pockets.
Her name.
Debbie Menzel.
And there are dozens more just like her.
Their organs are being harvested in motel bathrooms and makeshift operating rooms.
Young girls who are butchered and dumped on the side of the road! And you agreed to the oath, doctor.
The covenant.
"l will keep them from harm and injustice.
" Do you remember saying those words, huh? You stupid, greedy son of a bitch.
I've never seen him before.
It's like I told you.
I I make a phone call.
Yeah, all right.
Write that phone number down, Mr Fuller.
Finding Madeline Briggs hasn't gotten any easier.
So we try harder.
Phone number Flack got had to give us something.
We're identifying the calls made to that number.
Most of them are doctors.
We'll bring 'em in.
I'll show 'em Casey Steele's mug.
They're not gonna know him.
Drivers stay on the interstate.
One particular part of this business doesn't mingle with another.
It protects them from being able to identify anyone else in the bigger organisation.
We have managed to identify one player, Casey Steele.
From everything we know, he's not a one-man operation.
If he's as connected as we think he is, somebody's gonna help him.
Until then, he has to take care of a pregnant woman.
And the witness that Flack talked to didn't mention that she was pregnant, which means Madeline could still be in her first trimester.
And able to turn more tricks before she begins to show.
It's all for the purpose of continuing their cash flow.
For them it's a business.
Madeline is a dual revenue stream for them.
Unfortunately, the demand is there.
If it's not forced surrogacy, it's prostitution, body parts, blood, eggs, hair.
Even bone marrow has a price.
A lung or a kidney can sell for a $100,000 on the black market.
Boss, I just got a real-time hit on Joseph Winston's stolen phone.
I'm waiting for our suspect to turn it on.
T riangulation traced it to a pharmacy on Riverside Drive and I just tapped into their security cams.
Well, that's him.
That's Casey Steele.
What's he waiting for? Lindsay, call the pharmacy.
Tell them to take their time.
Danny, call Hawkes and Flack.
They're going shopping.
Let's go.
Let's go! - There's our guy! - You think? Let's go! Look out! Freeze! - I got him! I got him! - I'll head around the back! Don! - Hawkes? - I lost him! He couldn't have gotten far! He's not that fast! Guys, keep that side of the building covered! He may be coming toward you! - Hey, you all right? - Yeah.
See if they see anything around back.
We got every patrol looking for this guy but he knows it now.
According to the pharmacist, Casey was waiting on a script for diprivan to be filled.
Yeah, it's also known as propofol.
It's a sedative.
The evidence from Casey's truck indicates that he was injecting Madeline with it.
Confirming Madeline's still alive.
Detective Flack.
Oh, yeah? We're on our way.
My boys found the car Casey stole parked around the corner.
- Think she's in there? - T runk looks open.
If Casey went to the pharmacy alone, then where's Madeline? Really not here.
Let's hope there's something in this car that will point us in the right direction.
What did you find? Got some fresh soil evidence on the brake pedal.
Maybe we can match it to a reference sample.
Get a location where our driver's been.
- Boom! I got a match.
- Where? Corona.
There's nothing in that area but junkyards.
Let's start with Corona Scrap.
That's where your reference sample is from.
I'm gonna call Mac.
All right, green team, blue team, set up over here.
Doc can I offer you a party favour? I'm gonna have to pass.
It's the price of admission, Ray.
Casey Steele is a shooter.
I can't risk you going in unarmed.
All right.
You know that the oldest projectile fired from a weapon was recorded in the 4th century in Japan? It was fired from a very crude hand-held cannon that you lit with a wick.
Its sole purpose was for taking life.
Seems that after 1,700 years of evolution we haven't come very far.
Tac Team Two are on site.
Everyone knows the tac plan.
Target is armed and dangerous.
I want ESU all over the playing field on this.
Tight perimeter.
We got air support on the way but there were too many parts.
So we've gotta move now.
Remember, we have an innocent in the mix.
One female, Madeline Briggs.
This goes bad, she's a hostage.
If it goes worse, she's collateral.
That means everyone stays hot.
Unless he decides to use her.
Now let's move.
Move, move, move! Ray.
She was here.
Hey! Freeze! - Flack, man down! - I got him! I got you, guy.
I got you.
Stay down.
Stay down.
Stay with me.
It's over.
You move and I'll put a hole in you.
Drop the weapon! Put the gun down! Get up! Where is she? Where's Madeline? Where is she? She's gone.
What do you mean she's gone? Poof! Get him out.
Come on.
Let's go.
Just relax.
We checked your cellphone, Casey.
You made repeated calls to the same number.
One right after the accident, the rest in the last 12 hours.
We're gonna track down the person on the other end.
Good luck.
I understand.
You're not afraid.
So listen very carefully.
It's still not too late to make a deal.
- Oh, is that right? - That's right.
I'll give you my word I'll do everything in my power to make sure everyone involved in this knows that you cooperated with us.
That kind of advertisement will put me in the morgue.
- Who's the new transporter? - Who did you hand her off to? Where are they taking her? If you two gentlemen don't have any more questions for me, I think I'd like to go to jail now.
Take a look.
Where are they? You don't seriously expect me to remember them all, do you? I said, take another look! I think that one's in Salt Lake City.
And Denver.
Get him out of here.
I'm so sorry.
I'll call you as soon as I know something.
Madeline's mother.
She's convinced her daughter's dead and there's nothing I can say to offer her any kind of hope.
You're gonna find her, Ray.
You're gonna find her.