CSI: NY s06e08 Episode Script

Cuckoo's Nest

- Bob? - Kenneth! Thomas, hey.
I was just telling this beautiful young woman here how you guys fired me because money's tight.
Not as tight as your arses.
Am I right or am I right, huh? - Right? - What are you doing here? - Hmm? - How did you get on the boat? - Walked up that ramp thingy.
- You shouldn't be here.
Wait, wait.
Let me see if I understand this.
You guys can fire me after claiming but I can't enjoy a cocktail on your floating glass-encased boat of greed and betrayal? What's the girl's name? Why don't you go inside, Bob? - Think she'd visit me in prison? - What? Beg me for your life! Beg me not to kill you! - Take it easy, Bob.
- Get on your knees! - Take it easy.
- Get on your knees! You pathetic piece of garbage.
- What are we looking at, Stella? - Murder-suicide with a twist.
Only our shooter wasn't the one who committed suicide.
Why is O'Reilly doing the interview? Thought Flack was on today.
He is.
Didn't show up.
I can't reach him on his cell.
How do you wanna play it? I'll call his CO.
Have him put him down for a day off.
- Walk me through it.
- Yeah.
Our shooting vic is Kenneth Grant.
He's a hedge-fund player and he and his partners were celebrating the recession, when Bob over there decided to put one right in his forehead.
Apparently, he wasn't satisfied with Kenneth's hedging.
He was about to take out another partner when Our jumper saves the day.
That's quite a fall from grace.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Forgive me.
Hey! On your own two feet and looking good, Messer! Not bad, huh? First the wheelchair.
Now no more cane.
That was one of the scariest moments.
I'll never forget it when you said you couldn't move your legs.
When I saw the blood on my hands, I thought that was it.
Yeah, well, it wasn't your time.
Let's go with that.
What's this thing this morning? This guy's on a boat.
Is he gonna swim to London? Well, he'd been better off just to swim directly to Rikers! I'm not complaining.
Slam dunk and a suicide.
Easiest stretch we've had in a while.
Can always use the overtime but having dinner at a normal hour sounds good.
- Sid.
- Mac.
You jinxed it! Mac, what's up? - Have you heard from Flack? - No, I haven't.
He's not answering his cell.
Run over to his apartment and see if he's there.
Anything you need.
- You still have his spare key? - Yeah.
Use it.
If he's sleeping one off, throw his arse in the shower.
- Call me when you get there.
- You got it.
- Lieutenant Sythe.
- Detective Taylor.
You got a sec? Let me guess.
This have to do with Flack? - You put him down as AWOL yet? - Not yet, no.
Had a few guys looking for him.
Checking his usual haunts.
I wouldn't bother.
You're not gonna find him there.
He's taking the day off.
Is that right? I figured I'd come down and tell you in person.
That's very kind of you, detective.
I hope Flack appreciates all the trouble you've gone through and the trouble you can get into.
Yeah, well.
He'd do the same for me.
We good? Good.
There are 206 bones in the human body.
Richard Caldrone broke 204 of them.
Well, jumping off a bridge has a tendency to do that.
The lone survivors were the left pinkie toe and the stapes here in the right ear.
Little sucker is only one-tenth of an inch.
of his bones broken and yet Don't.
Ah, don't, Sid.
I was gonna make plans for dinner.
- Ooh, where? - Just say it.
Your jumper was shot in the chest.
- Entered here.
Lodged in this area.
- Is that the COD? It would have been.
It did hit the heart.
He would have bled out.
But the fall probably killed him before the bullet had a chance.
It's an odd place to shoot yourself.
They didn't find any stippling pattern on the clothes, which means that the gun was fired from at least three feet.
Some bruising on the wrists.
He may have been tied up.
Your murder was staged to look like a suicide.
I know he hanged his victims but could this be the Compass Killer? We didn't find any of the signatures.
The Compass Killer leaves a note of remorse and a compass with each body.
The only other thing I found was this.
Some sort of fibre.
Lifted it off the victim's shirt.
- Sorry about dinner.
- No, you're not.
Give me that bullet as soon as you retrieve it.
- I need to match it with the gun.
- You have the gun? No, but if the killer dumped the body off the bridge, he probably tossed the gun off, too.
Listen up, Hawkes.
We've been through this before but those currents are unpredictable.
Be careful down there.
If there's trouble, signal, OK? Got it.
- Can you hear me inside the gear? - Loud and clear.
We got you on this end, too.
Here's your camera.
You get to Flack's? I'm here now, Mac, and this place is a wreck.
What did you find? It doesn't look like he's paying his bills.
He's definitely been drinking.
- Danny, go to the front closet.
- Top shelf? Hold on.
No, I got it.
It's here.
At least he's smart enough to leave his gun at home.
Yeah, what next? Hit his local spots.
T rack down his sister.
Maybe she knows where he is.
All right.
Will do.
- Guys, I've hit the bottom.
- Copy that.
- No word on Flack, huh? - Not yet.
Danny's gonna hit his local bars.
Hopefully, he finds him on a stool, drinking a Guinness and singing "Danny Boy" before people start asking questions.
I could be down here forever, Mac.
The shooter could have tossed the gun anywhere along the bridge.
Hang in there, buddy.
Circle back and extend out another five yards.
After that, we pull the plug.
Copy that.
You seeing this? A compass.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- He's back.
The Compass Killer is back.
It was resting on the bed of the river.
Hardly anything on top of it, just sand.
Leaving the compass is part of his signature.
I don't think he tossed it in the river.
Must have gone with the vic and fallen out of his pocket.
It's the Compass Killer.
The needle's permanently facing east.
- He glued it, like the others.
- But why change his MO? - I don't think he had a choice.
- Well, something happened up there.
Hey, guys.
Looks like we're being watched.
Detective Mac Taylor.
I need a level-one mobilisation, aviation.
K9, all available units to the 59th Street Bridge.
Suspect is on foot wearing a green hooded sweatshirt heading toward Queens.
We lost him.
What am l.
? What am I doing? It's enough! No more.
No more.
Walk away.
Don't do it.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I thought you weren't going out today.
I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
Look at me.
Baby? Look at me.
I'm OK.
You know that's what I want.
For you to be OK.
For us to be OK.
I know.
We will be.
I'm almost done.
Done? With what? Making it go away.
I'm gonna make it all go away.
I have more work to do.
Yo, drop the knife! I'll shoot you like it's nothin'.
Feel me? Drop the knife.
You, toss the wallet.
Now! OK, back up.
Next stop, 58th Street.
Dang! You stink! Get up! Hmm.
Come on, man.
Dario Gonzalez, custodian.
Hanged on Ellis lsland.
Carole Hillcroft.
Hanged in the T riborough Gardens.
Now Richard Caldrone.
A bouncer at McShay's Bar.
Shot on the 59th Street Bridge.
Three victims in a month and a half.
Each staged to look like a suicide.
The Compass Killer left a note of remorse.
A compass with the needle in a fixed position, north, south and east.
So one vic left.
Should go down somewhere on the West Side.
I wanna connect the dots.
With respect to the handwritten notes, the one that was found on the bridge is a match to the first two.
Same handwriting, same vintage paper and ink used in the 1964 World's Fair.
We have, "l shouldn't have tried to make a fast buck," "l should have written a letter when I had the chance.
" Now, "l should have stayed awake.
" Each note ends the same way - "I'm sorry.
" He could be talking about the victims or about himself.
So far there's nothing linking our victims.
We've mined every database, tracked their employment records.
There's no sheet that connects them.
They must have pissed this guy off.
Adam, what about the bouncer's shirt? I thought they were white fibres that transferred from the killer to the vic.
But it was actually mycelia.
It's a vegetative mushroom root.
It helps me out not even a little bit but I'm looking into it.
Sid ran a tox screen on Richard Caldrone.
There's high levels of clonazepam.
Most likely it was injected.
We didn't find any puncture wounds because of the damage to the body.
So he used a sedative to overpower him.
The sedative must have worn off and the plan changed.
So he placed the compass in the vic's pocket when he dumped him.
And it fell out on the way down.
After the shooting, he had to get out of there.
Which is why he had to return to leave the note.
North, south, east.
I want answers before we find another body on the West Side.
Nothing from Flack? Danny went to his usual spots.
We're running out of places to look.
And running out of time.
Let's triangulate his phone.
Flack! Yo! No falling asleep, baby.
Wake your arse up.
OK, come on.
Come on.
Flack, let's keep it movin', man.
You being in my crib ain't a good look for me.
Why you let yourself get beat down like that, man? That's not mourning.
Yo, T, open up! I know you in there, son.
Yo, stay here and be quiet! Hey, Mac.
We got a location off of Flack's cellphone.
From the look on your face, it's not good.
East 98th.
It's North Brooklyn.
Not exactly Flack's neighbourhood.
I'm keeping it quiet.
I'm worried something might have happened to him.
We have the location of his cellphone.
We're not sure he's there.
I'll handle it.
When I'm off dealing with this, I need you to hold the fort and stay on top of the Compass Killer.
You be careful.
Open up the door! Yo, Deac, son, you can't be coming over here all unexpected like that.
Yo, my dude, just open up the damn door, man! Yo, open up the door, son! Who do you think you are bogarting my place? Pulling a gun out on me.
You best be ready to use it.
We're looking for a place to hide out.
Remember JG from Bushwick who jacked us a few years back? We took the liberty of reminding him that what goes around, comes right back around to our pockets.
I guess karma be like that.
But you can't stay here, yo.
- What's the problem? - There ain't no problem, Gigantaw.
Well, it's all good.
Yeah, we outta here, man.
You check this, though.
Just cos you out the game don't mean the game stops.
Remember that.
Man, we outta here.
Let's go, dawg.
Hey! You got mushrooms for me? I got mushrooms.
The fibres Sid pulled off our bouncer's shirt is an organic plant mixture used for insulation.
It's eco-friendly.
It regulates heat just as well as Styrofoam insulation.
The thing is, while Styrofoam melts under extreme heat The mushroom stays cool under fire.
Low-tech biotech.
It doesn't explain how cutting-edge insulation got on our vic.
But it's a great place to start.
Ecovative Design has been developing greensulate for the past six months.
And according to their client list, they've only contracted out to three places in the city.
Crestridge Psychiatric is still under construction.
It's a great place to get exposed insulation.
Hopefully, a perfect place to get a lead on the Compass Killer.
I'll pass this on to Danny.
Good job.
Hey, yo, Terrence.
This has been fun and all.
But you should probably get some new friends.
Your boys are like walking parole violations.
What's the matter? Did I hurt your feelings? Did you get sensitive all of a.
? I ain't trying to have no cop convention up in here.
You two need some time so I'll give y'all five minutes.
I would appreciate it if you left the back way.
Same way you came up.
Terrence Thank you.
What do you want to hear, Mac? It's just one of those days.
You can do better than that.
It won't happen again.
You're damn right.
I'm making it official.
Do what you gotta do.
Hey, let's be clear.
Part of me wants to settle this another way.
- Get out of my face! - Hey! We're in the middle of a murder investigation and you go AWOL? - I can handle myself! - Is that what you're doing here? Is that why I had to get this from Terrence? Is that why I had to have Stella triangulate your phone? And Danny check the ERs to see if you turned up dead? You can keep telling people that you're fine but that won't work.
It's been eating at me, Mac.
When Angell was killed all I wanted to do was make it right.
We did that.
Justice was served because we did our jobs.
You weren't there with me and Simon Cade! I stood over that bastard! I looked him in the eyes and l Whatever happened is between you and your god.
I'm not your priest! What I do need to know is whether I can count on you.
Your hospital has installed mushroom greensulate.
Updating our insulation is an important step in our renovation.
We are a state-of-the-art psychiatric facility.
Long way from the cuckoo's nest, huh? Ms Duke, have you seen either of these men? I haven't seen him.
Innocent people have died.
Do you recognise him? It's possible it might be Hollis Eckhart.
He was a patient here.
Delusional schizophrenic.
We believe the schizophrenia was brought on by post-traumatic stress disorder.
We didn't have any problems with him until a month ago.
Eckhart disappeared from the facility.
What are you talking about? Disappeared? I mean, he walked out the front door without anyone noticing.
And how does a mental patient escape from a hospital exactly? We try to give our patients dignity and freedom but that doesn't always work out.
It's an embarrassing situation.
One we hoped would work itself out.
We kept Eckhart's room intact in case he returned.
We'd like to see it.
OK, this is good.
Eckhart's hospital photo matches our sketch.
Stell, you recognise this guy? Yeah, it looks like Dario Gonzales.
Compass Killer's first vic.
And that looks like Carole Hillcroft.
- Making our third portrait - Richard Caldrone.
Danny, we just identified the Compass Killer.
Now who's this? "To my beautiful Calliope.
The sun's rays are always jealous of you.
" Well, who's Calliope? Remember the compass we found on Dario Gonzales? It had an engraving on the back from the initials CE.
Calliope Eckhart.
That's right.
It's gotta be his wife.
Hopefully she can tell us where he is.
No, that's not gonna be possible.
According to this, she was murdered two years ago.
We'll be together.
I know.
Hey, Mac.
I got your message.
You wanted to talk? Actually, I wanna apologise.
This last couple of months I've been I've been pretty messed up.
And you've shown me a hell of a lot of patience and support.
And you didn't have to.
So thank you.
I'm sorry.
Everybody mourns differently, Don.
I know a lot of your behaviours had to do with Angell's death.
But there's also been something else.
I don't need to hear about it.
I just need to know that you've dealt with it and it's done.
I crossed the line and I'll live with that.
But it will never happen again.
What's most important to me now is that I re-earn your trust.
We compared DNA from the Compass Killer's first victim to Hollis Eckhart's hospital blood samples - it's a match.
- Eckhart is the Compass Killer.
- So now we just need to find him.
We looked at his old address.
A family's living there now.
He was originally picked up in Queens for assault but was declared to be mentally ill.
These are the clothes he was wearing when he was admitted to the hospital and I found traces of clonazepam on the front of his shirt.
No! No! No, stop! No! No! Don't! The same sedative he used on Richard Caldrone.
You can tell a lot about a guy by his shoes.
These have a concoction with a mix of hypoxy, poly-matrix and brass alloy.
I'm still trying to figure out what this trace is.
Eckhart's shoes could give us an idea of the places he might revisit.
- I'm on it, boss.
- I think I might have something.
This is the 91 1 call from the day Eckhart's wife was murdered.
I worked the case.
This guy lived through a massacre.
Mrs Eckhart, are you still there? Yes.
A man has a gun.
He shot the receptionist.
Is the shooter still in the office? Oh, God! He's right outside! That was two years ago.
The spree shooting at the City Surveyor's office.
Eckhart was division manager at the time.
According to witness statements, he received a visit from his wife.
They were celebrating his birthday.
God, it's beautiful.
I love it.
Thank you.
Receptionist got into an argument with her boyfriend.
Wait here.
I didn't do anything! That got heated, then that got deadly.
Get under the desk! Get under the desk! Call 91 1! Get under the desk! That's when Mrs Eckhart made the call? Yeah.
But it was too late.
- Is the shooter there? - I don't know! Send the police! No! No! - Stay down there.
- Stay on the line, ma'am.
Oh, God! Oh, God! What about Eckhart? Don't come in here! Walk away! Please, walk away! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! No, no, no! Five casualties, including the shooter who took his own life.
Eckhart, obviously, he's a man in deep pain.
It doesn't give him an excuse to take it out on others.
It does give him plenty of motive.
I'm thinking his vics were somehow connected to this massacre.
We need to find that connection and stop this murderer's cycle once and for all.
Unis found Caldrone's car in Long lsland.
They're bringing it in now.
Check it out.
See if there's any trace that can lead us to Eckhart.
We've got high-velocity blood spatter back here.
Judging from the path of the spray, it definitely came from our vic.
No signs of struggle in the interior.
But the trunk's a whole different story.
Our vic might have been tied up cos these look like rope shavings.
He was definitely tied up but he didn't stay that way.
So when Eckhart opened the trunk, Caldrone had free hands.
Don't want to surprise a man with a gun.
If Eckhart tied that rope, he might have left some trace behind.
We got two leads on the Compass Killer.
Adam got a hit on the caked trace from the soles of Eckhart's shoes.
It's Terrazzo.
Still trying to find out where that leads us.
Hawkes did a chemical analysis on the rope fibres out of Caldrone's trunk.
I got peaks for petro-diesel and bromine.
A gasoline and a water-cleaning agent.
And I have peaks for morphine and codeine.
Public water samples from the city reflect the narcotics being flushed through each system.
We ran the trace against reclaimed water samples from around the city and found it comes from a public water treatment facility in Queens.
You get a list of the locations it services? But the biggest recipient is the sprinkler system in Flushing Meadows.
Flushing Meadows opened an exhibit commemorating the World's Fair.
- Which means plenty of tour buses.
- And plenty of diesel fuel.
The Rocket Park is in Flushing Meadows and the Tent of Tomorrow.
Looks like his drawings just became our compass.
Thank you.
That's him! Two detectives chasing a murder suspect in Corona Park.
I need K9, aviation and all available units to respond! Go! Go! - You see him? - No.
Aerial team, any sign of him? Negative.
No sign of suspect.
We got this entire place covered.
There's no way this guy disappeared into thin air! I want every inch of this place searched.
We will find this guy.