CSI: NY s06e09 Episode Script


Previously on CSl: New York Do you know who this is? It might be Hollis Eckhart.
He was a patient here.
We believe the schizophrenia was brought on by post-traumatic stress disorder.
- Do you recognise this guy? - Looks Iike Dario Gonzales.
Compass Killer's first vic.
And that Iooks Iike Carole Hillcroft.
- Our third portrait - Richard Caldrone.
Who's this? "To my beautiful Calliope.
The sun's rays are always jealous of you.
" - Calliope Eckhart.
- His wife.
Well, hopefully, she can tell us where he is.
No, it's not gonna be possible.
According to this, she was murdered two years ago.
Danny, we just identified the Compass Killer.
Hollis Eckhart! That's him! We got this entire place covered.
There's no way he disappeared into thin air.
I want every inch of this place searched.
We will find this guy.
The trace we found on the bottom of Hollis Eckhart's shoe is a definite match to the old New York map in the Tent of Tomorrow.
So we know the Compass Killer is here somewhere.
The question is where? We've Iocked down the park since Iast night.
Nobody gets in or out of here without going by us first.
We got K9, foot patrol, you name it.
Still no sign of him.
Detective Taylor, we are ready for infrared capability.
Thank you.
Time to go hi tech, huh? Hollis Eckhart has over 1,200 acres in this park to hide in.
Maybe the infrared camera in that chopper can flush him out of FIushing Meadows.
We have a high heat signature in the northwest quadrant.
Heat source is within 10 yards.
- You seeing anything? - No.
It says someone's here.
You think Hollis Eckhart's down there? We're about to find out.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # I'II check with Water and Sewer.
Find out where this tunnel Ieads.
Mac, are you hearing music? Yes.
# And she's always gone too long # Anytime she goes away # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # It's not warm when she's away # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # And she's always gone too long # Anytime she goes away # Wonder this time where she's gone # Wonder if she's gonna stay # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # And this house just ain't no home # Anytime she goes away # And I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know # I know, I know, I know # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # It's not warm when she's away # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # And she's always gone too long # Anytime she goes away # Wonder this time where she's gone # Wonder if she's gonna stay # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # And this house just ain't no home # Anytime she goes away # And I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know # I know, I know, I know, I know # Wonder this time where she's gone # Wonder if she's gonna stay # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # And this house just ain't no home # Anytime she goes away # And I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know # I know, I know, I know, I know # I know, I know, I know, I know # I know, I know, I know, I know # Hey, I ought to leave the young thing alone # But ain't no sunshine when she's gone # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone # Only darkness every day # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's an old generator.
So where are we and where the hell is he? Hollis Eckhart knows we're closing in.
Which means he's out there somewhere, hunting his next victim.
Shouldn't be here.
We Iost Eckhart after midnight.
He clearly hid down here.
Might have Ieft within minutes of our arriving.
I want every storm and sewer Iine within the vicinity searched.
Eckhart could still be in one of these tunnels.
- Armed and dangerous.
- We got it.
- Hey, you watch yourself.
- I'm good.
I got my sea Iegs.
We're standing in the Underground Home.
It was a pavilion in the '64 New York World's Fair.
in a concrete Cold War bunker.
When the fair closed, they trucked in top soil and Ieft it here.
For Hollis Eckhart to call home.
- I wonder how he knew about it.
- He was a surveyor.
He probably studied every inch of this city, above and below ground.
The question is where is he now? His first three vics were north, south and east so he's definitely headed west.
We need to collect everything we can from this place.
Something could Iead us to his next victim.
How are surveillance feeds coming along down there? We'II be Iive in one minute, Adam.
We're tapping the NYPD surveillance system.
Over 3,000 cameras around the city at our disposal and a Iive audio Iink to every detective.
Priority is the West Side.
CIosely monitor crowds for automated facial recognition.
If anyone even remotely Iooks Iike Eckhart, call me.
Need more eyes on the screens, Iet me know.
Got it.
Danny, our audio and video feeds are now Iive.
Gotcha, Adam.
I got your back.
Let me know if you spot him.
Show me your hands! Adam! In pursuit of suspect! Roosevelt and a 1 26th! You getting this, Adam? Roosevelt Avenue.
Queens Communication.
Channel 12.
Take him down if you must, Danny.
Don't let him get away.
I don't have a clean shot! He's on the street! There we go, 126th.
- FIack, you see him? - Negative! Mac, we lost him! Not for Iong.
Bring up that side street.
West on Willets Point.
Danny, he's half a block up Willets Point.
Go that way.
He's 100 feet ahead.
Right at the corner.
- Have a visual? - Take a right.
I got him! I got him! Don't let him out of your sight.
- I'm on his heels, Mac.
- Come on, come on.
- He rounded the fence.
- I got him! - Don't Iose him, Danny! - Not a chance! We got him, Danny.
He just ducked into an alley between 37th and 38th.
Put your hands on your head now! SIow! Nice and slow! - Come out now! - Don't move! Mac, it's not him.
I repeat, this is not Hollis Eckhart.
- I went down there to stay warm.
- Why did you run? I was scared, man.
You don't get it.
Some punk already got the jump on me today.
- You get a good Iook at him? - Yeah.
Only wish I hadn't.
He put the hurt on me good and You're not supposed to be here! His face was all It Iooked Iike a horror movie.
That's all I can tell you.
Did he say anything to you? Yeah, once he chilled out a bit.
Now that you are here, you are gonna stay.
Oh, no! OK! Seemed sorry for what he did.
He gave me his jacket.
Said I could keep it if I stayed there a couple of hours.
- This jacket? - Yeah.
AII right, hand it over.
- You gonna take it from me? - I'm afraid so.
Take it off.
Did you see where he went? I don't know.
Hey, thanks, man.
- That was nice of you.
- Thanks.
I'm back.
Mac, so it Iooks Iike Eckhart was just trying to buy himself some time.
Do you wanna give us new directions? Let me get back to you.
Let's focus on all surveillance points between a 2, 5 and 10-mile radius of the manhole they exited.
Facial recognition and body-shape similarities.
Hawkes? This is a picture of Hollis Eckhart.
Age three.
We recovered it in the Underground Home.
I ran through some simulated ageing software.
Definitely a match.
Yeah, but the background on the original photo was faded.
So with some contrast and correction tools - Voilà.
- New York World's Fairgrounds.
- Yeah.
- These are sun charts.
Yes, they plot the sun's movements through the sky on any given day.
And check this out.
And this is? This is a solar illumination gauge.
This side measures the sun's path.
See those Iines? They're for a given Iatitude.
So wherever the window's reflection appears in the Iens, it tells you exactly what times of the year a given point will receive direct sunlight.
- Uh-huh.
- Look at the dots.
Each dot represents a 0.
1 % sky factor.
That's the ratio of sunlight inside to the brightness of the sun when it's shining outside.
So if you count the number of dots in the window's reflection, you can add up the sky factor for any position.
But why? Land surveyors often use the sun's positioning for their calculations.
That's true.
But it feels to me Iike Eckhart's using all this stuff to calculate something much darker.
Mac, hey.
The paper fragments in the bedroom of the underground Home, they're a match to the previous notes we found on Hollis Eckhart's victims.
- Another fake suicide message.
- Hard to tell when it's Iike this.
I'm on my way to the QD Iab.
See if I can clean it up.
Good cos whatever's underneath these scratches might tell us who he's after.
Eckhart's writings, collected from the Underground Home.
They read Iike an accusation of guilt directed at each one of the victims.
Take a Iook.
"AII the stupid bastard had to do "was run a permit check the way he was supposed to "before he sold the damn gun to that butcher.
"But, instead, he chose to take the money and run.
" Sounds Iike he's talking about Dario Gonzales.
"She was a court-appointed shrink.
"How could she not see "he was still a threat to his ex-wife and everyone else? "How hard would it have been to send her a simple warning in the mail? " That's gotta be Carole Hillcroft.
"Is that what they paid him for? "To take a cosy Iittle nap while Death walked by his desk "and took my angel away? " Richard Caldrone, the third victim.
But it still doesn't make sense.
Dario Gonzalez was a maintenance man, not a gun salesman.
Right, I know.
And Carole Hillcroft isn't a shrink.
Richard Caldrone may have been a nightclub bouncer but never a security guard.
None of Eckhart's victims are connected to the jobs he accused them of doing or connected to each other.
From everything we've gathered, they're not remotely related to the original act of violence that Ieft Eckhart's wife dead.
This might sound crazy but, then again, so is he.
Eckhart's medical records cite him as a delusional schizophrenic.
He frequently accused doctors, staff, other patients of doing things that they didn't.
BIaming strangers to explain how something happened.
I believe Hollis Eckhart is incapable of separating tragedy from reality.
The gunman at the massacre was able to purchase a weapon at a pawn shop without a permit after a judge ordered him to get psychiatric counselling.
Security at the surveyor's office claimed not to see the gunman enter the building until it was too Iate.
In Hollis Eckhart's fractured mind, he draws pictures of people he holds responsible for killing Calliope.
And then he punishes them one by one.
They're not the real people that might have had a hand in her death.
No, they're figments of his imagination that he draws on paper.
And the first innocent victim that Iooks Iike one of his sketches becomes Eckhart's target.
Which means anyone in this city could be next.
And, right now, we have no way of knowing who that is.
Can I help you find something? I'II just ring you up at the register.
Hey, buddy.
PIan on paying for that? Mr Birnbaum? How are you doing? NYPD.
Somebody roughed you up a Iittle bit.
You are about 20 minutes too Iate.
Dispatch said a man came in your store and stole some rope? One way of puttin' it.
I got a full register.
Safe just waiting for a deposit.
This arseface decides to pistol-whip me over three bucks' worth of rope.
Can you give us a description? This is a fruitcake you don't forget.
Scarred-up face.
Switched-off Iook behind the eyes.
This guy was messed up.
- Got any idea which way he went? - I was trying hard to play dead.
After he stole my jacket, I saw him go that way.
West on 48th on foot, about a half an hour ahead of us.
Hey, do me a favour.
If you catch the guy, keep the rope.
- String him up with it, would ya? - Yeah, we will.
Come on! What's the problem? Not all our cameras are outfitted with night vision.
Since the sun went down I'm Iosing a Iot of views.
Well, tap into private.
Or homeland security feeds, if you have to.
- Just keep Iooking.
- I just keep Iooking.
I'II keep Iooking.
I got this.
I got this.
Let's get these to Layout as quickly as possible.
More evidence from the Underground Home? Yeah, Eckhart must have been down there for a while.
Probably since he escaped from Crestridge Psychiatric Hospital.
It's period stuff.
Explains trace evidence we found at crime scenes relating to the 1 960s.
- A killer obsessed with the past.
- Or trapped there.
Eckhart suffers from acute PTSD.
His medical records say he has bullet fragments.
Iodged in the temporal Iobe of his brain.
Nothing is real to him.
Let's hope there is something in those boxes to uncover the method to his madness.
- Got anything on that suicide note? - Yeah, it's not a suicide note.
It's another sketch.
Like the ones we found at the asylum of Eckhart's first three victims.
This could be the fourth.
The video spectral comparator gives some improvement to the image, but I don't think we're gonna get the detail we need to make an ID.
T ry 3D forensic handwriting analysis.
Based on the indentations, maybe it'II identify which pencil Iayers were applied Iast.
- Then you can remove them.
- Will do.
But, Mac, you can practically feel Eckhart's rage in the way he scratched this drawing out.
If you ask me, he hated this victim more than everybody else.
I finished my third cup of coffee.
Figured you could probably use one.
I thought we weren't supposed to drink in the Iab.
We aren't.
But at some point the human body either requires sleep or caffeine.
- God bless you.
- How's it going here? Great, if you Iike playing "Guess Who? " one pixel at a time.
Hollis Eckhart doesn't make it easy.
No, he doesn't.
Then again, he didn't have it very easy.
Imagine Iosing somebody you Iove Iike that.
His wife came to see him and somebody's boyfriend showed up and started shooting.
Under the desk! Here! All that bloodshed.
All that fear.
The attack at the surveyor's office literally shattered his mind.
No, no, no! Worse than that, it broke his heart.
That's a rage you can't control.
But it's one we've gotta stop.
- So what are we Iooking at? - Manhattanhenge.
Manhattan what? It's a biannual phenomenon in which the rising or setting sun aligns perfectly with the east-west grid of Manhattan streets.
A Stonehenge meets concrete and hot-dog carts kinda thing.
- Huh.
- Here's how I got there.
I took all of Hollis Eckhart's charts and ran them through the NOAA's solar position calculator.
And he was definitely plotting the movement of the sun for an exact date and time.
His charts show the precise path of the sun across New York City for December 5th at sunrise.
What about this photograph? That's Hollis and Calliope Eckhart on the same day two years ago.
AII the signage and advertising in Times Square confirms it.
According to medical records, Hollis Eckhart was born on December 5th.
His wife was murdered two years ago on his birthday.
This photograph might have been taken on the day she died.
PIus, it's facing east, which makes that a Manhattanhenge dawn right behind 'em.
His birthday, the anniversary of his wife's death and Manhattanhenge all on the same day.
- That day begins again at sunrise.
- What time is it? It's almost 4am.
We've only got two hours.
So where are you now, Mac? Heading west.
Based on Eckhart's previous murders, FIack's got all units descending on every iconic West Side Iocation we can think of.
Hawkes get anything from the tickets? He's trying to restore the thermal ink print.
There's no guarantee it'll point you in the right direction.
No time for guarantees.
We gotta go with our guts.
This is Iike Iooking for some kind of crazy, twisted needle in a haystack.
Yeah, I know but Lindsay's still working that sketch.
Without a specific person or place to search All we can do is hit the same streets as Hollis Eckhart.
- I'm seeing what we've got.
- Keep me on the line.
They say it's always darkest before dawn.
Let's hope they're right.
I know where he's going.
- Hey, Stell - Hold on, Mac.
These are two unused tickets for a concert by the Philharmonic two hours after Calliope Eckhart died.
Mac, get to Lincoln Center now.
It's Hollis Eckhart.
He's the fourth victim.
FIack, what's your 20? I'm heading near 8th.
Danny's over on Hudson Parkway.
Oh, no! No, no, no! Move, move, move! We have a visual.
Hollis Eckhart, Mac Taylor, NYPD! No! Put the gun down now! Drop it right now! Put your hands in the air.
Hollis? What's happening? This isn't how it was supposed to be.
I know, baby.
None of it was.
PIease don't make it worse.
I shouldn't have asked you to come.
If you hadn't, you'd still be here.
But I am still here! I am! You know that! No, you're gone! You're gone! That bastard killed you! Just Iike the man who sold him the gun! Like the shrink who should have warned his wife and the guard who should have stopped him from coming in! But I'm just as much to blame as them.
Don't you see that? No, baby! PIease don't do this! - I have to.
- No! - There's nothing Ieft for me here.
- You're wrong! Listen to your wife, Hollis.
We can help you.
Yes! You can trust him! I Iost my wife, too.
But she never really Ieft me.
And I promise you Calliope won't Ieave you either.
Now just put the gun down.
He's right, baby.
If you Iove me, then please do what he says.
Oh, God.
- What have I done? - It's OK.
What have I done? Authorities allege Hollis Eckhart is responsible for the murders of three New Yorkers and intended to take his own life before being apprehended this morning.
Eckhart is undergoing psychiatric evaluation pending his arraignment.
In other news, the New York phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge So what's his final note mean? "I shouldn't have asked her to come.
I'm sorry.
" Eckhart was supposed to meet his wife at Lincoln Center after work.
But when he was running Iate, he told her to go to the surveyor's office.
Figured if they were gonna miss the show, they might as well be together.
He blamed himself as much as everyone else.
Maybe more.
Each man is the architect of his own fate.
And sometimes the fate of others.
We've got spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, sautéed vegetables, garlic bread.
- Pass the garlic bread.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Pass it down.
- And a bag of ice.
- Ah, grazie, grazie! Enjoy! Thank you.
- That feels good.
- AII right.
- Got it? You OK? - Yeah.
Here's to a great team.
And to getting Hollis Eckhart off the streets.
And to reminding us that Iife is fleeting and we should hold on to the people we Iove.
We did good.
We did.
Every one of us is gonna sleep well tonight.
Yeah! Tomorrow, I'II be sleeping in my own flat.
- Nice.
Score a new pad? - Tell me it's not underground! No, it's a rent-controlled studio off BIeecker.
- Nice! - Good for you.
This mean I get my couch back? Well, actually, it's unfurnished.
Side of meatballs? - Right here.
- Here we go.
Yes! # Sundown, you better take care # If I find you've been creeping round my back stairs # Sometimes I think it's a sin # When I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again # When I'm losing again I'm losing #