CSI: NY s06e12 Episode Script

Criminal Justice

We'll have to qualify it here.
- Hey.
What's up? - Come on.
Sit down.
Docket number 09QN0323.
People of the state of New York versus Antonio Reyes.
All rise.
Please be seated.
Mr Reyes.
You are being charged with murder in the second degree for having caused the death of Christine Reynolds.
Do you wish to enter a plea? Not guilty, Your Honour.
People? Your Honour, not only was this crime horrific in nature and completely unnecessary, the tragedy was magnified by the fact that the victim was found by her own mother.
Oh, my God! Oh! No, no, no.
As to notices.
The People serve 7-10-31-A.
A notice of an identification by an eyewitness to be disclosed at a later time.
As to the matter of bail.
In light of Mr Reyes' lengthy rap sheet, numerous past bench warrants and on the strength of the People's case - Your Honour! -the Court hereby Detective, I hope you have a good reason for barging in and disrupting these proceedings.
- I do, Your Honour.
- Really? What would that be? Antonio Reyes' release.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # What you're saying pertains to evidence you and your investigators collected and analysed.
I'm well aware of that.
And this could not have waited until after the defendant was remanded? With all due respect, Your Honour, would you rather make rulings without knowing all the facts? If what you just told me goes on record, Antonio Reyes could walk out onto the street, free to do more harm.
Are you prepared to live with the potential consequences of that? Are you, Detective? You say you heard screaming? It was Christine.
I thought she was laughing like she had friends over.
She does that all the time.
I had no idea.
I should have done something.
The way you can help Christine now is by helping me, OK? I think I saw someone in Christine's room.
I know it's hard, Ms Winston.
But I need details.
It was dark, but I'm sure I saw the same guy leave her building a few minutes later.
Did you see him then? Did you see what he was wearing? Hair colour, length? Any little detail helps.
He had on a dark-coloured jacket.
- Shoulder-length hair.
Maybe brown.
- What about facial features? - Hey, Craig.
- Hey.
Supervising DA's salary and you still wear that cheap suit.
Keeping tabs on me, Bonasera? You wore the same one at the Donnelly scene.
And how did that case turn out? - Full confession.
- Lucky suit.
Congratulations on the promotion.
You deserve it.
- Thanks.
- What brings you here? Pricey neighbourhood like this, higher-ups want the play-by-play.
Put me on speed dial, will you? Keep me in the loop? I don't wanna go back in.
My guys checked the place three times.
No sign of forced entry.
- Maybe the victim knew her attacker.
- Who found her? Her mother.
She came home from visiting relatives in Philly at about 8:00am and this is what was waiting for her.
Christine Reynolds.
She's 18 years old.
- Is there a father? - He's not around.
What about a boyfriend? Apparently she was seeing a guy who goes by the street name, Demon.
What's scary is when I run the name through the system, I get hits to 50 other morons using the same name.
That's a lot of Demons.
My guys are trying to find the one we're after.
I'm gonna go downtown with the neighbour and have her work with a sketch artist, OK? Guys, I went over the bedroom with the leucomalachite green and there are no usable shoe prints.
This floor's almost entirely carpeted.
Limits the likelihood of finding any.
The bathroom, however, has a marble floor.
I was able to get at least one usable print.
Throat laceration would have led to a lot of arterial spurting.
Killer probably cleaned himself up in the bathroom.
It implies he knew he had time.
Wouldn't be interrupted.
Several incised wounds to the palms and fingers.
She tried to fight off the blade.
No! No! There's also some perimortem bruising and several cuts to the face.
What about time of death? Based on liver temp, I put TOD at 10:00pm last night.
All right.
Let's see if we can put the boyfriend in this room.
- You find anything? - A lighter.
But nothing to suggest she was a smoker.
Could be our killer's.
# You wake up and you're next to nothing # But the weight of the world is on your side # Most days you don't even notice # I'm the only guy in the city with a lighter like that? Well, this one was found at a murder scene.
And it had your fingerprint on it.
- How do you have my fingerprint? - It's in our database.
You had to give up a set of prints when you were hired as a paralegal.
For a background check, which I passed.
Well, every criminal has a first time, Rob.
Looks like Christine Reynolds' was yours.
That's him? We found his fingerprint on the lighter recovered from the scene.
It's a start.
Now we just need a confession.
Well, you got your lucky suit on, Craig.
Look, we'll keep pressing him.
- I'll let you know what we find out.
- OK.
Told you.
I lost the lighter.
Somebody must have found it.
That's who you should be talking to, not me.
- I've never met this girl before.
- When did you say you lost it? I don't know.
A couple of weeks ago.
- Maybe three.
- Where? If I knew where, it wouldn't be lost, would it? Where were you last night about 10 o'clock? - At home.
- That's too bad.
Fingerprint at the scene and no alibi.
- Get up.
- All right.
Wait, wait.
- I was with someone.
- Who? Her name's Sarah Hansen.
- Mac.
- Hey, Sarah.
- How are the kids? - Good.
Bobby scored his first goal in hockey last week.
Hey, great.
- But it was against his own team.
- That's not so great.
It's good to see you, Mac.
But I could tell on the phone that something's going on.
- What is it? - I realise this might be difficult.
You know a Rob Meyers? Uh, yeah.
I, l I know of him.
Why? His name came up in a murder investigation.
- He's using you as his alibi.
- An alibi? Wait a second.
He, he didn't hurt someone, did he? That's what I need your help with.
The murder happened last night about 10 o'clock.
I I don't need you to give me specifics.
I just need confirmation that Rob is telling me the truth.
Yeah, I was with him, Mac.
Just promise me you won't tell Craig.
Hey, vic's neighbour, Karen Winston, just provided a composite sketch of our suspect.
This is good.
The print that Hawkes developed at the crime scene got a hit in the shoe print imaging database.
- Clearly it's the same guy.
- Yeah.
Antonio Reyes.
We got a case-to-case hit.
He left the same prints at a burglary scene in Jersey three months ago.
- I spoke to the vic's boyfriend.
- Demon? - Yep.
- Does he look anything like this? No.
I had a hell of a time finding him.
His real name is T rent Jacobs.
He has an alibi, so we can scratch him off the suspect list.
What I did find out is he owes 15 large to a guy called Antonio Reyes.
That's Antonio, isn't it? - He quick or what? - Yeah.
Antonio must have tried to beat T rent's whereabouts out of Christine.
Either she didn't know where he was or she wouldn't give him up.
And paid the ultimate price for her silence.
Means we got motive.
And a print in the vic's blood that puts Reyes at the scene.
- Let's bring him in.
- Yeah.
I can't believe it.
Sarah cheating on Craig.
Until she confirmed it, I couldn't believe it either.
They seemed so happy.
The couple that had everything.
This is so sad.
I had no idea they were having problems.
Now we got one of our own.
Her lover's fingerprint was found at the same crime scene Craig was assigned to.
And we need to find out how that lighter ended up there.
- Adam.
- Oh, hey, yeah.
I didn't see you come in.
The lighter Lindsay found at the crime scene.
What do you know about it? Uh, well, I detected a female DNA profile.
Looks degraded.
The lighter was collected from inside Christine's bedroom, protected from the elements.
- I know.
It's weird, right? - Here's the trace report.
Ha! This is why.
DNA's degraded because of leucomalachite green inhibition.
It makes sense.
Hawkes sprayed LMG at the scene for shoe print development.
The highest concentration of it is on the side of the lighter that was face down on the floor at the scene.
Are you sure? Take a look.
The emblem side was face up when Lindsay found it.
That means the leucomalachite green was on the floor before the lighter hit the ground.
That lighter was left at the crime scene after Hawkes started processing.
- Planted evidence? - Maybe.
Besides us, there was only one other person at the scene.
All rise.
Thank you.
You may be seated.
In light of new evidence presented to me by the lead detective on this case, bail will be set at $500,000.
Your Honour.
Your Honour.
This man is a murderer.
Why is a killer being let out on our streets? Because you are under arrest.
You wanna tell me what the hell's going on, Stella? You tell me, Craig.
A lighter.
- Ever seen it before? - Sure.
On the shelf of every cigarette store and newspaper stand in the city.
Look, Craig.
I've known you for, what? At least.
And you don't even extend me the courtesy Let's not play games with each other.
I wanna help you.
But the only way I can do that is if you work with me on this.
Help me with what? This is the lighter found at Christine Reynolds' crime scene with Rob Meyers' fingerprint on it.
I hope you start making some sense soon.
I know about Sarah's affair with Rob.
What? This lighter, Rob's lighter, was found at the same crime scene you were assigned to.
Do you expect me to believe that was a coincidence? Well, what other explanation is there? The truth.
You found Rob's lighter somewhere it shouldn't have been, so you planted it at the Christine Reynolds' crime scene.
This is crazy.
Why would I do something like that? Because you believed Sarah was having an affair but didn't know who with.
You planted it at the scene knowing my lab would run it for prints and possibly lD Sarah's lover.
- Come on, Stella.
- Oh, trust me, Craig.
I do not wanna believe this.
So if there's another explanation, please tell me what it is.
This is the problem with people like you and me.
We've worked two many cases, investigated too many murders.
We're trained to be suspicious.
We throw out theories and hunches.
You think I would barge into a courtroom, jeopardising a murder investigation to arrest you on a hunch or a theory? - I've got evidence, Craig.
- What? Residue levels of a shoe print developer proving the lighter was placed at the scene after forensic processing had begun.
That's what this is about? A discrepancy in residue levels? Yeah, and if you don't give me a more reasonable explanation, I have to book you on evidence tampering.
- Don't do this, Stella.
- Then tell me what's going on.
I don't know.
I'm telling you, I don't know.
Then I'm sorry, Craig.
You're making a mistake, a huge mistake.
You hear me? If you pursue this any further, I will sue you and your crime lab, you hear me? Stella, you're finished.
Just got word.
They assigned a new DA to the Christine Reynolds' case.
All right.
I'll call him, tell him all the physical evidence we had on Antonio Reyes is now useless.
Unless we find more forensics to use against him, this entire case rests on the testimony of one eyewitness.
Then we need other evidence against him.
I'll put everyone on it if I have to.
Tell me why.
Why did you do it? - Mrs Reynolds, I'm so sorry.
- You're sorry? After what you did? I had no choice.
The prosecutor's actions were unacceptable.
- I was compelled to go to the court.
- I don't want a textbook answer.
I am truly sorry for having to do what I did today.
And now Antonio Reyes is gonna go right back out onto the street, where he can do more harm.
Where he can murder somebody else's child.
I promise you, I will do everything in my power not to let that happen.
Really? Like what? There are things I can do, steps to take.
Are any of those steps as good as having him back behind bars where he belongs? Hey.
What is that? Nothin'.
Just precautionary.
My back's been acting up.
- I probably just pulled something.
- When? A few weeks ago when Flack and l were chasing Hollis Eckhart.
You know, Danny.
Maybe you came back to work too soon.
What are our other options, Linds? Take any more sick days, they'll force a medical leave on me.
Well, you'll get to spend more time with Lucy.
You are her favourite.
I'll be fine.
Don't worry about it.
postponing all proceedings in the brutal murder of Christine Reynolds indefinitely.
What I can say is the alleged killer in the case, Antonio Reyes, has just been released on $500, 000 bond.
There have been no reports as to his whereabouts at this time.
But we'll update you as the controversy around this case continues to unfold.
In the meantime, back to you in the studio.
So much for the sufficiency hearing the judge placed on him.
Someone in Antonio's crew must have access to a lot of legit funds.
Ensure we have eyes and ears on Antonio Reyes.
- I wanna hear about his every move.
- Yeah.
- You OK? - Uh, can we talk in private? Uh, absolutely.
Come on in.
- I'm so sorry.
Uh, I'm - I never I never thought that this would happen.
Not to me and Craig.
We were always so happy.
But, it did, and we just, you know, grew apart somehow.
Sarah, you don't owe me any kind of explanation.
No, yes, I do.
I am the one who created this whole mess.
Sarah, we all make mistakes, do things that we're not proud of.
I know, Stella.
But if I had told Craig earlier about my relationship with Rob, then we wouldn't be here right now.
And I wouldn't be asking you for your help.
With what? It's Sarah, what is it? I can't find Rob.
You know, I tried his cell.
I went to his apartment, his office.
No one knows where he is.
I think Craig might have done something horrible.
- You mean to Rob? - Stella.
You think you know my husband, but you don't.
You have no idea what he is capable of.
All clear.
It's all clear.
There's no sign of Rob.
Well, we do have signs of a struggle.
I'll go get my kit.
- You find something? - Potential murder weapon.
Can you get me some luminol? It's positive.
But not for blood.
I'm not picking up any absorbents.
Well, positive for what, then? I'm thinking peroxide.
Hansen must have used it to clean all blood evidence.
He didn't use bleach as that would cause discolouration and leave an odour.
Making it obvious a clean-up took place.
He also left the alarm clock on the window sill, exposing it to direct sunlight.
He knew the sun's UV rays would break down any remaining DNA.
Craig is so good.
He knows exactly how we think.
You'd learn a thing or two about getting away with murder.
Rule number one, make sure the body's never found.
Now, how do we know we're looking for a body? He could still be alive.
We have a weapon that's been cleaned, signs of a struggle and a clear motive.
You and I both know that rage rarely ends in a struggle.
Craig had nothing to gain by keeping Rob alive and so much to gain by killing him.
Once he killed Rob, he took him somewhere and disposed of the body.
If we don't find it, we have no shot at a conviction.
DA or not, no one commits a perfect crime.
Yeah, come on.
You find anything inside Craig's car? Actually, I found something outside of his car.
After ripping apart the vehicle's interior, something on its exterior caught my eye.
You get a chemical composition? XRF indicated potassium chloridemorphology was granular.
- Road salt.
- Yeah.
Deposit layer seems to be superficial suggesting it was picked up recently and imbedded in the tire tread.
It hasn't been cold enough in the city to need de-icing.
Hansen must have taken a recent trip up north.
Which is why I pulled the vehicle's GPS unit.
The memory has been erased and I'm trying to find any retrievable data using a digital restoration program.
Got it.
Catskill, New York.
Time stamp, 11:18pm.
I finished interviewing Rob at four in the afternoon yesterday.
Last time he was seen.
Hansen was back in court for Antonio's 9:00am arraignment earlier today.
That's a narrow time window.
That's where he took the body.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- Cabin's empty.
- Yeah, no luck out here either.
Shoreline's just about 100 yards away on the other side of the bend.
If we don't find a body, we may end up having to drag the river.
That's exactly what he wants us to do.
Hansen worked with me on the Rosen case.
Killer almost got away while we spent two weeks dragging a lake.
Body ended up being found five miles away, completely decomposed.
The ME had a tough time even calling it a homicide.
So Hansen did something else with Rob's body.
Question is, what? On the other side of the building Thank you.
Hey, Mac.
Got something.
Positive for blood.
Its location is very incriminating.
Let's get it to DNA.
Blood's not human.
Could be from a cat or another kind of roadkill.
Run it again.
Stell, the instrument and control samples are all working fine.
If I run it again, we'll end up with the same result.
No, no, no, no.
Don't do this to me right now.
No, no, no.
- Lindsay Messer.
- Hey, babe.
It's me.
- Still at the acupuncture studio? - Yeah, I'm still here.
Someone stole my wallet.
- Are you sure you had it with you? - I'm sure it was in here.
They got everything.
I mean, my, my, my wallet, my, my cards, my money.
Even my grandfather's dog tags.
- My badge.
- Can you talk to the owner? Maybe he saw something.
They got my badge, Lindsay.
What am I gonna do? All right.
Look, we'll find it, OK? Don't beat yourself up.
Come back here.
We'll figure something out.
All right.
Damn it! Hey, any luck finding a connection with Hansen and the cabin owner? Five databases, nothing so far.
Maybe it's time to rethink dragging that river.
I ran the blood sample a second time.
Same result.
You ran an Ochterlony for species determination? Confirmed what I thought.
Not human.
Blood is canine.
Someone's dog must have been hit by a car, ended up in a snow bank, a snowblower comes along and - But there was no dog.
- There had to have been.
- I can show you the test results.
- No, I mean at Rob Meyers' flat.
I remember seeing a dog bowl.
Lindsay and I searched the whole flat and there was no dog.
It may have been elsewhere, like at the vet.
We saw the leash and it looked like the dog food had just been put out.
Maybe Rob Meyers' dog attacked Hansen so he killed it too, then ran 'em both through the snowblower.
We need to tear that thing apart.
I just spoke to Flack.
Antonio Reyes slipped his tail.
- Where was he last seen? - Headed East on 57th.
He's going after the eyewitness, Karen Winston.
And her testimony is the only thing that puts Antonio away for murder.
- Yep, I got it.
- What do we know? Surveillance team lost Antonio at First Federation on Broadway.
- ATM or did he go inside? - They said he went inside.
Only reason for that would be to make a big withdrawal.
He's cashing out.
Once he silences Karen, he'll flee the US.
- Where are the intercept team? - They're three minutes out.
- Lindsay's right behind.
- Oh, this better work.
Five teams race to Stockholm.
On the confusing streets of Stockholm, Gary and Matt got turned around and left What do I do? For five of us, it's all work all day.
Do the boys figure out how to open this door to the building of the Mustpeade, the secret lair of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads for their next clue? - Where's the ferry? - Downtown Stockholm.
At this point in a race, every team to make it this far - Go, go! - Freeze! - Hands up! - Expecting someone else? - You're done, Antonio.
T ake him.
- Put your hands behind your back.
What are some of the most common motives you've seen in your 15 years as DA, Mr Hansen? - Motives for what? - Murder.
I'm not sure I know where this is going.
Answer the question.
- Um - And jealousy? The kind of jealousy that builds into a rage that leads to murder? That would qualify as manslaughter, technically.
Not if there's a plan.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You could have hired a private detective but didn't.
The risk of embarrassment if it got out was too great, so you used our lab to identify the fingerprint for you.
That's him? His fingerprint was on the lighter found at the scene.
You almost got away with it, except for one detail you couldn't have planned for.
Shoe print developer.
It told us that this lighter had been planted at the scene.
Do you have any idea how ludicrous this sounds? You used the information we gave you to kill Rob Meyers, betraying our trust and making this lab an accessory to murder.
Are you even listening to yourself? What jury is gonna buy that story? When I testify at your trial I'll be extremely convincing, as will the evidence.
When I told you about the fingerprint hit to Rob, you waited for him to leave, followed him home and confronted him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't lie to me.
I know you're the bastard who's been nailing my wife.
- You're crazy.
- I have proof, do you hear me? I found your lighter in my bedroom.
Do you understand? In my bedroom! I want you out of here.
Now! You may not have intended on killing him but nevertheless, he was dead on the floor.
Another great theory, Detective.
But you don't even have a body to prove Rob Meyers is dead, Iet alone murdered.
No corpus delecti.
Remember the Stuart case? We had all the physical evidence in the world.
But the jury wouldn't convict because they accepted the defence's theory that he was lying on a beach somewhere, sipping umbrella drinks.
Well, see, that's where you're wrong because we do have the body.
It's a photo of a bone fragment.
The DNA is a match to Rob Meyers.
We found it in a snowblower that your GPS led us to.
We also found blood from Rob Meyers' dog.
Just too many connections that all lead back to you.
What is it that you used to say in your closing arguments? If you're not guilty, then you're the unluckiest guy on the planet.
I love Sarah.
But is it possible she hired someone to kill Rob Meyers? - Come on.
Don't do this! - She was fraught with guilt.
She's gonna end it, but he's not having that.
So he, he even threatens to tell me they're having an affair.
So, isn't it possible that she hired someone to kill Rob Meyers? I Isn't it possible that the real killer is still out there? Isn't it possible? Good luck with that, Councillor.
I'll see you in court.
# How do we carry on? # I can't get beyond the questions # Clambering for the scraps in the shatter of us collapsed # It cuts me with every could have been # Pain on pain on play, repeating # With the backup makeshift life in waiting # Everybody says # Time heals everything # But what of the wretched hollow? # The endless in between? # Are we just going to wait it out? # And sit here Just going to wait it out # Sit here cold Just going to sweat it out # Wait it out #