CSI: NY s06e13 Episode Script

Flag on the Play

Bynes kicks off at the goal line for New York.
She's out to the five-yard line.
There's a tackler at the 10.
Oh, and she's smacked down hard at the 14-yard line.
New York ball, 1st and 10.
They're down by 3 with 38 seconds left in the game.
And Boston is desperately trying to hold onto this lead, Rick.
Back out on the field comes second-string quarterback for New York, Meredith Muir.
This is her debut with the Lingerie Football League and what a debut it's been.
Starting quarterback Kristen Melvoy was a no-show for this game.
That could be a costly decision with Muir's performance tonight.
Hut! Spice it up.
Come on, Tiff.
Muir back to pass.
Gets through the wall.
Caught by Bynes! Oh, and she's hit down at the 17-yard line.
New York ball, Trailing by 3 points here as time's running out.
That's right.
New York needs a touchdown to win and they can't stop the clock.
They're out of timeouts.
Red! Hike! Fakes a handoff.
She's back to pass again.
Throws it down field into the end zone! It's caught, caught in the end zone for a touchdown on the final play! Oh, my! New York has stunned this Boston team with a dramatic come-from-behind What an incredible finish to this game, Dan.
Thanks to the league's new star, Meredith Muir.
# Like a G6 Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6 # Like a G6 Like a G6 # Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6 # Gimme that Mo-Moet Gimme that Cri-Cristal # Ladies love my style At my table getting wild # Get them bottles poppin' We get that drip and that drop # Now give me two more bottles cos you know it don't stop # Hell yeah Drink it up, drink-drink it up, # When sober girls around me, they be actin' like they drunk # They be actin' like they drunk actin-actin' like they drunk # When sober girls around me actin-actin' like they drunk # She's our vic.
Kristen Melvoy, 26 years old.
She was a starting quarterback for New York.
Only she didn't show up for tonight's game.
Sid, what are you doing here? You short-staffed tonight? Admit it, Sid.
You're a fan.
Um, victim was found floating face down in the tub.
Washerwoman's Syndrome.
Must have been in the water for a while.
Based on rigor, I'm placing TOD between 7:00am and 9:00am this morning.
More than 12 hours ago.
Why'd it take the team so long to notice the body? Because they use the whirlpool baths after the game to treat injuries.
The team say they got into the locker room at 5:30 tonight, put their gear on, headed straight out to play.
- Detective, can I have a word? - Excuse me.
Are we looking at a drowning here? I suspected so at first.
But then I noticed a cloudy film in her eyes.
Well, it indicates dehydration.
Highly unlikely if she was floating face down.
She was already dead when she hit the water.
Could be a dump job.
She was murdered somewhere else then put in the whirlpool bath to destroy prints and DNA.
If that's the case, we're looking for a killer with some degree of intelligence.
Then we'll just have to be smarter than he is.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # People thought Kristen was all fluff because of the way she looked.
She took the game seriously.
She have any problems with any of the other players? - No, nothing out of the ordinary.
- What's the ordinary? Competition, rivalry.
You know, girl stuff.
Nothing that would lead to murder.
All right, thanks.
What have you got? A crumpled-up photo at the bottom of our vic's locker.
You know, it came from right here.
Either she tore it down or someone else did.
All of her street clothes are still here, Danny.
So are her keys and her wallet.
The trainer said Melvoy would come in here in the mornings on game day and work out by herself.
This wasn't a dump job.
She came here this morning and never left.
She was killed in one of these two rooms.
# When the wind dies down and the howling stops # The hurting starts, then I hear your name # In this quiet time, this aching time # I can hear your fingers on the window pane # 'Cause in our lungs there's something that we keep quiet You have COD? Respiratory failure caused by anaphylaxis.
Elevated levels of histamines in the blood.
Congestion of the pleural cavity.
I think she had an allergic reaction to something.
The question is, was it intentional or accidental? Even if it was accidental, we're still dealing with someone who dumped her body into a hot tub rather than call 91 1.
Whoever it was didn't leave these bruises.
Hematologic reaction indicates they were incurred several days before death.
Most likely related to her athletic proclivities.
Medical records are coming.
Meanwhile, I ran a tox screen for the usual suspects - heroin, cocaine, PCP, meth and alcohol.
- None of them turned up positive.
- All right.
Mac? I don't know if it means anything, but l about six months ago, I got a rather strange call.
It was from a Leanne Baldwin.
Her daughter, Natalie, died of a sudden heart attack.
Natalie was visiting my ex-husband in Michigan.
One night after dinner, she went to sleep and never woke up.
Doctors said it was a heart attack, but, somehow that never sat right with me.
A mother knows her child.
And mine was a perfectly healthy Now, although myocardial infarction is a common cause of death, especially in women over 50 All right.
Where are you going with this? Natalie was 22 years old.
And she played on the same football team as our vic.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs Baldwin.
But, since your daughter's body was examined in Michigan, I'm afraid there's very little I can do at this point.
Now I understand why you were at the scene.
This is personal.
I reviewed Natalie's death certificate.
- Everything seemed to be in order.
- And the autopsy? Uh, the ex-husband didn't want one.
Religious beliefs.
Natalie Baldwin was embalmed and flown to New York to be buried.
Now you think there could be more to her death? I'm thinking maybe I missed something.
Sid, Natalie was pronounced dead.
Why are you blaming yourself? Because I dismissed her mother's suspicion as that of a grieving parent.
Perhaps if I had looked more closely, I might have been able to prevent the death of her teammate.
This fleck has the molecular properties of paint, but there's some kind of metallic trace in it, as well.
- Metallic paint? - I don't know.
It was wedged in the fabric of her sports bra.
I'm thinking maybe the killer transferred it when he dumped our vic in the tub.
You could be right 'cause the locker room was glass block and tile.
Nothing consistent with metallic paint.
Any luck finding your badge? No.
Acupuncture joint hasn't found it anywhere.
They searched a bunch of times.
You could get a command discipline if you don't report it.
- It's been a week.
- I know how long it's been.
T rust me.
DNA on the syringe definitely matches the vic.
Sid didn't mention anything about an injection mark.
It could have been obscured by the condition of the skin due to water exposure.
The syringe contained traces of two different substances.
One I haven't identified yet, the other is a lidocaine.
Local anaesthetic used in dental and medical procedures.
Yes, and also sometimes used to treat soft tissue injuries in sports, Iike tennis, basketball.
And Lingerie Football.
If anything can help us find the injection site, it's toluidine blue.
I was able to confirm your discovery of lidocaine in the victim's tissue.
However, I was not as lucky with the other substance you found in the syringe.
There's no trace of any other foreign substance.
I'm still running tests to try to narrow it down.
According to Ms Melvoy's medical records, she had an unusual sensitivity to lidocaine.
It's generally a very safe drug, if used properly.
I've seen dermatitis and hypersensitivity in connection with lidocaine, but never a life-threatening allergic reaction.
I know, but look what I found in her medical history.
This shows she suffered anaphylaxis when exposed to lidocaine in 1992.
Sid, too high a dosage could've proven fatal a second time around.
Take a look at this.
I think I found it near my Y'd and tied sutures.
Puncture mark right above the left breast.
It's an unusual placement for an anaesthetic injection.
Although she could have pulled a pectoral muscle.
Someone who knew her medical history could've attacked her in the locker room.
Oh, no! Right.
Everything we find out in this case just leads to more questions.
I have an idea where we might get some answers.
Mrs Baldwin, when you came to me last summer you expressed reservations about your daughter Natalie's death.
It was more of a sense that something wasn't right.
Did your daughter have any medical allergies? Not that I know of.
Why? A woman named Kristen Melvoy died in the locker room yesterday.
She had an allergic reaction to lidocaine.
Kristen Melvoy? Natalie talked about her all the time.
Mrs Baldwin, there are some suspicious circumstances surrounding Ms Melvoy's death.
Could lidocaine be a cause of Natalie's death, as well? Cardiac arrest can be a possible result of lidocaine allergy.
Did she ever mention getting any kind of injections while she was on the team? No.
Is that what you think? That Natalie was getting drug injections? Uh, and because there was no autopsy, it's impossible to say.
So how will we ever know? I'd like to ask your permission to exhume your daughter's body.
Someone on that team could be killing these women and if that's the case, we've gotta find out how.
I compared the prints on the photo from Melvoy's locker to the elimination prints from the rest of the team.
They all belong to our vic except the ones I've circled.
These foreign prints are in the shape of a semi-circle, Iike someone grabbed it and ripped it off the locker.
Not just someone, Mac.
These prints belong to Meredith Muir.
She's the second-string quarterback.
Maybe she tired of waiting for her competition to retire and chose to give her a helping hand.
That's what I'm thinkin'.
Any quarterback can be proud of those stats.
Best game of my career.
Well, I have to be honest, Meredith.
The Lingerie Football League isn't just about athletics.
You may have the better arm but Kristen got all the photo ops, the interviews, the product endorsements.
Nobody likes the view from the bench.
I'm assuming you didn't either.
Kristen was a phony, stuck-up bitch.
That's what I didn't like.
Is that why you ripped the photo off her locker? We found your prints on it.
She threw a 30-yard touchdown at a game last week.
Afterwards, she's parading around the locker room like she's Eli Manning.
It just rubbed me the wrong way.
You're a real star, Melvoy.
That's all there was to it, I swear.
You work part-time as a dental hygienist, correct? I can't support myself on what I make playing football.
Ms Melvoy died from a reaction to lidocaine, an anaesthetic used Yeah, l, I know what lidocaine is.
Did you also know Kristen was allergic to it? No, I didn't.
So you didn't inject her with it to make it look like an accident? - You really think I killed Kristen? - She was your competition.
You had access to the locker room and access to lidocaine.
I didn't kill Kristen.
Natalie Baldwin was on the team last year before she died.
Natalie died of a heart attack.
How would you describe your relationship with Natalie? Not so good.
She was sleeping with my boyfriend.
According to Meredith Muir, Natalie Baldwin was having an affair with her boyfriend.
Talk about motive.
This game was played seven months ago, just before Natalie died.
Here are our players.
Meredith Muir, backup quarterback.
Flack's checking out her alibi.
Kristen Melvoy, starting quarterback, found dead in the locker room hot tub.
Natalie Baldwin, died in her sleep six months ago.
Sid's having her body exhumed.
Meredith admitted she'd had altercations with our two victims on several different occasions.
She had a rivalry with Melvoy on the field and Baldwin off.
Oh, there you go.
They did not like each other.
I can buy that Muir gave Kristen the lidocaine injection.
But are we thinking she gave Natalie something else that caused her heart to stop? Well, we can't be sure until Sid exhumes Natalie's body.
Hey, guys.
I fumed the syringe I found in the locker room trash.
Most of the prints were smudged, but I got a partial off the plunger.
Did you get a hit in CODlS? No, I got something almost as good.
That mystery substance I detected in the syringe earlier.
Ran it through the GCMS.
Picked up traces of somotrope.
Human growth hormone.
Can be used as a body-building drug.
Makes you faster, makes you stronger.
And used in excess, it can also lead to congestive heart failure.
Let's take a look at the trainer.
Maybe he wanted to give his players an enhanced advantage over the competition.
Guess this job has its perks.
I heard you talked to Meredith Muir.
Shook her up pretty bad.
Guess you came to question someone else? Yep.
You were fired from professional football last year for boosting steroids.
That was a bum rap.
Those players get juiced all the time.
With cortisone.
By trained team doctors, which you are not.
It was a long time ago.
- I moved on.
- To the Lingerie Football League? Yeah.
Think what you like.
These women can play ball.
Where were you yesterday between 7:00am and 9:00am? - At home.
- Anyone verify that? My daughter.
I made her pancakes.
Maybe you wanna grill her, too.
Look, I'm sorry about Kristen, OK? I really am.
I just don't get what this has to do with me.
She died from a lidocaine injection.
In your locker room.
Do you think I gave her that injection? Old habits die hard.
We found traces of human growth hormone in the syringe, too.
Maybe you gave her some new fancy cocktail.
We're not saying it on purpose.
Maybe you gave her the shot, she had a bad reaction, you panicked.
I wanna get back in the big show.
I gotta keep my nose clean.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
No needles.
No drugs.
- No playing around.
- What about murder? What is copper, tiny and used to cover walls? I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.
The paint fleck I got on the victim's clothes - it's nanopaint.
- As in nanotechnology? - Yeah.
They insert copper into these nanotubes, then mix it in with the paint.
And the particles in the copper deflect certain radio frequencies.
- Like cell phones.
- Exactly.
They use it in hospitals, libraries, schools.
Run the sample through the lR spec for specific colour characteristics.
I already tried that.
I had no luck.
So, I did the next best thing.
You sent the lR spec data to the manufacturer.
Along with a warrant.
If they identify the specific colour and lot number, we get a list of clients who bought it.
And hopefully lead us to a location of the killer.
T rainer's daughter confirmed she was with him the morning before the game.
There's one problem.
- What's that? - She's four years old.
And I bet she'd say anything her dad told her to.
That's what I'm thinkin'.
We turned his office upside down.
Found no traces of HGH or lidocaine.
None of the players are copping to taking any kind of shot.
You ready for some more not-so-great news? - Why not? You're on a roll.
- Meredith Muir's alibi checks out.
She was cleaning teeth when Kristen died.
Dentist and patient confirmed it.
The only way into that locker room is with a passkey.
Either Melvoy let her killer in or they already had access.
I want everyone affiliated with the team put through a sieve - past history, criminal records, everything.
You got it.
New York team's official website.
Why do I end up processing locker room trash and you get this? 'Cause I'm married.
- But I did find something strange.
- Uh-huh.
T riathlon Championships.
So she does triathlons on the side.
Thing is, Kristen Melvoy didn't win it.
She did.
Her name's Shelly Davis.
So Melvoy was taking credit for someone else's accomplishment.
Sounds like half the people in this city, right? Yeah.
But how did she get her hands on Davis' championship medal? I don't know.
Borrowed it.
Stole it.
And maybe this Shelly Davis wanted it back.
Deluxe Pawn Shop.
Certainly a step up from the place my Uncle Teddy used to pawn his cufflinks when he needed a drink.
Bars and pawn shops.
- Recession proof.
- I guess so.
What you got for me, fellas? Two-tone gold on steel, nickel and rhodium.
Go for about 40 bucks.
Can't sell it here.
It's illegal to pawn a real badge.
We know the drill.
We're here on a case.
A woman called Shelly Davis pawned her triathlon medal here last year.
Last year's ancient history.
I move a lot of merchandise.
How about this woman? You recognise her? Yeah.
I've been looking for that broad.
Gave her $10,000 for a diamond engagement ring.
Two weeks later, your people came in and said the ring had been reported stolen.
- They confiscate it? - Yeah.
Put me back $10,000.
Did she buy anything while she was in here? Come to think of it, yes.
A sports medal.
That's the one.
- Worth about five bucks.
- Thanks.
Hold on.
Do me a favour, buddy.
Can I see this dog tag right here? Yeah.
Korean War.
I'll let it go for seven bucks.
- I have to confiscate this.
- You're kidding! No, you see that? Messer.
That's my grandfather.
Someone stole this from me.
You remember who brought it in? - No.
It's a cash transaction.
- They bring anything else? - I don't remember.
- You got surveillance video here? A lot of my customers don't like being taped.
The pleasure was all mine, fellas.
Come back anytime.
What was that about? Last week, my dog tags were stolen, obviously, my wallet and my badge.
What? Where did this happen? My back's been bothering me, so I go to this acupuncture joint.
I come out of the treatment, go to my locker Everything's gone, except my clothes.
Did you report your shield stolen? No.
I mean, I don't wanna make a big deal about it.
- That's a big deal.
- I know.
There's a nut job running around the city with your shield.
Damn it.
Guess who reported Kristen Melvoy's engagement ring stolen? - Who? - Her ex-fiancé.
Guy by the name of Scott Coleman.
So she pawns his ring and he reports it stolen.
Sounds like a happy couple.
There was trouble in paradise.
A neighbour rang 91 1 eight months ago.
Said it sounded like they were killing each other.
- Any arrests? - No.
Melvoy refused to press charges, but moved out three weeks later.
So, maybe Coleman decided to finish the argument once and for all.
- Scott Coleman? - Yeah.
How's it goin'? We need to ask you a few questions.
- I'll be right with you.
- Let me rephrase that.
We need to ask a few questions now.
Dead? She's dead? She can't be.
I just spoke to her last week.
Oh, cut the act, Scott.
You don't get it.
Kristen was the love of my life.
You had a funny way of showing that.
A domestic disturbance call at your apartment? Before Kristen moved out, our relationship got rough.
We both said and did a lot of things we didn't mean.
Add a nosey neighbour into the mix and you get 91 1.
- Where were you yesterday morning? - Chelsea University.
I didn't kill Kristen, if that's what you're asking.
She pawned the ring you gave her.
We've seen people kill for less.
We've known each other since high school.
We were supposed to get married, have kids.
What happened? She changed.
After we moved here, she started dieting.
Even got hair extensions, fixed her teeth, wanted her breasts enlarged.
When she got into that Lingerie Football League, she thought it was her ticket to fame.
Next thing you know, that girl from Seattle was ancient history.
So was our engagement.
- Was there somebody else? - I don't know.
She partied a lot.
Some nights she wouldn't come home.
She started hanging out with this girl, Natalie.
- Natalie Baldwin? - Yeah.
She not only got Kristen into every club in town, she got her into this weird stuff, too.
Weird like how? Weird like they injected this crap into their lips, their cheeks, their foreheads.
Supposed to make you prettier, younger, smoother.
I don't know.
Do you know where they got the injections? No idea.
Scott made it sound like cosmetic surgery was a recreational habit for Natalie and our vic.
But who supplied the recreation? Nanopaint is used in clinics and hospitals.
Both have access to cosmetic-enhancing drugs.
And some of those procedures might involve lidocaine injections to numb the site.
It's starting to look like maybe the link between these two women's deaths wasn't football, but cosmetic surgery.
I'll think I'll start with a CT-scan on Natalie's corpse, Mac.
How's Mrs Baldwin holding up? Well, she's strong.
She just wants some answers.
Being a parent myself, l I mean, I don't know how she gets through the day.
Just does what the rest of us do.
She keeps moving forward.
I introduce you to Natalie Baldwin, or at least her 3-D representation.
What are those opaque masses in her chest region? - Silicone.
- She had implants.
These aren't implants.
This material is diffuse, spread out over the entire thoracic cavity.
You mean that the silicone is injected directly into her body? I'm afraid so.
The City Health Department says illegal use of silicone is on the rise as an alternative to plastic surgery, especially among the transgender population and the poor, who are unable to afford conventional surgery.
But again, breast enhancements are the most common uses.
- Did the silicone cause her death? - Oh, absolutely.
See that blockage in her coronary artery? I performed a biopsy.
The clot contains high levels of silicone.
So a particle of it hardened, broke off and migrated into her bloodstream.
And the resulting blood clot caused her heart to arrest.
Industrial grade silicone, the kind you can buy at any hardware store.
These fly-by-night doctors inject it directly into peoples' bodies.
You're kidding me, right? I just used this stuff to fix a leak in our shower.
These doctors use it to make money at these pumping parties.
Pumping parties? Yeah.
Well, they can happen anywhere.
Hotel rooms, apartments, makeshift doctors' offices.
Invitations are usually by word of mouth or on Twitter.
Instant results, long-term consequences.
Well, the thing is Sid didn't find a drop of silicone in Kristen's body.
But he did find a needle mark in her upper chest.
Our killer could have used the lidocaine to numb the tissue, to prep her for the silicone injection.
Kristen's ex said she wanted larger breasts.
Maybe she was having the same procedure as Natalie Baldwin.
But because she had an allergic reaction to the lidocaine, she just didn't get as far.
Silicone? There's gotta be a mistake.
Natalie didn't have the money for plastic surgery.
Mrs Baldwin, did she ever go to a cosmetologist, perhaps? Or a dermatologist, have any kind of injections? She mentioned Restalyne a few times.
But, silicone? No.
Do you know where she had this work done? I was lucky if I knew the name of her boyfriend.
I thought this was about the team.
About lidocaine.
Now you're talking about silicone? Iidocaine is sometimes used in cosmetic procedures.
There could be a connection.
I'm sorry.
This is just a lot to absorb.
I know.
Mrs Baldwin, we just wanna find out who did this to Natalie.
Maybe if we could see her computer, uh, or learn something from her contacts or her emails.
I don't have her computer.
But I still have her cell phone at home.
Maybe that could help? There's no address for a cosmetic surgeon in Natalie Baldwin's contacts, but I did find a Tweet from this guy.
Dr Alphonse Portero.
I rang the Medical Board.
There's no record of him in the T ri-State Area.
- Can we trace the Twitter account? - Subpoena's in the works.
I just heard back from the nanopaint manufacturer.
The sample on the vic is from a new colour line called "KennebunkportGray.
" by a library in the Bronx.
by the Chelsea Theater.
And a plastic surgery clinic in Brooklyn.
That's where we'll find our killer.
Hey, we're looking for a Dr Portero.
There is no Dr Portero working here.
Are you sure? Alphonse Portero.
The only Al we have is Allen Greenway, and he's on our cleaning crew.
Where can we find him? Allen Greenway? Go around the front.
Hey! Check it out! Don't move, don't move! Hands.
Get up.
It's over, Doc.
Recognise her? Kristen Melvoy.
How about her? Natalie Baldwin.
Look, I'm just a janitor.
You were on the cleaning crew at St Maria's Hospital and three other clinics, as well.
Yeah, so? So you had access to confidential patient records, addresses, paperwork.
And you used that information to peddle yourself off as a doctor.
That sounds like some kind of movie plot.
What'd I do next, huh? Steal a pilot's uniform, fly a plane? You performed dangerous medical procedures on unsuspecting women.
You stole Botox, Restalyne, HGH and anything else you could pilfer from stock rooms or trash cans.
We've matched several serial numbers from pharmaceutical wrappers found in your apartment with missing stock from those clinics.
Everyone at work helps themselves to the supplies.
Even the doctors.
I guess none of them told you that injecting silicone directly into human tissue can cause respiratory failure, aneurisms, cardiac arrest.
That some people are allergic to certain medications that can lead to a fatal reaction.
You wanna just do it right here? Medications like lidocaine.
How do you feel? Oh, my God.
You thought dumping Kristen's body into the hot tub would destroy evidence.
But you forgot about this.
We recovered it from the locker room trash.
It not only contains lidocaine, but we found traces of HGH.
I don't know what that means, man.
I'm, I'm just a janitor.
I didn't even graduate high school.
So, I'll break it down for you.
There was no human growth hormone in Kristen Melvoy's body.
That leaves only one possibility.
You were recycling used syringes.
Those needles are found in every hospital and clinic in the city.
There's millions floating around.
But only one of them leads directly back to you.
That print you just gave us, it'll match a partial we found on this syringe, won't it? You're good at making up stories.
You tell me.
Your print is on this syringe because you didn't wear gloves.
And you didn't wear gloves because you didn't think anything would go wrong.
But it did.
And you panicked.
You recklessly endangered her life and then you stood there and watched her die.
You're right.
It was an accident though.
I didn't know she had that allergy.
I was just trying to make a few bucks.
She, she asked me to do this.
You know, I mean, it's not like I murdered her.
What you did was worse than murder.
Dr Hammerback? Mrs Baldwin.
I just wanted to say Thank you.
It was hard to learn what Natalie put herself through.
But at least now I have some closure.
I'm glad.
This was Natalie's.
I want you to have it.
See? - That's her signature right there.
- Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
People always think my job is so difficult.
But, being a parent is the toughest job of all.
Take care.
- Any luck? - Hey.
Couple of prints.
Probably belong to the guy at the pawn shop though.
Oh, I forgot.
We need diapers.
- Yeah, what else is new? - And we need wipes.
I'll pick 'em up on the way home.
- I'm gonna be here for a bit though.
- Sure.
Got a hit here.
Shane Casey? How did his print get on your dog tag? I have no idea.
I mean, this guy is supposed to be serving a life sentence.
Mac! Well, you really are a fan, huh? Natalie Baldwin's mother just gave this to me.
It's autographed by the team.
- Mind if I have a look? - Sure.
But you have to do something for me first.
Yeah, what's that? Go long, Mac.
Come on.
Come on now.
Warm up those hands.
Here we go.
All right.