CSI: NY s06e21 Episode Script

Unusual Suspects

Watch out! Make sure you wanna do this.
Look at you.
So sure of yourself.
- You really think it's that good? - Hey, this my place.
- It's better than that good.
- All right.
We'll see.
Well? It's all right.
Not bad.
Not bad? That's the best slice in the city.
I give it high marks for the right amount of cheese.
The crust is perfect.
But the sauce is just too sweet.
That's what makes it so great.
There's crushed carrots in the sauce.
- Carrots in tomato sauce? - Yes.
That's blasphemous.
You clearly haven't been to Matrano's.
Is that that new place that opened up in Park Slope? - Mmm, it's good.
- Uh-huh? That's not a routine call.
Somebody's down.
Hey, Doc.
Not enough business in the ER? You're making house calls? What have we got here? I'm guessing gunshot.
Tape off this whole block.
The whole thing's a crime scene.
You got it.
Are you hurt, son? Can you tell me what happened? Can you tell me your friend's name? He's my brother.
He has internal bleeding.
We need to get him out of here.
Let's go.
Let's get him out.
Come on, let's go.
Don't try to talk, honey.
It's gonna be all right.
Where's Sam? He's gotta give it to her.
He's gotta give it to Mom.
He's gotta give it to Mom.
Where's Sam? Where's my brother? Sam.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # We'll need to intubate him.
We need four units of O-neg.
Call the OR.
Make sure the trauma team is in place.
Come on.
We're gonna need a 5-0 ET tube.
- Mac.
- Call you back.
- How's he doing? - Not good.
Did you get anything out of the little brother? All Sam could tell me was they were walking home from school, cut through the alley on 91st and met up with a bad guy who shot Nicky.
- Any idea what it was about? - No.
Flack took him to the precinct to get some details, have him look at photos.
I talked with their school.
Both Nicky and Sam are good kids.
Straight-A students.
I have people out looking for the mom.
She's working three jobs.
- Is the dad in the picture? - No.
He passed away a few months ago.
He had cancer.
That's a tough one, buddy.
I'm sorry you had to lose your dad.
Here, dry those puppies off real good.
Let's get that shirt off you.
Look, Sam It's real important for me to know more about why that man shot your brother.
He wanted his watch.
But you can't tell my mom about it though.
Nicky wasn't supposed to take it out of the house.
Your secret is safe with me.
What about the watch? It was made of real gold.
It's called a Rolex? Why'd Nicky have it? My dad gave it to him before he died.
I told him not to bring it to school 'cos I was afraid he might lose it.
Didn't even fit him too well anyway.
Can we call and see if Nicky's awake yet? Look, Sam, I'm not gonna lie to you.
It'll be a while before your brother wakes up.
So, in the meantime, I'm gonna need you to help me catch the man who did this to him.
Think you can do that? Make a real cop outta ya? Whatever happened, it didn't start here.
- You find our smoking gun, Doc? - It's been discharged.
Won't know exactly when until I get it back to the lab.
- Where'd you find it? - T rash can.
- Over there.
Right on top.
- Whoever dumped it was in a hurry.
Or they were just plain stupid.
It looks like Nicky was shot around here.
Let's go.
I got you.
Come on.
They stumbled down the alley into the street where Mac found them.
Hey, guys, I think I found another blood trail.
We have two different blood trails going in opposite directions.
Maybe our shooter was hit, too.
Well, directionality says he went that way.
If it's from our assailant, he would run in the opposite direction.
Scratch that.
This isn't blood.
With any luck, Nicky struggled with his attacker and there's trace left behind.
I'd imagine anyone evil enough to shoot a young boy is in your DNA database.
How bad is the internal damage? Bullet perforated the intestine, lacerated a kidney.
The resulting cavitation caused severe trauma to the liver.
He suffered major blood loss.
We got him here within the golden hour.
If we hadn't, he'd be dead.
You keep fighting, Nicky.
All my time in Afghanistan and I will never get used to a child being in one of those beds.
It's the worst part of our job.
The day we get used to it, is the day we should leave.
Doctor, your charts.
Was the round recovered during surgery? It was a through-and-through.
The bullet missed the bone.
No fragments left behind.
We haven't found any ballistics from the scene.
The smaller hole in the vic's back is consistent with an entrance wound.
Who shoots a kid in the back? I have to get this back to the lab.
I'll be in touch.
Oh, my God, Nicky.
Mrs Harris? Mrs Harris, I'm Dr Aubrey Hunter.
I operated on your son.
Police, they came to my work.
They said he was shot.
I didn't even know if he'd be He's stable, but he has a tough fight ahead of him.
He's young and resilient.
And he's in excellent hands.
I used to pick them up every day.
They never walked home when my husband was alive.
Mrs Harris, I'm Detective Taylor.
Before Nicky went into surgery, he said he wanted his brother to give you something.
Do you know what that might be? No.
Not at all.
I mean it, buddy.
You don't smile, and I'm gonna take that photo and I'm going to email it to every girl in your school.
There it is.
There you go.
You ready to get back to work? What if I still don't recognise anyone? It's like I told you.
Sometimes looking at photos helps you remember.
If you don't, you don't.
No big deal.
Just take your time and do your best.
Go ahead.
Click that mouse.
Recognise any of those ugly mugs? Click again.
That guy looks familiar.
It might be him.
Ah, come on, man.
Getting sputz on my screen.
Sam .
it's like the fourth guy you've identified.
I'm sorry.
They all look the same.
It's hard to remember.
It's all right.
Think it might be time to go to Plan B.
What's that? Well, if he doesn't have a photo in the system, we'll have to make one.
What kind of nose did he have? # Who said They'd be with me night and day # Who said They'd be with me come what may # Who said I would never hurt again # Was it you who said # Who # Who # Who # Could you call again? Can you see if Nicky woke up yet? I just called them, like, 1 0 minutes ago.
What'd I tell ya? I'll be the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes.
I don't say things like that unless I mean it.
OK? Your mother's with him now.
You didn't tell her about the watch, did you? Think she's gonna be mad.
She always tells us not to take the shortcut through the alley.
- Mother sounds like a smart lady.
- She is.
His beard isn't that hairy and his ears ain't that big.
Oh, they ain't, huh? How's that? That looks like him.
Composite sketch Flack made with Sam Harris.
DNA from Nicky's fingernails came back to this fine citizen.
Johnny Cook.
Pretty damn close.
He's the bully in the neighbourhood.
Majoring in grand larceny, burglary and assault.
It looks like he graduated to armed robbery and attempted murder.
What's up, baby? John Cook? NYPD.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands now! What is this? You got nothing on me.
I'd say we got everything we need.
Being the neighbourhood tough guy is like being the high school football team captain.
Except when you get to college, you realise that everybody's big, strong and fast and you're just another player.
What the hell are you talking about, man? You may be a badass on your neighbourhood block, but when you get on the cell block you'll be just another punk who shot a kid in the back.
You're gonna have a lot to prove.
I don't gotta prove nothin'.
You do.
I told you, I didn't shoot that kid.
T ry telling that to a jury.
We got your DNA under Nicky Harris' fingernails.
An eyewitness putting you at the scene.
And the vic's watch strapped to your wrist.
You see that? RH.
Stands for Robert Harris.
He gave it to his son before he died.
Oh, you gonna hang that body on me, too? Look.
You can run your little game on me all day long.
All you got is, what, possession of stolen property and some kid who needs to wash his hands a bit better.
You just better hope that little boy doesn't die.
Cocky bastard.
He's been in that chair before.
He knows the drill.
His prior history and a motive will go a long way with the jury.
But we need to put him in that alley.
Never mind the alley.
We have to put that gun in his hand.
Take your time and get a good look, Sam.
You sure he can't see me through the glass? I promise.
You recognise anyone, Sam? No.
Sam Harris just viewed a line-up, couldn't pick out Johnny Cook.
So we need something else that puts him in the alley.
Well, I doubt this is our answer, but I identified that red liquid I found at the crime scene.
Methylamino Anthraquinone.
- Dye.
- Right.
I'd love to tell you that it was rare and only found in one store.
But, unfortunately, it's common and it has a lot of uses.
A warrant's in the works for Cook's apartment.
If there's anything containing this dye, it could put him in the alley.
While they're at it, maybe we can search for this, too.
Benzene, butadiene and styrene.
Synthetic rubber.
More specifically, recycled auto tyre.
I found white polymer fibres around the bullet hole on the back of the vic's shirt.
These fibres are made up of these elements.
The alley's packed with trace.
A shred of rubber could have transferred to Nicky's shirt.
Bad news, guys.
This is not the gun that shot Nicky Harris.
I tested for volatile organic compounds.
It was last fired over a month ago.
No usable prints.
No usable DNA profiles.
So we've got a gun, just not the one that shot our vic.
What's the history on this weapon? It was reported stolen six months ago.
So it could have passed through a dozen hands.
Any of which could have thrown it in that trash can.
We're not making any headway.
Can you take a look at the photos of Nicky Harris' wounds? Oh, sure.
- Um, what's going on? - I'm not sure.
Is there a chance they could be reversed? I mean, could the entrance wound be the exit wound or, or vice versa? It's not an exact science.
Why do you ask? I found a higher concentration of gunshot residue on the front of Nicky's shirt.
Well, I have had cases where the exit wound was shored.
Uh, I'm a tech guy.
Well, when something presses on an exit wound in a manner that restricts the expansion and tearing of the victim's skin, we call it a shored wound.
Uh, shored wounds appear smaller than usual and can be mistaken for an entrance wound.
For example, the vic could have been leaning against a wall, or wearing tight clothing which restricted the exit wound.
Yeah, this is starting to make sense.
I also found several foreign fibres on the back of the vic's shirt around the bullet hole.
It was, uh, recycled auto tyre mixed with hemp.
Eco-friendly textiles.
They make everything from jackets to handbags with the stuff.
I have a pair of sneakers.
They're comfortable.
But I must say, foot odour is a major issue.
- Wait.
- What? Those boys were on their way home from school.
I think it's time we take a guided tour of the crime scene.
We're missing something.
Sam was there.
Maybe he could point us in the right direction.
I don't think he's ready.
You should have seen him.
That line-up took a lot out of him.
He was looking right at Cook, but he wouldn't identify him.
Then we'll have to find another way.
I think I can do it.
I think I can show you guys what happened.
You OK, Sam? Come on.
If this gets too tough, just tell me and we'll stop.
I'm all right.
I know this is scary, Sam.
But we need you to tell us exactly what happened.
Sam, look, even the littlest details are important.
We were walking home from school, like we usually do.
- Ah, be quiet.
- You like her, huh? Hey! He saw the watch Nicky was wearing, and he started to follow us.
We got scared.
We started to run.
It's OK, buddy.
You can do it.
T ake your time.
We ran as far as we could.
He, he caught up to us about here.
Give it to me or I'll rip your head off.
Just give it to him.
Oh, my God! Nicky! Argh! Listen.
Help me.
Help me up.
You're bleeding.
We have to get out of here.
- Come on.
- Let's go, let's go.
Sam, this is really important, OK? Did the man shoot Nicky here and then run that way? The same way you and your brother left the alley? Yeah.
He shot him right there and ran that way.
And did he take his gun with him? I'm pretty sure.
Was he carrying anything with him that might have been dripping? Hey, bud, was there anybody else in this alley with you? No, sir.
Not that I saw.
- Hey - Yeah, I'll meet you by the car.
Good job, Sam.
You're a really brave kid.
My gut as a cop? Sam wants to help us, but he's too young and too messed up to remember what happened.
My gut as a CSl is that the wound was a through-and-through.
So where's the blood spatter? Where are the impact marks? Where's the bullet? You talkin' to me? Huh? You talkin' to me? Well, who the hell you talkin' to? I'm the only one here.
I'm still standing here.
Go on.
Make your move.
Taxi Driver.
One of my top five films of all time.
Sorry, Mac.
I was, I was Sid said you had some doubts about the vic's gunshot wound.
You remember the polymer fibres l pulled off the back of Nicky's shirt? Think they came from a backpack.
You think that backpack shored the wound, altering its appearance? That's exactly what I think.
And that explains the white fibres on the back of Nicky's shirt.
And an absence of tearing due to the pressure of the backpack against the skin.
The bullet entered his abdomen, exited through the back.
And, I would bet anything .
that the bullet's still in his backpack.
Now all we have to do is find Nicky's backpack.
I don't know if Nicky had his backpack with him.
I had to be at work before they left for school.
Hey, Sam.
Do you remember how I told you that every detail was important? Yeah? This one's real important, OK? Did the man who shot Nicky steal his backpack, too? Sam, answer him, honey.
I forgot to tell you.
I'm sorry.
So you're saying he did take the backpack? I think so.
Why'd he take it? - Was there something special in it? - I don't know.
Just a bunch of school stuff.
I can't remember everything.
Uh, Detectives, l, I know Sam's a witness and you need his help, but he just lost his father and now his brother's here in the hospital and he's just a kid, he can't handle all these questions.
- I think he needs a break right now.
- We understand, Mrs Harris.
I'm sorry.
Don't sweat it, buddy.
You're doing great.
Mrs Harris.
Can you tell us what was in the backpack? Nothing unusual.
Just, school books, a key to the apartment, his cell phone.
- Cell phone? - In case of emergencies.
We're gonna need that number.
We got a signal.
Nicky Harris' cell phone is in Brooklyn.
And I got a location.
We have a parole hit at the same address.
T roy Castro.
T roy Castro! NYPD.
NYPD! Drop the weapon! No! Flack? He's gone.
- You found the bullet.
Same as the gun Castro just dumped in the alley.
Take a look at this.
This remind you of anything? The red dye Hawkes found at the crime scene.
It must have dripped out of the hole in Nicky's backpack.
And what do we have here? I'm guessing that's not lunch money.
Dye pack from a bank.
Radio receiver sends out a signal to a timer.
If the money moves a certain distance away from the bank, the signal cuts off, causing the dye pack to explode.
- Rendering the stolen money useless.
- T roy Castro robbed a bank.
Question is, how did Castro's stolen bank loot end up in Nicky Harris' backpack? The stria in the slug that was lodged in Nicky's backpack matches Castro's gun.
Well, if Castro shot Nicky how did Johnny Cook's DNA end up under his fingernails? They're from the same neighbourhood.
Must have crossed paths recently.
Very recently.
DNA lasts under the fingernails for a few days.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
I ran the slug you found through lBlS.
A month ago, the same gun was used in a robbery at a First Federation Bank branch.
A perp matching Castro's description exchanged gunfire with the guard inside the bank.
I remember the case.
The robbery was part of a pattern.
Seven First Federation branches, each robbery roughly two weeks apart.
Same description, same note.
A bank branch was robbed yesterday around the same time Nicky was shot.
- Where? - 12 blocks from the crime scene.
Let's go! It was just before closing, at around three.
He walked up to the window, pointed a gun at me and passed a note asking for $933.
Exactly 933? - I know.
Odd amount, huh? - Uh-huh.
Do you recognise his face in this photo array? No.
I don't see him here.
He was wearing sunglasses, but his face looks younger than these men.
- Thinner.
- What else was he wearing? Jeans, sneakers.
Oh, he also had a backpack and a baseball cap.
Can you describe the baseball cap? It, it was blue with the number two on the front.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
This isn't the only cap with Derek Jeter's number on it in the city.
It doesn't prove anything.
Well, it proves that Nicky was in the bank with a gun and a note.
Come on, Stella.
T roy Castro robbed that bank.
He hasn't confessed to it 'cos he's dead.
No! - The evidence says otherwise.
- What are you saying? He shot at us with the gun he used in the robbery.
The money was in his apartment.
And found inside of Nicky's backpack.
Then how do you explain Sam's story that Cook stole Nicky's watch and shot him? Nicky! I can't right now.
Then let me save you the trouble.
Cook admits to taking the Rolex, but denies shooting Nicky.
And you believe Johnny Cook and his lawyer.
He's not linked to Castro and hasn't used a weapon in any of his crimes.
He's a strong-arm snatch and run guy.
That's it.
Think about it.
Sam had to come up with something.
So he used the watch robbery from three days ago to keep us from learning the truth.
The truth? So far, everything I'm hearing from the science guys is based on speculation.
Castro was due to strike First Federation.
He was casing the branch and saw Nicky and Sam robbing the bank, so he followed them and robbed them.
The gun I found on top of the trash can belonged to those boys.
But you have zero forensic evidence to prove that.
And, please, one of you tell me where those kids got a gun.
You gotta let go of your feelings for this kid, Flack.
Sam Harris was lying to you.
Sam Harris does not have it in his DNA to lie like that.
Unless he had a very good reason.
T roy Castro didn't rob that bank, Sam.
You and your brother Nicky did.
Nicky said that if I told anyone, we'd go to jail.
I don't wanna go to jail.
You're not going to jail.
I promise.
We know what went down, Sam.
We just need to hear it in your words.
We know that you and your brother walked to the bank after school let out.
We know that Nicky went inside.
Nicky gave the bank teller a note asking for exactly $933.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
That's our rent.
Sam must have heard me on the phone saying I didn't have it.
I told Nicky we were gonna get kicked out of the apartment.
He said we had to look after you now 'cos Dad was gone.
Nicky found the gun by an old car when we were walking home from school a while back.
He threw the bullets away so we couldn't hurt no one.
Come on.
Come on.
After we got the money, we kept running 'til we got to the alley.
We did it.
Can't believe we did it.
Nice work, boys.
I'll be taking that backpack.
Don't make me come and get it.
- No, Nicky.
- Get away from us! Just give it to him, Nicky.
Let him have it! - Argh! - Oh, my God! Get out of the way! - Nicky! - Sam, help me.
You're bleeding.
Come on, Sam.
Help me up.
We have to get out of here.
Let's go! One last thing, Sam.
The man who took your brother's watch, it was this man, wasn't it? Yeah, it's him.
He stole it three days ago.
That's why you created his face for the composite sketch, as opposed to the guy who really shot your brother, T roy Castro? I was scared that if I described the man who shot Nicky .
you guys would find out we robbed the bank.
Can you imagine the burden that little guy was carrying around? He's protecting his older brother and his mother.
I still can't believe they thought robbing a bank was their only option.
Luckily the DA and the bank president agreed not to press charges.
And money's been pouring in from the public.
Should be enough to keep a roof over their head for a little while.
This family could use some good news.
There's a lot of love in that room.
They'll get through.
I hope so.
Hey, Mac.
Just one sec.
I swear.
Sometimes it takes me half an hour just to get out the door.
I know that feeling.
What's the latest on Nicky? So far so good.
Vitals are strong.
No indication of infection.
Brain scan was normal.
If you had to give a prognosis, what would it be? I'm optimistic.
Cautiously optimistic.
How 'bout some dinner? We can pick up where we left off? How 'bout my place? I meant Matrano's.
My pizza place.
# Ooh child Things are gonna get easier # Ooh child Things'll get brighter # Someday yeah # We'll put it together and we'll get it undone # Someday when your head is much lighter # Someday yeah # We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun # Someday when the world is much brighter # Ooh child things are gonna get easier # Ooh child things'll get brighter #