CSI: NY s06e22 Episode Script

Point of View

Freeze! Drop the weapon! Don't move! Freeze! Slide the knife to me.
She deserved to die.
She took everything I worked for! Slide the knife to me.
Do it now.
Mac! Officer down.
I need a bus at 675 Bowery.
# Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Mac! Mac! Mac! We caught the son of a bitch.
We got him.
Ah! Geez.
This lovely stack of papers needs your signature.
Yeah, I'll do my best.
I'll have Adam pick it up later tonight.
Do you need all this stuff by tonight? You show me no mercy.
I also need you to take a look at this.
Photo was taken from security footage from a bar in Astoria, Queens.
Shane Casey's still posing as a cop.
And he still has Danny's badge and debit card.
- Got a new hit on my debit card.
- At an ATM in Midtown.
- Shane Casey.
- This was last night.
We were investigating an unrelated shooting.
We're trying to track him down.
Didn't you bring any good news? Actually, I did.
Something fabulous.
Spicy orange chicken from Senor Chow's.
You'll have to live with smelling like garlic all day but it may take the edge off your pain medication.
Speaking of which, how are those ribs? Still broken.
What? You know it's like a soap opera in this complex over here? I had no idea what was going on in the world in the middle of the day until I got marooned in this chair.
Mac Taylor! You're spying on your neighbours.
That young lady there is supposed to be in school.
She's about to get caught.
Her mother's coming down the hall.
What is going on? She's in trouble, big time.
I miss being a teenager.
Yeah, me too.
I was grounded every other weekend.
We'll need something to wash this down.
There's bottled water in the fridge.
Oh, great.
I got it.
OK, I've got two waters and two forks for those of us who are chopstick-challenged.
Hmm? Oh.
Let's eat.
Hurts to even inhale.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
About $2,000 in cash, but no wallet, no lD.
And he had at least $200 more than that.
When the bartender tried to check his lD, our vic said he forgot his wallet and gave him $200 in cash to let it go.
- Barman know who did it? - He saw no altercation.
A customer found the vic when he came in to take a leak.
Did you just use "take a leak" and "altercation" in the same sentence? I don't know what we're looking at.
There's no gunshot or stab wounds.
No sign of head trauma.
There is a, a bloody nose.
But no swelling or bruising on the vic's face to suggest he was even punched.
Maybe he knew how to duck and throw a couple jabs of his own.
Nah, don't think so.
There are no defensive injuries of any kind.
His fists are clean.
I don't think this guy landed a punch.
So he wasn't the one looking for a fight.
That means the blood and skin on this mirror are our attacker's.
His only weapon was his fist.
He musta missed with a jab, and then landed with a well-placed body shot that caused internal injuries and killed our vic.
Why didn't our John Doe fight back? Fear? This guy? Hey.
He was clearly sweating.
Those are urine stains on his pants.
Are you kidding me? Who could make a big strong guy like that scared enough to pee his pants? Those are some pretty rough-looking bruises on your hand there, big guy.
- I work hard.
- At what? Breaking glass? What's that supposed to mean? Your seven years of bad luck is starting right now, Mr Picozzi.
This guy dead? What? You didn't realise how hard you hit him? I didn't hit no one.
I don't know this character.
You didn't introduce yourself before landing the punch that killed him.
But you didn't have to know him to kill him.
I didn't kill nobody, lady.
I don't think he knows how this works.
Your blood was in the restaurant bathroom with his body.
Center Street Grill ring a bell? And unlucky for you, that blood got a hit in CODlS.
You may be wondering how we got a match to you in our database.
You got a bunch of priors for violent assault.
Is that your thing? Huh? You like beating people up? That's your MO? 'Cept this time you killed a man.
That's a bunch of crap.
You guys got this whole thing sideways.
What we got is your blood on a cracked mirror at a murder scene.
Yeah, 'cos I hit it.
Not the guy.
There was no guy.
All right.
What happened? I was at the Grill, OK? At the bar, drinking with my girl.
Outta nowheres the broad tells me she's pregnant.
Inside, I'm freakin'.
I do the gentlemanly thing - excuse myself from the table - enter the bathroom and punch the hell out of the mirror 'cos I ain't ready to be a dad.
That was a good story.
It's the truth.
And I want a lawyer.
You know, T roy.
Innocent folks don't usually ask for a lawyer.
'Cos they're dumb and don't have the balls to sue you for false arrest.
No way.
No way.
- Is this really Namath's signature? - Yes.
Put the football down, Adam.
Not good thing to touch things.
I gotta get me one of these.
What is it? It's a ball chain machine.
It's a rare and very fragile antique.
You know boss, I would've never imagined you had such cool stuff in your apartment.
It's not that you're not cool.
It's just, you know, I thought that, you wouldn't be so, well not so - Cool? - No.
That is It's not what I meant.
- Are you done with those signatures? - Yes.
We're good.
Give you this.
And I'll take that.
It's a case file of a crime we picked up today.
- And I'm outta here.
- Adam.
- Yeah.
- We have a name on this vic? No.
Still a John Doe.
When were we sent to the scene? - Just after lunch.
- No autopsy report? Sid is still trying to determine the cause of death.
Something wrong? I believe I saw this guy this morning in that apartment over there.
Was he dead? No.
Very much alive.
- Let yourself out.
- OK.
Don't touch anything.
Hey, how are you? What a great place! Peyton? The number you have called is not in service.
Please check the number I printed our vic.
No hits in AFlS.
This guy is clean, and I mean, really clean.
His body was coated with various disinfectants, head to toe.
Compulsive disorder, a possible germaphobe? It would certainly be an extreme case.
- Do we know cause of death? - No.
I searched the torso for subdermal bruising, any broken bones or fatal internal injuries to major organs and found nothing.
Confirmed your analysis at the scene of no evidence of blunt force trauma.
My next thought was heart failure or stroke.
Not the case.
This was a very healthy young man.
So he died at the scene of a fight, but wasn't in the fight.
Confirms T roy Picozzi's claim that he didn't hit him.
Not the guy.
There was no guy.
That leaves this eczematous type reaction on the victim's left hand and wrist, which at this point I can only say is symptomatic of some type of allergy.
That doesn't explain the nosebleed.
Lindsay confirmed it was our John Doe's blood in the bathroom sink.
- So the answer's in our tox results.
- Has to be.
If that comes back negative, our vic died of natural causes.
It took me a while to track down your number.
Uh, l, l, I'm in New York.
I know you're in New York.
You look great.
Look out the window.
Building across the way.
I'll wave.
When did you move in? Eight months ago.
So what brought you back to New York? A meeting with the Pathologists Association and I have a charity benefit tomorrow afternoon.
Get to catch up with some old friends.
You do look great.
How well do you know that guy? Oh, he, he's just a friend.
Hmm, well, there are plenty of really nice hotels in the city.
He had a spare room and it just made things easier.
Your escort to the charity benefit? I hope you're following Dr Hunter's orders.
Well, she's got great taste in flowers.
An orchid.
In England, they're a symbol for beauty and love.
Chinese believe they're a cure for illness.
Aubrey's a lovely name.
Good bedside manner? - How do you know this Kevin? - Professor Scott.
He was a colleague of mine when I was teaching at Chelsea University.
What do you know about his background? Any arrests? Criminal record? Mac.
Is this an interrogation? Strange things have been going on in his apartment the past few days.
Have you been peering through your neighbours' windows? Peyton, a man was found dead yesterday afternoon.
A few hours before, he paid a visit to Kevin Scott.
I, l, I should go.
No, listen.
He brought home a canary.
I saw him dispense something from a dropper in the bottom of the bird's cage.
Whatever it was, killed that bird.
Mac, Kevin Scott is a brilliant professor of mathematics.
He's an intelligent, funny, smart human being.
He's probably quite distressed that his bird and a man he possibly knows are both dead.
Did he mention either of them to you? There is a briefcase and a canister somewhere in that apartment that can prove that he killed that bird.
The thing that impressed me the most when I met you was your passion for your work.
But not everything is a crime.
- It was really great to see you.
- Peyton, listen to me for a second.
I'll, I'll let myself out.
I'll lock the door behind me.
I processed the vic's clothing.
The fabric was covered in disinfectant.
Sid got that same result from the vic's skin.
It was also on his watch.
I had Sid swab underneath where his watch would've been.
There was a void.
No disinfectant.
The chemical was applied while he had all his clothes on.
It's like it was sprayed on him.
It stained some of his clothing.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Hey, guys.
I got tox results.
The eczema on our John Doe's left hand was a chemical burn, a reaction to a very potent poison.
It explains the urine and sweat stains.
- And the nosebleed.
- The poison have a name? Sid's trying to narrow it down.
He said the fumes from the poison killed our victim.
It's deadly to breathe in.
We need to find out who this John Doe is, where he was before he died and if anybody else out there had contact with this mystery poison.
Curiosity got the best of her.
I knew you couldn't shake this, Peyton.
You found it.
And no bird.
Isn't it a crime to spy on your neighbours? Ah, from this distance? Nope.
Not even a misdemeanour.
Check the paper lining in the cage.
No trace? Nothing.
Peyton, what are you doing? That's it.
You found it.
That's the case.
Bring it over.
I'm not taking it out of his apartment.
Hold on.
Oh, now you're showing off.
He's back.
Peyton, go to your phone.
Where are you, Peyton? Peyton? Peyton? Oh.
I hope you don't mind, but I looked in your medicine cabinet.
Of course not.
But I have no allergy medication.
I know, I know.
I'm, I'm just gonna run to the pharmacy and get some.
- Sure.
- Y eah.
- So, I'll, uh, see you later? - Yeah.
- Peyton.
- Hi, Stella.
What are you two doing here? Hey.
I think I may know a little something about your poison victim.
And I'm here to prove a man innocent.
I got a little intel on Professor Scott.
He has a history of espousing various conspiracy theories.
Sharing them with his students got him into trouble.
Every university has at least one unconventional professor.
Come on, Peyton.
His ideas are totally anti-American.
Look at this.
Water fluoridation, tsunami bombs, chemtrails.
What are chemtrails? Some people believe that vapour exhaust from aircraft are actually dangerous biochemicals dispersed into the air.
Which only proves Kevin's a little odd.
Prints from the tape lift show Kevin Scott and our John Doe touched the case.
And analysis of the paper on the bottom of the birdcage does not confirm evidence of poison.
Thank you.
Many poisons are highly volatile and can evaporate within minutes.
Just because it wasn't detected, doesn't mean it wasn't there.
Scott's background says he was recently forced into retirement by the university.
Eight months ago.
He stopped teaching.
He never mentioned it.
He had two recent arrests for public disturbance.
None of what you're saying sounds like the man I know.
Well, we don't have anything that connects Kevin Scott to the poison, or to our John Doe's death.
Sid's autopsy report indicates a loss of blood from the victim's nose.
That's the same thing I saw happen to the bird.
I think they were both victims of poison.
Without that case or canister, we can't prove it.
Yes, we can.
If we find that canary.
I'm gonna go back to my apartment.
Lindsay, I'll need whatever you have left of the paper Peyton collected from the birdcage, and some wasps.
- OK.
- Some what? Wasps have an incredible sense of smell and a highly sensitive antennae.
- Why use wasps instead of dogs? - Dogs attract attention.
Mac doesn't want his neighbours to know that they're under surveillance.
Dogs also take days instead of minutes to train, Adam.
So these wasps will actually be able to find that bird.
The strong scent of the canary remains in the paper.
The odour surrounds the cube and is the predominant smell as they eat the sugar.
So the wasps will link the canary's scent with the sweet taste of the sugar.
- That bird could be buried anywhere.
- Or not at all.
Scott returned to his flat wearing work gloves.
From here it looked like they were stained with rust-coloured dirt.
If that bird is out there in that courtyard, these wasps can find it.
They can detect chemicals at minute levels, down to parts per billion.
I can make this all much easier.
I can just ask Kevin over dinner if he killed his bird and his friend.
- And ruin all the fun? - Hmm.
Well, it's been 15 minutes.
I think these guys are ready.
- What's that? - A wasp hound.
- You're gonna walk the wasps.
- Huh.
- Are they doing anything yet? - No movement.
Wait, right there.
Hold it.
They're getting excited about something.
Keep walking.
There were high levels of isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate in the bird's brain tissue.
- A metabolite of sarin.
- Yeah.
Synthetic nerve agent 500 times more potent than cyanide.
Clear, colourless and has no odour.
Easily absorbed in the skin and inhaled.
Sheldon, Sid suggested that the victim had an allergy.
Yes, originally thought to be an eczematous reaction, but could have been a chemical burn from contact with sarin.
So there's a possibility that your John Doe poisoned himself by mistake.
Which means that the poisoning was accidental, not murder.
Yeah, but what about the bird? Also an accident? It was Scott's way of testing his poison's effectiveness.
Whether he killed our John Doe or not, he has something planned.
This should all be enough to get us a search warrant for his apartment.
Mac? If a few drops of sarin can kill a person in a matter or seconds We need to find out where Kevin Scott is and what he has planned.
Missing Persons got a match to our vic.
His name is lvan Paluck.
He worked at Hedge lsland.
It's located off the northeast coast of Dodner's Bay, but it's unidentified on most maps.
There was a government animal disease research lab out there.
Fancy name for a germ laboratory.
Highly restricted.
They study rare biological elements for military use and education.
This is all making sense now, Danny.
The disinfectant on Paluck's skin and clothes was a result of the precautions that the lab would have taken to protect its workers.
Ivan Paluck smuggled the sarin off the island, Danny.
And he was working with Kevin Scott.
- Boss.
- Adam.
I just sent you a video from my phone.
Run an analysis on it right away.
See if you can determine what Kevin Scott is saying, and what number he called.
And have Flack get a warrant.
Call me when you get something.
Kevin Scott, NYPD.
Open up.
- Boss.
- Adam.
I got something else for you.
Blueprints? Of what? That's what I need you to get Lindsay to find out.
- Hey, guys.
What do we have? - Hey.
I enhanced the video file that Mac sent and got six of the seven digits Professor Scott was dialling.
That narrows it down to possibly 1 0 numbers.
Nine of them were a dead-end, but the tenth one, that was a real winner.
It came back to lvan Paluck.
I compared it to a DMV photo of the vic, and I got a match.
So, Kevin Scott was calling Paluck.
Means he had no idea he was dead.
Also, the video file that Mac sent over had no audio, so I used a lip-reading software.
I'll be there tonight.
It's on.
He's confirming some sort of prearranged meeting.
Something's going down tonight.
We need to find out where.
The blueprint from the apartment was labelled, but the letters are too faded to read.
I used a laser to raise the latent print, but, this is all I got.
Any chance we can buy a vowel? From the architectural design and the blueprint, I think it's an old building.
Conservatory! Uh! OK.
Run the blueprints against Microsoft Photosynth Mapping.
We may be able to get a 3-D match.
I'll start with the conservatories in Manhattan.
Here we go.
Manhattan Enrichment Conservatory.
It must be where Scott's headed.
Inhalation is the fastest way to poison all those people with sarin, if that's Scott's intent.
He'll more than likely go through the air conditioning system.
I need to know exactly where the air vents are.
One is on the east side in a compressor room on the eighth floor.
- The main compressor's on the roof.
- We're 84 at the Conservatory.
I don't wanna scare him off.
Keep all sector cars out of the area and notify FDNY.
- I don't wanna hear any sirens.
- I'm on it.
Go around to the freight elevator in the back.
- Make your way up to the roof.
- Done.
Peyton had plans to be at this event.
I'll find her.
You keep a low profile.
If he's in there, then you see him before he sees you, all right? I'm on it.
I'll find the security camera monitors.
- Excuse me.
- Mac! Did he meet you here? Kevin? No, I haven't seen or heard from him.
Come with me.
Stell, got eyes on Professor Scott.
He's dressed in a security guard uniform.
He's entering a doorway at the west end of stairwell four.
Where's it lead to? Danny, it's a stairwell that leads to all floors.
And the roof.
Looks like he already got to the security guard.
Is he still alive? Danny.
He killed a security guard.
Be careful.
Let's see if we can find him.
That's him.
That's Kevin.
- I can't believe he's doing this.
- He's on the sixth floor.
Danny, he's three floors above you.
He's heading past the ninth floor.
Danny, he's definitely headed to the roof.
Be careful.
Copy that, Mac.
Flack, he's headed your way.
That's far enough, Professor.
Lose the container.
Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head now.
- Danny, I got him.
- Copy that.
I'm on my way.
Don't make me say it again! Lose the container.
Put your hands behind your head, and do it now! Drop the gun! Don't move.
That's it.
Right there.
Don't move! We're not ready.
No one is ready for biological warfare.
Our, our citizens, they're not safe.
You're not safe.
I've proved that.
If I can get a, a deadly gas into a room full of political dignitaries without detection, imagine what our enemies can do.
I mean, wake up, people.
I've done you a favour.
Look around you.
They are among us.
And they are planning their next attack.
It's the only way he'd agree to a confession.
Thinks we'll upload it onto YouT ube.
His mission statement.
That guy's crazy.
No one is safe.
These cuffs, they, they, they just prevent me from helping you.
Thank you.
I didn't wanna be right about Kevin Scott, Peyton.
Wasn't exactly how I imagined I'd see you again.
Everything about the two of us was always unpredictable.
That's why it was so great.
I'm so sorry for the way I ended everything.
You deserved so much better than that.
I needed to be with my family in London and l I didn't wanna change my mind.
I didn't wanna have to see you, look you in the eye and choose between you and them.
I understand the choice you made.
I just don't understand how you handled it.
You gave me no chance.
I missed you.
So Dr Aubrey.
Do you like her? Dr Hunter? We're just friends.
We started out as just friends.
You jealous? Yeah.
I'm still wounded here, you know.
You can see an awful lot through this window.
This is gonna be good.