CSI: NY s06e23 Episode Script

Vacation Getaway

This is Officer Nick Henderson.
I'm in pursuit of Shane Casey.
He's going across! Where the hell is aviation? - This guy's insane! - You have no idea! Hey, it's over, man! Just stay there! We'll get someone over to you! Hang on.
Assistance is on the way.
Come on, Flack! He's still trying to get away! Come on! Flack, what the hell are you doing? He's not worth it! Let him go! You're under arrest, you crazy son of a bitch! # Out here in the fields # I fight for my meals # I get my back into my living # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Shane Casey's at the DA's office? Usual theatrics.
DA and the Commissioner want a perp walk.
Parade him and show that Batman's got nothing on them.
What's your sign? Hey? I'm talking to you.
What's your sign? - Aries.
- Aries? OK, here we go.
"With the sun aligned with Jupiter and behind Pluto, "it's best you not bend over for the soap later today, but think positive.
"Love can be found in the strangest places.
" See? Chin up.
It ain't all bad.
Then again.
I mean, Shane Casey's killed, like, what, six people? Intelligence is always trumped by an opportunity to make the front page.
You have a cigarette? Are you on crack? You can't smoke here.
Come on, you little bitch.
Did you just call me a little bitch? I just called you a little bitch! You really are as crazy as they say you are.
Yeah, all right.
What the hell.
Smoke up, Johnny.
They actually asked if we wanted in on the perp walk.
Oh, they know us so well! I'd be happier escorting him to a prison.
NYPD! Move! Move! Hey! Hey! Move! Back off! I'll put a bullet in her head! I swear to God! I don't have a clean shot.
You shoot her, we'll drop you before she hits the ground, Shane! Don't do it! Called in a level-three mobilisation.
Manhattan Task Force is setting up a perimeter, closing streets Excuse me.
And evacuating some buildings.
Plus, we got extra patrol in the subways.
Want car stops at bridges and tunnels? - No.
He's not leaving the city.
- What makes you say that? He's come from Pennsylvania to here, wanting to be seen.
He's got unfinished business.
We need to track where he's been.
Where do you wanna start? With him.
What do you want from me, Flack? It's like I told you.
I'm standing on the corner when I see the guy.
He's staring right at me.
I'm thinking, "You're kidding me.
That's the guy.
" He gives me a grin, he books, I chase after him, I call it in.
Five minutes later, you're right behind me.
- Casey's walking down the street? - Yeah! And he has a shirt that says, "l just escaped from prison, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt? " Listen to me, Nicky.
We're not lnternal Affairs, OK? We don't care where you were.
We wanna know where Shane was.
What were you doing on the corner? I was meeting a Cl.
- What's his name? - I can't tell you that.
- That your usual meeting spot? - I can't tell you that either.
You call him or did he call you? I'm not at liberty to say.
Look, I'm gonna make this real easy for you.
Tell me where you were and when this went down, or I'll subpoena your phone records.
Prove there was no call from any Cl, and make sure you're washing cars over at the Motor Pool! You at liberty to say now? I was at the Old Cash Bar.
Place over on 38th? One with all the bills on the wall? Yeah.
Look, I've been, you know, seeing the bartender there.
I was on duty.
I wasn't supposed to be there, but I wasn't drinking.
How do you even know my name? We were talking when all of a sudden this girl comes up to me.
Excuse me, Officer? Says there's a guy who looks like the guy who's been all over the news during the prison riots.
"Shane Casey had been on the run "since his escape from prison one month ago.
"The fugitive was serving life after murdering four people.
"The killing spree started when his brother, lan Casey, "hung himself in his jail cell after being convicted of murder in 2006.
"lan Casey allegedly robbed a bar, killing the bartender.
" Allegedly? No.
No, he killed the guy.
Wanna know tomorrow's headline? "Woman kills her husband for not helping with the laundry.
" Come on! We were supposed to leave an hour ago! You see how your mommy talks to me? I'm pretty sure the beach isn't going anywhere, is it? Think you'd get away with that? Killing you? Absolutely! You're that confident with your crime scene clean-up skills? Oh, who said I would clean up anything? Of course.
You wouldn't leave anything behind.
No, I would leave everything behind.
Including me.
I wouldn't flee.
She's going with self-defence.
You were in here folding laundry.
I came in with Lucy to tell you I was leaving you.
- Leaving me.
- The love was gone.
We stopped having sex when your impotence problem and your temper became too much for me to handle.
So, I said goodbye.
Then, I turned.
And you grabbed me from behind.
It was awful.
I mean, he'd gotten angry before, but never like that, Officer.
The rage in his eyes.
He started choking me.
And I was gasping for air.
And I grabbed the vase, and I hit him over the head with it.
I'd be out of the precinct by noon.
I'm frightened.
I don't wanna go on this vacation.
Pack! I'm gonna check in with work one more time.
Hey, babe, you seen my Police Academy T-shirt? It's in there somewhere.
I remember putting it in the dryer.
Mac, hey, it's Lindsay.
We were just checking in.
What? - You are kidding! - What? - Shane Casey.
Is this a joke? - I wish it was.
Geniuses at the top put him in a room with one officer and no bars on the windows.
Oh, brilliant! So what now? Getting caught was a mistake.
Everything Shane does is deliberate, including being seen.
We're looking into where he was last night.
We're still here.
Do you want us to come in? No, no.
We're fine here.
You two have earned a few days off.
OK, Mac.
Do us a favour, and catch this guy, OK? You got it.
He's out.
Hey, they got it covered.
Don't worry about it.
Let's get outta town, OK? - Are you ready? - Uh-huh.
The bartender isn't in today.
You were right.
He wanted us to know he was here.
But why? What's he trying to tell us? Did the girl tell you where he was sat? She said he was playing the video game, but by the time she grabbed me, he was gone.
He was right there! I swear it was him! - He's been all over the news! - He's gone.
There he is! That's the guy! Stella.
That's the same skull Shane Casey printed on those T-shirts.
That's Shane's inmate number.
He's not done.
What's with this Shane Casey guy, you know? If he's got something to say, just say it.
We gotta figure out these clues and riddles.
What if we couldn't figure it out? Must be like, "Hey, beats me, Stella.
Wanna get a coffee? " Then what would he do? It's not that complicated, Adam.
He wants us to figure it out.
Last time he printed coded messages on T-shirts.
That's his game.
He does it to stall us.
Mac figured out it was about his brother's wrongful conviction.
Which we proved wasn't a wrongful conviction.
Your brother was in this bar.
He shot the bartender.
I don't wanna hear any more of your lies! Here's the most glaring difference.
The serial number has been replaced with symbols.
No idea what it means.
Hold on.
I've got something.
"E Unum Pluribus".
I'm pretty sure that's on every dollar bill.
It is, but not in this order.
No, it's supposed to be, "E Pluribus Unum," which means, "From many, one.
" But in Shane Casey's bill it means, "From one, many.
" I don't get it.
You? Not yet.
But we need to figure it out soon.
When Shane Casey goes to work, somebody always pays a price.
# warm my bones # I'm on the way I'm on the phone # Let's get # What are you doing? I like that song! Nah, we wanna rock out! Right, Luce? Yeah? Exactly.
You're outvoted.
Whatever! Rock on! - Remember that guy? - Ethan Ganz.
Shane Casey's former cellmate.
He has multiple fraud convictions.
Identity theft using telephone company equipment to eavesdrop on conversations.
If he was helping Shane then, he's helping him now.
You run him for an address? I did.
His place was empty.
Neighbours haven't seen him in days.
Keep looking.
He's our only connection to Casey.
- Any other leads? - Too many.
Anybody who sees a male with medium-length brown hair is calling it into the tip line.
What about the bill Shane left in the bar? Stella, Hawkes and Adam are working it.
Keep me posted on Ganz.
All right.
The answer has to be in these symbols.
He's used numerology in the past, but that doesn't seem to apply here.
The only number we have is four.
It represents creation in numerology.
I'd say we're overthinking it, that there's a literal translation but percentage, parenthesis, slash.
Maybe the two slashes indicate a birth date.
That would fit with creation, so 2004, 1904.
That means the symbols represent numbers.
- Sorry, Adam.
- Really? So, maybe the symbols correspond to numbers on the keyboard.
- Percentage is five.
- OK.
- Closed parenthesis is a zero.
- OK.
Forward slash is a question mark, which doesn't fit.
It'd stay the same, confirming the date theory.
The exclamation point is a one.
Pound, three.
Doesn't make any sense.
What if he changed it up on us? The four corresponds to a symbol.
The four is a dollar sign.
So it would be I'm still not seeing it, Stell.
Yeah, me neither.
- 50 stars.
- 13 stripes.
- It's the American flag.
- Yes! It's The American Way.
Check this out.
I searched dollar sign and American flag, and I got this.
The American Way by Emmett Vaughan.
Casey's running with a theme of dollars.
That bill was folded into a picture frame.
It's being housed at the Manhattan Museum of Art.
If we're right, Shane's got something waiting for us there.
It's among the earliest of his silk screenings, dating back to 1962.
And judging from its placement in your museum, I take it it's worth more than face value? Slightly.
At an estimated 43 million.
We do have a strict "You break it, you buy it" policy.
Well, don't worry.
We'll be very gentle.
- Seeing anything? - Nope.
Not yet.
Casey wrote on his bill, "Out of one, many.
" Stella.
Get a load of this.
Hey, I've got something.
Right here.
The words above the pyramid.
"Laquem nemus".
Now, the real dollar bill says, "Annuit Copetis.
" "God has favoured our undertakings.
" Laquem means "noose" and nemus is "tree".
All right, professor.
Tell me, what in the world is Casey trying to tell us now? OK.
Hold on a second.
I wanna take a picture.
In the car? We're 100 yards from the ocean! I told my Mom I'd take a lot of photos.
Besides, relax.
We're not on the shift.
We're on vacation! - What? - I can just see you when you're 60.
Come on! We're only 100 yards from the ocean! You know, this is our first family vacation.
Someday you're gonna be really glad I took these pictures.
I am glad right now.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Washington Square Park was not listed as one of Ethan Ganz' hangouts.
I couldn't resist.
Parks Department employee called it in.
He found him around dawn.
This tree is symbolic.
It's called a Hangman's T ree.
T raitors and thieves were hanged from it during the Revolutionary War.
Maybe Casey thought Ganz betrayed him somehow.
The guy's like five nuggets short of a Happy Meal.
Now he's got a code of ethics? OK.
That's Danny's company from the Police Academy.
I saw him wearing that in the gym.
How the hell did he get his hands on Danny's clothes? Same way he got his hands on this.
This isn't about Ganz at all, is it? - Shane Casey has other plans.
- He's after Danny.
Danny and Lindsay didn't say much about their plans.
We're still trying to find any sort of specific travel itinerary.
But we know they're headed towards Long lsland.
I've sent photos with descriptions to both East and Southampton PDs.
They've already put an alarm out.
- Any hits on credit cards? - No.
But Danny's more like me that way.
He'd rather pay cash than pay bills.
I doubt he'll use one unless he has to.
What about their cellphones? He left his at home, but we're still trying to triangulate Lindsay's.
Not to mention voicemails and text messages.
The trouble is, though, Flack, once you get along the coast, the coverage gets spotty.
All this technology for catching crooks, and we can't seem to use it to track down two of our own.
I got more bad news, Flack.
We found Shane Casey's prints on one of the building's basement laundry machines.
- He stole Danny's clothes himself.
- Right.
We found evidence of access to a telephone junction box in a building utility room.
Picked up Ethan Ganz' prints there.
Hey, it's official.
I just booked our trip.
Yeah? The same place we talked about? Uh-huh.
Three days, two nights.
Nice! Will you just do me one more favour, though? - What's that? - Make sure you pack the blue bikini.
The place we're staying is amazing.
I checked it out online.
OK, so if Ganz was tapping their phone lines, that means he and Shane know a lot more about where Danny and Lindsay are than we do.
Wow! Oh, my God! - How good does this feel? - Not too shabby.
Remind me why we cram ourselves into an overpriced two bedroom in the city.
You don't like the view of next door? What's the matter? Seriously, smell that ocean.
Oh, I think I smell fish and chips.
I'm hungry.
Come on.
Excuse me.
How you doing? Lucy, did you see that birdie up there? Look, look, look at all those birdies up there.
Do you see them? Come on! - What do you want? - Nothing.
We'll go to the beach.
Now you wanna go to the beach? All right.
Right over there.
Left, left, left.
- There? - Yeah.
This big empty.
? Oh, nice! Any luck reaching Danny and Lindsay? Oh, I've left half a dozen messages myself.
Adam's scouring their apartment for info on where they've gone.
Sid, please tell us you got something.
I sent Danny's clothes to Layout in case they can yield any clues.
Meanwhile, take a look at this.
Note the petechial haemorrhaging of Ethan Ganz' eyes.
Bluish tint to the skin.
The man did have a noose around his neck, Sid.
Yes, but I also couldn't help noticing there were no rope fibres on his hands, fingernail marks near his throat, or secondary ligature patterns of any kind.
So he had no defensive wounds found when a hanging victim struggles to remove the noose.
Not one.
However, I did find this on the back of his head.
Small contusion.
Looks like blunt-force trauma.
In the shape of a ball-peen hammer, maybe? With a wooden handle, judging by the abrasions I also discovered in his throat.
He was hit with a hammer and choked with it? - Which one killed him? - Neither.
It was the crab's job.
What? After I noticed the throat abrasion, I spotted some kind of tracheal obstruction under the fluoroscope.
It was too deep to tweeze from his mouth, so I dove in the other way.
And let's just say it turned out to be quite a fishing expedition.
- What is this? - Limulus polyphemus.
The horseshoe crab, if I had to hazard a guess.
I used to step on those in the Hamptons when I was a kid.
Hurt like a son of a Casey must have surprised Ganz from behind with a blow to the head.
Then he stuffed this down his throat while he was unconscious.
And he never came around.
Ethan Ganz had to be the last friend Shane Casey had in this world.
- Why the hell would he kill him? - Because he served his purpose.
And Danny's the end game.
Oh! Is this Queen Lucy's castle? - Hey, psst.
- Hmm.
- Hey.
- What? - Wanna make some dough? - Is this a shell game? Get that out of there! What did Daddy do? What's Daddy doing? Oh, whoops! If we wanna get to the lighthouse before sunset, we should get going.
Sounds good.
What do you say, Your Majesty, huh? Shall we storm the castle, and tear down the lighthouse? - Ready? - Come on, sweetie! Let's go, Lucy! Our crab dollar signatures are all wrong.
He's written the names William Kidd and Jacob Hand.
William Kidd.
That's Captain Kidd, right? Right, the 18th-century pirate pillaged his way down the entire Eastern Seaboard.
What about the other name? Nothing on Jacob Hand yet or the significance of the altered numbers.
One, seven, nine, six.
Could be a date.
Looks like he changed the pyramid on the back of the bill to a lighthouse.
There's 19 of these on Long lsland from Coney to Montauk.
I'll run an image search on this now.
There's one more thing, Mac.
The Latin inscription beneath it should read, "Novus ordo seclorum.
" "New Order for the Ages.
" Instead it reads, "Meus fides erum pallium.
" That's "My belief was stolen.
" Yeah.
What's Casey's motive, Mac? Is he trying to tell us something, or is he just playing with us? I wish I knew.
Either way, we're running out of time.
Look at the lighthouse! Look! - Look at that, Lucy! - Wow! That is so cool! Here, hold on.
I'm getting another picture of you two.
I thought we said we weren't bringing our cellphones.
We did, and I haven't used it once.
But my camera battery just died.
Ready? Oh, that is so cute! I'm sending that on.
That is Whoa! I got something! Lindsay's phone popped up on the grid.
Searching triangulation coordinates.
Looks like they're along the southern shore.
We're locked on.
- They're in Amagansett.
- There's a lighthouse there.
The Amagansett Point Light built in 1796.
Jacob Hand was its first operator.
Captain Kidd? Buried treasure in its base.
- One kept the light.
- The other hid in the shadows.
Contact local PD.
Tell the US Coast Guard we're on our way.
Detectives en route from 34th Heliport to Long lsland.
You ready, Luce? Here we go! - Eight.
- Hello! - Seven.
- Earth to Messers! Six.
This is Ground Control to Messer Family.
One! We having fun yet? Ah, man.
You remember me, don't you, Danny? Who's this? The little missus? Hi.
Shane Casey.
Nice work.
Who's this little ball of sunshine? What do you want from us, Casey? I don't want anything from them.
- Get out of here.
- Go to hell.
You two can join him.
Babe, take her and go.
- Danny! - Take her and go! Please.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Bye! Yep, right there.
Coast Guard nearing Amagansett Lighthouse.
- I'm going in! - We'll meet you there! Let's go.
- I've been waiting for this, Messer.
- All right.
Here I am.
Obviously you knew I would be.
- So what is it that you want? - Shut up! - What do you want? - What do I want? To shoot the frickin' messenger! - You all right? - Yeah.
Oh, man! Sounds like the cavalry's here.
Too bad they won't be able to stop me from killing you! Why would you wanna do something like that? Ah, please! Don't tell me you already forgot about my brother? Your brother? It was robbery gone bad.
He offed a bartender, and then he offed himself in prison, because he couldn't live with what he did.
Know why? Cos he couldn't live with life's two most important lessons! What are those? What? Guilt is a useless emotion.
OK, yeah.
What else? Ignorance is bliss, my friend.
Something that you pretty much screwed all to hell for me.
How's that, man? How's that? My brother was all I had, OK? And, man, he was the closest thing that I had to a hero! And you know what? You know what? Thinking he was innocent, going after all those people that put him away, it felt good! It felt sexy! Then you and all your friends at the Science Club had to go and ruin it for me! That's right.
You hear me, Messer? Huh? Look, I told you then, and I will tell you again.
Your brother is a murderer just like you! That's right! And you put me away just like him! Guess what? I wasn't like him.
I can live with what I've done! The only thing I can't live with is knowing that your smug arse is out here pretending to be a good guy.
All right.
And that's why you escaped from prison? I went through a lot.
A lot.
To shut you up.
Do what you gotta do, you sick son of a bitch! Do it! Now! Hold on to me! Don't worry, Messer, I will.
Have they found his body yet? The Coast Guard's sweeping the area as we speak, but they don't hold out much hope.
The tide was high, and that point's pretty treacherous.
Drift patterns could carry his body anywhere from Fire lsland to Jersey Shore.
Whatever it takes to finish up Shane Casey once and for all.
You got that right.
You talked to Lindsay? Yeah.
They were too worked up to stay.
Figured they'd catch a train back into the city, and sleep the rest of the week off in their apartment.
It's not the vacation they had in mind.
But they have each other.
- Home sweet home.
- Yeah.
She go down all right? Yep.
She definitely needed a nap.
She's not the only one.
I take it all back.
What's that? Everything I said about our apartment.
I don't ever wanna leave here again.
That's fine with me.
That's what pizza delivery's for.
I'm not sure how much longer we can keep doing this.
Tired of feeling like I've lost you.
I'm right here.
I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.
- You promise? - I promise.
Daddy! Here I come, baby.
Here I come.
Hello! Oh, my God.