CSI: NY s07e01 Episode Script

The 34th Floor

Previously, on CSI New York Shane Casey had been on the run since his escape from prison approximately one month ago.
Your brother is a murderer, just like you.
That's right! - Hello.
- Oh, my God.
If you hurt her, I will kill you! - Yes, man, I got you.
- Mama.
The most important thing to you in the whole wide world, right here in my arms.
Put her down.
Oh, oh.
Be careful.
You look a little nervous.
A little emotional.
I mean, your hands are shaking.
You want to make sure you have a good shot, 'cause, uh, you don't want to miss.
Just put her down, you son of a bitch, please.
She puts the gun down now! Or I kill her! Understand? All right.
Babe, babe.
Don't you touch her! - You have everything.
- Mama! A wonderful wife.
Beautiful baby.
Aw, look at the cutie.
Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important.
Today, Officer Lindsay Monroe Messer is being recognized for an extraordinary act of heroism.
It is my great honor to award Officer Lindsay Monroe Messer the Combat Cross.
She puts the gun down now! Mama! You shut down the lab for this? There's a lot of people here.
Yeah, unofficially.
They all wanted to be here for you.
Hello? Hello? * Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
* Hi.
I'm Jo Danville.
I'm your new crime scene investigator.
And this young woman is dead.
Look, I hope this doesn't become a regular thing, all right? What do you mean? Well, we like to have a cup of coffee, read the newspaper before we jump right into work.
Oh, I guess I was under the impression the NYPD Crime Lab was BYOB.
Bring your own body.
You know, if you two are finished with the comedy portion of the program, we got some work to do.
Sense of humor, Messer.
Sheldon Hawkes, no fun.
Don't listen to him.
I want to know what other floors were compromised and how somebody got past security.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? In case you missed it, we have a murder victim in the lab.
If you don't belong here, get where you need to be.
If you have an assignment, get to it.
Move! Well, I almost ran out of here.
Any idea who she is? No.
Definitely doesn't work in the lab.
My first thought was, it's a practical joke-- you know, welcome to the New York Crime Lab.
We usually sabotage a pair of latex gloves or have a tech pose as a dead body in autopsy, then suddenly pop to life.
But murder? Not our style.
Good to know.
Dried blood pool.
She was stabbed just above the clavicle.
Degree of rigor suggests our victim's been here at least eight hours.
- Hard to believe nobody found her.
- The lab was empty.
Only had two techs on since midnight.
They never left the building, had no reason to be down by these elevators.
Two deep puncture wounds, evidence of bubbling.
Probably punctured the airway.
She was choked before she was stabbed.
Looks like petechial hemorrhaging, in one eye, which is very strange.
Excessive makeup, which tells me she's single, but dating.
The soles of her shoes are significantly worn, so I imagine she walks either from her home or to the subway on her way to work.
Ah, the fragrance was a gift from a man.
The scent is sweet, not floral.
Do you happen to know her mother's maiden name? Just trying to make a good first impression with the boss.
You know what's so odd? I had to go through a pat-down and practically give up my firstborn to get through security and up to this lab.
We're going to snip a lock of your hair before we give you a desk.
My point being that if she doesn't work in the crime lab, how did she get onto this floor? Trust me, that's a question I definitely want answered.
* Ah, ah I'm gonna get ya * * Ah, mmm, ah * * I'm gonna get ya * * Oh ah, I'm gonna get ya * * Ah * * I'm gonna get ya * * Ah, ah, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna get ya now * - * Uh, I'm gonna get ya now, yeah * - Help me! - * I'm gonna get ya now * - Please help! * Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm * No castoff.
No blood trail.
No spatter inside the elevator.
Her clothing and hair were saturated with blood.
Nothing made it to the floor.
There's blood trace on the "close" button, so she was stabbed before she got in the elevator.
- Yeah.
- No handbag, no jacket, no phone-- she was not a visitor, she works in this building.
All right, with that kind of injury, she couldn't have traveled far.
Pardon the pun, but our vic only stabbed the button for this floor.
She had to have known this was the crime lab.
So she got off on our floor looking for help? But she'd have to have the access code for this elevator to even stop on this floor.
Not last night.
The surveillance cameras and the security system went down for a couple hours.
We're still looking into the cause.
That's quite a coincidence.
Hey, how you doing? Don Flack.
- Hey.
Jo Danville.
- Nice to meet you.
You, too.
They don't usually murder people in the lab.
- This is new for them.
- Oh.
So why go through the trouble of breaching a high-security building? You could just lie in wait and attack someone in the street.
I don't know.
But we're gonna check every floor and corner of this high-rise until we find out.
I sense you don't feel deserving of that medal.
I killed a bad guy.
I did what I was supposed to do.
But where would you be if you didn't have the courage to pull that trigger? I'm very concerned about you.
Look, I appreciate everything you're doing for me.
I'll be fine.
Lindsay, I'm going to recommend further counseling.
What don't you get? I have no remorse, I have no regrets, I have no nightmares.
You can check them all off your stupid little list.
Your work is done.
So, how is it that after five months, I hardly know anything about you? I'm here because it's a department mandate because I killed a guy.
That's all you need to know.
Everything else about me is none of your business.
These elimination prints are completely unnecessary.
I was an FBI Agent.
I'm in the federal system.
Look, I don't want to knock your former employer, but they're not exactly built for speed, and Mac is not a patient man.
You know what I think? I think this is lame attempt at a come-on.
What? You think I don't see right through your little ploy? I wonder if Harriet and Charles would be upset to know their youngest son is a bit of a player.
You've got the wrong idea.
I mean, I'm seeing someone, and-- Well, there's two.
How do you know my parents' names? I've seen your FBI file.
I have a file? A thick one.
And I've seen some of those Web sites you visit.
Well, I-- You know, I-- I'm not the only one that uses that computer.
I mean, I've got friends that come over, and we do research.
What Web sites are we talking about? I didn't think you'd be that easy.
I am just kidding.
About the Web sites, or the file? The vic's name is Sarah Nelson, a ten-dollar-an-hour junior associate with a 60-hour work week.
This was left after the cleaning crew came through.
Freshening up her lipstick after hours.
She was either getting ready to go out, or waiting for a late-night rendezvous.
Well, she couldn't have had much of a social life, working all these hours.
Looks like our vic was face-planted into the window.
I don't think she was stabbed here, though.
There's not a drop of blood.
Could have started with a cozy encounter.
There's nothing cozy about this.
Gravitational blood drops.
No directionality.
Probably from the blade of a knife.
I'm guessing she slammed into the display case and was stabbed right here.
So, the surveillance cameras and the security system were tampered with at an outside junction box, and whoever did it cleaned up after themselves.
System went down at 12:04 A.
Midnight security guard's not exactly Sherlock Holmes, so it took him about an hour to realize that there was a problem.
System was back online at 1:24 A.
The M.
's initial estimate put the time of death between midnight and 1 A.
Don't! Sarah Nelson was murdered while I was still here.
I've solved the mystery of what we thought was petechial hemorrhaging in the one eye.
Take a look.
Invisible to the naked eye.
Whatever they are, they appear to have been there for several days.
So it's unlikely they're related to the murder.
- Right.
- Any sign of sexual activity? Not recent, but our victim was in the earliest stages of pregnancy.
Any idea what type of bladed instrument we're looking for? Yes.
After quite a bit of quiet deliberation, I have a theory.
Uh, it'll be easier to show you.
Uh, the right subclavian artery was completely severed, resulting in massive internal bleeding.
That would explain the lack of arterial spray at the crime scene.
Right, but take a look at these wound tracks.
Moving at opposite angles.
And neither one by itself would have severed the artery completely.
Then we'd expect to see at least some arterial spray after the first stab wound.
Unless they happened simultaneously.
And the only way that's possible is with a double-bladed instrument.
One capable of tearing through each side of the artery, completely severing it.
Like a pair of scissors.
Medium-velocity spatter.
Directionality points away from the stab wound.
That means this blood is more than likely from her attacker.
She fought back.
Jimmy Choo.
Not bad on a junior associate's salary.
Kate Spade purse, designer blouse, Dolce & Gabbana pants-- There's a month's pay sitting on this table.
Maybe she was someone who had to be clothes rich to get ahead.
Plenty of stores around here that have great knockoffs for a quarter of the price.
No one's checking tags.
Someone is taking care of her.
There are no guys in any of the pictures on her desk.
Could be from an old flame.
She was expecting a visitor that she really wanted to look good for.
An older, more established guy.
Or a young hotshot with lots of cash.
Well, maybe, but a discreet, late-night rendezvous with a man in the office who lavishes her with gifts-- I'll put my money on an older, more established wealthy, married man.
That's our suspect.
Sounds like you're speaking from experience.
How I wish.
Not only will it figure out the pass code to Sarah's phone, but once I'm in, it'll give me all her deleted e-mails, texts and internal application data.
So, uh, deleted is never really deleted, huh? I keep telling you guys that, but nobody believes me.
Hey, so, uh, what do you think of Jo? I think, uh, Jo's pretty damn smart.
She's cool.
I like her a lot.
Oh, she gives me the creeps.
I think she's got secret files on all of us.
- Files? - Yeah.
- What kind of files? - Secret.
Okay, here we go.
We're in.
Now here comes the hard part-- sorting through all this crap as fast as we can.
Good luck with that, you geek.
Whoa, hey.
Where you going, man? Pull up a chair.
Grab a keyboard, help a brother out.
Come on, huh? Huh? "Linds, just wanted to congratulate you "on your commendation today.
"You're so brave in so many ways.
"It's just a little gift "that represents my admiration for you.
"Things here in New Orleans are great, "although it's not easy being the boss.
"I'm going a million miles an hour.
"Can't catch my breath.
"Say hey to everyone.
I miss you all.
Love, Stella.
" Lindsay? Hey.
I'm Jo Danville.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot of great things about you.
Oh, congrats on your medal.
Oh, thanks.
I got it.
I'm a mess.
You okay? Yeah.
I No matter how mentally tough you think you are, or how justified you were, killing another human being is going to affect you.
There's no shame in it.
Till today, I didn't feel anything.
What changed? You putting that medal around my neck.
For the first time since the shooting, it took me right back to that moment.
You know, Shane Casey came into my house.
He threatened my family.
I killed him.
I'd do the same thing a hundred times over.
I never felt scared before that.
I-- I never cried.
I never thought about how much danger we were in.
I just did what I had to do.
Well, nothing prepares you for that kind of terror.
And there's no book on how we deal with it afterwards.
We never went back to that apartment.
I never took a day off work.
I just swept it all to the side like it never even happened.
What if I can't deal with it, Mac? You already are.
It's happening.
This is the beginning of coming to terms with it.
Is that what I'm doing? You'll get through this, Lindsay.
How can you be so sure? You're a warrior.
If there's one thing I've learned over the years the spirit of the warrior can't be broken.
Thought I'd find you up here.
Is this your new spot? - Did I have an old one? - Yes, you did.
Right here.
I talked to the department therapist.
Danny, I am not going back there.
I'm done.
I know that.
I'm not asking you to.
But, uh, baby, you deserve this, okay? You deserve it.
Okay, not for-- not for the life you took, but for the life you saved.
You saved our daughter.
You're my hero.
Hey, Josephine.
- Jo.
- Ah, really? That's not what it says in your file.
Hey, Mac.
- Check this.
- Thank you.
It's an app that tracks locations of the people you want to avoid at the places you want to hang.
It sends a GPS signal from their phone to yours-- - And tells you their location.
- Exactly.
- Looks like she has a lot of enemies.
- She did.
But according to the call log in Sarah's phone, and a couple dozen deleted text messages and voice mail, there was one guy begging to see her, all right? Then two days ago, it just stopped.
Our first suspect is Rudy Aronika.
- Our vic was definitely trying to avoid him.
- Where can we find him? Oh, uh-- Oh! Right here.
I loved Sarah.
I didn't have any reason to kill her.
But, Rudy, isn't that the perfect reason? It's really the people that we truly love that can hurt us enough to bring out that kind of rage.
She's pretty damn good.
Box of tissues on the table is a nice touch.
The old power of suggestion.
I bet her a steak dinner it wouldn't work.
Tell me what happened.
What did she do to you that made you so angry you wanted to kill her? I didn't kill her.
Look, I'll admit we'd been fighting a lot lately.
What were you fighting about? Was she threatening to expose the affair? No.
Sarah would never do that.
Sarah was dating me because I was married.
She didn't want the commitment.
I was safe.
And for a while that was-- that was okay with me.
And then-- I just-- I realized what a wonderful person she is-- was.
So what do you think? I think the only thing he's guilty of is a lack of integrity.
Then you fell in love with her, didn't you? Yeah.
When she sensed you wanted to leave your wife for her, she started pulling back, didn't she? Yes.
It was pretty much over.
And a couple of nights ago, she asked me to come over.
I was just hoping, maybe she'd had a change of heart.
But instead she told you she was pregnant, isn't that right? I was devastated.
Devastated or angry, Rudy? Angry that she was rejecting you? Angry at what could have been? No, I was devastated.
I had a vasectomy two years ago, Detective.
Sarah was carrying somebody else's baby.
Yeah, that's right somebody else's baby.
When? I'll be right there.
What's up? Foreign blood from Sarah Nelson's blouse got a hit to blood trace from a mugging that happened last night.
We have another victim, and he's still alive.
Teddy Westwick's got some office here.
This has gotta cost a pretty penny.
And then some.
You have two offices in the city? Three.
This one is just for me.
So basically, you're filthy rich? Yes.
But it's not the buildings I design or the offices I own that make me rich, Detective.
It's my wife and daughter.
Westwick, do you have any idea why you were attacked last night? It could have been any number of things.
Money, jealousy, and revenge are the big three.
I think it was a good, old-fashioned New York mugging, Detective.
From a thug who was feeling lucky, I suppose.
I'd just left the Avenue Grill.
Probably reeked of one too many.
And he thought he had a chance.
He, uh, he didn't even say anything.
He just started slashing.
He cut my arm.
We struggled.
I took the scissors away from him, stabbed him, and he took off.
The details are in the report the officers took last night.
You didn't know this guy? - No.
- Can you tell us what he looked like? No, I didn't really get a good look at him.
He didn't demand any money or property? No.
Why all the questions? Don't you find his choice of weapon a little strange? I'm sorry.
What? I mean a guy who was sophisticated enough to disable a state-of-the-art alarm system comes gunning for you with a pair of scissors? Yes, I'll admit it's a bit odd.
It's more than odd.
It doesn't make any sense.
Were you in that office last night, Mr.
Westwick? No, I was not.
Well, it's hard to believe the murder of an employee at your architectural firm, less than ten blocks away, an hour before you were attacked, is merely coincidence.
Detective, I have no reason to ignore that obvious possibility, but I really don't know what to think.
Blood found on Sarah Nelson's body was a match to blood found at the scene of your mugging.
Your attacker first came to your office, then found you on the street.
It appears this guy was hunting you.
And it sounds like he was after more than a Rolex and some cash.
Something he was willing to kill for.
Help us out.
What could he have been after? Look, I'm sorry that young woman is dead.
I'm told she was a devoted employee, a terrific person.
Believe me, if I thought anyone I knew was responsible for her death, I certainly wouldn't protect them.
Detectives, I was walking home, and a strange man attacked me.
That's what I know.
That's all I know.
Oh, hey, Lindsay.
What's up? Listen to this.
When is a match to a fingerprint not a direct match to a fingerprint? Uh, when the DNA of the fingerprint is a match in CODIS-- but that rarely happens.
- It just did.
- What? I found a mystery print on the scissors.
I ran it through AFIS, I got nothing.
Then I swabbed DNA from the print.
- Get this-- 12 hits in CODIS.
- Twelve? Yeah, it turns out our killer is a burglar, and a high end one at that.
He never takes anything less than 50 grand.
He's never been caught, never been I.
- Yeah, burglars don't kill.
- Unless they have to.
So we got the guy, right? Well, no, because the hits in CODIS were to an unknown profile.
Okay, but we got the prints still.
Yeah, which got me nothing in AFIS.
Then we just run it through every database in the entire world.
Hey, what's up? No.
Because I said so.
No, no, absolutely not.
Because I said so.
I love you, too.
Was that your son? No, my mama.
A canvas of the area around the Avenue Grill got us what we thought we would get-- Which was nothing.
We're tagging the security surveillance in the neighborhood, but that's going to take a little while.
What about Westwick? Was he seen with anyone? Anyone follow him out? No.
Bartender can't say that he was there, but can't say that he wasn't, either.
Same thing with the waitress on shift.
- Busy place.
- Check this out.
Sid confirmed that the scissors recovered from the scene of Westwick's mugging are consistent with the scissors that killed Sarah Nelson.
Same length, width of blade as well as puncture marks.
Perfect match.
Lindsay's processing them now.
This is where this whole thing throws me.
Who brings scissors to murder someone? A knife, a gun, even poison would make more sense.
You're suggesting it wasn't premeditated.
Scissors are like a letter opener-- items that you would grab in the heat of the moment that could be on a desk in the office.
But the compromised surveillance and the alarm system would indicate that this was definitely planned.
And the disabling of the pass codes of the elevator just prior to the murder? Can't do something like that on the fly.
So maybe murder wasn't part of the plan.
Then why'd our killer lie in wait outside that bar? Chase Westwick down the street? We can ask him.
- You got a name? - And a location.
Courtesy of the New York City Liquor License database.
Print was a match on the scissors.
Thank you.
Here you go, ladies.
Compliments of the house.
How you doing? I'm looking for an Alex Brodevesky.
Oh, yeah.
He's right over there.
Your turn.
You kidding me? Move it! Police! Look out! Move! Get up.
Get up! Get up! I have to admit, this is pretty special for us.
You're quite the infamous man.
You don't lift anything worth less than 50 grand.
I imagine you wouldn't break into a building with a crime lab in it, unless it was for something with that price tag, so what'd you steal? Look, aside from your recent venture into murder, we've been looking for you for a really long time.
So let me give you a friendly piece of advice, and this is not something I usually do, right? Never.
You can continue with your story.
But it's only gonna come back to bite you in the ass when you need to make a deal.
He's not kidding.
I've made a living in some unconventional, possibly illegal ways, but I didn't kill that girl.
But you admit to attacking Theodore Westwick.
I'm telling you he attacked me! - Why would he do that? - Because I saw him kill her.
Look, I broke into the place.
I saw him.
We struggled.
I ran, he followed.
He stabbed me in the back.
- Stabbed you in the back? - Yeah.
He chased me right out of the building.
The struggle on the street-- I took the scissors from him to defend myself.
I cut him, and then I got the hell out of there.
And you never thought to go to the police? I'm a thief.
My word against his? Plus a money guy like Westwick-- he can make a guy like me disappear without a trace.
His story explains a lot.
The plan to burglarize the office? Premeditated.
That's why the security system was down.
Scissors as a murder weapon, grabbed in a moment of rage.
This murder was a crime of passion.
Two separate crimes.
So, Alex was attempting burglary at the same time Westwick was killing Sarah.
- Do you believe him? - I will when we find the proof.
This is the shirt Theodore Westwick wore the night of the mugging.
I'm hoping the blood spatter pattern will tell us who's the attacker and who is the victim.
It's almost impossible.
I'll take that challenge.
Look, I know, as forensic investigators, we're not supposed to consider innocence or guilt, that we draw upon scientific, unbiased conclusion.
In this case, I'm going to assume that Alex Brodevesky is innocent, and see if the science proves my theory.
- You can't do that.
- Why? Uh, well, be-- because.
That's it? Because? I'm not breaking any rules.
I'm trying to create new ones.
No blood drops.
The blood pattern on the wall at the mugging scene indicates Alex was pushed against it during the struggle.
But if Westwick was slashed first, he would've been bleeding heavily, and there are no gravitational blood drops anywhere on the ground near the wall.
We've got arterial spray from Westwick's wound on the newsstand-- several yards from where he claims he was attacked.
Now if Westwick's forearm was cut first, we'd have gravitational blood drops like this all over the crime scene.
But there is none, which means Alex was stabbed in the back first, before Westwick's arm was slashed.
So Alex fought him off, grabbed the scissors to defend himself, slashed Westwick, and then took off.
I'm telling you he attacked me! He stabbed me in the back! He's telling the truth, guys, which means, Westwick killed Sarah.
No, we don't have absolute proof of that, though.
Just Alex's accusation.
Hey, what's up? "Know every answer, leave no questions.
" I can't explain the castoff on the cuff of this shirt.
These spots are castoff from the scissors, but in order to get inside the cuff, it had to have been from this stabbing motion.
And it wasn't from Westwick stabbing Alex in the back.
Alex's shirt would have absorbed most of the blood when the scissors were extracted.
There wouldn't have been enough blood on the blades to create this pattern.
And the only way that pattern is possible is if Westwick stabbed Sarah.
Guys, new development.
Sid found the origin of the thorns in Sarah's eyes.
Tarantula hairs.
Apparently, the spider spews hairs as a defense mechanism.
That means Sarah was in Westwick's private office in the Chrysler Building.
And Westwick implied that he didn't even know her.
We got him.
Move, move, move, move! Go, go, go! Charlie, go! I'm all clear! Delta, clear! Clear! Clear! Eagle's got eyes on the suspect.
61st floor, platform.
Freeze! Get down, face first, right now! - Don't move! - Get off the ledge, Westwick! Down on the ground! That helicopter is not your escape out of here.
- It's one of mine.
- What happened was an accident.
It was an argument that got out of hand.
You gotta believe me.
- It was murder! - No, that girl was going to ruin my life.
She thought I would be a father to that baby.
She didn't care what that would do to my family.
Damn it.
- She didn't care about me at all.
- Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head! Don't do it! Thank you, sir.
Are all of your cases like this? Pretty much.
Thinking of quitting already? Hell, no.
I do have to admit, it was one heck of a first day.
We do things a little slower down in Virginia.
Well, welcome to the New York Crime Lab, Jo Danville.
It's still a beautiful city.
- * In New York * - Yes, she is.
* These streets will make you feel brand-new * * Big lights will inspire you * * Let's hear it for New York *