CSI: NY s07e20 Episode Script

Nothing For Something

** * Start spreading the news * * I'm leaving today * * I want to be a part of it * * New York, New York * * These vagabond shoes * * Are longing to stray * * Right to the very heart of it * * New York, New York * * I want to wake up * * In a city that doesn't sleep * * And find I'm king of the hill * * Top of the heap * * If I can make it there * * I'll make it anywhere * * It's up to you * * New York, New York * Your, uh, best single malt.
Neat, please.
Thank you.
Buy you a drink? Sure.
You're beautiful.
Hiker found her.
No witnesses, no calls to 911, no missing persons matching her description.
Marbling and the level of decomp tells me she's been dead at least 36 hours.
We had one like this on the other side of the park eight months ago.
That's right, we did.
Macy Martinez.
She was stabbed, strangled, and dumped.
It's still unsolved.
Class of 2011.
" She was carried to this spot, not dragged.
That path right there leads to a road that cuts through the park.
Easy access.
So what wrong turn did she take to wind up here? Sometimes evil finds you on the road you take to avoid it.
* Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
* Discoloration and wilting is consistent with your time of death at 24-36 hours.
Mac? Two deep puncture wounds just above the heart.
Sid found the same distinct hilt marks in autopsy on the Macy Martinez case.
Manual strangulation with the left hand.
He's the same guy.
No doubt about it.
What do you got? I know what you're going to say.
It's not the way it looks.
I'm fine.
It's exactly the way it looks.
That's the same suit you had on yesterday, if not the day before.
You haven't even been home in two days.
This isn't the first time one case has rolled over into another.
I'll be fine.
When's the last time you had something to eat? I don't want to hear about that trail mix from the vending machine last night.
It was a granola bar.
You promised me you were going to go home and get some sleep.
I was working on some cases.
I dozed off on the couch.
Then this came in.
Boss of the crime lab or not, you're no good to anyone if you're running on fumes.
Look, I am not walking out of a homicide investigation.
- No, Don is driving you out.
- Yo.
It's all been arranged.
You're going to go home and get a couple hours' sleep.
And if you're lucky, a toothbrush and a shower might make it feel like eight.
- Don can't just leave.
- Sure I can.
I'm on my way back to the precinct, anyway.
Your place is on the way.
Sid will be expecting me in autopsy.
It's covered.
Your work is done here, Mac Taylor.
Don's gonna take you to that diner you love for breakfast, and then take you home and tuck you in.
Will he be giving me milk and cookies and singing a lullaby? The lullaby thing's a little weird.
But milk and cookies could happen.
Let's go.
One sec, guys.
That's pretty impressive you got Mac to go home.
He's not used to being told what to do.
No, he's not.
Expensive lingerie.
Manicure, pedicure recently done, very meticulous.
Dressed to impress.
Probably a night out on the town, huh? In the Martinez case, the victim left the club with an older guy the night before she was found.
That stamp is from the Countess Club.
You know, this diner is one of the last places in the city you can still get an egg cream.
So no more milk and cookies? - Coach Ryan.
- Hey, Mac Taylor.
- How the hell are you? - Good, good.
Can I still count on you for the Widows and Orphans event this year? Already in my calendar.
Hey, you fellas know Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum? - How're you doing? - Hey, Mike.
- How're you doing? - Look, I gotta tell you, great job pickin' up Cromartie and getting Revis into camp, but if you ask me, I think you blew it on the Woodhead thing.
You solve every crime? That's a good point.
Baylor, pass rusher.
Everybody's an expert.
- Mac, I'll be in touch.
- All right, Coach.
- Good seeing you.
- Good to see you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Okay good to see you.
- Take care.
- Take care.
What's the matter with you? Let's go get a snack.
- What? - Nothing.
I was just thinking.
Whoever came up with the formula that every dog year is seven human years? I don't know.
Where the hell did that question come from? What, do I look that tired? Yeah.
Kinda do.
But think about it-- all the stuff we deal with, the murder and the mayhem, staying up for two or three nights at a time trying to sort it all out.
How many years do these cases take off our expiration dates? Our expiration dates? Large coffee to go.
And a map that actually makes sense.
Where you headed? It's, uh, first time back in the city in a while.
Thought I might go down and check out Lady Liberty, if I can just figure out where the hell I'm going.
Come here.
I'll show you.
- Sorry, brother.
- Hey, no worries.
All right, here's where we are.
What you want to do is you want to walk over to Broadway, grab the 1 or the 9 train, take it all the way downtown to South Ferry-- It's the last stop.
You can hop on the Staten Island Ferry down there.
Get a great view of the statue, don't have to get off the boat, and it's free.
Here's your coffee, sir.
Here you go.
Keep it.
Appreciate it, man.
You guys have a good day.
Two years.
Every year as a cop is two human years.
- Thank you.
- Have a good one.
- No, no, no.
I'm buying.
- Get out of here.
No, it's mine.
I got it.
You're a good man, Mac Taylor.
I had my wallet when we walked in.
- You sure? - Yeah, yeah.
I checked when we got out of the car-- it was in my jacket pocket.
Well, you're tired, maybe you left it-- No, I definitely had my wallet.
* You live like you're leading * * A procession * * Run, run * * Talk like you're bored * * Of making decisions * * Run, run * * You walk like you made * * A fast impression * * Run, run * * And you take like I sold * * Your every possession * * Run, run * * Ooh, ooh * * Run, I'll always come back * * Run, I'll always come back * * Run, I'll always come back * Ooh, nice work, Miss Messer.
The training videos, the lectures.
It's all finally starting to sink in.
The student has become the teacher.
What are you doing? It's called improvisation.
Yeah, I started taking a theater class.
I could use a little improv on these.
See that weird circular pattern on the sole of the shoe? Nothing in our database resembles it.
Well, I could enhance the tread marks in the photos.
Maybe that will help fill in some of the voids in the mold.
That would be smashing.
All right, thanks.
I knew it wouldn't be here.
It was worth a shot.
I got uniforms searching storm drains and trash cans for a five-block radius in every direction.
My police I.
's deactivated, my credit cards have been flagged.
Precinct's putting together photos of picks who match the description.
I should have seen it coming.
He must have reached into your jacket pocket when he was leaning over, showing me the map.
This brazen son of a bitch.
He looked right at my shield.
He knew we were cops.
- Hey, Jo? - Yeah.
So, our vic's name is Patricia Kelly.
She was a senior at F.
She texted her roommate from the Countess Club around 11:00 night before last, and said that she met a great guy, and that she wouldn't be coming home.
Yeah, and the roommate started to get worried when she couldn't get a hold of Patricia all day yesterday.
In fact, she went to the precinct this morning to file a missing persons report.
What about the purple trace underneath Patricia's fingernails? It's a very rare and expensive paint made from dye extracted from sea snails.
Tyrian Purple.
I worked my share of art heist cases at the Bureau.
Do you know an ounce of that dye is worth more than a pound of gold? Well, it's not used in any contemporary artwork, so we're talking museum pieces and fine art collections.
No way Patricia's getting near a painting like that in a museum.
Yeah, that's why I'm thinking-- However she picked it up, she must have had access to someone's private art collection.
Right, which would definitely narrow it down a bit.
So I compiled a list of prominent art collectors in Manhattan.
- Oh.
- Now, it's not perfect, but it's a start.
Y'all are so good.
- You know it.
- Mm-hmm.
Larry "The Jammer" Burns? He was arrested on a DUI charge in Manhattan last year.
Oh, please tell me he doesn't have anything to do with these two murders.
He doesn't, but his limited edition sneakers do.
Those odd circles on the bottom of the killer's shoes-- They were actually fingerprints.
- The Jammer's? - Yup.
They're emblazoned into the sole of every pair of his Elite edition sneakers.
There were only 500 pair made, and they coast about a thousand bucks apiece.
So, how long do you think it'll take to compile a list of these 500 proud owners? Come on.
Who do you think you're dealing with here? What up? It's already done.
Let's cross-reference your list with this list Hawkes made - of prominent art collectors.
- All right.
Here we go.
Charles Martin.
It's clear.
We're all clear over here.
Print powder.
That's very strange.
It looks like someone sprayed Leuco Crystal Violet in here, looking for evidence of blood.
What the hell's going on? Thinking that Patricia Kelly was murdered in this apartment, and the crime scene's already been processed.
Doorman says Martin left sometime early yesterday morning and drove upstate to a business conference.
Well, whoever broke in and processed this place used yellow print powder, VMEX swabs and Leuco Crystal Violet.
Definitely not NYPD Crime Scene.
Well, whoever it was had a basic knowledge of crime scene investigation.
Basic knowledge.
Kind of like the Feds.
Heard that, Messer.
No, no, no.
I did some checking.
It's not the Feds, and it's not our guys.
No one's taking responsibility.
Well, then who was it, and what were they looking for? I got tool marks.
This lock was definitely compromised with a pick set, so whoever it was didn't have a key.
Found the source of Tyrian Purple.
What, do you have a portable GCMS up there? No, you don't need one.
Poor man's process.
Tyrian Purple turns blue when it's exposed to water.
So the paint under Patricia's fingernails came from her touching his piece of art.
So, basically, Martin kills Patricia Kelly, then cleans up, then dumps her body in the park on his way upstate.
And while he's gone, somebody breaks in and processes the place? Albany PD said that Martin spent the night, but checked out of his hotel room early this morning before they could get over there and grab him.
Let's hope he comes right back here.
There's an alarm out for him.
I'll have a couple teams watching this place around the clock.
Charlie boy shows his face, he's ours.
What the hell are you doing here? - How'd you get up to this floor? - I brought him up.
He found your wallet on the sidewalk near the diner.
I thought you might want to thank him.
It's all there.
Even the money.
Can't say I didn't think about taking it.
Things are pretty tight.
Who the hell are you, and what do you want? Where I come from, somebody returns a wallet you lost, you say thank you.
I didn't lose it.
You lifted it out of my jacket, you son of a bitch.
Is that right, Detective? You saw me take it? I need two uniform officers, Mac Taylor's office, ASAP.
Who are you? I don't much care for the way you're asking.
- Look at that.
- There's only a couple bucks in there, but you're welcome to it if you like.
Raymond Harris.
Released from prison a week ago.
Get this trash out of my building.
It doesn't feel right just letting him walk out of here.
We don't have enough to arrest him, but I know he took my wallet.
Who is Raymond Harris? What does he want? I'm not sure.
We gonna do this, man? I think we're cool.
Canadian bacon, well done.
All right.
- We gonna get out of here, man.
- All right.
All right, let's go.
Whoa, whoa.
You guys forget something? All right.
So, I guess you never lose that cop thing after you retire, huh? It's a curse.
Always looking for the bad guys, and we forget to see the good ones.
- When was the last-- - St.
Paddy's Day parade, three years ago.
Parades and funerals.
Shouldn't be the only time we see each other, Mac.
What's on your mind? You remember this guy? Raymond Harris? I locked him up.
We did.
In '94.
A warrant on a Lower East Side stash house.
Drugs, guns, money.
Judge gave him 17 years.
He was released a week ago.
I've run into him a couple of times.
- He threaten you? - Not exactly, but he picked my pocket right here in this diner, and then he showed up in my office to return the wallet.
I hope you collared his ass.
I didn't actually see him take it.
And when he returned it, everything was still inside.
And he didn't say what it was about? Couple of months after we locked him up, I had a prisoner escort to Rikers.
Harris passed by Intake, hooked on to some other prisoners.
Hey! You know what you did, man! Knock it off, Harris.
You know what you did! Just keep it moving.
He said it with such conviction.
I believe he thinks he was wronged somehow.
Was your informant legit? The warrant was good, right? There was no-- Honestly, I resent your questioning my integrity.
And whatever his beef is, it seems to be with you.
Look, I don't know what this guy's problem is, but if he came at me, he might come at you.
I have a lot of respect for you, Bill.
We just had a different way of doing things, that's all.
Promise me you'll keep your eyes open? My eyes are always open.
How we doing on the evidence? There's plenty here to prove that Patricia Kelly was killed in that apartment.
It had been cleaned up, but I found traces of her blood in the carpet fibers and also on the ceiling.
Macy Martinez? Yeah, she was one of the last cases Stella was working on, and there's evidence that also connects her to Martin's apartment.
This sample is from gravitational blood drops that I found on the bed frame.
They looked like they'd been there for a while.
DNA was a match to Macy Martinez.
She was killed in that apartment, too.
Looks like Charles Martin is building quite a violent resume for himself.
Yeah, and it might be worse than we think.
There's evidence that there was another woman there other than Patricia and Macy.
I found a blonde hair in the sofa.
DNA's not in the system.
Maybe she's still alive.
Or maybe we just haven't found her body.
Let's hope for the former.
So, our mystery crime scene investigator probably wore gloves while he was processing the inside, but he forgot something on the outside.
He probably rang the bell to see if anyone was home before he broke in.
Got a print.
Came back to Mark Fields.
He's a cop? Used to be.
He was fired in 2007 for perjury.
He's a private investigator now.
So why did he process the scene? What was he looking for? Maybe it's not a question of what but of who.
Fields, we have a missing woman that we're very concerned for her safety.
And right now, you've got a big fat burglary charge hanging over your head.
How far we take your case through the system depends on your level of cooperation.
I found this in your, uh, briefcase inside your car, along with some maps, phone, surveillance photos, financial records.
So why don't you tell us about Christina Marino.
Who is she, huh? Why are you following her? She walked out on her husband Vinny.
He's a friend of mine.
He asked me to look into it, find her, bring her back.
Vinny said start with Charles Martin.
They were good friends.
So you think she was having an affair with Charles Martin? I don't know.
But Vinny did keep her on a pretty tight leash.
What were you hoping to find in the apartment? Some sign of Christina.
Her phone was shut off.
She stopped using her charge cards.
I went in there looking for a suitcase, clothes, an extra toothbrush-- There was nothing.
I smelled a heavy dose of bleach coming from the bedroom.
Now, I don't have to tell you guys what that might mean.
So I took a closer look.
All right, well, the blood in the bedroom and the hinge lift you pulled off the coffee table, that belonged to a woman named Patricia Kelly, and she was murdered in that apartment just a couple days ago.
I thought for sure that was Christina's blood in there.
- Look, I was gonna tell you guys-- - Just do me a favor.
Save that for your lawyer.
Right now, what I'm interested is finding Christina.
Was there anything else in that apartment that might help us find her? No.
That's it.
I swear to God.
Marino, your wife.
Did you have any idea that she was gonna leave you? No.
It was like a sucker punch to the stomach.
You think she's dead, don't you? There's no evidence of that.
The best we can do is hope that Christina is somewhere safe trying to sort this all out.
He showed up a little while ago.
He went up the back stairwell from the parking garage.
Stakeout team chased him up to the roof.
Come on, Mr.
Step back over the ledge.
- Any sign of Christina Marino? - No.
But I'm hoping this guy can help us out with that before he jumps.
He's not gonna jump.
The only reason he's up on that ledge is because he was chased there.
He just has nowhere else to go.
You take one more step, I'm gonna make a mess in the street down there.
Get back! - I'll be right back.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Have a little chat with Mr.
Get back! I said, get back! Relax, Mr.
I'm not gonna try to make you come down from here.
I figure if you're determined to end your life, you're gonna do it no matter what I have to say.
I just want to know if you can tell me where Christina Marino is.
You think I'm stupid? You didn't climb out on this ledge to ask me about Christina.
Oh, I'm here for Macy and Patricia, too, but we both know where they are.
It's Christina I'm worried about now.
I would never do anything to hurt Christina.
I know you don't want to jump.
You're much too fond of yourself for that.
Why don't you step back over this ledge, and we can chat about Christina on solid ground.
I don't have a lot of options, Detective.
Either I jump or I spend the rest of my life in prison.
You don't have to decide that now.
Lord, I've got a dozen great ways you can kill yourself in jail, if you change your mind.
Let's go.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Come on.
- Hey, good work.
- Whew! - You all right? - Yeah.
Just a little adrenaline rush.
Maybe too many cups of tea.
I'm not denying she was here.
Then you can understand why we might be a bit concerned for her safety.
Look, Christina was my friend.
Two weeks ago, she called me, asked me to meet her at the coffee shop.
When I got there, she was sitting in the corner with this ridiculous leopard-skin suitcase.
She'd just left her husband.
She wanted to stay with me for a few days.
- How long did she stay? - About a week.
She left a few days ago.
Said she needed to be alone.
Said she was gonna get a room in some hotel downtown.
I think she felt like she was imposing.
I guess she was, because it didn't take long for you to get Patricia Kelly up here and kill her.
Then why did you offer to buy me a drink? It's the first of the hoops you'll try and force me to jump through before we end up going back to my penthouse and making love.
Well, if it's any consolation, Detective, I can assure you that both Patricia and Macy's last moments were filled with pleasure.
You mean up until the moment that you strangled and stabbed them both? That part of it was my pleasure.
It's an impulse.
I don't expect you to understand.
I get it.
It's like the impulse I'm having right now to smash your face in and throw you out that window.
Why should we believe you didn't kill Christina? What you don't understand about Christina is she wasn't like those other women.
She wasn't angling for anything.
Those other women were takers just like me.
And I think that you know enough about people like me to know I didn't kill her.
Any information on Christina Marino's whereabouts? Thanks.
Call me as soon as you're done with the interrogation.
Mac, hope I'm not interrupting something.
No, no.
Not at all.
What's up? Well, I felt kind of bad.
I thought we left off on a sour note.
Look, I had no right to accuse you of anything.
I was out of line.
Now, don't start sounding like a pansy on me, Mac.
I want to put your mind at ease.
I don't have the actual Harris folders, but these are some of my personal copies of the paperwork.
Bill, this really isn't necessary.
I'm just as curious as you about this dude.
- Any answers in here? - That's just it.
Everything we did was textbook.
Well, right now, Raymond Harris's perception is his reality.
He's walking around with a chip on his shoulder, and only he knows what it's about.
That makes him dangerous.
What's done is done.
Let it go! Charles Martin proudly admits to murdering two women, so he has no reason to deny killing Christina Marino.
I believe him.
I'm not inclined to give a serial killer the benefit of a doubt, but Christina doesn't seem to fit his victim profile.
Well, he had the means and opportunity, but no motive.
Until we have evidence that she was murdered, we have to assume she's alive.
Hey, Mac, you might want to keep that on.
Christina Marino's cell phone bills show one of her last calls was to a boutique hotel in SoHo four days ago.
Danny and Lindsay are on their way there now.
"Do not disturb" sign was on the door when we got here.
Concierge said Christina checked in three days ago.
He hasn't seen her since.
She paid for five nights.
Clerk at the front desk said that a man called down yesterday requesting no maid service.
Probably the same person that broke in, confronted her in the doorway, and then slashed her throat.
- Let me in, you tramp! - What are you doing? Get out of here.
Leave me alone.
Arterial spurts from the left side of the neck.
She was moving.
It looks like she collapsed over here and was beaten, causing the medium-velocity spatter.
And there was something up against that wall right there that's not in this room anymore.
It was a suitcase.
These clothes were resting on top of the blood pool.
They were pulled out of the suitcase after she was killed.
That's how he got her out of here without being seen.
He stuffed her in the suitcase.
When I got there, she was sitting in the corner with this ridiculous leopard-skin suitcase.
A leopard-skin suitcase.
We're no longer looking for a missing woman, we're looking for a missing body.
Messy and spontaneous.
That's not Charles Martin's style.
So, then, who killed her? Who else even knew she was here? The husband-- Vincent Marino.
Did you have any idea that she was gonna leave you? It was like a sucker punch to the stomach.
He would know about the call to the hotel, and he had motive.
All right.
So how do we go at Vincent Marino without a body? By acting like we have one.
Let's make this simple.
We know you killed Christina.
This is outrageous.
I won't sit here and listen to you accuse me like this.
We found Christina's body, Mr.
Now we need you to tell us why you butchered her like that.
Only a severed carotid makes that pattern on a wall.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
- You've got your facts wrong.
- Oh, yeah? Let me see if I got this part right, then.
You cut the left side of Christina's throat in the doorway.
- No, no, no.
- Look at it, Vincent.
Look at what you did.
You did this! Blood was spraying all over the place.
You chased her across the room.
No! S-Stop saying that.
You beat her when she was lying on the floor, defenseless and dying.
Then you dumped her clothes all over the room and stuffed her in her own suitcase.
This leopard-skin suitcase.
You zipped it up, rolled it out to your car, and dumped her like a bag of trash! I-- I gave her everything she could ever want.
Everything I did was for her.
Nothing for me.
All I asked for was-- was love, respect.
She told me she hated me.
I begged her to stay.
I begged her to come home, like I begged her like some fool! What's the significance of where we found her? Why there? It's, uh-- It's where we met-- Prospect Park.
The first time I saw her, I thought she was this perfect thing, you know? Standing there at the edge of the pond, pulling her hair back into a ponytail.
I put her right back where I found her.
All right.
We got something, boys.
All right.
Mark Fields had no idea that Marino would use the information on that hotel to go there and kill Christina.
I don't think Marino would've caved unless he believed we have the body.
You owe me $70 for this leopard-print suitcase, by the way.
You know what? If Mark Fields doesn't break into Charles Martin's apartment looking for Christina, we'd probably never solve her murder.
Gas company.
Who's that? They call him Wild Bill Hunt.
He was my first partner.
- Don Flack.
- Bill Hunt.
- Pleasure.
- What are you doing here, Bill? Seeing you made me think about the guys.
I thought I'd drop by and say hello.
Maybe poke around a little in the Raymond Harris case file? I don't think Mr.
Harris will be bothering us anymore.
Should I expect a body to turn up? No.
I just had a little chat with him.
I know what you mean by a little chat.
You shouldn't have done that.
Something tells me you can be very persuasive.
I definitely think I got my point across.
Bill, Harris isn't gonna scare easy.
I could see it in his eyes.
Trust me, he's scared.
You should've left it alone, Bill.