CSI: NY s07e21 Episode Script

Life Sentence

- Previously on CSI New York - Who's that? They call him Wild Bill Hunt.
He was my first partner.
- What's on your mind? - You remember this guy? - Raymond Harris.
- I locked him up.
We did.
He was released a week ago.
I've run into him a couple of times.
- What the hell are you doing here? - He found your wallet on the sidewalk.
You lifted it, you son of a bitch! I believe he thinks he was wronged.
That makes him dangerous.
Everything we did was textbook.
I don't think Mr.
Harris will be bothering us anymore.
Something tells me you can be very persuasive.
I just had a little chat with him.
You should've left it alone, Bill.
Still can't get over this office.
Great views, leather sofa.
A bigger office just means more paperwork.
What are you doing here, Bill? I don't know.
You invited me.
No, I didn't.
Oh, I got a text.
"We need to talk.
Meet me at my office ASAP.
" I didn't send a text.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I think so.
Hey, you okay? Let's go! Come on! Everybody, stay out of the way! Clear out! Clear out! * Out here in the fields * * I fight for my meals * * I get my back into my living * * Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * Move! Move! Go, go.
Secure the corridor! Go! Go! Go! He's gotta be up one of those rooftops, Mac.
Waiting to get a clean shot.
The trajectory of the bullets is level with the center point of the windows.
- Detective? - Means the shooter wasn't on the roof.
He was directly across from us.
There's an empty floor in that building.
- What can I do, Mac? - Move! Get that arm looked at, Bill.
Ah, the hell with it.
I mean, to help.
Go to the paramedics, Bill.
- Let's move.
- Move! Move 'em out! It's going to be okay.
Okay, I got him.
- Hey! - Oh, honey.
Oh, my God! Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm good.
- You sure? - I'm fine.
- There's blood all over you.
No, it's not mine.
Is anybody hurt bad? - What do you know? - We've got a five-block radius has been cordoned off.
Uh, subway stations are all shut down in the area.
Flack and the ESUs are across the street getting ready to sweep the building.
Yeah, the shots came from the Conroy Building.
Mac's on his way there now.
- What the hell is going on? - I have no idea, but come on, we should get downstairs.
Let's go.
- No, I'm staying here.
- What for? I'm getting my kit.
It's a crime scene.
- Clear.
- Clear.
My angle clear.
Sweep the right flank.
Move! Move! Secure the perimeter.
From this vantage point, he could have taken out every window in the building, but he focused on mine.
Subway map? Raymond Harris.
Sorry, brother.
How does a guy go from stealing your wallet to trying to kill you? - Yeah, I got you.
- Tell me they found Harris.
ESU canvassed the boardinghouse where he was supposed to be staying.
No sign of him.
He didn't report to the warehouse where he's been working at the past couple weeks either.
- Look at this place! - Find every friend that Raymond Harris ever had.
Get his photo out to every roll call, TV stations, newspapers.
I'm all over it.
I'll get with Harris' PO.
We're going to find this guy, Mac.
Just spoke with the EMTs.
We have a couple people wounded, some seriously.
It's a miracle no one got killed, Mac.
What about the text that Bill Hunt said he got from me this morning? Harris must have cloned your phone.
- Where's Hunt now? - Bullpen.
I thought you said we'd never hear from Harris again.
What happened the other night, when you had your chat with him? I persuaded him to leave us alone.
- How, Bill? - I was walking down an empty street, he came up behind me, tried to put some intimidation moves on me.
Gave him a tune-up, - that's all.
- What kind of a tune-up, Bill, a system check or complete overhaul? I don't like your tone, Mac.
I don't give a crap.
Be specific! I pushed him around a little.
He walked away just fine.
Yeah, well, you pushing him around put a target on our backs.
Target was already there.
I just sped things up.
So what the hell does he want? I don't know.
What's our next move? You're not my training officer anymore, Bill.
I'm the cop.
You're the civilian.
Just go home and stay out of it.
Our suspect is Raymond Harris.
I put him away 17 years ago for drug and gun charges.
He was released three weeks ago.
Ever since he's been following me and my former partner Bill Hunt.
He's not required to check in with his PO for two weeks, but he hasn't been at his job or boardinghouse for 36 hours.
Where are we on the evidence? Uh, no fingerprints or trace at the Conroy building, and the subway map came up clean.
However, we did pull this surveillance video.
This happened at 6 a.
A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt came through the service stairway and covered the cams with spray paint.
Security didn't notice? It was a shift change.
The day guard and the night guard were out front smoking, so no one was at the monitors.
That's a coincidence.
No, no, Harris is prepared.
I'm guessing he observed those guards.
He knew their routines.
Just like he knew the work crew on that vacant floor had the day off.
If he was that dedicated, there's no reason to believe he wouldn't make another attempt.
We're not giving him the chance.
Hey, Mac, got a case-to-case match in IBIS on the AK-47.
A shooting in '94.
Drug robbery gone wrong.
Victim took a bullet to the shoulder outside 1744 West 40th Street.
Witnesses said the bullets came from a second-story window.
That's the same building where we busted Raymond Harris.
They even questioned Harris.
But they couldn't find the AK-47, so they had to let him go.
We searched that apartment up and down.
The only weapons we found were a couple of handguns.
It's possible it was hidden.
But for 17 years? Might explain the trace I found on one of the slugs from today's attack.
Analysis came back with traces of asbestos, gypsum plaster, and old copper insulation.
None of which is present in the crime lab.
I think that AK-47 was hidden inside a wall.
It's a perfect environment to store a rifle and ammunition.
Cool, dry.
Harris retrieves it, doesn't clean it.
When he goes to shoot up the lab this morning the bullet picks up some trace.
If the weapon was hidden in Harris' old apartment all these years, he may have gone back to retrieve it.
Could be where he's hiding right now.
We need all units to the corner of Walnut and Grant.
Suspect may be armed.
NYPD! Open up! Raymond Harris, NYPD.
I'm here to file a harassment complaint.
Someone's trying to kill me.
You're entitled to a union rep.
I don't need one.
We did nothing wrong.
We knocked on the door and identified ourselves - as police officers.
- Did the suspect respond? No.
No, so we took in the door with a battering ram and went in.
Suspect opened fire.
- What happened next? - We returned fire.
Through the bedroom doors? Without a visual on the suspect? Yeah.
Bullets whizzing by my head were visual enough.
How many shots did you fire? I fired ten rounds, paused.
The suspect was dead.
You had a warrant to search the premises, assumed the suspect was armed and dangerous.
Did you prepare a tac plan? We took every precaution.
Except waiting for ESU.
Look, the suspect that we were looking for, he attacked our crime lab this morning.
We believed him to be a flight risk.
So we had to do what we had to do.
Any more questions? Yeah.
Is the man lying dead on that floor the suspect you were here to apprehend? - No.
- Okay.
That's it for now.
But I will need your weapon.
Thank you.
I know it's routine for I.
to investigate an officer-involved shooting, but it seems like this woman's got a bug up her ass.
- Like she never kicked in a door before.
- Probably never has.
It was a clean shoot.
Anyone can see that, no? Yeah, it was, Danny.
She's just doing her job.
Now let's do ours.
What do we know here? Name's Trevor Arnette.
Got an open warrant in Brooklyn for home invasion.
Any connection to Raymond Harris? Other than having the immense bad luck of being in Harris' last known address, no.
So Harris snuck in here to retrieve the AK-47.
If it was here at all.
Mac, you ever consider that Harris was not the guy who shot up the lab? Look, I know it was him.
Harris hid that gun in this apartment for 17 years.
We just need to find out where.
I'm headed home in the middle of the night when, out of nowhere, this guy grabs me.
Dragged me to an alley.
Beats the crap out of me.
Let me ask you something.
How'd you get that AK into the Conroy Building? The guy pulled a gun on me, Detective.
Put it in my mouth.
You've got a lot of nerve waltzing in here to make a complaint.
I'll give you that.
Snub-nose .
38, nickel-plated, mother-of-pearl handle.
Shouldn't you be writing this down? Look at me, Raymond.
I was there the day you stole Mac Taylor's wallet.
I'm just here to report a crime.
I know you've got a beef with him.
If it's a conflict of interest for you, - maybe I should go to another precinct.
- And I also know that you put about a hundred rounds into our crime lab not more than six hours ago.
No idea what you're talking about.
So then you won't mind submitting to a gunshot residue test? A DNA swab? Shoot the moon, Detective.
But first I'd like to finish my statement.
The guy who attacked me looked like this cop who arrested me a bunch of years ago.
Name's Bill Hunt.
Put him in a lineup, I'd be happy to I.
What exactly are you after? Justice.
Okay, guys, single file.
Turn, face the glass.
Recognize anyone? He can't see me, right? As you may recall from your many times on the other side of the glass.
I'm just concerned for my safety.
Focus, Raymond.
Is the man who attacked you in there or not? Can you have number three step closer? Number three, step forward please.
I don't know.
He kind of looked like this guy, but now that I think about it, I'm just not sure.
- Sorry, Detectives.
- All right, whatever game you're playing, you can't win.
Like you won this afternoon, when you shot that guy in my old place? You thought that was me, didn't you? That give you relief? You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me.
Here I am, make a move.
Then there wouldn't be any surprises.
Where's the fun in that? No.
I want you and Hunt looking over your shoulders.
Like I did for 17 years.
Is that a threat? I'm the one being intimidated here.
Two cops looming over me.
Why don't you tell me what it is you think I did.
You're the detective.
Figure it out.
I want a tail on Harris and a unit on Hunt.
Detective Taylor, a moment? The man who just walked out of here is Raymond Harris, the suspect you believe attacked your lab? - That's right.
- While you were in a shootout, he was filing a complaint against your former partner.
Well, the complaint's been withdrawn.
What the hell's going on here? Look, do you have a question pertaining to your Internal Affairs investigation? No.
That matter's closed.
It was a clean shoot.
Is that my weapon? Not for nothing, but my advice? No matter what you think Harris did, stay away from him.
We found the trap in that apartment.
There were a few rounds of ammunition that matched the slugs fired at the lab.
Any evidence that connects Harris to the trap? No.
But I did find dried blood on the floor.
It was underneath the carpet.
I spoke to the landlord, and he said that the carpets were installed in '95, which is after Harris went to prison.
How much blood are we talking about? There were small stains on the baseboard, like somebody missed it when they were cleaning up.
So we pulled up the floorboard.
That's a significant blood pool.
- Hardly a cut finger.
- It's a female donor.
I'm running it through CODIS now.
I don't know, it's a shot in the dark, but maybe it has something to do with Harris.
Let me ask you a question.
If you were in prison all those years, what would be the first thing you'd do when you got out? - See my family.
- Right.
But Harris has no family, or friends.
So how do we get into his head to find out why he's after Mac? Well, we know it's got to be a serious grudge if he's willing to hold onto it for 17 years.
And all of it while he was in prison.
Maybe we should talk to his cell mates, because whatever his problem is, he didn't keep it to himself.
Okay, I've spoken to everyone at Rikers who would've had any interaction with Raymond Harris.
He never mentioned you, Hunt, the arrest.
He's hardly said anything to anybody.
I'm looking at the file again.
Something in here holds the answer.
Maybe you just need an outside perspective.
Why don't you tell me what happened that night.
It was a routine arrest.
Hunt's C.
gave us a tip about the drugs and the guns.
Raymond Harris! NYPD! Open up! Hunt hit him? Yeah.
Harris was trying to run.
We subdued him.
What else do you remember about the investigation? Wasn't much of an investigation for me.
I was a beat cop.
My job was to put him in the car.
And holding the bag of money until I vouchered it.
Lot of money in that bag, huh? Yeah.
It was more money than I'd ever vouchered before.
Harris' blood was all over that bag.
What? Take a look at these blood stains.
They're all circular.
None are elliptical.
How's that possible? That can't be right.
When blood lands on the full bag, it lands at a 90-degree angle against the bag's flat surface, creating circular blood drops.
But a half-empty bag has folds in the fabric.
Drops are elliptical.
Look at this photo of the duffel.
What do you see? The bag was full of cash when Harris' blood landed on it.
But not full when it was turned in for evidence.
Someone took money from the bag.
I know what you did.
Stand up.
How about a hand? You ever hit me again, it'll be the last thing you do.
Threats and intimidation won't save your ass this time.
What the hell are you talking about? The money you stole from Raymond Harris.
You helped yourself to some of the cash Raymond Harris was sitting on the day we busted him.
How much, Bill? A hundred? Maybe 200,000? Then after you stole it, you had me voucher the remaining cash, in case you ever needed a fall guy.
Wasn't like that, Mac.
Well then, tell me how it happened.
It, um It wasn't something I planned.
It just It just happened.
The opportunity of a lifetime was staring me in the face.
The split second it took for me to decide felt like an eternity.
After that, the rest was easy.
I knew that no one would ever question that property voucher if your name was on it.
You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.
I don't expect you understand.
I understand you got greedy.
I was 18 months shy of my retirement.
I had an ex-wife, a daughter in private school and a mountain of debt.
You had a pension coming.
$35,000 a year.
I walked a beat, putting my life at risk every day, and in return, I got a little pat on the back and a gold-plated watch.
I deserve more than that.
What you deserve is a prison cell.
You gonna haul me away, Mac? You know as well as I do the statute of limitations on grand larceny is five years.
This conversation's over.
This runs much deeper than money with Raymond Harris.
There's got to be something else.
What else does he think we did to him? Would you believe I don't know? No.
Lock it down.
On my way.
You're coming with me.
The apartment belongs to Lucius Woods, aka the Snow King.
Used to be the biggest cocaine dealer on the West Side.
I heard the King was retired.
He is now.
Air fresheners.
Jasmine and lilac.
No match for this stink.
Neighbors reported the odor to the landlord a few days back.
He didn't check on it till today.
This body's been here a lot longer than a couple of days.
Based on the level of decomp, I'd say more like a couple of weeks.
Preliminary COD? Malnutrition and dehydration.
This man was intentionally deprived of food and water.
His body would have started burning fat and muscle, kept him alive until his kidneys failed.
And after that, he'd be dead in a couple days.
- That's a hell of a way to go.
- This was torture, Mac.
He tied Woods to the bed, and then sat here and watched him die.
Who? Raymond Harris.
What's the connection? Lucius Woods was Harris's boss.
The drugs and money we confiscated in that apartment If I was the King and one of my subjects lost that much coke and that much cash, I'd want some kind of serious restitution.
So the first thing he does when he gets out is come here? Which doesn't make any sense.
Woods had a legitimate grudge against Harris, not the other way around.
Yeah, but if Harris felt that he still had a target on his back, this could have been a preemptive strike.
This wasn't about self-preservation.
Harris was in control.
He wanted Woods to suffer.
And only one man can say why.
If we can't tie Harris to the crime lab shooting, we got to get him on this murder.
- Bring him in for questioning? - Not until we have enough evidence.
The hell with the evidence.
Let me have him for five minutes in the room.
I'll get a signed confession.
We do this my way.
Harris was here.
We just need to prove it.
A rosary.
Any chance the Snow King traded in his criminal reign for the path of righteousness? Hey, Flack, I got eyes on him.
Danny found fingerprints all over the air fresheners and the rope that was used to bind Woods to the bed.
AFIS confirmed that the prints belong to Harris.
I need more.
Okay, how about this? The saliva that Adam swabbed off the soda can? Also a match to Harris.
- What about the rosary? - I found epithelial tissue stuck in the clasp.
Probably from someone holding the beads.
- Harris? - Nope.
But here's where it gets interesting.
The DNA from the skin is a match to the dried blood found underneath the carpet in Harris' apartment.
They came from the same person.
Miranda Thomas.
She was found beaten to death and dumped on the side of a New York State Thruway in 1994.
State Police investigated, but the case went cold.
The question is, what were her rosary beads doing in Lucius Woods' apartment all these years? Harris brought it with him.
Raymond Harris and Miranda Thomas applied for a marriage license two weeks before you and Hunt arrested him.
A month later, her body was discovered.
Woods found out that the police had seized only half his money.
Assumed Harris had stolen the rest.
He would have wanted some payback.
Woods killed Harris' fiancée.
And Harris knew that he didn't take the money, so he figured that you and Hunt did.
That's why he's coming after you.
He holds us both responsible for Miranda's death.
He spent 17 years planning his revenge.
- Go ahead, Mac.
- Where is he? He's still in the diner.
He's been nursing the same cup of coffee for hours.
- ESU is standing by.
- Bring him in.
I'll meet you at the station.
And, Don, keep your eyes open.
With Harris, nothing is what it seems.
Copy that.
Listen, there is one more thing.
When I was processing the dried blood, I found an impression on the surface of the wood.
I took a reverse mold and enlarged the image.
The design details are too obscured for a match, but Adam's still searching the database.
What now? We end this.
Let's take a ride.
- Where's Harris? - Hasn't left his table.
- How long has that truck been there? - Five minutes.
Five minutes too long.
I'm going to need your piece, Bill.
Want to tell me why? After.
Where are we going? - Precinct.
- Think I'd rather go home.
- That's not going to happen.
- Why's that? Because Lucius Woods didn't murder Miranda Thomas.
- You did.
- Mac.
You went back to Harris' apartment to get the money you'd hidden.
You assumed the place would be empty because Harris was behind bars.
You had no idea he had a girlfriend.
- Come on, Mac.
You know me.
- I thought I did.
It was your ring, Bill.
Fraternal League of Patrolmen.
We found an imprint of it on the floor, next to the dried pool of blood.
Five minutes more.
Five more minutes and I would've been long down that road.
Oh, my God.
Help! A day hasn't gone by when I haven't thought about turning myself in.
But you never did.
Wouldn't have made a difference.
It would have to me.
I'm sorry, Mac.
You are under arrest for the murder of Miranda Thomas.
You have the right to remain silent-- You've reached Detective Mac Taylor-- You okay, Bill? Never better.
Bill! I want a GPS trace on Mac Taylor's truck.
I need a location now.
Where you going, Detective? Just want to talk.
Be smart, Harris.
There's still time to settle this the right way.
You're 17 years too late.
Put the gun down, Raymond.
We'll set things straight.
I gave you every chance to man up.
In your office, the precinct.
But you blew it.
I know Bill Hunt stole the money.
I know what happened to Miranda.
She was-- She was my angel.
She was better than all of this.
You're right.
She was.
I waited 17 years to punish the men who took her from me.
I watched the Snow King die.
When I looked into his eyes I saw the truth.
He didn't kill Miranda.
Neither did I.
Doesn't matter anymore.
She's gone.
Drop the gun, Raymond.
I can't.
They're on their way.
We'll get you help.
Got another one over here.