CSI: NY s08e16 Episode Script


Good morning.
Uh, good morning.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Hey! You're dragging something under the truck! Hey, under your truck! Two kids skating home from a party that went into the early morning found the body.
Or what's left of it.
Lindsey Messer, meet John Doe.
You know, most people spend their Monday catching up on their coworkers weekend over a nice cup of coffee.
We're not most people.
And as for my weekend, you're not missing much.
Odd place to dump a body.
Well, maybe it was convenient.
This neighborhood's pretty quiet at night.
You got the Hudson right over there.
Why not just dump it in the river? It's Danny.
"What has two arms, no legs, no body and no head?" "My crime scene.
" If Danny's got the arms Then where's the rest of him? Looks like you got the same call.
What do we have? Eh, just got here.
Waiting to see what surfaces.
Seems we're finding our victim in pieces.
But it looks like our case just came together.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Our John Doe is a white male, obviously, mid-50s.
Based on the liver temp taken at the scene, I'd say you're looking at a time of death between Abrasions on his chest are consistent with being dragged beneath the van.
There's nothing to suggest prolonged contact with the streets, so I'm guessing he wasn't dragged far.
But on the back There.
Linear bruising pattern.
He could have fallen or been repeatedly pushed hard against something with a straight edge.
Degree and color suggest the bruising is recent, too.
Why dismember someone and leave the parts out in such public places? Well, I think the perp wanted the parts to be found and he wanted the public to see it.
Any idea what tool may have been used? There's a slight discoloration on the the bone.
Friction from a power saw will cause burn marks on wood.
Same rule applies to bone.
Based on the burns and the cut, I suggest you're looking at some type of circular saw.
And given the lack of hemorrhaging in the wounds, it's clear the sawing was done postmortem.
What about COD? Nothing yet.
Still waiting for tox to come back.
Well, I'm guessing the answer lies with the missing piece.
So, who's that? That is our John Doe.
- Michael Byrne, 55 years old.
- He got a record? Ran the prints off the ten card through AFIS.
Turns out Byrne was arrested one time in 1973 for misdemeanor assault.
He was 16 years old.
He got busted with some small-time crew for beating up a mechanic who was hassling his father over a late payment.
So, he's a family man.
Anything since? Nope.
According to his financials, he's lived at 48th and That's Hell's Kitchen, I mean, yuppie central now, but back then, it couldn't have been too easy.
Irish kid growing up there in the '60s and '70s? You're looking at a 90% chance of ending up a priest, a cop or a gangster.
Take a guess what most ended up as? Well, of course, priests.
Not quite.
But they did take cash, confessions, and have their own form of catechism.
- What about our boy Byrne? - Exception to the rule.
He has a little bodega over on 51st near 10th.
- You wanna take a ride? - Yeah.
Hey, did you find anything? Yeah, I did find this on the sweater.
- Is that a trash bag fragment? - Yeah.
So maybe our torso was originally dumped near a trash pick up.
So the van runs over our torso and a trash bag, the vic's sweater gets caught in the undercarriage of the van, and when the van takes off It takes the torso and the trash bag with it.
Thus, the torso is moved from the original dump site.
And given the possibility that our perp placed these parts strategically, then it would be good for us to know where the torso was originally.
Can I help you? Michael Byrne's daughter? That depends who's asking.
You must be here about the power.
Yeah, my dad worked yesterday, but he didn't call anybody, so I'm assuming it's been out sometime since then.
Any other employees? No, just Dad and I.
Where's your fuse box? It's around the side.
Around the side.
I'm going to go check that out.
Miss, when was the last time you spoke with your father? It's Molly.
Um did something happen? Molly, I am so sorry for your loss.
Do you know anyone who would want to hurt your father? No.
No, he was a good man.
He was tough as nails.
A little surly.
But he was good.
He kept asking me to come over for dinner the last couple of weeks, and I never went.
I was just too busy.
All of those reasons not to go seem so silly now.
I just hope he knew how much I loved him.
He knew.
What the hell happened down there? This is where he was chopped up.
Hey, that's it? You guys ain't gonna do nothin'? Hey, I'm talking to you! Whoever did this better pray you guys find him before we do.
Or what? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Blood in the stockroom came back as a match to our vic.
So our perp kills Byrne, dismembers him in the stockroom, cleans up the mess, then dumps the body parts in places where they'll be found.
Right, I mean, why clean up the crime scene and then turn around and make it known? Doesn't make sense.
Our perp washes up the crime scene not as a means of concealing the murder but as a means of concealing himself.
Still doesn't explain why the perp left everything to be found except the vic's head.
What do we have? Residue from the trash bag we found on the torso contained melanin and high levels of glutamic acid.
Cephalopod ink.
Specifically, Sepia officinalis.
"Sepia" because of the dark brown ink it releases.
So where does that get us? It gets us to the Atlantic Wharf.
It's a restaurant that specializes in homemade pasta served with cuttlefish ink.
But because it takes so long to extract the ink by hand, they only serve it once a week.
But the ink sacs wind up in the trash every day.
It can't be the only restaurant in New York that does this.
It's not, but it's the only one that's on our van's delivery route.
This is the van's delivery route.
They make the same stops every day.
Both driver and passenger swear that they didn't deviate from this route.
Which puts them in front of the Atlantic Wharf where, exactly? Up on 8th near Columbus Circle.
Now, the young lady found the arms at 34th and 8th.
And the legs were found down by the Hudson on It's the corners.
Jo! Yeah.
Blood trail.
Someone killed Byrne, and used his body to mark their territory.
But why these four corners? They're the four corners of Hell's Kitchen.
Oh, Lord.
We have our COD? Eh.
Gunshot wound to the head.
Shot from behind.
He was executed.
Shooter used a hollow-point bullet.
Maximum damage to the body because it mushrooms upon impact.
But I sense somehow you haven't told me the most interesting part.
What if I could give you a name? We already ID'd the vic.
Not the vic, the perp.
Okay, I'll bite.
As you well know, criminals sometimes leave a calling card as a means of taking credit - for their handiwork.
- It's not uncommon for a criminal to leave their signature on a crime scene, even unconsciously.
What if they left their signature on the vic? Their actual signature.
Hey, I was unable to extract any usable DNA from that cigarette that Danny found in the drain at the crime scene.
But he did find an impression in the dust.
It looks like it could have been - a case sitting on top of that safe.
- Possibly used to transport the circular saw our perp used.
He also found a chunk of plaster next to the safe.
Could've dislodged from the saw.
I processed it and found a little bitty piece of linen paper stuck to it.
- Money? - Yes.
Also had blood in the plaster, which does not belong to our vic.
Ran it through CODIS, but I didn't get a hit.
So given what we know, we're looking for someone who used a heavy-duty power saw to dismember a body, but before they did that, they used it for something involving plaster, - money and blood.
- Sounds ridiculous, but it is Hell's Kitchen.
Maybe a few decades ago, but not anymore.
Those four corners have been all but forgotten.
It's not even called Hell's Kitchen anymore.
"Clinton" does have a nicer ring to it.
So why is the violence suddenly back? Maybe it never really left.
Uh, yeah, sorry for the whole arm-waving thing; I was just really excited.
I was able to reconstruct the signature that Sid found on the vic's face.
You have a name? Names tend to be exact.
I was able to reconstruct the signature just enough to get ten names that match in the NYC database.
- Any have a record? - A developer by the name of Dan Coleman.
He's got several harassment complaints lodged against him.
What kind of harassment? Uh, one claim from a lone holdout in an apartment on 54th near 10th.
A guy claims that Dan and his goons broke pipes, tampered with phone lines, cut his power, all in an attempt to get him to move out.
- Just like Byrne's shop.
- Exactly.
Okay, now, if this is Hell's Kitchen in '85 and so on, you'll see the change.
Anything that turns blue has been bought up, remodeled, torn down or rebuilt.
Corporate America moves in.
And the older generations, like Byrne, who were born and raised there, are driven out because they can't afford the soaring costs.
The red "X" is Byrne's shop.
And the other X's are places that have reported harassments from Coleman.
Now, given Coleman's record, it's like he's doing the same thing to Byrne.
Refusing to sell to a rich and powerful man like Coleman could put a big target on your back.
Maybe he got tired of waiting.
MAN:What the heck is going on with the building on 48th? All right, no problem.
Don't worry about it.
I'll send the inspector down in the morning.
- Thank you, Janessa.
- Mm-hmm.
Little pleasure with your business? - Your point? - Just that your line of morality seems a little blurry to me.
Why don't we talk about Michael Byrne.
Who? Maybe I should put this into language you understand.
Little bodega near 51st and 10th? Oh.
That's a property that I've wanted and made offers on for quite some time.
I've bought and rebuilt several buildings in that area.
So you do know Michael Byrne? Guess I've had a few interactions with him, yeah.
He won't sell.
Is that your signature, Mr.
Coleman? Yeah.
My company, my name.
You want to tell me why your signature wound up on a dead guy? What? Michael Byrne was found murdered.
He was dismembered and dumped at the four corners of Hell's Kitchen-- seems to be a territory you have a particular interest in.
Start talking.
I went to see him two days ago.
Don't even think about it, Coleman.
How much you want, hmm? I told you before, this is my home, I'm not leaving.
Name your price, Byrne; you'll be able to buy ten homes.
- Think about your kids.
- I am.
There isn't an amount you could offer that'd ever make me leave.
Oh, just take the money.
Get the hell off of my property! You wanted to drive the man from his home.
I was offering him an escape.
Hopefully, his daughter doesn't make the same mistake.
If she's smart, she'll sell.
- Is that a threat? - Not at all.
But Byrne is one tough son of a bitch, and he was very much alive - when I left him.
- Care to provide a DNA sample? You can talk to my lawyers.
Mac! Over here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, thanks for meeting me.
I know you must be swamped, but, um, I was in your neck of the woods.
- Eh, of course.
- It's, uh, it's nice to get outside and get some sunshine.
Mac Taylor, you're an idiot.
Why is that, exactly? 'Cause I'm a catch, and you're gonna lose me.
I should have called, I know.
Besides work and the fact that I'm not very good at this Hey, it's not about the phone call.
I-If you're not ready for something or, um, work's too busy or your life's complicated or you're scared, I get it.
I mean, I'm scared, too.
Look, um, when your brother dies in the line of duty, the last guy you want to date is a cop.
But I'm here and we kissed, and I guess I just want to know if it felt right to you, too.
It did.
So, how about I make it up to you.
We'll go out to dinner tonight.
I know this amazing restaurant with this incredible chef.
Well, why don't you just come by the Oh! Cute.
You mean me.
- Uh, 9:00? - Sounds like a plan.
All right, I'll see you then.
It's not often we all gather for a ballistics report.
This murder is a lot bigger than we first thought.
You get a hit in IBIS? I did.
I got seven hits.
All unsolved, all in Hell's Kitchen, all tied to the same gun used on Byrne.
We got three murders, two attempted and two armed robberies where shots were fired.
Look into anyone repeatedly brought in for questioning.
Will do, but the kicker is, Mac, all the hits happened between 1971 and 1978.
Gun's been quiet ever since.
Chopped up body, four corners, gun from the past.
You know, I've always been curious.
Why's do they call this area Hell's Kitchen? Well, the story goes, a veteran cop was watching a riot with his rookie partner who said, "his place is Hell itself.
" To which the veteran replied, "Hell is a mild climate compared to this.
This place is Hell's kitchen.
" Mob presence has been there since the early 1900s with the Gophers.
Owney "The Killer" Madden back in the '30s.
You had Mickey Spillane in the '60s.
You got the Westies in the '70s.
Some of the ghosts are still there.
You can bury a body, but you can't bury the past.
We could be looking at a guy who recently got out of jail.
Yeah, and there's a small portion of the old guard that's still there.
Now, if they decide to take matters in their own hands Exactly.
Let's look into some who's out, who's left.
So there hasn't been a hit on this gun since 1978, so it could be in anybody's hands, from an old hood to Coleman.
We still have Coleman on ice.
Flack's out interviewing complainants as we speak.
Either way, my fear is somebody's trying to make a statement and Byrne is just the beginning.
One second, I'm walking to my car.
The next second, there's an explosion and I'm on the ground.
Thank God you're okay.
Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing for the driver of the van.
Fire department found this in the glove box.
His name's Alex Zorlov.
He lives in Brooklyn.
Works as a part-time driver for K & N.
Did a criminal history check.
Turns out he's a full-time lackey for the Russian Mob.
- What were they delivering? - Cigarettes.
Any witnesses? Yeah, tons, but none of them are willing to speak.
Bomb goes off in the middle of the afternoon and no one sees a thing.
Historically, the relationship between cops and this neighborhood has been tenuous, to say the least.
You think this is connected to Byrne? Everything's circumstantial at this point, but my gut says yes.
I seen you go down to a cold mirror It was never clearer in my era so You lick a shine upon your forehead or Check it by the signs in the corridor You light my way through the club maze We would struggle through the dub daze I see myself in there upon my lover It's how you go down to the men's room sink Sad we talk of how madmen think I see myself in there upon my lover I don't know her from another miss I don't know you from another See me run, now you're gone Dream on.
- Wait a second.
No way.
- What? This kid was outside the shop the day after the murder.
A group of neighborhood kids were chirping, saying they were going to get to Byrne's killer before we did.
That's it? You guys ain't gonna do nothing? Well, then, maybe if Kieran Reilly killed Zorlov, then Zorlov killed Byrne.
Yeah, but why does a driver for the Mob want to take out a Hell's Kitchen shop owner? Who's winning? I'm going to go ahead and guess the other guy.
Grab a stick if you want.
Ah, we're good.
You don't look too surprised to see us here, though, huh? Why not? Declan, where's Kieran? No clue.
Come on.
He works for you.
You don't keep track of your employees? He don't want to show up to work, who am I to stop him? I'm pretty sure they all know that if you want them at work, you'd make damn sure that they're here.
You mind? Thought we were all getting along here, buddy.
How about Alex Zorlov? You want to tell us about him? - I don't know who that is.
- Yeah, you do.
Why'd you guys go after him? You think he killed Byrne.
Why? Look, I told you everything I know.
Stay, have a drink if you want.
If not, get the hell out of my bar.
Hey, you.
You were right.
About? I'm an idiot.
I have to cancel dinner tonight.
Is everything okay? Yeah, but my case just blew up.
I need to be here.
Hope this doesn't put you out.
Oh, no, don't be silly.
I was just going to whip something up when you got here.
Um, we can do it another time.
I'll make it up to you.
I-I get it.
Um, I-I really do.
I'll call you later.
I'm really sorry about this, Christine.
Oh, okay.
Get back to work.
Adam, you do know this is a smoke-free facility.
I wouldn't dare to break the rules, boss.
So what's this got to do with our case? How much do you think a carton of cigarettes goes for in the city? - Last I heard, about $130.
- Not cheap, so if you ain't got the cash, you got to find a cheaper alternative.
What do I got here? - Two packs of cigarettes.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, when the fire department was putting out the delivery truck, the majority of the cargo got wet, and I noticed something.
This is from a pack I bought downstairs.
This is a cigarette from the van.
Three black lines.
Cheap glue.
Zorlov was delivering counterfeit cigarettes.
One of the most lucrative rackets in New York.
More profitable than selling heroin or cocaine.
You make fake cigarettes for 60 bucks a carton, you sell them to a local shop for $90.
They turn around and sell them for $110.
Impressive profit.
Product's in high demand, you can sell it in the wide open and no one's the wiser.
Which is why the local shop owners like Byrne are so important.
They sell the fakes.
Without them, there's no racket.
What about the cigarette we found in the drain - at the crime scene? - Ran it.
Also counterfeit, but it's not a direct match to Zorlov's truck.
Possibly a different supplier.
Similar unsavory elements like yak hair and an unregulated amount of tar.
Used to stretch the tobacco.
But Byrne's cigarettes were legit.
So maybe this has nothing to do with property.
And everything to do with territory.
You nervous, Kieran? I'd be.
Don't look at him.
I want your eyes right here.
We have your print on the bomb that killed Alex Zorlov.
You do understand that when I say, "We have your print," it means that there is no "get out of jail free" card that works here.
Your print on an explosive that killed a man is a nail in your coffin.
You killed Zorlov because you think he had something to do with Michael Byrne's murder.
Look, Mr.
Byrne was always good to me and my mom-- always.
Sometimes, when she didn't have the cash, he would let it slide just to help her out.
Single mom, two jobs, three kids.
Sometimes she needed help.
So you can think whatever you want about me or where I come from, but I got a sense of loyalty.
I was raised with the understanding that you don't go against someone unless they go against you or one of your own.
So you killed a man based on some twisted sense of loyalty you had toward Byrne and your neighborhood.
My world has laws and a code, just like yours.
Break it, and you're done.
Who helped you with the bombing? Declan Callahan and Fallon Green? No one.
How'd you know Zorlov killed Byrne? People talk.
People talk about a lot of things.
Doesn't make it true.
People I trust.
And did these trustworthy folk happen to mention why Zorlov killed Byrne? Doesn't matter.
All that matters is he did it.
You hurt someone like that, expect to pay the price.
That's funny.
I was just going to say the same thing to you.
- Hey, Jo? - Yeah? Zorlov's not our guy.
- Why do you think that? - Well, I was building a time line for his whereabouts around TOD.
Turns out he was in police custody.
Reason why we didn't notice it before is that the arresting report said he was booked three days ago.
But it didn't say when he was released.
He was released around 3:00 p.
the day Byrne was found.
There's no way he's our guy.
Which means Kieran Reilly killed an innocent man.
- Who planted that seed? - I think I can answer that.
Danny sifted through all the IBIS hits and compiled a list of people who were brought in for questioning.
And there was one name on the list that kept coming up again and again.
Declan Callahan.
That's not possible.
As in Declan Callahan Sr.
Kieran's friend is Declan Jr.
Where is his father now? He died in prison, so I'm thinking that maybe his son inherited his gun.
But why would Declan want Byrne dead? I'm not sure, but I did do a little bit more digging, and I found out that Declan was brought in on assault charges a month ago.
An ex-employee named Sean Murphy claims that Declan assaulted him with none other than a circular saw.
Do you think I'm stupid? Huh? Just how long you been stealing from me? Put it down there.
Murphy said that Declan's buddies held down his arm while Declan cut through his cast with a saw.
Declan got away with it? Well, Murphy changed his story, so the D.
dropped the case, but maybe if some of that plaster got lodged in the saw, it came out at the crime scene, and that's what Danny found.
So, that potentially puts the saw at the crime scene, but not Declan.
We're gonna have to go at this from a different angle because if that is his father's gun, he might not get rid of it.
No, no, that's not possible.
Isn't it, though? You know Declan's cruelty.
You've seen it firsthand.
- The name Sean Murphy ring a bell? - Kid's a liar.
You and both know that isn't true.
Listen, the only way you help yourself right now is if you tell us everything you know.
Admit it, Declan told you that Zorlov and the Russians killed Byrne.
No, but he wanted to get the killer just as much as I did.
Declan carries his father's gun, the same gun he used to kill Michael Byrne.
Face it, Kieran, you got played.
And now you're stuck here with us while Declan lives the life of Riley down at his bar.
You said you'd never go against one of your own unless they went against you.
Now's your chance.
What the hell is he doing? He's backing out.
He's not backing out.
Hey, Declan.
Where's everybody? Uh, it's just me today.
What happened to you? I heard you got pinched.
Anything violent happens in the neighborhood, they haul in an Irish guy.
They threw me in a room, did the same dance, waste of time.
Who was it? Uh, some Mick.
Flick or Fleck.
I think it was him and his little sidecar came in here looking for you the other day.
So, they knew about the truck bombing, and they just let you go? I didn't tell them nothing.
They didn't have anything to hold me.
Luck of the Irish, huh? How about a drink, Deco? So, how did you know it was the Russian driver that killed Mr.
Byrne? Why? You don't believe me? Of course I do.
Just wondering is all.
Just doesn't add up.
What would the Russians want with Hell's Kitchen? What is this, 20 questions? How the hell should I know? One thing's for sure, they think they can come in here and mess with what's left of us, they got another thing coming.
An te nach mbionn laidir ni follair do bheith glic.
What's that supposed to mean? Is that Gaelic? What's he saying? Something about if you're not strong, then you better be cunning.
Trinity, one continuous line knotted together, unbroken.
You said it was our past, present, and future wrapped together.
Our ties to our family, our neighborhood, each other.
It was all a lie.
I want the truth.
What the hell are you talking about? - Let go of me.
- I want the truth! I want you to tell me you killed him.
Gunfire! Gunfire! Declan! Put the gun down! Now! Put it down! That was self-defense, and you know it.
You're right.
But by shooting Kieran in the arm, you shot yourself in the foot.
You used the same gun to shoot him that you used to kill Michael Byrne.
"Hoist by one's own petard," as my old man used to say.
You should have known better than to carry that gun around.
It was my father's.
What a nice tribute.
Carrying on the family name.
You know, I'm a junior, too.
My dad was a cop.
Pretty hard not to want to emulate someone when you have their name.
I grew up learning to be proud of my name and where I came from.
Within those four corners, I was somebody because I was a Callahan.
My dad was a tough guy back when that used to mean something.
He was respected.
He was feared.
Maybe, but that fear kept people out, kept our identity intact.
Now we're nothing but a damn tourist attraction with condos and restaurants and shops none of us can hardly afford.
And killing Byrne was the solution? He was there back in the day.
I thought he'd be on my side.
I'd offer protection to the guys who were left, make some money with a few rackets.
Let me guess, counterfeit cigarettes? The Russian Mob starts selling in your territory, you want your cut.
Nah, I decided to start selling my own cigarettes.
People respected Byrne's opinion.
I figured if I could get him on board, I could get the others, too.
Trouble in paradise? That'd be no business of yours, Declan.
I told you before, I don't want your so-called protection, and I'm not selling your little scam.
- Now, listen to me when I tell you - No, you listen to me.
I'm not asking anymore.
You come in here offering me protection, but it seems like the only thing I need protection from is you.
You're a piece of trash just like your father was.
Byrne's death served a purpose.
You know, guys like you are a dime a dozen.
You're always preaching the same things about loyalty and brotherhood, but you're all brought down by the fact that you drop it in a heartbeat when you stand to gain.
You brutally murder Michael Byrne, a good man who did everything in his power to hold on to what was good about the past.
What a way to keep the neighborhood alive.
Good to see you again.
And you.
How you holding up? Good.
Store keeps me busy.
I'm happy to see you've kept the place open.
I thought about selling it, but, um, keeping it open keeps him around somehow.
Hey, listen, if anybody bothers you, or starts messing with the store again, give me a call.
Thank you.
Take care.
I won't pretend My heart, it gets around There's a sailor in me Swallows in time.
I'm sorry about cancelling last night.
It's fine.
No, it's not.
I have this problem about always letting work come first, and I And I'll get used to it.
Have you eaten yet? Do you want me to make you something? Well, I was thinking maybe we can make something together.
Come on.