CSI: NY s08e17 Episode Script


Yeah, might have met you at the right place, wrong time Lake house to the shore line Saw it in your face, it was a sure sign Wasn't no truth coming from these small lines Pent up, feeling like I can commit a war crime Lord, I'm a good man, make shorty all mine Ha, we know that boy'll be fine He can't love you like I can love you, that's all mine He ain't good for you, baby, he ain't The best of all time Another summer brings a summer love And every summer there's two people that be coming up Some don't make the cut and never come up again Some just being the cut, never cuts again - You know you're lying.
- I am not.
Yes, you are.
Alicia said, Michelle's been asking all day, "Where's Aunt Elaine?" Aunt Elaine this, Aunt Elaine that Come on, baby.
Four, five, six, son.
That right there's a straight kill, it's all me.
No mention of Uncle Kelvin.
Not one word.
-That there is a sloppy roll, man.
- Huh? That rock's off the slab.
Let's see how popular Uncle Kelvin gets - when he starts spreading these birthday presents around.
- Yeah.
You need to step off that pile.
Only one way that's happening.
We're here to visit.
You let them be.
That's Mary Witherspoon's son.
I know who it is.
They'll settle it.
They always do.
Take off that jacket.
I don't want youo get blood on the girl's jacket anyway.
That's it Huh? What you want to do? Back up, son.
Back up! They really didn't say nothing about me? Uh-uh.
I don't believe it.
They didn't say anything.
You need to step off that pile, son.
What?! Do something, punk.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, no.
Help! Somebody help! Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Stay with me.
Come on, come on.
Get help.
- Get me help.
- Oh, man.
- Get me help.
- We're gonna get help.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Hey, yeah, 911.
They shot Mr.
Kelvin over here, man.
He's bleeding real bad.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Hurry up! No! No! No! Kelvin Moore.
He was an accountant with Pineridge Financial.
Grew up in the building.
He and his wife Elaine were here visiting her sister Alicia in 6F.
The presents were for Alicia's daughter.
Kelvin's wife give us anything? She's still in shock.
Paramedics are trying to calm her down.
Kids playing dice in the street got a look at the shooter, but the best they could do was-- male, medium build, ski mask, hoodie.
No wallet.
Her wallet's gone, too.
Busy building lobby, middle of the day.
Pretty brazen.
Or pretty desperate.
Everyone I speak with around here talks about Kelvin like he was a saint.
Then let's make sure we find the sinner.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Yes, and you don't need to be thinking about that right now.
I can't help it.
Tomorrow, Lucy's gonna be opening her presents with that ridiculously cute smile on her ridiculously cute face, I'll be thinking about this.
Uh get lost.
I got this.
No, it's fine.
I've seen a lot worse.
I'm good.
And I'm great, but it's you know, it's a little cramped in here, and I can't do three things at once, and you know, Danny's got the street, and the shooter's escape route.
So, somebody needs to go talk to the wife.
Don't look ahead, there's stormy weather Oh, oh-oh Another roadblock in our way Oh, oh-oh, oh But if we go, we go together Oh, oh-oh Our hands are tied here if we stay Oh, we said our dreams will carry us And if they don't fly, we will run Now we push right past to find out How to win what they all lost Oh-ah, oh-ah We know now we want more Oh-ah, oh-ah A life worth fighting for Oh-ah, oh-ah A life worth fighting for Oh-ah, oh-ah We know that we want more Oh-ah, oh-ah A life worth fighting for Ah, ah-ah, ah, ah, ah-ah, ah-ah A-oh A-oh Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah-ah A-oh.
The door opened behind us, and the guy walked in.
He was black.
He was he was wearing a ski mask.
Do you remember anything strange about him at all? His eyes, or his teeth, or the way that he walked or talked? I remember the gun.
It was silver and shiny.
He said Wallets! All your jewelry! We'll give you whatever you want.
Shut up! Okay.
Relax, man.
- Take it easy.
- Shut up! Hurry up with the jewelry! Bitch.
I said hurry Don't! Oh! Oh, my God! No.
If I just could have gotten the bracelet unclasped faster.
Don't do that to yourself, Elaine.
It's not your fault.
We moved away from here after we got married, and he landed the job at the firm.
Kelvin was never afraid of living on this block.
He was afraid of dying here.
My sister and Kelvin were so happy together, best friends.
They grew up in this building together.
They met when they were in the first grade.
Started dating when they were seniors in high school.
Thank you.
Whoever did this ain't from around here.
Clyde Duvall.
Clyde lives next door.
He's like a big brother to me.
Kelvin had a way about him.
Even the punks on the corner respected him.
He never forgot where he came from, either.
He fixed up the playgrounds and the basketball courts with his own money.
So, it wasn't a secret around here that Kelvin and Elaine were doing all right for themselves? Folks knew he was a big shot accountant with a Manhattan condo and a fancy car, if that's what you mean.
Who else would have known that Kelvin and Elaine were coming here to visit today? Just me.
You know, it was a last minute thing.
Unless Elaine and Kelvin told somebody.
I just I just can't believe that he's dead.
You know, he was such a special man.
- Everybody loved him.
- Not everybody.
What do you got for me, Sid? If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question.
I'm afraid I've spoiled everyone around here over the years.
The age-old tradition of the investigator being present at autopsy is to answer questions that might assist the medical examiner, moi, in determining the cause and mode of death, not the other way around.
Well, that's what the book says, but I don't think they knew about Sid Hammerback when they wrote it.
You always have more answers than questions.
That's why you're the best.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Some type of oil-based substance.
COD is clear-cut.
Fatal through and through entering the lower left side of the chest and exiting at the upper right scapula, traversing the torso at an upward angle, causing massive damage to internal organs.
Here's what concerns me.
Lindsay's DD5 complaint report has the shooter and the victim face-to-face at close quarters, struggling over the gun.
Elaine Moore says the gun discharged while pressed into her husband's chest.
That's right.
Take a look at the entrance wound.
No stellate tearing or burns.
Definitely not close contact.
And based on the caliber of gun, type of ammo and the GSR pattern on the clothing, I'm saying the shot was fired from five to seven feet away.
Elaine Moore's story doesn't fit the evidence.
We know the science doesn't lie and people do.
A shot from five-to-seven feet away is a lot different than a close-contact wound.
Maybe Elaine was too shaken up and she's just filling in the blanks.
But we can't talk to her again until we have more evidence to go at her with.
So the money clip on the wallet turned out to be money-- I got a print.
That was completely submerged in a puddle.
Not long enough for the lipids and oils to wash away.
I used a small particle reagent process to pull a useable print.
Morris Davis.
Been arrested a bunch of times, but more importantly, lives next door to the building where Kelvin was killed.
Let's pay him a visit.
I'm sing-selling, diamonds have a risk A biopsy might show you what the weapon is Remove my brain to buy my She was fat as hell.
Morris Davis? Oh, I thought for sure we were gonna be doing some running.
That's nice.
- Ain't got no reason to run.
- All right.
The man who was killed here earlier today might be a good reason.
I ain't have nothing to do with that.
Nah, I think, I think you did have something to do with it.
I found your prints on his wallet.
- I found that wallet.
- Oh, come on, son.
You can do better than that.
No, no, no, I found the wallet and I swear, I-I took the money but I never looked inside.
Ain't know that wallet belonged to Mr.
Yo, watch where you going! Did you get a good look at the guy who bumped you? Nah, he was a brother, though, tall, with his hoodie pulled down tight.
Yo, I ain't got no use for this money if it belonged to Mr.
It's mostly all there.
Y'all can lock me up if you want.
The way I see it, you're turning in the money.
How well did you know Mr.
Kelvin? Everybody knew him till he moved out a couple years ago.
He was like the nicest dude on the block.
Always playing hoops, breaking up fights, telling the kids to stay in school.
Tried to tell me, but I guess I was too headstrong to listen.
Well, if you liked Mr.
Kelvin as much as you say you did, maybe you'll give me a call if you hear any names floating around the street.
I'll keep my ears open for real.
Well, we got a kid here who's trying to do the right thing.
- You buying his story? - Well, makes sense.
What doesn't make sense is a stickup man dumping the wallet he just killed for with cash and credit cards still inside.
Hey, guys, that granular substance.
I found on the vestibule floor turned out to be a cheap mix of porcelain.
I'm not sure how long it's been there or if it has anything to do with our crime.
Great! Sounds promising.
Now, the note paper I found on the vestibule floor is very promising.
It took me a while to figure it out, but it's a New York State inmate I.
So what's your theory? That the killer jotted down his inmate number and left it behind at the scene of the murder? Wow, it is a tough crowd today.
Will you give me a second? My theory is I don't have a theory, but this guy sure looks good as a suspect.
"Willis Frazier.
" Career criminal just released on parole after serving a five-year stretch for armed robbery with a gun.
Yeah, he grew up on that block, and how's this for a coincidence: he missed his scheduled visit with his parole officer this morning around the same time Kelvin was being robbed and murdered.
So what are the chances that parole's gonna issue a warrant? Pretty promising.
Here is your ticket to the dance.
Flack is your date.
He's meeting you there.
Hands! Let me see your hands now! You, too! Hands! Hands! Get up! So tell me about your relationship with Willis Frazier.
There's nothing to tell.
No? You were pen pals when he was in prison.
You sent him two letters a week.
You put money in his commissary account every month.
We used to date.
Simple as that.
It's not so simple, though.
You were at his apartment hours after your husband was murdered.
He was comforting me.
Really? All the people in your life, you turn to your ex-con ex-boyfriend for comfort? You were having an affair, Elaine.
This is Willis' inmate I.
We found it in the vestibule where your husband was killed.
That was in my bag.
It must have fallen out when the guy who killed him took my wallet.
You know what I think, Elaine? I think you're playing me.
I think the tears and the grief, they're all an act.
I think you had Willis kill your husband.
Oh, my.
Armed robbery, assault, possession with intent.
All before your 21st birthday.
I paid my debt.
Well, I want to believe you, Willis, but my only hesitation is this murder thing.
Aw, so you gonna think whatever you gonna think.
You're a hard man, I can see that.
Nobody messes with you or takes what's yours, like Kelvin, when he married Elaine.
I was on the inside, and Elaine was on the outside.
She moved on.
I never blamed Kelvin for that.
You mean to tell me all those years in prison, knowing Kelvin had the woman you wanted and was living a life you could only dream about, you never felt jealous? Willis.
Willis and I had something Kelvin couldn't give me: passion.
So the man you wted was sent away, and you settled for Kelvin.
Don't say it like that.
I didn't settle for him.
He was the most caring and loving man that I ever knew.
I loved him.
You just loved Willis more.
but I can't hide it, either.
Elaine was made for me.
So when I got out, we picked up where we left off.
Only one problem, though: Kelvin.
I wouldn't kill Kelvin.
He never did nothing to me.
You expect me to take you at your word? You missed your parole visit the very morning your girlfriend's husband was shot to death.
I work nights.
I overslept.
Oh, honey, you've got to do a lot better than that.
I don't have an alibi, but all I can say is that Kelvin Moore was a good man.
He treated Elaine like gold while I was away.
I would have never laid a finger on him, and that's the God's truth.
We have a serious problem here, Elaine.
And what's that? Your version of what happened this morning.
You said that when the suspect came in, you and Kelvin were standing at the buzzer, that he demanded your wallets and your jewelry and that he pistol-whipped you when you were too slow.
- That's not what happened.
- That is what happened! I couldn't get the clasp on my bracelet undone.
The guy was getting anxious, Kelvin tried to rush him No! He just shot him.
Here's the thing, Elaine, if the gun had been held up against your husband's shirt, there would have been burn marks on the entry wound and on his shirt.
There weren't any.
There would have been a distinct gunshot residue pattern, but the GSR pattern on your husband's shirt would indicate that he was shot from a distance.
The gun was at least five feet away.
Also, the bullet that killed your husband was travelling at an upward trajectory.
You know what that means? It means, that it entered your husband at a low angle and it exited at a high angle, so either the shooter was extremely short which we know he wasn't, or he was on the ground.
So I don't remember every detail.
My husband was murdered right in front of me.
You got the placement of the gun wrong, you got the distance of the shooter wrong.
You're lying, Elaine.
I need to know why.
Elaine had no explanation for the inconsistencies in her story? No, and when I started to press her, she shut down, so I had to cut her loose.
Willis was the same.
Parole won't hold him until we have something more.
I look at Elaine and I don't see a murderer.
Even now.
There's gotta be a piece missing.
Well, the missing piece is the third person in that ***.
And Willis had motive, means, and the track record of violence.
Yeah, so now we just need to find the evidence.
Maybe I can help.
I just processed the dark smudge they found on our victim.
Turns out to be mostly axle grease.
Pretty common, but I did find traces of naptha kerosene and corrosion inhibitors.
- Jet fuel? - Jet Fuel B, to be precise.
Kelvin had no reason to come in contact with Jet Fuel B.
So what was it doing on his hand? Hey, there.
Hey, I'm having a crisis of conviction in the middle of a toy store.
My head says pick the developmentally-stimulating blocks made from organic recycled wood, but my heart says princess doll! Well, I'm sure whatever you pick, Lucy's gonna love.
Oh, you have obviously never disappointed a three-year-old.
I always say, go with your gut.
Oh or we could go with ponies! Should I send a squad car to rescue you? Well, what is everybody else bringing? Wait a minute.
This isn't about Lucy, is it? Of course not.
This is about meeting your friends for the first time, and that's a lot of pressure.
If they see in you even a fraction of what I see you'll be a hit.
You're a sweet man, Mac Taylor.
Go solve crime.
I opened up Elaine Moore had at the crime scene-- each one had identical wrapping paper.
Same as the wrapping paper that I found out in the street.
The suspect tracked it out of the vestibule.
Except none of the wrapping paper on these presents was torn.
Piece of paper Danny found didn't come from one of these packages.
Check this out.
What do you see? A void in the blood spatter.
That looks like the edge of a box.
None of the packages had blood spatter matching the void.
So there was another package at the crime scene.
Something the suspect took that Elaine neglected to tell us.
Whatever it was, looks like Kelvin Moore was murdered for it.
Police! Open up! - You got a warrant? - We can get one.
- Or you could ask nice.
- May we come in? - Where's Elaine? - I don't know.
- Try her apartment.
- We have.
Then we tried her work, and now we're here.
Well, she's not.
Well, when was the last time you saw her? Last night, when we left the precinct.
You haven't spoken to her on the phone? I called a few times, but she's not answering.
- Aren't you worried? - I am.
- Did you call the police? - I'm not too fond of police.
Look, Willis, if you care about Elaine, you got to tell us what's going on.
We can help you.
Elaine has been acting strange since before Kelvin was killed.
She was making whispered phone calls she didn't want to tell me about.
I don't want to get her in any trouble.
She's suspected of having her husband killed.
There's not much more trouble she can be in.
Elaine didn't kill Kelvin and neither did I.
But she lied to us about how Kelvin was murdered.
When people lie, they usually have something to hide.
We think Kelvin's murder was connected to one of the packages Elaine had on her.
- You know anything about that? - The gifts she had for her niece? Yeah.
Elaine was here when I got off the night shift, but not to see me.
She had those gifts with her 'cause she wrapped 'em here, but she didn't say why.
Then she left.
A few hours later Kelvin was dead.
And I found this.
Hawkes found traces of porcelain at the crime scene.
So what's that mean? And we finally awake And walk into the sunny day Enemy throws all my money away Enemy knows how to make me always pay I always pay Enemy lies don't cross my mind Enemy talks, talking so nice and kind So nice and kind.
You ever heard of a Maneki Neko? It means "beckoning cat.
" It's supposed to bring good luck to shop owners - who display it.
- Sure, I've seen 'em.
They are supposed to have their paw up.
This one's just lying there.
I know, but the coloring and design details resemble that of Maneki Nekos.
Also there's some type of Japanese calligraphy on its base.
What's that telling us? Nothing yet, but I did confirm that the porcelain matches the trace that we found on the vestibule floor where Kelvin was killed.
You know, all the other gifts that Elaine had were toys for her niece.
This statue doesn't fit.
Well, I'm not so sure the statue is as important as what was inside.
I found white powder on several pieces.
Came back as cocaine.
Oh, wow, okay, the statue's hollow, large enough to hide a significant amount of illegal narcotics.
I'd say about two kilos.
Yeah, and they were sealed inside, so Elaine had to smash it open to remove the drugs.
Then Elaine wrapped the drugs to match the gifts for her niece, took them to Alicia's.
But why? Suggests both Elaine and Alicia are involved in some kind of drug ring.
Maybe Kelvin, too.
It's crazy, Mac, neither Kelvin or Elaine have any kind of a criminal history, let alone drug dealing.
What's Alicia's background? She's a single mom with two jobs.
She's not exactly Tony Montana.
Well, it's what the evidence points to.
This murder was about drugs.
Yeah, well, I just talked to my buddy in Narcotics.
He said he doesn't know anything about moving coke inside cat statues, but he mentioned Maximo and Liebert Webster, okay, two mid-level drug dealers.
So what's their connection to Elaine and Kelvin? Narcotics got a tip from a CI who was inside the Webster brothers' apartment.
He said he saw a stash of two kilos of coke, so he executed a warrant a few hours later, comes up dry.
Nobody gets locked up.
Two kilos is the same amount Elaine may have gotten out of the statue.
Yes, and the warrant was for the apartment right across from Alicia's.
Two days before Kelvin was killed.
Alicia, it's Detective Flack.
Open up.
Open up.
They're not here.
Who's not here-- Alicia or the Websters? None of them.
Those punks cleared out a day after the raid.
What do you know about them? They're dangerous.
They've been dealing out of that apartment for months.
Other than that What about Alicia? She have any contact with them? There's two kind of people in this building.
People like them Yeah, scumbags.
And people like me and Alicia.
We work hard, we mind our business, and we try not to get caught in the cross fire.
You said Alicia's not around.
You happen to know where she is? Uh-uh.
It was earlier.
I did hear her and the kid rush out to catch the bus.
She always comes back after she sees her off.
She didn't come back today, though? Haven't seen either of them since.
I've been trying to translate the symbols on the bottom of the statue, figure out if we can trace the origin of the drugs.
Do you know how many variations of Japanese calligraphy there are? Four, Grasshopper.
Dozens, okay? I spent hours searching through Japanese symbols, then Chinese, then Korean.
Couldn't find a match to the bottom of the statue.
- Oh, so a dead end? - No, breakthrough.
This symbol-- it doesn't mean anything.
It's not a Chinese character or Japanese or Korean.
It's a company logo.
Good Luck Ceramics? Yeah, supplies novelty stores in the tristate area with all kinds of Asian-themed pottery.
This one's their knockoff of a Maneki Neko.
They call it the Lucky Bobcat.
Is it a top seller? No, they're not exactly flying off the shelves, except at Haiku Novelties in Chelsea.
They've ordered four cases every month for a year.
Nobody needs that much luck.
Yes, everything is going to be fine.
This is going to be over soon.
All right.
Just go home Go.
Don't move! Stop! Alicia! Stop! Oh! Oh, my God! Let me go! Get up! Get up, Alicia! Get up! Alicia, get up! No! I need to go! They have my child! What?! The men the men across the hall! They said that if I didn't give them the drugs, they'd kill my daughter! Be advised, we have a possible kidnapping victim and hostage situation at this location.
That's our friend Old Man Winter.
Oh! But I'm just afraid that you might melt or something! Is winter good? NYPD! Police! Come here! Come here! Get down! Do not move! Do not move! Okay, you're all right.
There's a gun on the couch! Gun on the couch! I haven't had an easy life Detective, I've been raising my daughter on my own, and she needs me.
Whether you go to jail or not depends largely on what you say to me in this room.
This is your chance to tell the truth, Alicia.
I don't have anything to hide anymore.
The most important thing I need to know is who shot Kelvin.
I don't know.
Why don't you start by telling me why Kelvin and Elaine were bringing you two kilos of cocaine.
Kelvin didn't know about the drugs.
Elaine was bringing me the package.
It was three days ago.
I was home with my daughter.
can we invite, like, a couple of friends of something? Yeah, you can.
I'd say three friends Just five? Michelle, go to your room.
These men were banging on the door Open the door, man! Hey, open it or we kick it in.
What do you want? What do you want? Shh! Hurry up, man.
They gave me the drugs, they told me to hold the drugs.
Now, we gonna be back when the cops are gone.
You talk, you die, you hear me? Let's go.
The girl first.
Then you.
Michelle, close the door.
And then more banging on the door.
I look, it's the police.
Uh, just a second.
I was scared, you know, I I dumped 'em.
Dumped it.
And I opened the door, and the police they were telling me they wanted me to move to the back of the apartment, in case there was gunplay.
I was scared, you know? I didn't know what would happen if they found me with the drugs.
They would've protected you.
I didn't have time to think, you know; I was afraid.
I have to live in that apartment building.
Those those men, they have people.
I understand.
What happened when they came back for the drugs? Hey, tell me, hmm? Why I shouldn't kill you right now.
I'm going to get you the money, I swear to God.
Leave my daughter alone.
I want the coke! Please don't hurt her.
Two keys is what I gave you.
That's what I want back.
Or you watch your kid die.
I didn't deserve this.
I'm a really good person.
If you're telling me the truth, there's not a D.
in the city that will prosecute you.
Elaine had the money, who had the connection for the drugs? This guy I grew up with-- Deron-- people call him D.
He's been out of the business for awhile, but he knew a guy on Canal who's been dealing weight for years.
So, did D know anything about when and how you were coming to the building to deliver the package to Alicia? No.
He gave me the number, he told me to drop his name, he didn't want to know anything.
He's got a family now; a job.
What about the guy at the shop? Or what about your boyfriend Willis? The guy in the shop barely spoke English.
I gave him the money, he gave me the statue.
Willis had no idea what we were doing.
You know, he's just out of prison.
He's on parole.
I couldn't take a chance on him getting caught up in this.
All right, so, then, I need you to tell me exactly what happened in the vestibule.
The truth, Elaine.
Really? They might've said something.
All your jewelry.
We'll give you whatever you want.
Shut up! Oh! Hey! Relax! Relax! Don't move.
Take it easy.
Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where's what? What are you talking about? What is he talking about? Where is what? Move.
What's going on, Elaine? What's he talking about? No no no! No! No, baby baby Baby, look at me.
Are you okay? Baby? Baby? Stay with me No, no baby baby So Kelvin is dead and the drugs are gone.
It's just hard for me to imagine why, at that point, you and Alicia didn't come to the police.
We were scared.
We didn't know what to do.
We were gonna go to the precinct this afternoon, when Michelle got off the bus from school.
She never made it.
Those men, they called me, they told me "You will never see her alive again" unless I bring the drugs to the motel.
I need to think, Alicia.
Because somebody knew what was in that package, and they knew exactly when it was gonna be delivered.
How about Clyde? No, I ha-hadn't even seen Clyde in days.
Think-- then who? - Who could it have been? - Nobody.
Nobody else knew.
I swear.
We have the how and the why, now we just need the who.
They either told someone or someone heard the conversation they had.
Alicia said they spoke over her cell, and she was alone in the apartment.
Yeah, Elaine said the same thing.
What are you thinking? The answer is in Alicia's apartment.
Alicia, tell us exactly where you were standing when you were on the phone with Elaine, telling her to bring the drugs to the building.
I was here, looking out the window.
Were you leaning against the wall? Mm, yes.
I watch my daughter get off the school bus, every afternoon.
I mean I don't understand-- what difference does it make where I was standing? I don't know what you're trying to do here but I want you out of my apartment-- now.
You killed him, Clyde.
You killed Kelvin Moore.
I didn't kill nobody.
You heard Alicia leave this morning, just like you heard her on the phone with Elaine, telling her about the trouble she was in.
You heard all of it through this wall.
You knew the drugs were coming into the building, you knew how, when and where.
You waited for them.
You know you're lying.
I am not! Two kilos-- that's, like, walking through the door.
But that wasn't enough.
You wanted Kelvin's wallet.
When you grabbed it from his hand, you left something behind-- Jet Fuel B.
The same fuel you used to pump into those jetliners before you lost your job with the airline, a couple of months ago.
I'm guessing the gloves you wore during the robbery were the same ones you used to wear to work.
And I bet they're somewhere in this apartment, along with that gun.
Where you think that gun is now, Clyde? Turn around! There are two kind opeople in this place, Clyde, people like Kelvin Moore, and scumbags like you.
Let's go.
Clyde saw that package coming into the building as money, so he decided to take it without any regard for what would happen to you and your family.
Mommy! Oh, God! Honey! - Are you okay? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God.
Are you sure? Oh, God Are you okay? Look, I know you must think I'm a horrible person for cheating on my husband.
I loved Kelvin.
Just not the way everyone wanted me to.
I don't think you're a horrible person.
I just think it's sad that you didn't realize that the greatest gift you had walking into that building yesterday was standing right next to you.
Hey! What do you got there? Is that the, uh, Mac Taylor action figure? Sold out.
I went with old reliable, a little teddy bear.
Speaking of old reliable teddy bears.
Mac Taylor! Come on, we can't be late for Lucy's birthday.
Hi! - You must be Christine.
- Yeah.
I'm Jo.
Nice to meet you.
How are you? - Hey.
- Hello.
Sheldon Hawkes.
- Don Flack.
- Hi.
I guess I went a little overboard.
My birthday's next month, and you and Mac are definitely invited.
I hope, uh, horses, blocks and princess dolls are okay.
Oh, Mac will have a blast with those.
Mac will have a blast with what? Inside joke.
When you've been part of the group for a little while longer, we'll let you in on it.
Oh, uh, Adam, can you hold that for a second? We'll be right behind you.
What was that for? 'Cause I felt like it.
'Cause you made me feel like it.
And letting me into your world the way you have has just changed my life.
I can't stop smiling.
I can't stop thinking about you.
For a long time, this place and those guys have been my whole world.
They've helped me through some tough times.
Now I have you.