CSI: NY s08e18 Episode Script

Near Death

Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(sirens wailing) DOCTOR 1: Palp, heart rate 120, sinus tach.
thready pulse, fluids are wide open.
DOCTOR 1: Get another line and hang a unit of 0 neg.
DOCTOR 2: What do you think? DOCTOR 1: I think we need to get in there now.
Claire? (chuckles) Where am I? What's happening? You're dying.
I don't understand.
It's okay.
I'm here.
It's going to be okay.
How'd this happen? You were shot.
You got shot, baby.
Why are you so far away? There's so much to say.
There's so many things I wish I'd said.
No, no, you don't need to say anything.
You are the love of my life.
You know that? I don't want to die.
I I know.
I know you're scared.
It's okay to be scared.
I'm glad you're here with me.
God, I love you.
- What do you think? - I think we need to get in there now.
Is that Detective Mac Taylor? - I can't let you back there, miss - No, please.
Look, I am a detective.
I have to get back there; that's my boss.
I understand.
I need to talk to someone who can tell me what's going on.
Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo, he's fine.
- He's fine - Can you tell me what's going on?! Find someone, please! Oh, my God.
- He's going to be fine.
- (sighs) Oh, God.
On three.
One, two, three.
(operating room chatter) (police sirens) (tires screeching) FLACK: Police! Hey, stop! (grunts) (grunting) Come on, spread 'em! TAYLOR: Do you have any weapons? (exhales) Oh, son of a bitch.
You run track or something? You on the Olympic team? (chuckles) This is fun this is funny to you? You realize you were in an automobile, right? You were not running Yeah, you want to ride back to the precinct or you walkin'? Ride, please.
TAYLOR: Get in.
Come on.
(panting) (sighs) They're so fast.
Come on, old man.
Six banks in three weeks.
- That's not me.
FLACK: - Smart.
One bank you took for just 1,800 dollars.
No notes, no shots.
No injuries.
TAYLOR: Until yesterday.
MAN: Everybody down! On the ground, on the ground! (commotion) - Get down! Get down! WOMAN: - Okay, okay, okay! You, whatever's in the drawer.
Do it! Let's go, I'm not playing around! You, the draw.
- Do it! - Okay, okay.
Let's go! Let's go! (distant moaning) (grunts) (gun fires) (screams) (indistinct yelling) (grunts) VOICE 1: - Ah! VOICE: - Con, move it! We got to get out of here.
Come on! LUKE: That's not me.
Why the hell do you guys think it's me anyways? TAYLOR: Because you left these behind.
FLACK: Sweet shades Build in mp3 player.
Holding an iPod is so burdensome, I know.
How do you know those are even mine? We matched the songs on the various playlists - to your account.
- Radiohead, I get.
Following it up with Taylor Swift, come on.
Look, I lost those things a month ago.
All right.
Really, you're going with "I lost them.
"? - Why'd you run, Luke? - I had a bag of weed in my pocket.
I saw you coming towards me so I took off.
You would have seen me ditch too if you were able to keep up.
TAYLOR: Who are the other two guys? Who are you working with? You give us the names, we bring them in unharmed, no one else gets hurt.
I don't know who they are because I didn't do this! All right?! That's not me! So, uh, the kid's grandfather is here.
And he lawyered him up.
He wants to know if we're going to keep him.
Are we? Not if we can't talk to him more.
Shelton, I'm Detective Mac Taylor.
Oh, pleased to meet you.
Did my grandson do this? It certainly looks that way.
(sighs) Bank robbery? He's a good boy.
And he works hard.
I understand your family's hired a lawyer? Yes sir, that's right.
He's on his way down now.
Can I see Luke? Mr.
Shelton we don't have enough to continue to hold your grandson.
So if you hang tight, we'll release him to you in a few minutes.
Thank you, sir.
I'll keep an eye on him.
(heart monitor beeping) What are you going to miss the most, Mac? The people.
The team.
Danny's stubbornness.
Lindsey's conviction.
Hawk's brain.
Flack's sarcasm.
Sid's quirkiness.
Adam's (groans) Adam.
(chuckles) Your friendship.
And your Post-it notes.
(chuckles) They say we do God's work.
What God would be cruel enough to take you away like this? It's just my time, I guess.
I didn't see it coming.
I definitely thought there would be a tomorrow.
You can't leave, you know.
I can't do this without you.
You know that's not true.
Yeah, you're right.
I totally could but I don't want to.
I need you to hold on, Mac.
DANVILLE: I need you to hold on.
- Where is he, is he okay? - Christine.
- He's not? - No, no.
They're working on him.
- He's in the O.
- What are they saying? Well, sit down with me.
Um, it means that, um, he'd lost a significant amount of blood, (voice breaks) and he was going in and out of consciousness, so they took him straight into the O.
Is that the surgeon that you were talking to? What does she say? Is it bad? Oh, Christy.
Please, just tell me.
The bullet caused significant damage.
Yeah, it's bad.
It's, um it's really bad.
(sobs softly) How did it happen? What happened? I don't know yet.
I think I figured out a way to prove that Luke Shelton is the kid - behind those sunglasses.
- Good.
The height and the approximate weight are consistent with Luke, but I think I can find more definitive evidence.
Check this out.
We have Luke Shelton's arrest photo and the surveillance footage.
Distinct tattoo on his right forearm.
The shooter in the surveillance video's wearing sleeves, completely covering his arms and any tattoos.
But not the veins in his hands.
Mm-hmm Vascular mapping.
Compares blood vessel distribution patterns.
Let's see if Luke has the same pattern.
(computer trilling) "No match.
" Huh.
So that means Luke was telling the truth about losing those sunglasses.
What about the other two in the surveillance footage? (typing) Okay.
(sighs) Sorry, Mac, not exactly the results I was hoping for.
The answer's gotta be in that footage somewhere, Lindsay.
See if you can find it.
ADAM: One, two, cha-cha-cha.
Three, four, cha-cha-cha.
One, two, cha-cha-cha.
Three, four, cha-cha-cha.
Let me lead, cha-cha-cha.
I'm the guy, cha-cha-cha.
Mind if I cut in? I was talking to the dummy.
It's weird, right? This whole dying thing? It's not so bad, I guess.
Really? I was scared at first.
But then once the initial shock goes away and you come to terms with it it's kind of peaceful.
Any regrets? I'm kind of regretting getting shot.
I wish I'd had more fun.
Like you do.
You live your life like one else is watching.
I wish I could do that.
Can I ask you to do something? Sure.
Really? Ah, that'd be so great 'cause I've actually always wanted to do this, but It's not like I have a lot of time here, Adam.
Just indulge me, please? You're gonna be a hard ass even now? Here.
You're gonna be a great CSI one day.
Thanks, boss.
HAWKES: Hey, Mac.
What's up? Lindsay and I decided to take a closer look at the bank's video surveillance footage.
Anything traceable? Take a look.
The flannel shirt? We ran an image search on the textile pattern, and got a hit to a shirt manufacturer in Jersey.
This particular design is sold in several major retail outlets throughout the city.
Sounds like a lot of shirts.
Not sure how that helps us, though.
We ran a credit card search against all the retailers that sell this shirt.
Got a hit.
Luke Shelton bought this shirt three months ago.
Problem is, we know he wasn't the one wearing it in the surveillance footage.
DANNY: That's you, Hank.
And your buddy Ned and your buddy Felix.
You don't know that's me.
We do.
We absolutely do know that's you because that shirt right there is this shirt.
Which we found in your apartment that you share with your grandson Luke.
Now take a look at that pocket, Hank.
How the diagonal lines cross against the horizontal ones? There are no two shirts that have the same exact pattern.
And this shirt, is the exact same one you were wearing during the robbery.
So this, (coughing) to us, is as good as a fingerprint.
I just wanted to die at home.
What? No one was supposed to get hurt.
Quick and easy.
Just get in, get the money.
The guns didn't even work; we removed the firing pins.
We didn't want to hurt anyone (coughs) I could never shoot another person.
I keep seeing that woman on the ground, bleeding.
Okay, so what'd you mean, you want to die at home? I'm 70 years old, Detective.
I'm sick more weeks out of the year than I'm healthy.
I got, what? Maybe ten years left if I'm lucky? Felix and Ned, they're worse than I am.
They said, "Screw it.
Let's rob a bank.
" I don't get it, Hank.
So, what, you see the end, and you think, "Why not have one last exciting adventure?" No.
I just didn't want to go to a nursing home.
I can't afford home care.
What am I, gonna get a job? Make a few bucks here or there changing a light bulb? I didn't see another way.
I'm a burden to my son, you know? He would have put me in a home.
Dying next to people I don't know, a few marbles left rolling around in my head, drooling, drooling on my bingo card.
I just wanted to die at, at home! (wracking cough) Hey.
(coughing continues) Here, drink that.
You okay? Take a drink.
You take something for that? Prescription's in my wallet.
I'll go get it.
No, no, no, I got it.
I tell you what.
You take him down and book him.
I'll pick that up and I'll meet you there.
(Muzak playing) Don't do anything stupid, man! Oxy! I want the Oxy now! Do it! Hurry up man! Do it, man! Come on! I'm not playing with you! I don't have all day, man! That's it? All of it! I will come back there and I will shoot you and I will get it myself! Please.
I have a family.
Don't do this.
Have it your way, man.
NYPD! Freeze! Drop the weapon! Yeah, right.
You crazy?! Drop your weapon, man! You have a phone? Yeah.
Call 911.
Tell 'em a man's been shot.
(gunshot) (grunts) Wait.
Is that me? Only if you've given up.
I'm fighting, but it's, it's hard.
I'm tired, Sid.
I'm not as strong as I used to be.
That's a load of crap and you know it.
You're not as young as you used to be, but you're certainly as strong.
What's that phrase the kids use? Man up, Mac.
(chuckles) Ow! Don't make me laugh, Sid.
It hurts.
It means you're very much alive.
I hope you don't mind, but I want to ask you something.
You invented that pillow and became a millionaire.
What's that like? It's great! It's better than you can imagine.
(chuckles) It's so perfect that this wealth came to me later in life.
If it had happened sooner, I probably would have been exceptionally frivolous.
So, what are you gonna spend your money on? I've made a donation.
The Hammerback Research and Forensic Development Center at Chelsea University.
That's terrific.
Yeah, we're breaking ground a year from now.
It's all happening so fast.
Pay it forward, right? You've gotta be there, Mac.
None of this would have happened if not for you.
Promise me you'll be there.
(labored breaths) Belly's filling with blood.
Pressure's dropping! Find the source of the bleeding.
(EKG steady tone) He's flatlining! Charge defibrillator.
Push an amp of epi.
Give me the paddles.
Clear! He's not responding! Again! (sighs) (gasping for breath) We're gonna get this person.
(sighs) We say that all the time.
Trying to reassure family and friends, make them feel better.
Now I hear it and it doesn't do anything to ease the pain.
Not one bit.
And I will never say that to another survivor again.
DARIUS (on laptop): Yeah, right! You crazy?! Drop your weapon, man! (two gunshots) You have a phone? Yeah.
Call 911, tell them a man's been shot.
Please don't, don't kill me.
I-I have a family.
Whatever you want, just take it.
There's cash in the register.
Don't shoot.
(grunts) FLACK: Cold-blooded bitch.
We're looking for a young woman, approximately five feet six inches, 125 pounds, looks like she has dark hair.
(typing) I can't see her face! ROSS: Hey.
Look, I'll take this back to the lab, I'll digitally enhance the features, and see if I can identify the shooter.
It's a partial, but I'm sure I can get something.
(weary sigh) You're upset.
I keep thinking about all the things I didn't get to say to you.
You know? If you don't make it through.
We're good, Don.
No, we're not.
I should've told you so many things.
How I valued our friendship.
Thanked you for saving my life.
For always having my back.
You know, I didn't even tell Jess that I loved her before she died.
I'm zero for two on this whole concept of stepping up before it's too late.
You loved Jess.
And it still hurts that she's gone.
It's been three years, and the pain is as real as if it's only been three months.
So taking that man's life didn't make it any easier.
I know, Don.
I know that Simon Cade was down, and you stood over him, and you pulled the trigger.
Why are we talking about this now? Because I don't want you to seek revenge for what happened to me.
No payback.
Just do your job.
I know you've been trying to tell me about what happened that night for a long time.
One of the many things you didn't get a chance to say to me.
If you knew, how come you didn't arrest me? I thought about it.
But I couldn't figure out what the upside was.
You're a good cop, Don.
A good man.
And a good friend.
The loss didn't equal the gain.
And, uh, besides the Giants won the Super Bowl.
(laughing) What? Every year I pick an improbable impossible, and if it happens, I let everything go.
Things that bother me, conversations I've put off, words too hard to say, I just let 'em all go.
And that year the Giants won the Super Bowl.
And to think that all this time I've been a Jets fan.
Hey, could you find out for me if Mac Taylor's.
Did he just hold his finger up at me? I believe he did.
(sighs) Emergency contact Middle name Allergic to any medication I've known Mac Taylor for two years, and I don't know a thing about him.
- Llewellyn.
- Hmm? - That's his middle name.
- Right.
You're not kidding.
I only know 'cause my brother teased him unmercifully about it.
Stan was his partner.
When he found out, he just couldn't let it go.
I think he said it was on Mac's mother's family's side? Welsh, her father's father's father, something like that.
Mac Llewellyn Taylor? Oh, good Lord.
I'd have never guessed that one.
Have you known Mac for a long time? Not really.
He meant a lot to my family.
my brother.
I'm just getting to know him.
Well, it takes a little patience to crack that tough-guy exterior.
He can be so damn stubborn one minute, the next, just a huge comfort.
And don't let him fool you, 'cause he does have a sense of humor.
I just love him.
Can't help it.
Sounds to me like you're his emergency contact.
LINDSAY: Jo! We have a lead.
LINDSAY: The palm print was a dead end in AFIS.
So I swabbed it for DNA, and I got a hit in CODIS, to a Teena Milford.
DANNY: She's got priors for drug possession, and apparently she's Darius Cole's girlfriend.
So she must have been waiting outside.
Mac went in, and she had no idea he was a cop.
What'd you find out, Sheldon? Mac's still in surgery.
The surgeon's attempts to remove bullet fragments caused internal bleeding, - but they got it under control.
- And? And he's in good hands, okay? Mac's strong.
Why doesn't that make me feel any better? I'll see what else I can find out.
DANNY: Meanwhile, we're tracking every phone that is connected to Teena Milford, canvassing her neighborhood, questioning all her family members.
Yeah, Flack's got her pictures up at the train station, the bus station, car rental agencies, the airport.
Okay, I want to know every confidant, every apartment address she ever visited or stayed, where she shops, what toothpaste she uses, and I want her found today.
How am I doing? You're struggling.
What's the problem, Sheldon? I mean, besides having a bullet in my back? Your body's reacting to the trauma of the surgery itself.
What's taking so long? These guys are good, Mac.
At the top of their field.
They know what they're doing.
You miss it? Being a surgeon? No.
I love what I do.
You should get married, Sheldon.
Start a family.
Is Camille the one? Ah, you sound like Jo.
Well, Jo's not wrong, you know.
Going home to someone you love is nice.
Something I miss.
I never became a father because I never felt it was the right time.
Kept putting it off until next year.
It was always going to be next year.
And that's something I regret.
You can still be a father.
Now you sound like Jo.
(laughs) OFFICER: Cover me! Perimeter secure.
Okay? Let's move.
FLACK: Teena Milford, NYPD.
OFFICER: Team in! Clear back here! Clear! Clear! (hissing) Almost neutered you, kitty.
Milford's not here, looks like we just missed her, Flack.
FLACK: Yeah, I know that already! Still in pursuit! Headed westbound on 24th, approaching Ninth Avenue.
Still in pursuit, headed east! Aviation, give me a 10-7! AVIATION: That's a negative.
No clear view on the suspect.
But looks like there's no other exit.
FLACK: Bring something to cut the chain! Bring your cutters! Teena's in there with no way out.
Yeah, she's got two ways to get out of there.
Either dead or in handcuffs.
(officers shouting in distance) She's on the move! Don't move, Teena! DANNY: Lindsay, you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
She's on top! On top of the bus! RAVEN: Freeze! Drop the weapon! Aviation, talk to me.
What do you see? Suspect heading towards the entrance gate.
(gasps) Do it! Shut up! That's short for "you have the right to remain silent.
" Put your head down! Keep your mouth shut! Give me your hands.
Don't move! Stay right there.
(monitor beeping, air pumping steadily) (giggling) (giggling) Hey! What are you up to, Lucy, huh? LINDSAY: Lucy, wait for Mommy.
(giggling) Lucy? She'll be fine.
There's nothing in there she can break.
She's exhausting.
Yeah, wonder where she gets that from.
You never stop.
You okay, buddy? See that conference room over there? Second building, fourth floor from the top.
The one with the guy cleaning up all the notepads? He's new.
For the past four years, that's been a woman.
I'd watch her discard empty water bottles, gather up notepads and pens.
Same thing at e end of every workday.
Mac, I think you got too much time on your hands.
(Lindsay chuckles) TAYLOR: It looks like she finally quit.
I don't even know her, somehow I'm proud of her.
Sometimes you have to do what's best for you and make a change.
Why do I get the feeling this conversation isn't just chit chat? I know the two of you have been talking about your future.
Don't be disappointed, Mac.
We just have to figure out if the city is really the best place to raise Lucy.
I'm not disappointed.
I know there are other opportunities out there and moving might mean you're leaving here.
I just want you to know that I support whatever decision you two make.
Well, wouldn't be for a while-- another year or two.
Don't put a timetable on it, Lindsay.
You go when it's right.
I miss you already.
I love you, Mac.
I love you, too, Danny.
(monitor beeping steadily) CHRISTINE: Hey, Mac.
It's Christine.
I'm just gonna be over here, okay? When I think of the day my brother died, I always think of you.
That didn't sound right.
Um, what I meant to say was that night that-that we were all in the hospital, the last thing he did was smile.
Because you told that silly joke.
Mac, I don't know if you can hear me.
I hope so.
Um, please don't go.
I need you to stay.
(static hissing) Where are you going? It's time.
I'm tired.
No, you're not done yet.
It's way too early.
Mac, you still have another tour of duty.
They can go without me.
Well, that's a first.
Why are you giving up? I'm not giving up.
Yes, you are.
It's not like you.
That's not the man that I married.
Claire, I'm sorry that I didn't spend more time with you.
That I made you share me with my work.
How come you're all of a sudden getting so sentimental? Can't help but think that I should have done things differently.
Mac Taylor, there is not a single moment of each day we spent together that I would change.
(sighs) I miss you.
I met someone.
I know.
And I like her.
Where you going? You can't come.
You're not invited.
Be happy, Mac.
CHRISTINE: who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate (monitor beeping steadily) was crucified, died and was buried.
He descended into hell; the third day, he rose again from the dead; ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Hey.
Oh, hey.
(sirens whooping, garbled radio transmissions) I been here before (camera clicking) I'll be back for more Maybe this time I can stay Forevermore Forevermore Keep coming back to you Coming back to you Coming back to you Maybe this time I can stay Coming back to you Coming back to you Coming back to you You Coming back to you Over and over again I been here before