CSI: NY s09e01 Episode Script


Don't look so smug.
It ain't over yet.
Ah, let's see, osso bucco in a nice red wine sauce, - porcini mushrooms - Uh-uh.
And you wonder why the public likes us better.
You guys are - so cocky.
- Oh, come on, Curtis.
Your boys have won the last five.
I'm tired of buying you dinner.
Damn it! Firemen tie the score NYPD 4, FDNY 4.
Come on! Hey, get your head in the game, kid.
You're better than that.
Are you kidding me? Who just got nailed in the corner over there, all right? Get the puck along the boards! Just keep your skates up against the post.
- You learn that in peewee league.
- Hey, hey, hey, shut up, the two of you.
We are not losing this game.
We got two minutes left.
Danny, I need you strong on the forecheck.
Adam, nothing gets past you.
Focus, baby.
Let's go, boys.
Hey, Flack, that last goal was for your mother.
This next one's for your sister.
My sister died six months ago, jackass.
- No.
Bro, I didn't know.
- She's not dead, you idiot.
Mention my family again, I'll punch you in the mouth.
So, how you been? You feeling all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
The last six months have felt like five years, but it's good to be back.
I appreciate you coming by the hospital every week.
That meant a lot.
Least I could do.
Well, how's Christine? Please tell me you haven't screwed that up.
No, no.
It's great.
She's great.
Mary and the kids? I screwed that up years ago.
But she loves me.
What can I say? Come on! I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! Cinema quoi cinema, - I'd have to say Manhattan.
- No! - Yes.
- No way, absolutely not.
Annie Hall.
- Annie Hall over Manhattan any day of the week.
- Well, Manhattan has a classic style and a Gershwin score.
- Nah, it's black and white.
- No, but it's just You just prefer a more unconventional form of storytelling.
I guess I'm just more of a conventional guy.
Nothing about you is conventional, Sid.
Messer, you suck! Hey, you want to come down here and say that? All right, all right, all right.
Annie Hall, for sure.
Come on! Get him! Go! That's the game! FDNY wins, 5 to 4.
Oh, really? Come on! Let's go.
Let's go! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on.
You want more? Well, I guess there's no truth to the rumor the departments hate each other.
Il Mulino.
I'm ordering dessert.
Fire at 323 7th Avenue.
All available trucks in the area.
Commercial building, occupants unknown.
for crowd control.
Everybody, back up! Back up now! Back up! Everybody, get back! Get back! Get across the street.
Let's go! Back up! Let's go! Let's move! There may be someone trapped in there! Joe, you and Kevin take this floor.
Do a primary search for anybody trapped.
You don't see anyone, you get out immediately, you hear me? Tony Is there anybody in here?! Bang on the floor if you can hear me! Captain! There's no one on this end.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
May our hearts be always ready if we should be summoned before our Eternal Chief in the midst of our labors.
Through our ministrations to our suffering fellowmen, we dedicate our lives humbly to Your praise and glory.
In joy or sorrow, we ask only that You may be pleased with our service, that when the Last Alarm shall have sounded for us, we may receive our eternal assignment with You.
Present arms.
Order arms.
Nice and slow.
One step at a time.
You okay? You need to take a break? I can't remember what happened.
The thing.
I-I can't picture it in my head.
At all.
Mac, it's totally normal for you not to remember.
I went to the, uh - Mac.
- No, no.
I want I want to know.
I walked into the Pharmacy.
Pharmacy, yeah.
That's it.
That's all I can remember.
There was a guy robbing the store for drugs.
You shot him, but you didn't know he had a girl outside helping him.
She came in, and she shot you in the back.
You don't have to do this, you know come here every day.
Nice and slow, one step at a time.
Ugh, I hate you seeing me like this.
Well, you better get used to it.
'Cause I'm not going anywhere.
He's there right now.
Two unis posted at the scene just saw him go in.
They have the perimeter secured.
He's not going anywhere.
They only sent two of you? How disappointing.
So, this is the guy we've been keeping our eye on since the fire.
They collared him back in, like '97.
They say he was responsible for ten fires, but they could only pin the last one on him.
He gets out the same building? I know arson's tough to prove, but he didn't leave anything behind at the first nine fires? Nothing that linked back to him.
They didn't even have an ID on him - until the tenth fire.
- How'd they grab him? He ran back inside the burning building when he realized someone was still inside.
Come on, please.
Come on, please don't Please, please! Uniforms rolled up on him giving CPR to the vic, but it was too late.
The guy who died, the fireman, he was a friend of yours? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry he died.
Yeah, you're so sorry you went back to the scene during his funeral.
You couldn't even let us have that.
You're right.
That was poor timing on my part.
- I'm sorry.
I apologize.
- Two weeks.
You get paroled, it takes you all of two weeks to get right back at it.
I didn't do this.
Do you really think I would be stupid enough to hit the same building twice? Your signature is all over it, Leonard.
Same thing each time.
So don't sit there and tell me you had nothing to do with this.
Buildings on Hudson, It was never proven I had anything to do with those fires.
You use wax paper and dryer sheets to spread the fire through the hallways.
We found the same residue at this scene.
Corner of Thompson and Spring.
You don't have anything to link me to that fire.
Fire gel running up the walls at each scene.
And wouldn't you know it, we found residue from fire gel at this 7th Avenue fire.
Disabled sprinkler system.
You cut the chain to the OS&Y valve every fire you're believed to be associated with.
"Believed" - being the operative word.
- Look, don't sit there and insult me by saying you didn't do this! How'd you light the fires, Leonard? Some kind of time-delay device, huh? How'd you do it? I'm not gonna conjure fire from thin air, Detective.
Put 'em down.
Do you smoke? No.
Drink? I trust you've never experimented with heroin or crystal meth? Addiction.
That's what it is, an addiction.
Only there's no chemical in my bloodstream weaving its way through my body.
The poison coursing through my veins is psychological.
And the antidote can't be found in a bottle of pills.
Trust me: many doctors have tried.
I don't want to do what I do, Detective.
Every day, every hour, I battle with my mind.
"Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
" And I've won that battle for the last 15 years.
Yeah, I'm-I'm confused.
You waiting for some kind of applause here? You want me to cry? What? Let's talk honestly, shall we, Detective? We both know you can't prove I did anything.
Otherwise you would have arrested me days ago.
You waited to see if I would go to the scene.
Which you did.
Why would I do that? Must have known you'd have people watching the place.
My parole officer knows where I'm staying.
I knew I would be arrested within minutes, so why go back? Because I have just as much incentive to figure out who set that fire as you do.
Someone clearly wants to frame me, someone who has waited a long time for me to get out, but would prefer that I stay caged up in that cell.
And you might know who that someone is? I'm offering my services.
As a arson investigator if you will.
To help figure out wh-who set the fire, based on the case evidence.
But I have to study the scene.
I have to go back to it 'cause I'm the only one who knows what to look for.
"Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't do it"? The only reason this wackadoo hasn't set a fire in the last 15 years is because he's been locked up.
What do we have to lose? If he's lying, he incriminates himself in the process.
Arrogance it's always the criminal's Achilles' heel.
All right, so, when we found you, what were you looking for, Leonard? This.
It's the ignition point.
Yeah, great, genius.
That was a tough one.
Can I lock his ass up now, please? Did you find anything here? Either inside or next to the hole in the floor? One of my investigators found some kind of melted metal.
About the size of a dime? - What was it, Leonard? - Have I not earned your respect enough to not treat me like one of your project thugs? You don't have even one ounce of my respect.
Which is precisely why I'm not gonna tell you what it was.
You'll use it against me.
All right, look.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Leonard.
I'm still overtaken with emotion over your "I have just as much incentive to solve this as you do" speech, so come on.
Well, whoever did this did their homework, I will give them that.
Wax paper.
Dryer sheets.
I may have used them, but they don't necessarily link back to me.
Melted metal is part of a time-delay device.
It's an ingredient in a compact and simple chain of reactions that would allow the arsonist to get out of the building before it ignited.
I employed the technique once, and that's all I'm gonna give you on that.
That's it? We brought you out here for that? Yeah.
This was very helpful.
Perhaps not to you, but it was to me.
What's on your mind, Mac? I'm having trouble remembering things.
What kind of things? Like things like this.
I know what it does, I know how to use it, but I ca I can't tell you what it's called.
I can't recall the names of certain foods, colors.
I know the difference between them, but sometimes I - I can't name them.
- You're suffering from what's called anomic aphasia.
When you were shot, it appears that for a time, your brain was deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen.
It's likely that this caused damage to a particular area of your brain.
We'll have to do more tests to determine the extent of it.
I'd rather no one else know.
Of course.
How long do you think it'll last? Some cases are temporary.
It diminishes and even disappears with time and therapy.
Many times, I'm afraid, the condition is permanent.
I've got the mayor, the commissioner and half the fire department calling for answers.
This better be good.
"Good" is definitely not the word I would use, but you should see this before you return any calls.
It's highly pyrophoric.
It ignites immediately upon exposure to air.
Used as an additive for rocket propellants.
You want to do the honors? Wow, it's even more flammable when introduced to water.
It gets worse.
The trace we found in the room where Curtis Smith died it's rubber from balloons.
We found several of these on the floor.
There were also Metal eyelets were on the wall, running all the way up to the ceiling, where this piece of wood was rigged.
It was a trip wire.
He knew the FDNY would rush in.
It was a trap designed to kill a firefighter.
Adam, you've been at this how long? Oh, I'd say about, uh, three, four years now.
Well, he has to be in the crowd.
Arsonists are sick people.
They disregard risk to thumb their nose at authority, and they love to watch their work.
Maybe he doesn't.
I mean, look at Johnny Depp.
He doesn't watch any of his movies.
- Show me what you got.
- All right.
A lot of people in the crowd with criminal records.
Dirty dozen.
Everything from public urination to fraudulent accosting, also known as running a three-card monte game.
Huh, but nothing comes even close to arson.
You, uh, ever been fraudulently accosted, Jo? I had this friend Pete who was fraudulently accosted, yeah.
This girl picked him up at the, uh, Drunken Dog Tavern.
Yeah, turned out she was a dude.
What up? Two, two, three.
That's way out in Brooklyn.
They would've never responded to this fire.
Adam, run this guy through the software.
The firefighter? Do it.
Criminal Impersonation? This guy's not even a fireman.
Five years.
That's all I can do.
I'm begging you, please.
I-I can't do more than five years.
I just if you could help me out, I-I Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.
We'll get to that.
We don't need to discuss that right now; Just have a seat and we'll talk about what happened.
I can't do more than five years.
Marshall Hilson.
Yes, sir.
Applied to the FDNY in 2001.
Applied to the Yonkers Fire Department 2002.
Applied to seven fire departments on Long Island.
All on the basis of psychological issues.
I'm not crazy.
No one's saying you're crazy.
They are.
They say I am.
Does that piss you off? Make you feel like you want to get back at them? Let's talk about what happened.
It wasn't supposed to go that way.
You wanted to be a hero.
Set a fire.
Then, be a first responder.
It got out of control.
It killed my friend.
What? Come on.
Let's not draw this out, Marshall.
No, no, no, no, wait a minute.
You said somebody got killed.
Who got killed? - Nobody got killed.
- Curtis Smith.
Captain Curtis Smith, you son of a bitch.
The one the other day? On 7th Avenue? You think I did that? I wouldn't do that.
I would never intentionally harm a fellow firefighter.
You're not a firefighter, Marshall.
It was an abandoned car.
It was on the side of the road.
Two wheels were missing.
It was just supposed to be a easy, simple thing.
There were gas cans in the trunk.
I thought I could handle it, but it Don't move.
Five years.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.
You can't do more than five years.
I got it.
Leonard's in the wind.
What about the guys we posted at his apartment? They watched him go in and then they watched him go out.
He called a plumbing company and swapped outfits when the guy showed.
What's up with this guy? He's a waste of time.
The guy's touched in the head.
He's just a buff.
Not smart enough to have pulled this off.
Leonard's playing with us.
You saw him at the scene.
This "addiction," as he calls it? It's still inside him.
You know, well, I guess I'm just hoping that after all these years he's learned to control those impulses.
All units, all units: Street, commercial building Got the suspect, Leonard Brooks.
Leonard Brooks found on site, and taken by the fire department.
Captain says hi.
Yo, hey! Enough.
That's enough.
You want some? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up.
Help him out.
Come on.
What the hell's going on? He was just standing there when we pulled up, looking all proud or something.
Well, he don't look proud now, does he? Are you kidding me? You don't get to do that.
You don't even know what happened.
That was in his pocket.
That's all I need to know.
Oh, by the way, there was another booby trap in that building.
You know, if it wasn't for those sprinkler systems, we'd be going to another funeral.
Did Brooks say anything before you started hitting him? Yeah, he did.
He wanted to know why he was allowed to walk around the streets after killing my captain.
Your captain was my friend.
You don't get to beat a man down just because you think he had something to do with Smitty's death.
You see that fire right there? That's what happens when cops don't take care of business.
Come here.
That's what happens when cops What the hell are you doing? I'm taking care of business.
You're under arrest for assault and resisting arrest.
Don't move! Copy that.
On my way up.
Belt's on the rig.
That's good.
Right there.
Were the sprinklers on - when the first truck got here? - What? The sprinklers.
You said they were on.
Were they on when the first truck got here? - Yes, yes, yes, they were on.
- Thank you.
- Yo.
- Yeah? Put him in the car.
You can't be serious.
You grab that other mook over there.
He goes too.
Take them back to the house, put them in the cells, wait for me there to get there.
You still think Leonard had nothing to do with these fires? There should be plenty of evidence left inside to tell us one way or another.
If he was involved, why stick around? To watch.
Or maybe it's what you said: It's arrogance.
He thinks he's smarter than everybody else.
You okay? Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, it's gonna be all right.
This valve is normally locked in the on position.
Someone broke the lock and turned the system off.
Then, after the fire started and before FDNY got here, someone turned it back on.
What, you think Leonard suddenly grew a conscience? Maybe he had one all along.
So, uh, I ran all the prints from the scene.
Now, except for a couple of Leonard's prints on the sprinkler valve outside the building, found nothing in AFIS.
Vent tubing was used to help the fire travel from room to room.
They were filled with fire gel.
Same ignition method, same materials used, same choreography as the other fires.
No prints of value inside the glove.
But all hope is not lost.
As you always have to use a gloveless hand to put on the first glove.
I'm hoping that this sewing kit can get us somewhere; it's nothing fancy.
It's pretty much standard issue at a lot of hotels.
But I did find it really close to the ignition point and I'm hoping if I can ID this partial logo, I could maybe get us a location that connects us to our arsonist.
Also, I found a sewing needle near the ignition point, which is consistent with the melted steel we found at the other fires.
Now, we just have to figure out how you use a needle to start a fire.
I think your cake's done.
It's looking like got a few good prints there.
Let's hope it's the icing on the case.
Really? Oh, that's pathetic.
Eh, I kind of liked it.
Brooks, do you remember how you were injured? A couple of firemen kicked my ass for no apparent reason.
Do you remember how you got here? Back of an ambulance.
I got nothing to say, so stay the hell away from me.
What was the address of the fire doing in your pocket? Somebody slipped it under the door of my place.
Who? I'm guessing the same person who killed your friend the fireman and tried to burn down that building.
Yeah, okay.
What were you doing there? Same thing as you.
Hoping to run into the person who's been setting these fires.
There's 152 8th Street in Brooklyn; there's also one in Manhattan and Queens.
But you knew it was the one in Brooklyn.
How'd you know that, Leonard? Was that the address of the next fire you intended to set before you were stopped and sent to prison? Very nice, Detective.
Excellent police work.
You should ask for a raise.
But let me correct you.
Because I wasn't stopped.
If I didn't go back to save that woman, you wouldn't even know my name.
Who else knew about that address? Who else did you tell? Well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm done answering your questions.
You better hope you're half as smart as you think you are because when you slip, I'm gonna be there to kick you the rest of the way down the stairs.
He had to have told someone about that address.
Been in prison for the last 15 years.
May have been someone he met on the inside.
Don't tell me you're buying that crap about a fire fairy slipping a note under his door.
Well, someone turned those sprinklers back on.
Why would he put out his own fire? Maybe there's more than one person involved.
Mac! Just saw you called.
We got a hit off some prints on the latex gloves we found at the scene, and they don't belong to Leonard Brooks.
Eva Mason, arrests for arson in Pennsylvania.
On parole, absconded a couple of weeks ago.
Active parole warrant.
You think her and Leonard were working together? Maybe.
She visited him in prison a few times about seven or eight years ago.
Interviewed him on three separate occasions and wrote several letters after that.
She was a psychology major, doing a research study on arsonists and pyromaniacs.
Three interviews? Probably got to know him pretty well.
We have a location on her? Yeah, Lindsay ID'd the logo on that sewing kit.
Kit came from the River Peak Motel on the West Side.
She got a room around the time she went AWOL from Pennsylvania.
Jo is hitting the door with ESU as we speak.
Do it.
Clear! What the? This girl was definitely, uh, the president of his fan club.
Odorless, colorless liquid.
If I had to guess, I'd say glycerin.
These must be all the components she used to build her ignition devices.
Same ones Brook used to set his fires.
Oh, my.
This is a live feed.
She was watching him.
Don't turn on the light.
What the hell took you so long? Is that her? Go! Get in the chair! Mac, get over to Brooks' place as fast as you can.
Eva Mason's not working with him.
She's gonna kill him.
Don't you lie to me! I'll put this bullet right in your face.
The news said you were cooperating with the police.
I didn't want to believe it, but then I saw you out there.
Why would you do that?! Why would you turn those sprinklers - back on?! - I-I wanted to stop you, to save you from the life I had! It's 15 years spent in a filthy prison cell surrounded by animals! It's okay to feel these things; You don't have to act on them.
There are people that can help you.
Help me? - Yeah.
- Save me? I did this for you! Okay.
I waited for you.
I wanted to show you; I wanted you to be proud of me.
What the hell are you talking about? I don't even know you.
Don't you ever say that to me! You know me! You're the only one that knows me, because you're just like me.
Fire is the only thing you think about.
The way it looks, the way it smells, the way it moves those were your words! That's what you said! That's what you told me! I s-said that, but I-I never tried to hurt people.
Don't tell me you didn't fantasize about it.
You just didn't have the balls to do it! I didn't tell the police about you.
Shut up! If I wanted to hurt you Don't you lie to me! You went with them back in the building where the fireman died; I saw you! I needed to know that it was you! Shut up! You're just like them, and you need to die just like them! And the last thing you see will be the thing you love most.
Where is she?! This was all that was left of your property, Leonard.
I'm sorry.
Guess when you don't have much, you don't have much to lose.
Potassium permanganate mixed with water becomes an astringent antiseptic.
But mixed with glycerin and exposed to oxygen, it strips electrons from the glycerin so violently that it creates a flame.
Takes about 30 seconds for the reaction to occur.
We found these materials in Eva Mason's motel room.
I didn't get many visitors in those 15 years.
I guess I boasted a bit too much when I did.
Well, Eva Mason listened very well.
She was a bright, charming, well-adjusted young woman all those years ago.
A student drawn to the subject matter.
Nothing like the person who killed your friend.
I guess I was naive to think I could save her from a life in prison.
It's where she belonged.
I know you still have those feelings, Leonard.
You don't have to give in to them.
You don't have to go back there.
Everything that's happen the last few days, maybe you can put it behind you.
- Start over.
- It's too late for that, Detective.
I'm never gonna have the house and the wife with the two kids, the dog and the white picket fence.
My past will always follow me.
As it should.
I do still I have the urges every day, and I don't want to go back to that place.
But as long as I can't be arrested for my thoughts, I won't.
Thank you for treating me like a human being.
We don't know any other way.
Hey, I know it's been a rough couple of weeks and I don't want to sound selfish, but I'm having withdrawals.
For six months I'm with you practically 16 hours a day, and now, lately, it'd be easier to get an audience with the pope.
Yeah, but the pope isn't taking you to your favorite place for dinner.
Thank you.
Or giving you these.
What are these for? I don't think I ever officially thanked you for taking care of me.
There is no gift or words that could ever come close to saying how much it meant having you there by my side through those six months.
Every single day your smile and your love just pushed me to work harder, and you you lifted my spirits.
So two dozen roses one for every week you took care of me.
All right, enough of the mushy stuff.
Let's go and eat.
I'm starving.
You know I have favorite places all over the city.
Which one are we going to? Well, you know, the one with the, uh, the dish that you like.
Oh, let's see, that narrows it down to about 50 places? You know th-the one with the, uh, stuff.
The one with the chef who, uh, you always ask him what the recipe is and he always leaves out one ingredient.
Oh, Piccolo! The truffle rigatoni with vegetable and sausage! - Yes.
- Wow, you made that difficult.
Do I win a prize? Well, I think it's hanging off your arm.