CSI: NY s09e03 Episode Script

2,918 Miles

Take me to the home, kick boots See heaven flash a horror show Knock it nice and smooth Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop Never gonna stop me Never gonna stop Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop ? A dinosaur, he paint the monster red So the blood don't stain the floor Damn! Take it easy, cop! Why you so agro? Sorry, I'm not from around here.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No wallet, and I found a tag on his backpack.
Ran the name through NYSPIN, got a hit to his address.
His name's Ethan Grohl, 19 years old, lives on the Brooklyn side.
Requested bridge surveillance footage.
Might get us a glimpse of the killer.
- Who found him? - Passing biker.
Cause of death, exsanguination, result of a deep abdominal Cause of dstab wound.
Asymmetrical tissue damage suggests a serrated blade.
Looks like he took a pretty stiff shot to the nose as well.
Could've left him unconscious long enough for bleed out.
Well, from the look of things, I'm guessing that didn't take too long.
Also, seeing some contusions across his right knuckles.
There was definitely a struggle.
But did Ethan know his attacker or was it a stranger? Mac? You think these are fake? It's too early to tell.
Well, if they're real, what the hell was this guy doing with pictures of a dead girl in his backpack? Maybe his death has something to do with hers.
Either way, it looks like one homicide may have just become two.
God, I thought we'd never get through dinner.
You didn't enjoy me rattling on about my work? Of course I did.
I just couldn't stop thinking about dessert.
What? Did you hear that? All I can hear is my heart beating.
What? No, I'm serious.
I think there's someone in the apartment.
Show me your hands.
Oh, my God.
Mom, it's me.
Hey, Mrs.
I thought you said she was gonna be at a party? I thought you were at a party, Ellie.
Hello? It's at Sammy's house, three floors down.
We just came up to get some more soda.
I see that.
Who's we? Jordan, Mom.
Mom, Jordan.
I'd introduce you to the surfer dude with the hairy chest, but I have no idea who he is.
Hey, Sid, what do you got? Oh, Mac.
Are you familiar with the words of Heraclitus of Ephesus? I'm not sure I got that memo.
Well, he was an ancient Greek philosopher who once said, "The eyes are more accurate witnesses than the ears.
" And in the case of Ethan Grohl here, he may actually have been right.
This is a disposable contact lens.
I found it tangled in Mr.
Grohl's hair.
So naturally, I went looking for its match.
And that's when I saw take a look these.
Look at the screen.
Some kind of surgical scarring? Radial keretotomy, to be exact.
It's been largely supplanted by Lasik, but it is still used for the treatment of astigmatism, and these scars are relatively recent.
Means Ethan would've likely had - no need for contact lenses.
- Right.
And this one could actually belong to our killer.
Good eye, Sid.
Oh, I beg you Can I follow Oh, I ask you Why not always Be the ocean Where unravel Be my only Be the water and waiting You're my river running high Run deep, run wild I, I follow I follow you deep sea, baby I follow you, I, I follow I follow you Dark boom honey, I follow you Run deep, run wild I, I follow I follow you deep sea, baby I follow you, I, I follow I follow you Dark boom honey, I follow you.
Oh, my God, that's Mary.
I'm sorry, Mr.
and Mrs.
Portico, but your address was on the envelope containing these photos.
Is she Are you telling us that Mary is dead? Based on what we've seen, I'm afraid it's a possibility.
Who did that to her? We've just begun our investigation.
Why would someone send those photos to her parents? It clearly wasn't for ransom.
For some reason, they wanted the Porticos to know their daughter was dead.
I understand from the missing persons report that you had an argument with Mary a couple of weeks ago? Yes, but we told the officers it was just the usual, you know? Help with the dishes.
Pick up your dirty clothes.
Stop spending so much time online.
We all went to bed mad, and when we woke up the next morning, she she was gone.
She's only 15.
Were there any girls that Mary was particularly close to? Boys? Anyone who might have been a confidant? She's shy.
She doesn't have a lot of close friends.
- What about enemies? - No.
She just wanted to fit in.
Do you recognize this young man? His name is Ethan Grohl.
I never heard her mention him, either.
You think he had something to do with this? We're looking into it.
I checked Ethan's Grohl's place.
There was no signs of a struggle or murder.
- What about unidentified DOA's? - I searched the rolls for New York and surrounding states.
No one matched her description.
Mary didn't have - a cell phone? - She did.
She lost it.
I told her the next one was gonna be on her dime.
God, why didn't I just get her a new one? Well, she did have an ATM card.
We got it for Mary for her 14th birthday.
We thought that it would teach her responsibility.
Why, have you found something? The bank records pulled by missing persons indicate that Mary withdrew all $700 from her account the day she went missing.
But that's all the money she'd saved up from babysitting.
Are you suggesting that she ran away? That she had a plan, she wanted to get away from us? I'm not suggesting anything, Mr.
Portico, but sadly, what was being handled as a runaway missing persons case is now being investigated as a homicide missing persons case.
I want to know what happened to my daughter, Detective, and I want the person who took her away from us to pay.
You have my word they will.
There's no tougher job in the world.
Being a cop? Being a parent.
What do you think about our daughter wearing body armor when she becomes - a teenager? - After looking at these photos, - I'm fine with that.
- Oh, good.
So, did you solve the case? Me? I thought you had the answer.
No, the partial footprint was not a match to Ethan Grohl, so it could have been from our killer, but it could have been from anybody, and I ID'd those tiny orange flecks as dried paint, but I can't get a match in EDNA.
Messer family You rang? Sid, please, thank you for coming up.
Oh, don't be silly.
I spend all day in a refrigerated room with no cell reception.
I live for these invitations.
All right, well, in that case, uh, this is our photo-topsy.
Take a look at these snapshots, tell me if you could, uh, determine a cause of death.
Oh, well, at a cursory glance I'm seeing multiple contusions around the supraorbital process as well as the bridge and septum of the nose.
Uh, there's fresh blood pooling, approximately 18 to 20 inches in diameter, originating from the nose, mouth, and open abrasions of the scalp.
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say your C.
could be cerebral hemorrhage due to blunt-force trauma.
- I mean, right? - So, just to play devil's advocate, do you think that there's any chance that these wounds aren't legit? No.
I once caught my own daughter faking a bloody nose with food coloring to get out of a spelling test.
I know chicanery when I see it.
However, there is something here that does beg questioning.
Is that a track mark? That's amazing I mean, Unfortunately I can't run a tox panel on a photograph, so confirming that is impossible.
I'm afraid I'm not much help.
No, thanks, Sid.
Maybe her watch could tell us something.
It's a pretty clear view of the face.
Maybe we can use it to time-stamp the photos.
Let's see, this one says 4:30:58.
This is 4:31 here.
And56 on this photo.
Okay, so that photo's first.
With a total of four seconds elapsed from beginning to end.
Uh, there's just one problem.
What? Condensation.
Why is the glass face on her watch in this last photo fogged? Because it's so close to her mouth.
She's breathing.
Right, so she might have not been beaten to death after all.
I think you were premature in calling the medical examiner.
When this final photo was taken, Mary Portico was still very much alive.
Ellie, put the phone down.
You know I don't allow 'em at the table.
You're not hungry? I had nachos at school.
I told you I was coming home to make dinner.
And we need to talk.
I don't want to talk.
- Why not? - Because it's just going to be one of those talks where you do all the talking.
No, it's not.
You go first.
Go ahead, ask me anything you want.
What's his name? Cade.
Okay, great.
He's an FBI agent.
He's visiting from California.
He and I used to work together at the Bureau.
Looks like you were doing a little bit more than that.
Yes, because I thought you were spending the night at Sammy's after the party, but instead I find you in the kitchen with what's-his-name.
I told you, it's Jordan.
He's a ninth grader, a basketball player.
It's no big deal.
No big deal? Oh, my God, Ellie, I could have killed both of you.
Listen to me, this is about your safety, so I don't care if it's Jordan or Drake or all the members of One Direction.
You may not bring anyone into this apartment when I'm not here without my permission, especially when I don't even know who he is.
Don't give me that look.
I am the adult, you're the child.
I'm not a child.
Okay, you're a teenager.
We still have rules in this family.
Yeah, and yours are different than mine I get it.
Let's eat.
Ellie, was that your first kiss? Are you kidding me right now? I can't believe you're not talking to me about these things.
Because, Mom, I knew you'd do exactly what you're doing.
What, caring? No, prying.
Ellie, come on.
I just want to know how you feel.
Well, I don't know yet, okay? Do you? You want some green beans? No, I have homework.
Ethan Grohl might have had drugs on him when he was attacked heroin to be exact, cut with traces of cocaine, LSD, and B12.
B12? I guess even users need their vitamins.
I found this street pipe, foil burner in his backpack.
Bridge surveillance shows the killer was lying in wait, but at that hour I think he was waiting for anyone.
Ethan just happened to come along at the wrong time.
When the killer couldn't score any cash, he took the only valuable thing - he could find.
- The heroin, but he didn't even touch that envelope full of photos.
Means he probably didn't know anything about Mary Portico.
But Ethan certainly did.
Come on There is no way around it.
Boyd Hackman our number one suspect in Ethan Grohl's murder.
Already done a couple stints upstate for assault and armed robbery.
Holy sideburns.
Not even a mother could love that face.
- Where is he? - In the wind with a parole warrant.
Hasn't checked in or been at his place in over 24 hours.
I got unis sitting on it now.
In the meantime I ran Ethan Grohl's phone records and noticed dozens of calls to and from a 212 number within 36 hours of his death.
Thought it might mean something.
Tracked that number to a guy named Oliver Epps, and I'm trying to get a bead on where he is now.
Did you run Epps' name by Mary Portico's parents? - Next on my list of things to do.
- Okay.
Looks like you've got your hands full as well.
Hmm, you could say that.
Detective Danville.
Agent Conover, thank you for coming.
No problem.
I just wish we could have had this meeting at my hotel because we have these margaritas - the best I've ever hadat the bar.
- I need FBI support to find Mary Portico, a minor who went missing two weeks ago.
We thought we were investigating her death, but it turns out there could be a slim chance she's still alive and in imminent danger.
Oh, so if she's dead she's your case, and if she's alive she's mine? Well, this one's tricky, but your specialty in the Bureau is tracking missing persons across state lines, and I realize you're on vacation, but this is a teenage kid.
Cleaned out her bank account, she could be anywhere.
We need to broaden the scope of our search, - so I really need your help.
- Hmm.
Everything you need to know is right here.
You love taking advantage of me, don't you? You have no idea.
I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my skull.
Come on, babe, stay with me.
We got to figure out where these photos were taken.
So no details from the hardwood floor.
The lamp is mass-produced.
You checked the paper in the corner? Yeah, it's a take-out menu, but there's no name.
Yeah, but there is, uh, a partial address on it from Right, Ulton Street, which is probably Fulton Street, but there's hundreds of restaurants down there, and so far none of them match that flower pattern in any way.
All right, let's take another look at the beer bottle, okay? All right, so based on its proximity to the body, it was probably broken in the struggle.
I couldn't make out a label.
Wait a second boom, right there, you see that? What? Right there, that piece of glass in the center.
Looks like there's some kind of reflection in it.
Yeah, maybe from a window.
The sun is visible.
We know it's around 4:30, so we're looking at a sunset in the west.
It's backlighting something.
Is that just me or does that look like the Flatiron Building? No, that's not just you, babe.
Okay, the Flatiron Building is 22 stories, so the crime scene had to be across the street, below the 20th floor, with a direct view of the Flatiron's front wedge.
All right? Good afternoon, sir.
I'm Detective Lovato with the NYPD.
We're searching for a missing young girl.
You mind if I take a look inside your apartment? Good afternoon, sir, I am Detective Messer with the NYPD.
We're searching for a missing young girl.
LINDSAY:We're searching for a missing young girl.
You mind if I take a look inside your apartment? Good afternoon, I'm Detective Lovato with NYPD.
Do you mind if I take a look inside your apartment? I'm Detective Messer with the NYPD.
Do you mind if I take a look in your apartment? Hello.
Te despertaste mi bebé.
Disculpáme, señora, lo siento.
Call me crazy, but I'm not seeing those hardwood floors, Lindsay.
Neither am I.
Windows don't match, either.
And I don't see how that view could've been reflected into any of these apartments.
And they canvassed multiple floors? Every viable vantage point of the Flatiron, from the one angle it could have been seen from, but nothing lined up with the Mary Portico crime scene photos.
It doesn't make sense.
All of our science says she was there.
You hear anything more from Flack? Still no 20 on Oliver Epps.
He's the guy who traded all the calls with Ethan Grohl? Right.
But apparently, Mary's parents knew his name.
Oliver, I guess, was an older kid who went to school with Mary in Manhattan.
She had a big crush on him, and he dropped out about a year ago.
So we don't know where he is, but he's definitely the connection between Ethan and Mary.
Epps have family of his own? Flack's trying to track them down.
But I did notice something interesting.
The 212 number assigned to Oliver's cell may be local, but the cell towers getting hit by its signal definitely weren't.
All the calls that Oliver Epps made to Ethan Grohl originated from the West Coast.
Was it something I said? Get Agent Conover and meet me in the War Room.
The fog on Mary Portico's wristwatch could very well be her last breath.
But our priority is still to find her, right? Absolutely.
We've just been looking in the wrong place.
Mary took out $700 from her ATM.
We know she has a crush on Oliver Epps.
I think she used it to go be with him.
But Manhattan isn't the only city with a Fulton Street And we're not the only one with a Flatiron Building.
And the reason Lindsay had trouble identifying the orange paint flecks is because they're not in EDNA's database.
It's a proprietary color, developed in the 1930s, called "International Orange"" And you can only find it in one place.
Dead or alive, Mary Portico is somewhere in San Francisco.
Flack confirmed it.
This is Oliver Epps' apartment, right across from the San Francisco Flatiron.
All right, we spoke to the building manager.
The lease on this apartment's being paid for by Oliver Epps' parents, who live in Long Island.
They claim they haven't seen him since he moved to San Francisco over a year ago.
And the manager says the kid's hardly ever here.
Is there any chance that Oliver Epps is a victim in all this, as well? Well, based on the active federal interstate drug warrant I pulled on him, I seriously doubt it.
Well, this is definitely where he took the photos.
Looks to me like he cleaned up - an awful lot of blood.
- Enough to kill her? Well, it's hard to tell if these are mop streaks from cleaning up, or drag marks, from removing Mary's body.
This handwriting definitely looks like a match to the envelope we found at Ethan Grohl's crime scene.
At the very least, Oliver Epps could be good for assault, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment.
You got the full support of e FBI on this one, Mac.
Epps is a very dangerous young man.
Well, I'm here to find a vulnerable young woman.
- Doesn't matter.
- How does that not matter? We're talking about That is over two dozen times the Yankees have been rightfully anointed the gods of baseball, - whereas the Mets - The Mets are the heart.
The heart and soul of New York City baseball.
- Come on.
- Tom Seaver.
Voted into the Hall of Fame with the highest first ballot percentage in history.
Rusty Staub.
Founded the New York Police and Fire Widows Fund.
And don't even get me started on Gary Carter.
Again, 27 to two.
And 19 of those were before the Mets even existed.
- How are you such a pinstriper? Did you not say you were born and raised in Queens? Proudly.
But fortunately, my father had the good sense never to let me root for a sad-sack bunch of boo That's Boyd Hackman.
Boyd Hackman! NYPD! Go, go, go! Out of the way! Go! Go! Ow.
- Don't move.
- Ow.
Ow! - I'm sorry - Ow.
What were you saying? You keep that crazy bitch away from me.
Watch your tongue or I'll leave you alone with her.
I think she hurt my neck.
We think you killed Ethan Grohl.
I don't even know any Ethan Grohl.
No? You should.
Maybe this will refresh your memory.
This is you mugging Ethan Grohl on the Brooklyn Bridge just before you killed him.
You can't tell that's me.
No, you can't tell that's you.
Of course, you can't see much without your contacts, can you, Boyd? Huh? How many fingers? Turns out you lost one of your lenses on our victim.
Then we found a hunting knife in your jacket.
Oh, and the bundle of heroin we found in your apartment that you stole from his backpack.
Okay, it was his fault! His fault? Yeah! What kind of kid doesn't carry a wallet? Real charmer that one.
Probably a Mets fan.
- Ooh.
- Do you want me to give you a head start like him before I kick your ass? Or would you like to take your chances? You ever run away from home? No.
You? Few times.
I even, uh I even ran away to be with this girl once.
Uh, except she, um she only lived across town, and, uh, these two other guys showed up.
It was crowded.
But I would've never gone all the way across the country like Mary did, though.
I mean, my home life might've sucked, but it's the evil you know, you know? But at her age, I'm sure Mary would've come home by now if she could.
Oliver Epps' prints are all over this heroin bundle.
I-I still can't figure out what this daisy sticker is, though.
It's called "Flower Power.
" It's high-grade heroin distributed by a drug ring here in San Francisco.
Listen to this, according to intel I just got from our local task force, Epps is part of it.
Makes sense.
The heroin's an exact chemical match to the street pipe residue we found in Ethan Grohl's bag.
So what if Oliver sent the drugs to Ethan in exchange for delivering the photos to Mary Portico's parents? What could he hope to gain with her already dead? Maybe the gains were Mary's.
You think she was in on it? Well, we know she was upset with her parents.
She might've thought sending the photos was a way to find her freedom.
Now, that sounds like something a kid would do.
Well, if that was her plan, she picked the wrong guy to hatch it with.
What can you tell us about Oliver Epps' involvement in the drug ring? Well, on the record, I can tell you it's an ongoing investigation.
And off the record? It's centered in Haight-Ashbury.
There's a restaurant in the neighborhood that my case agents suspect is being run as a front.
358 Fulton Street.
The Daisy Chain Cafe.
This is the place.
Welcome to the Daisy Chain.
Can you tell us if you've seen this young man? Uh nah.
You want a smoothie? Right, you haven't seen him.
Let's go! Yeah, this is Agent Cade Conover with the FBI.
I need SFPD backup in the vicinity of Fulton and Page.
Step aside.
Stop! Police! Oh! Hey! Stop! Jo.
Just entered the south end of the park.
You and Cade circle around to the north side.
Damn! Take it easy, cop! - Why you so agro? - Sorry, I'm not from around here.
I got him, I got him.
Go ahead, check my pockets.
I got nothin'! We don't want your drugs.
Where is she? - Who? - Mary.
Tell me what you did to her! Nothing she didn't ask for.
Maybe you didn't understand the question.
Where is Mary Portico? That little head case? Good luck finding her, man.
She's gone.
What do you mean Mary's gone? Did you kill her? No, I didn't kill her.
She's just you know, a little messed up.
I'm sure she's got you - to thank for that.
- Where is she? Don't you think if she wanted to be found, she'd be back in New York already? Her parents want her found, Oliver.
Did you ever stop to think about that? Hell, yeah.
Why do you think we sent those photos to them in the first place? It was Mary's idea.
What do you want to do, again? I'm just saying I could, like, fake like I'm dead, and you could take pictures to send to my parents.
Man, you must be really pissed at them.
At least they won't come looking for me.
Damn, girl.
That's Cray.
But sure, what the hell, let's have some fun.
No, wait, what are you doing? You shot up a 15-year-old with heroin? I had to give her something for the pain.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - Look, I just did what she asked.
And then what happened? Then she started bitching and moaning, saying she wanted to run back home to Mama.
And I was like, "Screw that," you know? I'm 19 years old.
You're only 15, I'm not getting hit with statutory.
Oh, no, that's done.
It's done.
I just wish we could peg you for murder.
I told you, she's still alive.
She better be.
Because your buddy Ethan isn't.
What are you talking about? He's dead, Oliver.
He got mugged on his way across the Brooklyn Bridge, trying to deliver those pictures to Mary's parents.
Oh, dude Sad, right? Didn't get to keep the drugs you sent him.
Of course, that's not going to keep you from racking up interstate trafficking charges.
Believe me when I tell you, it's in your best interest to help us.
We're only going Where is Mary Portico? Mary? Hey.
Can you help me? That's why we're here.
Your parents are very worried about you.
I'm sorry.
They were very mad at me, but I should have listened to them instead of trusting him.
Is he here? If Oliver sees me talking to you, he's going to be really mad.
Now, don't worry.
It's okay.
He can't hurt you now.
Oh, that's good.
I think I'm lost.
No, sweetie, you've been found.
You got to be kidding me.
Welcome home, Yankee.
I thought your desk could use some sprucing up.
The look on Mr.
Portico's face when he walked into Mary's hospital room, that's going to stay with me for a long time.
Feels nice to be able to deliver good news every once in a while.
This one hit close to home, didn't it? Well, I mean, Ellie's a teenager, just like Mary and Lord knows we don't always see eye to eye.
But God, I would hate to think one argument could change so much.
Just got to keep the lines of communication open and give yourself a break every now and then while you're at it.
You're a great mom, Jo.
She's lucky to have you.
Thanks, Mac.
Would you mind telling her that? You go ahead and laugh, you'll see.
Just wait till you and Christine start plopping out cute little blonde babies into the world.
Slow down, Jo.
You don't fool me.
I've seen you two.
Oh, where did you go, little girl? Hey.
Sorry we had to leave so soon.
It's all right.
You had to get Mary on the first plane out.
How's she doing? Oh, time will tell.
How are you? Well, Ellie spent the night with her friend Sammy again while we rushed off to San Francisco.
So who knows what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into.
Nothing you wouldn't have gotten into, for sure.
Yeah, that's exactly what worries me.
Well, she's a good kid.
Just like her mom.
I wish you could have stayed, Jo.
All those blue skies and sun tans? Why would I want to do a thing like that? You tell me.
Maybe I will.
One of these days.
Let me see your hand.
You seriously think he's cute? Jordan? Yeah.
He's pretty good looking for a freshman.
But you should pace yourself.
They do get better with time.
You mean like Cade? Ah you did notice.
No, 'cause that would be gross.
- But do you like him? - Yeah, I think so.
Complicated, though, you know? He lives there and we live here.
We could move.
That's sweet, Ellie.
You mean you'd do that for me? Sure, but you'd have to buy me all new clothes.
We'll talk about it later.
- Do we have to? - Nah.