CSI: NY s09e04 Episode Script


Lucy? Uncomfortable silence I'll kill it if you want me to I'm like ultra violence I'll kill it if you want me to Out of sight, out of mind I'm not the hurting kind I'll make you surrender I'll make you surrender, I'll make you surrender I'll make you surrender Stop when the red lights flash I'll trade you blood for dirty cash I'll make you surrender, I'll make you surrender.
Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is your heart singing out of tune? Are your eyes just singing the blues? Dirty records from another time Some bloodstains on your shoes No one really knows about your soul And I barely really know your name Burning rhythms and posting lies And a bunch of fools drown in shame Amy, don't you go I want u around Singing, "Whoa-oa-oa, please don't go" Do you want to be a friend of mine? Do you want to be a friend of mine? Did you tattoo a lucky charm To keep you out of harm's way? Warding off all evil signs But it never really kept you safe Now you're too young for the golden age 'Cause the record bin's been replaced 27 gone without a trace And you walked away from your drink Amy, don't you go I want you around Singing, "Whoa-oa-oa, please don't go" Do you want to be a friend of mine? Do you want to be a friend of Amy, please don't go Amy, please don't go Is your heart singing out of tune? Are your eyes just singing the blues? Dirty records from another time Some bloodstains on your shoes May I have this last dance? By chance if we should meet Can you write me a lullaby So we can sing you to sleep? Amy, don't you go I want you around Singing, "Whoa-oa-oa, please don't go" Do you want to be a friend of mine? Do you want to be a friend of mine? Do you want to be a friend of mine? Taking a ride To my old haunt She's in my blood I reside in my nightlife My favorite color's candy apple girl And she resides in my mind And my nightlife Well, I am rollin', strollin' into town Come inside Is it me or am I going crazy? It's just you This dirty city is my sugar town Sugar town My little angel of death Is my nightlife Where in the world's the forgotten? They're lost inside your memory You're dragging on Your heart's been broken 'Cause we all go down in history Where in the world Did the time go? It's where your spirit seems to roam Like losing faith to our abandon Or an empty hallway From a broken home Speak.
Say something.
I need an explanation.
Tell me how a gun registered in your name was used to fire shots at you this afternoon.
That's not possible.
It happened.
Casings found at the scene were a match to those registered in your name, and to your weapon in CoBIS.
- Then my gun was stolen.
- And you didn't report it? I thought I had misplaced it.
What, it wasn't in your sock drawer, so you figured it was where? With your golf clubs? When did you notice it was missing? About six months ago.
Someone broke into my boat.
They stole a few items.
I wasn't even sure the gun had been there.
Obviously, it must have been.
At the time, I thought it was at my beach house.
I looked for it, and I didn't find it.
That's when you should have reported it stolen.
I-I just The best way to explain it? Bad timing.
You mean you were running for the Senate.
That complicates things.
However, the priority here, gentlemen, is the fact that a man shot at me.
For you, maybe.
For me, it's the fact that a little girl was shot and killed with your gun.
What? Guy who took a shot at you dumped the gun.
Two kids found it.
A little girl was shot.
She died.
I-I'd like to call her family.
Maybe you could take a couple photos with her grieving mother.
A nice photo op for the campaign.
Hey, hey, Take a break.
Come on.
So now what? We just need you to answer one little question.
Who would want you dead, Mr.
Hamilton? Nobody.
Or any number of people, I suppose.
My politics are a bit threatening to some.
And before you decided to run for office? I was a successful businessman.
Who pissed a few people off.
Well, let me narrow down the list for you.
It's someone you invited onto your boat, or into your home.
Someone bold enough to steal your weapon with the intent to kill.
Blood on the chain-link fence is a match to the hairs I found in the baseball cap.
But no match to anything in the database.
I also got a partial print on a bullet from the magazine.
But not enough ridge detail to even waste our time with an AFIS search.
Then we got to chase the gun.
Hamilton says it was stolen.
IBIS search came up with nothing.
It doesn't connect us th any crimes.
So it looks like what it is.
The guy who stole the gun shot the gun.
But this is what I don't get: If he was able to get onto Hamilton's boat to steal it, why not just lie in wait and shoot him there? - Why wait six months? - Nerve.
You've got to talk yourself into it.
Then there's the planning.
You don't want to mess up.
Or maybe the public event.
The publicity is something he's after.
Well, he messed up.
He missed.
Well, and then there's the elephant in the room.
The irony that a man could be shot with his own stolen gun.
Well, what if it's part of a bigger plan? Hamilton's down in the polls, the campaign needs a little kick You know? It just Just explain to me why he was only grazed with the bullet.
Why? Because he wasn't the target.
I took photos and processed the scene.
And it just didn't make any sense.
This is an animated simulation based on location of spent casings, trajectory and bullet recovery, which helped me calculate the likely placement of our shooter in the crowd.
Hamilton entered from the shooter's left, moving left to right towards the podium.
The first shot struck Hamilton in the right shoulder.
He was slightly grazed.
The next two shots hit much further to the left, damaging the teleprompter and the sound speaker.
That's at least two feet from the first bullet, and near the ground.
Could somebody have that bad of a shot? Fortunately, in this case, yes.
But it doesn't rule out the possibility that he was never aiming for Hamilton.
No, it just introduces one more problem.
Our shooter might have had more than one target.
Hamilton, and someone else.
Adam, go over the news camera footage and call campaign headquarters.
We need to find out - who was standing on that stage.
- Got it.
Hey, Montana.
You haven't called me that in a long time.
- How you feeling? - Headache.
You remember anything? - Lucy.
- She's fine.
I dropped her off with my mother this morning.
Where was she last night? She was with me, of course.
Yeah, but when you were here.
Come on, babe, um it was hectic here yesterday.
The doctors and the nurses were in and out.
You were knocked out the whole time, so I kissed you good-bye, and I took Lucy home with me.
No, but later.
You were standing by the window, holding vigil for your poor, injured wife.
Who was Lucy with? I think you might have been dreaming.
Was I naked in that, uh, moment? No.
Did you catch the shooter? No.
All those people and not one positive I.
What do you mean? No one saw this guy's face.
I did.
Hmm? I looked right into his eyes.
He looked right into mine.
This guy knows that you saw his face.
What time did you say I was here last night? Yeah.
That's definitely what he looks like.
Just got off the phone with the night shift.
They said there was a man in here last night after visiting hours, and they gave me a basic description.
Six, one; brown hair above the ears; short on the neck; square jaw.
Couldn't give me eye color or complexion; it was too dark.
Let's whip out another one without the hat, and get these out ASAP.
We're looking into hospital surveillance.
You know what, look into the hospital security.
How the hell did this guy get up here? Yeah, I know.
We got unis outside right now.
We'll have them at your place, - and your mother's.
- Is that really necessary? There was a reason he was here, Linds.
You saw him, and he knows it.
- Do that again, Danny.
- What? Fog the window.
Move your coffee cup across it.
We might have a possible print on the glass here.
Are we seeing letters here? Does that say "RR"? I think so.
Looks like an an "M" "R-R.
"" "Y.
" What do you got there, Don? Well, buying a vowel, it looks to me like "I'm sorry.
" I'll bet you he's sorry.
He left a print.
The partial I lifted got us a match to Evan Wescott.
All right? Unfortunately for him, all public school teachers are printed.
So Flack's got units heading to his house, to the school, tracking all his credit card activity.
Got his name and face to all transportation headed out of the city.
So far, he's made no moves.
Any connection to Grant Hamilton? Not directly.
Wescott never made a contribution, never made a complaint.
Hamilton, on the other hand, is a big supporter of public schools more specifically, public school teachers.
So I'm not seeing motive.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
All right.
Beverly McCord.
Public school supervisor.
Check this out.
She's one of Hamilton's VIPs.
Standing just to Hamilton's right.
Which would be to the shooter's left.
So, if she was Wescott's target, that explains the misdirection of the two additional shots.
Right, okay, okay, but why her? What's Wescott's beef? Three years ago, when she was principal of PS 423, she had the school board investigate one of her elementary school teachers.
That would be our shooter, Evan Wescott.
Don't know the details, but do know that he was - definitely laid off from his job.
- Well, it had to be something big to make such a public attempt at revenge.
I get the feeling, if we find her, we'll find him.
What makes you think he's gonna go after her again? Well, for 24 hours, no one knew his name, where he lived or what he looked like, so he had plenty of time to get out of town.
But he didn't.
Means he's got unfinished business.
Ooh Walking after dark In the New York City park Evan! Shut up and walk.
in the holiest of holes Onward, Christian soldiers Don't even think about screaming.
The blood left on the dance floor Running, running red Walk.
Just go.
No! You don't want to do this.
is killing you to death unless you Flack, Beverly McCord's not at home or her office, and she's not answering her cell, but it's live and we're tracking it now.
- Hold on.
- Three seconds.
Two seconds.
- Ooh! 1726 West 48th.
- 1726 West 48th.
Evan Please.
Please! Move! - We can talk about this.
- Shut up! Just shut up.
I tried talking to you, - but frankly, you have a hard time understanding me.
- Please! I'm sorry.
Please, think about your future! Future? What future, huh? My future? The one that you ruined?! Yeah-yeah! High five.
High five! Yeah! High five.
Slow down, guy.
Are you okay? Here, hop up.
Hop up! Let me take a look at that.
- That hurt? - Yeah.
You're gonna be okay.
- Hurt? - Yeah.
You have a good day, all right? Bye.
Shut up! Come on.
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Someone kill the DJ Drop the knife, Wescott.
Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Do it! Someone kill the DJ, shoot the DJ Hey, hold it right there! Don't move! Voices in my head are saying, "Shoot that down.
" This is the last time you're making me run.
- Thank you.
- Mac? Kevin.
Here, I bought you a coffee.
Oh, thank you.
Look, thanks for meeting me.
I know you have a busy practice.
It's no problem.
It's great to see you.
It's been a while.
I do have to say I'm a little concerned, though.
You sounded, um, not yourself.
I'm having a bit of a tough time.
Aftermath of the shooting, the surgery.
That's common.
It's only been eight months.
- What is it, pain? - Aphasia.
I can't remember the simplest things.
It can come and go, but my guess is it's getting worse.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have called me.
I don't know.
They gave me those coloring book pictures and name games.
They gave me a bunch of exercises that don't seem to be working.
I just I just want to fix this.
Mac, it doesn't work that way.
You're past the window of "temporary aphasia.
" So you're going to have to retrain your brain.
It's like learning everything all over again.
It takes time.
I can't name simple words.
Simple objects I've known my whole life.
Look, I I'm in charge of people, Kevin.
I've got a very demanding job.
I should be able to name the color red.
I can understand your frustration, but No, don't do that! I don't want your understanding.
I I'm sorry, Kevin.
I-I just want this to go away.
There's got to be something medically that we can do.
And out of respect, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this for you.
There is no quick fix, no pill, no surgery.
There's just word games and exercises.
You know, your greatest gift is Christine.
I haven't told her yet.
Have you told anyone? This is my problem.
I just want a schedule and a plan that I can stick to.
And I'll I'll get better, and it will all go away.
I can appreciate your optimism, but, you know, you cannot do this alone.
Look, I I got to go.
I'll call you later.
Thank you.
Shoulder to shoulder.
Heads up.
Look forward.
That's him, number four.
- That's the shooter.
-All right.
Let's bring Lonnie in.
You can go in now.
Hey, Lonnie.
I want you to stand up here and tell me if you see the face of the man who threw the gun in the dumpster, okay? Just take your time.
He can't see you.
Say the number.
You're sure? Yeah, that's him.
I didn't mean to hurt Aimee.
I know that.
We were just playing around, you know? She was my best friend.
Thanks for trying to save her.
Yeah, you're welcome, Lonnie.
Am I going to jail for what I did? No.
We're all gonna make sure that doesn't happen.
Where'd you get the gun, Evan? I stole it.
There was a party at Grant Hamilton's beach house, a It was a fund-raiser for schools.
Several teachers were invited, and I was one of them.
Had a little bit to drink, and I started snooping through drawers.
There it was.
It was the answer to my problem.
You've been planning this for some time.
Beverly McCord decided that I was doing something to kids.
Something that I wasn't.
It was a hug.
She was crying.
It was inappropriate.
The placement of your hands was inappropriate.
Did Audrey came to you? I mean, did her parents call? No.
I witnessed it.
Evan, you tend to show a certain degree of uninhibited affection, and it's got to stop.
It making me and others uncomfortable.
You're having conversations about my behavior with others? Touching the children in any way is dangerous.
Affection is dangerous? Frankly, I don't understand why you don't get this.
Oh, I get it.
I get that this is your problem, Beverly, not mine.
Your sick imagination took an action that was so innocent, and you made it perverted.
And you know what? That that makes me uncomfortable.
I was laid off for six months without pay and denied benefits.
Two months later, they I was cleared of any suspicion, and it took another year to get back into the school.
But that didn't matter.
I couldn't shake the skepticism, and I I still can't.
There was never any proof.
Just her accusations.
I wanted to stop it.
I had to stop it.
The rally just seemed like the perfect time.
Lot of people.
I could get lost in the crowd.
And the fact that it was Grant Hamilton's gun and his event is just an ironic fluke.
I would never do anything to hurt a child.
Yeah, I suppose I deserve that.
You could have made a different choice, Evan.
But instead, you brought a gun to a public place with the intention of murdering someone.
And when you fired that weapon, you changed the lives of every person there.
You violated their sense of security, but worse than that you hurt a child, and you don't even know it.
What are you talking about? You dropped that gun in that dumpster, and it was found and it was fired.
And this little girl was killed.
Well, don't look away From the arms of a bad dream Don't look away Sometimes you're better lost than to be seen Don't look away From the arms of a moment Well, don't look away From the arms of tomorrow Don't look away From the arms of a moment Don't look away From the arms of love.