CSI: Vegas (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Honeymoon in Vegas

1 Previously on CSI: Vegas Who are you? What do you want with me? Well, at least I got Sara Sidle back to Vegas.
Nice to meet you, I'm Maxine Roby.
Come on, saddle up, sis.
SIDLE: "Jim Brass is just the beginning".
IBARRA: We got your client dead to rights.
We need to know who put him up to it.
ROBY: Talk about the storage facility in Spring Valley.
MANAGER: It's rented to a Mr.
ROBY: It's like his own little lab.
To fake test results and whip up phony evidence.
FOLSOM: There are two dozen prints here and every one of them belongs to David Hodges.
- You don't know Hodges.
- ROBY: Whatever happened here, how we handle it will determine whether murderers stay in prison or not, whether convictions hold up or not.
- BRASS: What do we do now? - What we always do, Jim.
Follow the evidence.
(GUNSHOTS) (GASPING) (WHIMPERING) Please! (WHIMPERING, CRYING) Please (GUNSHOT) I figured you could use a little something to take the edge off there.
How's it looking? The, uh, lab reports and signoffs all look authentic.
Hodges worked every one of the cases you saw in that storage unit.
Everything in there felt so staged.
You know, we're never gonna figure out what happened with guest privileges in the database.
We need access to hard copies, original files.
Hodges didn't fake evidence, Gil.
Someone just made it look like he did.
Well science will tell us if how things look is how they really are.
Mm, problem is, that storage unit is filled with a mountain of bad evidence.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - In the end, darling, the truth emerges.
- He's going in.
- Right now.
TYNER: When my client agreed to self surrender, we were promised a copy of the charging document.
Hodges, other hand, please? Mr.
Other hand? Here it is David Hodges.
Charged with offering false evidence, 12 counts.
Destroying evidence, 12 counts.
Perjury, eight counts.
Ooh, there's a second page here.
OFFICER: Turn to your right.
SERGEANT: Your boy's gonna be popular inside.
Florist making a delivery saw the bodies, called it in.
Those two the only decedents? ROBY: Yeah, the homeowner's Dr.
Nate Kestler, and the car in the driveway is registered to Dr.
Jinny Lee.
The coroner says liver temp puts time of death around 1:00, 2:00 in the morning.
- Got a little crowd today, boss.
- Yep.
Tip of the iceberg.
Got about a zillion extra eyes on us right now.
- 'Cause of the Hodges case? - Mm-hmm.
Got to bring our A game today, people.
We're not the ones looking through the microscope this time we are under it.
She tried to get away.
Killer came over here to finish it.
Perp's one large human.
We're looking for a size-14 "Cinderfella".
You know what they say about guys with big feet? - One of them killed these people.
Did you get a new ringtone? (CHUCKLES) (PHONE UNLOCKS) She's popular.
Hey, Max? I think this couple had big plans today.
They sure did.
Guess they didn't know it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? - Oh-oh-oh - Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Something borrowed, something blue on the groom's robe.
This has got to be right up there with lipstick on your collar.
Fiancée's a brunette.
Might be an innocent explanation.
RAJAN: And there might be a blonde woman's boyfriend walking around with a smoking nine millimeter.
It's their wedding day.
I didn't get that jaded until I hit CSI Level III.
Um, this feels personal, boss.
No sign of forced entry.
Victims shot repeatedly at close range.
ROBY: I'm gonna get someone off nights to help finish up here.
I got you two a little gift.
You want us to go to their wedding? - A pool of suspects? - (PHONE BUZZING) - You shouldn't have.
- Yeah, come on.
Go find me a giant shoe.
Undersheriff? Yes, I'm so Yes, sir, I'm sorry I missed your call.
This wouldn't happen to be about, uh David Hodges, would it? Excuse me? Excuse me.
You have some reason to be here? No, no, no, I was just curious about what went on in there.
That's official police business, sir.
I need you to move along.
Officer? Uh could you tell the detectives that that piece of equipment they're wondering about is a microtome? Hey.
Who are you? So the rehearsal was two days ago? You didn't see them yesterday? Jinny and Nate had work yesterday.
They're oncologists.
You must be so proud.
Everybody loved them.
I don't think anyone knows where to go.
RAJAN: Well, we'd actually like to get some hair samples and swabs from folks before they leave.
Do you have a guest list? What are you saying? You think someone they knew did this? We have to look at every possibility.
ELISE: If this turning into some kind of wake, I don't think we have to stay.
Let's go to Citrine.
They have that lobster mac Can I help you? Maybe.
If you're not too hungry.
Look, I'm 13, 13 1/2, depends on the shoe.
Ever 14s? This is absurd.
Nate and Jinny worked at our clinic.
The Clement Cancer Center? Our family's funded their research for years.
They were friends.
Honestly, these questions are offensive.
I'm just trying to solve the murder of two people you say you cared about.
I was at home last night.
He was with me.
Appreciate your time.
Hope I didn't spoil your appetite.
Making friends? Well, not everyone gets me like you do, Allie.
Will you make me a very happy man? With this sample, I thee request a follicular comparison analysis.
(CHUCKLES) And this one here? Okay, thanks.
Sara! Hey.
This must be Dr.
- Okay, I got to tell you, I love your wife.
- Oh! - Me, too.
- You're buttering us up.
Please tell me you didn't bring us down here to give us bad news in person.
Walk with me.
We got the formal admonishment.
No one who's worked with David Hodges can get within 1,000 miles of his case.
- What do they think - I know.
It's just optics.
But this could affect the integrity of the entire Nevada justice system.
When a law enforcement officer is accused, their colleagues investigate.
It-it's not unheard of.
There is some concern that Yeah, I imagine.
- I was David Hodges' supervisor.
- Yeah.
You can't just discount the possibility that he was framed.
Hey, I'd love if that's what they find.
Yeah, but they won't.
That's the problem.
IAB doesn't have the technical expertise to unwind this.
The D.
sure doesn't.
- I'd like to think that these people - Max.
All your bosses are going to go into CYA mode and let this get tried in the press.
If we don't get to the truth nobody will.
Our friend's life is on the line.
Our life's work is on the line.
It's not my call.
And unless something big changes, I can't have either of you near that David Hodges case.
ROBY: Heads up, Penny.
So - what's all this? - I wish I could tell you, boss.
Looks like the Kool-Aid Man got stabbed.
ROBY: Okay, well, it's on the floor of a garage.
Think that might be a hint? Well, there's no trace of the stuff under either of the victims' cars.
So thought maybe it came from the killer's vehicle.
The wheel base looks like an SUV.
I'd guess high-end transmission fluid.
Pricey brands dye it red for better leak detection.
ROBY: Multiple stains overlaid.
Looks like the same vehicle parked here again and again.
We're looking for a regular visitor.
- (CHUCKLES) - Way to be.
What's in there? Come along.
Fresh eyes never hurt.
You got the badge.
Don't wait up.
Someone forgot the safe word.
ROBY: Door's clean.
Jamb's intact.
We think the killer had a key.
The victims were surprised.
- Didn't have time to cover up.
- (SCREAMS) The suspect opened fire here.
(SCREAMING) But then he stepped to the side.
Over here? Yeah, he was looking for a better angle.
Based on Nate Kestler's final position, we think that he died trying to shield his bride-to-be.
Jinny tried to get to her phone.
The killer tracked right through the mess he made to finish her off.
He made a mess over here, too.
He didn't wipe his feet on the mat.
FOLSOM: The bullets in Nate Kestler's wall were all fired by the same gun, but no match in NIBIN.
We do not curse the darkness, my child.
We light a candle.
Do you know what that is? Um Doc said the antibiotics will clear it right up.
(CHUCKLES) That is the organic plant material we found on the killer's boot print.
You want to ID this guy via his pollen print? Who needs ballistics when you've got the microgametophytes of a flowering desert tree? Is that what those little ovoid fellas are? Yeah, the database says that they have the surface reticulation and pores of the Twisted Acacia.
So we're looking for a rare tree, growing near an expensive SUV, that might just have a bloody boot print on the gas pedal.
Yes, you are.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Catherine says bail's been arranged.
Shouldn't be too long.
(GATE BUZZES) Hodges doesn't deserve this.
You can just say it.
Look, I don't want it to be true, either, Sara.
I just don't know what makes you so certain.
Well, for one thing, he would've had to break 1,000 laws right under our noses.
Does the evidence get a say in this? Are you doubting my read on it? No, just the opposite you said you didn't find anything in that storage unit to clear him.
(SIGHS) I just keep thinking, I mean how well do we really know David Hodges? How well does anyone know anyone? (GATE BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) - Hi, baby.
- Hi.
It'll be okay.
Did you know he had a family? There might be a lot we don't know about David Hodges.
Make a wish, baby Well, and I will make it come true RAJAN: There's a G-Wagen.
FOLSOM: And there's our tree.
RAJAN: This must be the place.
Looks promising, but I thought we still had a few more - acacias on that list from the arborists.
- Oh, yeah, there's plenty.
I just don't know how much more of your yacht rock - I can take.
- Ooh! Well, maybe if you weren't one point from getting your license yanked, you could drive us.
Subject me to your Highway XM.
(CHUCKLES) Got some Kool-Aid.
Looks like it's party time.
Shall we? Welcome to Scramble.
I'm Christy.
May I have your names and referral? Uh, I'm Josh Folsom.
This is Allie Rajan.
I guess you could say that we're here because of Nate Kestler and Jinny Lee.
Mm, Nate and Jinny.
Getting married.
We're all so happy - for them.
- (LAUGHTER, CHATTER) Unfortunately I'm not seeing your names on the list.
Is this your first time at Scramble? It is, actually and we would like to speak to the owner of the G-Wagen out front.
That's owned by the club.
But who drives it? Yeah, dozens of people.
- Who are we talking about here? - Swingers, baby.
Aren't you two here to party? Our membership is very tight-knit.
This news about Nate and Jinny, it's gonna crush everyone.
RAJAN: Um, we have reason to believe someone here might've actually been involved.
It's why we'd like to look at the G-Wagen out front.
You don't know who drove it last? CHRISTY: No, sorry.
Anybody can take it.
Sometimes a group wants to hit a strip club, casino, dinner, whatever.
The keys are just up here.
FOLSOM: What's with, uh Peeping Tom and the Lookie-Loos? The Mayfield room's for our candaulists and voyeurs.
For some folks, we're just a backdrop, instead of a playground.
Our vibe just fuels their own thing.
Nate and Jinny were usually like that.
If you're curious, let me know.
I help run the place, I could probably get you in.
Oh, no, we're just here for work.
We're not together.
The key's just there.
Oh, mm-hmm.
I'm just gonna Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Could be our man vehicle's registered to a Anwar Hassan.
Yeah, but it sounds like use of the vehicle is a free-for-all.
- Just like everything else here.
- (CHUCKLES) Shame the last person who drove it wiped their prints off.
I'm not seeing any cameras, are you? We can't allow photographic equipment.
- I mean you get it.
- I do, actually, but we're gonna at least need a roster of your members.
I'm sorry.
That's impossible.
Can we talk to the big boss? That's him, right? Anwar's actually out of town.
- Oh.
- Where? He didn't say.
But even if he was here, I doubt he'd give you the list without a warrant.
What if I say the magic word? Is it Fidelio? How about "press", as in we could come back with a warrant, but we might serve it with a dozen news crews.
I'll get you a printout of the list.
You think you're the first tough guy to ever pull this crap with me? You don't want to eat, Elvis, that's fine.
I just don't want to hear about it later.
You're under arrest.
You're gonna catch a beatin', you keep running your beak.
SIDLE: It's just us.
- You're under arrest.
- (SQUAWKS SOFTLY) And an old friend.
Oh, I thought I smelled jail.
HODGES: Brass.
Still a charmer.
I want you to meet my wife, Emma.
- (GRUNTS) - I've heard stories about you.
Yeah? Did he tell you about the time that some lunatic hired an assassin to come to my place over something he did? Well, I'm sure y'all have a lot to talk about.
I'm gonna go call my mom.
She's been worried.
Is there someplace ? Yeah, sure Everything they're saying is a crock.
I didn't do it.
Yeah, I tried that on my second wife.
Didn't work too good.
Surely, you must believe me? You know my stance on human testimony, David.
I side with the robots.
Look, all you can do is tell the truth, and hope that the evidence doesn't disagree.
TYLER: Thanks, Kate.
Get us some waters? I have to say, I'm surprised to see you again.
I've told you all that I know.
You left out the part where you and your favorite oncologists started going to a swingers club.
We found your name on the roster at Scramble.
(WHIRRING) Oh, you've got one of those doors like Matt Lauer.
My wife Elise doesn't approve of the lifestyle.
She doesn't limit me, but out of respect to her, I'm discreet.
So she doesn't know about you and the bride and groom? Nate and Jinny and I met here.
We became friends, then we went there.
Look, some people play tennis, some I'm sure you'd love to hear all about what happens at Scramble, but it's none of your business.
I can link the club's G-Wagen to Nate's house, night of the murder.
See, but you couldn't put me in it, 'cause I've never been in it.
Why do you think I did it? We're not the motive police, but there's only so many reasons people ever kill.
Sex is one and keeping secrets is another.
Well, I have nothing to hide.
Good, so reason we're here.
We'd like to swab your hand for gunshot residue.
It's voluntary, of course.
Oh, well, in that case, I'll pass.
(CHUCKLES) Do you still want the waters or ? You've got a bit of glitter on you, Kate.
Nate Kestler did, too.
Maybe you want to answer some questions? - You don't have to tell them anything.
- Is it a big secret? Nate probably picked it up the same place I did.
Tyler took me to the Dark Room at Scramble.
You can never get rid of this stuff, right? ("LIGHTS GO OUT (MIXED)" by Chapter & Verse playing) Don't forget protection.
Well, I'm not seeing any blue glitter.
Not seeing much of anything.
Lights go (GROANS) Hello.
Tyler's assistant was right.
Nate could've been glitter-bombed here.
Why didn't Tyler want us to know about this place? Lights go down Do you even know if I'm even around? Folsom? And I had fun Lights, they made me blind Paint's faded here.
RAJAN: Uh yeah, that's odd.
No windows.
No sunlight.
To weather paint, those would have to be high-powered halogens.
- Like flashbulbs.
- Flashbulbs? Most clubs use low-wattage LEDs.
Why install this kind of wattage in the Dark Room? Huh.
Looks like the walls have eyes.
CHRISTY: This is like such a betrayal.
I don't understand why Mr.
Hassan would put a camera Really, you've never heard of blackmail? Either one of you guys ever seen the books around here? Do I look like an accountant? The transmitter on this camera isn't very powerful.
There's got to be a computer on-site.
Where does your boss keep it? I don't know anything.
But Mr.
Hassan came in earlier.
I saw him at the front desk.
He's back from his trip.
I think he was wigged out, cops being all around.
Did he take anything with him when he left? FOLSOM: Good.
Then whatever he didn't want us to find is still here.
FOLSOM: Hey, I found something.
So did I.
I need a shower.
I'm right there with you.
(STAMMERS) Someone rents a storage unit in your name for over a decade, and you don't know who did it? - Jim! - What? What? There's stolen files in there, there's fake evidence.
There's lab equipment.
All covered in your prints, David.
Prints are easy to fake.
(STAMMERS) Don't say that too loud.
'Cause they're looking to accuse you of that, too.
Why would I do any of this? The thrill of it? Well, if you're not lying, someone with serious skills is working overtime to make sure you go down for this.
SIDLE: David who hates you enough to do this? (SIGHS) You probably pissed off six people just walking though the lobby downstairs.
You know, some people mellow.
(SIGHS) Emma changed me.
She got me out of that lab, away from all that death.
I started working as an expert witness.
Life was good.
And then, boom wake up in hell.
GRISSOM: I went to the storage unit.
If someone's framing you, they sure know you pretty well.
I don't know what you mean.
Jujubes, board games little cat toys.
Half our stuff's been in boxes in the garage since we moved in.
I went looking for Boggle last week.
I thought it got lost in the move.
BRASS: Wait, so you think someone stole your stuff and is using it to frame you? That's exactly what I think.
Well, finally.
A testable hypothesis.
None of these people knew Hassan had a camera on them.
Checking all this, it feels - oogie.
- Leave it, then.
All the real action's over here on the laptop you found.
You see this? All the members who were photographed in the Dark Room saw a big rise in their membership fees.
ROBY: Be closer to the truth to say these poor kinky folks were being extorted.
Looks like Nate and Jinny were getting blackmailed.
Yeah, but look they stopped paying last month.
Good for them.
Suspicious timing, though.
I wonder why they ever paid? I haven't seen a single photo of either of them.
Unless that's what this is.
I thought that was weird.
It was in a bag full of Hassan's old cigs and paperwork.
Pretty sure it came from his office.
Wonder what was so scandalous it needed to be torched? Guess we'll just have to find out.
Let's un-torch it.
Let there be light.
You know I think the world of you, but that's not your line.
What weren't we supposed to see? How sick do you have to be to take a picture like that? ROBY: Why don't you ask Mr.
Hassan? As soon as they kick him out from whatever rock he's under.
You were right, darling.
This place feels like the Taj Mahal.
Combination of federal grants and Catherine Willows.
She went to bat with her casino friends.
- And they all wrote it off.
- Mm-hmm.
I just like the gloves where I like the gloves.
I thought we were sharing.
We are, yeah, but, I mean, I-I'm the one with the credentials, so, technically this is my equipment.
You think I'm being too hard on David Hodges? I couldn't really tell whose side you were on.
I don't take sides.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Follow the evidence.
It's just, it's hard for me to see Hodges as only a suspect.
He was on our team for so long.
I have only two teammates.
You and doubt.
Well, I'm mad at you and doubt right now.
No, you're not.
You know how I know? You put the gloves back where I like them.
Hassan? You want to explain this picture? Why? I didn't take it.
I'm not in it.
But your boots are.
(HASSAN CHUCKLES) Same style, maybe.
You're wearing them now.
The-the scuffs and stains look like a match to me.
Go talk to the people I was with.
People lie.
Evidence doesn't.
Our warrant covers your boots.
Let's have 'em.
That look red to you, Detective Carson? (KNOCKING ON WINDOW) Gonna go run these.
- So his boots are bloody.
- Hmm.
Yeah, but no GSR on his hands or arms.
He probably wore gloves, right? Wait, are you buying his denials? I think I am.
And I think there's a reason they're coming out in short, clipped sentences.
Look at his hands.
Is that a little tremor there? Sometime pretty recently he suffered a transient ischemic attack.
That's neurological damage.
Loss of fine motor control.
He couldn't pull off his boots.
- Mm-mm.
- I thought it was the handcuffs.
It was a mini stroke.
And if you can't grip a boot You can't grip a gun.
He might be a scumbag with some dirty boots, but I don't think he's our boy.
We've been meaning to unpack and get organized since David moved in.
How long ago was that? We waited till after the wedding, so - six months? - Yeah.
I'm sure your garage is spotless.
Yours has less algae.
HODGES: I haven't touched a thing.
Didn't want to be accused of tampering with anything else.
He wouldn't let me clean up for company.
My mom would be horrified.
Tell your mom, when you're looking for signs of breaking and entering, mess is best.
HODGES: Y-You must have missed something.
How is this possible? But you said they'd find proof.
The garage is completely intact.
There's no sign of a break-in.
I mean, it's possible that we're looking for a very skilled thief.
GRISSOM: It's also possible that there never was a thief.
Or that there's another explanation entirely, - and we missed it.
- There has to be.
David would never do something like this.
He would never.
What are you saying? Only that we lack a satisfactory answer for how your stuff got into that storage unit.
I guess you don't believe me then.
David, belief has to be disrooted from science, you know that.
When you're lost at sea, you can only navigate by fixed points.
What you know is true north.
Not what you'd like to believe.
Excuse me.
HODGES: Well, I know what I believe.
(CHUCKLES) I'm all alone here.
His compass is way off.
Gil, if you don't want to trust Hodges, that's fine.
But can you trust me on this? I was in that storage space, you weren't.
How many times do I have to say that Hodges was framed? Sara.
You and I both know what it feels like when a scene - is staged.
- (WHISPERS): Sara? - A beloved guard dog goes - missing from the house right next to Hodges the same week as the attack on Jim Brass.
Argiope trifasciata.
Takes about three weeks for a banded garden spider's egg sac to get this big.
Then the ground here wasn't dug up to plant this bush.
What kind of person kills a dog and then plants it in their owner's driveway? The kind that wants to break into a house without drawing attention maybe.
Hmm, you don't have to say I was right.
We're gonna need a shovel.
Here we go.
- Looks like a match.
- On the surface.
I want to go deeper.
What is that? I could ask the same thing.
This? This is a dead dog.
SIDLE: German Shepherd named Brewski.
He needs to be necropsied for the David Hodges case.
For now, it's an unrelated matter.
Well, Brewski's gonna have to get in line 'cause we got a dead person in front of him.
And we're about to do some alternate light photography.
- Did you build this yourself? - I did.
Actually with Hugo's help.
Oh, yeah, you're Doc Robbins' protégé? I hear you paint.
I-I do.
The improvement's in the spectral transmission of the orange filter.
Blocks out 99.
9% of all light over - 400 nanometers.
- GRISSOM: So you must be able to detect deeper subdermal bruising.
That's inspired.
It's a step up from that old black light.
- Get the light, get the light.
- Uh, lights! This this is weird.
I'd say it's clarifying.
That's where the killer's weight came down.
Meaning what? The ball of the foot was in the shoe's arch? So whoever did this wore big boots.
They didn't necessarily have big feet.
ROBY: Nope.
(GRUNTING) She's a pretty little thing.
You people are ridiculous.
(SIGHS) Hmm.
So, uh What'd you say that top color was, Christy? Wicked Fierce? - Yeah.
- And the one underneath? Cool Blue Shimmer.
Well, we found something between them called "gunshot residue".
I didn't hurt Nate and Jinny.
No, you killed them on their wedding day.
- Mr.
Hassan - Whoa, whoa, whoa, come on.
Hassan wasn't pulling the strings here what do they say? There's no man strong as a woman inside.
You were running the business.
- Ah, both businesses.
- Mm-hmm.
The club.
- Mm-hmm.
- And a blackmail scheme at the center of it.
ROBY: Money was pouring in for years.
Nobody was late on a payment.
People were afraid of Anwar Hassan.
Until he had a stroke.
You can't rule with an iron fist when you can't even make a fist.
And he does a pretty good job hiding it.
You do, too.
- What did he tell you? - Nothing.
He didn't have to see, I love forensic kinesiology.
And Nate and Jinny were doctors, so they probably diagnosed Hassan's condition right away.
CARSON: They knew he was weak, so they made a move, right? ROBY: Out of all the blackmail photos my team recovered, none were of Nate Kestler or Jinny Lee.
They wriggled out from under Hassan's thumb and they took the club's G-Wagen with them.
I can't say I blame 'em.
The car's only worth half of what you stole from them.
And you wouldn't even let that stand.
You think I killed two people over a car - I don't even own? - No.
You killed two people to send a message to a man with much deeper pockets.
CARSON: Tyler Clement's been paying you a lot of blackmail over the years.
- Millions, all told.
- Mm-hmm.
Nate Kestler told his friend he could stop.
That Hassan wasn't anyone to be feared.
And you wanted him to fall back in line.
So you showed him this.
And it worked.
All of a sudden, Tyler started paying again.
This whole thing was a show for an audience of one.
Do swingers have a name for that? (CHUCKLES) That's good.
Smile for the camera.
And then she was like, "Smile for the camera".
Was that your American accent? Yeah, I think it beats your British.
- Where you headed? - Um Mark's home.
Where I live.
(SHORT LAUGH) Have a good night.
Yeah, you, too.
Can someone please explain to me how this poor animal ended up in my morgue? Well, the necropsy confirmed that someone crushed the dog's skull.
But Brewski was a good boy.
He bit his killer before he died.
We found blood on his teeth.
We need to test it.
And what's stopping you is ? The chief justice and attorney general of the state of Nevada.
The sheriff of Clark County and all your other bosses.
That dog lived next door to David Hodges.
We found a mass of blowfly pupa in the cadaver.
It puts the time of death precisely one week ago.
SIDLE: So just three days before we entered that storage space, an intruder encountered this guard dog next to a garage where many of David Hodges' personal effects were being stored.
Max this is how they framed him.
I have to disagree.
This is totally unrelated to the David Hodges case, but I agree with you.
This case of animal cruelty, I mean, it warrants some investigation.
At least we can agree on that.
ROBY: Yeah, and as you know, from time to time, the crime lab employs consultants.
And I think we could use an entomological adviser on this new case.
Grissom? Do you think I could persuade you to come back to CSI?
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