CSI: Vegas (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Under the Skin

1 Previously on CSI: Vegas GRISSOM: Hodges worked every one of the cases you saw in that storage unit.
Everything in there felt so staged.
GRISSOM: Science'll tell us if how things look is how they really are.
Hodges didn't do this.
GRISSOM: Does the evidence get a say in this? BRASS: You think someone stole your stuff and is using it to frame you? That's exactly what I think.
SIDLE: Our life's work is on the line.
What kind of person kills a dog? The kind that wants to break into a house - without drawing attention.
- BRASS: What do we do now? - Follow the evidence.
- ROBY: Dr.
Grissom, I could persuade you to come back to CSI? Can't slow down We run, run, run this town (PHONE DINGS) - Can't slow down - We run, run, run this town.
Folsom, Ms.
Rajan, all yours.
Hey, uh, have I got these on backwards? I wouldn't tell you if they were.
Is this your first floater, Allie? You can take it.
WOMAN: Sandra's my boss.
We were meeting for a run here, and I Oh, God.
Li, the two men you saw could you describe them? I'm sorry, Detective.
I didn't see their faces.
The second guy the one in the hoodie he was wet.
I think he was in the water with Sandra.
Running shoes, yoga pants, head band.
Seems to confirm her friend's story.
They were going for a run.
No wallet or ID.
You thinking mugging gone wrong? (SCOFFS) I was.
I'm not now.
That's one pricey right hand.
There's no wounds on her legs or back.
Help me flip her? Oh.
(GASPS) This woman was butchered.
You're up early.
First-day jitters? Yeah.
- Max.
- Undersheriff.
Someone I'd like you to meet.
- Dr.
Nora Cross.
A pleasure.
- Ah.
Nora is with Internal Affairs.
(CLEARS THROAT) I love this.
You were a point guard, right? First player off the bench your sophomore year.
Were you at Northwestern, too? No, just been reading up on you.
Not what you really want to hear from an IAB detective.
Just doing due diligence on this lab.
The sheriff made me lead on the David Hodges investigation.
I see you've been reading up, too.
You don't miss much, do you? The judge is gonna slate the David Hodges trial quick.
I thought I'd make the introduction so you two could get a schedule figured out.
Our lab, our specialists are at your disposal.
That's appreciated, but I still haven't decided whether I'm gonna be running my investigation out of Vegas or Washoe County.
Hold on.
(LAUGHING): There's no need to wave the white flag here.
Don't cut us out of the investigation.
Big fat public rebuke is the last thing this lab needs.
CROSS: We can't have even the appearance of a cover-up.
I'm gonna interview a few folks around here.
I'll let you know what I decide.
Thanks for having me.
GRISSOM: I miss old Hank.
- Best dog I ever had.
- Me too.
Looks like Brewski was also a good dog.
- (BARKING, GROWLING) - He took a nice bite out of whoever broke into Hodges' garage.
I'll give him the Canine Medal of Honor if the blood on this tooth tells us who framed Hodges.
ROBY: Hope y'all are hustling.
A judge just set a trial date for David Hodges.
Fast track.
- You're kidding.
- Mm-mmm.
Also, Internal Affairs they might take their ball and run to Washoe.
Washoe County's seven hours from Vegas.
I prefer my evidence under a microscope, not on the back of a truck.
I couldn't agree more, so if you happen to see an IAB detective by the name of Nora Cross, just head the other way.
So now we get to play hide-and-seek? Well, this isn't gonna help.
There's not enough DNA left on the dog's tooth to run through CODIS.
There's only 2,000 base pairs here.
ROBY: 2,000's usually not enough to make an ID, - but - SIDLE: You can make a prediction about phenotype from a sample this small? You're in my kitchen now.
Let's go deeper in the DNA.
You're looking for a male suspect, and the telomere suggests that he is not a spring chicken.
Don't look at me.
I didn't do it.
(LAUGHS) SIDLE: Our man looks to be of South American descent.
You're off the hook.
MALE REPORTER: A fatal stabbing on Ogden Avenue is under investigation this morning.
Pioneering video game designer Sandra King was found dead.
She was 34 If you ask me, it's all been downhill since Super Mario Brothers Two.
Our vic's kind of a big deal.
Okay, we have 13 stab wounds.
12 in her chest, and one in her throat.
Got to think two or three would've gotten the job done.
Your guy thrust so hard, some of the wounds almost go right through her.
So, from the angles on your diagram, the blades would have hit her ribs.
But I don't see any tool marks.
Because there aren't any.
So, what are you saying - the knives weren't made of metal? - Exactly.
- (GRUNTING) - RAMIREZ: Whatever did this it was a material softer than bone.
Such as? Who knows? I could make you a razor-sharp blade - out of a cardboard box.
- Hmm.
I do have a birthday coming up.
Sandra King wasn't the only one to get sliced up.
She scratched one of her attackers.
- As a matter of fact If you don't mind.
- Mm.
I thought you'd never ask.
Likely your suspect's been marked.
Oh, there's also this.
No clue what caused it.
- Necklace got yanked? - Maybe.
Glad they left the rest of her jewelry.
Fitness tracker'll tell us a lot about her final hour.
Hugo, - turn that up.
- Yeah.
WYATT: I've just met with Dr.
Maxine Roby.
So, to the cowards who murdered Sandra King, hear this.
Justice is coming.
It will be swift.
FEMALE REPORTER: What do you have to say to anyone disaffected by the David Hodges scandal? WYATT: I say pay close attention as to how this case is handled.
The Las Vegas Crime Lab is second to none.
Well, no pressure.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? - Oh-oh-oh - Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! I used to think that Bryan would end up doing something like this.
You thought your son would be fighting monsters in outer space? No.
Like, designing games like these.
- Uh-huh.
- Like Sandra King, right? I mean, he was, like, really into it.
He-he would, like, draw his own characters, and their castles, and He'll figure it out.
My boy's getting a C-minus in pottery.
- Yeah, I know.
- Got the Wi-Fi password "WhosYourDaddy69".
(CHUCKLES) And to think the gaming industry used to have a problem with sexism.
Sandra King's fitness tracker says her heart rate shot up like crazy in the green room upstairs four hours before she was attacked.
So if you're crime scene investigators, why aren't you at the crime scene? We got evidence saying that something happened to your boss in this room around 5:00 p.
Who was in the green room then? Uh, well, we were pretty scattered, getting the tournament stack set up.
Our boss might have heard Ben but he's with Sandra's parents now.
ROBY: Does anyone else have access to this room? Dozens of people from the company, but we all loved her.
She was like everyone's older sister.
Sandra gave me my first job.
They were still working out of Ben's garage back then.
Today was supposed to be, like, a a triumph.
Death Spiral just hit four million downloads.
LI: I will say, a female creator with that kind of success there are definitely some haters.
I can imagine.
FOLSOM: What was your favorite video game growing up? Uh solitaire.
What? I liked to read.
That's no excuse.
Tight end, shortstop and Zelda.
Hey, that abrasion below her hairline? Rip that off my neck, my heart rate's spiking.
Somebody was raging.
Let's find out who.
ROBY: Got your print here.
This is so stupid.
No, I could never kill anyone.
Is that why you go by the name Count Von BodyCount? (CHUCKLING): Oh, come on.
It's a screen name.
That's my brand.
I'm a pro.
I'm third all-time in Death Spiral cash games.
Let's just say - that it pays the bills.
- Maybe it used to.
Yo, my DMs are full of people asking how I feel about Sandra King patching the weapon upgrade glitch.
Answer: not surprised.
Leave it to some bitch coder to fix a bug that made her game better.
Wh Wasn't just one whiny rant, Mr.
There were dozens.
Sandra was worried about another Gamergate, so she blocked your account.
I'd call that motive.
We know you confronted her.
Yeah, so we had words.
You violated our code of conduct.
You got any idea how much money you cost me? (GASPS) I broke her badge when I grabbed it, but that's as far as it went.
I never saw her again.
So, no scratches on your face.
You want to show us your arms? Do I have to? No.
You can go on being the lead suspect in a murder investigation.
Can I go now? David said it's not going great? His lawyer doesn't think the neighbor's dog getting killed is all that suspicious.
Well, if we can link it to your garage being robbed, he'll feel different.
SIDLE: So Emma, tell me, how did you and David meet? EMMA: Uh, he outbid me in an eBay auction.
There was this Three's Company boxed set, and - (LAUGHS) - Uh, don't laugh.
- GRISSOM: Sara? - Yeah.
Brewski's skull fracture was irregular.
This could be our murder weapon.
Let's get that back to the lab, test it for DNA.
We might not be done here yet.
What's on the other side of this door? It's a spare bedroom.
It's gonna be a nursery, but we need to paint it.
When you said the junk was stolen out of your garage, is there any chance that some of that junk was stored in here? EMMA: I am so sorry.
It's got to be the pregnancy brain.
I forgot.
I brought some boxes in last month.
SIDLE: This is probably the point of entry.
I can't say for sure.
He cleaned up.
Um, there should be three of those.
I know the frames are ugly, but they were a gift from David's mom.
You didn't see one of these in the storage unit, did you? SIDLE: You know, if he stole one, it might not have been for set dressing.
It could explain how Hodges' prints ended up there.
Latent fingerprint fabrication.
He rips the prints and molds copies to plant all over the place.
That's, like diabolical.
GRISSOM: Well, let's not make him out to be a Bond villain just yet.
Criminals make lots of mistakes.
What is that? Is that something? GRISSOM: I don't know, but if you don't either, that's a good sign.
Oh Pow! The fountain water had dried out.
I made it reappear as if by magic.
It's just copper sulfate and an oxidizing reagent.
You know, we're more likely to find something the killer shed on his getaway route than sloshing around in that.
- One of us can follow their path.
- While the other one You saw those dumpsters on our walk in, same as me.
We'll let fate decide which one of us jumps in.
I'm gonna leave you to your street magic.
But you owe me a drink.
Your terms are acceptable.
I'm writing a book on how to stay conscious When you drown And if the words float up to the surface I'll keep them down This is the first time, I know I don't want the crown You can take it now Tell me how It's better when the sun Goes down I will never escape These doubts I wasn't dead when they found me Watch as they pull me down.
RAJAN: I'll take Murder Weapon Material for $1,000.
These white knives are made of something strong enough to kill, but can't scrape bone.
What's polycarbonate thermoplastic? - Those came from a 3D printer? - Yup.
I did recognize them.
They're replicas of the knives used by Happy Hartigan, blue-skinned dude in Sandra's video game.
She was killed by knives used in her own game? That's sick.
Now I'm just going through ATM footage - on the killer's route.
- Hey.
Sara, how's it going with the, uh, animal cruelty case? Found a smudge.
Got to love a good smudge.
Hey, come visit for a sec? That's Nora Cross.
Thought you might want to avoid the inquisition.
Thank you.
- (LAUGHS) - This is all so strange.
I-I can't imagine what I might be thinking if I was in your shoes.
Well, you've been in our shoes.
So has David Hodges.
I don't think anyone who works here would risk everything to cheat the system.
I just don't believe it.
I don't know the guy.
Um, maybe he did it to look like a star.
Maybe he didn't.
A bleeding heart and a doubting Thomas? Sounds familiar.
Who's the guy with the knives? Oh.
We got one.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) If you met Sandra, you loved Sandra.
She, uh she was selfless, and she was kind.
She was driven and ambitious.
She was the beating heart of this of this company, - (FEEDBACK) - which is, you know, why it's so hard to be here with Jimmy, can you can you bring that down? Just a I wrap up, you follow me over here.
I land, and I say, "Welcome to your Death Spiral!" Bam! - Sirens! - (SIREN BLARING) Yeah, great.
Thanks, Jimmy.
(SIRENS STOP) Ben Miller, you're under arrest for the murder of Sandra King.
MILLER: What? I That's ridiculous.
She This - She was my best friend.
- Show me his arms.
- What the hell's going on? - I don't know.
I don't know, man.
There are no abrasions.
She must have scratched his accomplice.
Okay, who were you working with? This is crazy.
I-I'm innocent.
- I didn't I - Move.
Kelly, can you call my lawyer, please? Now? The best part of being out in the middle of the Pacific is those phones are worthless.
And my lab techs wouldn't have anybody else to complain to.
Is the, uh, Hodges case hurting morale? Yeah.
It ain't a pizza party, with all the IAB floating around.
This thing could end badly.
But you know what? I'd rather work than worry.
Canine murder weapon.
Possible epithelial transfers.
We struck out twice.
The rock and the smudge 0 for two.
Well, at least mass spec came through.
Dimethicone and magnesium sulfate.
That smudge was makeup.
It was a body concealer for arms and legs.
It's possible our middle-aged, South American man is covering a skin condition.
I wonder how many men know their way around Sephora and LVPD evidence vault? That's a good place to find a list of suspects.
That evidence in the storage unit had to come from somewhere.
I'm not sure an unrelated animal cruelty case justifies a trip to the police warehouse.
Okay, I'll think about it.
(SIGHS) Hold on.
Oh, yeah.
I think a squirrel's been here.
You're so negative.
We might find something in the fountain water that could identify Ben Miller's accomplice.
Be nice if Ben just told us who he was working with.
Where's the fun in a confession? I think maybe your arms are just getting weak.
(LAUGHS) FOLSOM: Got a contact lens.
- Nice work.
- Yeah.
See that guy over there your 9:00 o'clock? I noticed him when we got here.
He's been watching us.
Killers do return to crime scenes.
Ed, um, I'd like to speak to that guy over there.
Excuse me, sir.
Can we just have a word? Allie! Stop! (GROANS) (GRUNTS) Sorry! (TIRES SQUEAL) (MAN SHOUTS) Don't! Just stay where you are.
Give me your hands.
What was that? Why'd you run? Those are great questions for you.
Since when do you chase people, you maniac? Oh.
Well, I-I didn't do nothing wrong.
Nobody's trying to take you in.
We just want to talk about why - you were watching the crime scene.
- Oh, well, I-I I live across the street.
I-I can't sleep without that fountain.
- Uh - Were you there the night of the murder, Mr.
Benson? Yeah, yeah.
Uh, I was getting ready to go to sleep, and I-I I saw the whole thing.
There's no blood.
Wh-What happened? What happened? Uh, well, I tried to help that lady when that lunatic jumped her.
I mean, the dude came out of nowhere.
Uh, the lady I mean, she-she punched him.
Just But dude was, uh, ice cold.
He had this look.
His face was, like, frozen.
He had his, uh I-I don't know must have been, uh, knives.
(SCREAMING) And he's stabbing her, and he just kept stabbing her and Why did you run from us, Mr.
Benson? I thought y'all would blame me.
I mean, I was there when it happened.
Do you recognize this man? That's the guy.
I saw him real good when he got out of the fountain.
I thought he was chasing me when I ran, and I ran right past this other woman.
God, I'm so sorry.
Why? What are you sorry about? I-I didn't stop him.
I know he's off his meds, but He's not lying.
Some of those details were never released to the press.
There's no scratches on him, not one drop of blood, and I highly doubt that guy does much 3D printing.
I guess Miller could have acted alone.
How many people does it take to stab somebody? Yeah, but Sandra scratched somebody when she got attacked.
If it's not Miller, then who's in the ATM video? No.
Estoy en Las Vegas.
Quatro punto cinco ocho.
The, uh, Ishmael is getting evicted.
I have to find a new home for the boat.
Maybe you shouldn't have told them about the termites eating the boat dock.
Termites never sleep.
That can be a fun fact or a sunken boatyard.
Are you okay? - You look a little tired.
- No, no, I'm fine.
Just (SIGHS) I'm gonna spend all night calling Peruvian marinas.
Everyone who's visited the evidence vault within the last year.
Hope your guy's in there.
You went over there? Thank you so much.
I didn't do it for you.
Or for me.
If we're gonna restore people's faith in what we do, then we got to have the truth.
And I don't think Washoe can get it.
- Hey, if anybody asks - Come on.
If they need a fall guy, it's gonna be me.
Just go get this right.
FOLSOM: See that? I think you're looking at the face of an innocent man.
Bloody knives, murderous glint in his eyes.
Yeah, he looks like a gentle soul.
Wait, you're serious? There could be a reason we got this look at him.
He might have run past this ATM and turned his head on purpose.
And why would Miller do that? I doubt he would, but we don't think this is Ben Miller.
RAJAN: Look what happens when you run this through chromaticity software.
380 nanometers.
640 nanometers.
Light brown.
Now take another look at Ben Miller.
He has brown eyes.
We found this brown contact lens in the fountain where Sandra King was killed.
Found an eyewitness who said Sandra punched the guy in his right eye.
- (GRUNTS) - We think the killer has blue eyes.
So, that explains the eyes, but The real killer this man we think he wore a 3D printed mask of Miller's face, got caught on tape to frame him.
When's the last time y'all been drug tested? I'm serious.
You want to see something trippy? Look at this.
High-end 3D printers can make almost anything.
Even faces.
RAJAN: We know the killer had access to one.
He made the murder weapons.
FOLSOM: And a mask would explain why our eyewitness said the killer's expression never changed.
It would explain how we still haven't matched the skin under Sandra's nails.
All right.
Find me some proof.
No, no, no, no, no.
Angle's still wrong.
And I haven't gotten a decent scratch in, either.
Okay, these these came from the fountain him on top of her but these two What if she punched him before they hit the water? If he stumbled? (GRUNTS, GASPS) - I am so sorry.
- (CHUCKLES) Did I hurt you? No.
You know what? I think, uh I think your video game would be Street Fighter.
Never heard of that either? How many cricket players do you know? Okay.
Uh, - say he did tumble back.
- Mm-hmm.
Like this, though.
Stabbing down from here, he'd hit her leg.
But that's not it.
It Here.
- Boom.
- Okay.
That's what it was.
So I am losing blood.
- I'm grabbing for whatever's closest.
- Uh-huh.
- Left forearm.
That's where it'll be.
- Yup.
Ben and I have spent years developing Death Spiral.
It's our baby.
We actually came up with a rough idea on one of our 15-minute coffee breaks, and now it's become this.
It's been a wild journey, and it's one I can't imagine being on without Ben.
(KNOCKING) You're still here? Allie and I tried some iterations on the attack.
Pretty sure this is where Sandra scratched the killer.
It doesn't give us a suspect, but I know where to look when I find one.
- Pulling a double? - I got this rule: don't put innocent people behind bars.
I'm not doing Hawaiian again.
So I ripped my ACL senior year.
I had to relearn how to walk.
That was a real education.
Now, what we have here is a wire frame of our killer's gait from the ATM footage.
And we're comparing his stride model to, what people walking around - at a company party? - I had Kelly Li send me some footage.
The employees sound like a good place to start.
No two humans move the same way.
Anthropometric differences in our feet, our hips, even our toes.
It all adds up to locomotion that is unique as a fingerprint.
Okay, so Ben Miller has got a hitch in his giddyup.
Biomechanically speaking, of course.
It's this one.
Meet the masked man: Ron Kean.
SIDLE: I feel like I used to know everyone in Las Vegas.
I don't know half the people that passed through the evidence vault last year.
And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down.
You know, things change.
Yeah, well, it's impossible to compare a phenotype to a list of strangers' names.
Well, maybe you can get the new class to help you put some faces to the names.
(CLEARS THROAT) This doesn't make any sense.
Well, there aren't a lot of Peruvian marinas in the middle of the Andes.
You know (SIGHS) the guy that gave me these coordinates was on a sat phone.
Maybe I just couldn't - hear him quite right.
- Hmm.
NEWS ANCHOR: Bad news for former CSI David Hodges could be good news for 8,000 incarcerated men and women.
Today, Judge Warner ruled all new-trial petitions and wrongful imprisonment claims will be rolled into one case.
The law firm of Anson Wix and Associates - was appointed lead counsel.
- I've never heard of them.
- Wix said, "It's a simple - A trial with this much press, - question: should misconduct - and it goes to someone I have never heard of.
by law enforcement ruin the lives of 8,000? "Mr.
Hodges is going to have his day in court.
My clients will, too".
MILLER: Are you serious? Wouldn't be here if we weren't.
The cops kept saying they had a video of me, and I just I thought they were lying.
They weren't.
The video exists.
It's just not the real you.
ROBY: Does Ron Kean have the technical expertise to make a map of your face? Ron knows more about photorealistic rendering than anyone I've ever met.
That's why Sandra and I hired him.
Okay, but 3D printing takes time.
Would he have been able to do it at work without anyone noticing? Yeah (SIGHS) I mean, I guess.
We let him set his own hours because he has to check in on his mom.
She's older, she lives in, um Red Rock.
But Ron uh, uh, it makes no sense.
He never gets angry.
Even when things don't go his way, he is just super chill.
Something not go his way recently? We had a contest last month, in-house.
Best employee idea their game got put into development.
It came down to Kelly and Ron, and she won.
How'd he take the rejection? He said, uh, "I believe in my game.
I'm gonna keep working on it until I can find a way to get it made, somehow".
And somehow, here we are.
Don't let them keep me locked up.
We need warrants.
One for Ron Kean's car, another for his DNA to check against the skin under her nails.
Don't have evidence to compel.
We've got that wireframe.
No judge has ever issued a warrant on gait analysis.
The-the field's too new.
I mean, it-it rarely even gets into tr I think I know where there might be some DNA.
We don't even need a warrant.
(SNIFFLES, SIGHS) KEAN: Yeah, I just got to grab my cue cards.
I'll be right there.
Oh, and take another look at the shard before the second round starts.
- Dr.
- Mm.
What brings you back? You know, I lost my wallet, and I think I may have left it in here.
Oh, there they are.
- Opening remarks.
- Oh.
Well, I'm sorry I can't stay and help you look, but the second round's about to start, and I'm hosting.
You're the big man.
You're next in line at the company, hmm? Oh, well, there was no succession plan, so we had to have a vote.
(LAUGHS) I mean, okay, I mean, it was a lucky break.
- I worked very hard for it.
- Mm.
Kean, would you mind showing me your left forearm, please? Without a warrant? Good luck with the search.
You want photos? I've got photos.
Nevada's new system has a kind of yearbook.
Your evidence vault visitors will be here.
There's even an alum section.
Oh, that face.
I'm gonna need a copy.
(LAUGHS) I'll print you one.
What? Excuse me.
May I? - (LAUGHS) - ROBY: Just the man I was looking for.
I need a bug ID'd.
- May I see the specimen? - Part of it.
All I got is - his stinger.
- Her sting.
The aculeus is a female organ.
(LAUGHS) I think you may have found one of my favorite insects.
The kind that solves crimes.
You got it.
Apidae Apinae Anthophorini.
It's a digger bee.
The males dig to find females for mating.
The young are raised underground.
This is a rare find.
These bees doesn't usually sting, unless their ground nest has been disturbed.
By someone burying something? Well, if the nest was full of larvae in the brood chamber, yeah.
ROBY: So our suspect's mother lives in Red Rock Canyon.
If he went there the morning after the murder and happened to disturb a ground nest I want to know why.
"If I be waspish, best beware my sting".
Found another nest.
Hasn't been touched, though.
ROBY: Then why do I want to hear about it? It's too hot to yell about nothing.
(BUZZING) Hey, I think I've got something.
FOLSOM: I'm still amazed Ron's mom let us search without a warrant.
Says a lot about her feelings for old Ronny boy.
Dead larvae, collapsed cells.
Something happened to this nest.
Looks like somebody got at it with a shovel.
Those marks? This dirt's been dug up and packed back down again.
What is it? He burned it.
Gave it the full Darth Vader.
ROBY: Thermoplastic polyurethane.
Same as the knives.
And power tools and sporting goods.
TPUs are kind of in everything.
This won't be.
Salivary amylase here.
Then DNA is there, too.
Hey, Ron, what was the name of your game gonna be? Um, Shadow Blade Sorcerers.
I mean, no wonder they passed.
Is this why I'm here? No.
This is.
Do you recognize this guy? Yeah, of course.
That's Ben.
No, that's you with a Ben Miller mask right after you killed Sandra King.
That's I had nothing to do with this.
Actually, you had everything to do with it, because we found your crispy mask that you buried on your mom's property.
If Sandra's killer wore a mask, then it could have been anyone.
Wrong again, because the buccal epithelial cells we found in the mask are yours.
Mama Kean's propane torch didn't burn hot enough to destroy the mask.
You couldn't turn it to ash, so you buried it.
That was a mistake.
See, I thought you were upset because one of your bosses had just been killed.
But the red eyes and runny nose was just a reaction to the digger bee venom.
Roll up your left sleeve, Ron.
This time you have to.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain "Your time's coming, Ron".
"Next year, Ron".
Sandra and Ben strung me along for years, and they picked her.
You killed one of your bosses and framed the other one 'cause they picked Kelly Li's game over yours? They picked Kelly because female coders get fawning press no matter what crap they put out.
And everybody knows it.
ROBY: Well, don't worry.
Your face'll be on the front page soon enough.
SIDLE: Robert Gomez, silver fox.
Nice complexion.
I like him.
What? As a suspect, I hope.
Very funny.
Ten matches.
I think we're looking at our guy.
We just don't know who he is yet.
But we will.
Honey, uh, I got a problem.
I thought it would go away, but The coordinates of the marina.
It's not my hearing.
I couldn't focus on the map to trace the longitude.
And it comes in waves.
That's how it feels like I never left the boat.
- You're land sick? - It's called, uh, Mal de Debarquement.
They say if it doesn't go away in a few days, sometimes it never does.
Well, there must be something, right? I mean We'll figure it out, okay? I'll never go away.
If you need to hold on to something, hold on to me.

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